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I've only ever had a couple of migraines (both within the last two months) and the first time i was given two t3's. They knocked it right now. But my mom picked up these Exedrin migraine pills when she went to the states, and the last time the migraine was gone in about 15 minutes. I don't know where you live, but you can't get them in Canada because they have caffeine in them.
I didn't know Canada had issues with caffeine. Interesting. You could still take the combo of the other two drugs in Excedrin, though- aspirin and tylenol (unless those are illegal in Canada, too....geez, you guys can't have any fun! tongue.gif ) I don't get migraines, but I do get headaches and taking those two in combination does make a difference.
You can get exedrin migraine pills here too, but they don't have the caffeine. Better than nothing though!
Hi. has anyone here ever been anemic (iron or b12 deficiency kind)? I think I may be because the list of symptoms I've been finding reads like a grocery list of everything that's been wrong with me the past few months and seems to be getting worse. I'm scared to go to the dr. though because i'm afraid that might not be what is wrong and i'll be guinea pigged half to death with tests and i REALLY hate needles. Any helpful hints or words of wisdom to calm me down and get me to just make that dr. appointment? I've begun taking vitamins and trying to eat more meat but I don't know how long that will take for me to start feeling better if it is anemia. anyone know? help!
there is caffeine in all kinds of codeine based pain killers here in canada. i even saw a new headache tablet that has caffeine as it's "special" strong head ache fighter in shoppers a few weeks ago. canada just has longer testing periods and stricter guidelines for drugs, not issues with caffeine!

anonymoose, just ask to have you iron levels checked. you don't have to get into a huge discussion about it if you don't want to. if your levels are low supplement with iron tablets and see how you feel, it usually takes a couple of months of taking it every day to get your iron stores back up though so stick with it. i take dessicated liver tablets, they're the best.

or you could just eat some liver or liver pate once a week and see if that changes things for you.
and b complex is great for anyone, it's water soluble so if you don't need it you pee it out and it's terrific for stress.
A bowl of cheerios has 50% of your daily iron. I tried to donate blood and they told me my iron level was too low....I don't remember if it was around my period or something, but I'm omnivorous and have a pretty diverse diet, so I was pretty shocked by it. If I took the regular iron pills, I got constipated, so I was taking slow-release ones for awhile, but never took them again once the bottle ran out. That was several years ago and for the past couple of years I've been taking multi-vitamins that have no iron. I've never had any of the effects of anemia, so I still don't know if I was just low that day or what.

Interesting about the excedrin- it's been on the market for years here, so I wonder why they still don't allow it there. I guess it's better than the FDA, though. rolleyes.gif
Tylenol makes a codeine/caffeine acetominaphen tablet which can be purchased from your pharmacist but isn't prescription, but the essential problem with the codeine/caffeine combination is its propensity to create serious addiction. The caffeine is put in the preparation to counteract the soporific effects of the codeine, which would simply just force anyone who took it to sleep. Each chemical's addictive, but the two together are wickedly so. The effects of all opiate drugs are brutal, particularly on the digestive system.

Anyway, there's a false perception that either of these countries actually "tests" these drugs. The pharmaceutical companies actually do little more than pay for their own science which demonstrates their theory that the drug is effective against a particular complaint or illness. Once they can present that to the FDA or Health Canada, they merely purchase a license from those agencies to sell the drug in that country, as neither agency "tests" anything. It's pricier for drug manufacturers to purchase that license in Canada than it is in the US, so many of them are just not available for sale here until a sizeable market can be created to offset that cost. With so many caffeine/codeine drugs already on the market here, it may just cost Excedrin more than it's worth to make the drug available here.
chacha, that's gross. sad.gif
I know.

Funny we were talking about this. I just got home from the hospital after taking my mom there this morning. Her limbs are swelling up, and she was in severe pain, and after taking a whole bunch of tests we discovered she'd broken her kneecap. The doctor who looked after her gave me the option of putting her on a codeine/acetominaphen combo (Tylenol 3s) or straight codeine. The tylenol won, cause she would hate to be "out" all the time, and I would hate to deal with her withdrawal symptoms once she'd been on that for a few days. And I would hate to hear the doctor say, "at her age, addiction isn't a problem".

But: Hi Pepper!!! Good to see you!
thanks for the suggestions around the migraine stuff. i guess more sex will have to be the fix! tongue.gif
oh, and treehugger - i'm going to buy myself a coffepot! smile.gif
chacha, or anyone else who might know, i have a question. i have a 3 wk old baby (cutest damn thing ever) and sadly he has thrush. i went ahead and got an rx for nystatin and they recommended an antifungal cream for my nipples because i am breastfeeding. but i was doing a little internet research and found lots of various home remedies but one in paritcular that interested me. coconut oil has an acid in it that is a natural antifungal and is supposed to be very effective against thrush. the recommendation i found was to paint in into baby's mouth after each feed and on to the nipples after each feed as well. i asked a very trusted pharmacist and he said it certainly will not hurt and if anything will have nutritional value. i like this idea better than nystatin as with nysatain i have to use and anti fungal cream that must be washed off before every feed and as you can imagine that can be slightly inconveniet both at night ans when out and about during the day. so have you ever heard of coconut oil as a tx for thrush? if so, how long should i use it? i bought extra virgin, cold pressed, organic coconut oil. should it be refrigerated? thoughts anyone? should i stick with the inconvenient and sticky and stinky modern medicine remedy or the yummy smelling and skin soothing coconut oil?
Shiny, I'm laughing because if you look on the alternative medicine thread and on the "how did my butt get so big?" thread, you'll see I NEVER SHUT UP about coconut oil.

You bought the only kind I'd ever get, which is great: I'd not only apply it topically on your skin and your baby's, but I would encourage you to eat 2 tsps. of the cocoanut oil with every meal if you're still lactating. It is hugely valuable as a fat, so vital to immune system strength. Breastfeeding does nothing if not "teach" your own baby's body to create immunity to disease, so adding the coconut oil to your diet will really support this process. Coconut's also got so many other nutrients you can't really get anywhere else, and they're so easy to absorb. You're fabulously lucky to have come across this bit of information about it.

As an added boost, please supplement your own diet with pro and pre-biotic live cultures. Genestra Seroyal makes a Human Micro Flora complex called HMF Replete, which features 7 or 8 sachets of live microflora which you take to restore your own balance, using one sachet a day. There are billions of microorganisms in each sachet, and the number is really one huge factor in your ability to actually resolve the thrush problem. I like this product much better than other kinds of acidophilus/bifidus pills or the ubiquitous solution of "eating yogurt" because it's so much stronger, and the live cultures are exactly what we have in our bodies...not something that's a "suitable" replacement, such as the live cultures found in raw milks and cheeses, and some yogurts. They're great for maintaining health--but not very effective when you've got a problem like yeast. This will really help get rid of the yeast/thrush plus help you to improve your own baby's immune system foundations and growth via breastfeeding. You can just put in the brand name on google for this product and it's easy enough to order online, at a very reasonable price; you may even be able to find a health food store near you which carries it.

By all means, any opportunity to avoid using any kind of antibiotics in babies (which, incidentally, begins a lifetime of health woes, including inability to absorb nutrients, allergic ashtma, recurrent yeast and other fungal infestations which become systemic in the long run, and contributing to the ineffectiveness of all antibiotics for any kind of use) should be jumped on.

Here's more information on coconut oil and it's vastly important nutrients:

and then do a search on the site itself using the words "coconut oil and babies"--you'll come up with many articles on making the best real food baby formula, baby nutrition health....lots of stuff I know you'll find to be useful.

Oh: coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated, it's the most stable fat at very high temps (that's why it's been used for frying foods of all kinds, with no worry of the fat becoming rancid) and it is still extremely stable at room temperature for long periods of time, even if it actually liquifies (mine did when I avoided turning on my air conditioning this summer. Part of it liquified, but it still tasted wonderful).

Good luck--I know you'll both be well again very soon.
chacha, would you put in into such a young baby's mouth? not that i wouldn't choose that over antibiotics anyday but i thought to give nothing at all by mouth but breast milk until 6 months including gripe water, water, medicine (except in dire situations), etc?
I wouldn't put it into the baby's mouth, but I would apply it to the surface (around the mouth, over the lips) because it will be soothing to the affected areas there. The article Shiny referred to recommended applying it to the nipples and mouth area topically, after breastfeeding, which I think will be very soothing for both of them with no harm. But I also suggested that Shiny add the coconut oil into her own diet as a means to help the baby overcome the thrush. Technically, breasts take over the work the placenta did during gestation: if she can cure her own yeast with what she ingests, then the baby's yeast will clear up as well. No need for the baby to take in extra, on his own, as he's getting what he needs-nutrients as well as the information about how to overcome the fungal infection--from her. They're still very connected, as you know!

The articles on the Price website which include coconut oil as a baby formula ingredient seem to be directed for use with older babies, babies who've had a few months of breastfeeding already. In any case, it's part of a complex of foods there so it should be no problem. Most of my own experience with this food is from seeing its effects when it's part of the diet--not from it's effects of topical application. I don't doubt it would be effective there, but I do think it's quite a heavy food for a baby of that age to take in directly. You're good to make that clear!

i'm glad we're talking about this, it's made me remember that jar of coco oil i have in the fridge. i've been using my preggo belly oil still but not putting it on the boobage 'cause i don't want any of it to get into her mouth. i could start rubbing in some coco oil up top though, most will absorb/rub off on clothes but if she did get some residue it would be ok.
i have to do something for that skin too, it's all stretched outta shape!*giant hooters* laugh.gif
i have read the hoe did my butt get so big thread and that is why i addressed the question to you chacha. thanks for the info. it is amazingly soothing on my sore nipples. i usedit like butter on my hot cereal this morning too
I've been hearing for years from women I know who come from the Caribbean that cocoa butter is the best thing to use to prevent stretchmarks, so it is commonly used topically during pregnancy. But I bet that, combined with coconut oil as a supplement, would really help the skin stay elastic and supple.

Enjoy !
I need some suggestions on how to deal with feet stink.
Sometime over the summer, after my sandals getting wet repeatedly from rain, as well as the normal sweat/dirt/toe goblins whatever, I have developed a relentless foot stank. They smell better after i shower, but once I put my sandals back on, they are restinkified. I have ordered a new pair of shoes (aren't they adorable?), and once those arrive, I will have to do some major destankifying before I put them on, so they don't get contaminated.

So what do I use? Tea tree oil seems to work for everything...antibacterial soap? voodoo? any other ideas? I'm pretty sure this is a bacterial issue..if it was fungus, I would have a rash or something, right? thanks for any suggestions!
a girlfriend of mine got rid of a serious case of foot fungus by soaking nightly in tea tree oil. just don't wear those shoes anymore while you're treating your problem, kinda defeats the purpose if you just keep getting whatever it is back on your feet everyday!
I think turbo has some Lush product that she really likes for destinkification. Also, and I don't know how well this would work with sandals, but maybe putting foot powder on everyday would help. It probably wouldn't show up on the shoes if you applied it to your feet and not the shoes.
Foot so hard to get rid of because we have to cover our feet to protect them and we're obliged by convention to go through life shod. Not wearing shoes is not an option unless you're on the beach and even there you run into problems without them. It's important you try to limit contact with the "infected" shoes ever again, as a big problem with fungal infections of all kind is tendency to re-infection. All it takes for re-infection, if we're susceptible, is renewed contact. So you'll have to think about getting rid of all the shoes you've worn while you've had the infection.

I like the tea tree oil idea, because it is effective and relatively gentle. It's good for treating the kind of fungus that grows on nails or on the skin (like athlete's foot), or the kind that keeps drying out your heels and helps create callouses. It's a good idea to make a water and tea tree oil solution for soaking your pedicure instruments in, as well--your clippers, pumice stones, foot files, etc.

If your feet sweat a lot, and the sweat is part of the problem, then I would also suggest Silica Biochemical Tissue salts, to take internally, 4 times a day (four little quick dissolve pills at a time). Silica's great for helping to eliminate the need for excessive sweatiness and it won't suppress the sweat while it works. It's also a fantastic mineral for making your nails stronger and smoother, and your hair much healthier.

humanist, I know this sounds gross but, being a veteran of fire camp where foot rot is inevitable, I've found that peeing on your feet can help. And, of course, treating whatever shoes you wear with strong antifungal. Your sandles, unlike my fire boots aren't all tightly closed in. Hmmm. . . Can you wipe them out with something that busts the fungus? Good luck.

Holiday Mae
Eep... first post. So much pressure! I hope this is in the right thread....

I'm a super stoner - I was smoking the herb every day, but now I'm at the point of wanting to quit, or at least trying to cut waaaay back. Does anyone have any tips or just some experience of their own? The hardest part is, I don't even WANT to quit. My pocketbook wants me to quit, and since I'm almost to that big 3-0, I thought now would be the time. Plus, and I'm barely admitting this to myself, but I can tell that my brain isn't the smooth machine it used to be.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Blanche, I'd want to know if the "stains" are accompanied by pain--does Mini feel any pain or anything out of the ordinary there? I'd want to know if he can "feel" when they are made (as opposed to when he may be peeing). Does he feel pain? Stinging? Itching? Nothing at all?
Is there an odour associated with it?
How long have they been happening? Are they consistently present now, or just showing up once in a while?

Could it be a sensitivity to a soap that's being used, or a talc? Are there any skin symptoms accompanying these marks (such as redness, rash, etc?)

It's hard to diagnose anything sight unseen and with little information...but has anyone posted any responses about their experiences with this?

Blanche: Well,, as it's unlikely his testes have fully developed at seven years.... But fluids? Yes... Maybe. It isn't unheard of, and I do think masturbation does bring enough of a pleasurable sensation at that age and even orgasm (there are some children I've treated who routinely masturbate in order to sleep...most under the age of 4).

It all depends on what's happening with the development of the organs and glands at this time. Things don't all develop at the same pace, some organs and glands actually reach full size before others (that's why bedwetting can be such a problem around this age--an example is the bladder's the wrong size at this stage of development so control becomes difficult).

If he's developing normally, I don't think it's anything really...but to be on the safe side, I'd see if it might be some kind of sensitivity to soaps or talcs or even detergents that are used to wash the clothing. Try eliminating or changing these things and see if the symptom persists despite the elimination.

Holiday Mae, good for you...I don't know what to suggest to help you stop using other than I don't think there's a physiological addiction with pot the way there often is with other drugs. We are, however, "hotwired" for cannabinoids in our brains, so they do have a profound effect on our system (marijuana is not really a benign drug, it does have lasting effects in the body, particularly on the nervous system, the reproductive system, and on our ability to perceive through sensation). Some of the best ways to break a habit that's more psychological than physiological is to change behaviours associated with the use. Smokers, for example, often stop drinking coffee if the coffee and cigarette combination was part of the "ritual" of smoking. If you did particular things in association with smoking pot, then think about replacing those activities with activities you don't and won't associate with the drug. That will make any temptation much less likely.

Good luck!
she would do a great column. chacha, you are such a wonderful resource here.
Aw, you guys....are very kind. Thanks for your very flattering words, and all I can say is, I hope you find the information helpful.
chacha, they're right. i don't know who you are, what your training is, etc, but you're the person i think of to ask when i have a question about nutrition and health. you obviously have professional training, i'm guessing in homeopathic medicine as well as natural and herbal medicine. the tissue salts you mention are homeopathic remedies, right? at any rate, i so much appreciate you being here for us. you're so much more readily available than my doc is. shit, sometimes i wait a week or more for a return phone call when i have a question. so, thank you. so much.

yes, oh yes chacha is teh awesome. and she's teh gorgeous too!

i vote for a column in Bust! yay!
chacha, you sound like you really know your stuff. Whats the deal with tea tree oil guys? have you heard the BV treatment of putting it on a tampon?

More gratefulness for more kind words from more lovely people! (And Pepper, thank you so for the're pretty dynamite yourself, Lady!)

Fiddler, the tissue salts are kind of homeopathic. They were actually discovered and prepared by a Homeopathic Doctor back in the 1800's, and his discovery turned on the idea that all of us require 12 inorganic minerals in proper balance and supply in our bodies at all times (Inorganic refers to the fact that we cannot get these minerals sufficiently from our foods, but they must be present in the body in order for health to be maintained). Whenever we have a shortage of any of these minerals, we will see symptoms present, and eventually, illness set in.

These minerals are actually mineral compounds which are diluted on a ratio of one to 9 (this is called a "decimal" scale). So, in other words, you would begin to make the medicine with one part of the tissue salt, let's choose silica; mixed with nine parts of powdered milk sugar (which is what's commonly used). When that is triturated or ground together well, one part of that mixture is taken out and triturated with nine parts milk sugar, which makes the second dilution in a series. The serial dilution process is repeated until you have the potency you desire: for tissue salts, they usually go to a 6X or 12X potency (so, the process is repeated 6 or 12 times, using the same dilution ratio and process).

This allows the mineral to have an effect just like a nutrient. However, the dilution allows the mineral to act much more quickly, because it is much more readily absorbed; it also has a much, much more potent effect that just a chemical compound. It can actually effect the dynamic of the whole body. Which is why tissue salts act so much more quickly and powerfully than plain mineral supplements. We call them "biochemical" because you can still measure a quantity of the actual mineral compound in the finished medicine...whereas in homeopathic medicine, it's presently chemically impossible to measure the medicinal material in the potencies most commonly used. Sounds crazy, I know, but it is sound science...and it does serve to make very powerful poisons into extremely powerful medicines, with no side effects.

Homeopaths also make regular remedies out of these same tissue salt chemicals but usually they are much more diluted (and therefore a lot more powerful too, so you must individualize and limit their use according to each patient....much more difficult work). What I love about tissue salts is that they are really, really effective, relatively inexpensive, anyone can learn how to use them well, and there are only 12 to choose from (as opposed to the 3000 plus remedies you have to know really well in Homeopathy...and are much trickier to use). I also love that they work with kids, who like taking them (the taste!); better still, they are really handy for treating complaints in animals as well.

Italianwife, I've heard many people suggest that the tampon with Tea Tree Oil is a good idea for BV and yeast (better, I think, for yeast...but still loaded with limitations) but it's my experience that BV is WAY more than just an illness with a number of inconvenient symptoms. You simply can't get rid of it by trying to get rid of the discharge and the smell, or just by topically and repeatedly treating the infection. I've looked in the BV thread and it's so clear that's the approach people want to take, and I wish it were that easy, but the approach absolutely has to address the problem holistically. Tea Tree oil on tampon may get rid of the discharge and smell for a little while, but a body that is vital enough to want to heal itself will only bring those symptoms back as soon as it can. After a while either the Tea Tree oil will stop working, or the treatment will effectively suppress the symptoms so that more insidious symptoms will replace them altogether. And believe me, you do not want that to happen.

First: be sure what you're dealing with is a plain old bacterial infection. Do not self diagnose, do go to a doctor (one who knows you is best, walk in clinics are not a good choice for tricky diagnoses like this). Rule out other illnesses that look exactly like BV so that you are actually sure about what needs to be done. Remember that hormonal imbalances, sexually transmitted diseases, other deep pelvic diseases all have symptoms that are similar to BV, and that you are seeking a diagnosis in order to be certain you don't have something more serious. If you hate dealing with doctors because you can't stand that they're going to give you drugs or propose scary treatments, keep the fact that the diagnosis is all you're going for in mind. Docs have to give you the option to consider the treatment they provide: you're under no obligation to fill the scrip or undergo the procedure they propose if you want to consider seeking out a second opinion, or weighing options for treatment in alternative medical therapies. You can tell your doctor thanks for the information, I need to think, and then do go and learn as much as possible before deciding the next step. So don't let that stop you.

Next: if the diagnosis confirms BV, begin to consider that there are maintaining causes for this illness, and that causes will come in physical, emotional, and spiritual forms. It's no accident, for example, that so many women with BV are in relationships where they are not fulfilled to any extent, or they are being treated unequally by their partners, or they are avoiding some primarily fundamental issue with that partner in order to keep him/her around (because they believe that if they speak up the relationship will end). People like to think all there is to treating any illness is wiping out the symptom so you can "go on with your life", but the reality is, your life WILL have to change so that whatever is making you susceptible to the illness is addressed (either eliminated, or changed, or fixed, whatever needs to be done).

Of course, you can support the body so that while you're recognizing and implementing these changes, it will have whatever it needs to bring about its own healing (and that's where doing things like supplementing your diet, adopting new behaviours, and changing your perspective on things really help).

So it's a multi-pronged approach. Yes, tea tree oil might be part of it, but it would be ONLY one part, quite likely a very small part, of the treatment (for what it's worth, at least as I'd recommend it.

People hate to hear that, I know, but I look at it this way: you can spend years suffering from the BV and trying every new over the counter, miss-used medication and crazily dangerous prescription medication to get rid of a couple of symptoms, and all those approaches will work for a time but not really, so you'll just keep trying and becoming frustrated (at best. At worst, the condition could worsen).

Or: you can take the time to figure out what it is that is making you susceptible to the illness, and change what needs to be changed so that you can flourish. After all, symptoms occur BECAUSE your body is trying to heal itself, but can't quite seem to do it. It's like they are created to tell you your body needs some attention and help. You might have to change a few things about your life so that you stop becoming susceptible...and in the end you end up healthier and happier and capable of accomplishing all the things you want and were meant to do, instead of being frustrated.

I also highly recommend that if you do choose to treat with any alternative medical approach that you do so under the care of someone who is well qualified in their chosen modality--never do it on your own.
Chacha, I have a question for you. I find myself suddenly caring for a 12 month old child. She's coming to my home tomorrow and will likely be unsettled and upset. Can I give rescue remedy to such a young child?

Rescue Remedy is perfect for use in such a situation. There are other Bach Flowers which may even be more helpful, but you have to assess the emotional state accurately before choosing the most appropriate. The Rescue Remedy is a quick and dirty, but very very effective means, of just giving the child what she needs to feel much calmer, more secure in her abilities, and much more able to respond to whatever needs to be done.

Tip: if she won't take it orally, you can put a drop or two on her wrist and rub it in (that's the way I usually use it for terrified animals, just a drop or two on the paw). After all, it's just herbal tincture mixed with water and alcohol--it's not fabulous tasting.
*tip toes in so as not to wake the colicy baby*

chacha, since you are the resident expert, what to do for colicy baby. i have stopped breast feeding and now am dealing with colic. he is almost 6 wks. i was using organic similac formula but have switched to sensitive which does seem to help some but i would love to find something that will make him more comfortable. he seems to be worst in the evening when he is tired. (he has not been sleeping much at all during the day, well, not really that much at night either.)
Okay, Shiny, let's make him comfy.

There are certain homeopathic remedies which, given in low potencies, are "almost specific" remedies for baby colic (I say "almost specific" because truly, there is no "specific" homeopathic remedy for any one illness--doesn't work that way).

Anyway, mothers find a lot of success using the remedy Colocynthis, in a low potency (like 9C, or 12C). This remedy is a good one to use if you find your baby seems to want to bend forward when colicy (applying pressure to the abdomen actually feels better and seems to ease cramping for patients needing this remedy).

Another good remedy to try is Carbo Vegetabilis, also in a low potency like 9C or 12C. This remedy helps to stop the production of gas in the digestive system, and also helps baby get rid of it, while calming the spasmodic cramping associated with colic.

Any health food store which carries the vials of homeopathic pillules should keep these remedies in stock or order them in for you easily enough. I'd get both remedies to keep on hand: you should try one remedy at a time, however, and use whatever one works. I'm most inclined to try the Colocynthis first as it seems to be the one most people find effective. Just take one of the pillules out of the vial, put it into a container of water (a glass with about 4 oz of water will do) and allow it to dissolve for a few minutes (they don't usually, but really all you need is contact with the water). You can also choose to crush the pillule between two spoons and then add the pulverized pillule to the water--your call. Use a pipette or a straw (insert in the water, cover the top end with your finger to draw the liquid up) and give the baby a few drops orally.

For a lot of moms, they see it working within seconds. If it's a few minutes later and you're still seeing no result from the first remedy you tried, then it's time to try the second one.

Remember to give one dose, then wait and watch to see what happens. If the colic dissipates, you don't need any more remedy. Only if and when the symtpoms return do you need to redose. Keep the vial handy should you face the problem again (many moms say it doesn't return). Please keep in mind that you ONLY need the remedy if symptoms present. If there are no symptoms, and baby has no colic and eats well--no medicine is necessary.

And Bach Rescue Remedy is also a good, soothing stand-by too. You'll use it for a thousand different things.

Also: check the new formula you're using to see if there is a soy content--it seems to be problematic and one of the biggest causes of "leaky gut" syndrome in babies and children, causing a lot of food sensitivities and absorption problems during the child's early development. Opt for a non-soy formula if you can. The non-fermented soy could be contributing to the colic in another way in that it's terribly difficult for most people to digest in that form.
chacha, lil slept soo well last night. no colic at all. i wonder if it just took that long for the organic formula to get out of his system and the sensitive formula to start working. i do not know. i think i will get the coloynithis anyway just in case. if i do need it, it will be in the evening or at night and i don't want to have to suffer through with a sad and uncomfortable baby. it is hard to deal with not being able to comfort him. anyway, thanks so much for the info. oh, and we are still fighting thrush, what are your thoughts on giving a 6wk old probiotics? you really are a wealth of info, you should be getting paid for all your knowledge.
Hi Shiny,

It's possible the colic was just something resulting from his food change...but I am primarily concerned that his gut won't develop properly, so the formula you select is very important. Every baby gets colic, it's just the way things work (after all, there comes a time when even the baby who can digest and eat well begins to expand his menu. It's inevitable). But I do want to caution against the soy ingredients in formula. I think they greatly contribute to food allergies and the inability to absorb nutrients in all kinds of children. It makes for some huge problems (such as the whole celiac problem so many children now face). Babies should be able to eat and digest all foods, including dairy. These allergies and sensitivies are reversible, and I strongly advise taking a course of treatment which will eliminate the sensitivies rather than pander to them: in the end, this latter approach is self-defeating as a long term strategy.

And that's it for public service blah blah blah....

Yes, definitely get your colocynthis and your carbo veg--they will come in handy at some point!

Another "must have" remedy for moms to have on hand for babies, this one for teething complaints, is Chamomilla Matriciana, in a 30c potency or lower(comes from the same plant as the tea and the herb, but trust me: the homeopathic medicine is NOT THE SAME THING). So helpful for treating teething complaints, especially where the baby is so sensitive to the pain it infuriates him. The babies who need this remedy characteristically only stop crying when picked up and carried, and often have one red cheek during the height of their pain. They also have the characteristic green coloured diarrhea (ah, my job always comes down, at some point, to discussing poo...) that results from a completely upset system. If you get it now you'll be well armed when the trouble starts.

Okay: baby probiotics....there are actually some infant formulations on the market, one by Genestra/Seroyal called HMF Neuro (it's a powder form that you can mix with formula) and another by the company called Metagenics (for some reason I believe the line is called DF--here's an example of the product in a non-dairy form but you can also get the dairy form:

These are pricey. But my experience has led me to select only the practitioner driven brands of these supplements when treating things like yeast or treating those who've been exposed to huge immuno-suppressive treatments of all kinds (chemo, radiation therapy, and anti-biotic treatment). It pays to spend a little more...the commercial brands may be fine for maintaining an already healthy constitution but useless when needed to actually cure an ailment.

I do get paid for this information, quite a lot (I have my own practice). Some people on Bust contribute with witty remarks, or stories about their sexual experience, or information about whatever it is with which they have expertise: for me, this is my field. I like to advocate for good health care, especially for good, factual information about alternative medicine (and believe me, the public is actively, expensively, and deliberately misinformed about it...a fact that pisses me off to no end particularly because I've seen that misinformation cost lives). Quite a lot of that kind of info was showing up here, too--so I figured, what the heck, chime in. I'm a natural advicequeen anyway. A lot of this info is available on line but it is rarely clarified...and that's where I can be helpful.

"(ah, my job always comes down, at some point, to discussing poo...)"

hee hee hee hee hee. now you know what it's like to be a mommy. it all comes down to poo, it's like what talking about shopping or sex is for the single girl. no joke.

i guess it's time for me to round up some teething homeopathics myself. the wee princess will have a mouth full of perly whites in no time. it's flying by, can't believe how fast life moves even while i feel like i'm standing perfectly still. crazy that.

ok chacha, here's a weird one for you. i seem to have too much spit in my mouth. what is that?
pepper, too much spit in your mouth, huh? Hmmm. . . I'm active on an infertility board and too much spit is one of the things folks talk about when they're in the very early stages of pregnancy. You have started your period since your baby. Are you preggie? Just a thought. Really though, your post made me laugh. You're a hoot. I need to laugh more often.

oh HA, that would be a miracle. they call it immaculate conception i think...

no, no sex for me since i conceived, if you can believe that. same with my last pregnancy. it's amazing that something that has everything to do with sex (making a baby) can propel me so far in the opposite direction once it has begun.

i'm not even having sex with myself these days sleep.gif
if i hadn't just pushed a watermelon out of there i'd qualify as a born again virgin.

glad to make you laugh. with kids you Have to laugh to keep from crying some days.
Pepper, it's not always a sign of pregnancy...though it can certainly be.

It can also result from an abscess or infection in the throat. Been having any trouble there lately?

To add to the fun of talking about poo for a living, I also get to discuss the texture, appearance, presence or absence of other body fluids. Like Saliva: besides being copious, is there a change in the texture (thin, watery, viscid and thick) smell and taste, or appearance? It helps to know these finer points when you're trying to figure out what's happening.

if i hadn't just pushed a watermelon out of there i'd qualify as a born again virgin.

hee indeed! well, ok it was a Small watermelon. and cute too!

hmm, let's see. my mouth tastes the same. the spit is sort of thin but gluey, know what i mean? like if i tried to spit it out i'd end up with a string of it i couldn't shake (oh, ugh). no throat trouble but the people who lived here before us smoked quite heavily and even though it's been cleaned, painted, carpet pulled up (except for the stairs), i can still smell it. faintly but so what eh? faintly stinking of horseshit would still be stank. i'm working on getting the carpet on the stairs cleaned and scrubbing the the nasty kitchen cupboards with tsp but that can't happen with the babe in the house. so, stinky wafts of old smoke may be just the thing that is bothering my body.

oh, and i am a bit congested. a touch of sinus pressure and spitting up thick yellow globs now and then. eww.
Well: there it is. An infection can certainly do that for you...yours is in your sinus (affects ear, nose, throat area, believe it or not) and you're probably suffering from a bit of post nasal drip too.

Do you have a history of seasonal allergies? They could be the cause of the conditions bringing up the problem.

I gotta get that book (and some remedies) out to you, honey. Please forgive my slowness on that!
no allergies so far in my life but it can happen all of a sudden i understand. i will visualize myself healthy and whole and a little less sensitive until it becomes true! seriously, i have an infection? terrific.
don't fret about the post, i'm not even unpacked yet! no hurry. xo.
Oh, Chacha - about poop. I have the shits and it hurts. I'm wondering what homeopathic you'd reccommend. Sudden onset, intense cramps that make my cry out, like dry heaves from my butt (sorry, but that's the only way i can thi8nk of to describe it). bm's followed by physical exhaustion. feeling of intense hunger. accompanied by fear (don't know what I'm scared of). what helps - heat, being still, having my window open, being warm. what makes it worse - moving, shivering. Any ideas? I have a materia medica but it's downstairs and that seems like way too far to go get it. ugh.

Any ideas when this started? After exposure to cold? After an argument or shock? Any suspicion as to what could have brought it on?

Do you feel chilly? Is there any kind of fever accompanying these symptoms? Any vomiting? Is this worse at night? Morning?

When you feel hungry, do you eat anything? If so, what happens? Notice any specific cravings?

Quick and Dirty:

Sudden onset of anything, with fear of an unnameable (fear of death most often) usually sends me running for Aconitum Napellus. Try a dose of 30c or 200c if you've got it handy. One dose.

My next choice would be Belladonna 30c or 200c, especially if the ailments are worse from movement.

Hope you have them need a Repertory before a Materia Medica is of any good (you'll never find the remedy by browsing through it....there are too many remedies and the subtle differences between them are too difficult to find this way). So don't bother with it for now...just see if you can give the answers to the questions above and try and locate the aconitum and belladonna.
i have boerickes (can not spell for shit). it has a repertory in it and it works if i have energy to use it. anyway, thanks for your feedback. i felt better throughout the day. slept all day and woke feeling better but crabby. no fever, no vomiting. woke with the sxs this morning with no warning at all. comes on the heels of a high stress and very emotional week. craving milk (i do not drink milk). feeling almost human now. thank you.

Did you take anything, Fiddler? I'm glad you're feeling so much better. I don't think I would classify this as "sudden onset", but it is definitely something that happened overnight, while you slept. Still...the stress, the wacky schedule, the emotional roller coaster...looking after a wonder. Your resources were stretched as thin as possible.

That and the milk craving...makes me think of a better remedy, maybe one you should keep on hand as a possible acute remedy for whatever comes on this way for you (though, usually you see vomiting and diarrhea with this remedy). The remedy is Arsenicum Album: Boericke's entry for that remedy is a good one to take a look at.

I love Boericke's, but there are some disadvantages to it as a resource: for one thing, much of the information about the remedies is clinical documentation, and not from provings (and in homeopathy, the proving information is the far more valuable for reasons that are too complicated to explain here). That's not really bad except for the fact that when you approach the information, much of the documentation is from cases where patients were suffering from truly advanced pathology, with severe tissue change (in other words, far beyond the state where illness only effects function...where it is much less progressed). To place the book in an historical context, Boericke and his colleagues and students were working at a time when homeopathic medicine was the mainstream form of medicine in North America, and homeopathic hospitals were located throughout; many of these patients were suffering from the big epidemics of the later part of the 19th century...yellow fever, cholera, tuberculosis, pleurosis, scarlet fever, small pox, typhoid, influenza...ailments seen in those affected by war, famine, etc. So his remedy pictures are all "end stage" often because conventional medical treatment was not offered or inadequate, and the epidemics were aided in progression by things like poor sanitation and poor nutrition...things which can create the conditions for severe illness very effectively.

Unlike homeopaths practicing today, who see patients with chronic disease which is not so advanced, Boericke treated these patients in hospital in extremely deteriorated states. You're not in that state at all!! So it's easy to look at the entry and don't have a cancer there....this isn't the remedy (even though you may be able to actually find all of your symptoms listed in the same entry, but they don't strike you because the overall picture being presented is so much sicker than the average person who needs the remedy would be). But if you know this going in, then it's a great little book to have handy. You have to remember to consider everything written in terms of the context of history though...and then you're fine.

Boericke's repertory is also good but it's an understatement to say that it is limited...but I'm just so impressed you've got them.

I'm glad you're so much better...but I do hope you have a chance to just rest and do as little as possible for the next couple of days.
i took otc loperamide. it helped and i slept. when i woke, i read your reply and took aconite. i'm absolutely fine today. thank you.

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