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I thought there was a thread about sweating, but maybe not. I have this problem both armpits though. My doctor suggest Drysol (which i think has a different name in the states). You can get it over the counter and its about $25. Expensive, but I've been using the same bottle for about 4 years. You only use it a couple of nights a week, and only before bed. I didn't believe it would work when I first bought it so I over-used and got a bad rash.

Now I use it about once or twice a week and while it doesn't completely stop the sweating it helps a lot. That combined with secret platinum works the best for me.
Hi Erin Jane,
I've used Drysol since I was 12 (I'm in the US). You can get only by perscription in the US.

Certain Dry is good too, you can buy online at
i don't think there's a thread about this, though i considered putting it in either the sin bin or the confessions thread.

i have not been to a dentist in over a decade. and now i'm really scared about my teeth. they are exceedingly crooked, which i generally have no problem with. but the front bottom clump (between the two bottom canines) are SEVERELY crooked. and also small. even though i have pretty good oral hygeine and always try to brush that gang particularly well, they are getting a bit discolored, especially between the two absolute most crooked ones.

when i brushed just now i decided it was a good day to floss (i know, i know).

because i'm worried about that discoloring in the extra-slanty clump, i decided to pay extra special floss attention to those. and the floss GOT STUCK between the most crooked most discolored pair. my gum there bled like my mouth used to when i was a kid, pulling baby teeth. i thought the slantiest worst-off tooth was going to come out!

finally i got the dental floss out and brushed extra carefully. it doesn't feel loose or anything. but now i'm really freaked out. i've always said i liked my crooked teeth and it's not like there's anything wrong with having slightly irregular teeth, bla bla bla. but now i'm worried that it's not just cosmetic - that the crowding is preventing me from being able to clean them well. and since i haven't been to a dentist for regular cleanings in so long...

what should i do? as soon as i can, i am going to the dentist! but in the mean time? has anyone ever dealt with this kind of stuff before? other than brushing, i don't know what i can really do. i clearly can't floss...
actually (and i'm no pro, so don't quote me...) i would say to try and keep flossing *gently* as possible, and rinsing with warm salt water to soothe and disinfect your gums as well as maybe some listerine to start killing what sounds like rampant gingivitis.

and yes, dentist asap. sounds like you've got plaque and gum disease up the wazoo!

good luck!
your gums should NEVER bleed. if they do, it is b/c you have bacteria in there and you risk developing gingivitis. in order to save yourself some serious cash and heartache in the future, you need to be able to floss in between every tooth every single day. the dentist can do wonders w/ your teeth and they can help you to find a floss and a technique that will work for you and your teeth. I think you will be okay until you see a dentist. just take midges advice. good luck and keep flossing!

i SERIOUSLY have to see a dentist. my dental plan is, um, complicated (mostly due to the fact that i work for a TV show which is currently in hiatus and my coverage only extends for a certain period of time during the hiatus, blah blah blah). i should call my dentist tomorrow and see what can be done about this.

i'll keep flossing my other less crooked teeth, but i'm really worried about flossing the bottom clump. is there a gentler method of doing this?

after googling gum disease, though, it seems like my teeth can probably be salvaged with a good cleaning, regular dental visits from now on, and a commitment to regular flossing, which i have been really bad about i admit.

thanks guys, for reassuring me that, no, my teeth are not going to just fall out of my head RIGHT NOW (apparently you have to have significant tissue loss first, and my teeth haven't really changed much over several years). but, yeah, i need to hie me to the dentist, stat...
I've had a mild but annoying skin problem for years now. My skin becomes red, blotchy and sometimes flaky in certain areas on my face. It's mostly on my cheeks, but I get it around my hairline sometimes, too. Clearasil clears it up and keeps it at bay if I use it once or twice per day, but that's just a Band-Aid; as soon as I quit using it, my skin breaks out again.

I went to a skin doctor about this (with no symptoms at the time) and described the problem, and all he said was that if the Clearasil is working, stick with it. I think he just didn't want to admit that he didn't know what it was. That's 100 bucks down the toilet. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?
ok, i just got my intro shipment of e3live from the company and it's GREAT!!! even the five year old loves it, he kept askimg me for more and more of it, wow. they send along some other sample supplements that look interesing, i'll tell you what i think when i give them all a try.
this green shit is amazing. maybe i shouldn't have taken it right before bed though, i'm feeling very awake now. hmm. an early morning energy drink? why not! we'll see how it goes.
re: sweating, i swear by certain-dri. you can get it in drugstores for under ten bucks, it's probably the same sort of thing as drysol but not prescription and not as expensive. i swear to god it works, and i sweat a lot. gross.
Numbnuts, are you staying hydrated? If I don't make sure to drink at *least* two liters of water a day I get dried out. I also make sure to take an omega3 supplement & that seems to help. Do you have a regular skin care regime outside of the Clearasil? Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc? I live in a very dry state so I have to keep on top of these things.
Auralpoison, I only drink 3 or 4 glases of water a day, which I guess is about 1 liter. If I drink much more than that, I spend my life in the bathroom. When my skin flakes, I use moisturizer, but other than that, it's just face-washing and Clearasil for me. I'll look into that omega3 and other stuff, though. Thanks for the response.
num could it be a form of eczema? I know eczema (sp?) can take many forms. you may try looking up eczema on the net and see if there is a pic of your condition.
numb, you really should drink at least 2L of water a day. it's what your body needs to be well hydrated and function properly. also, you should drink an extra glass for every caffeinated beverage you drink, i think.

my suggestion is go see a doctor when you actually have an outbreak of whatever it is on your face. if it's not there, there isn't really anything for a doctor to diagnose, right? like, it took me years to get diagnosed with asthma because i was never actually at the doctor when it was acting up. after years it was finally caught when i was in for an ear infection, but also had a coughing fit (unrelated) when i was getting checked out.
numbnuts, I have no suggestions but I'm wondering if we have a similar problem, except you say you're breaking out.

In the last two months my forehead has gotten nuts. The rest of my face is smooth as can be, but my forehead, especially right in the centre and along the hairline is red and dry and almost sort of bumpy, not smooth like my cheeks. First I thought the problem was too much moisturizer, so I tried washing more but that agravated the problem, so I've stopped washing with soap and put on moisturizer several times a day which has helped, but the skin is still fairly rough. I'm going to eventually go to a dermatologist but I'm trying to find a GP first.
numbnuts, I had a similar problem, but I couldn't find anything that made it better. It turned out that I was allergic to something that I was using to wash my face (which claimed to be hypoallergenic). My bf also occasionally got that kind of thing and he was breaking out from his shampoo.

Maybe try an organic, unscented lotion (make sure it has no SLS, no parabens, no propylene glycol, no alcohol, no DEA) and same for cleanser and shampoo if this comes back?

Thats all I can think of, unless it's a food allergy.
Bklynhermit, I think I've been in the same boat - I have crowded bottom incisors too and due to $ I didn't go to the dentist for 12-13 years (and I grew up without flouride).

And the bottom incisors looked a bit discoloured on the back, and they bled when I flossed, and I was sure they were messed up, but really it was just that plaque had built up on them below the gumline which had irritated the gum. Now they are beautiful and I floss them every day without problems. No cavities in them either.

They will NOT fall out but you need to get them cleaned, even if you just see the hygienist. Also remember to only floss straight up and down not pull the floss through them... my dentist says if he had to choose he would choose floss over a toothbrush.
I appreciate everyone's input. Now at least I have a some ideas as to how to fix my skin.
bkln, I'm pretty much in the same boat; but it was fifteen years since going to a dentist for me.

Here's what worked for me: I got myself one of those chargeable waterpiks...and some grapefruit seed extract. Also some peroxide. Use the water pik, on odd times fill the bath with warm water and three drops of GSE. (it's an antibacterial). And on even times use about 2/3 water and 1/3 peroxide. Use it two times per day. Alternating what solution you use.

The water pik really gets in there nicely. I promise. You'll know. It really helped the condition of my gums.
Ooooh, waterpik. My mom had one of those when I was growing up and I used to use it... it feels so nice, it's like a gum massage. I second treehungger's suggestion.

Here's a question: anyone ever had heat rash? Last night I noticed I had these small little pink pimples on my bum. I was at the medical center today for another problem and asked the nurse what that would be, if I should be worried, etc. (I always always always freak out and think I have an STD whenever anything goes wrong between my knees and my waist!) She told me it's likely just heat rash, esp. this time of year, but didn't actually look at it. Anyone know if she's probably right-on?
she didn't even look at it? what kind of health care establishment was that? I'm sure you are okay. it could also be acne. I know I sweat more and am more oily in the summer which brings on my acne on my arms and legs and elsewhere.
I get heat rash, but never on my butt. I get it where skin touches skin, like on the backs of my legs if I sit curled up for too long, in my cleavage, or my inner elbows. Is it itchy?
So I've had chronic yeasty beasties in the past... I think I've gotten it more or less under control now (I take acidophilus religiously as well as Azo Yeast) but here's the thing-- even when my crotch is seemingly healthy, I have SO MUCH discharge. It's absurd. I wear a pantyliner every single day of the month because if I don't, I know at some point in the day, my undies will get soaked. What's up with that?? Someone please tell me if this is normal... I think this pattern may have started when I went off of Depo a few years ago (after about 5 years on it) and started the pill. Could that be part of the reason?
Anyone have any advice for an illness I've got? My brother, his wife and my niece have all been horribly sick this week with throwing up and diarrhea. Not pleasant. My SIL was extremely sick, and falling asleep with no strength.
So last night I threw up twice, and also had the oh-so-fun diarrhea. But I woke up and while I still have it, I feel perfectly normal otherwise. Not nauseaous or anything. I took some wild strawberry but I have to go to work for 4 hours tonight and I'm desperatly hoping to go to a show with the new boy. Any quick-fix ideas or remedies that might help?
for diarrhea i find immodium works (it killed the runs i got from some food in mexico) that, and stay away from fruit, coffee, and anything that might upset your stomach more. and, you know, make sure you don't have a fever or anything (if you do, you can take tylenol to lower it). i've been sick like that and thought i was better, but i actually had a superlow fever that spiked drastically once i was at school, and you don't want that to happen at work/a show.

i hope you all feel better soon!
clover, it's a really underfunded, overloaded university health center... where they'll tell you things (regarding my main health complaint, not this) like: "Well, it could be a serious underlying condition judging from your symptoms, but I don't have time to talk to you about that right now. Let's just see if physical therapy does anything."

Hellotampon, my rash is *not* itchy. I didn't even notice it for a long time. It doesn't bother me in any way really, (especially since nobody's seeing my naked bum right now) except that it has me wondering what the hell is going on!

Little, I'm on the pill and have a decent amount of discharge regularly, as well. I've wondered before if this is normal, and concluded (admittedly, with no sound basis) that it is. Does your vary at different points in your cycle?

Erin, I'm a believer in pepto bismol for diarrhea, stomach upset, and the like. Also, in addition to avoiding the foods tyger mentioned, you'll want to steer clear of dairy, spicy food, and anything super high in fiber. Good luck with that.
erinjane, eat a banana. The potassium will help your electrolyte balance right away.
Thanks for the advice. I stuck with Wild Strawberry, which I think is a million times better then pepto or any of the others. Then I took a nap for an hour and woke up starving and wanting taco's so I ate three and now I feel perfectly normal. Very weird.
littleidiot-- (i feel like i'm insulting you, what a username!)

you could be stuck in a vicious cycle wearing pantiliners all the time contributes to moisture and bacterial overgrowth, which gives you discharge, which makes you have to wear pantiliners... you see?

maybe you could make some fabric ones out of towel or order some lunaliners from lunapads and use those instead, then at least there'd be some air circulating. it might help...
Question - My breasts usually get sore right before and during my period, that's how I usually tell it's coming..... so, this month, last week actually, I had my period and as usual some breast tenderness HOWEVER, my period has ended and my soreness has not! My period was as normal as it ever is. Should I be concerned over this? Maybe it will go away soon? Anybody have this happen too? Any ideas?
I don't get the breast pain as much as I used to, but it would vary how long I would get it. Sometimes it would last for a month, sometimes it was barely noticable, sometimes it was just during my period. I wouldn't be too worried unless it lasts for a very long time.

I cut out caffeine in the last year and I think that's why my soreness has significantly dropped.
I just noticed this wierd bone thing sticking out of my wrist when I turn it outward. it's only on one wrist and if i push on it, it hurts. my hand feels a little strange but I can move it all around and everything. it kind of hurts if I grasp something really strong. what is this thing? is my wrist broken or what?
i don't know if your wrist is broken, clover, but i would say you should go to a doctor or clinic or whatever and get it checked out, as it sure doesn't seem like everything is all right with it
Sounds more like the radius and ulna not sitting right? Anyway I agree with Tyger you should probably see a doctor, Clover.
thanx for the advice. Yeah, i'm pretty sure there is a bone out of place. I just thought it would hurt a lot more than it does. it does look wierd, though. like it's about to poke thru my skin. I wonder how it got this way.
i've sprained my top of my foot so its bandaged (thanks ace) but i got a spider bite over the weekend and now i have an occasional sharp pain in the back of my left leg..the bite is on my left back waist area.. any chance they could be related or am i just paranoid and falling apart?
hey all-
popping in here bc I didn't see a thread anywhere close to what I need, and excuse me if this is mis=posted but,
does anyone know anything about breast lumps or masses on mamograms?
my mom had her annual exam and they saw some "shadowy masses" that they want to get more info on, so she goes next week for a "mass compression exam" which I think is like a reg mamo only more invasive? sounds totally painful to me, bc how much more can they compress them anyway?
my aunt has survived breast cancer already, and I know that having a close relative w/ it ups your odds signifigantly.
anyone know anything more?
thanks for letting me ask here~
Freckle, I honestly don't know much, but I understand your concern. One of my mother's sisters died from breast cancer in the 80's..Her other sister is in remission going on 3 years I think. My mom has a very high risk, but she just had all her check ups last week and so far everything is fine. My sis is almost 50, so I know she's been having mamograms. This year I'll turn 30, and I plan to break down and have my first.
msgoofball, gosh, I don't know if the two are related. It's been about a week since your post--how do you feel now?? I hope you're doing better.

freckleface2727, I can't make a diagnosis but I do think it is a wise idea that your mom go and have a second exam, since they did find "shadowy masses." My mother had breast cancer (she found it herself during a self-exam) and all I can tell you is that it is much, much better to be safe than sorry. Yes, it does up your odds if close relatives have had breast cancer; both my grandmother and mother had breast cancer, so I am a leetle bit paranoid about the whole thing.

Best of luck to your mom, you, and your family. Hugs.
((freckle)) It's not uncommon to have a mass compression exam after a mammogram. All sorts of things can show up as shadowy bits on the orginal x-ray, so they just want to see exactly what it is. A mass compression is just a mammogram for the specific bit they want to look at, to see if it is a cyst or gland or lump. If it's liquid filled, it's a cyst, not cancer. Even if it's a lump, they'll want to biopsy it to see if it's cancerous, because you can get solid lumps that aren't cancer, just cells and hormones and ick. I tend to think of it as cellulite for the boobehs. Everytime I get a mammogram, I usually end up getting a mass compression because apparently the girls are an inventive wonder of shadowy bits that usually end up being nothing harmful. I hope this helps you to not worry too much, and everything works out okay for your mom!
Voodooprincess, I don't know your age but it is quite common that premenstrual symptoms like water retention and breast pain do not necessarily disappear with menstruation once you are in menopause or peri-menopause. Sometimes they actually get worse after menstruation due to low estrogene levels. If you are over 38 and if you have no other symptoms like unusal discharge I would not worry about it - although a gyno checkup can never hurt, of course.
pixie & seraphine & sixel & tatina
thankyou all so much.
you've reassured me a lot. we'll just wait til we find out, nothing to do before either way.
I just hated hearing the forced nonchalance in her voice yesterday, bc it was so clear she was worried & that freaked me out, you know?
thanks again~
I just wanted to update everyone on my Effexor withdrawals. I stopped taking it completely three days ago and I have dizziness (vertigo), diarrhea, brain zaps, dry mouth and mood swings vacillating between extreme rage and profound sadness. I may be looking forward to this for up to another year. what fun. I have already had a mental breakdown and need to talk to a therapist. This is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to endure.
cloverbee i'm so sorry this is being so awful. i think you are really brave to go off of it though. I've heard from many others that it is hellish to go off of.

Who told you it might last for a year? That seems insane! I would imagine that you are at the worst point right now? Or is it because it leaves your body so slowly?
clover-b, keep the faith. it may only last a very short time, stay positive about that. and if you need to go back on it, if you need to do something else to help you, do it without stressing yourself out and without guilt. do what you need to do k? and lean on us sweet girl, we're here for you.
thanks pepper and maddy. I think the worst part is that I am so unstable that I get myself into situations that are unhealthy for me and then the fact that I am going thru this at the same time only exacerbates it. I should be locked up right now b/c I can't make good decisions in my life. I'm either yelling or crying and I've already ruined some relationships over it. I am able to handle the physical symptoms right now, just not the emotional ones. I will persevere and see a therapist whom I have already called for an appt.
I was doing a little research on the net where the symptoms can last as long as a year.
Cloverbee, so sorry to hear about this! Does your doctor know about the withdrawl symptoms you are having? I went through a Diazepam withdrawl a few years ago and I know how bad and scary it can be - although I doubt that the symptoms will last for a year, at least not the severe ones. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and I never heard of such a long withdrawl period from anti-depressive drugs.
If you can, take it day by day. It might go on for a while but it will improve once your system recovers. Don't force yourself to make decisions - it is just not the right time. All of this is not YOU - it is simply your brain chemistry going crazy. And seeing a therapist sounds great - I did the same. All the very best.
Cloverbee: Awww, sweety! I was on Paxil for a while and stopped taking it, too. Had the symptoms you're describing, but the ZAPS happened to me in my BODY!!

I was afraid to tell anyone for fear they'd try to commit me to the booby trap. Seriously though--I've been there.

I took some Klonopin to help me get through it, though. Like 1/2 milligram morning and night. Really alleviated the symptoms for me.

Now I don't take any type of meds at all. Was a long road getting to this point, though.

I'll be thinking about you. Feel free to PM me if I can be of help! Get better!
quietymadness, I have the body zaps too! it's wierd but usually when I'm exercizing they'll show up in my feet and legs. I have a script for ativan which is very similar to klonopin so I should try that. thanks for the advice. btw, I stopped paxil cold turkey a few years ago and it was much worse than this.
thanks tatina ;)
clover, just out of curiousity, what made you decide to stop taking the effexor? Was it not working for you?

I'm currently taking effexor and forgot to take my meds a couple of weeks ago and it was AWFUL. Getting all anxious and weepy for no reason. I'm sorry...I can totally feel for you. I hope everything works out.
cloverbee, definitely take the ativan, at least it'll help settle you down a bit. It's fine to take more of that than usual, during this yucky time. Do whatever you need to to get through.
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