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chacha, lil is on antibiots for a uti and he is 7wks old. can double his dose of probiotics to help with the antibiot tummy issues?
Shiny, while lil's on anti-b's, there's no sense giving him pro-b's. The antibiotics will wipe them out. So just save them and use them once he has finished his course of treatment.

You'll need to step up the probiotic treatment afterwards, as he'll be pretty depleted. I don't know how many live organisms are in his probiotics now (don't know exactly what he's taking...tell me the brand though, and I'll be able to tell you more). But normally I would want him to have at least 7 to 12 billion microorganisms per dose, and 2 types of microflora: lactobacillus bifidus and acidophilus.
it is nature's way - once daily - primadophilus children. it says 'true potency 3 billion CFU'

it makes sense that it is pointless while on antibiots. don't know why i didn't think of that.
That 3 billion per/dose is good for maintainance, but I think he might benefit from a dose and a half (test that out--if he doesn't suffer from diarrhea from the increased amount, he's probably okay with that or the double dose) for about a week or two after his anti-biots are done. I am assuming it's a powder form, right? If it is, then a larger amount daily should set him back on track. Sounds like the acidophilus is there...but the bifidus should be there as well.

Good luck, Shiny! Sounds like everyone is working hard out there.
Good Morning everyone,

I have never made posts at this thread, but lurk very often. My son went in for his 15 month check-up and his doctor informed me that he had hands, feet and mouth virus. I know nothing about this virus other that it's orgin goes back to livestock. Earlier in the week, I bought a gallon of whole milk. I gave my son a sippy cup of this and less than an hour....the milk had already started to ferment and smelled sour.. it wasn't a hot day and I also had the AC running. I thought that this was strange. The milk's expiration date wasn't until 10-05 but I threw it out regardless. The doctor also said that most likely my older son and I would end up with this virus as well.
Chacaheels, do you think I should tell my grocer about this, or do you think that it was picked up from somewhere else? Also, how do I disinfect my home to avoid my older son..who is in grade school and myself from possibly getting this. As neither of us are not experiencing any symtoms yet. The baby has not broke out with a rash, the doctor diagnosed it from his throat. I also have to wonder if she is correct in her diagnosis, as the baby has been batting at his ears for several days, but she said that she didn't see any infection in his ears, my whole family suffers from seasonal allergies too.

Thanks in advance to all!
hi arj75 - it is possible that it is from contaminated milk, but HFM virus is passed along from one child to the next, not usually passed via a pasteurized product. sometimes if they are in that "curious" stage and touch their privates or aren't super clean and scratch their butts, even that can do it. my son had it a couple years ago, and it arrived shortly after a trip to the local Burger King where they have a "playland" - i figure some other kid had the virus but not the symptoms or maybe peed in there or something. anyway, it's highly contagious, so your older boy will get it. cool baths and a low dose of ibuprofen seemed to help take away the discomfort for my boy, so give that a try. good luck.
Also, hand, foot and mouth disease is a completely different, unrelated virus than foot and mouth disease, the livestock disease. So, probably not related to the milk.
I was just gonna say that. People get them confused a lot. My niece gave me hand, foot, mouse disease last summer and it was unpleasant. My dad had it even worse though. My tongue was covered in canker sores and I had spots all over my hands, but my dad got a sore throat, and his tongue was so infected he couldn't eat anything solid. It was horrible. The doctors told us we had to just wait it out. My dad got some numbing medicine for his tongue, but otherwise we were on our own. It's pretty contagious and hard to avoid getting it especially when you live with someone who's got it.
HFMD is a kind of disease that used to be called "stomatitis" (in fact it's still known as a kind of vesicular stomatitis....where the mouth, throat, palate can be come painful with canker sores, accompanied by a rash on hands and feet and other parts of the body). It is painful, it is viral, it is not related to the livestock disease, and there is not much that can be done for it via conventional medicine besides waiting it out.

The milk was bad: but it was not really a direct cause unless milk in general makes your child susceptible to any kind of illness.

There is one thing to try and I'll just suggest it as a means of alleviating some of the discomfort and possibly cutting the suffering time short: a low dose potency of homeopathic Borax, in a 6c, 12c, or 30c potency. Give one dose of the 3 pillules under the tongue and allow them to just dissolve there. If you see improvement, great! Allow the remedy to continue working uninterrupted and don't take any more. If the improvement ends and the symptoms seem to return, simply redose at that time. If the remedy doesn't actually help or it seems to make things a little worse, do not redose. Borax 6c, 12c, and 30c is a pretty good "almost specific" in homeopathy for this illness, and it can really help a lot of people...but it might not work for all since I'm not individualizing the remedy or potency. It's just a good first aid treatment that could get you out of some pain, and it's worth a try if nothing else can do anything for you.

You can find this remedy at any health food store which stocks homeopathic single remedies...or can order them in for you if necessary. They should cost less than $10 a vial.

Thanks to all for the clarification. My baby was diagnosed with this virus on Friday. The virus hasn't worsened, there is no noticable rash, and no fever. Should I be counting my lucky stars? Or it is to soon to speak of such? I'm gonna still refer to his viral infection as the hoofs, mouth and hoofs disease, as he is still crawling on all fours, and can crawl faster than a raging bull who has just seen a sheet of red.
oh, OUCH! can someone please tell me why my hair is hurting? holy geez, i took the straightening iron to my bangs this weekend (three days in a row actually) for the first time in a while and WOW oW OW! the roots of my hair are KiLLinG ME! no, i did not burn myself. i think the hair is being forced in a different direction, against the cowlick (heh) and it's sssooo painful! what the FuCK!?!
Thanks, pepper, I needed a good laugh. I can always count on you. You say the funniest things. You're good for me. Really. So, you have curly hair? I want curly hair. I want curly red hair. Hmmm. . . I don't know why your hair hurts.

My head hurts but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my hair. I need a nap.

oh SURE! i come in looking for sympathy and what do i get? well, at least one of us is laughing. and the other one has curly reddish hair so HA! there. happy.gif

*grumble grumble* laughing at my agony of hair-pain dry.gif
I used to get that all the time, Pepper. Whenever I've straightened my hair out (to no avail, I will's always a couple of hours out of my life I regret wasting) I've always pulled my hair straight, from the scalp on out. I ache for a few days after that. And the damned hair only stays straight until the first snowflake or drop of mist from the sky lights on it.

Then it just explodes into its usual kinked, massed self. Bah. Go easy honey. I ache along with you.
hells and back girl, straighten the Whole Mess Out?!? you must be crazy, crazy ladee! i just do the bangs. apparently that's fashionable now, a straight fringe with the rest a mess. good thing too 'cause that's about all the hair fussin' i can stand yo!
i figure this is what i get for wearing it in a pebbles pompom on top of my head all the time and then trying to actually do something with it now and then. the librarian actually called me that the other day. pebbles. mortification time rolleyes.gif
my hair feels better, thank you for asking.
i'm a-scared of trying to make it look pretty again any time soon though huh.gif that shit really frikken hurt man!

ok, someone please explain to my HOW in the world drug companies stay in business when their ads end with a litany of terrifying side-effects? i mean, recited in such a pleasant, soothing voice but still, "...may include rectal leakage" sound pretty bad no matter how you say it ohmy.gif
I know how they do it: they lie and tell people only SOME users suffer from the side effects.

But they know there are no such things as "side" effects....just "effects", outright.
So: pretty much everyone will experience those effects listed.

What I love:

all the weight loss drugs cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks
all the drugs which target their sphere of action on the reproductive system of women cause cancer (of the uterus, ovary, and/or breast...pretty much without exception, including the "cancer treatment" drugs)
all the migraine/epilepsy/seizure drugs cause stroke or aneurisms of the brain
all the drugs to treat heart disease create the symptoms of heart attack on a chronic level (exhaustion, chest pain, breathing difficulty)
all the pain killer drugs cause some kind of dysfunction in the digestive system (from ulcers, to paralysis of various organs like the liver, to outright peristaltic paralysis...what you experience with opiates).

and on and on.

And yet: put them on during a news broadcast in the states and no one hears anything except the floaty music in the background behind the pretty people.
Hey all,
I was curious if anyone out there has donated their eggs, or knows anything about the process. I keep reading about these couples that really want kids and are looking for egg donors and my heart breaks a little. I know that the process is intense. I had a friend come and stay with me while she had her retrieval and she had a really hard time. She was super fertile and they got like 20 eggs out of her, but it made her ovaries overly full. I love my friend but sometimes she's a bit of a whiner about pain and tends to have some kind of chronic pain, which I think is mostly her body expressing her inner mental pain. (I feel so bad calling her a whiner...).
I was just wondering if there were some other opinions out there. Worth it or not worth it? Too much to bear? This is so not about the money for me, my bf and I are pretty set financially. If it were just about the compensation, it would not be a good trade off. But there are so many bad parents out there who don't even want their kids. It would be nice to help make a family.... rolleyes.gif
as a woman struggling with infertility (see the childless, not by choice thread), I know just a little about donor eggs. some fertility clinics have egg donor programs wherein the donor takes medications to make her ovaries produce lots of eggs. she goes in daily to monitor the development of the follicles and when the eggs are ready, they're retrieved. i don't know much about egg retrieval. you can read lots more about it at websites for fertility clinics. i found a clinic that will pair a donor with a recipient and the recipient gets half the eggs and pays for the donor's invitro cycle. i'm knocking that idea around in my head. maybe that's an option for me. i don't know though. the meds they give to cause the ovaries to make lots of eggs are very hard on me. i've taken them and i pretty much think they're of the devil. so, that's what i know. hope it helps.

Thanks fiddler.
Yeah, it's the daily injections of drugs that make me feel crappy that I'm most concerned about. Really not a big fan of shots (honestly, who is?). Since both you and my friend seemed to have really bad reactions, it might be something I might want to avoid. I remember during the week or so before the retrieval my friend could barely walk. We were going to do girly things like shopping etc, but she just couldn't and didn't have the energy. I think maybe this might be more appealing if I was close to the prospective parents, ya know? Well, I'm not writing it off entirely, but maybe not right now.
Hi all, sorry to butt in here. Anybody know what to do about the first stages of an eye infection? I had to wear my one-day contacts for 6 days (forgot to bring extra pairs on a trip) and now one of my eyes is sore, maybe a weeee bit puffy and red underneath. Any tips for keeping this under control? I really don't have the money to go to urgent care this week... thanks in advance.
wear you glasses for a week or three. there is a good xhance it is a virus anyway and it will go away on its own if you can keep iritants (contacts) away.
One of the nicest and most effective things to have on hand for eye infections and irritations of any kind, even the dreaded Pink Eye, is Euphrasia Tincture. Euphrasia's "common" name is "eyebright", it's a plant that has an affinity for the tissues around and in the eye, and it very quickly helps to alleviate any irritation from things like allergies, or tiredness...gets rid of conjunctivitis (the Pink Eye) very quickly and safely, and generally soothes and cleanses the eye (so that your eyes don't produce agglutination...that exudate that makes your lids stick together). Irritation from contact lenses responds especially well from euphrasia eye baths.

It's not expensive, a bottle will cost you about ten to fifteen dollars but it will give you enough tincture for a long time.
You can either buy an eye bath cup from your local pharmacy or a clean amber glass dispensing bottle with a pipette (one of those dropper things) on the cap, and mix a solution that you can then use as a drop as needed.

Mix the tincture in a one to one ratio for either method of application, and use the one you prefer.
thanks for the advice, ladies. i'll definitely keep my contacts out as much as possible, and i'll try the eyebright if i can get my hands on it... chacha, is the 1-to-1 solution 1 part euphrasia, 1 part water? the meantime, the good news is that it hasnt gotten worse since yesterday! hopefully this stays at bay/ gets better, so I can focus on taking care of my flu, knee pain, and back pain... sigh.
hi peeples. i've posted on the BV thread a couple times, but I now have a question for the gen healthers... smile.gif

wondering if someone can answer this question for me. i think my multi vitamin is irritating my urethra. does anyone know about that?
i stopped taking it, and the constant irritation went away. i was just chalking it up to my recurrent UTIs, but then I started taking them again, the
irritation came back... and now off again and no irritation. i think this has happened B4 with a different type too. I use a good one, with no allergens,
a one-a-day i get at the health food store. i think i should be taking some sort of multi though! any suggestions?? thanksssss!
no idea what might be bothering your body but what about a whole food supplement instead of a vitamin isolate formula? they are more costly but work better anyhow. or a green powder, they are full of vits and such. or try just taking the vits you think you need instead of a multi and see how that goes. you might find that one that's giving you the trouble.
Hello everyone,

My mother has type II diabetes, and every so often I moniter my blood sugars. This week, it was been in the high 50's range. Usually this is a hypoglycemia is condition that arises from mis-managing your insilin right? Since I don't have health insurance, and am broke, what changes can I make in my diet to see if this improves this on its own. Sugar levels should range from 80 to 120? Or lower? I have seen different opinions on this too. One of the "symtoms" listed for this condition was sleepiness, which, I am tired a lot through-out the day, but a complete insominac if I don't take a xanax before bed time. (This was my last resort to get my anxiety and sleeping problems under control) Could that medicine have anything to do with this?

I also have tried to limit my sugar intake because I suffer from chronic BV. But I still eat carbs. I'm underweight, so I try to make a pig of myself throughout the day, and get really really tired after I eat. Just never at bedtime. lol
hi -
anyone have feedback on how best to deal with back pain from a muscle pull/spasm? i've been to the chiropractor every other day for 1.5 weeks, and though i'm able to walk, i'm not noticing tons of improvement. maybe my expectations are too high though. what's a reasonable time for recovery? i'm really frustrated because i'm trying to lose weight and with this back issue, i can't do much more than yoga or pilates, which aren't aerobic enough to really burn fat.
arj75 - maybe you can talk to a nutritionist about how best to keep your diet and sugar intake balanced and steady throughout the day, so your sugar number is level, and possibly then you would not crash after eating so would sleep better at night?
p 176 -- maybe you should consider physical or occupational therapy to get your back back into shape (heh, back back... I'm so funny). I don't know if you'd need a referral from your doctor or what, but that would be my advice. Sounds like the chiro is making you feel better temporarily, but isn't helping you actually heal. There's probably specific excersizes and stuff you'll need to do, both with the therapist and at home. Good luck!
arj75, I personalize every food plan I put my patients on when they begin to show signs of the chronic diseases like Diabetes II, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. But, in a nutshell, if you want a good basic effective plan, I'd suggest you pick up the Protein Power Life Plan book, written by the Drs. Eades.
Follow the directions for their "intervention" plan, and follow their directions regarding what supplements to take on a daily basis while you're on the plan. The book is really very easy to find in any bookstore or on Amazon, and it's very affordable. The supplements and cupboard clean out will cost you, but it will be worth it.

If it's really just diabetes II you're worried about and hypoglycemia, it's a very good basic diet that brings very quick results. Then you can move into their less stringent diet plans which are very easy to live with.

p_176, does your back pain feel better if you apply warm applications to it? Or stretch it out? Do you actually get back spasms as the cause of pain?
Chiropractic is wonderful if you're experiencing pain as a result of misalignment after blunt trauma, especially if you've somehow suffered from the bones and muscles being shifted around because of that "hit" or because you're trying to avoid pain through compensation (changing the way you hold your body and move, which can sometimes cause misalignments to become lasting). It's not always the most effective treatment for muscle pain, or pulled muslces...which I think of when I think of spasms.

As a pain killer, I'd suggest Magnesium Phosphorica 6X Tissue salts, which stops all spasmodic pain and cramping anywhere. You can take those pillules anytime you need well as 4 times a day, in some warm water, to help heal the pain.

Don't worry about the exercise you're may have overdone it in the first place. Your body needs to rest so try to replace more vigorous exercises with something like a daily walk that doesn't exacerbate the pain at all, until the pain is fully healed.

Sorry, Octi--yes, one part euphrasia to one part water.
[quote name='chachaheels' date='Oct 18 2007, 03:27 PM' post='173837']
arj75, I personalize every food plan I put my patients on when they begin to show signs of the chronic diseases like Diabetes II, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. But, in a nutshell, if you want a good basic effective plan, I'd suggest you pick up the Protein Power Life Plan book, written by the Drs. Eades.
Follow the directions for their "intervention" plan, and follow their directions regarding what supplements to take on a daily basis while you're on the plan. The book is really very easy to find in any bookstore or on Amazon, and it's very affordable. The supplements and cupboard clean out will cost you, but it will be worth it.

If it's really just diabetes II you're worried about and hypoglycemia, it's a very good basic diet that brings very quick results. Then you can move into their less stringent diet plans which are very easy to live with.

Chachaheels, I'm really not concerned about diabetes...maybe I should be lol. But I am concerned about having low sugar levels throughout the day, even when I am eating constantly. I have hot flashes, and am tired all the time, but I think that is from the insomnia. I check my glucose levels, only because I get really bored at my mothers house and have nothing better to do.

I so need a good diet plan to follow, I'm 5'9" and my weight bounces from 118 to 124 pounds monthly. The harder I try to gain weight...the more I loose.

You would laugh if you seen my lazy is full of sooooooo many vitamins and other supplements that I don't even have room to put any food in there.

I have a question....since I am taking xanax it safe to try St. John's wart at the same time? Also, I couldn't control myself yesterday and bought some black Cohosh, I know my hormones are out of you think this is a good one to try?

"because you're trying to avoid pain through compensation (changing the way you hold your body and move, which can sometimes cause misalignments to become lasting). "

IANAD or anything, but I just wanted to second this out of personal experience. A friend at work has a disc problem of some kind (forget just what) but he said if he doesn't stay active, he starts compensating and then gets the muscle spasms, and then all the muscle spasms and compensating lead to way worse pain than just keeping his muscles healthy in the first place. So definitely watch out for that. Good luck!

Arj -- I know you said you don't have health insurance, but you might want to think about having your thyroid checked. Thyroid conditions have lots of vague symptoms and are often not checked for, so it might be worthwhile, especially considering you can't keep weight on. In the meantime, avoid soy products as I've heard they can aggrivate thyroid conditions.
p176, you might want to ask your chiropractor (or others in your area) if they have an electromagnetic stimulation (aka "stim") machine, and if it would be appropriate to use in your case. i've had some good pain relief using that before. I've mostly gotten it from my physical therapist (for muscle-related back pain) but once i saw a chiropractor who had the machine as well.

other than that, all i can think of are muscle relaxers (which ive never used, but my mom got relief from that).

good luck!

p.s.- my eye is almost totally better! i didn't even get a chance to pick up the euphrasia before it had improved so significantly that it seemed unnecessary.
arj75, let me just say this one time, and please heed it or you will suffer:

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever take any herbal preparation of any kind UNLESS you are under the full care of a well trained, qualified, Herbalist. There is a Guild of American Herbalists which acts as a kind of voluntary regulatory can look them up on Google and check out to see who meets their standards for education and practice in your area.

If you want to use herbs, do so ONLY under the care of a qualified herbalist. Have them take a full case, prescribe accordingly, and then continuously manage your case until your disease is cured. Alternative medicines of every kind should never be used over the counter or via self-diagnosis. All alternative medical treatments involve far more than just the medicine, they absolutely depend on case management to work successfully.

Never self-diagnose, never self treat. Period. If you are taking a prescription anti-depressant, and wish to pursue an alternative treatment, then you must involve your MD or prescribing doctor on the process of weaning you off the medication so they can adjust your dosage according to your need or decreased need. Doing it any other way is asking for big trouble.

That being said, there are some herbs which are easy to prescribe for non-chronic ailments, such as the euphrasia example given here (which was never purchased anyway)-again: it doesn't need extensive case management, it has a specific effect, it's easy to use, and people can learn right away when it's working, how to tell by the signs. How do I know this? I've had some training in herbal medicine, and a lot of training in homeopathy which often shares the same materia medica. St. John's Wort and Black Cohosh are 2 herbs I would never want to fuck with. Yeah, it's a strong term, but I have seen the catastrophes which have resulted from people being gullible enough to purchase these herbs from untrained, unqualified sales people...including MDs with no understanding of herbal medicine whatsoever, who just wanna cash in on people's reticence to use conventional medicine. These are VERY POWERFUL medicines, with serious side effects you will not know how to reverse or antidote (but an herbalist will). And, on top of everything, any messing around with hormones is just playing with fire, especially without proper diagnostic testing, diagnosis interpretation by an endocrinologist, and intensive consultation and case management with any alternative health care practitioner you would choose to use. Conventional medicine knows nothing about hormones whatsoever (except that hormone therapies of all kinds cause many horrifying side effects, from weight gain to strokes and aneurysms to cancer...take your pick)...using medicinal substances which you don't know anything about on your own in this situation is just bad medicine.

Please reconsider self treatment and self diagnosis of all kinds.

I know it costs money. I know that well. I also know that this is a matter concerning your health. Health should take priority. Prioritize the expense and when your health is restored you can resume spending your money on other things.

If you are eating a lot of food and still losing weight, I would definitely want to rule out Diabetes II, especially if it is in your family's medical history. If you've got a lot of supplements in your home already, then maybe you can see if you have the ones required for the Eades' plan. If you do, great: take as they direct in their book while you're on their diet. If you don't, then you don't have the supplements you need and you will need to buy them if you wish to use the diet plan. If you want something more finely tailored to your specific diagnosis (and I do recommend you get a full physical work up to rule out any number of chronic diseases) then you should see someone who can help you build a very personal and individualized plan for you, and follow the plan while you continue to be monitored back to health.

Chachaheels, talked me out of the St John's and the black garbage. lol

Honestly, I'm so sick of seeing one dumbass doctor after another, only to be given false information, thrown another script of anti-depressants and sent on my way. Is it possible just to pretend than conventional doctors do not exist, and just see a hemophatic (sp) doctor period? Also, even if I was diagnosed with "clinical" depression (I'm not that sad) I would NEVER take another anti-depressant again..even if it meant that I would end up six feet under. I'm not happy about being on xanax either, but the insomnia, and the anxiety of having to smell the fish rot crotch month after month... IT DRIVES ME MAD.

As far as suspecting hyperthyriodism...I do. But, according to the blood tests, and comparing to the Standard lab charts, (which is bullshit) values are in range..but on the high side.
arj75, I know you're desperate to do anything, but that is precisely the reason why you need a very good medical strategy here.

It is possible to find a good homeopath, or naturopath, or herbalist, and skip the MD temporarily. But if I were your homeopath, I would definitely want to know exactly what was happening with you physically for 2 reasons:

1). So that I know EXACTLY what is going on, internally. MDs have all the fun diagnostic toys; I don't. I'd make you go and use them for these services because I can't perform them on you myself, and I don't want to be the one accused of misdiagnosing what you have. It's far too easy to miss serious diseases and prescribe as though you were treating something trifling.

2). If you're on a prescription drug and you want off, I would NEVER tell you to flat out stop using it. It's considered a massive breach of ethics to interfere that must get your doctor to take you off that drug. If he or she won't take you off it, you have the right to a referral to another doctor who will do as you're asking.

Once you've told your doctor, it's a piece of cake to PROVE to that doctor that you no longer need the drug once you begin your treatment in the alternative medical modality you choose. He or she will have to scale back the dosages until you take none because he or she will have concrete evidence that you no longer need it-this is why monitoring is so great: it gets you out of a submissive position with a doctor who is paid to provide you with assistance and service (not the other way around)...and it forces the doctor to see with his or her own eyes that your alternative treatment is working.

I love that part the best. I especially love when they tell my patients: "whatever it is you're doing, keep doing it, it's working". Every can see that things are improving, and everyone feels good about it. That's a very good situation for everyone concerned.

Now, I know your thyroid tests fall into the "standard" charts...but an endocrinologist does not use "standard" charts...not if he or she is a good one. Also: saliva tests for hormone and gland function are far more accurate, and MDs rarely use these tests. In any case, it may not be thyroid at all, it may be something else completely. In homeopathy the diagnosis itself isn't important to practice homeopathy (but it's great information that can help you analyze all the information you get from your patient that IS important) just have to be prepared to divulge all kinds of information about all your symptoms, including emotional and mental ones. The remedy you get should address all your pathology...your insomnia, your weight issues, whatever is happening hormonally, and your anything else that's going on too.

But it always helps a homeopath to have all that extra MD information.

Hi chacha,

Uh, I have a 'sensitive' sort of question for you. I'm glad I don't know you otherwise I'd be to embarrassed to ask. There's something nice about the anonymity of the internet. Ok, here's the thing. The crack in my butt crack has cracked. Not down by my rectum, up higher, where I'd have a plumber's butt if I don't pull my pants up all day. Seriously, my butt crack is cracked. It's scabby and it bleeds. It hurts to sit. It hurts to lay on my back. It's rediculous. I keep it clean. I take a bath usually twice a day because I get cold and because baths help with the fibro pain. I'm careful to wash there. And, I clean it several times a day between baths. It's so raw and sore. This has happened before and it takes forever to heal. I don't know what causes it and it's not something I'd ask my doc to look at. I don't want him to think I'm a joke. So, can you help me? I've tried putting shea butter on it. Lavender oil on it. Tea tree oil on it (yikes, that hurt!). I'm sure that I know something that would help but it hurts so badly that I can't think of anything. It's keeping me awake for fucks sake. Help?

hi fiddler... i'm sure chacha will come to the rescue soon with some good advice, but in the meantime, i have one or two suggestions: first of all, it sounds like maybe you're actually keeping the area TOO clean which could be drying it out and exacerbating the problem. second, i wonder if putting a light layer of vaseline on the area, right after washing, might help prevent further irritation-? good luck, that sounds like it really, really, royally sucks.

(and p.s.- i feel pretty sure that no matter WHAT gross or weird medical issues we may find ourselves dealing with, our doctors have seen much much much worse! try not to be shy about it-- easier said than done, right?)
Fiddler, believe me: I have heard and learned much, much, much worse from almost every single patient I've ever treated.
So: here are my suggestions:

1. This could be a fistula, which is basically an opening that can be created anywhere on the body. A fistula is the body's way of eliminating waste products (usually from they body's own work to limit any disease threat via the immune system) which have been "walled off" deep in the body. Fistulae are actually created to get those very deep wastes out of the body without causing re-infection or continued stress on the immune system.

Fistulae often exude a discharge...have you experienced this? If so, have you noted its colour, texture, any odour?
(how's that for gross, huh? I love my job I love my job I love my job...etc).

For this reason alone, it's a good idea to avoid "closing up" the opening. even though conventional medical treatment of fistulae used to consist of cauterizing the two parts closed (thus sealling up the infectious products and waste deep in the body, causing potentially much more serious trouble. We want to avoid this). Fistulae usually do take a long time to heal--but that's because they take as long as they need to heal. Remember they actually fulfill a protective function with which you do not want to interfere.

2. Remember that Natrum Muriaticum tissue salt I suggested, as a way to manage your headaches, and as a possible homeopathic constitutional remedy which could address the difficulty in conceiving? That symptom is yet another one that would make me think that remedy could be a very good one for you.

Don't take it for that just on my word though (as there are other remedies that would be appropriate here, depending on what's really going on, fistula or just tear from dryness), think about seeing a classical homeopath close to you (I can help you find one). The tissue salt regime of Natrum Muriaticum 6x might help quite a bit anyway, and would be worth a try.

3. Sometimes these fissures happen if you suffer from a lack of nutrient assimilation from your food, and they highlight a need for some supplementation and dietary change (as a first aid approach).
Symptoms of lack of assilimation:

diarrhea (as your normal stool)
burning and itchiness in the anus, as a result of the irritation caused by the diarrhea
recurrent yeast infections
cracks and fissures in the anal area (again, from the drying and acidic effects of the diarrhea).

If you've got these problems, then you're suffering from very poor nutrient absorption, which will often irritate the skin enough so that it cracks painfully.

IN ANY CASE: I would go and see a doctor who can actually look at what's happening there (steel can do it! After all: this is their JOB! You PAY them to do this....and think of it as just a discussion about the factual reality of the symptom, nothing more...not a reflection on your character or anything like that).

Once you know what it actually is (really, to make sure that you're ruling out the possibility that it is a fistula, or anything else that could be very serious), then we can do what we need to do most effectively.
Hi Chacha - I'm starting to think maybe I have a fungus or something. My sweetie looked at it and sayd that it's cracked and bleeding but that there's no other discharge. My butt crack HURTS. The throbbing pain woke me up last night. I picked up some 6x nat mur. Trying that out for the headaches and I'm hoping that it will help my ass crack. Thanks for the advice.

Well, if it is a fungus (highly possible, especially if the skin's cracking like you said) you know you can help the whole body overcome it's infestation with acidophilus, right?

Are you taking any, cause I would seriously recommend that HMF Replete for a week or two.
I have taken a week's worth in the past when I've had very severe yeast (if you've got yeast, you've got a fungal problem that's only just showing up there...but believe me, the whole body's suffering susceptibility to fungal growth). It's worked very, very well.

The Nat Mur 6x should be taken 4 pills per dose, 4 times a day.

Hope it helps.

Another good remedy to try in a very low potency for cracks and fissures in the skin (especially at openings or orifices) is Nitricum Acidum in a potency that is less than 12c (such as a 6c or 9c). Again, that's another remedy that's often used to treat severe and recurrent headaches too! Keep it in mind for a "plan B".

My sugar daddy is laying at the Mayo Clinic, just diagnosed with throat cancer, and there are still more tests to be ran. I have only been able to speak with his father who is 90..and doesnt have a clue of what is going on otherwise, all I know is they are talking surgery..they think it is in his esophagus too. So far the doctors are saying 3 years left with removal (of what, I don't fucking know) and a feeding tube. Can you give me a name of the BEST of the best homeopathic doctor in the Greenwood or Indianapolis area, and one who works a lot with cancer patients and that has worked well (without constantly butting heads with a cancer specialist-that will allow the homeopath to do his job.
He really doesnt want to live three years with a feeding tube.
arj75, i can recommend the hippocrates institute in florida. they have a program that's had a high success rate with cancer recovery. it's radical though, it really is. that's what you need when you get so sick though, you have to be willing to go the distance to fix it up.
good luck girl.
arj75, I can ask my colleagues for recommendations and contact information of homeopaths practicing in that area, but your friend will have to decide who he wants to work with.

Homeopaths who treat patients with cancer in the US see them, almost exclusively, after conventional docs have no more treatment.

This is because 1) homeopathic treatments seek to accomplish almost the exact opposite of w hat the conventional treatments do. Where conventional meds seek to shut down the body's immune system responses and attempts to heal, homeopathy (and almost all alternative methods) actually help the body's immune system and healing responses engage with the disease in order to restore health. So, for example, if a patient undergoes chemotherapy, a homeopath would have to aggressively counter act the effects of the toxic chemicals used in the order to give the body a chance to just get through the "treatment" without dying, as so many do. Once that's done, homeopathy can then be used to reverse the effects outright, until an actual healing remedy can be found. So it's a matter of undoing the damage of the "treatment" so that you can then give the body a chance to heal itself through homeopathic treatment. At that point, you're often working with BIG obstacles to cure--especially if conventional treatments have removed or disabled or exhausted various organs or specific immune system responses.

Conventional docs have lots of power and legal authority and often will convince a pt. not to take an alternative route (usually by terrifying them that they'll die) there is no such thing as "not butting heads". The treatments themselves are opposed, alternative doctors have to be very legally aware to avoid being put in great danger as practitioners, and often they will find their work undone, to the detriment of the patient's health. It's really imperative that the patient be aware of what will be involved in the treatment options available, before deciding what to do.

2) that's not to say there are no homeopaths or alt. med practitioners out there who can work very effectively....but the patient (not you, not the patient's father...but the patient) MUST be committed to do what is necessary. Sometimes, this means a combination of approaches must take place...and the patient will have to decide who to work with on his own, usually using both means separately.

3) when there is structural change and the disease has gone beyond just creating functional change, it's much harder to restore health using any method of treatment. So: you have to allow your friend to consider what options he has, even with surgery. If the structural change is so progressed, that surgery could save his life: sometimes the best choice is doing what's necessary to survive and then using homeopathy to help restore whatever can be restored.

It's important to remember not to let sheer panic and fear shape any decisions now. I'll try and find some people you can call if your friend is ready to speak with them...the very best and most experienced cancer care practitioners in homeopathy are not in the US--they are in India and South America, for the most part, because conventional medicine has never been allowed to push homeopaths away from cancer patients in those places, as they have here. That might mean travel, or waiting for treatment to take place when the doctor is actually traveling close to you.

I will send contacts as soon as I receive them. Meantime, here are 2 well known "cancer treatment specialists" homeopaths you may wish to email, ONLY IF your friend is serious about using this treatment. website of Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan MBBS MFHom can reach his american contacts via this site to discuss any options for treatment

Manfred Mueller, RSHom (NA), CCH
Homeopathic Associates P.O. Box 119
Ojai, CA 93024-0119 Tel: 805-640-0960

I recently studied with both of these practitioners and have some idea of their extensive experience in cancer treatment. I would suggest contacting Dr. Mueller (he's actually the head of the North American Society of Homeopaths right now) for information and possible referrals for a homeopath in your he's trained many docs in his school and clinic.

Good luck to you and your friend, arj75.
Thanks Chachaheels, and Pepper

I still don't know shit. What I do know is he started vomiting up blood two weeks ago (sorry for graphic details) and when this occurred he was in the hill womps of Kentucky and the doctor suspected Barretts esophagus. The next thing I knew was he was at the Mayo Clinic being told he has cancer. I guess my friend is what you could refer to as a "functional alcoholic", (if there's such a thing) and he had been a smoker for 20 years, but quit five years ago. When he and I had sex for the first time, he left his socks on (which is a major pet peeve of mine lol.) So I took them off and I was like ewwwww, put em back on put on back on. lol. Maybe it's just my obcessions with fungus, but I thought he really had some major health problems then, and advised him to go to the doctor (which was in July - but he never did).....if you could have only seen his toes! I did speak to his Dad again, who is hard of hearing and slightly senile, he said his son has has a inner ear infection, and he can't speak, or hear. I guess I'm fearing that his larnyx (voice box?) was removed and how bad that would suck. But I'm only making assumptions here. It really sucks being in the dark, I do care for him a lot. I hope when he does come back that no matter what kind of shape he is in that I can convince him to see a homeopathic doctor. I know he is interested, but as far as his family..they still think it's hogwash. I will not bug either of those doctors until he gets back to make some choices.

That place in Flordia sounds awesome Pepper, wish I could pack up my shit, grab my kids, and move in there, forever!

Thanks for listening and your advice, I don't have many people I can vent to about one even knows I have this friend!
Good Morning everyone..this isnt really a question..just something that caught my curious mind on a morning show the other day. A man who battled cancer, designed a new type of treatment to battle the life claiming disease. I thought it was amazing. Something that involves radiowaves and a certain type of metal..I want to say copper (but I could be way off) anyways it was tested on poor little bunnies that had cancerous tumors....the treatment killed only the cancer cells and left the healthy cells alone. The bunnies are cancer free now. It has caught the mainstream medical researchers atttention. I was really excited about this...considering metal is a conducter of energy..and radiowaves too (I guess) and the fact that this treatment left the healthy cells alone. WOW. Maybe, now this could start opening more peoples eyes and realize that there is much more to treating disease than taking harsh chemicals that never should be put into our bodies in the first place. Wouldn't this treatment be considered more to the law of physics?
Technically, it's not physics really, but if copper were actually used, it does fall into the treatment by the Natural Law of Similars. Copper is a metal we need in trace amounts in the body, in larger amounts it is toxic. However, cancerous tumours thrive on copper and sugar, and consequently copper ends up often being used in potentized form by homeopaths to treat certain patients with cancer (it's never used in crude, raw form though).

Same with arsenic, which is used in crude form in chinese medicine as a cancer treatment (it's often used in potentized form to treat cancer in certain patients in homeopathy).

In one sense, it's not new (homeopaths have been doing it for over 200 years) but maybe it is, in this form.
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