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Full Version: let your fingers do the walking...the masturbation thread.
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anna k
I just did it last night with a vibe, using music (Metallica, Pantera, PJ Harvey, Janet Jackson) and fantasizing about having a great sexual encounter involving force and discretion. I kept coming over and over again, just rocking the vibe like a cock and coming all over it. It felt so good and satisfying to release my fantasies with it, like as if I was really doing it.
Anyone in need of good masturbatory fodder should head over to the portions thread. Our own CH is becoming quite adept at moan inducing versions of her escapades! Quite enjoyable. I had to take matters into my own hands after reading her latest!
Thanks for the encouragement, kalevra!

It's just my gay roomie is almost like my big brother cause I've known him so long. I'll get over it cause well.... I want to party to the break of dawn with my hitachi. I just haven't used it as much as I should in the past... but I feel I'm really all about ME these days and rightly so... and realize how important it is to incorporate that release.

Anna K --PJ Harvey would def get me off. I may utliize that and Stooges-Raw Power for myself with a little fantasy. hmmm? something to think about...How have you constructed a fantasy from discretion? like, sneaky encounters? This may be better suited for the thread kelkello was suggesting, but I'm curious.

I did in fact let loose last night, but I had some beers so I must have shafted (not literally with a shaft) myself in terms of cumming. Oh well. I gave it an honest attempt, though. Normally I get off it in no time, but my body must have been in mood. My labia twitched for 20min afterwards. yeee!
Gonna try it with a lil' visual stimulation tonight. The roomie is out for the night! hee hee. Ho Ho.
anna k
Yeah, sneaky encounters. It's fantasy, so it wouldn't fit in portions, which is about real-life fun.
I can get off imagining about real-life fun. like, reading ch's threesome story, i was *picturing* the guy i'm fucking with his two best friends (who have had a threesome before). *so* hot. and the girl involved is very pretty and amazing, so .. yeah...... it was good. i sortof want to tell him, but i just wouldn't know how to bring it up... lol
Edit* posted twice*
anna k
I've had threesome fantasies too, like taking two guys I had crushes on in the past and being passed back and forth between them. I can get off on masturbating and fantasizing, but when I meet guys who seem dull or don't spark my sexual interest, then I can feel frustrated and dissapointed, like something isn't right with me.
I think in terms of brining it up, glassk, jut bring it up. Through the getting to know you process I told boy 2 that I was into threesomes. Now I just say hey, would you want to try this.

Anna, there is nothing wrong with you, I've met people before and thought, wow this could be great! But then, nothing. I have found that in the threesomes it is best to find a man who is open to having a threesome then letting him chose someone who he would be comfortable with having a threesome with, then meet him (or her) and decide if you are comortable enough with this person.

That is how my first threesome occured, as did the most recent 2. If I were to bring a woman into the picture, I would choose her.

Speaking of fantasies. I think we need to have a fantasy fucking thread.
CH, I think all your threesome talk has invaded my dreams. I woke up from a dream this morning where I was having a threesome with my ex and some random girl I don't know.

You're affecting everyone! laugh.gif

But of course, in a good way.

Oh and a fantasy fucking thread would be a good idea . . . .
I have a question for y'all: Do think frequent masturbation makes it more difficult to come from partner sex? Since I've rekindled things with Brit Boy I've been madly horny all the time, jilling off like twice a day...but it seems that each session is lasting longer and longer. So, I'm scared that once I actually do get busy with BB, he won't be able to stimulate me as long and vigorously as my worn out vibe has been. And believe me, he is amazing and will deprive himself for hours in order to dutifully get me off...I just dont want to be all close and flustered.
So,...Should I cut back? Or is it all in my head?
greenbean, my friends have always complained about the desensitization caused by their vibrators. Granted, they used the big guns (hitachi) but it seems to me that a powerful, concentrated sensation could make more subtle things in other places feel less intense. If I were you, I'd lay off the vibe for the time being and stick with your hands or dildoes. Masturbation is grest but you might lay off the machinery. I would say it's all in your head but I definitely know people who have had issues getting back into sex after hardcore vibe use--unless you don't mind carrying it through customs...
I, personally, find, that jilling off just takes so long because IT IS JUST NOT THE SAME . I find it's easier/faster, if the guy is going to get into getting me off.
greenbean, i think you probably don't really have too much to worry about. you might want to vary your masturbation routine so you don't get accustomed to only getting off from a specific sort of stimulation, but i say masturbate to your heart's content. personally, i've only found getting off taking more time while masturbating since i started getting oral sex all the fucking time (which i am not complaining about AT ALL just to be clear), and i've been masturbating for years and years using those trusty little back massagers shaped like bugs. i find it has more to do with the headspace that i'm in (messing around with le boy is totally hot, while masturbation is generally reserved for when i'm uncomfortable in the pants with a need to get off) than 'desensitization' due to overuse of my trusty little vibe.
I personally find that if I masturbate for too many days in a row I can get sore, and that makes it harder to get off. If I know I'm going to be fooling around with someone I like to cut myself off, 'cause it makes the pay off so much better for me.
Tyger--- I've totally been experiencing desensitizaton lately... I've been going at it almost every night with my turbo-vibe cause it's so relaxing and healthy and I'm a horn-ball.
It is a little too turbo... I'll probably have to take a break. dry.gif
I've found using both the vibe and my silicon dildo at the same time works better. and I get off harder.
The mindset is also very important, sometimes it requires more concentration and lots of deep breaths. The more you breath deeply, I feel.... the harder you get off.

I don't really want any action other than masturbation for a while. Not until I actually meet a guy that I would considering dating. Tired of booty calls, ahem.... for now. Plus, it strengthens ME time. I figure the more I'm "taking care of myself", the less likely I will be to go on the prowl and hit it on the first date.... or right after meeting the guy. sigh.
Been there done that.
I defintely have to take breaks from my vibrator at times. I get lazy and don't feel like putting out the effort to use my hand, but then I do get desensitized if I do it too much. Plus my orgasms feel different with a vibrator and with my hand, and I start missing the hand one. I wouldn't really rank one or the other as better, but I do like to mix it up. I was talking to a friend of mine about the whole desensitization thing one time, and he suggested taking a break from masturbating altogether for about a week to recharge things, if you will. That was great for me especially when I got into this thing where it was taking me forever to come. Everyone's different, of course, but it worked really well for me, and it made things really awesome when I did start up again!
Am I the only one who gets tickly when someone tries to play with my clit? Even though I have a piercing there, it still tickles! and two guys have already asked "why are you laughing?" sad.gif
Is that normal, or they just don't know what to do?
I'm sort of weird. I don't like vibrators at all. I do it all manually. I have more control that way. I've tried all sorts of vibes, and I just can't handle that much stimulation...even at varying speeds. And my hand never runs out of batteries. smile.gif
Thanks for the input guys! Eventhough, err, some of it conflicts! I've taken a break from the vibe for a few days, and have been alright. Next time the urge arrives I think I'll go manual, although when I do that, I usually hurt my hand! Once it stiffened so bad I thought I gave it a charliehorse!

Dani, I think its normal to feel ticklish. I used to be real giggly with boys touching me until I really felt relaxed about what was going on. I think it had to do with Catholic guilt, like I shouldn't have a boy touching me there so I would tense up and that made it more ticklish...that and it is a very sensitive area. Maybe have them start out over your underwear first.
I've found that using lube with manual stimulation is a big help. Even though I get really wet eventually, it helps me to get wet fast so I have less ground work to cover before I can really get into it.
Ha ha, my hand gets super tired sometimes, too. It will cramp up to the point that I literally can't move it anymore and have to take a break. It's frustrating at times, but when that does happen and I have to take a bunch of breaks, when I finally come, it's extra intense.
I'll take a break from the uber-vibe for a week.... I know I will regain that sensitivity cause when I first started to use it... it would send me into convulsions of ectasy.

I have a hard time with the hand thing too... I mean, not so much with clitoral stimulation but definitlely vaginal. I have tiny little stub hands.

I love it when I'm ovulating (even though it can be super frustrating at times, too). I come much faster, and I feel all sexed up all the time. Today I masturbated and came five times within about an hour, and it was so awesome! It's weird, I always used to think that I was a one orgasm kinda girl, but then I decided to start experimenting with trying to come more than once, and it's been working out great for me. I just have to take breaks in between. They tend to get better and better as I go on.
It was about 5 days into my period when I was lying in bed, after about 5 minutes of getting in it, I started to touch myself, thinking that maybe I should try the manual because one should not rely on vibes all the time, but honestly, I have one vibe, and it was the very first one that I ever bought, that gets me off every single time, it has the most power and I haven't even worn it out yet.

So I went to town and squirted about 3 times onto my sheets and towels, I didn't want to stop so I moved to the floor and oh man, I soaked up 2 towels and the floor, I started at about 2 AM and didn't stop until 4:30A.M., this was on Saturday night, omg it felt so fucking good, whew man, I cannot believe how many times I can cum with just one tiny vibe, it touches this spot that I have and I just go to town and when the feeling comes that I am going to "O", oh god it feels so good, its the best feeling that I have ever had!! Sometimes I let the feeling come but then stop it short so I tease myself and the orgasm is even better and I squirt even more!!

I don't exactly squirt, I more like stream down, like I'm peeing but I'm not. Oh I cannot get over how good it feels to touch myself, it seriously releases a lot of stress that I obviously have building up inside.

*By the way, it is good to be back here, I haven't been on this site since December when i was having guy issues, we broke up and I have been single since January, I have been through a lot but not with a guy, just with my inner emotions, I have had a lot of financial worries lately, but they will soon come to an end (hopefully)...I love that I can come here and vent about my sexual frustrations, so thanks ladies for giving me a place to come to wink.gif *

Sorry that I am very explicit and detailed, but I have to say it somehow!!
Alert! Long X-rated post...

Sooo, last night I got creative and wrote a dirty story instead of turning to my well-loved but played-out books/movies/toys. Here, you can read it!

Customer Service

After work we count out our tips and take out our ponytails. Lisa and I have been fooling around all night, slapping each other's asses and tweaking each other's nipples. I've got some weed, but we need drinks.
We go next door to the bar and smoke cigarettes, laughing and blowing smoke rings at each other. We do a few shots of Jameson, and her hand squeezes my knee.
"I think you're pretty," she whispers. "I think we should go to the bathroom together."

She gets up first and I put out my smoke. I go in and latch the door. She pulls me by the waist close to her, so she is against the sink. "Feel how wet I am," she purrs as she urges my hand under her skirt. She's not wearing any underwear and I slide my middle finger down her crack, parting her pussy to feel her juice.
"Yes, me, too," I say as she reaches in her shirt to expose her right breast.
She deftly undoes my belt with one hand and cups my whole pussy, holding it tight while I lower my head to suck her pointed pink nipple. She moans and both our hands explore each other's slick cunt.
"I've always wanted to do this," she says, as one of her fingers dips further into my pussy. Little does she know I've been masturbating for weeks imagining this.
"Sit on the sink," she suddenly orders, pulling my pants off and spinning me around. "I want to take a look at you."
I spread my legs and she opens me up with her thumbs, exposing my swelling clit. "Oooh, your clit is so big.I'm going to suck it like a cock." I've been coming so hard thinking about her saying that, I just grunt, "Yeah, suck me off, Lisa."
Her lips close around my now engorged clit, tonguing it playfully, taking it deep into her mouth like a cock.Her head is going up and down steadily, and I tug mercilessly at my tits through my shirt.
"Put something in my pussy while you do that," I pant, and she obliges with two fingers, then three, wiggling them around against my g-spot in time to her sucking.
"I want to see you squirt like you said you can," she says.
"Are you sure? Because I'm going to come all over your hand," I say, as my pussy clenches her fingers. "Just keep sucking my clit like that."
I can see her big tits swaying underneath her and I spread my pussy wide so she can get her whole mouth around my clit, which is jutting out almost a half-inch. She takes one of her fingers out of my pussy and fingers my ass.
"Yes," I plead, and as soon as I feel the combination of her fingers pulling inside my pussy, one going deep in my ass, and seeing her pretty pink lips devour my clit, I know I'm going to come.
"I want you to come so hard. I don't care if you drench me," she pants.
"I'm commmmin," I gasp while she coninues to suck and finger, and my clit hardens up in her mouth, my pussy grips, and I say, "Let me come on your tits."
She hoists up and lifts her soft t-shirt, revealing her round and perfect tits, which before I had only seen one at a time..
"I want to see you rub your clit," she orders and I reach my hand down to finish off, and she says,
"Yes, jerk off on my tits," and that makes me come so hard, a stream of clear hot juice shoots out of my pussy, spattering her tits, and I can see she is playing wih her own pussy. "Come some more," she says, and I slap my clit with the palm of my hand, gushing so much liquid I'm ashamed.
"Now eat me," she says as she takes her turn on the sink. I've done this a few times and I go right to her clit. I stick my tongue in her pussy as far as it will go and rub her clit around with my nose. She is sucking on her own nipple and I can tell she's going to come.
Someone knocks on the door.
"Just shove a couple of fingers in my cunt so I can come," she says. I easily slide 2, 3, 4 fingers in, but she wants more. She is rubbing her clit frantically, wanting to come before the intruder outside gets angry. "Put it all in," she mutters, and I spread her pussy wider with my four fingers, getting them so wet. I add my thumb against my palm, and get my whole hand inside.
"Yes, yes," she says, and I close my hand inside her pussy into a fist. Slowly I pump in and out, so I'm buried wrist-deep.
"You're making me come so hard," she says as she twiddles her clit with her middle finger. She whimpers and she tenses up, and my hand feels like it's caught in a vise. "Fuck, yes," she breathes, twitching around me, just barely tapping at her red clit now, riding it out. "Goddam, you make me so hot," she says as I ease my fist from her soaking pussy. She stands up and I pull up my pants. We giggle and wash our hands while we look at each other in the mirror. I slap her ass and the knock comes again.
anna k
Good story muskie. Sometimes I fantasize about being eaten out by a girl or licking her tits too.
ooooooh, muskie, i like it....
seriously girls, it is time to upgrade to more than just a finger, but then warming lubes are good sometimes.

this is the newest addition to my huge collection of toys under my bed:
mmmmmmmmmmmmm............. so i've been bitching about lack of decent portions, but i just solved that.

one: little bullet vibe, and my fingers, and a book about anal sex. ..... i was touching my clit and using the vibe on that, but the book was hot. because it was 'educational' yet included anecdotes........ "anal sex for women." it's not erotica, it's a manual, but geeze........... that was the best i've had in like, a month! AND, all myself. I'm impressed and giggly now.

glassk, way to take things into your own hands (so to speak).

my trusty old vibe was getting really loud, so i decided it was time to buy a new one. for some reason i decided on this purple silicone one. it is huuuuuge and kind of intimidating, and maybe i'm just not used to it but the silicone doesn't feel right. *sigh* i can't even get good portions with MYSELF!
silicone is one of the best materials, but my favorite is cyberskin and better-than-real. they are very expensive though...

I have discovered in these last few weeks, while having people living with me, that masturbation is something that -really- lowers my stress and an anxiety levels. I have a couple of people staying with me right now, and I'm never really 'alone' enough to do it, and it's driving me insane. Not to mention, my cat had kittens and refuses to leave my room. Normally, such a thing wouldn't bother me, but she and her kittens are spastic as of late, and I can't focus.

As a last resort, I've started taking really long baths and showers.

At least when I finally do get time alone again, it will be, oh, so fantastic!
After almost a month of doing it twice daily with my new f-ing awesome bf I found a little time to reacquaint myself with my old lover today. Let's call him Rabbit Pearl.

I left him in such an awful state last time I molested myself, tucked under an old Bust (seriously...a really vintage copy with Missy Elliott on the cover) beside my bed. After a thorough washing, I was so glad the batteries still worked, and since all my neighbors in this thin-walled house had their air conditioners cranked it was nice not to be paranoid about the buzzing.

"Um, yeah, I got a new blender," I think I said when the cat lady downstairs asked me once if I was vacuuming the night before.

Anyway it didn't take me long with Old Trusty, because I kept thinking, "I have a hot boyfriend who ate me out 4 hours ago, and it's going to happen again tomorrow!" Last week when I was doing it with him I blurted out, "I'm having sex with you while I'm thinking about having sex with you!" I think he took it a little weirdly but damn that's hot.

Oh, also after the first time I came today I started thinking about how one of the other bartenders I work with asked me last night,"Hey, muskie, can I finger you?" I glanced sideways at bf and she slid her hand under my skirt, but only for like 10 seconds.

P.S. to heartbreakeven: going for a trip "to the store" is a good excuse to lower your stress level in your car.
oops, trigger-happy.
anna k
I masturbated during phone sex again with a stranger. I liked him telling me how sexy my voice was and how hard he came, but I still felt pathetic and lonely. C'est la vie.
I'm just curious, does anyone have any experience with using a Rock Chick?
I've heard some good things about it from some sex bloggers but I'm just wondering if it's really worth it for me to go out and buy yet another sex toy. I say yet another one because mine seem to break down. I just want one that will last and not break in a year!
the onion cracked me up with this one.
As A Working Mom, It's Hard To Find Time To Masturbate
Ha! Good article for Friday! Thanks. laugh.gif
Toomuch, put the vibrator down. I suspect that what happened is that you had such an intense orgasm you are trying to have the same intensity with your partner. So, it may be psychological because you can't achieve the same orgasm.

Just relax and have fun. You can't numb or loose orgasms from using a vibrator.

Everything will be fine.

(p.s. welcome to the boards, but I am having difficulties reading your posts when you use all caps...if you could change that'd be great! Please don't be offended by that, I'm totally not trying to be! smile.gif )
I have been using the hitachi wand for years and I love it but am a little bored with it also. Looking for somthing new any ideas .
This has been troubling me for a while. In the past few months, whenever I masturbate using a dildo (hitting my g-spot), I start to cry. It doesn't hurt or anything like that (I mean, I'm doing it because it feels good!).Previously, it wasn't unusual for my eyes to get a little watery when I'm approaching orgasm, but this is full-fledged tears, sniffles, the whole kaboodle, before orgasm starts to approach. I don't have that heavy sad feeling like when I get upset-- it's something my body just seems to do, and I can't control it. I want to know, has anyone else experienced this? I've looked around for information and explanation about this kind of thing happening, but I couldn't find any. Could it be a subconscious emotional thing? I've never been sexually abused or raped, and to have something that is so good for me suddenly feel so confusing and awkward is a change that is causing me grief.

Any ideas or thoughts?
heraandzeus, you may want to check out the general sex thread, I believe that this was brought up in there, as I contributed to the topic. I wouldn't be too concerned, orgasms are such a huge released, that some people cry. I have, and I know that some other busties have as well. I'm not too sure how far you'll have to go back in the archives, but I do know that it is there!
Thanks Culturehandy. I went and found the posts you were talking about (I think my problems before was just finding the right words for the search engine), and it's good to know that it happens to other people. But the others who posted as having the same issue seem to write it off as being an annoyance, or as something deeply moving in a good way. But me, I've just been really confused and surprised to the effect that the thought of it happening again makes me not want to stimulate my g-spot. Maybe it's just something I'll have to get used to.
hera, no worries! Does it really bother you? If it doesn't, I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Some times it just comes with the territory. If you are getting off and happy, then I'd just continue and take it for what it is!
I thank cod I don't live in AL.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 13 2007, 04:01 AM) *

Wow that's a bit harsh isnt it? How dare they! Don't they know people are still ordering this stuff online LOL And who are they to tell someone they can't buy a sex toy?? Thats just crazy. And a bit prudish as well. Let those people get their freak on if they want--as long as it's behind closed doors and between consenting adults.
I just about shot chocolate milk out my nose when I read the quote "laws are made to protect the public, sometimes you have to protect the ublic from themselves" well, since I whack away in public all the time, then this law makes perfect sense!

Only in Alabama would such a rediuclous law be in place, and like konphusion said, uhh people order online! Unless big brother is watching me play with myself, in which case big brother has a big hard on and is playing with himself.
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