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Full Version: let your fingers do the walking...the masturbation thread.
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Crinoboy and I are considering buying something to supplement intercourse. Preferably something that involves him, like, fits on his hand. I wanted a vibrating penis ring, but that scares him, I think he's afraid it would a.)tickle or b.) make him finish too quickly. Anyway, any reccomendations?
I saw the Fukouku 9000 or something. How good is that?

Also, quietness is a big factor, as we both have roommates. ( dry.gif we like to stay incognito)
I got this a while ago and it's faaaantastic. It's great for when you're on top especially. It's made of stretchy silicone so easy to clean and no electronics to deal with.
My rabbit from Babeland broke... I can't seem to get the damn thing open....
grrr... sad.gif

Think I'll buy a Magic Wand next.... thinking of maybe getting a partner toy eventually. I think new crush is just amazed that I masturbate frankly. smile.gif

womyn's ware has a great section on what toys are what, what's a rip off, what's bunky, what's dangerous, and what's right on.
that fukuoko looked so great to me too but apparently it isn't strong enough to do much of anything except frustrate the hell outta ya. i have quite a few toys but they all really get in the way during partner sex and none of the battery op ones are all that quiet either. i give up and just use my hands. flat on my front with him behind is the best for that for me. all i need is about three minutes at the end in that position, we can be all over the place before that.
that raspberry looks too cute to do anything really nasty, does it really work for you EJ? might have to give it a go.
i loves me some silicon. heh heh.
It really does work, yeah. The raspberry part is really pretty big. It feels good but doesn't do much though unless I'm on top. When I'm on top it's constantly hitting my clit so it works great and I actually get to have an orgasm during sex.
The rasberry thing looks like what I originally wanted, except I think it would need to vibrate to make me orgasm.
Crinoboy remains skeptical of penis rings. He says that he wants me to get a vibrator that we can use together with intercourse (still, needs to be quiet) but that I can also use without him if I want.
Something non penetrative, I guess. I've never used a toy before so I don't really know what I'd like. I just know that it is very difficult for me to come with intercourse (even when we use our hands in addition), and Crinoboy is not very interested in cunnilingus.

Pepper- we do that too! I like it because I'm lazy and its one of the few ways I can orgasm during penetration. I reccomend it to every Bustie!

ETA: Crinoboy just read this and would like for me to add that he would like for me to get a penetrative toy that he could use on me. Also, he says that he is quite interested in cunnilingus and is just lazy.
So, what are some good penetrative vibrators? (cheap and quiet would be nice!)
That's the problem with sex have to spend a pretty good chunk of change to try something that you aren't even sure you'll like. I admit, if the raspberry ring vibrated I'd probably like it better.
oh man, *irrational anger flash* interested but lazy eh? good thing he isn't frequenting my bedroom. i'd hold him down with my thighs and make that lazy boy WORK! no oral sex is a relationship deal-breaker with me. no oral? no nuthin'.

ok, rant over.

can you go to a shop that carries high-quality toys? it's the only way to really get an idea about size, vibe, texture etc. if not peruse some websites and see what appeals then come back and ask about specific things. we can take a look and let you know if any of us have it, have used it, etc.
penetrative vibes, i've found that going slightly smaller than your limit is a good idea because they tend to not be as flexible or giving as the real thing and if they are being manipulated by a partner there is a lack of sensation on their part that contributes. they can have an optional vibe, that's always nice, and go for silicon. it isn't cheap but it won't get gross. the thing is, if you don't like it you're stuck with it so maybe buy something less expensive first to gauge the sort of shape and vibe strength that you like and work up from there.
a toy that you are going to use a lot is one worth investing in. you won't have to replace it over and over again for one thing! the best thing i have that gets the most use is the waterdancer. it cost 20 bucks and it's great but i go through a LOT of batteries.
i have a harness that i can wear that holds a variety of toys so i can be the boy sometimes (hee!) but he can also wear it if he wants to have two things and really torture me (hee Hee!). that's a lot of fun.
Actually pepper, it makes me angry too. If anybody has advice on stimulating oral effort from your boy, please,please share.

Unfortunately, I live in the deepest darkest South, so there are NO female-friendly toy stores around. The only thing I've seen is a dirty yellow shack way way out on the highway that says "xxx adult bookstore" outside. Veeeeery sketchy.

I agree with going smaller, especially since sex is often uncomfortable and even painful for me. I don't want to buy a toy that will only hurt me.

I like the idea of looking online (since I will probably be buying online) and then coming back here for reviews. If ya'll wouldn't mind providing them of course.

Thanks! I'll be back after I do a little research!!
crin, maybe look for a good book on the art of giving your woman oral pleasure. a woman friendly store will have great reviews and often be open to answering email questions as well. check out and
i won't do it for a partner if he won't do it for me, plain and simple. it's not tit for tat in terms of how often or how long but if he is too "lazy" then so am i. sucks for him 'cause i'm really good at it ;P

oh, i just checked out womyn's ware to see if i had that address right and look at this:
that's the mini vibe i have that i use the most and like the best and the sleeve is silicon. the big one looks like it would be fine to insert too and the vibe in that toy is right at the end so you might be able to get some g-spot vibe action goin' on (depending on your curve and stuff). that might be a bit more than you want to spend but it comes with a high recommendation from me and it isn't really all that big at all. at the very least you have the vibe for outside stimulation and it's not too big to use it with your guy if he leans back a bit to give you some hand room.

it isn't that loud either. i mean, you can for sure hear it but not from the next room. who ever's in the next room might hear You though, ha ha.

I am not going to offer any info on the toy thing, that I will leave up to the ladies, I feel they are better qualified. I have been out and bought toys for my partners, but as every girl is so deliciously different, itis a better idea to do it together so you get what you want, or listen to the ladies here!

As far as the 'lazy' diver is sounds to me like a bulls*t excuse....I reckon he is SCARED. Some guys I have spoken to don't like doing it either, and they claim it is boring, they are lazy or some other rubbish, bottom line is they might even think it is *dirty*. Now don't think for one second her I am implying that your personal hygiene leaves something to be desired, but he might *think* it is YUK! OK, so what you do, is next time things are getting fresh, do a little holding back on the things HE likes, cut him off from his supply of pleasure for a little longer....and then suggest you take a shower, or bath because you are 'in the mood for that!' The impression of 'cleanliness, the promise of him eventually getting off, might just make your request for some lickin', nuzzlin' n' nibblin' a little more feasible to him smile.gif

If he is being lazy, then be lazy back, see how he likes it.....seriously, that is just mean!!

I LOVE being on the giving end, maybe he will understand when he feels you writhing at his touch, when he hears the noises you make when he gets it right.....damn, I am making myself honry just thinkin about it.. tongue.gif
Alright, so I looked at Toys in Babeland, and here's what they had that interested me:
Water Shimmer
Shower Babe
Blueberry Buzz (this may be my fave!)
Mini Leopard Vibe
I think they are all hard plastic, battery operated, and waterproof (which I've decided I want, for solo shower time)
I'm pretty sure Crinoboy's gonna want to put it in my butt, so I want something that won't accidently get lost or anything.
I also looked at Amazon (ha!)
They had a doc johnson Water Dancer that looked neat, also the iVibe by the same company

I'll come back again after I look at more websites, Thanks!

Kalevra- I have considered that, and I always try to make sure I am freshly washed before I ask him to do anything. Earlier in our relationship I was very self-conscious of any scent or taste I might produce, because the first time Crinoboy tried going down he said that I smelled "wierd" and tasted "funny". Of course, we were each other's first (just first oral for him, first everything for me.) so he may have just been expecting pussy to taste differently. I know that my scent now turns him on, he likes to spread my legs and sniff me, but I don't know if he ever got over the taste. He says that he likes it, but he still won't make any effort. I *wish* just the thought of it made him horny.

I really do think it may be a lazy problem, as he is very lazy in everyday life. And when I DO convince him to go down, he always stops after about 2 minutes (which, unfortunately, is not enough time for me to orgasm) and says that his tongue is too tired to continue.

I would like to be lazy back, but I really *like* going down on him, and I also don't want to be mean.
Mean, schmean! Buy him the book "She Comes First." It's great, very informative and really emphasizes the importance that guys SHOULD go down! It's written by a man, too...

I never let anyone go down on me before I met my ex, and he INSISTED. I was squeamish about it at first, self-conscious of course, but he loved it and wanted to do it all the time. And he did--every time we had sex, I came first. In the beginning he'd do it like 5 or 6 times in one night sometimes... Crazy!

My current guy was a 24-year-old virgin (I'm serious) when I met him--he had NO experience at all, hadn't even kissed a girl since he was like 14 (IDK how this happened, he's gorgeous and smart and SO good in every way but he's real shy). I didn't think he'd be the type to be excited about giving oral but after a little while he wanted to try it and now he says he loves it. I got the book mentioned above for him, since he didn't know what he was doing at first. He studied like a schoolboy and is now very skilled. smile.gif

Ok, I'm going to shut up now... sounds like I'm just bragging! tongue.gif

Oh, P.S., any of those vibes you mentioned would be good for a starter. You probably want something with variable speeds (I think all of these do), and the Blueberry one does look cool, but keep in mind that it has a bigger tip than the others, so if it's going in your butt, you may not (or maybe you would) like that.
I originally wanted to buy the Athena Pocket Rocket but my local sex toy shop didn't offer it. So I bought the Devinn Lane's Magnetic Massager. After doing some research online after I bought it I found out that there are two sizes. One is a four inch and then their is a longer one. I own the longer one. I think it's probably around 6 inches. I through out the packaging so I'm not sure of the length. It's not really for insertion. Just clitorial stimulation. It's the $hit. Very powerful and I have to fight not to cum so quickly. My man likes it to cause I can use it while we are having sex. There is a ball on the end that is supposed to rotate but it doesn't move much at all. Not that it needs to cause it works fine just the way it is. I don't know what all the magnetic stuff is about but this toy does the trick. Only bad part. It's not waterproof. But...the Athena is so that is going to be my next buy and it's under $20.
Ok, so this is what I bought:

sorry about the ugly link, I forgot how to make it look nice.

I have no idea if it is insertable, I guess I'll find out. The boy and I decided on it because it was super cheap, and it had good ratings and reviews at . It's just a "training vibe" anyway. I really want to eventually get 2 different ones for different uses- I rub my Penguin for external use, and something pretty and silent, like the Gigilo for internal use.

I'll let ya'll know how it goes!
I'm telling all of you to try the Devinn Lane's Magnetic Massager. I used that puppy five times on the couch this morning cause I was horney as hell and Mr. Pug was at work. It's fantastic. I used to just use my hand but I got tired of arm cramps. This thing is so easy and very powerful. Try it, try it, try it everyone!!!
crinoline, i'd be curious to hear how you like that vibe...i'd considered buying it but ended up splurging on another one from the same company (the one with a remote control kind of thing wired to a bullet). it's pricey but the rollercoaster setting drives me mad.

i have the ivibe pocket rocket too, and it has been my favorite during-sex vibe. i just wish it had variable settings.
I got my package!
annelise-I'll be back later with a full review of the product.
anna k
I just used my new green glass vibrator and loved it! I especially love how it stimulates against my clit and makes my whole body feel electric. I know it's working when my toes curl up and my legs are shaking and I feel a release coming on. It's so lovely!
I have been a horny mood the past week, perhaps because I havent hung out with my boyfriend for over a week, he was on vaca this past weekend. We are getting together tonight, Im a lil nervous because I am so freaking horny I want to just take him but I have to practice control just like he does. So last night I came home from goin out and got ready to feel myself up and OH MY GOD, I seriously havent masturbated in a while and I did it for 2 hours last night, literally and squirted more times than I can count, the blanket that I was lying on was soaked when I was done, OMG the release was sooooo nice!!! I am getting better at finding my spots that get me going more quickly, it was sooo nice!! I use an egg vibrator that I bought at Spencer's, it was on clearance. The one that I first bought is loud so I coose not to use it as much and another egg (or bullet) vibrator that I have is worn out, when I put it on the highest setting its not as strong as it use to be, oops laugh.gif. So the pink egg vibrator does the trick for me, god I want to do it again right now because I am thinking about it!!

Sorry if this is gross at all unsure.gif but I had to tell someone and I know this is a good place to just let it all out, I cant tell the bf even if I wanted to because it will just get him harder than ever, lol!!

Just had to vent, thanks for reading biggrin.gif

Sounds like you had a great time! That's squirting thing I just can't do. Drives me crazy. If been told I'm getting close when I feel like I have to pee and that I just need to let go and let it fly. I know it's not urine but I just can't get my mind to let go and let me spray. Mr. Pug is aching to see me squirt and I know it's a mental thing that I just can't get past. Any suggestions? It's is something I very much want to do. I heard only like 40% of women can actually do it.

pug i can't either but i've been told to get myself off in the shower with g-spot
stimulation and then just let it go when i feel like i'm gonna pee. it helps to
have to pee in the first place too, or so i'm told. i still haven't been able to do it.
Pug and Pepper,
You know what, when I was starting out using the vibrators and stuff I didnt squirt, but I had penetration when I orgasmed. This past time my squirting didnt spray out, it just drizzled onto my blanket, but I still did it. And I have absolutely no idea how I am able to do it. One night I did it for so long that I squirted, it was the first time that it happened, never felt the feeling before. This past time I was doing it within at least 30 second increments, maybe a minute, I wasnt counting. I dont know what kind of suggestions to give you, sorry sad.gif I did pee before I started, so that is one small tip but to know how to go about squirting I have no idea. Thanks for reading my post tongue.gif biggrin.gif
the doing it with a full bladder in the shower thing is supposed to just get you used to
he feeling of releasing those muscles while orgasming. certainly, pee before doing it in bed!

(girlz, could ya use the space bar until the length of this thread gets back to normal? thanks!)
What do you mean by the space bar and the length of this thread?? I see what your saying about the full bladder thing, I did it on the floor on a blanket, figured I didnt wanna get my new comforter all wet;)
dude, is this thread not stretched across the screen and beyone for you?
it is Super long on my computer. i have to scroll across to read everything that's written.
For me too, pepper.
hi y'all. i am thinking about buying my first vibe. i really like
this one (which also comes in green by the way). has anyone ever
bought anything by the german brand "fun factory"? i also really
like some of the others because their designs are so cute. :-) but i
guess i'd prefer the small "baby bug" as a first toy. if it doesn't do
anything for me, it could still hang out in my book shelf and be cute.

(the price doesn't really matter since, although it is listed as $45 on the above-
linked site, i found a german website where it's only $17.)
It is really cute. I'd recommend a pocket rocket. They are a little loud but they work like a charm. Great if you can get a waterproof one so you can use it in the shower.

anna k
I used my green glass vibrator. I can't seem to come. My clit gets excited, my legs get shaky, but nothing comes out. I await a feeling of release, but I don't come. I never did come much anyway, so I don't know if I biologically cannot.

I used it while watching Scarlet Diva, which starts out with sex scenes but becomes more depressing and painful to watch. I give a lot of respect to Asia Argento for being so open and raw in that film.
everytime i read that "glass vibrator" i freak out a little.

weirdest thing ever, something happened with my tiny vibe this morning (it's useful
for going to sleep And waking up, ha ha), the battery got really, Really HOT! i mean
i couldn't even touch it to take it out. i was thinking that was the end of my small,
blue best friend but i replaced the battery (it took ten minutes to cool down enough
to touch it) and it works fine. well, of course i had to try it out again to make sure biggrin.gif
what in the world would make that happen?

hey chicas, could you all use the space bar now and then? the thread is still streched
across the screen for me, it's really hard to use. you can even go back and edit your
posts to fix them. Thanks!
anna k
Don't worry, pepper, I don't let the glass get too hot.

Is it possible to feel like you're orgasming even if you don't ejaculate? That's what it feels like for me, like an orgasm without the fluid.
delurking to say...pepper, that happened to me once! it was a little vibe
that takes 3 watch batteries, and there are no symbols showing which
direction all the + and -'s go. so i just guessed. it got super hot so i
couldn't touch it. i thought that vibe was a bust, but then later i tried it
with the batteries arranged differently, and it was fine. does yours have
multiple batteries like that?

i broke my fukuoku the other day, and it was my old standby. sad.gif
i'll probably replace it, but i'm wondering if i should try out a new one.
i'm not sure i want something as big/complicated as the rabbit...
magic wand? pocketrocket?
what are other busties' old standbys?

ETA: anna, i've only ejaculated a few times in my life, but i definitely
orgasm! it's a little hard to tell whether there's orgasm-fluid, though,
because i get really wet while working up to one.
anna k
I felt really happy last night. I rocked myself to orgasm and felt so proud, loving how the nerves in my body twitch and make me so excited and thrilled. Afterwards my clit looked erect, has anyone else ever had that? It went down after a while, but I could feel it against me when I walked.
Um, yeah. Engorging. That's pretty much everybody, Anna. The vaginal area becomes filled with blood & your clitty swells just like your labia. It's like an uncircumsized cock, almost. Instead if a foreskin pulling back, your clitoral hood does & exposes your pearl. It's erectile tissue. Not only your nipples, but your breasts swell, too; although they're as not as visually obvious as the clitoris in most cases.

Squirting is complicated. Depends upon the stim. I need solid G stim for that to happen. SOLID. I've nearly drowned my poor rabbit a few times.

Anyone have a hitachi wand? I've been thinking of getting one, but I'm not sure if I want to drop the cash for it.
Faeri, WORTH IT. WORTH EVERY FUCKING PENNY. It plugs in, so no batteries, it's not too loud, & you *WILL* see stars.

I've been looking at buying a badass looking Euro vibe that's $129, but they reviews are so good...
Puts magic wand on my list.... I have a good friend who just loves to buy me sex toys...
LOL, wow, okay! You talked me into it! biggrin.gif
Someday I'll have a Magic Wand...

My standby is the Water Dancer. Little, nubby, waterproof. A good time. I used it the other day, and I came in about a minute, and squirted (which I've only done a couple times ever before). Lately I've been coming so quickly (by myself and with a partner) that it's like I'm a prematurely ejaculating teenage boy. It used to take me forever to come. Now, no effort. In some ways that's good (way better than having trouble coming), but also kind of a let down when you're having sex with someone else (although, I'm single right now, so I guess I'll just enjoy it). 'Cause then it's like my "turn" is over.

Tonight I'm going to a women's masturbation workshop. Hope it's fun!
so, i am still looking for someone who has enjoyed a vibe made by the german company "fun factory". anyone? there has to be someone out there since their vibes are so cute looking... help!
sorry, indiechick, but i have no experience with that company. sad.gif

i'm more interested in the glass vibrator. i have 3 glass dildoes, and i LOVE them. they are really pretty to look at, they are very smooth (which makes them easier to insert by far) and they transmit heat easily, so they warm up to body temperature FAST.

i've never even seen a glass vibrator, though. i've got to agree, it seems as though the vibrations would be risky for the glass. how do you moderate the intensity/wave range of the vibe so that the glass doesn't shatter?

i'm still trying --- sans sucess --- to try to squirt this year. i am looking at more t and g spot toys. hmmmmm.
cross-posted to Sapphic Sex, too!

I went to a women's masturbation workshop last night--so fun! No actual masturbation took place, but we did all talk about experiences, learn some tidbits, share stories, check out some products and have a great time!

I bought the Blue Thumper - a small vibrator with a wired remote that you can set to tease you. It speeds up, stops, speeds up again, stops, etc. I thought it might be annoying, but I actually *loved* it. (I've been coming too fast lately, so this helped to stretch it out a little bit!).

I also bought the a dyke porn with two videos on it: "Hard Love" and "How To Fuck in High Heels". I watched the first two scenes from "Hard Love" last night, and it's great!

Also, picked up a hilarious new euphamism for masturbation (I've never liked that word): "firing the surgeon general". Based on Dr. Jocelyn Elders being fired by Clinton as Surgeon General in the 90s for the mere mention of masturbation as a healthy alternative to more risky sexual behaviours for young people. Dear Dr. Elders, I will support you in this way--forever!
Where did you find out about the masturbation workshop?! That's what I need to go to. And since I live so close to NYC I know there's something out there. I just need to find it.

"firing the surgeon general" - LOL! I love it.
hi, everyone!

i was really intrigued by the pyrex vibrators, so i've been looking at a LOT of them on line. they look really interesting! i'm thinking that i may just need to drop the cash on one.....they are also stunningly BEAUTIFUL,and some of them have different throb levels, that change by themselves, while little red and blue lights throb in time to the beat. VERY cool. maybe i will ask for one for a yule gift.
faerietails - the workshop was put on by Girls Night In (/, a local woman-owned Pittsburgh sex-toy shop. I used to be in a bookclub with the owner, so that's how I found out, but since you're close to NYC, you could check with Toys In Babeland, etc. to see if they schedule anything like that. It was fun!
QUOTE(anna k @ Nov 1 2006, 04:37 AM) *

I felt really happy last night. I rocked myself to orgasm and felt so proud, loving how the nerves in my body twitch and make me so excited and thrilled. Afterwards my clit looked erect, has anyone else ever had that? It went down after a while, but I could feel it against me when I walked.

Anna K,

Please excuse late response. I believe this may have some serious interest for you, as well as for anyone else who hasn't yet been exposed to the knowledge.

It's likely that your clit remained up and ready, fully aroused, for about twelve minutes. Any time during that twelve minute window you could, with appropriate stimulation, have developed another ogasm in two to three minutes. After that one, you'd have had another twelve-minute window to do it again . . . an almost endless chain, if you will.

Masters and Johnson, in their sex laboratory at Washington University, St. Louis, during the sixties, documented the experience of one woman who quit the motorized dildo after fifty orgasms because "she was tired." Some creative thinking about the possibilities can lead to one, two, three or more orgasms while your bed mate is recovering from his first. You can believe that most men of any age learn that their thrill at your orgasm is second only to the joy of their own. Put him to work while he recuperates and waits. It's a win-win situation. Somewhere in the archives here is a posting from a college-age woman who noted that "when boys learn that they can make you come, they LIVE for it."

M&J revolutionized and expanded our knowledge of sex. You may find three or four of their scholarly books
in any good library, or find used copies on e-Bay.

Good luck and good loving.

great post, boblink! thank you!
QUOTE(tesao @ Nov 18 2006, 02:01 PM) *

great post, boblink! thank you!


Your kind words are appreciated, as are your knowledgable posts.

Now, may I ask a personal question that bugs me? Makes no difference to anyone me, but I've wondered about it for more than two years. What's the pronounciation of your user name. I read it and absorb it as TESSIE-0. I know just enough about Spanish to know that's not correct.

Can you give me a phonetic spelling?

tes~ow! is what i think. as in hey tess, OW! did you just spank me? ha ha ha!
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