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I'm looking for a really good pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin that's not going to run me $60/month. Does anyone know where I can find what I'm looking for?
hmmmm.....raskel. I take nature's sunshine multi-vitamin. you can get it at It's really high quality but it says to take four a day. I only take two.
can anybody recommend a good water filter???
From what I've heard, and in my own experience, Pur water filters are the best. I've seen a lot of studies done that show they remove the most pollutants. My family and I have been using them for a long time and I think they leave the best taste. Brita filters always have an odd taste to me.
((pinkmartyr)) I hope you are feeling better.

I need to get a water filter also.

Does anyone have any experience with hyperthyrodism? I haven't seen the doctor yet or anything, but I wonder if I have this. I am going to make an appt. I've lost a lot of weight recently & now am experiencing anxiety. I have heard those can both be linked to hyperthyroidsm.
i dont know if this is the right thread... BUT I HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM. i have these NASTY things that like... they look like red pimples / blisters on my thighs and on my butt. and like, in the female area... kinda. i dont know WHAT they're from because i havnt done anything so im really freaking out. and i have one on my mouth. i think i should go to the doctor eventually... i just really wish i would find out what these are without going. :-( can someone possibly help?
sounds like herpes babe. get thee to a doctor and not "eventually" either. like Right NOW!
my ankles are swollen from standing so much cuz of my career(hair stylist). anyone have any suggestions to help reduce the swelling...? i did ice last nite and it didn't seem to help..felt good though.
i went to the doctor. its impatigo or w/e. lol.
msgoofball, ice is only good immediately after the injury. you need heat. maybe a heating pad or a warm foot soak or if you have one of those hand wax machines dip them in it. and I would keep them elevated. good luck!
(((allygat0rr))) impetaigo (or however you write that sucker) sucks. i got it on my face years ago, and it sucked. especially when i was deemed uncontagiouos and went back to school, my gross scabby face still present in all its splendor
msgoof, if you've got a footstool handy, sit down and put your feet up. or lie on the sofa, you get the picture. My mother gets swollen ankles (she retains water there) and it's the best thing.
Swollen ankles aren't really an injury, but for an injury, generally, ice can be helpful for the first 24 hours, and after that just use heat when you need it. In this case, I'd say use whichever feels good. Definately elevate your legs/feet, though.

Msgoofball, there is a stationary yoga pose I used to do after a really hard nursing shift when my legs felt heavy and just lie on your back with your legs straight up the wall...butt touching the wall, too, or at least close.

I would also do ankle rotations alternating directions every so often, too. (In the yoga pose or not.) It helps your venus system along so that trapped fluid can get back into circulation.

If you can at work, elevate if you have breaks...also make sure you are moving your feet/ankles (like the rotations) periodically.
hi people,

i was jus cuts take a long time to heal. wha's the deal? i don't have scurvy, and i'm pretty sure i'm not diabetic. i'm young, otherwise healthy...dude?
ali, good for you for going to the doc. take good care, it is sooper catchy and you can get it all over yerself. the kid gets it on his face, nose and such, from daycare every now and then. what a drag.

p. girl, immune system needs some boosting?
you can track your daily food/nutrition intake at, it's free and can show you what you may be missing in your diet if you use it faithfully for a few weeks. good luck.

girls, why am i still breaking out? i'm in my thrities for cripes sake. wrinkles and pimples, mmm attractive. maybe it's stress. gah, whatever it is i am not loving it.
persimmon, you may be stressed. people who are stressed have cuts that take longer to heal.
persimmon - I'm the same. "a long time" is relative - as long as you're healthy and getting all your proteins etc in your diet it's not something to worry about. keep 'em clean and unless they're huge, don't fret.

ok... anyone got any experience with running thier bc packs together (without a break/placebo) and getting a sort of demi-period when they're not supposed to? I've been to the doc to check it is this & I'm waiting on the results, but any reassurance that I'm not actually falling apart from the inside out would be cool.
Hi mornington. That's happened to me... after running my bc packs together I was about 4 hours late taking my pill one day and my period started. I've had other friends who have had these "demi-periods" too from changing the way they're taking the pill. I think it's normal. Our bodies don't really like it when we try to pull a fast one on 'em :-)
OK, I have a question and ANYONE who might can give me a clue as to what I am dealing with here, I really want to hear from you....
Sometimes I keep my "friend's" little girl who is 4 monthes old. Rather unfortunately for this baby, she has had (what her doctor thinks was) scabies since she was born and the "friend" has had this same affliction for over a year now. The "rash" went misdiagnosed FOREVER and finally someone said scabies and treatment began. The BODY rash cleared up, for the most part, on the little baby and I have not seen any spots on her body for a while now BUT, she DOES have these round patches on the side of her head, about the size of a dime (maybe a little smaller) that are red and slightly raised and kind of blistery, crusty looking. Like a yellowish crusty look, but also red and bumpy, blistery looking. These things obviously ITCH since the baby is constantly pulling her hair and grabbing on that side of her head. These "spots" are not found anywhere else on her and they have come and gone several times and always on the same side of her head and in the same spots. I have been putting SULPHUR CREME on her head because this is what's recommended for babies in the case of scabies and such and since that was the last diagnosis, that's also what the docotr prescribed. I am not thinking that this is scabies and neither is the doctor anymore. He says she needs to see a specialist. It does not look or act like scabies anymore. Originally the "rash" DID look like scabies and was on her feet, hands and torso and cleared up with lotion treatment. BUT, these head "spots" are something all together different from the other "rash". Sometimes they are there and sometimes they go away, but so far have always come back. I have never shown any symptoms myself and neither have my children (as I would think we would be able to catch something like scabies quite easily) and we spend quite a bit of time with the baby and she sleeps with me and in my childrens beds and is on our furniture etc etc etc..... Maybe this is a fungus???? Does anyone have any ideas for me? I would take her to the doctor myself but she's not my baby and the "friend" is only 18 years old and not the most responsible young person I have ever met. I keep buying medicines and special soaps for the "friend" to use on the baby and I have ordered a huge tub of sulphur creme off the net to keep at home in case any of us break out, but...... I'm at a loss here and I just feel sooooo sorry for this little baby.
Sorry for the LONG post......
are there any pets in the house? all i can think of is an ex-roomie who had gotten ringworm from a batch of kittens. either way, it needs to be checked out. good luck!
I think they have cats, but I'm not sure what all the baby is exposed to because as I mentioned, the mother is young and not very responsible and I get the impression the baby is pretty much dragged all over the place and they stay alot of different places beside home..... not an ideal situation all the way around, I must say. I was wondering if it may be that the baby was allergic to something from the mother's work too. I used to work in the same place and actually broke out in the same sort of spots because I was allergic to a chemical used in the plant. It's a metal fab. plant and they use a wide variety of chemicals and paints. The mother is usually filthy when she arrives from work and just picks the baby right up and holds her against her dirty clothes. I don't know......
Thanks for the tip tho *msgoofball*
voodoo - my first thought was ringworm too. I had it and it itches like hell. What you describe sounds just like it - especially look if there is a higer (sometimes whiter) ring around the edge of the scab. You'll need an antifungal cream & to keep an eye out for yourself as it spreads by contact once it spores.

Anyone got any good cure-alls for the world's most irritating sore throat? I'm feeling sorry for myself and the honey & lemon ain't cutting it.
gargle salt water for a sore throat. lots of a tablespoon or more in a small glass of warm water. it makes me gag, but it actually works.
mornington - thanks.... i have been considering ring worm too. it's not a "ring" exactly but i know it can have various looks to it. some of the spots today were red and had crusty yellow stuff. she has had this for a very very long time and so far i and my family have not caught whatever this is...... we wash our hands alot and use the creme i bought everytime we get ANY kind of itch just so we might prevent whatever it is.... i hate to turn the baby away because it's not her fault so i really want to try to find something to help her get better.
it could be eczema. that looks like red, flaky patches, and often itches. in fact, according the the wikipedia article i linked to, there is a type of eczema called cradle cap that forms on babies' heads and looks like round patches. my cousin and her dad both have eczema, and some forms of it are hereditary. you said the mom has had the same type of breakout, so that could be another sign. cortazone cream like cortaid can help reduce the itching and inflamation, but i'm not much of an expert on babies, so i don't know if that's safe for them.

i hope you figure out what it is, or at least how to make it less itchy and painful. poor kid!

oh, and i agree that gargling with salt water can definitely help a sore throat. at least for a little bit.
altargrrrl - thanks! I also found out today that the grandmother(they all live together) is also breaking out but the aunt and grandfather ARE NOT. The mother and grandmother are breaking out in the typical "scabies" locations, but the baby is just on the head..... I read that scabies can get on a babies head but not an adults..... i just don't know. I am still leaning toward environmental allergy.... the grandmother works at the same place as the mother.... both are exposed to the same chemicals and such....
I'm gonna read about eczema tho, thanks a ton!
So I was told to post this question here to get more help!!! Anyone please, I need some BUSTO insight!!

Last year starting around the end of April I started to get this musty underarm smell very sporatically. I tried keeping track of what I ate and couldn't link it to just one thing. Milk, caffine, desserts (like pie) all seemed to give me 'the smell' at least once but not every time I consumed them. So this smell emerged about once a week or less just at random times and then in October it just stopped. I haven't had it all winter long and now back in April/May it's reared its ugly head. I don't think I've been eating anything too differently. This is why I thought it might be an outside air allergy since it comes only on certain days and certain times of the year. Anyone heard of such an allergy to milk or pollens giving bad underarm odor??? I'm so stumped!
sorry jkp - I have no idea. The best I could say is drink lots of water and that is so obvious it's lame.

so me me me me me! i have a question about ME! i have chicken skin in my clevage. i had it last year too. It's been there the whole time only in the winter I'm all covered up and now that it is spring I want to uncover some but BUT But! as I mentioned: I HAVE CHICKEN SKIN BETWEEN MY BOOBAHS!!! tiny flesh colored bumps filled with thick sebum. They are not satisfying to pop. I've tried exfoliating and alpha hydroxy lotions. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have a solution?? Save me!
I'm sorry lurvpaint, I don't know what to tell you. I have no cleavage.
I do have a question though. I began bodybuilding a few years ago and got pretty big in the arms and I quit building about two years ago and now I want my arms to shrink back down to ladylike proportions. I feel kind of like a freak. I have big arms but not that much muscle anymore and the rest of my body is skinny. help!!
lurvpaint - I have that skin on my arms. The problem with exfoiliating is that it seems to just make them redder. I do notice it clears up a lot in summer. However, if you, like me, worry about having old, wrinkled cleavage from sun exposure (every year I forget the sunscreen untilt after at least one mild cleavage sunburn), consider asking a dermatologist for something. Sorry, I know that is not much help.
I've got this wierd chicken skin thing, too - under my eyes. UGLY! I haven't any idea what to do about them. Moisturizer doesn't help.
I also have another skin thing: Everytime I go and exercise, a big red splotch appears on my right upper arm. It's shaped like Africa. Looks like a rash, but isn't irritating. Anybody have any idea what this could be?
I don't know nereid but I have the same chicken skin thing under my eyes too. drives me nuts!!
Ugh, in the past six weeks I've had the flu, strep throat, and now some kind of crazy stomach bug that has wiped me out today.

Does anyone know of something good to take for stomach cramps/nasusea/headache/exhaustion? I just feel so dead. I managed to get down some soup and ice cream but the only comfortable position is curled up in the fetal position.

Unfortunatly I have to work 8 hours tomorrow so this better blow over with a good nights sleep.
I would take some Ginger Root. I think it is both for headache and stomach problems. hope you feel better!!
The chicken skin under the eyes thing is called milia, and they're similar to tiny whiteheads. Moisturizer, especially rich ones, only makes it worse I've found. You can have a dermatologist remove them, apparently.
wow, I wonder how much that would cost. I'll see my dermatologist about that one, thanks penelopiad.
It has a name?! Didn't know that. Thanks!
hey, can i brush my teeth for too long? i'm in love with the electric toothbrush (not like that you sickos, geez), it has a timer on it and i brush until it's gone off twice. at least. it just makes my teeth feel so frikken clean and it's, like, effortless. am i scrubbing off a layer of enamel or anything? i brush with a regular toothbrush at work about three times a day too. i use soft brushes but am i over doing it?
You can actually brush too much, but I don't know how much is too much. I guess it depends on your teeth. I bruch my teeth 5+ times a day too.
I think you also have to consider how hard you're brushing- even if you're not brushing long enough, if you're brushing too hard, you could be wearing away your gumline and that's not good. Maybe ask your dentist if there's signs of gum wear.

nah, i have a gentle bristle brush and with an electric toothbrush you just hold the bristles on your teeth, you don't press at all. i bought it 'cause my dentist recommended it to help with my sensitive gums in the first place and they do seem to bleed less and be a bit healthier in colour. maybe i will ask him to take a look though. thx.
i just recieved a $120 toothbrush as a gift and it is heavenly.
hey, i'm not getting much feedback in the community forum, so i thought i'd ask here:

what would everyone think about an alternative medicine thread?

(the jamu stick idiot made me think of this...)
I would be into that midge! I don't take medicine unless I really really have to - see below where I had the worst mono known to man.
midge, that is a fantasic idea!
I agree. (plus I also want to bumpity bumpity over that craptastic tr*ll thread).
Hey, I know I'm a little late jumping in here but I wanted to advise pepper to cool it on the toothbrush! I know, I know, brushing teeth is fabulous and we all love that minty clean feeling, but gum surgery is NOT fun. I had to get two gingival grafts because my gums had worn away too much to hold my teeth in place the way they should. You can get to that state a couple ways: genetics, the way your teeth are arranged, and/or brushing too often/too vigorously. Be careful, or you might find yourself paying someone $2000 to cut skin off the roof of your mouth and sew it to your gums. (Of course, you might be entirely fine if you're not predisposed to having that problem already. But I wanted to put my little scare story out there because I had never even considered that sort of thing as a possibility.)
thanks, i'll go start it up! (plus, someone in the community forum had a good thread name idea...)
Does anyone here sweat profusely?
I have tried all different kinds of anti-perspirants, and I still sweat profusely out of my RIGHT ARMPIT ONLY! I can't wear solid colour shirts, unless it is a hoodie, or I have a wet spot in 5 minutes!
Does anyone else have this embarassing problem?
I've heard Botox would make this stop... but I was hoping someone would have a different strategy for me.
there are things that they can do to stop your armpit from producing sweat. I saw it on tv. I think they take out your sweat glands or something. I would see a dermatologist about it. there is help out there.
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