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Full Version: let your fingers do the walking...the masturbation thread.
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Things have really opened up recently with my female friends wanting to talk more about vibrators and masterbation, and this is wonderful. It took too long though -- we are all in our 40s! Oh, how I wish some of this had been covered when I was a teenager. My sex life through the years could have been so much better, and I would have been much less of a bitch! :-) Is this just my generation (GenX)? Are you 20- and 30-something girls much more open and healthy, and if so, why???
hi polecat! well, being 27, i can only speak for some gals my age - we have definately become more sexually open, that's for sure. i mean, we don't go into specific details exactly, but get us a crazy party and we're making out with each other!!! it's not that we are bi or lesbian, it's because it's FUN! times have changed, that's for sure ohmy.gif
35 ~ we all dish in gr8 detail, me and my girls tell all, i tells ya! i mean, i wouldn't say anything in here that i don't actually say fer reals and there's not much that i wouldn't say in here!
I got my first vibrator (and have been openly discussing masturbation and sex with my friends since) I was 19.
I started discussing masturbating at 16 or 17, but I started doing it long before that. I'm now 21. I think it's something girls talk about more these days because boys have been talking about it for a while. Boys are actually part of the reason most of my friends started talking about it in the first place, as high school boys joke about it all the time and are generally extremely happy to hear a girl admit she does it. It's sad that it often takes the arousal of men and boys by the subject for a woman to rid herself of the shame so many feel about it. I don't remember the name of the article, but in THE BUST GUIDE TO THE NEW GIRL ORDER, there was an article about a woman who started using a vibrator after a friend encouraged her to and was so excited by it that she said we should give girls vibes for their sweet sixteens and bar (bat? sorry I don't know which is for girls) mitzvahs so they know how to pleasure themselves and be comfortable with themselves at a young age. I think its a great idea. I even talk about it with my mom. So many women have awkward experiences when they first start exploring their sexuality with another person, whether it be with a man or a woman, but if women were more comfortable masturbating and talking about it, they could start enjoying the sexual interactions they have with others much more quickly. Most of the girls I talked about masturbating with faked their orgasms with their boyfriends and then jilled off when they left or fell asleep. They weren't comfortable enough to tell their lovers what they liked and didn't like. This isn't to say that all women are ashamed or have awkward initial encounters, it's just that it seems to be fairly commonly the case.
It's weird. We'll talk about our bv, our periods, & shit, but the talking about of masturabtory habits is still kinda verboten until we have a few years under our belts. I don't think I talked to another girl about wanking until I was twenty-three or so.

How many teenage girls have circle... uh, wanks? Not many, I'd imagine. There is so much shame associated with enjoying our female sexualities. Statistically, boys are jerking it to beat the band *together* by thirteen. They're sharing tips & details about how to best get the job done since we aren't really told how to get ourselves off. It's hit or miss if you can't talk about it. My life would have been much better if when we'd had that retarded discussion about tampons & shit to have covered a little self-pleasure how to.

After my dad died, I'm not sure how long after, I told my mom I was going to buy her a vibrator. The look she gave me! Like, "I have a vibrator, thank you!" Yeah. You have a crappy vibrating egg, a chessy catlogue "neck massager", some ben wah balls, & a single plug in model that's useless except for clitoral stim. Wake up & smell the twenty-first century! Her aresenal was practically archaic. Better living through technology, ya'll!
i don't talk with my female friends about masturbation. i guess some would feel pretty uncomfortable... but it's propably just not being used to talking about stuff like that. unsure.gif

curious question: did you know about masturbation before you started doing it or vice versa? for me it was the latter... i did it for some years and later read in teenage mags about it. eventually i conntected it with what i was doing every night.
Auralpoison, I agree with you that it's a shame that women talk about everything else but don't offer each other tips or demonstrations the way boys do. I've seen other women masturbate, but not in a large group, only my lovers have allowed me to watch. My gal pals and I sometimes talked about how, or we'd take a quick trip to NYC to visit Toys in Babeland but we didn't get as explicit or detailed as boys do. My mother had a huge plug-in vibe too before I bought her something more manageable, but my sister gets completely embarassed and disgusted by conversations like that, and she is two years younger than I am, so I guess it's not necessarily getting better for girls. It would be awesome if we could exchange tips at a young age though.

hamburg, I was like you. I think I must have started doing it without knowing what I was doing or why when I was a very small child, rubbing against teddy bears or shower massagers, but I always kind of stopped when I was about to have an orgasm. I was afraid I guess. I remember being really frustrated, because it felt good, but I always stopped before it got good enough. I laugh at it now though. I think I finally made the connection when I was 13 or 14. My boyfriend (HA!) asked me if I did and I kind of dodged the question because I had never heard "masturbate" only "jerk off" or other male-oriented words. I didn't know what to call what I was doing. He asked me more directly and I told him yeah, I did, didn't everyone? My friends call it jilling off. Jacking and Jilling.
I didn't know what I was doing when I first got myself off--I just knew it would help me fall asleep at night if I couldn't sleep. I didn't realize what I was doing until I read a book--I think it was "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" (that book taught me so much!). It was a pretty shameful thing when I figured it out though. It wasn't until MUCH later, after high school, that I began to feel ok about it, and now I'll go vibe-shopping with my girlfriends. We don't really talk about masturbating, in detail or anything, but having vibes and other toys is not something we hide from each other anymore.
Well, there was the summer I was *REALLY* clean. I do not rightly recall how old I was, grade school or thereabouts. Some how I figured out that stimulating my clitoris made for really good fun in the tub. I used an old bubble bath bottle as an underwater, clit-sucking vacuum. How I came up with that I'll never know. And at the time, I didn't know what it was & I didn't much care. It just felt good. I was the cleanest kid in the neighborhood, took a bath every night when my folks had previously had to force my grimy little behind into soapy water. I eventually stopped doing it, I don't know why, but there was no shame attached.
Mr. Pugs used to go down on me all the time. However, I never reached orgasm. I thought I had but really I hadn’t. . I had read online what an orgasm felt like and I still wasn’t sure if I had really had one or not. After his prom we went down to a friend’s trailer down the beach to spend the weekend. The friend’s parents wouldn’t let us sleep together so we had to stay in separate rooms when it was time to go to sleep. I was in his room and he was going down on me and I thought I orgasmed like I always did. Afterwards, it was really late so we went to our separate rooms but I was still very horny and wondered as I laid in bed alone that maybe he was doing it right just not long enough. So I started to rub my clit and after about 15 minutes I realized what an orgasm was supposed to feel like. I didn’t sleep the entire night cause I was so excited to tell Mr. Pug. The next night we did it again and this time I really orgasmed with him going down on me and I was hooked. Now that I think about it, Mr. Pugs and I were dating probably a year and a half before I orgasmed and masturbated for the first time. Isn't that sad.


"Jilling Off" is so cute. I'm going to tell my friends that one. They will all laugh.
how long does it usually take you ladies? what DOES it actually feel like. reading posts here has got me REALLY curious. orgasming to me has never been anywhere NEAR the mind blowing awesomeness i keep hearing about. i've left pretty much every man i've been with frustrated and confused because apparently, i'm insatiable. current lover is fantastic in bed. we were between the sheets the last time for nearly 5 hours, and it was WONDERFUL, but not a single orgasm for me. what gives, really?? i know that there are crazy things happening in my life, but this is the way it's ALWAYS been.
Thanks LoveMyPugs, my friends and I get a kick out of it too. Guys have so many euphemisms for masturbating but women don't really have as many, at least not many that are uniquely feminine.

pleiades, I have to tell you that I had a similar problem for a long time. I enjoyed sexual encounters, but was never really satisfied, always wanted more and never felt the mind-blowing insanity that is a terrific orgasm. I'm not trying to make any assumptions or implications about you, but I know now that I was subconsciously holding back a little, perhaps in my urgent desire to have an earth-shattering orgasm, I psyched myself out and couldn't relax enough to let it happen all the way, even though I was enjoying the experience overall. There are times I still can't achieve that kind of bliss, but I can usually tell that the reason is because I'm in an awkward position or I'm particularly and unusually self conscious about a certain part of my body or because I'm distracted by something or another. If you find the right person and allow yourself just to feel the pleasure your lover is giving you, and you aren't afraid to be vocal when he or she does something you do or don't like, you should be able to let it happen, if you're anything like me. I give myself orgasms, but they aren't anywhere near as wonderful as the ones my fiance gives me. I am definitely an advocate of self-pleasure though, partially because it opens you up to so many feelings another person may not ever give you without direction. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or your partner to reach this higher level or it'll be more difficult to achieve. I don't think it's about timing, because sometimes I can come almost immediately and other times my orgasm is put off forever on purpose, and most of the time its somewhere in between, but they are all equally intense. Just relax, enjoy it, and let yourself go. Good luck!
I have definitely become much more open about talking about sex, masturbation, etc. in the past couple of years. I am 30 now. My sex drive has also sky rocketed in the past year. I am very explicit about my sex life with certain friends, but it's true, I'm still not as explicit about masturbation as I am about sex with partners. I don't think I'm embarrassed about it, but it's kind of a personal, private thing for me, I guess. I do talk about it more comfortably with guy friends than with girl friends; I don't know what that's about. The biggest thing for me has been a sexual relationship that I have had over the past year. The guy is so open and comfortable with talking about everything, and it has made me much more open to that as well. It has been really good for me in many ways.

The whole thing about getting to orgasm with someone else has been a major issue for me which I have posted about before. I am still having trouble with this, and it can be so frustrating! I always go back and forth, because if I chill about it and don't make a big deal, then I won't even bother trying, and then of course I won't have one, but if I do try, and I can't get there, then I feel all frustrated and horrible. The other day we had an hour to do it before I had to go to work, and I was trying to come, but I started stressing out about having to be at work soon and whether I could come in time, and that screwed me over completely, and I never could come. When I got to work, my pussy was throbbing (in an uncomfortable way) for like two hours. Bleh.
I've masturbated since I was a little kid, as long as I can remember. I didn't know what it was back then except I eventually found out it was a sin (catholic school) and the shame came into it. Didn't stop me though. I got my first vibrator at 18. I've always said "jacking off" since I was like 14...From like 14-19 I didn't have many girl friends, I was kind of "one of the boys" and they all treated me like a dude so I kind of maybe have a slightly different perspective. We would go sneak into the adult section of video stores and look at the porn, talk about jacking off.. I never had the idea that what I did was significantly different from what they did.

More recently I've gotten more girl friends and we talk about sex & masturbation a lot. I found out that a younger friend of mine had never been to an adult toy store before so I took her there. She was asking me stuff like "what does this thing do?" and it was really fun (and kinda hot) to be knowledgable about that.
I was doing it for as long as I remember too, and a lot! My mom would catch me and call it "rubbing". I started to get really tender from doing it so much and my mom gave me diaper rash ointment for the redness. She never explained to me what I was doing though, and I tried to hide it, but she always knew when I did it (probably the flushed cheeks) and she would just say, "I know you've been rubbing, be sure to put on some Desitin".

I too found out in Catholic School that it was a sin, and every lent I tried to give it up (to no avail of course).
Here's something really weird: I hadn't ever seen a sex scene or sexy magazine during this time, so I wasn't thinking about sex when I did it, but I would get 'aroused' by cartoons that burped or overate. Is that just me? I remember I especially got off to the rat in the animated Charlotte's Web, remember when he gets all fat and sick? Weird.

I remember my first boyfriend, a Jewish boy in Catholic high school, asked if I did it. I denied it because I thought it would gross him out, but he kept insisting that its healthy and not a sin. I held ground though and I don't think I ever admited to it (although we dry-humped like bunnies).
I didn't start talking about masturbation with friends until college, and not unless we were wasted. I'd say it wasn't until recently that I could feel completly comfortable talking about it.
I didn't think about sex when I was a kid doing it either. I didn't connect the two, although I knew everything about unhealthy sex, courtesy of a dirty older man living in my basement.

It makes sense in a way, that depictions of overconsumption turned you on. Eating is kind of similar to sex in that hunger and desire and indulgence and pleasure are all emotions connected to both. After all, what is sexier than a woman who can't get enough?

My grandmother used to catch my brother playing with himself as a little boy and she would tell him "Don't touch it, it'll grow" hahaha smile.gif Not sure if she meant it would grow better if he left it alone or that if he touched it, it would get big.

I imagine my parents must have noticed me doing it but I don't remember either of them ever saying anything to me about it, which is probably why I was never really ashamed, since I didn't believe anything else they told me at Catholic school either. Probably why I grew up to be a feminist, atheist, masturbation addicted lesbian.
"Keep doing that & you'll go blind."

"How's about if I do it only until I need glasses?"

I love reading about everyone's histories and perceptions with the Jillin'! One great thing I am noticing in my circles is that open talk amoungst women (and sometimes guys) makes everyone more comfortable with doing it, it seems. It is certainly true for me! And I learn some great tips from my friends. And everyone's happier, whee!

I just saw a small clear-pink (soft) octopus-shaped thing at my local, er, boutique. Has anyone tried it? Do you steer clear of jelly things due to phthalates? I don't worry too much, because I don't have to use them for long, wink, wink.
It's always so much better with toys.
anna k
It's nice to have this forum. I get more turned on through masturbation than partnersex. When I'm touching someone I'm not too familiar with or just started dating, it feels new and uncomfortable for me, since I'm not a touchy/feely person. I have to make myself touch a person and be intimate with another, exploring thier body, and even after practice with various individuals it's not a natural or easy thing. It feels so good when I use a vibe for clit stimulation and I feel satiated from that.

I didn't masturbate as a child, but I started when I was 13, getting an overload of sexual information from many things: Janet Jackson's janet album, Judy Blume's Forever, Dr. Judy Kuriansky on Lovephones, The Crystal Method's "Trip Like I Do", White Zombie, and feeling so solo and adventerous in my discovery of sex via these media outlets. As a teen I was shy and awkward and uncomfortable, so I didn't get to go on dates or practice sex until college. But this was a private and special time when my mind was going in various directions and I was turned on by sex & violence and whores and the dark parts about sex.
I'm baaaaack!!

On the masturbation thing.....I do it like if I keep doing it, I might win something smile.gif
hehehe this is a really funny topic

i had NO CLUE what orgasm or masturbation or really SEX was when i came for the first time. i grew up on the edge of a forest. i used to play in the woods all the time, and a lot of that involved shimmying up vines, but i wasn't really good at the shimmying part and would get up a couple feet, then lose my arm strength, and clamp on with my legs. THAT was pretty great, and i spent A LOT of time in the woods after that.

yes. my first sexual experience was with a tree.

i think i was somewhere in the vicinity of 8 years old and i swear it took me YEARS to connect it to sex and actually start masturbating in a, uh, more traditional way. i was a huge fan of climbing the ropes in gym class (never actually made it to the top, but who cares!!), i used to seek out skinny little trees to climb at recess, the fireman pole on playgrounds was great. i look back on this and think about how many places i did this and how many people innocently SAW me do this and i'm astounded. it's pretty hilarious. and honestly, i don't think anybody knew what i was doing! sneaky.

i love nature.
mouse, WHAT a great story!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

i was much more "traditional". i had a stuffed tiger that was bigger than i was and i slept with it. it had a big round tail that i used to masturbate with.

later, i discovered bidets. woah.

(i was SO disappointed when i realized that the bidets here in africa are NOT the same as the ones in brasil! in brasil, in addition to the spout near the hot and cold knobs, there was a "fountain" in the middle of the bidet. you could control the height (and therefore the pressure) as well as the temperature of the fountain. the bidets here don't have the fountain. dry.gif i have to use the hand-held shower to get the same sort of sensation.)

when i was around 9 or 10, i used crayons as my very first ass plugs. my justification for using them: by then i knew what i was doing. and i knew it was masturbation, and that sex could lead to pregnancy; so when i fantasized about having sex, i would use a crayone as "birth control". it was REALLY embarrassing when the first crayon "disappeared". i got really scared, and eventually confessed to my mother, who said, " I know what you were doing!" ooops. i was mortified. she went on to say: "you were trying to practice using a tampon, weren't you? well, you went a little toooooo far back. don't worry, it will take care of itself the next time you have a bowel movement."

and she was right. about that part, at least. rolleyes.gif
Um...childhood masturbation. I had a pair of maracas. 'Nuff said.

tesao, oh, yes, water spouts. Until LAST NIGHT, I must admit, scooting up underneath the tub spout was the ONLY way I could orgasm! But last night, I managed to orgasm using just my hand, and a plug. Yay!

(this is a HUGE breakthrough for me)

And I'm damn near forty. Heh.
Oooh! Last night I read A. N Roquelaure (sic)/ Anne rice's The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, and with that hot literature distracting me, I orgasmed myself. First time finishing. it was sweet. that is a hot book. i had no idea i thought that sort of thing was hot, either. i started reading it on the bus home and got so into it i missed my stop. couldn't wait to get home. wink.gif
Yesterday I finally bought my Wahl 7-in-1. Only I also bought the Wahl Spot Tip Attachment and the G-Spotter Plus, so it was more like a Wahl 9-in-1. Can I just say...oh. my. gawd. IPB Image

There are 2 settings on it, and the highest one is out of the question for the most part. We're talkin' insane strength, and I do love my hard vibrations. It's like....sonic BOOM. The only way I could use the max strength was with the g-spotter attachment. Whew. It was good.

The attachments are kind of weird, and some of them are too big to get the job done, but it was fun playing around with them. I also weirded out because it's technically a body massager, which I didn't know. But in the store it's on display right along with the other fabulous vibes.

  • no batteries!
  • strong vibrations
  • lots of attachments to choose from
  • VERY quiet with original 7 attachments
  • the attachments are hard plastic, so more pressure
  • the cost is awesome considering all the goodies and the fact that you don't need batteries

  • weird feels like you're holding an electric mixer or something!
  • it's kind of heavy after a while
  • gets hot after a while (although, to be fair, I DID use it for almost 2 hours)
  • it sucks to stop everything to change the attachment, although i guess once you know what you want, that's not a problem
  • the spot tip attachment is hollow, so the vibrations are inSANEly strong even on the low setting. since it's hollow, it's louder, too.
  • the high setting really IS like a sonic boom
  • wish there were more in-between settings

most of the cons can be overcome once you get used to holding it, which doesn't take long to get the hang of. the spot tip attachment is pretty freaking awesome, and so is the g-spotter. all in all, this is my new favorite vibe.
Faerietails –

That G-Spotter Plus looks fucking awesome. Have you tried that attachment yet? Let us know how it works out for you. I only have one g-spot vibe. Unfortunately, I’m too chunky to get in a comfortable position to hold it. All the pillows in the world can’t prop me up enough to get around my gut. Mr. Pugs usually likes to use it on me and it’s wild. I cum like a maniac when we use it. Have fun but don’t forget there is still a world outside your bedroom. laugh.gif Whenever I get a new toy I’m in bed using it for like three days. I only get up to go to the bathroom, eat and work/school. I eventually get bored and it gets stuffed in the back of the nightstand. My new toy right now is Mr. Pug’s hand slapping my ass relentlessly. When I’m home I just want to be over his knee while he tells me what a “dirty girl” I am. Heeheehee!
anna k
This morning I woke up, and the first thing I did was masturbate. It was really funny, like that was on my mind to satisfy myself before anything else.
congratulations, treehugger!!!!! that is AWESOME! go you!!!!

faerietails (still groovin on that toast of yours!): i have heard a LOT of great things about the Wahl. i'm curious to know more about the gspot attachment, though. i've purchased two "g-spot" specific vibes, and while i enjoy them a LOT, the reason that i bought them was to see if i could ejaculate. no luck so far. sad.gif that was my new year's resolution last year: to try and ejaculate. i didn't, but i sure had fun trying!

this year, it is to have 1,000 orgasms. i think i'll make this one. rolleyes.gif

I think I've ruined myself (sort of)! In high school I had orgasms from oral sex easily, but now I can't, even though my current boy is pretty damn good at it and drives me wild. For years after high school I masturbated only with the faucet in the tub, and then I was with a guy who never went down on me, and I finally got into the habit of masturbating with my hands but I have to use both hands and rub in a really specific (and pretty rough) way.

The other day I came with a cock inside me for the first time (yay!) , but it was only because I was rubbing myself with both hands. It feels great to have an orgasm with someone but we both wish that it could be done by him, as well. I feel like I've conditioned my body, or desensitized it, like stories I've heard about people who get hooked on vibrators and need them to come. I was thinking that maybe if I stop masturbating I'll be able to come more easily (say, from oral). But I don't wanna.
edie, NO.

There is no such thing as "ruining yourself" through masturbation.
That's an old wives tale.
And it's hurtful to womens' sexual exploration.
And most women need clitoral stimulation to come. Don't feel bad about it. It's an orgasm! What is the difference if your boy is rubbing your clit or if you are? At least if you are you know exactly what to do to get it done exactly when you want.
Those stories you hear about people getting addicted to vibrators come from people who are afraid of vibrators, probably even afraid of their own sexuality. Don't listen to them please.

Sorry about the rant. I just hate it that these hateful, ancient ideas of women "ruining themselves" through masturbation are still so common.
I should know to stay out of this area but curiosity gets the best of me. ohmy.gif
Thanks Kayte- though I just want to clarify that I didn't mean that women shouldn't masturbate (alone or during sex). I think people should explore and do whatever they like (within reason- ie consenting and legal) to get off. I'm happy that I'm with a guy with whom I feel comfortable enough to do that, and he's super-supportive (he sometimes grabs my hand and shoves it toward my clit). It's just that I miss coming during oral sex and I'd like to get it back... I had told him that I'd come from oral sex with partners before, and he told me that he was going to eat my pussy until I came. He was down there for while (concept of time being fuzzy- but maybe half an hour?) and I came so close, but it just wasn't working. Although maybe it's also because the pressure was on.
actually, kayte, it is possible to get too "acclimated" to coming one certain way. it can happen to both males and females. if you do the same thing too often, your body can get used to it, and you have to "re-train" it to come other ways.

for example: my second boyfriend, who was a virgin, had masturbated this really specific way (he'd stick his thumb inside his foreskin and go around the head, instead of up and down with a fist the way most guys do) all his life, and when we first started having sex, he was so pre-programmed to coming that way that he couldn't come while fucking me. but we just kept trying, and eventually he did. it's just a matter of practice. so, edie, just keep practicing wink.gif you'll get there eventually, and it sounds like you have a great boy
that sounds like a great toy and for 28 bucks why the heck not? i love new toys and NINE new toys in one, um yeah, i think i will.
thanks for the review!!

What are your favorite online sites and stores for toys? I was looking over and, but I really like Toys in Babeland, since it is so easy to use, and you can add your reviews, Amazon-style. I really enjoy reading others' advice. No connection with any of these.
has anyone ordered from Adam and Eve? I'm trying to decide betweenTriple Play Glass Pleaser and Heart's Delight.

What is your experience with glass dildos?
Okay, I had to post this somewhere.

Just take a look at this Wormie thing.

Words cannot describe it.
raisingirl, that just looks so wrong.
Raisin –

I think that wormie looks so cute. Even though it’s green and has a smiley face it’s still looks like it would feel awesome, especially in the shower. Imagine if you accidentally left it in the tub and a kid saw it. LOL They’d probably want to play with it in their bubble bath.


I own a glass dildo and I love it. When you lube it up it’s the smoothest thing you’ll ever feel. Plus I like to warm mine under warm water first. They are super easy to clean. They are great for anal too.

Polecat –

I’d have to say that is my favorite. If you have any questions you can email them and they get right back to you with answers that really help. I check out smittenkittenonline and it looks pretty cool too!
I rub my wormie? I would feel incredibly guilty after using it like I had just defiled a beloved, innocent (look at that face! Such trust!) childhood cartoon character.
it isn't any worse than i rub my duckie! although, either of those would certainly solve the problem of leaving your toys out where others might see them!

actually, i think that it looks like a bunch of English peas in a row....

i tend to get most of my products from good vibrations as well. it is woman owned, the employees all have shares in the company, and they are SO great about giving out advice, even on the internet. i've been to the san fran store (not the berkley one) and they were great, too! they have a "reading corner" , and they actually gave recommendations for other stores when i couldn't find something that i was looking for and nothing they had was quite right.

i have two glass dildoes, one with graduated bumps that is longer, and one that is a bit shorter and wider, with a handle -- it's called the juicer. love them both! have been curious about the glass vibes, and have gotten good feedback from people i know that have them. they feel great, they slide right in, and they are so PRETTY! ) (okay, they don't have to be pretty to be functional, but they are pleasing to the eye even when not in use)

Egad, put a nightcap on that Wormie thing and it reminds me of the GloWorm I had as a child! Might as well be humping Holly Hobbie at that point. blink.gif If I ever want to swear off sex altogether, Rub My Wormie would do the trick.....

eta: tes, I'll admit the main reason I like glass toys is because they are so pretty. They count as functional art, right? wink.gif
This sounds fun:

But I'm definitely not going to pay $300 for it.
Drella –

Goddamn, that thing sounds smart. blink.gif I like the “Don’t Stop” button. I wish I had that for Mr. Pug sometimes.

so, my bf has offered to buy me a new toy for valentine's day. i currently only have a silver bullet and the fukuoku (it attaches to your finger), and neither of them are especially strong. ideally i'd like a vibe that can be used during sex, but that has a decent amount of intensity without being too loud. any recommendations? i'm also probably looking for something in the $20-$50 range.
I'm personally very fond of a pocket rocket myself...Excellant clitoral stimulation if that's what you like. Anyone else??
I use my G-Orchid as a clit vibe during sex. It's meant to be a g-spot vibe but it's at a good angle because of the bend in it. It's quiet and pretty strong, and waterproof (all my toys must be waterproof) and it was pretty cheap but I don't remember how much exactly. I got mine from babeland online.
thanks LoveMyPugs, and go kayte!

pocket rockets seem to be one of those staple sex toys... i may just have to get one of those. would it get in the way during sex?

go kayte, i checked out the g-orchid and i can definitely see how the shape would work for that purpose. i think i'm gonna have to go waterproof for my next toy, too. my boy and i have never had a bath together and i'm starting to think that could be lots of fun!

i think we'll just have to go to a sex shop together and take a look around. there's a great women-friendly store i like. and to think, i lived across the street last summer and only went once. what was i thinking?
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