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Ooohh I love my chiropractor! I hurt my back last year trying to life an elliptical with my husband (don't ask) and I ended up killing my poor back. Put me out of commission for quite some time, even to sit was pain. I never went to a doctor but I started searching for a chiropractor. I went to a few until I finally found one that I love, he's such a nice guy and does a fantastic job.... no cracking involved.
persimmon girl, I hate to tell you this but every cell in your body produces cholesterol, all the time, and there is no "normal", the amount of cholesterol we produce changes as we need it. It's necessary for cell development and full health. Even what they call the "bad" cholesterol, the LDL, serves a reparative function in the body, we produce this kind of cholesterol when tissue damage has been done in the body (such as damage to arterial walls which results from eating hydrogenated fats, like margarines of all kinds). LDL helps to line and restore the tissues which have been compromised. This can be great or it can be problematic, particularly if the tissue damage continues to take place and the cholesterol must be constantly supplied in a desperate attempt to heal the body, in places where heightened need for arterial repair can actually limit the function of the passageway.

Cholesterol levels can be very high in vegetarians and vegans because there are many people who need to have meat in their diets, and their bodies suffer from making substitutes for animal proteins and fats--so the body is always in a "repair/heal" mode and it must produce more cholesterol in an ongoing attempt to heal itself. There really isn't anything dangerous about cholesterol levels being high (as long as the damage to the arterial walls is not causing plaque build up) but they do indicate that there is ongoing tissue damage, very likely from deficiencies in the diet. This ongoing damage is the real concern, as the cholesterol is just being created to limit the damage in these harmed tissues--it's really a good sign, the high cholesterol. This is not the bad thing everyone's been hoodwinked into believing it is, but it does make you a target for all kinds of dangerous prescription drugs you do not want to find yourself on.

As for coconut oil "causing" high cholesterol, unless you're eating the rancid coconut oil that's been hydrogenated, there is just no science anywhere that links the oil to any kind of problem with cholesterol or heart concerns, which used to be the big preoccupation for doctors who've since begun to learn about the falsehoods in their previously held beliefs about cholesterol. Coconut oil is a chock full of vital nutrients you have to have in the body in order to be healthy--but you have to be sure you're ingesting the purest form, and the least processed oil, and the freshest, just as you would with any other dietary fat.
Chacha, I got those NatPhos pills today. They only had the 6x. You had mentioned taking one after each meal- the bottle just says to take them three times a day. I don't always have breakfast (I know, bad me!)...should I take one with lunch and dinner and before bed? Morning, lunch and dinner? Or just any three times a day, as long as it's pretty evenly timed?

They are cheap! 125 pills for about $5. They're tiny little things, about the size of a bc pill, if that. They taste chalky, then slightly sweet, then they're gone, all in about 10 seconds. No big deal at all!

I have my fingers crossed that they'll help- any idea how soon I'll know? Should I track down some of the 12x if I don't think the 6x is working?
Greetings Busties.
question please.... advise perhaps... BiPolar.
boyfriend is BiPolar. he is on citalopram hbr 20mg and depakote 250mg. sometimes it works. sometimes he's near sucidal.
today was good. we'd done yardwork, had lunch, relaxed, and were gonna take a dip in the pool. I took off my jewelry, turned around, and he started puting on socks and shoes. his face had changed. swimming was out. and he left to do other work. alone. so now it's not a good day.
can I help with diet? he has a problem with blood sugar, we know that. he swears he could survive on Mountain Dew.
his doctor moved - no forwarding. we're getting meds out of online Canadian pharmacies. no insurance. no $ for a doctor or bloodtests.
I am not in fear of him. He will not take a hand to me. he only hurts me emotionally, saying that it is best if he leaves me. but it's not him talking. when I see his face, and his eyes like that.... it kills me.
help? support?
thanks all
It's best not to take the written "prescription" on the label of anything made by a homeopathic lab. They are required to print something there by law, just as they're required to post some expiry date as well. But if you study homeopathy and learn about how the remedies are formulated, you know every patient has to have a specific prescription (and also that the "expiry date" doesn't apply to homeopathic medicines, we're actually still using some of the mixtures Hahnemann made over 200 years ago and they work just as well as the "fresh" stuff). It's never "one size fits all" with homeopathy. Please keep this in mind when you purchase the little vials of homeopathic pills too. Especially with those, take only under the direction of a qualified homeopath.

I like to have patients take the Nat Phos after every meal because that's when the acidity levels in the stomach need to be "normal" so that the sour stomach or acid reflux or heartburn simply doesn't become a problem. They're tiny, I usually have people take 4 pills at a time, under the tongue. A good rule of thumb is to just take 4 after every meal or each time you eat something. Nat Phos alkalinizes the body, restores the proper acid balance so that you won't need to continue taking them for years, your body will just function as it should once that balance is restored.

The 6X will do the trick just as well as the 12X, so don't worry about finding both potencies. You should feel them working when you take them--if you don't have the heartburn after a meal and you've taken the pills, great. If you feel heartburn coming on, take a dose--it should work immediately. If it doesn't give relief, take a dose every 15 minutes, for about an hour. Most people don't need to take more than that in an acute situation (where the heartburn is raging).

Once you find you're not suffering from the heartburn anymore, keep them on hand to use as a "first aid" treatment should you ever feel it again.

As for the breakfast--it really does make a difference to your acid levels if you have a meal to break the long period of time your body's spent sleeping and fasting. If time's a big problem, keep "conveniences" like fresh nuts and fruit in the house. A handful of cashews, almonds, apple or pear or banana or orange--it's something, lots of carbohydrates in the fruit, more in the nuts but also a bunch of protein and fat you need. You don't need much but it does start the whole digestive system working properly.


First of all, it's imperative that your friend be under the care and supervision of a doctor. When you're sick, health costs money, I know...but health is about the only really valuable thing we need for quality of life. There is no way someone who is "bi-polar" should be self-medicating with prescriptions drugs sold via internet pharmacy. That's just not good medicine, he's not going to get well this way, he could be a danger to himself and/or to you and others given the side effects of the drugs he's on.

There's a lot that can be done with diet--but again: under supervision only. Keep in mind that he's using very potent chemicals to alter the balance and dynamic of his own body, on a repeated basis. Whatever is done with diet only goes so far against that kind of routine medication, so nothing someone tells you to do "over the counter", as if his own personal medical reality didn't matter, is going to work for him. He really needs medical attention and medical supervision as to the drugs he's taking and how he's doing on them (if he's going from fine to suicidal, there's a problem with those drugs and it needs to be addressed and corrected). If he's interested in an alternative approach--note that I said "he", it's imperative--then he can work with another health care provider who can factor in everything else about his case. You're telling me here he's perfectly happy to "survive" on Mountain Dew and prescription drugs that may not do what he needs...something's telling me he's not going to respond to anything anyone else has to suggest regarding his diet or his health, so he's in no position to give a whole diet overhaul a good try. It's something he has to be ready to commit to doing, simple as that.

Find him a good doctor, look hard and be picky. It's what he needs more than anything else, and before he can try anything else. Money is absolutely tight for everyone: see if he's eligible for any kind of funding for his condition, see if he can't contact his family, see if there's a good clinic around with practitioners who are skilled and helpful and can operate with less money for the treatment. If he's got a computer, internet access, and a credit card with which to order his drugs online, he's got access to money he should be spending on his treatment.
I've looked through some threads and my eyes are crossing, so I'm just going to ask.

good friend has issues sleeping, is there someting natural that can help him with this? I've already recommended he stop taking naps when he gets home from work, work out earlier in the evening, try taking a warm bath to increase body temperature to aid in falling alseep. He drinks a lot of tea, so he's cutting down on that because of the caffine.

suggestion or if you could point to the page where this has been discussed, it would be much appreciated.
ChaCha. thanks for the reply....
he lives with me, moved from home and family. at the moment, looking for a job, helping me out around the house. He was under the care of a doctor, who moved with no forwarding. (can't get med refills, so that's why we bought Canadian). he cannot get county assistance here, as he is not yet a resident. we are looking into getting more healthy together (diet, excersize). for me, toast and a half glass of milk will fill me for the am. for him, it's the mountain dew. we're working on that. wink.gif
and even when he was under the doctors care, the meds can turn on you to make you sucidal. (side effect) he was told to get out of work (knives there) and to surround himself with people who care (family). he went to his parents house and called me. well, now he's in a new environment, and I'm his only family. (they also cannot help finanically)
I don't let him go walk out into the night when he gets dark. we talk it out. talk, argue, plead, reason, cry. it's exhausting. but he is trying. and we're working together. he's taking his meds daily.
he does not want me to be paying for doctors and meds.
but it looks like we may need to for now. he is so stubbornly against me paying.
thanks ChaCha. for everything.

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Sep 5 2008, 10:37 AM) *
I've looked through some threads and my eyes are crossing, so I'm just going to ask.

good friend has issues sleeping, is there someting natural that can help him with this? I've already recommended he stop taking naps when he gets home from work, work out earlier in the evening, try taking a warm bath to increase body temperature to aid in falling alseep. He drinks a lot of tea, so he's cutting down on that because of the caffine.

suggestion or if you could point to the page where this has been discussed, it would be much appreciated.

Having a set rise and sleep time, along with a routine that goes along with both goes a long way. The napping in the afternoon shouldn't be a problem as long as it's a NAP (no more than an hour, 1/2 hour preferably).

Concentrated relaxation is something that helps me a lot when I'm having trouble sleeping: lying on my back in bed, closing my eyes and relaxing each part of my body in sequence, starting at my toes, breathing into that area. I almost never reach my hips before I fall asleep. This stills the mind. I know with me, the big problem with insomnia is that my mind gets to racing and I can't let go.

And no caffeine within 6-8 hours of bedtime.
Thanks for the info, chacha! I've been taking them since yesterday, but just one at a time and so far, no heartburn. It's someone's b-day here at work and I've had some chocolate cake, which surprisingly has not set it off. I'll keep your directions in mind, though and tweak as necessary.

So if my body will eventually restore its balance, I assume there's something that could set it off again?
Yes, you could be susceptible having your stomach's acidity levels change at any time. It's how your body reacts to all the challenges you face (not just the physical ones, the emotional ones especially) that will determine whether or not you'll be susceptible again.

Right now, you've got a chronic symptom of heartburn. The Nat Phos will help to fix the balance that's become upset so you can make enough stomach acid to digest your food properly and avoid suffering from heartburn. The Nat Phos also addresses some emotional and mental symptoms, beneficially...but if you didn't suffer from those there's nothing it has to fix there. In any case, they're a good nutritional supplement your body needs, and they're effective. Eventually you won't need to take them on an ongoing basis, just every once in a while when the symptoms return. Unless there is a "maintaining cause"...something in your life which keeps creating that susceptibility that has to be addressed--then the Nat Phos will only palliate, it won't cure. You have to fix that thing, whatever it is (usually it's an emotional cause, some distress that's going unaddressed in a relationship of any kind--you with friends, a family member, a lover/partner, your work environment, etc).

Jami, I know the side effects of those drugs include suicidal behaviour as well as violent behaviour towards others. Your friend should not be left to just take those drugs unsupervised, and it's too much for you to do to look after all his needs including being his doctor at the same time. If you can pay for his medical care, but he objects, that's just another symptom he's expressing. Tell him he can repay you when he is better and working, and that he should consider your payment as a loan he'll be expected to pay back (you can even set up a repayment schedule with an interest demand that he can sign--whatever will make him feel like it's okay, you're not just paying for him, you're lending him the money he needs to look after himself). He's not doing well on his meds now, I can tell, so you have to override some of his concerns to get him good care. When he's better, he'll be in the position to decide what else he wants to do to restore his health, and then you will be able to talk about eating better food, etc. etc. He just can't care about that now.

CH, it sounds like your circadian rhythm has been displaced--your sleep cycle's off, the way it becomes when you cross a time line over seas, and your body has to "catch up" (it's why there's sleepiness during the day and not at night). One thing that works very well to restore that is melatonin. You can get this inexpensively, it now comes in 3mg sublingual pills that just dissolve under the tongue. Take one before bed and you should be sleeping within 20 minutes. You'll only need a few days' worth, once your rhythm restores itself you'll be able to use them when you need to sleep but can't (or after a trip where you cross a big distance and your body's sleep "clock" is upset again).
thanks. I have thought of the 'loan' thing myself. and we've done this with a few other items, but nothing on paper. he's never owned anything 'new', and since the divorce, I'm better off financially than he is. but I want him well. I see what this does to him, and the lows tear me apart.
I'll bring this up tonight.
love you, thanks again
chacha, i sleep like the dead, I'm asking on behalf of a friend. Unfortunately, his mother suffers from insomnia and it seems that he's following in her footsteps. he doesn't want to go the route of prescribed pills because he doesn't like doing the medication thing and he doesn't want to become addicted. he's sought my help for holistic solutions.

I went to a health food store and saw that one could get melatonin. i picked up a tea for him, and I tried it myself and I was done. If the tea doesn't work for him, I'll see how he feels about taking the melatonin.

thanks for the info!
CH and ChaCha... I'll be trying the melatonin. soon. it's been days (nights?) of not being able to go down till after 3am. I'm so tired I'm shaking and have headaches. but I cannot sleep. and I don't function too well on 4-5 hours of sleep either. I have to go out of town tomorrow, so I'll look for the melatonin there. thanks for the info.
didn't talk to boyfriend last night. he was too concerned about me....
he's a good one.
signing off now. again, thanks.
i've taken melatonin - start with a lower dose, as the side effects are headache and depression.,00.html
You can probably still find melatonin in 1mg doses, I just find the 3mg doses, especially of the sublingual kind, easier to find in the stores. It's what's become "standard" as a result of that whole "standardization" process the FDA and similar licensing bodies imposed on vitamin producers several years ago.

If you look at the "side effects", they're what you'd "suffer" if you slept too long and too late--grogginess, dizziness and nauseated feeling (because your blood sugar's low and you've gone without a meal too long), irritability and that "dull" feeling you get from oversleeping, which always makes you feel down. Melatonin is not meant to be used every day and for extended periods of time. It's effective when used and it's not to be taken in fistfuls, but just one dose at a time. Even when I've put people on it to contend with insomnia that comes from things like menopause (that usually results from the body making far less melatonin as the other hormones re-adjust) people only need to use it for a short time, until their own melatonin levels adjust properly.

There are some Naturopaths who feel older women do well on a steady course of melatonin because it does help the body to avoid uterine and breast cancers--and it's very true, like any other hormone in the body it can and does play a health producing role. However, it's really best used to restore the circadian rhythm you've somehow lost, whether through travel, an upset in your sleep schedule as a result of the demands of work (or family--as would happen if you were caring for someone who isn't well).
A friend of mine told me recently that it's not good to sleep with a heating pad when you have menstrual cramps. She said she heard this from someone else, and it was something about how the uterus is inflamed during menstruation and perhaps can become more inflamed with a heating pad? She wasn't sure of the exact reasoning, but I wanted to see if anyone has any other information about it.
The first two days of my period are sheer torture and I can only sleep with a heating pad-I hope it's not a bad thing!
the heating pad-menstrual thing is total bunk. the bigger concern here is sleeping with a heating pad. those things can get HOT, and if you fall asleep with one up against you, or even with intervening clothing, it's still entirely possible to get SEVERE burns.
oh, i know-there are two layers of fabric and a thin layer of foam rubber between the pad and myself. It's never felt *too* hot to me. I've been using it for a couple of nights each month for the last year or so.
I'm pretty sure your uterus isn't inflamed during your period- in fact, I'm pretty sure it's the opposite- it hurts because it's contracting (as in the contractions you have when giving birth).

If you need to sleep with a heating pad, you should get a non-electric one, like the Bed Buddy. It won't stay hot all night, but by the time it's cooled off, you should be asleep anyway. I've heard that specifically *moist* heat is what really helps, anyway, and this thing definitely puts out moist heat. With a relaxing oatmeal-y smell, too.

Sleeping with an electric heating pad sounds like a bad idea on so many levels.
because hazards?
You could burn yourself, you could cause an electrical problem that may or may not lead to fire....just not a good idea.
aside from the obvious reasons not to go to sleep with a heating pad, you aren't supposed to use one for an extended period of time. they are meant from temporary relief only, just like ice. too much can be bad for you.

for cramps i found a hot water bottle only partly filled but with the air squeezed (to make it bendy) worked very well. just wrap it in a towel before putting it on yourself.
So far it hasn't caused a problem, but electrical hazards are definitely something I worry about a bit. As for burning myself-it really doesn't get too hot on my skin with all the layers in between. I just don't know how else to curb the cramping-without the heat, they come full force, and I absolutely can't sleep in that much pain. I need a constant source of relief. Pain killers help only sometimes-not if they're really bad, though.
But moist heat is definitely something I would like-so I just ordered one of these. Looks nice, and I found a new one on Ebay for $10.
Hot water bottles are very comforting for cramps. And you're usually asleep before they cool off completely. Same with any pad that you can heat so that it gives off warmth and slowly cools off. I think even being exposed to the electrical current of a heating pad isn't so great. Sure, they're lovely when you need them but you'd want not to bother with making sure you unplug it before you nod off.

If you're better with warm heat applications when you suffer from menstrual cramps, you really should try Magnesium Phosphorica Tissue Salts in a 6X or 12X potency. Not only do they stop the actual spasmodic cramping (the magnesium does that), they also relax everything and help you fall asleep more easily. Cheap! And they work better than any pain killer out there. You can find them at most health food stores for about ten to fifteen dollars a bottle, which will last you quite a while (and may even make your cramps a thing of the past).
What about those disposable heating pads that I think 3M makes, where you rip off the backing and it activates some sort of chemical reaction? I think they can get a little pricey and they're kind of a waste, but I've used them before and they do last several hours. Probably safer than the regular heating pad.
are the 3M heating pads along the lines of the icy/hot or ben gay variety? if so, and if it has worked for your cramps in the past, i say go for it.
They're not numbing like BenGay- they're like those handwarmers that skiers use, where ripping off the backing causes some sort of chemical reaction and they warm up. They have adhesive on them like a pad and you stick them to your clothes adjacent to wherever you want to soothe.
Ta-da! They're called ThermaCare and they're not by 3M.

Does anyone have any experience with using laxatives and/or stool softeners? I'm going to a cheese festival tomorrow, and when I went 2 years ago, I was constipated for about 3 days afterwards and it was really unpleasant. I just want something that will maintain my normal *ahem* consistency.

Last winter, I was on really strong antibiotics for a throat infection that caused me to seemingly lose my natural flora, and everything ran straight through me. I started taking probiotics (ones recommended by a trustworthy bustie) and after a few days of that, I swung back the other way and tried taking stool softeners for a day or so. That helped in that situation, but I'm not sure if I should try it again for this, and if so, if I should do it pre-emptively before the festival, wait until I'm home after the festival or wait until Monday, when it will probably be a problem.

I mean, stool softeners shouldn't make me have to go, right? They should just make it easier? I have some regular OTC ones from the winter....when my sister had constipation problems, she took senna, which I've heard is a natural, gentle laxative.

Any other suggestions? Probably drink lots of water, right? And don't say "don't eat so much cheese"- you try that when you have a tent the length of a city block with a double-sided aisle of cheese samples! tongue.gif This is why the festival's only held every other year!
Okay, here's my suggestion: are you having any wine with that cheese?

That seems to do the trick for a lot of people.

Other than that, senna leaf's effective, but it is not always gentle. Use carefully, and definitely limit your use. Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it doesn't do exactly what any other laxative does, in exactly the same way.

Laxatives and stool softeners often work the same way! Sometimes stool softeners will make you "go".

A really quick solution that has no side effects is to use Mag Phos tissue salts and Kali Phos tissue salts in 6X potencies, when you find you're suffering from the irregularity. Dosing with first one and then the other every 15 minutes or so (for an hour--that really ought to do it) should get you going and keep you on track. You can then use them whenever you need them.
Thanks for the info- no, there was no wine with the cheese. Doh!

Well, so far I have no reason to believe I'm going to have problems. When I went in 2006 I think I ate a lot more cheese than I did today. This time I was more selective and didn't feel the need to sample every cheese.

We'll see how I feel tomorrow! I may be stopping at that health food store by work!

Shame. Around these parts these days there is a massive grape and wine festival....and that's always when people trot out the most amazing cheeses from artisans all over the place. The raw milk cheeses are some of the best--a lot of them are hard to find at any other time. For some reason people never seem to suffer trying both together (small amounts of good wine and complementary portions of good cheese).

Oh well, enjoy!

Any thoughts or suggestions about hormonal acne??? I recently got off birth control (Nuvaring) because it was giving me raging yeast infections. And I'm really not too swift on starting another hormonal bc - they make me crazy. However, I know that my hormones are jacked- has been for as long as I can remember. Now my skin is going berzerk! I'm breaking out all over my face, my neck, back, and chest. I've got this hair sprouting from my chin (I've never been diagnosed with PCOS even after tests). My skin is always oily and disgusting. I don't know what to do, short of going to the doctor. We all know they'll try to put me on something!

This is really depressing the heck out of me. I feel like an ogre! Is there something I can do. Anybody else experienced this?
Hey! I posted a response to you last week, Konphusion, and it's not here!

I recommended taking two kinds of tissue salts--Calc Sulf in 6x potency and Kali Phos in 6x potencies, take four pills of each salt under the tongue, 4 times a day. The Calc Sulf is a blood purifier, it helps to enhance your skin's ability to eliminate waste materials (when the skin can't do this, you get massive acne, for example). It also helps to support the liver, the sex organs, kidneys, and generally all the organs, but those ones specifically. So does the Kali Phos. Basically your liver's been overloaded with processing the excess hormonal flow and the acne is one result. You have to rebalance things hormonally before the skin will clear up. Fortunately the tissue salts can do this very well; you may even find that if you were prone to break outs before your period, you won't be any longer because your liver and kidneys will function perfectly well, as well as your ovaries.

This is important, because those little hairs on your chin usually indicate cyst growth in the ovary (not accidental, considering they're also forming on your skin--our bodies work in patterns like this). Cysts are a protective measure--I think the tissue salts can be effective in eliminating the need for your body to form them in any way, because they help to restore balance and support the function of the organs involved.

Tissue salts can be found at any good health food store. I order from a supplier here in St. Catharines, you may be able to order from her directly if you're also in Canada.
Awesome info ChaCha! I really appreciate your response. I'm trying to see if i can find any online. It will be interesting to see how long it will take to see results. I've been dealing with this hormonal imbalance thing for years, with no real help except the birth control. I'd rather be out of balance than deal with that stuff. It's awful.

anyway, I'm looking forward to trying these tissue salts. Thanks again chacha!
I'm really just posting this because I want to know if it's happened to anyone else. I'm a little bit nervous. I had a filling today and the area that was frozen is still almost completely frozen 5 hours later, and my left cheek is quite swollen. It was also extremely sore, so much so that I actually had to take a tylenol 3. I know that if it's still like this tomorrow I'm getting to my doctor ASAP but I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I can't find much about it through google, either than the freezing usually wears off within 5 hours. My last 3 fillings went totally normal, no swelling, and the freezing started wearing off 2 hours after. It doesn't even feel like it's started to wear off.
Hmm, I work in a dental office and I've never heard of that. Not that that necessarily means anything- I'm at the front desk, but I hear a lot of stuff. I almost wonder if it was a bad injection causing a reaction (not the anesthetic, but like they hit a nerve or the ligament in your tooth. I'll ask tomorrow morning, see what the experts say, but definitely call your dentist ASAP!!

Has anyone here ever gone to a salt cave for therapeutic purposes? I just heard about them on TV the other day and then I noticed the spa next door to a restaurant I go to a lot has a salt cave (obviously, it's a "created" one). They're supposed to be really good for all sorts of ailments; I'm interested in it for LeBoy's allergy-induced asthma that's been acting up lately.
This is important, because those little hairs on your chin usually indicate cyst growth in the ovary

Really? My doc noticed an ovarian cyst when I had my myomectomoy 1 1/2 years ago. I've had facial hair issue since I turned 30ish. It does get more every year. I've only been on hormonal birth control for a total of one month in my life, though. Is there some homeopathic way to get rid of the hair (other than waxing, that is.)

I actually came in here for a similar question. I've notice over the past few months that my period is getting shorter. Does this have anything to do with a diminished fertility chances? Does it have anything to do with using a Keeper? Does the amount you bleed indicate anything at all?
Sorry for the intrusion again - i thought I'd ask about these two supplements at my favorite online store....

Calc Sulph

Kali Phos

Are these acceptable forms? You can PM me if you'd like. I don't want to hog the thread, but maybe this info would be helpful to someone else.
Konphusion, those are perfectly fine. I like the Hyland's brand of Tissue Salts quite a lot because they're cheap and they make themselves available by distributing nationally. I've started using my own supplier here because she's a lot cheaper and she has the salts compounded in Germany--they're excellent quality. But I know the Hyland's is up the the HPUS standard (that's a legal regulation in the US, solely for homeopathic remedies). They'll be perfect.

I do notice that the site doesn't give you very good information about the salts themselves--but no worry. They work well if they fit your symptoms well, and they do.

I always say "give the treatment 3 months to see results", but the truth is every single person is very different from all others, your reaction will depend on your own body. It may take a while to clear things up in terms of hormonal balance, after all, these changes have been taking place for a long time, and they've been kept in place too. So you have to see how things go for you. People seem to see very quick results for the skin however, usually within a month. With the deeper organs, it's crazy to predict but you should know that if the skin is functioning better then it's usually because the inner organs are also functioning much more capably. Good luck and please keep me up to date.

Erinjane, my husband had dental surgery once and his tongue was frozen for almost a year afterwards! The fact is that lingering side effects and even ailments which result from anaesthesia are extremely common. It's not small thing to put even a localized part of the body "to sleep". There are often damages to the nerve, or cascading damage from tissue that will "awaken" at different rates from other surrounding tissue--so functional problems usually result.

There is a homeopathic single remedy that I use in all surgeries as a first aid remedy for ailments resulting from anaesthesia. It is Phosphorus 200c. Exactly that remedy, exactly that potency. You can look for this in a well stocked health food store which carries homeopathic single remedies in higher potencies. Take one dose (3 pillules dissolved under the tongue) and wait for results--if you feel sensation come back, don't redose, you don't need anymore medicine. It may come back and then feel "lost" again--if that's the case, only then do you redose.

Kittenb, classical homeopathy works wonders for rebalancing the hormones. But it has to be done the right way, with a full clinical case and consultation, the appropriate constitutional remedy given (it could be any one of 3000 different ones) and ongoing case management. There are many remedies which actually address the hirsuteness you're experiencing....that's the problem, really, figuring out which of those many will fit your own case most closely.
You can use the tissue salts, but in your case I see that there is a much deeper chronic condition that would really benefit from being addressed as a whole. The best way to stop the hair growth with homeopathy is to use the medicine as a means of getting your body to heal itself, so your body doesn't need to keep up the process (cyst formation, etc) which leads to the hair growth. Just targeting the hair growth itself won't stop the other processes leading to it. In fact, it may just exacerbate the symptom all together. So depilatories are the thing, really--waxing, threading, other methods of just removing the hair.

Constitutional treatment will also rebalance what's happening with your period flow--amount of flow does indicate quite a bit. Heavy flow is relative--it may feel like you're having less because you're on the Keeper (many women are surprised by how "little" they actually shed). Periods are by their nature a cleansing of the body--so a diminishing of flow can indicate that the body is becoming less efficient at eliminating waste products of its system. It's not really fertility's diminishment--it's actually almost like it's just a lack of efficiency. Although, sometimes you just have less of a need to eliminate so much.
Anyway, any concerns about this are also addressed with classical homeopathic treatment--as part of the greater whole of the case. I believe they are all part of the same thing--fibroids, ovarian cysts, possibly diminished flow. We're really not supposed to start seeing the so-called "peri-menopausal" changes until we're in our mid-fifties, but women are being told to expect them as early as 40 now (and I think that's bullshit). I'd encourage you to treat the whole problem, Kittenb; you'll experience far better health all around that way.
Thanks for the replies. About 8 hours after the initial freezing it finally went away but my cheek has a huge blue bruise on the outside and is sooo sore. It just feels like someone hit me on the left side of my face. Ouch. It's also still quite swollen. I'm thinking as well that he just hit a nerve. I look all puffy though. tongue.gif
I'm really glad the freezing went away, that was the thing that really worried me. I'll just keep an eye on it for a few days.

I'm the queen of stupid injuries though. In august I broke my nose because I missed a baseball and two weeks ago I gave myself 2nd degree burns on my left breast because I was making stove pop popcorn. I oil covered seed jumped out from under the lid and went down my top. I'm so brilliant it hurts.
Me again. And I think I will have to go to the doctor about this one but just wondering if anyone has had a similar annoyance.

At least 4 times a week for the last month I wake up in the middle of the night covered in a cold sweat. Drenched. My hair is soaked, my pillow and sheets are soaked and I sometimes have to move to the other side of the bed or put down a new sheet to go back to sleep. It's gross and freezing and sticky and smelly and I hate it and I have to wash my sheets every few days. I have no weird symptoms. I've had a cold all weekend but that's nothing new and it's on its way out. The only thing that seems to stop the sweating is making sure I have extra blankets on my bed at night but I'm never cold before I go to bed so sometimes it's hard to guage if I'll need them. The internet didn't help again so I'm going to give it another week and then call the doctor on Monday if it keeps up. Last night it happened twice. sad.gif

Oh, and to update my face, I still have a fairly large bruise on my cheek! No pain anymore but I had to laugh at work because I do intakes with families who have experienced domestic violence and in August I had 2 black eyes and a broken nose and now I have a huge bruise on the side of my face. tongue.gif
erinjane, are any of your lymph nodes enlarged? fever? sudden weight loss? extreme fatigue? bruises anywhere else? when was your last bloodwork (CBC)?
Nope, none of those things. In fact, aside from the sweating, I feel pretty well rested lately. I have a blood workup done every 4 months because I have diabetes and I have some more scheduled in about 3 weeks. The only thing I could connect it too is that I have overactive sweat glands, but only in my arm pits. This is everywhere and I've had over active sweat glands ever since i hit puberty around 13. My mom thinks I should go to the doctor ASAP but nothing else is out of the ordinary except for this cold that I've only had for 4 days. So weird. I came across a couple of posts online about people with similar issues but they never found the culprit.
Hmm, if you don't have any of the symptoms cocl suggested, I have no idea. I occasionally have a couple nights where I sweat a lot, inexplicably. I'm not sure what the cause is. Probably hormonal. But if this has been going on for awhile, I agree with your mom- get to the doctor sooner, rather than later.

agreed; if you don't have what i listed, then we can more or less rule out the serious causes of night sweats. is your diabetes well controlled (and, I or II)? you're young, right? (no menopause, ha!) "overactive" sweat glands shouldn't *soak* your bed, and with that frequency. has this just started, or has it been going on for years? are you on any medications (including vitamins/supplements/herbs) that may account for that? any other medical conditions?

you don't have to answer all this, just things to keep in mind when you get thee to the doctor.
I'm not trying to freak you out, since a most of the symptoms that COCL suggested you said you didn't have, but nightsweats, especially ones that you've had for a month, can be a serious symptom.

I saw an episode of Mystery Diagnosis where this woman in her early 20's had pneumonia. She was treated for that, but the cough never went away. She started losing weight and was having trouble breathing. She spent a couple of years going to doctors who couldn't figure it out. She started getting night sweats. One doctor flat-out told her she was crazy and gave her a referral to a psychologist. Meanwhile, she went from a size 14 to a size 2. Eventually, a doctor finally did a chest x-ray and they found a football-sized tumor in her lung- she had Hodgkin's lymphoma that no other doctor caught because they didn't do a simple chest x-ray!

Also, you mentioned in the divacup thread that you've been having yeast issues- definitely mention that!

It really sounds hormonal to me, but there's usually something causing that hormonal issue.

Thanks for the advice polly and cocl. Given that I do still have a cough and I have been sick all weekend I'll probably try and call my GP tomorrow.

It's been about 6 weeks since it started. I occasionally got them before, around once every 3-4 months, but not like this. The only meds I'm on now are HBC. I have a tendency to get sick a lot so I wouldn't be entirely surprised if something has been laying in wait for me. I'm only 23 so I hope I'm not going through menopause and my diabetes is extremely well controlled and I'm not having bloodsugar issues overnight when it happens. So weird. Oh well, at least I love my doctor. tongue.gif

p.s. I love mystery diagnosis.
I know, isn't it a great show? I was worried that when Discovery Health becomes the Oprah network, it would disappear, but they've been showing episodes on TLC, so hopefully that's its new home. Hooray!

This is more in your post in the divacup thread, but I actually stopped taking the Pill a couple months ago, after about 10 years on it, because I was getting yeastie-like symptoms without the yeast (which I posted about here before.) I'm still not sure what caused it, but it's nearly 100% better since getting off the pill.
Hi. Thought I would de-lurk and chime in on the night sweat issue. I have always thought that occasional night sweats were our bodies way of clearing toxins built up from the previous week or month or whatever. I seem to get them when I'm coming off of a spell of bad food/overindulgence of alcohol etc.
If it was only occasional I wouldn't worry, but almost every night for almost two months now? That ain't normal. I thought I was in the clear this week because Tuesday and Wednesday night I had no sweats, but they were back again last night. Ugh, I just hate that feeling of waking up cold and soaked sooo much. I'm calling my MD on monday 'cause I didn't have time this week.
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