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Full Version: let your fingers do the walking...the masturbation thread.
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yes alittle during missionary but not during doggie style or girl on top. I have a pocket rocket that is really long so I don't have to have my hand all in between us. When I use just my hand (no toys) to stilmulate my clit during sex it's always crammed between us and sometimes starts to fall sleep cause Mr. Pug's and my's budda (gut) is in the way. Aww the joys of being fat kids and having sex. LOL
Everyone –

A quick note about lube...I just bought a bottle of Swiss Navy (silicone-based) last night at a local sex toy shop in my area. Mr. Pug and I used it last night. It's fantastic. It's the smoothest lube I've ever used. You wouldn't believe how a little goes a long way. If you were looking to buy lube and have it last a long time I'd definitely go with the silicone-based lube. It's fantastic. I can’t wait to try it for anal. However, next time I buy it I’m going to buy it online instead. I paid $36 dollars for an 8oz “no leak” pump bottle at the shop and it’s $23 for the same bottle online at I’ve been using ID Glide and I hate the bottle. It drips before you even are able to get your fingers under. Don’t you think that’s a ridiculous price difference? I guess the shop can afford to charge that since it’s the only one in the area. Just wanted to share with everyone.
silicone based lube is the BEST lube i have ever used!

just make sure that it is compatible with your toys and, if you use them, your condoms!!

It's supposed to be compatible with condoms and my toys. Correct me if I'm wrong please but I think the toy issue is silicone lube with silicone toys. However, I don't own any silicone toys so I think I'm in the clear.


QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Feb 5 2007, 06:23 AM) *

I'm personally very fond of a pocket rocket myself...Excellant clitoral stimulation if that's what you like. Anyone else??

I just purchased that super-vibe Hitashi muscle massage raved about in Sex and the City... i know, i know... but I live in rather small town, so the selection is limited... and I can't very well order from my office computer seeing as I don't have a computer at home. So... I shall provide a review.
It's a bit extra strength to say the least, so if you're sensitive, I'd pass. And although, I felt a wee bit swollen and experienced residual sensations of vibe.... I climaxed in something like two minutes. And I'm a toughy. This is big coming from someone who only dabbled in the silicone dildos from babeland. I have been opened to the world of vibe and the future is blinding.

I'd also like to address the lube thing. Seeing as I do have a silicone toy and have run out of my compatible lube, are they any mainstream-ish lubes that could be compatible? I have looked around and the labels don't specify. And like I said, being in the bible belt doesn't help with selection. I don't want to run the risk of damaging it. and using a condom to protect it (i'm solo) seems wasteful. Anyone with suggestions, elaborations? Thanks
moonpieluv, any water-based lube is compatible with silicone toys. silicone based lube, however, is not, and can melt your toys.

soooo, i think i ejaculated while masturbating! wheee! it was all clit stimulation (i have a lovelly little super-quiet egg type thinger with little finger-type bits on the end). it felt kinda like i peed a bit, but i didn't have to pee at all, but i smelled the wet spot on my bed just to be sure, and it smelled clean and sort of sweet, if that makes sense. my orgasm didn't actually feel any different, though, it wasn't some amazing superintense experience or anything
ok... i hope i am not highjacking this topic , but i cannot for some reason start my own new thread... and this has to do with masturbation, so....

i am in my mid twenties and have never purcahsed a vibrator before (i mean, the type that you insert inside. i have an external clit vibe thing).

anyhow-- i am 100% unable to achieve orgasm (g-spot) with my own fingers/hands. i really want to work on this, so i am looking for a vibrator.

BUT i have no idea which one (type) to buy!!! i will buy the vibe from: as i live in canada and love this shop. so for those of you with time, could you browse the sex toy menu and let me know what you think?

i am not sure if i should just go with a vibrating dildo or a rabbit type of thing... (how do the vibrations feelings differ?_

i read that silicone is the way to go (food grade plastic sucks, elastomer is only a bit better in terms of how clean you can keep it even with the appropriate cleaners). i'd really like to focus on my g-spot, and wel, i need some recomendations here. i'm also thin and tall so that makes my internal cavity region also more elongated than the normal person.

any suggestions would be of great help

i'd also like as quiet of a vibe as possible.

This thread is the *perfect* place to post your query, Lucidez. If you go through the archives of this thread you'll find much lively sex toy debate!

On why you were unsble to start your own thread, Bust is a lot different from most message boards in that we frown upon members starting new threads that have not been vetted by the community/are of a topic easily discussed in a pre-existing one.

would you mind providing me with a direct link to the sex toy debate? i searched many variations of the tune but nothing turned up.... thanks!

There is no *one* specific debate in regards to toys, there are many, Lucidez. You'll have to scan through the archives of this thread page by page to find them.

Really, though, I think you should just toddle off to the shoppe & experiment. When buying a toy it's best to do it in person because the reviews are subjective. A vibe I thought was too noisy somebody else deemed to be quiet, a toy I thought was weak was deemed too powerful by another. Get some Bustie suggestions & head on into the store to try things out. With a vibe, I always touch it to my nose rather than my hand, etc. Tickle you nose & your sneeze, tickle your pussy & you cum.

As a first timer, skip the rabbit. It's tres expensive & not the most well built product on the planet. For $89 mine should have lasted longer than it did. The difference in sensation between a rabbit & a regular gvibe (At least shaft-wise) is that a rabbit has tumbling beads to stimulate the entrance to your vagina & not only does it vibrate, but the head spins creating a constant stroking motion over your g. Think of making a small whoopdeedo gesture with your fingers. If you get a regular vibe you have to move it yourself if you want stroking & not just pressure/vibration.
lucidez- I've never tried the Rabbit, but I have this silicone vibe:
and I like it a lot. I wouldn't say that it does a whole lot for my Gspot, though. I mostly use it externally on my clit. This particular line also has a couple of other ones specifically designed for Gspot stimulation. They are very good quality. I've had mine for years, and it's still going strong. I haven't used very many other vibrators, but I would say that the intensity is pretty good for a battery-powered one, and the noise level is not bad at all. You can barely hear it at the lower settings, and if I'm trying to keep things quiet when it's higher, I just put a pillow over top, and that seems to work pretty well. Good luck!
ok. something important came up while chatting with my main man.

he is worried that by getting a vibe i will de-sensitize the area, and thus during sex, will be needing more than he can provide. since i have never used a vibe internally (i have a clit one), i can see how that "could" possibly happen. a woman could become addicted to a high amount of stimulus so that when normal sex (ie- with a partner) is going on, the intensity is not adequate.

what do you busties think of this?

also, he is very concerned about the girth of the vibe/dildo. he is afraid that if i were to get a toy that is wider than his member, that i wouldn't be satisfed with his narrower muscle, and would want something larger to feel as "full". i have strong muscles, and clench them all the time during sex, but i see this concern also as valid. my suggestion to him was to give me the dimensions of his unit , so that i can be certain to purchase something of the same size.

any thoughts?

i'm primarily interested in getting a g-spot orgasm, and i'm looking for something specific to do this.

would a prperly shaped dilido be as effective as a g-spot vibe??
i'm looking at silicone toys.
Da-yum. That boy has some insecurity issues, Lucidez. He's being unecessarily paranoid & anxiety ridden about his skills as a lover. A vibrator is not a *rival* for fuck's sake, it's a toy. An enhancement, not a substitute. Can your vibe hug & kiss & cuddle you? Can it tell you how beutiful you are when you orgasm? Can it shout your name in sexual ecstasy? No. But *HE* can. You share intimacy with him & that's something you can't get with something that has a motor. He needs to chill out.

And who says you can't use the vibe during partner sex? Do his issues extend so far that it would be prohibited? You already have one vibe, is he not intimidated by it because it's not cock shaped? Have you ever used it together or has he ever watched you use it on yourself?

It's a common misconception that vibes cause desensitzation, so you should be fine. I personally have a wide variety of toys & can say without question that my vag works just fine when it's just me & the fella. I like the feel of his flesh & blood cock just as much, no, *more*, than I like the other. Besides, it's not like you're gonna have the thing crammed down there 24/7 buzzing to beat the band. Then ya'll might have cause to worry.

As far as the toys go, buy two. Buy an inexpensive gspot vibe & buy a dildo, too. You may like one more than the other, but you won't know unless you try both. I like stroking more than I like vibration on my g, but I didn't know that until I sampled what was available.

I know you're got your heart set on Womynsware, but do take a look around here:

Maybe have the fella look with you. Shopping for sex toys together can be fun & it may help alleviate some of his fears if he's actively involved with the selection of the purchase.

Also, have you guys tried any positions that put his dick in contact with your gspot? Hands & knees with your chest down creates a good pelvic tilt that puts him right in position to hit your sweet spot again & again. The same with you on your back with a few pillows under you.
Word to what AP said... esp. about alleviating his concerns by letting him help choose the toy, and about a real live partner offering SO much more than a toy ever could.

That said, at my current main squeeze's suggestion, I just bought my first ever toy, which is gonna be so hot for us to play with! This little number is going to help us have some nice double-penetration action: Soooo excited for it to arrive (--in my butt! hehe)

Luci, maybe you want to try another toy I had seriously considered, much like the one posted above (dildo and vibe in one) but with a special g-spot curve. It's called "the right spot" from Also, they have awesome livechat customer service for shopping advice and Q&A!!!
Looks like fun, Octi. *BUT* I hate the whole watch battery thing. Those little bastards can get expensive!
Yeah, I believe it. At least the store is nice enough to give you the first set. Otherwise it would be like back in those childhood days when you'd get a car or action figure or something for Christmas and tear it open, soooo excited... and find it was out of comission 'til you got out to buy batteries.

Except this is waaaay cooler than a car or action figure.
Hell, last time got new stuff I flipped out because it didn't occur to me that I didn't have the right/enough batteries. My happy ass was out of the house & down to the bodega as fast as my feet would carry me. I bought a big box of Beyond Sevens & several packs of Cs & AAs. You know the guy behind the counter knew that there was gonna be a party in my pants!
thanks for your suggestions, but i should clarify some things--

him and i have been together for many years and we have the most mind-blowing sex almost every time we are together. (g-spot orgasm among others each and every time...)

however.... we are currently living in separate cities, and thus, the need for a vibe/dildo of some, i am on a mission to further explore my solo sexuality.

i currently own a double ended dildo thingy made of silicone (made for a sharness) but it just doesn't do the trick- not the right angle or something ( no matter what i do i cannot creat enough friction on the right spot). it is somewhat bendy.

my man's worries are also my own since when i am prone to stimlui addiction of all sorts....

i'll get him to read this forum topic to ease his mind.

thanks again!
I just purchased a vibrator from the local sex toy store. My hubby and I have had issues with my lack of orgasm and not being in the mood when he is in the mood (I'm on the pill and psychotropics). So, I decided to get a vibe. It's multi-speed, but the problem is that it didn't get me off! It's one of those egg vibrators attached to a control thing. It's so frustrating. I wanted to cum for the first time while I was having intercourse. But it didn't happen. I did help get me in the mood (like right away) but it didn't help with the orgasm part. I even tried the taking it off and putting it back on again (because it numbs you) but that didn't even work. I tried it on my own after sex, but that didn't work, either. Any suggestions on the proper usage of vibes? Anything that has worked for any of you?
Musicfit, this is only my experience, and not a very hopeful one, but sometimes even the best vibe can't overcome the powers of medication. My favorite vibe worked to give me orgasms before and after I was on a cycle of anti-depressents, but not at all during. I was aroused as much as ever, but the orgasm just wouldn't happen. It was super frustrating, and if I didn't know that the medication was short-term, I would have seen if changing type was an option.

There may be more factors for you and it depends on your specific medication, but good luck. I know how frustrating it gets.
QUOTE(starpiste @ Mar 11 2007, 05:12 PM) *

Musicfit, this is only my experience, and not a very hopeful one, but sometimes even the best vibe can't overcome the powers of medication.

This is so sad but true. I've been on and off antidepressants for years and I have a very hard time reaching orgasm with my favorite vibe, my fingers or Mr. Pug when I'm on them. It sucks because the harder I work to get there the more frustrated I get and the farther from the price I am. Afterwards I'm more depressed.
The strange thing is, I can almost always get an orgasm with my fingers (not during intercourse, though) but the vibe didn't do it for me on my first try a day or so ago.
I'm the opposite when it comes to having an orgasm. Fingers just don't do it for me. Vibe and cock there is no problem. I don't know why. Maybe it was the partner I had at the time. He was a prat, le man on the other hand. Perhaps things will change.

Pugs my ex was the same way, he was on anti depressants and sometimes he would just go numb, sometimes he just couldn't cum.
musicfit - I have much better luck with the ol' right hand than a vibe, also. Kind of a bummer, since the thing that comes the closest to getting me off (my jackrabbit) was $40. but yeah. I'm a fingers / hand girl. I guess whatever works, works!

just an aside on masturbation - it's so fucking hot to watch a guy get himself off. that's all.

i just thought i should come in and say, for all the people worried about getting 'addicted' to vibrators, that ever since the boything and i started messing around in the crotchular region that he's been getting me off easier and easier while it now takes forever for me to get off with my vibes (i attribute it to my not actually being really turned on by my collection of vibrators all named percival, and generally masturbate when i'm simply desperate for a release, while ze boything really gets me hot) so, you know, i seem to have the exact opposite problem some people are worrying about tongue.gif
I second what zoya said! Mmmm, watching that.... *slips into fantasty land*

Tyger, I hear what you are saying about a vibe comapred to woman or man...I still get off with a vibe, but with le man, it's way hotter.
QUOTE(zoya @ Mar 13 2007, 03:01 AM) *

just an aside on masturbation - it's so fucking hot to watch a guy get himself off. that's all.

I only had the make request once but I was happy to do it wink.gif
There is just something about being watched...

Anyone here ever ask a man who sad no?
I figure, how does this interfere with my regular schedule?

On the anti-depressants, the new drug that I am on is making me hornier than ever, which is an issue because I am currently single and unattached. I also found out that some doctors prescribe this medication to counter act sexual side effects of other medications!
are you on wellbutrin? If so, I too, take that, and while I've never had issues with being down for getting down, so to speak - I am out of my mind horny sometimes now. I think it's supposed to kind of regulate after awhile, to where you're not completely horny, but it still does heighten it to some degree for good. (at least while you're on the medication) while it can be a little annoying, I'll take that any day over having zero drive....
Yeah, Welbutrin is definitely used to counteract the sexual side effects of SSRIs. Some docs also think why bother with two meds and just use Welbutrin for the depression, too but it's not always best for certain kinds of depression, so it really depends on the person. Also, you don't know whether the person is going to have sexual side effects prior to starting the SSRI. It's crazy, the estimated prevalence of these side effects is at least 40%. It took a while for people to figure it out, because patients were not spontaneously reporting the side effect, and no one knew to ask, but things are hopefully getting better with that now that more people are aware.
I can honestly say that I didn't have the libido problems on Wellbutrin that I did on other medications.
I'm on Lexapro and Wellbutrin to counter the effects of the Lexapro. It only works as a way to allow me to have full-blown orgasms and be horny more than 2 times a month. I'm also on birth control (I'm on Yasmin, which is A LOT better than Ortho Tri-cyclin, which made me have NO sex drive). But the birth control and the Lexapro still suppress my sex drive in a way that I'm only horny about once every other week. I don't even want to masturbate (when my husband is not even there) no matter how hot my fantasy might be. I might be motivated to masturbate on my own once every other month. It's like I don't really care about sexy stuff that much anymore. I really won't know if it is the meds or me until I'm off all the meds when I finally try to get pregnant.
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Mar 14 2007, 02:19 AM) *

I can honestly say that I didn't have the libido problems on Wellbutrin that I did on other medications.

Yeah I am down with-I mean up with wellbutrin...
I lost a year of my life on Lexapro. I just slept and slept and didn't even realize that the medication was the cause. Probably because I was sleeping so much. I hated that shit. Wellbutrin was/is perfect for me. My mom's on Lexapro and she doesn't have the sleeping issues. I don't know if her libido is up or down. I'M NOT ASKING HER EITHER! lol
in the last few months i got off yasmin and also got on lexapro. i can say that for me my sex drive and ability to orgasm went up upon stopping the bc, and went way down upon starting the lexapro. however, after a few (4?) weeks on the lexapro that as well as the other side effects became less severe. still, it's waaaaaay tough (though possible thank god) to come. yeah, this stuff sucks! Good luck music.
I got my vibe to work! It turns out that I needed to use both fingers and vibe in order to achieve orgasm. I place the vibe between hubby and I when we have intercourse. That gets me turned on enough to stay lubricated and we are both satisfied. biggrin.gif

The only downside is sex drives that don't match. I think that's probably the bc. I've been on it ever since I met my husband 5 years ago.
Ladies of Bust, I know I am a simple newbie here but please take some time in reading this post.

I have spent my entire winter semester working on a research project through the Writing department at Fort Lewis College, a small public liberal arts college in beautiful Durango, Colorado, and I have finally reached the final stages of my research but have hit a temporary roadblock. The syllabus called for a research project to be conducted showing the relation between humor and any other topic of our choosing . My original idea of Judaism and sitcoms was not "creative" enough for Comp 250, FLC's required sophomore research course. After this blow to the confidence,I decided the semesters worth of research would be committed too showing the relation between female masturbation and humor. Since coming up with this idea, I have been able to establish a claim that women mask discomfort of discussing female masturbation by using laughter. My outside research has helped me develop this claim spaning from writings by Lonnie Barbach, Manfred F. DeMartino, Rachel Maines, Rebecca Chalker, and Vern & Bonnie Bullough.

After spending several hours exploring Bust's website and even more time sifting through the intriguing forums, I have decided that the educated and non-bashful readers of Bust are the ideal audience for this research. In order to support my claim I have developed a focused, 37 question survey. My method calls for the polling of 100 to 150 women from a large, diverse demographic ranging in ages from 18 to 61+. The survey is online,100% anonymous,and actually entertaining. I have only been able to receive responses from girls on campus and have only a small number of results from women over the age of 22. I discovered Bust through the suggestions of one of your readers and would be extremely grateful to those of you who will take 15 minutes and participate in this survey.The survey would be a valuable attribute to this project and would set this project far above its requirements. Once again, this survey is 100% anonymous and your information is not traceable by me and all your responses are 100% confident and secure. I can only view the final results and collection of mass data once the surveys are completed.

I understand your time is valuable and precious, just like mine, but I would greatly appreciate the help and support from what seems to be a very open and warm community. I will be more then happy to entertain any questions or comments that any of you may have about both the project its self and the survey.

Thank you for your time and faith in this work, it has been a long road leading up to this point, and I can only hope I can say it was all worth it, with the support of this community.

Again, Thank you for your valuable time, and enjoy the survey.
(I'm not too sure how to put links in here, but this is the address to the survey)
anna k
Last night I came while listening to Tito & Tarantula's "After Dark." It felt so wonderful and satisfying.
Thank you to all the ladies who took the time to participate in my survey! I really didn't know what to expect but the turn out was really impressive.I'm still looking for more ladies to take it but the support so far has been stellar!

Thank you all again!
Porn Star
I like sticking my finger up my anus. I usually use 2 fingers. The feeling is just orgasmic especially when you masturbate at the same time and are about to orgasm...

I've been ALMOST getting off every night for the last week. I just can't bring myself to orgasm and I am SO frustrated!!!

I can get it to where it feels good.... but not quite. ARGH.

QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Mar 14 2007, 02:19 AM) *
I can honestly say that I didn't have the libido problems on Wellbutrin that I did on other medications.

Wow, I am seeing a woman who I must say is extremely hawt and the best lover that I have ever had! I came the other day, pulled off the condom, put another one and it was "Round Two" with zero delay-and I do mean no delay! Was it the Wellbutrin?, well maybe, but most likely it was her!

She has expressed interest in watching me touch myself and if she ever gets her hands off me for long enough, I will be happy to oblige!

Damn, I am the luckiest guy on the planet! rolleyes.gif
anna k
God sometimes I feel like a closet freak. I came home late last night and masturbated by hand to porn of girls masturbating. Then this morning I woke up with the girl equivalent of a woodie and had to masturbate again, this time by vibrator. I always fantasize about a guy I like watching me, either admiring me or masturbating along with me, the two of us jerking off and looking at each other. Later I may meet up with a guy for some meaningless sexual fun, it's been several months since I had any.
That's not freakish, anna k! I'm super into girl on girl porn right now, and I like looking at girls masturbating, too. The main thing I like in porn is seeing girls have real orgasms. I also think about people watching me while I masturbate and masturbating together. I think you're totally normal!
QUOTE(anna k @ May 19 2007, 11:51 AM) *
God sometimes I feel like a closet freak. I came home late last night and masturbated by hand to porn of girls masturbating. Then this morning I woke up with the girl equivalent of a woodie and had to masturbate again, this time by vibrator. I always fantasize about a guy I like watching me, either admiring me or masturbating along with me, the two of us jerking off and looking at each other. Later I may meet up with a guy for some meaningless sexual fun, it's been several months since I had any.

Your not a freak, you've got a good healthy sex drive, hey girls can want it all the time too! And so you like girl on girl porn - I do too... but I'm a dyke wink.gif
anna k
Your not a freak, you've got a good healthy sex drive

Thank you for telling me that, it makes me feel a whole lot better. I'm hetero, but I don't get easily turned on by a lot of guys, so I can feel weird that most of my sexual satisfaction comes from fantasizing and masturbation.
So I live with a gay guy roomie and although we live at opposite ends of our apartment... I feel weird going to it when he's at home. Cause my device is quite loud. I'm not ashamed about it or anything, but it's my private business.... even if I were to turn the music up loudly (I am vocal as well rolleyes.gif ) I leave the door ajar so my cat can prowl about, so if I close it... it means I'm up to something... haha.

I hate having to wait until he's gone to take my opportunity. I wished I lived alone. Anyone got any suggestions as to how I can mask me privey love session with myself? Or should I just not give a flying....? bashful. ha.
anna k - i pretty much only watch girl porn because then i can fantasize about how i would react to what is stimulating her. watching a guy and a girl f*cking is ok (same type of fantasies) but watching the camera's upclose to the guy's hairy butt does not at all get me hot.

moonpieluv - tell him to put on earphones and listen to music that way for a bit ;-)
QUOTE(anna k @ May 22 2007, 12:45 AM) *
Thank you for telling me that, it makes me feel a whole lot better. I'm hetero, but I don't get easily turned on by a lot of guys, so I can feel weird that most of my sexual satisfaction comes from fantasizing and masturbation.

I feel the same way, Anna. I hardly ever get myself off to hetero porn. I don't like watching a girl and a guy go at it; to me it just seems fake. Most of the porn I have is girl-on-girl; so much so that my boyfriend calls me a closet lesbian and voices opinions that one day I might leave him for a woman. I don't think he's really serious and I'm not actually into women, but something about that kind of porn is what gets me off. I love watching it. It's incredibly hot.

You're not a freak. I think a lot of women are secretly into girl-on-girl but would never admit it for fear of being taken the wrong way. There is definitely nothing wrong with it.

watching the camera's upclose to the guy's hairy butt does not at all get me hot.


mmm, interesting topic.....I have got to admit though, that from a guys perspective (and yes, it is biased) I cannot even begin to imagine HOW the male body can be a turn on, even to you girls.....but I note often that women ALSO appreciate the beauty in the female form. Without sounding like a lecherous moron, there is something just so gracious about a girls movements, regardless of what they are doing (this can include the throwing of a tennis ball......sometimes tongue.gif )
Really, unless a guy is a great dancer, they just cannot look graceful....most, maybe not all, but most women instinctively know how to look sexy when they move..

'k, this is my US$0.02...

Moonpieluv, I don't really think you are in any danger of embarrasment at all, he is after all gay, right. I bet that if he does hear you up to it, he probably will be nothing more than curious....and HE might even be the embarrased one wink.gif
I had a roomie once who used to get herself off from time to time, she never gave a damn if I could hear...sometimes she used to come out of her room, red-faced and smiling...look me right in the eye and say "Damn, I needed that, cannot wait for Gregor (her SO) to get home"...we look at each other ...and laugh loudly.

Watching two women have sex, particularly with toys turns me on so much. I watch and them cum. and cum. and cum.

I'm also a big fan of masturbating to anal porn. And dp...

*scurries off to cum*
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