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Full Version: Fun with Floggers II -- BDSM revisited.
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I really like that last collar. I could never have anything like that because my skin is so sensitive to metals but I thought it was cool. The first one was nice too.
I'm kinda leaning towards the vamp collar. Although I said previously that I didn't want anything thick I just find it to be very sexy and I love purple. Plus it has the big ass ring on it that I just know Mr. Pug would like to loop his fingers through from time to time and pull me closer to him to whisper dirty commands into my ear. I like them all and I don't think I could choose. I'll just have to have him pick his favorite. The last one is nice enough that I could wear out in public. Even if I just tuck it into my shirt so it's not so visible. They are all reasonably priced so I'm not worried about that. Sometimes I fantasize about a leash being attached and just letting it lay loose between my breasts. Knowing that it's there while I ride Mr. Pug. Even if he held on to it pulling up the slack.

pugs you are so cute.

but: drool.... i like the last and the velvet.... hmmm i have a velvet collar somewhere... maybe i'll dig it out... hee hee...
*sigh* i miss collars....

i'm not sure if you know, pugs, but collars do have a special significance in the bdsm community-- it's nearest corolary would be a wedding ring, although that depends, of course, on the dom. some take it deadly serious, taking a long time to consider the sub, their strengths, weaknesses, and their need to serve. some have elaborate collaring ceremonies. some keep it private. still others treat it as simply another fetish accessory. for some it is a ritualistic way of starting or ending play or a scene. usually one who is collared wears something constantly as a symbol of that commitment. it can be pretty much anything, rings, bracelets, or earrings. like almost everything in bdsm it's up to you to make of it what you will.

personally, i take it very seriously, because to me bdsm is deeper than a wedding ceremony, since it is a commitment to a person, to be sure, but also that t bdsm life, that role, and often a commitment to do things blindly, knowing that this person would not do anything that would harm their "property." and depending on the agreement may lead to the sub doing things they may not like, but because they want to please their "owner"

i'm not trying to inject politics into this, and do please note that the above was written in a gender neutral way. many consider people collared to be "property" be they male or female. but mean to merely talk about it's sociologicall significance. all the same politics do enter into these things. i remember two dykes i knew bad mouth someone they used to hold in high esteem. she was black, and submissive, and they had noticed her occasionally wearing a collar, but she, or rather her daddy had the poor taste to have her on a leash at a rather public event-- the pride march. and as they explained, the history of slavery is still way too strong for that to be acceptable for them. and i tend to agree. i would never let my daddy do that to me. that gets into my reputation, as well as hers. lord knows there are few things that get me squicked, but to me that is something to be done in private because of the social implications. which, a good dom/me takes into consideration. personally, i love collars-- their effect is incredibly visceral. but i can't to the leash thing in private either. that said, collaring is about consent, and sometimes the reliquishing of it. and far be it from me to down another's choice, or kink.

i was on a 'consideration collar', meaning i was under consideration for a real collar for one of my mistresses. she took it and me very seriously and taught me a lot, and enjoyed it quite a bit. she was training me in protocols, which, while interesting, i take with a huge grain of salt.* sadly, my domme side began to surface and that was kind of a deal breaker, since she was looking for a sub, not a switch.

*protocols are a very formalized way of delineating behavior, and manners in strict bdsm circles. at it's most extreme, it can dictate how a sub adressess dom/mes other subs, words you can (or can't) use, sometimes clothing choices even where you look when adressed. ....and this is where i get into the grain of salt business. dealing with the strict part sometimes you end up getting into gorean play, which, i most circles is looked down upon. based on an extremely sexist series of sci-fi/fantasy books on a fictional world of gor. goreans are often seen as superanal, supergeeky fringe, obsessed with a imaginary world. talk about silly:on gore, all men are superior, females are slaves/property, or free agents to be raped. gorean rituals of behaviour are excessively detailed to the point of ridculousness, and would probably be more workable as roleplay online more than anything else.
Ok, which nipple clamps do I want...

Basic nipple clamps, "great for beginners"

"Wicked" clamps, with a little more pinch

Basic, "light" clamps -- better for beginners maybe?

Clamps with rings -- super hot looking, plus adjustable and very functional

The last ones are the ones I'm most leaning towards. They look super sexy (IMO), and they're adjustable. I guess I'm just wondering how they'll work around the nipple rings. Anyone with any experience???
phobia - I like the last set the most with the rings too. They are so hot looking. No experience with nipple clamps at all. I'm still tring to get used to my nipples being so sensitive from my new piercings. Sometimes they are uncomfortable. Thinking of taking out my rings and getting barbells instead. Every sway, flip or movement of the rings is very uncomfortable, sometimes even painful for me. I've heard this from others as well. My piercer recommened switching to barbells but I want to wait until they are healed more.

GT - I'm so glad that you brought that up. See for me collaring is something very mental. I really want Mr. Pug to want to collar me. We've talked about it a few times.

Surprising enough... I've been looking on and picked out the four below. I wasn't going to show them to him. I was going to order one and kinda surprise him with it. But...I got to thinking about it and I thought, "If he wants to collar me then he might want to pick out the one he likes the most." So tonight after we ate dinner we came upstairs and laid on the bed to "watch a movie" (yeah right) together. I said to him, "Can I show you something online and we can talk about it for a few minutes?"

He said, "Sure!" So I went into the home office, sat down at the computer and pulled up the collars I liked. The first thing out of his mouth was, "I'm collaring you right? So if you think you want to be collared then I'm picking the collar I want for you. I want one you can wear in public that isn't too obvious that will remind you all day that I own you. Then I want one for at night when I want you." Well I was shocked. This was more input then I thought I was going to get out of him. Usually it's just a nod and a grunt like, "Uh, that one." Caveman style ya know...

So it turns out that after we sat there and looked through all the collars he ended up liking the two I picked. The Vamp (for night) and the Ownership (for day). I was really, really shocked that he cared enough to look through all the collars they have and that he talked about size, color, style and even asked me to get a measuring tape out of the sewing kit to measure my neck. To top it all off he wants to buy TWO! So, I was thinking we could get these for Christmas presents but he wants to get them next time he gets paid, like in two weeks.

I know it sounds silly but him being all about a collar made me feel so loved, beautiful, sexy, wanted, needed, treasured and so many more emotions. I know it's not "ceremony" worthy in his mind but this whole little expierence really showed me how much he likes our lifestyle and my submissive nature. I wish I could put into words the little wave of emotions I felt.

So what started out as just a kinky addition to our sex life turned out to be much, much more. He also looked at paddles and a lead. We also agreed that we are going to buy the liberator black label wedge/ramp combo for Christmas this year.

*jumps around squeeling*

I'm getting collared soon!
I was reading back into previous posts and found this from Tesao! It's one of my favorite stories she's posted. I'm quoting it so everyone can read it again. SOOOOOOO HOT!

QUOTE(tesao @ Jan 19 2007, 02:54 PM) *
the following is a true story.

just to keep the thread where i would like for it to be.


I woke up to an intense orgasm rocking me, his steel hard cock fucking my cunt from behind. How does he do that? <a href="http://""" target="_blank"></a>

I don't know how long I was out. Or whether I passed out from the intensity of the sex, or from the vodka tonics on the plane, or because I fell asleep from exhaustion. When I came to, I noticed that my bonds had changed. Previously, my hands had been above my head, and the straps from the restraints had been wrapped in a figure eight around my wrists. Now, my hands were tied tightly behind my back, and the straps had been looped around my breasts, snugly beneath my painfully hardened nipples. They bit into the sensitive skin, and my breasts throbbed, from both pain and pleasure.

My position had changed, as well. I had been on my back, and later my side, with my legs pulled tightly together and held above my head, in the air. Now I was on my knees, my cheek pushed into the mattress, my naked, vulnerable ass high in the air. He was fucking me from behind. He had both thumbs shoved into my ass hole, his long fingers splayed out on either side, firmly holding me still so that he could drive in deeply. I shivered with the pleasure of it.

When the shaking stopped, he pulled out slowly. I moaned, which earned me a rough slap to my right buttock. It left behind a deep red welt, a perfect imprint of his palm. That's enough, he shushed me. His other thumb popped free of my ass. I felt his weight lift slightly off the bed, as he reached for something sitting on the side table. Moments later, I felt a swipe of moist lube against my rear opening, and the tip of an anal plug pushed into me.

I squirmed, hoping to get the plug further inside. Another swift, forceful slap, this time on the other cheek. I froze instantly, and was rewarded by another inch of plug. Good girl, he murmured. He pushed the plug in and out of my tight ass, going a teeny bit further with each thrust. He leaned down, and I felt the length of his hardness slip between my legs and come to a rest against my cunt slit. He moved his dick back and forth between my cum dampened pussy lips, applying pressure against my clit. What am I doing? he wanted to know.
Fucking my ass, I gasped. Instantly, the plug was removed. Wrong, he all but spat.

I whimpered.
Please, I said. Put it back. Tell me, he ordered. Or you get nothing. You know, I forced myself to say. You KNOW. No, I do not know. If you don't know either, then you don't deserve it. Tell me, he said quietly. You are, I gasped, you are using a butt plug to fuck me up the ass! Muuuuuuuuuch better, he praised, returning the plug to my yearning hole.

As he continued to rock his dick back and forth between my pussy lips, and to push the plug in and out of my ass, he reached around with his other hand and pinched my nipples cruelly, one after the other, the pain of it rushing through me.
Soooooooo good, I breathed.

I knew that I should simply enjoy the sensation of the plug inside me, but I wanted more. I thrashed wildly, and ground against his raging hard cock. As if in response, the plug was suddenly gone.
Nooooo, nooooo! Give it back, I whined. Oh? he queried.You want it back, do you?? Seconds later, I felt the mushroom soft tip of his dick positioned against my hole. You want the plug? He pushed forward, and his cock sank into me past his head ridge. You don't want my cock? Well, all right, then… he crooned, and I could feel him pulling out. NO!!! I screamed. NO!!!

No? What??? You don't want the plug, either??? Okay, we can stop, then, he informed me. I was close to tears. I flashed briefly on the prospect of being left alone for the rest of the night, bound and burning, cum dripping out of me, with no cock, no plug, no relief.
No, I panted, No. NO!! I mean… yesssss???he taunted me. What exactly DO you mean, then? I want your cock, I moaned. I want your cock. in me. in my ass. FUCK ME. FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR COCK. FUCKME! Oh, that! That's what you want? Of course, he teased. Why didn't you say so? And then there it was, rigid, pushing insistently into me again. I could feel the tension of the ring of muscle around my anus strech open as he shoved into me, and then close tightly as his girth was swallowed into darkness. He stopped, and pulled out bit by bit until only the head was left, then pushing back in just a bit more each time. Again and again, until, finally, he was in up to the hilt. I could feel his balls tickling my clit. He stopped to savour the feeling. A thousand nerve endings were screaming inside me. His dick throbbed, swollen with cum. He withdrew, and then slammed home. The pressure built inside me. Nnnnnngggggh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck me, fuck me. FUCK ME!!!i babbled. Yeah, baby, he responded. I'm fucking you. I'm fucking you GOOD. And indeed he was. You are gonna know it, too! You are gonna know that I fucked you up the ass. UP THE ASS. You feel that? What do you want now? Oh oh oh, I want your cum. I want to feel your cum. I want you to shoot your hot white cum into me, into my ass hole. GIMME YOUR CUM. COMEIN ME, COMEINME!!! I WANT YOUR CUM!!!!!

Yeah? Yeah? That what you want, huh??? He responded. Good, cause that is what you are gonna GET. I'm gonna pump your tight, hot hole fulla CUM. MY CUM.
Oh, yeah, oh yeah. I begged him. Give me your cum. I want your CUM!! Your cum is MINE. FUCK YEAH, he told me. Take it, I'm coming in you! he shuddered. And he exploded deep inside me, the spurt spurt spurt spurt pulsing over and over in my ass, gushing out and filling me up compleatly.


Later, when we could both breathe normally again, he told me how beautiful I was, with my bound breasts and swollen cunt and my ass hole covered in his ejaculate. He gave me more instructions. Now that I had been marked again as his, I was not to wash. I was to let his cum stay inside me, although I was fairly sure that the cum he had shoved up my ass would take days to drip out. I tried to tell him that, but he would have none of it. It doesn't matter, he said. By then, you will have more to replace it. I smiled at the prospect.

Did I kill the thread or what?

GT?!?! I'm looking for some sexy "girly" heals to wear the night of our anniversary that's coming up next Friday. I found these at payless. Do you think Mr. Pug will like walking into the bedroom seeing me lying there with nothing but these cute Mary Jane’s on? I know they are cheap but I probably won't wear them out of the house cause I'm clumsy and will fall and break my neck. I think they are perfect but I'm not a good judge so tell me what you think! I think they will compliment a collar nicely as well! *giggle* If he buys it for me.

Tonight he told me that buying me a collar is very important to him and it will be a big step in our relationship. I'm really surprised at how important this is to him. I thought it was only important to me but he is really stepping up as my Dom.
You didn't kill the thread Pugs, but I have nothing good to contribute.

I read this today,.. reminder to be careful:
i think they are very sassy, pugsy, but i am still trying to get my shoe situation in order. i'm so not the girl to but i am sure he is waaay more interested in you than your shoes wink.gif

thanks for posting that, greenbeen. it's important to remember, how misunderstood what we do is.

that article is awful. the headline and the writer seem to imply there was foul play when a reading of the facts makes it painfully obvious it was an accidental death. yet they just plug away trying to make it sound as sleazy as possible, playing to the purient, purile interest of the reader. what's really disgusting is how little information is really in the article, and the leaps of imagination of some of the people who comment on it.

the bare facts-- scant as they are in the article are these:
the man would have bdsm play sessions on weds, while his wife was at board meetings.

someone called the police from the apartment where the body was found.

the suspect was arrested weds afternoon, away from the apartment.

the police think it was accidental.

and that's it. yet, some of the people leaving comments conclude that the suspect was a sex worker, and other things, with no evidence that that is the case. it's horrible to see that even in known-for-being-kinky sf, there is still that level of ignorance.

we don't know:
whose apt the man died in.
were there roomates who lived there?
who called the cops?
how long was the body there?
how long after discovery of the body did it take the sfpd to find the suspect?
what was his relationship to the man?

none of this information is reported, which is odd, since the questions aren't really the kind that you'd have to work hard to want to ask. they are simply the most basic, the most elementary-- they are the questions a 4th grader would ask for the school broadsheet. yet they remain unasked, and unanswered. either the reporter didn't know, didn't care and didn't bother to ask or...well there is no or. it seems the "reporter", and i use that word loosely, was out to do a hatchet job on the man, and was only interested in pumping his paper thin story with salacious bullshit, because based on the sparceness of the facts, there is no there there. this "piece", and i use that word ephemistically, isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
oh and thanks for posting that bit from tes, too pugs... so super hot.... i miss the tesaosity in here...
Yeah, where has tes been? She was posting here my first time around (like I said, it was, what, maybe 5 years ago?).

My nipples. Are so. Sore. I think he tried to bite them off.

It was fucking awesome. Really really really fucking awesome.

We sat down and had a big talk on Wednesday about how I want to ramp up the kink factor a little bit ... nothing too crazy, really just buying some accoutrements that will enable what we are doing already in any case. Some ankle cuffs so he can tie my legs down instead of holding me down, thus freeing him up to do other stuff. Nipple clamps so that he doesn't have to keep his mouth on my nipples (did I mention how much I LOOOVE nipple torture???). A riding crop or other hitty thing so his carpal tunnel doesn't act up so much (what a geeky reason to buy one, right?).

But then he sort of implied that maybe he was just going along with it to humor me. Which, we all know, is DOOM. So I got really, really upset, because I know that if that is the case, this relationship would have to end. I'm not ever going to be happy if he's just hitting me because I want him to. He really has to want it, that's all part of it. And he got really REALLY upset because aparently, that's not at all what he was trying to say -- he says he was trying to convey that he's never done this before so it might take a couple of times before it's totally hot and not kind of silly. Which of course is a valid point and I completely jumped to conclusions because this is SUCH a touchy subject. I already know that his interest in BDSM isn't as fundamental to his sexuality as mine is, so I kind of flew off the handle.

But then we really really talked. No yelling or crying. He reminded me that there are several things he's introduced (without asking me first) that are fairly kinky that have been huge successes. He reminded me that these are things HE thought would be hot, that's why he tried them (face smacking, pussy spanking, and car-ride exhibitionism naughtiness, in particular). He reminded me that we, in our 10 years, have never ONCE had non-rough sex, even if it wasn't always kinky. He also let me know he wasn't intimidated by the stuff I wanted to get, since it's just an extension of what we're already doing, he just wanted me to know he might fumble a bit with the clamps or lose his grip on the crop at first.

Then, I explained that if there's stuff he wanted to try, he should go the fuck ahead. I have a safeword, I'll let him know if it's too much, or if I don't like it. I told him not to underestimate my submissiveness. I'm kind of an overbearing bitch IRL (I work in a male-dominated field, so I kind of have to be), and I let him know that my sex life is completely outside that (kind of the point, right). He got very thoughtful then.

All of which led up to him nearly biting my nipples off last night, then straddling me, pinning my arms down with his knees, and jerking off all over my face and tits. That was the first time ever he wrested a real, honest-to-god scream-of-pain from me. It was fabulous.

I think things are going to be ok smile.gif

But, remind me to tell him that screaming doesn't neccessarily mean "stop." Duh. Safeword.

Hey GT -- do you have any experience/knowledge about the use of nipple clamps with pierced nipples??? Thanks!
ugh i hate to always be a cassandra warning of doom, but even with a riding crop do the research. there are some places (like the kidney area) that is is very bad to strike with anything! even a riding crop. and do tell your bf that wearing a wrist brace is ok durring play too. since it's the repetative motion that creates carpel tunnel. but i know where he's coming from. i can't spank with my right wrist, because of old injuries. but you work around these things. i'm glad things worked out for you, phobia.... sounds like you're having lots of fun, and he certainly sounds game.

as for your question, phobia,
nipple clamps, yes, nipple piercing, yes, both? no, sorry. i got my nipples pierced and they never quite healed till i took them out, so i never got to play with them in. i know, sad.gif sad story. sad.gif . i asked daddy to go back on nipple training a few weeks ago, so i am dreading/looking forward to that...although the pay off (bigger nipples/lactating) will be worth it.

i was looking at some of the nipple clamps you were looking at. most, if not all have removable rubber tips, underneath are metal teeth that up the pain. unfortunately it's been a while since i've played with those kind. daddy has a pair of the clover ones which i love...i hate... i love... i hate. the clover ones increase pinch depending on the pull on their back end. so if you have a pair on a chain and the clamps are on your nipples, they hurt way more of you pull on the chain. that pull is transfered to the clamps. they hurt like motherfuckers. personally i prefer clothes pins, there are different sizes/strengths and you can use them almost anywhere on the body too. (the tiny ones that you get from hobby/craft stores are the most evil) they create a nice pinch, and you can use more than one. i've had my boobs covered with them and it is super intense. my mistress blindfolded me, laid me down and started off with my nipples and added them in a pattern radiating out. then took my blind fold off.... i was shocked, and very turned on.
Wow phobia. It sounds like you had quite a night.

Pugs, those shoes are very sexy. I have a similar pair that I wore to my grad and they ended up killing my feet. I hate that I can't seem to wear high heels. I just end up in pain and grumpy. Which reminds me that I have no idea what kind of shoes I can wear to the conference that would be sexy but comfy at the same time. Can sexy and comfy even co-exist?

That article was...well, interesting. I mean, they basically said that he was performing some kind of BDSM act but then don't really give any other details. I think the comments that people left under the article are even worse.
I didn't even notice that the article had comments. I'm not going to read them, because I'm not in a fighting mood. I am from San Francisco and I am registered on the sfgate community. Last time I participated in a discussion it was regarding bicycle commuters (I am and have been one for years) and I could not believe the vitirol spewed towards cyclists,..I mean, we are talking threats to run us down. I was posting for hours and days during that arguement and I don't want to do it again. I found that most of the ignorant statements were coming from the conservative suburbs outside the city, and I imagine those same people are the ones posting negatively about bdsm.

Oh, and there actually was earlier article on the story when the man died, which was only a few days before the arrest. Information was still minimal, but it included that police believe that the phone call was made by the other person involved (whether thats the man they arrested or not) but he fled before police got there. They also have a quote from the wife saying her husband "was a good man" I'm not sure if that implies she knew about his activities.

Anyhoo, I'm hoping for some kinky action tonight..more to be posted in Portions!
GT -- I don't think you're too doomful, don't worry. But you know, walking out the door in the morning is a risk. You just gotta do your homework and hope for the best smile.gif Anyway, I don't think either of us has too much interest in continuing with just the hand spanking. First, I don't know that it's just the repetitive motion that's hurting him; part of it might actually be from the impact. Plus, it's nice, but I need ... something more. The couple of times he's used his belt have been .... uhhh.... about the most turned-on I've ever been in my life. So I dunno, a riding crop was just sort of the idea I had, but I'm also looking at these:

One in leather

One in rubber.

GT I'm so sorry you had to take your nipple piercings out. I love mine; I think they are beautiful and they are fun to tug on. But I need more pinching. My darlin boy bites really well, but then his mouth isn't free to do anything else! Anyway, I think I'm really leaning towards the clamps with the rings on em. One of my big fantasies involves chaining me by my nipples to something (the bed, the boy, whatevs), but I'm much too paranoid about ripping the piercings right out to do it. So I thought the clamps with the rings might be fun. If they don't work out, well, at least we tried, and you know, they're not that expensive. If we can't use them, maybe there's a Busty in need who can wink.gif I did look at the clover ones, which are obviously very aesthetically pleasing, but I am thinking I would feel more comfortable with something more "beginner."
phobia - funny cause Mr. Pugs and I just had a big talk about an hour ago. I loved it because he had me sitting infront of him on the floor while he sat on the bed, my head between his naked legs, he kept his finger on my chin forcing me to look him in the eyes which always makes me want to shy away. He asked me if there was anything I wanted from him and I just said, "More!!!" He like your dom said that he was TOTALLY into the Ds roles but is trying to unlearn the habits we got into during the last 10 years of our relationship where I was always in control of our sex life. He told me he loves to dominate me and will take it further if I want. He will always discuss with me anything he's nervous about incase it's something he thinks might really scare me. He just wants more communication is all. I told him that was fine. Our conversation ended with him fucking my face while he fingered me, rubbed my clit and then came all over my tits. He then rubbed his cum all over my chest while leaning me over and spanking me. It was very hot. Just had to hurry up and clean my new nipple piercings afterward. Not really supposed to be mouth and fluid playing with them yet so when we do I make sure to clean them right away. No problems so I guess it's ok.

Well, I'm tired so I'm off to bed.

Got my BFF from forever ago in town, but wanted to share this blog with you guys -- I think you'll love it:

Enjoy and I'm so glad Pugs had such a lovely lovely night! That sounds awesome smile.gif Glad everything is going so well for everyone!
Okay, I am going to butt in and ask a question here, and I really hope I don't offend anyone. I don't know much at all about bdsm so it might sound completely ignorant, but I'm kinda worried.

My friend's parents moved far away, and she stayed up here and started doing office work for a guy with a small trucking company. Her roommate was a creep, so she ended up moving in with this guy and now they "share" funds, so she doesn't get paid for her work and has no money of her own. Even when they take one of their cars somewhere, she isn't allowed to drive. Everytime I've met him he seems like a nice guy, but I found out through coincidence that he was screaming at her for a long time over the phone that she'll scrub his dirty underwear when he tells her to, and stuff like that. The person I heard this from (who doesn't know my friend) was shocked at how mean he was and said it sounded like he was talking to a slave. I asked WHO he was yelling at and she told me the name that he kept using and it was my friend's name, which is fairly unique. My friend has always denied being in a relationship with this guy but I've picked up a few clues here and there that make me think otherwise.

It occurred to me out of the blue that they might be in some kind of 24/7 bdsm relationship, which wouldn't shock me. But it also wouldn't shock me if this guy was just being abusive- her last serious boyfriend in high school was kind of a controlling ass and she put up with him.

So I figured I would ask the busties in this thread for advice. I know that there's a huge difference between the two, but how does an outsider (who has no frame of reference) tell the difference? Is it normal to scream that stuff over the phone in front of someone you don't even know very well? It bugs me that she has no money, nothing in her name, and not really anywhere to go no matter WHAT kind of relationship this is. She's only 19.
See I'm such a straight forward kinda person that I'd just ask her straight out. Sit down with her and have a talk. Say, "I've heard somethings, I'm curious, if it's something you're into then that's all you have to say, if not then I'm concerned and am here for you if you need help." However, My straightfowardness has back fired on me in the past.

When my friends see Mr. Pug spank me hard on the ass in public or see me look downward when he says something "stern" to me I'm sure they think it's strange or even abusive but it's not. I love it, crave it, ask for it and need it. We told a lot of our friends about our lifestyle and they asked questions in the beginning but now they just sort of roll their eyes when they see something they know is Ds related.

Something funny that happened tonight was that some of my friends were over and also my parents. My one friend J. was there and him and Mr. Pug were plaing Nintendo Wii. For those of you that don't know, when you play Wii you move the controller in different ways. My friend kept kicking Mr. Pug's ass over and over at these games. We were teasing Mr. Pug and talking shit and my friend J. said, "I'm winning now but if there's a game that involves a ass slapping motion he's going to kick my ass" Mr. Pug looked at me and smiled. I just smiled back.

Mr. Pug also smacked me on the ass hard tonight for the first time infront of my mother. It stung so I instinctivly rubbed my butt and my mom's mouth just dropped open. I kinda moaned like, "Oooouch!" She just kinda laughed and shook her head. I don't think she picked up on anything.

I'm really interested in what my family and friends are going to do when I get my 24/7 collar. Most will probably think it's just a necklace but I think most of my friends will automatically know. I'm prepared. There will be questions and concerns. I'll just reassure them that we are fine and happier then we've ever been. We've been together longer then anyone else we know so I think most have a lot of respect for our relationship and don't question what we do to be happy.

GT??? What do you recommend??? You are the momma smile.gif of the flogging busties. We need your wisdom now.
*walks in and stands on top of thread table to make an announcement*

It's official!

*points to throat*

I was collared today!!!

*passes around champaign and glasses*

I got two as an early anniversary present. I got the purple vamp and the ownership collar. I was very surprised at the high quality of the hardware on the vamp collar. It looks hot. Made me shiver a bit when he clasped in around my throat. The other is the ownership collar. It's more everyday necklace looking but choker length and heavy so I know it's there all the time. I'm only allowed to remove it when I shower and Mr. Pug has the key.

After he put it on he just made me sit there while he admired it on me. I don't think I've ever felt so shy and yet so sexually confident in my whole life. I feel as good as I did the day we got engaged. We are going to really celebrate privately on Friday but it arrived today and he was anxious to give it to me. What a day.
yeah for lovemypugs!!

i actually got chills when you talked about how he had the key for your collar. i mean, chills in a good way! wink.gif

yay pugs.... i think i'm a bit jealous!

ok, i'm plenty jealous. getting collared is so exciting! and you know you are so loved.... and not just by the people in this thread...wink.gif

sorry i haven't replied to the other stuff, i've had a bit on my plate, and if all goes well it will be sooooooo super worth it! but i am going to bite my tounge for now, since i'll know the verdict by 5 pm tomorrow...
Yay Pugs! I am soooo jealous. That gave me chills, too, I gotta say!

Bah....My boy and I had a terrible awful fight on Sunday all about teh SEX again, but more because I've been feeling a bit neglected overall. He did admit that he's been very distracted lately, between working 2 1/2 jobs and trying to enjoy his multitude of hobbies, so he's cutting down his second job hours so we can spend more time together. We also think it'd help him if he treated sex more as another hobby instead of something he only does during that one specific time. If he's reading about it and thinking about it and reading/looking at stuff that turns him on, it'll keep sex more in his head. That's how I treat it and I'm pretty much constantly in the mood biggrin.gif Anyway, I sent him some links to stuff I found sexy/erotic/thought-provoking about sex and BDSM around, so hopefully he'll get back in touch with his libido and stop being so distracted.

GT -- hope everything goes well for you, whatever is going on! Be sure to let us know! Good luck!

It was so great. He got home and was kind of quiet. He had a bad day at work. I made him dinner and asked him if he wanted to talk. He said no and that he just wanted to relax. My sister and her boyfriend were over so it was hard to be close to him and comfort him after a long day. They didn’t stay long so afterwards we sat together on the floor. He said, “What did you get me for our anniversary?”

I said, “It’s not till Friday so you’ll have to wait.”

He said, “Let’s exchange now.” I asked why and he replied, “I had a bad day and I want to give you your gift.”

I said, “But you said you weren’t buying me anything?”

He said, “When have I ever not bought you anything?” I nodded and ran out to my car to get his gifts in the trunk of my car. He followed me and got my present from his car. Neither one of us trusts the other with presents in the house. We are both impatient and like to try to hunt them down. That’s why we both had everything in our cars. We’re a mess. LOL

We sat on the couch. He opened all of his. I got him some clothes and an air pop popcorn maker that he has been saying he wanted. I also got him a frame for a picture for his home office. He liked everything especially the popcorn maker and the clothes.

I said, “Okay, my turn.”

He told me to sit on the floor in front of him. So I did and I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t hand me the gift to open myself. He opened the box and pulled out something wrapped in bright pink tissue paper. I heard jingling and I got wet immediately.

First he pulled out the vamp collar and handed it to me to look at. I was very surprised at the weight of it. The hardware on it is serious stuff. Then he took out the ownership collar and unlocked it. He asked me to move my hair and clasped it around my neck. The ownership collar is hot because it clasps in the front and I have to kind of avert my eyes while he’s locking it. Everything feels very intense when I look him in the eyes. I swear he can see into my soul. Then he leaned back on the couch and looked at me. He told me to take my shirt off and I did. He said it looked great on me and told me to go look at it in the mirror. I skipped off to the powder room to check it out. I came back and he adjusted it a little.

Then he told me to turn around so he could try the vamp collar on me. He put it on and asked how it felt. I told him confining. He said good and tightened it one more notch. smile.gif I was then told to go look at that one in the mirror. That big ass ring in the front is so fucking sexy. Then he grabbed me by it and pulled me closer for a pre anniversary kiss and then whispering in my ear to go and get him a cold drink. Of course, I skipped off to get it for him.

I asked him if we could warm up to the vamp collar a little. I’m not used to the light pressure of it around my neck. It’s not too tight just different. He said no problem and that he was planning on doing that anyway. No warming up to the ownership collar. I’m to wear it at all times. I must shower with him or when he’s home so that he is there to remove it. The ownership collar is rather heavy. It was nice hearing it jingle in my sleep last night when I’d roll over. He didn’t take his eyes off of it when I sat between his legs and jerked him off. It was hot when he came all over my tits.

He likes looping his finger in it and pulling me closer. It’s all pretty fucking sexy if you ask me. Hope he has a good day at work today so he’ll come home in a good mood and then I can show him how much I really like it.
Wow Pugs, that sounds amazing. Would you be able to take some pics of the collars?
Candycane -

Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera and I don't trust anyone with one that I know to not judge me if ask them if I can take a picture of my "collar". Know what I mean?

These are the ones I got

Velvet Vamp Collar for playtime


Ownership Locking Jeweled Choker for 24/7 wear

Both are very nice. Mr. Pug and I just love them both. The Ownership Collar is great cause it's just the right length. I can wear it under or over my t-shirts. If it's under you can only see the back and not the lock which is really a give away that it's a collar.

Tonight, Mr. Pug was bowling with his friends and everytime I looked at him he was spinning the key to the collar in his fingers on his key ring and staring me in the eyes. It was like this little secret between the two of us.

Tonight when I went down on him before he went to sleep he said it turns him on when he hears it jingle while I'm blowing him.

Well, I'm off to bed.

you don't have to tell them it's a collar... if they ask, just say you gave it to the mr, he has a key to your heart, or some such. people will believe anything.

as for this:
everytime I looked at him he was spinning the key to the collar in his fingers on his key ring and staring me in the eyes. It was like this little secret between the two of us.

Tonight when I went down on him before he went to sleep he said it turns him on when he hears it jingle while I'm blowing him.

ummmmm.... so super hot.....

this is me jealous.... again...

so i was talking to daddy about what kind of training i want to do, and she was super excited, they are going to be nipple training (for bigger nipples-- yays! lactation training. i've done a bit of this before, but never pursued it as training, and, if i get this windfall i'm expecting, corset training... which i've wanted to do for forever. i came across this site (cathie jung) house sitting and i got stars in my eyes. i've wanted to do corset training for the longest. but the thing is, a custom training corset runs about 500 bucks. and i think that might only be for 2" waist loss. i am not sure since i haven't really gotten into the research yet. i am thinking 10-12" loss isn't too crazy since we are talking about circomferance. and the cliche of an hour glass figure is 36/24/36, that's 12 inches. i know daddy will get into the details since she loved stuff like that. it will be fun to learn about it....and i may have a sub on the horizon. i don't want to jinx it cos a good sub is hard to find, but he says he's been "in the life" 20 years, and he is familiar with the chinese art of chin-na, which is perfect because chin na is an area i've wanted to study for forever too.... bdsm is such a great way to learn things for me, since you get to apply the knowledge... fun!

in case you were curious, chin-na is the art of seizing and locking of joints along with some pain/ pressure points... think of how you can steer someone by bending their wrist down towards the forearm. now apply that to the whole body, and that is chin-na.

wiki linki: chin na

*scared look on face*

that corset stuff doesn't look healthy. I understand experiencing some pain and discomfort but I mean it looks medically unsafe. I don't know anything about it. Is that safe? I thought BDSM was supposed to be safe. Okay I just said "safe" alot I know but that looks like it would have long term effects. I guess I'm picturing my size 22 self trying to do that and I get a little skiddish. Please be careful. You are my rock when it comes to all this new stuff so you have to explain more so I don't worry.

The chin na stuff looks like fun. There would just have to be a lot of communication there right? So a joint isn't pushed too hard or hyperextended. I do that to my knee from time to time and it's very painful.

when are you going to start your training? aren't you just soooo excited? I would be wiggling in my panties. LOL
sorry, pugsy. didn't mean to scare you.

obviously i have no problem with body mod.... was once a boy after all. so my feelings about corset training can be summed up by my saying *yes please!*

cathie jung is pretty extreme, to be sure. even my daddy was like, woah. that's too much, and she's not squicked by much. i'm not looking for anything like that, i don't need (or want) a tiny waist, but i would like a shape that's closer to that 36/24/26 shape. my hips are still growing, but my figure is still too boyish for my taste, and i love the idea that the only place for the weight i gain to go is straight to my ass...

i wish i still had this pic i found on myspace. it was a girl who had this bad ass grafitti lettering tattoo in the shape of a corset. ultimately i'd love to something similar--do the corset training, and once i've reached my goal, have a really beautiful, intricate art noveau pattered black corset tattoo covering my waist...

something like the white flowers on the left of this poster:

but with one of these as the guiding sillouette:

i prefer underbust stylee. i just think that would be so beautiful....

sorry about the huge pix. they were either too tiny or too big...

daddy says the best way would be with a corset training belt, but i think that would take all of the fun and incentive out of it for me. i like the sensuality, and dare i say it-- prettyness-- of a corset. i also think that having something that supported more of my torso would be a better idea, but we are still in the talking stage on this. i need to network to find someone who can build me a good custom corset for cheap. and daddy and i still have to research...

as for when i start the corset training? as soon as i can have one i can afford made and in my sweaty little hands. as for the other types of training... probably tonight or this weekend. daddy loves pinching my nipples and i'm not her first for nipple training. it's pretty simple. lots of nipple play, emphasis on nipple clamps, pinching, weights, etc.
Yeah, I can't remember where I have seen them, but there is some book or something with some really interesting x-rays of women who have done corset training, and it seems that their organs just shift around to accommodate the new shape. I'm sure some of you are familiar with Fakir Musafar? He did some amazing belt and corset stuff when he was younger, and there are some great pics of that around, too. Seeing him now, you would never be able to tell.
GT -- have fun with the corset training. Those damn things are expensive. But I want one. Not neccessarily for corset training, per se, but because I love love love the feel of them and the constriction and the almost, but not quite, not being able to breathe feeling. Swoon. Enjoy!

Hopefully tonite will have kinky fun time galore. I've been sending the boy links to blogs and posts and websites I've found interesting, or hot, or thought-provoking. Like I said, he needs to treat sex, and kink in particular, as a hobby. So I've been trying to get him to read up! Haha, not many guys have girlfriends who holler from the other room "you better be looking at fetish porn in there, boyo!"
lol phobia! I sure hope your bf realizes how lucky he is!

I'm glad you don't want to go too extreme GT. It just seems so unnatural. I wouldn't mind trying on a corset once I lose a little weight, just because right now my stomach is so big I don't think I could find one in my size. I dunno. I just want to work on myself first.
oh phobia, your boy would have to be an idiot not to know how rare that is... woman, you are a demon!
i am so with you on enjoying the constriction... i love wearing waist cinchers, and i found an old retro corset with hardcore boning in the back and it's my favorite item of clothing. its got dual lacing (laces on left and right side) that are rigged to buckled straps. it's too bulky to wear under clothes, unless they are thick materials. but for fetish events i love wearing it over my tight black tuxedo pencil skirt, with stockings and retro heels... it just makes me feel like such a sex kitten...

candy, you can find one in your size i'm sure. they make them all sizes, and you can always get one made custom (corset training is best done with a custom one)... that said, i think pooches-- are very sexy on a girl... f'reals i love all the curves...

dayglow, yeah, i've seen pix of fakir. daddy and her ex, g were talking about him when i brought up corset training. i think that's why they were thinking about training with a corset belt. cos all those pix had him wearing his belts.

you sort of have to atleast hear abut the guy when you really get deep into american kink... no matter what his fetish, all roads kinda lead back to him... mostly cos his 'modern primative' movement, and the now defunct magazine, bodyplay. piercing, the popularity of tattoos, his open minded exploration of fetishes really set the stage for much of what the kink world is today, imho. he was in that movie sick about that mark flannigan, self-proclaimed super masochist... i can't help but giggle when i remember sick. i was reviewing movies at the time, and i had just gone to a friend's event about a month earlier where they did one of those group events were they: squick alert! suspended a bunch of people by hooks in a circle, similar to this: squick alert!:fakir ... i remember watching the event, and being beside myself, freaked out and facsinated. and then to see a documentary about a guy who squick alert! nails his dick to a board, several times was a very compassionate film, but couldn't help but smirk when reviewers were walking out durring the film... i got why they were freaked, but i had come across bodyplay years earlier, and loved to see fakir, and mark flannigan talking, doing what they did, it made me all the more curious.... daddy's ex has done things like that event, but i don't think i ever will. i'm pain wimpy. amazing to watch tho.

on the downside, corset training will have to wait. daddy says i should save my money till i've got a job. she's right ofcourse, but i thought now would be a good time to start...sad.gif
GT -- on one of the bondage blogs I read frequently, the author's dom nailed her tits to a board. It was one of those things where I was like "holy shit, that is too fucking much," but was torn because she was so thoughtful and eloquent at describing what happened and how she felt about it that it, you know, sort of took some of the extreme-ness away... if that makes sense.

Also, this was posted over on the childfree thread and I thought the flogging busties would enjoy:

I currently have a terrible yeat infection (get them from time to time). It kept me up all night. It started on Tuesday and I just started a Monistat treatment last night. Tuesday, Wednesay & Thursday I thought it might get better but come yesterday it was out of control. Now I'm soooo sore and hurting badly. The part that really sucks is that yesterday was our 11 year anniversary and I was like, "Ugh, baby please, please, please, don't touch me." He feels very bad for me. We were supposed to go out today and he told me we could just stay in and relax if I wanted. I really do so we are staying home. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better and we can venture out. Glad everyone is having so much fun. It will be probably a week before my girly parts are healed and we can play again.

On a happy note...wearing my collar 24/7 is wonderful. I had it on and spent the day with my mom yesterday. She is very opinionated and I was very worried having it on in front of her. I kept it under my shirt and my hair down to cover it and of course the first thing my sister does when she sees me is, "Hey where did you get that cool necklace?"

My mom was like, "What necklace? Let me see."

I said, "Mom it's kinda gothic and chunky. You probably won't like it."

She looked at it and said, "It sparkly and it looks heavy but it's nice. Can you take it off when you want?" I said yes but that I needed the key and it was home on my dresser. The truth is that it's on Mr. Pug's key chain and he only removes it when I get in the shower but I didn't share this with her. It made me feel better that she saw it and didn't really know what it was.

I know when our friends see it they will know. Especially, four of our friends who know about our lifestyle choices so they might ask questions or make comments. I don't care. I'm not ashamed. This is who I am and I'm proud that Mr. Pug and I are so happy. Our friends love us no matter what.

Well, I'm gonna go lay back in bed.

Goodday to you all!!!
Oh Pugsy, darlin, I feel your pain. I have chronic yeast, and have had really good results from this stuff:

Yeast Arrest

You use it 2 x per day for two weeks (which kind of sucks because there's only enough for 1 week in a jar, so I alwasy feel kind of eco-insecure about it), then for 4 days (I think only at night) during your period. Your period fucks up your pH in your vagina, it seems. The actual herbs in it are probably inconsequential -- the good stuff is the boric acid. Go to PubMed and do a search for "boric acid" and "candida." The stuff works.

Back onto more lovely and interesting topics, I did indeed have kinky fun time last night. After fooling around on the couch, we decided (i.e., he demanded) that we head upstairs. He likes to have the lights on, but I hate it, feeling so insecure about my body and everything, so we compromised on opening the blinds. The streetlights coming in through the blinds made everything look like we were in some movie where the heroes on the run take refuge in a seedy motel. There was much nipple play -- I can't WAIT for some nipple clamps, though.

Then I gave him a a blow job, kneeling in front of him, no hands. Any time I tried to use my hands, he would grab my hands and then slap me across the face. Unfortunately, we weren't able to continue in this position for too long, because my stupid bad knee started acting up. See, he's not that tall, so I had to like lean back and sort of rest my butt on my heels, except this put me too low, so I was kind of hovering. But man, shoving his cock down my throat, slapping my face, gagging me... he was actually a little suprised how wet I was when he reached down to get the rest of my clothes off... Then I got spanked, bit, and hit with one of these, which fucking STINGS. And let me just say, all fears of him "not being into it" were laid to rest, since he got, er, visibly excited at the welts he was leaving across my ass.

I have a couple of little welts still today, and a couple of bite marks, and one black and blue bruise on my left breast... mmmm....hopefully more of the same tonite!!!

Gotta figure this kneeling thing out, though.

phobia - i'm getting better everyday. it's funny cause after my second dose of monistat my body is 90% healed but i don't like to do anything for a full 5-7 days. let all the medication get flushed out and let delicate skin heal.

yesterday was soooo hard. Mr. Pug and I were home all day and we just wanted to rip eachother's clothes off but with me being sick down there we had to contain ourselves a bit.

he forced me (if you want to call it that *giggle*) to blow him on the couch and then we went upstairs, he spanked me played with my nipples. i think he was hard almost the entire day. at one point we got so hot that he said, "We have to get out of the house before we get out of control." I called my mom and asked if Mr. Pug and I could come for dinner. She was excited and said sure. We went there and then watched three hours of Shark Week on Discovery and when we came home later we were much more calm.

we haven't been that bad since we first met, actually, i don't think we've ever been as bad as we were yesterday. I was running around most of the day in panties and a tank top and when we decided to go to my mom's Mr. Pug covered his face with a pillow and said, "Your ass and tits are all hanging out and looking great. Hurry up and put your body in some clothes will ya?" LOL!

well, i have work to do around the house and Mr. Pug will be pissed if it's not done when he gets home. *thinking that it might not be a bad idea to skip one or two things* LOL

bye all...
Hang in there Pugs -- you always want what you can't have. So the NEXT day, we had wonderful nipple torture happiness. And, ok, I admit it, I was wrong. He's NOT just doing it to make me happy. As he was pinching and pulling and biting and I was writhing and screaming and moaning, he ground his rock-hard cock against me and whispered hoarsely in my ear "God, I love hurting you." ~swoon~

My tits are all covered in bites and bruises, and my nipples are so sore. I had the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life. Good god. Our poor neighbors.

Must get nipple clamps.

Anyway, I'm on sex restriction for now. Sunday dawned and I was dizzy and sick all day. Same on Monday -- turns out I've got some kind of viral inner ear infection that ~should~ clear on its own. Meanwhile, no booze, no sex, cause lying down makes me dizzy, blah. No fun. My treacherous pussy aparently hasn't gotten the change in plans, yet, though, because she keeps insisting it's time for more fun. My boyfriend keeps joking that it's all due to "cock poisoning" biggrin.gif But he's been super sweet -- took the morning off to take me to the doctor because of the dizziness, and made dinner last night because I wound up working 13 hours. Luckily Dramamine keeps the dizziness down, but I did take the rest of the day off from work, after it took me like two and a half hours to see the doctor. I had a 7:40 appointment, and I didn't even get into the exam room until almost 9:15. WTF, yo. Yeesh.
QUOTE(phobia @ Jul 31 2007, 06:53 PM) *
My treacherous pussy aparently hasn't gotten the change in plans, yet, though, because she keeps insisting it's time for more fun.

The memo must not have gone out in my body either. My ass is begging for a spanking and my tits are aching for some nipple play. My pussy screams daily for some attention. We did have anal last night and I took care in cleaning up afterwards. My infection is almost gone. THANK GOD!!! Can't get enough of him slamming his cock into my throat. MMMMmmmmm. Him whispering, "That's my good girl." in my ear when I take his cock in my ass, filling me with his hot cum.

*smacks self in face*

Gah. Now I'm feeling better and it's like four thousand degrees. Sheesh.
Also, someone please remind me not to get angry at internet people. Gr. Why do I get so annoyed? Why???

So, we're totally broke till next Friday, so nothing much to do but hang around the house and DO IT all weekend! Sucks to be broke, but yay for cheap ways to have fun wink.gif
phobia - i think those broke, stay in and do nothing but fuck weekends are great. It does suck to be broke but it's fun sometimes too. How is your viral inner ear infection?

Mmmm....we did manage to go out for a couple of beers last night, because I cooked yummy dinner at home with veggies from the farmer's market (seriously -- 8 ears of corn, six or seven BEAUTIFUL tomatoes, and six of the most amazing fucking peaches I have EVER had -- I stopped at the stall because I could SMELL them walking past...), and dinner cost about $13.50 total biggrin.gif So I got all dolled up in hot-as-hell low cut shirt and tight black jeans, and we sat and talked and flirted and made out a little bit, met up some friends, then hurried off home once we just couldn't stand it anymore.

When we got home, well. I have welts, and bruises, and again, some sore nipples, and also I came so hard my legs stopped working. God. Look at what a couple of Serious Talks can do for your sex life. Today we're going hiking (walking in the woods = free except for parking) and I am thinking I will try to seduce him in the woods biggrin.gif

Ooh, that reminds me, I better put a condom in my pocket!

Pugs -- my ears are MUCH better. It was super scary for a couple days before I went to the doc, because I was sure I had an ear infection. As rough as the boy is with me in bed, he hates to see me sick and scared, and was just the sweetest possible person in the entire universe. I'm a lucky, lucky girl smile.gif
phobia -

I'm so glad that your ears are better.

GUESS WHAT!!! Mr. Pugs joined bust. It kinda turns me on to think that he can just stop in here and read all my dirty thoughts whenever he wants.

I asked him last night if he'd try whipping me with his belt instead of just using his hand. Him and his friends used to have belt whipping fights when they were growing up so he assured me that he has very good aim. I might regret asking for this. *giggle and blush* I could deal with some warm welts on my ass.

Started my period today so no actual sex for me this week. We did it two times over the weekend and the one time was a vicious workout. I passed out afterwards for about two and a half hours. Mr. Pug is trying this drinking pinapple juice thing everyday to see if it makes his cum taste sweet. I think it takes like 48 hours to really make a difference. Either way I'm going to blow him as often as he'll let me anyway. It's my favorite thing to do.

Well I'm off. We have to trim our dogs nails. They are soooo long.

Oh yeah...phobia...your yummy produce sounds soooo good. We had chicken, parmisan noodles and greenbeans for dinner. A rather healthy dinner compared to the pizza, chips and soda we had all weekend. Sometimes it feels good to eat healthy foods. Our town has a peach festival every year and it's coming up soon. Can't wait to go. I wish you were close by cause then I could mail you some. They are wonderful. There is this chocolate store that makes chocolate covered peaches. OH MY GOD! THEY ARE SOOO GOOD!
gt -

I have a question. Exactly how tight is a collar supposed to be? My ownership collar (chain) fits great. The vamp collar is tight. I can breath and swallow. I can fit four fingers under it but it just feels very confining. I know this is kinda the point but I feel like blood is trapped in my face but yet I'm not turning red when I have it on. Is this just a mental thing I need to deal with? We haven't played with it yet cause I'm a little freaked out by it. I put it on once in a while to try to get used to it but I can't have it on for more then ten minutes without getting a little shaken. Do you think I'll get used to it or should I go bigger? It's on the loosest setting. Should we send it back and get something bigger? Help.

Pugs -- way back in my goth days, I used to wear a chain fairly tight around my neck. Wore it every day, and eventually, it got looser. Once I stopped wearing it, when I put it back on, it would be tight again. This led me to hypothesize (yes, I am a science nerd, why do you ask?!) that my neck was squishing to fit, not unlike a corset. Therefore, my thought is that you should wear the play collar a bit to try to get it to stretch out a bit (it's leather, right? leather will stretch with use -- witness my cycling shoes!), and to get your neck used to it. Try not to get panicky or scared, too -- this will probably increase the feeling of "ohmigod I can't BREATHE!!!!!"

And, omg -- chocolate covered peaches? ~swoon~

No sex in the woods, but we had a lot of fun, and probably spent around $30 for the whole day including parking, tolls, and dinner. We went to Watkins Glen State Park and hiked the WHOLE thing -- up and back! I was so tired by the end, and considering the workout I had gotten the night before, all those steps were freaking torture! I had done a LOT of kneeling and of course, the aforementioned "orgasm that crippled me," so by the end of the day, I was in no mood to kneel any more. When we got home, I got to lie down for a bit of titty torture, and then, the fucking! Yay. Good weekend smile.gif
stopped by mr. pug's work today to just bother him for a bit. *smile* i missed him okay!! i got alittle smart with him and he actually whipped his belt off his pants and stung me on the ass with it. right then and there at his work. no one was around but still. then i went to watch him bowl tonight i asked him for a kiss and he said no and i said yes and he pinched my inner thighs. he was all fired up tonight. putting me in my place left and right. *sigh* we also had a discussion about me deep throating him on the way home. last night when i was blowing him he drove his cock deep into my throat when he came. all i could do was struggle a bit and moan. it was so hot.


phobia?? are you having any fun??
sorry for the double post

fucking computer
Pugs, that's really hot! About the deepthroating and the thigh pinching and everything. I swear whenever I'm on my period I end up feeling even more horny than usual!

I haven't had sex in weeks and it'll be about another two weeks till I get any. mad.gif

Anyway, I was downtown to let the painter into my condo today and as I was driving out of the city I saw that there is going to be a fetish fair on the 19th! I want to go so much but I only have one friend in the city. I might be able to drag him along cause it's in the gay village but if he says no I think I'll still go on my own.

Also, I can't wait for Floating World! The guy I'm going with might use me to demonstrate on in one of his classes. I really hope he does, I'd love to be put on display for an audience.
Speaking of being put on display. Always makes me think of this passage from The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure


But then she heard the Prince himself give the order. "Mount her on the table for all to see."

The table was rectangular and stood in the center of the room. It reminded Beauty of an alter. She was forced to kneel on it facing the thrones where the Prince had taken his place beside his mother.

And quickly the gray-haired man placed a large block of smooth wood beneath her belly. She could rest her weight on it and she did, as he forced her knees wide apart and then stretched out her legs so her knees didn't touch the table at all, her ankles bound by leather to the edges. Now her wrists were treated the same. She kept her face hidden as best as she could, weeping.

"You will be silent," said the man icily to her, "or I shall see that you cannot be anything else. Do not misunderstand the Queen's leniency. She does not gag you only because it amuses the Court to see your mouth as it is, and to see you struggle with your own willfulness."

And now, to Beauty's shame, he raised her chin and placed beneath it a long thick wooden chin rest. She could not lower her head, though she lowered her eyes. And she saw all the room about her.

She saw the Lords and Laidies rising from the banquet tables. She saw the immense fire. And then she saw this man, too, with his thin angular face, and gray eyes that were not as cold as his voice, but for the moment even to evince tenderness.

A long shudder went through her as she contemplated herself - spread out, yet mounted so that all could inspect even her face if they chose, and she tried to conceal her sobs by pressing her lips together. Even her hair was no covering, for it fell evenly over either side of her face and cloaked no part of her.

"Young one, little one," said the gray-haired man under his breath. "You're so frightened and it's useless." There seemed a little warmth in his voice. "What is fear, after all? It is indecision. You seek some way to resist, escape. There is none. Do not tense your limbs. It's wasted."

Beauty bit her lip and felth the tears sliding down her face, but she was soothed by his speaking to her. He smoothed back the hair from her forehead. His hand was light and cold as if he were testing for a fever.

"Now be still. Everyone is coming to see you."


There is sooo much more to this part of the story but I don't have the patience to type it all out. Reading this one part makes me think I might read the whole trilogy again. It's been a year or two since I read it.
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