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For a few years now (not sure how many) I have had a few tiny white bumps on the soft skin right under my eye (mostly my right one). I thought they were possibly zits or something at first, however they have remained pretty much the same for a while and regular methods of 'zit removal' have been unsuccessful and quite painful. I only had a few up until a couple months ago. There are more now, not too many, but definitely more. They don't hurt in general, or if I press on them, only if I mess with/pick at them (bad I know, and maybe tmi?) Anyways, I am becoming someone concerned because of the increase of them. Does anyone have any idea what they might be or if they might be dangerous? I haven't gone to the doctor because they don't hurt and hadn't been super noticeable until recently... Thanks
they are called milia. here's a link that talks about them a bit. take care, a trip to the dermatologist is a good way to go with this.
Thanks Pepper,
I found some pictures and that sure looks like them... It's weird though, I have very good skin with small pores and hardly ever get pimples. I also don't use very many facial products..... but I do have somewhat oily skin and hair..... Fortunately the websites say that they are benign, so I don't have to rush out right away. I will probably take care of them at some point but maybe when my stupid insurance gets straightened out. It's nice to finally figure it out and not worry any more.
hmm.... good to know. I recently switched eyeliner & started getting those right around my eyes... but was skeptical that it could actually be from eyeliner as I'm cheap & use whatever's on sale... so I've used pretty much every brand under the sun without a problem up till now. I'd figured I was just developing some weird old-people problem. I never would have dreamed about asking a doctor about it so, I'm glad I spotted this.
ETA Warning, too much gross information!

oh, that reminds me of a period of time when i was getting them on my inner eyelid. seriously, they were freaking me right out! it hurt like a big itch but i could squeeze them like a pimple and long strings of goo would come out. totally yuck but didn't last for a long time. i can't even remember what i was using on my eyes at the time but whatever it was i'm sure i threw it out!
Ouch ouch ouch pepper. I had styes on my inner eyelids before and those were annoying and they hurt, but that sounds much worse. Maybe this is TMI, but I would rather be able to squeeze them out though... strangely satisfying and the they are gone! Glad mine are considerably mild.
anyone got any tips as to how to make a skinned knee heal any faster? i've got one about the size of my fist and it is limiting my, ahem, bedroom repetoire.
Calendula cream's the answer dj. Get one in a rosewater/glycerin base or an olive oil/beeswax base so that it won't sting. You can also cover the skinned part with some light gauze moistened with Calendula tincture to keep it from getting infected, as well as to speed the healing considerably.

It should be fine in a day or two. Meanwhile, you can use your convalescence time to "expand" your bedroom repertoire.
don't know where else to post this so it's going here. please feel free to copy and paste it elsewhere.
x's and o's...

i always thought storing food in plastic was a bit iffy. turns out it's way worse than that.
have you been reusing plastic water bottles or saving old yogurt containers for left overs? read this, it will change your mind.

(ikea has glass tupperware. it's a bit pricey but lasts forever)
pepper, the link took me to an empty page. help?

it's working for me huh.gif here's the article anyhow

What you need to know about plastics and your food
By Green Living Online
There’s no denying that plastic containers and water bottles make life easier. But is it dangerous to combine plastic and food?

Reason for concern
Both the FDA and Health Canada warns that using plastic containers and wrap for anything than their original purpose can cause health problems. In most cases this means not reusing plastic containers or water bottles.

The main concern is with food becoming contaminated due to leakage of the chemicals used to manufacture plastic, especially when the plastic is heated or damaged. Depending on the type, plastics can contain bisphenol A (BPA), di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), di-2-ethylhexyl-adipate (DEHA) or polyvinyl chloride/PVC. While none of these chemicals are healthy for us, BPA is proving to be highly toxic, linked to different cancers along with endocrine and hormone disruption.

H20 and plastic
Most plastic water bottles are intended for one time use only and will not hold up to everyday wear or being washed in hot water. The most popular brands use #1 polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET). PET is often touted as the guilt-free plastic because it’s recyclable. But according to the Container Recycling Institute, 86 percent of plastic water bottles used in the United States ends up in a landfill or becomes litter.

Water bottles made from #3 polyvinyl chloride/PVC are even worse. This plastic easily leaks BPA, DEHP and DEHA chemicals when heated, washed or exposed to acidic foods. Hard plastic bottles, such as the coloured Nalgene Lexan sports bottles, made from #7 plastic (polycarbonate), can also leak BPA, especially if scratched or put through the dishwasher. Aluminum bottles, such as those made by SIGG or stainless steel water bottles, like the ones created by Klean Kanteen, are considered safer alternatives.

Re-usable plastic containers
Disposable plastic utensils (forks, spoons, knives), cups and containers (cottage cheese, sour cream, chip dip, margarine, milk) should never be used again since they will start to break down almost immediately.

Avoid any containers made with #6 polystyrene since it leaks styrene, which attacks the central nervous system and can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, confusion and drowsiness.

The safest containers are made from #2 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), #4 low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or #5 polypropylene (PP).

Always let food cool before storing it into plastic containers and throw out any visibly damaged, stained or unpleasant smelling containers. If you have concerns store your food in glass or ceramic containers.

Plastics and the microwave
Never use plastic bowls or wrap in the microwave unless labeled as microwave safe. This label means the plastic can withstand high temperatures without melting, warping or leaking chemicals. If neither the item nor the package is marked, it’s best to use a different container. If you are at all concerned then use wax paper to cover the food or use microwave safe ceramics or glass.

The Harvard Medical School makes the following recommendations for using plastic in the microwave to heat food:
Most takeout containers, water bottles, and plastic tubs or jars made to hold margarine, yogurt, whipped topping, and foods such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard are not microwave-safe.
Microwavable takeout dinner trays are formulated for one-time use only and will say so on the package.
Don’t microwave plastic storage bags or plastic bags from the grocery store.
Before microwaving food, be sure to vent the container: Leave the lid ajar, or lift the edge of the cover.
Don’t allow plastic wrap to touch food during microwaving because it may melt. Wax paper, kitchen parchment paper, or white paper towels are alternatives.
If you’re concerned about plastic wraps or containers in the microwave, transfer food to glass or ceramic.
thanks chacha! i'm using your method as we speak.
here's a youtube newsreport about an aggressive type of breast cancer that can look like nothing more than a bug bite. it's called IBC inflammatory breast cancer and i've never even heard of it before. the key to catching this one is to know what to look for. please give this a watch and then pass it on to your lady friends.
a cat scratched my forehead today. it's not deep (she's still basically a kitten) and it's just one scratch about 1.25 inches long. i know i'm being way more melodramatic about this than necessary (i even cut myself some bangs a few hours ago!), especially since i'm usually the laziest person appearance-wise ever, but still. any no-scar tips, anyone?

that IBC video is scary! thanks, pepper. i'd never heard of that.
Calendula cream will keep it from getting infected and increase the regeneration rate of new skin cells while eliminating the scar tissue.

Get a good one, with at least 10% calendula tincture in the mix and ina non gel base is best (because the gels often contain alcohol, which hurts when it's applied to cut skin).
there's also this product called "mederma" you can get at thr drugstore. i've never tried it but it's supposed to do a pretty good job of preventing scars.
HELP! My feet/ankles are swollen. I HAVE CANKLES! I've never had peripheral edema before. I was fine until I came down from high altitude to flat land. My shit has been swollen since I got my period a few days after I got here. I thought, hey, familial female hormones, yaddayaddayadda, it'll go away with the blood. NOT! It's not painful per se, but uncomfortable. I'm going to take a diuretic in the morning, so hopefully that will help.
AP - sorry that I can't answer your question. Everything that I used to know about edma seems to have trickled out of my head.

Can someone help me understand how food poisoning works? I thought it takes about 24 hours to make you sick but last night I ate something and w/in about 3 hours it was as if my stomach was trying to explode I was so sick. I feel a little better now but I still feel wary of trying anything but the blandest food.
Food poisoning can be something that happens almost instantly, to something that takes a few hours to become apparent.

It can look like a food sensitivity. Generally the symptoms are the kind you'd find if your body had literally become poisoned: great overall weakness with dizziness and nausea, head pain, stomach, and bowel pain; diarrhea and vomiting (usually quite violent) and then sensitivity to all ingested substances until the body's purged the offending substance or has had some way of encapsulating it's effects in the body until it can be eliminated. Every individual will have his or her own specific reactions depending on their own susceptibility to the "poison".
Y'know, I'm thinking the edema is related to my lupus. Why it chose to present itself at one of the hardest times of my life, I'll never know, but such is the nature of the disease.
honey outperforms cough syrup in a study reported on yahoo news this morning.
Okay, I just had what I am going to call a sugar freakout. All of a sudden I just felt very hungry and weak and I ended up scarfing down a bunch of Oreos and milk and feeling really shaky. I still feel a bit shaky right now but wtf?

This isn't the first time this has happened but I've had a physical every year and my blood tests always come back fine so what is up with my blood sugar? I would have to assume that my blood sugar is why I suddenly felt so weird and in need of sugar.
CandycaneGirl, that's hypoglycemia. You know, at the very least, that if you don't eat regularly, you will be susceptible to a hypoglycemic tendency.

The trick to keeping blood sugar levels stable is to avoid sugary foods, particularly the ones loaded with refined sugars, artificial fats (margarine based fats, MSG, and the like) and refined, nutrient-free grains. All of these things will drive the blood sugar levels up severely, forcing your pancreas to flood the bloodstream with insulin. Once that takes care of the sugar levels in the blood, you'll find yourself trying to rebalance extremely low blood sugar levels...and that's when you'll feel a lot of the symptoms you described (shakiness, irritability, a sense of nausea and sometimes a desire to vomit even though your stomach is empty, and often, a splitting headache).

You can maintain a far more stable blood sugar level by eating foods with higher protein (nuts, cheeses, meats and fish, tofu, eggs, pulses and grains which are not refined and break down more slowly than refined carbohydrates) on a regular basis (so, in other words, always carry protein rich "snacks" with you--mixed nuts with a little dried fruit; canned fish if you eat it; a little bit of fresh fruit or veggies, usually raw; slices of cheese to have with veggies, etc).

Supplements which really help maintain this balance include vitamin C (1000 mg/day), B vitamins (especially B12 and Folic acid), and chromium picolinate (200mcg/day).

Hypoglycemia seems minor and many people just think that eating sugary foods will "fix" it, but in reality all this does is start the whole roller coaster hormonal chaos going again. Keeping it stable by eliminating all the factors which cause the sharp rise and decline of the sugar/hormone levels in the blood is the best way to do it. By the way, hypoglycemia's not a minor often leads to full blown diabetes 2. The good thing about it is that it gives you a chance to correct the tendency and keep things balanced (reversing the tendency to that disease completely).
A dog bit my thumb 4 weeks ago. I went to the ER and it turned out to be broken so they put a splint on it. I had a nasty wound on the pad of my thumb, which is pretty much healed now but I took the splint off my thumb and it still hurts when I bend it (not excruciatingly though). I've only been bending it until it just starts to hurt and then not going any further. I know it's supposed to take 6 weeks for a bone to heal so at this point is it still okay that my thumb hurts?
Long story....A couple of weeks ago, starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I got the weirdest cold I've ever had. Usually, they're pretty predictable- 3-5 days (if I don't take colostrum or airbornes), runny nose, tired, sneezing, etc that start out bad and get progressively better. Usually it's only severe enough that I *might* take one day off work, if that. This one had symptoms that changed daily and were just consistently bad. I ended up going into work a total of 5 hours the whole week.

The first day was like a mild flu- fever, chills, achiness. The second day I felt better, just general cold symptoms. The next day, it had moved into my sinuses. It wasn't one of those really bad sinus infections where your whole face hurts- I was just really stuffed up and lots of interesting-colored mucus. The next day I had no voice. It was at this point that my mom told me that when you've lost your voice it's indicative of a bacterial-infection, so I called my boss, who's my cousin and a dentist, and she prescribed some amoxicillin. I started taking that and felt better for about a week.

About Thursday of last week, I started feeling pain, specifically in my right tonsil with some general sore-throatedness. I have a long, long history of strep, tonsillitis and other tonsil issues (f-ing doctors didn't remove them when I was a kid even though I had strep repeatedly for about a year, then off and on throughout childhood) so I went to my regular general doctor on Friday, my day off, told him all about the week I was sick and how I was better for a few days, now I had this tonsil issue. He said amoxicillin probably just isn't sufficient for me anymore (I'm surprised it worked as long as it did) and prescribed Levaquin, a stronger, once-a-day antibiotic. I've now taken four of the seven doses and I feel better, but there's still a pain in my throat, centered in the right tonsil.

I checked that Levaquin website and it says it's for sinus infections, lung infections, UTI's and skin infections....nothing about tonsil infections. So, now I'm concerned that my doctor heard the "sinus infection" part of my symptoms and prescribed this stuff instead of something that would work on a tonsil infection. Should I call him? I also have an ear/nose/throat doctor who I've seen for my tonsil issue- maybe I should talk to him? Argh, I really wanted this fixed before Christmas and I didn't want to be on antibiotics this long. mad.gif
Tonsils. What a misery. Have you considered a tonsilectomy? It hurts like a bitch as a grown-up, but is SO worth it. I don't get the same kinds of vicious bugs now that they are gone.
I've talked about it as an option with my ENT. He's willing to do it; he recently diagnosed me with mild-to-moderate sleep apnea, and I have to try the CPAP machine first; y'know, the insurance companies always want to go the non-surgical route first, even though I know I'll never get used to sleeping with a mask and the obstructiveness of my tonsils is only half the issue- the chronic infections are the other half dry.gif

I've heard different stuff about tonsilectomies on adults. I have a friend who had it done a few years ago and it sounded brutal- she took about 6 weeks to recover (get her voice back completely, the swelling to go down, etc.), and she had lots of pain. I'm not sure if they did the old-fashioned scalpel method or what. However, I had a coworker last spring who had it done using lasers, where they just disentigrate them, and she was out of work for 2 days and perfectly fine when she came back. I know my ENT would do the lasers, so I'm guessing as long as they use that method it's not as bad.

I guess I'm going to call my doctor today and ask what I should do about the meds- my tonsil still hurts. Grrr.
Polly, I have a machine here that sits here unused. Has a . . . humidifier thingy on it, too. There are a variety of mask options. There are four or five of those in bag around here somewhere. You want?
Thanks for the offer, AP but I think I'll go with whatever the medical supply place my dr. referred me to does. I'm actually supposed to get an auto-pap machine. It self-adjusts to whatever your oxygen needs are throughout the night, as opposed to the cpap, which is set at one level.

I'm going to post this in a couple different places, but is anyone here on ortho-tri-cyclen LO? My SIL has about 6 months worth that she doesn't want (not exactly sure why; I think she just didn't react well to them)...I don't think she wants anything for them, but don't quote me on that. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get more details.
hi ladies-- delurking to say that i'm on ortho-lo (and love it) so if you don't get any other takers (say, from busties/people you're closer to than me) let me know, i'd be happy to work something out. thanks smile.gif
hello i am new here
i just found out about 3 weeks ago i am pregnant but about 2 days ago i developed a yellowish tinted discharge that has a foul odor to it and even at times when i sit on the toilet to pee it will literally hang from me anyone have any idea about this
it will be awhile b4 i can see a dr
so anything you can give would be great
It could be a yeast infection (very common, especially with the use of the pill or even in the beginning of pregnancy). It could be an infection of another kind. You won't be able to do anything about it, though, unless you find out exactly what's going on.

If you can't see your doctor (do try--see if you can get in on a cancellation) try to see a doctor in a walk in clinic if that's all that can be done. There are some tests you can take to determine what's going on. Please don't wait for it to "just go away" on its own. Even if it does turn out to be your yeast infection coming back (after suppressive treatments like monistat/gynelotrimin and all the other brand names for the same antibiotic, and after diflucan) you can at least know that's what the problem is and explore more effective treatment options for getting rid of it.
Does anyone know how much a normal amount is to bleed during a period? According to my Diva cup I managed to bleed 7.5 ml in only two and a half hours! I feel shaky and sweaty. This does not feel right.

cross posted to bloody grrls.

Hello Busties,

About a month or two ago I noticed what i thought was an ingrown hair turned pimple on my groin area (like right between my upper leg and vagina). it ended up just turning into a blotch that was a little itchy. it wasn't bothering me or anything but now i have THREE of them on my pelvis. these blotches look like ringworm, but they're not really itchy, though they are very dry. they're nowhere else on my body! anyone ever get this???
Is there a SLEEP APNEA thread????? I think my husband has this. And I gets no sleep because i'm constantly worried that he's not breathing, or he's SNORING so loud it keeps me up. From what I've been reading, this condition is extremely dangerous and he will not go to the doctor because he doesn't believe me. I tell him that he stops breathing through the night, and that he's snorting and gasping for air (when he's not snoring like a bear). HELP...

~~~sleepless in NC~~~ lol
konphusion, I don't think there's a sleep apnea thread but from what you've said it definitely sounds like that's what your husband has. My grandfather has it and he has a special machine thing that's supposed to help him breathe at night but he doesn't like using it. Then he falls asleep throughout the day because the sleep apnea prevents him from getting a good restful sleep at night.
His machine would depend on the severity of his problems. Weight is a big contributor to sleep apnea, is he a big man by chance? Once my mom was down to a more manageable wight, she didn't need the machine. As soon as she gained it back . . .

My mom's most recent machine was a Respironics BiPAP with a humidifier. I dunno what do do with it. I wonder if there is sometime of med service that takes used BiPAPS for the uninsured? The fuckers cost enough!
my dad has this, too. he went to the family doctor every now and then. he told the doctor that his wive thinks he snores. the doctor told him to lose weight etc., he'd eventually try to but not suceed and that'd be it for the next couple of years.

my father didn't really care much (as men often do concerning health problems). it took my mom nearly two deacades to finally convince him seeking serious help. so my father went to a sleep laboratory to get tested. there, they found out that he stops breathing for like 30 secs several times a night. of course, this is not restfull at all.

now he's got this machine, uses it and sleeps so much better. before, he had serious difficulties getting up every morning, now he's sometimes the first at his workplace. and he's so much better generally, in terms of physical and mental health. plus my parents are finally sleeping in the same bedroom again (after 15 years)!

i hope you can convince your husband to do something about it, before it gets worse (for him and you), konphusion26. maybe you could try to record the sounds he produces during the night or something like that. proofe it with hard data ;-)
I've been diagnosed with mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. I'm supposed to get an Auto-PAP machine. It's like a cPAP, but it self-adjusts the pressure over the course of the night, whereas a cPAP is set at one level. Since I don't have too serious a case, they do the Auto-PAP.

I haven't gotten the machine yet because there's just been too much going on- I got diagnosed in late October, so there was the holidays, now I'm taking care of my sick cat. Hopefully things will clear up in a month or so and I can take on the project of getting used to the machine.

My dad has it too, but like hamburg and konphusion's loved ones, he hasn't gone to get it diagnosed. He knows he has it, he just doesn't go in to get it treated. From what my mom describes and what I noticed when I still lived with my parents, I think he's got a pretty severe case, too.

The dental office I work in gets a lot of people with it and we offer an appliance that is supposed to treat it. It's great for people who can't tolerate wearing the mask. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate either- having my teeth locked into something or a mask on my face all night.

Anyway, one thing I learned from working here is that a good percentage of people who they say "died in their sleep" actually die because their heart is weak from years of the apnea, then one night, it just gives out when they're in an episode.

It's really not something that should be taken lightly, but for some reason, people are weird about getting it diagnosed. I guess it's just like that with most men.
So I talked to him about it, poured out my heart, even showed him videos on youtube of people with sleep apnea -- told him the dangers of it, and he finally agreed to go get checked out once his training at work is done. Thank you Jesus! lol It really scares me that I might wake up next to him, and he's dead. Ya know?? That scares the crap out of me, and I've prayed so many nights that he would be okay. WOO HOOO!! I just basically told him- look it aint about me getting sleep, because I can sleep in another room; i'm more concerned with you being alive when i wake up next to you!

Overall i think i made some sense to him... and he wants me to schedule an appointment for him in a few weeks. I'm excited! We both are trying to lose some weight meanwhile.

By the way, is there a thread for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS)? Or women diagnosed with insulin resistance, etc?
QUOTE(VanillaXtraDry @ Jan 7 2008, 08:50 PM) *
Hello Busties,

About a month or two ago I noticed what i thought was an ingrown hair turned pimple on my groin area (like right between my upper leg and vagina). it ended up just turning into a blotch that was a little itchy. it wasn't bothering me or anything but now i have THREE of them on my pelvis. these blotches look like ringworm, but they're not really itchy, though they are very dry. they're nowhere else on my body! anyone ever get this???

anyone have any ideas for me? sad.gif
i guess its time to ask the dermo!
Anal fissures?????? I think I have one. It hurts so bad. The funny thing is, i'm eating more fiber now than i ever have in the last 2 yrs.... i dont understand it. Anyway, yall ever had one?
Anal fissures can be the result of anything--pregnancy, sedentary habits that are suddenly adopted, illness, diarrhea or constipation....anything can bring them on. Some people are just prone to skin fissures anywhere they have orifices. The amount of fibre in the diet can help some of the people who suffer from fissures as a result of constipation, but otherwise it's not the primary factor in their cause.

An old fashioned solution to soothe and cleanse is to use witch hazel (a liquid form without alcohol in it would be ideal). I think you can get Thayer's witch hazel in most pharmacies now (it can be used for so many things, but it's a very effective treatment for hemorrhoids and fissures, and it's safe and inexpensive too).

If you've got access to a homeopathic dispensary (good pharmacy, health food store with knowledgeable staff, or, if you're in the UK, Ainsworth's or Helios via phone or online) you might want to try 2 pellets of Acidum Nitricum in a low potency (12c or 30c) to heal it up. Take one dose and see what happens. If it heals, great--you don't need anymore. If it does, then recurs, redose only when it recurs.

RE: sleep apnea....apnea causes weight gain, so if you're heavy and suffering from the apnea, you should know researchers have found across the board that excess food is needed and stored in order to provide the energy that's needed as a result of sleep loss.
Get help with the apnea first: then the weight will come off far more easily (you won't be fighting the body's physiological need to store fat, which is just futile).

Vanilla EXtra Dry: Are the patches just round, itchy and scaly? Or do they truly look like ringworm? They might be a form of eczema. They could be all kinds of things and someone would really have to see them before figuring out what they are.
Yeast infections can often come along with eczema and/or ringworm (all fungal in origin).
Interesting about the sleep apnea/weight thing, chacha, since doctors tell people that they have sleep apnea because they're fat and not the other way around.
I know, Poly. The prevailing trend right now in conventional medicine is to persist in believing that weight gain/weight loss is all about calories taken in, and calories burned off. There's an idea that the body simply does the "wrong" thing, that it functions the way it does because it's kind of dumb and directionless, and that really illness results because people lack t he character to keep it at bay.

This is despite scads and scads and decades (hell, even centuries, really) of scientific information that doesn't back this up; despite even more new research on human bodies and genetics and hormones and the reality about fat and "excess" weight (yup, turns out the fat ones actually live longer and healthier lives, particularly if they're fat women...also not really new information) and also despite the gathering evidence (observational, actually) that forcing the body to limit caloric intake in order to make it shed fat only temporarily masks a deeper problem about nutrient absorption...and that no matter how you limit the caloric intake, the fat will still come back on if the body needs it to survive. Yes, it's true: people will gain weight on fewer calories a day than you might eat in a snack--unless they're also put on very strong stimulants.

So it seems scientific research about the body isn't being closely followed or taught to conventional medical doctors. It's too bad because it could really make a difference to effective treatment possibilities if this information was kept up with, regularly.

Particularly with apnea. It's not really that hard to tell which came first: apnea happens just as frequently in thin people as it does in people who are considered heavy; those who start off with breathing difficulties and acquire apnea will gain weight over time and wonder why their appetite increases (and they won't connect that to the apnea, as researchers have). Excess weight makes the problem worse, not better--but it doesn't seem to cause it outright.
ambersienna maria
their in everything, makeup, skin cream, deoderant, wa wah.
and i've *heard* their carcinogenic.
does anyone know anything in particular about this lovely stuff??
or other crap that is in our household cleaners/food/etc.
that i should keep a lookout for?
sodium laurel or laureth sulfate, SLS. it's in dishsoap, toothpaste, any and every soap and shampoo, even lots of "natural" products. there are alternatives at the health food store though.
ambersienna maria
i don't get why they even put that kind of crap in anything.
whats the point?
so we all get sick?
then i start thinkin all conspiracy theory
and it turns into a huge cycle of distrust of
the govt/corporations.
it's cheap and stable, like hydrogenated veg oil. they put it in there to meet consumer demands for products that work a certain way and stay fresh forever. lucky us though, we can change the market by changing our consumer demands. it's easy, if we all put our money where our mouths are things will change to meet our needs. there is no conspiracy beyond the one to make lots of money wink.gif
this isn't really a question, i just need to vent.

i've had the worst headache for three days straight. and it's not really even a headache most of the time, it's just one particular spot near the base of my head shoots out pain whenever i turn a certain way. part of me thinks it's a pulled muscle or something from laying down all stupid, but part of me thinks it's something else since it sometimes feels like a migrane confined to that one spot.

great, so i'm making it sound like a freakin' brain tumor...

i just want this insanity to end! i'd really like to wake up without a throbbing headache tomorrow.

/end rant.
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