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I'm hoping someone here might have some advice... Until two months ago, I'd never had a yeast infection. Now I'm on my fourth. What the hell is up? I can't figure out what could be causing them. Does anyone have tips for prevention? I'd rather not go with yogurt if there are other options, since I have a vegan diet. Can anyone think what could have started this crazy chronic torture? Many thanks in advance.
Just to add some detail.. it's been tested so it's definitely yeast. And the doctor also checked to make sure I don't have any sti. My sex partner hasn't changed. My birth control hasn't changed. Ditto for diet, lifestyle, ahhhh what could it be sad.gif
a couple of years ago i had a run of yeast infections... 4 or 5 months. never had them before... or since. i think sometimes your "flora" just gets messed up and takes a while to re balance. I have no explanation for what caused my yeast infections or what cured them*.

i would just say (1) try not to let it stress you out & know that it will go away... eventually.
and (2) be good to your body in the mean time. eat heathfully, get enough sleep, etc.

do any of the soy based alternatives to yogert have active cultures in them? if not, you might want to consider eating yogurt so you can get some good bacteria in your body. there are acidophilius tablets available, but it's easier for your body to absorb nutrients when they're in food. i ate yogurt and took supplements & it still took me months to get back to normal.

well, good luck

*actually, think of it now, i might have been cured by murphy's law. after having yeast infections for months and making repeat trips to the drugstore to buy goop for them i decided to just buy 2 and save myself a trip in the future. i used one... yeast infections haven't returned. still have that second kit laying around... sorta afraid if i throw it away i'll immediatly get a yeast infection... (i like to think of it as pessimism more than superstition)
ahh well it's good to know that there is hope they'll stop. thanks for the advice, in this thread and the other wink.gif
Alex, common causes of the yeast infections are antibiotic use (even one course, even of something like polysporin) and steroid or hormone use (being on any birth control pill, or using steroids for asthma or skin treatment in any way, even once). Yeast is a systemic illness (it's actually a fungal overgrowth which produces symptoms, in some women, in the vaginal tract: there are many other symptoms of yeast overgrowth which don't present there).

If you don't want a yogurt culture, I would strongly recommend using a probiotic and prebiotic made from human microflora--which is what you are trying to replace (your own have been destroyed). There is one formulation made by a company called Seroyal/Genestra, called "HMF": they make several "strengths" (as it were). I'd get the most potent so that you can address the problem immediately and also restore what's been killed off sufficiently well. That formulation is called HMF Replete and it's a jar with 7 sachets of HMF concentrations, each sachet has more than 130 billion live microorganisms. This is a rather intensely more potent formulation than what you can pull off a shelf in most health food stores, but it is effective and super easy for your body to utilise (since you're replacing what you should have and giving your body what it will need to continue creating these organisms regularly). To maintain balance afterwards I'd suggest using HMF pre and pro-biotic capsules on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. I was able to find a source which sells it online ( under Genestra in their catalogue) but you may be able to find this product in a store close to where you are. It is a formulation that is perfect for vegans.

One last note: yeast infections, in a vegan (and anyone else, for that matter) put you in very high risk of malnutrition--since human microflora play a huge role in our ability to absorb nutrients effectively (no HMF=no sustenance--no matter how much you eat. Excellent arguments have already been made and supportively researched to link the overuse of antibiotics to obesity because of this phenomenon). You might want to add some kombucha teas to your every day diet and seriously consider cutting back on soy that isn't fermented (it's goitrogenic and helps the progress of things like yeast overgrowth much the same way that the birth control pill or steroids do), as well as cooking goitrogenic foods like broccoli, cabbage, and peanuts before eating them. B vitamins are also essential (especially B12 in a liquid methylcobalamin form--hard to get and pricey, but so necessary).
thanks so much! I'm glad to have a plan of attack.
Here's a question for the BUSTies - I am looking for a book to give to a 15 year old girl about general hygiene, bodily changes and such. It's for a close friend of the family, she's raised by her dad so I'm guessing she's not being given much about the whole body change stuff. My friend was concerned when she went on vacation with her because her hygiene was kinda poor - not showering on a daily basis, wearing deoderant, shaving bikini line (it was a beach vacation and things were a bit wooly in that area) type of stuff.
We'd just like to find her a book that is factual and informative not preachy and uses real language ie not refering to the vulva as "down there" and not one that makes her obsses over every little body part. Our Bodies Ourselves is a great book, but I think it's not the right book for her at this time, a bit later though perhaps. She needs more of an intro. Thoughts? Recommendations? Thanks.
No offense, but I would just leave the poor girl alone. I didn't shave my bikini line when I was 15 either, and I still don't take a shower to go to the beach. If someone had given me a book like that when I was 15 I probably would have gotten a complex.

I hope that wasn't out of line. I'm not trying to come across as bitchy at all.
I think it woul be much better to talk to her in a way that she can relate to. face to face so she feels that you are a friend. i think if you give her a book, no matter how well intended, it may come across as you looking down on her and wanting to improve her. when it may be general guidence she needs and not improvement at all. i can see how this can be a sensitive subject, but if she sees you as a friend it may work better.
I had the same reaction to the post as hellotampon. The only subject I would probably bring up would be the deodorant one. I don't have any book suggestions, but you could try discussing things with her on a friend-to-friend basis or in a "big sister" way.
Yeah but don't you think a 15 (soon to be 16) year old girl should be wearing deoderant and and showering on a daily basis? Am I that wrong to be thinking that? huh.gif And I wasn't recommending that she shower to GO to the beach, but AFTER when going out to dinner at a nice place.
Our general thought was that if we don't pull her aside and talk to her about these things that girls at school might and you know just how kind some teen girls can be. We weren't trying to give her a complex, just wanted to give her some well meant advice.
Octobersky, she may simply have let things like daily showers go when she was on vacation with your friend. I know when I'm spending a week at the beach I can easily go a day or two without a shower, especially if the seawater is clean.

To be blunt, if the lack of deodorant is noticeable once the teenager is back home, then maybe I'd say something, but if it was beachfront behaviour I wouldn't worry about it. It sounds cheesy, but I'd probably frame the conversation along the lines of 'this is what I do, when it's hot/I'm exercising/out and about all day'. Older women leading by example can work well IME, or maybe I've just been lucky...
Update on the spots I had that I posted about way back in April. I still have them, but up until two weeks ago they weren't bothering me, but then they started spreading. I happened to be at a walk-in today for a migraine and FINALLY remembered to ask the doctor about them. Apparently it's some sort of fungus and he gave me a cream that should make them disappear in a few days. Yay for doctors.
So a while ago(I would say like a year) I dropped a crate of milk on my foot at work. My ffot was bruised and swollen and it looked like the toenail was cracked. I went to the doctor shortly after that beause i thought maybe i had broken a bone in my foot and wanted to have it checked out. Nothing was broken and i had her look at the nail, she said it was just a surface crack and not to worry about it. Well at my last check up I had her look at it again because it looked weird. (I have a totally irrational fear of foot and toenail fungus) She said there was no fungus and it was nothing to worry about. Well last week I dropped a box on my toe while moving and i noticed that a piece of the nail had chipped off and around the"surface crack" it was white. So i am almost positive that the nail has lifted from the toe and has"died", The crack seems to have grown out a bit. my question is will I have to get it removed? I am crazy about my feet and think I would have a breakdown if it has to be pulled, any advice?
On Wednesday I got stung by a bee, on my left boob. Ouch. Okay, once in a summer. Not bad, huh? Then, today, whilst attempting to move a dog kennel in my yard, I got stung again, this time by a wasp. Where? Same boob. Gees.
ok, random thought.. is anyone else bothered by the title of this forum? "our bodies, our hells?" that has such a negative connotation. personally i love my body, even when its sick or being annoying, because I know its just trying to tell me something.
It's a play on the title of the book 'Our bodies, Ourselves'. It's funny. Like all the rest of the thread titles smile.gif Calm down. *laughs*
ooh i totally missed that. right over my head! thanks!
I found out today that there is something wrong with my dad. I went to my parent’s house today and he was sitting on the couch in shorts and a tank top (not work clothes). My dad is union so he is always getting laid off. I said, “Did you get out of work early today?”

He said, “No, I haven’t been to work all week.” I asked why and he said, “The doctor said my blood pressure is very high and I can’t go back to work until it comes down.” I asked if they gave him medication and he said yes. I went upstairs and called my mom to get the truth and to find out why no one told me until Thursday that my dad wasn’t well.

When I called her she said that he’s been having attacks. I asked her what she meant by attacks. She said he’s been crying a lot. My dad doesn’t cry. She explained that on Saturday they went shopping and then went to McDonald’s for lunch. They were sitting there eating and he put his head down. She asked him if he was ok. He sort of waved her off and said he had to run out to the car for a minute. He got up and took his cell phone out like he needed to make a call. He went out to the car by himself. She sat there eating for a long time and eventually threw everything out and went out to check on him. He was crying in the car. She got in the car and asked him what was wrong because this was just so unusual. He said that this had been happening to him since the Thursday before. He said it happens two or three times a day. He just starts crying. She asked him if he’s upset about something or if something is on his mind. He said no and they talked about his job and a trip he was supposed to go on next month. He just got a new job after being laid off for four months and the new job won’t let him have off for the trip he’s been planning all year for. He said he wasn’t upset or worried about anything and that he didn’t know why this was happening.

Also, my mom was just sick for two months and was in the hospital for over a week. While she was there she was very doped up and although she is a mean bitch to begin with she was awful to him, my sister and me the entire time she was sick. She said very mean and hurtful things to him. I asked her if she thought maybe all the stress of her illness is just catching up with him a month later and she said that a few weeks ago they talked about it. She basically said that she didn’t remember anything that she said during her illness and that she knows she owes all of us a thank you. However, she didn’t really thank any of us or apologize for her shitty behavior. She’s a real piece of work to begin with, as some of you already know.

So anyway, back to the story, Saturday at McDonald’s happened. Monday, he went to work then left early to go to the doctors. They took a chest x-ray and took a lot of blood. The doctor put him on one antidepressant and one anti anxiety medication and gave him the name of a therapist to call. Tuesday, his heart was racing so he called the doctor back. The doctor took him off the one medication and put him another. He called the therapist and they can’t get him in until August. So he got another name and was supposed to call them today. My mom told me that today he told her that he couldn’t focus on anything and couldn’t even read the paper this morning. He took the medication and put the bottles down somewhere and now he can’t find them. His eyes are glassy and he’s just not himself.

All the while, I’m not supposed to know anything about any of this, just that his blood pressure is high. I think he’s having some kind of post traumatic stress disorder from when my mom was sick. They have always had problems but this was a very bad two months, the worst ever in my opinion.

My dad has only been home from work for three days and already my mom is complaining that he needs to go back to work cause he’s going to loose his new job and she doesn’t want to have to be the sole provider “forever”. She’s acting like this is just a bad day or something. When she got home he was sitting on the couch watching The Mummy and she complained that he was “watching this again”. She also wanted to know “what’s for dinner” and wanted to know why it wasn’t ready and he was “sitting there farting around”. She is appalling.

Later on that night she was complaining to me that he needs to call the doctor back. I told her that she should call the doctor. He’s too doped up and won’t remember what the doctor says. I said, “When you were sick Dad took care of everything with the doctors and your work. You didn’t have to deal with any of it. You just had to relax and get better.”

All she kept saying was, “Well, I guess you’re right. I’ll call if he doesn’t call tomorrow.” What is wrong with her?

I’m terrified that something is really, really wrong with him. I know when all the shit was going down with my mom being sick he was calling his sister and crying to her that he didn’t know how much of her shit he was supposed to put up with. He has other deep-rooted issues with his parents that he’s never acknowledged as well. I think everything is coming to the surface and I’m just so scared for him.

I don’t know why I’m telling all of you this. I’m just really scared. I don’t have school tomorrow so I think I’m just going to go over there and sit with him and spend time with him. My mom thinks that if I go over there and sit with him that he won’t make the calls he needs to because he’ll be embarrassed because I’m there. I was thinking of just walking in and saying, “Dad I know what’s going on. You don’t have to talk to me about it if you don’t want o but I’m worried and if you don’t mind I’d like to just sit here with you so you aren’t alone in case something happens. I’ll leave the room while you make your calls if you want but I just want to be here for you.” Do you all think that he’d understand and be ok with that?

I have to admit that if he starts crying in front of me I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep it together. He’s my big strong dad and I’m just so scared that he’s under so much pressure and stress from her that he’s going to have a heart attack or something.

Well, I guess I got that all off my chest. No need to reply I guess. I’m just ranting or venting or something. Thanks for listening.
((lmp)) What a miserable situation. Sounds like your parents have very different and unhealthy ways of dealing with stress. Obviously, you know your dad better than anyone here, but I think it would be really sweet of you to go over tomorrow and show some support. Maybe create a buffer between him and your mom. I hope things get better!
*crying all over the keyboard*

Polly -

What am I going to do if something really bad happens to him? I'm going to blame my mom I just know myself. I'm so angry with her. Why is she like this? I'm scared. I'm gonna go to bed and cuddle with Mr. Pug. I need his arms around me for awhile. Thanks for responding so quickly. Glad I can count on my bust friends in time of need.

Love you all,

LMP I'm sorry there is so much worry and illness to deal with. It sounds like your father is seriously overwhelmed with having to deal with things, but I am worried about his sadness in light of what's going on with him physically. It really isn't enough to give anti-depressants to patients who are in his state, he really needs to be closely monitored in case anything traumatic happens. I wondered about whether I should write this because I know how upset and worried you are, and how the dynamic between your father and mother is just making things a lot worse, but I think you're in a really good position to look out for him and see that his doctors keep an eye on him closely. In my experience, this kind of depression, the racing heartbeat, the sudden spiky blood pressure, and the denial he's experiencing always makes me think a heart attack may take place soon and he should be under someone's care to make sure he will be okay in case anything happens.

Most of all, I think he just needs to know that people are closeby, looking after him. Can you go and just be with him, and keep your mom away if she's making him upset? Or, keep her away as she's making you upset right now? He would probably really do well to have someone to talk to who could just listen to him and make sure he has what he needs. It might also take your own mind off worrying about how you'll feel about your mother, which is really a lot to handle right now.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you, and I really hope your father feels much better soon.
I have to agree with chacha on this one. The meds might help with his mood temporarily but they're definitely not getting to the root of the problem. I think it would probably help your dad to have his loving daughter there for him. I don't know if he'd really open up but he'll probably feel a bit better knowing that you're there to support him.

Well, I just had this long talk with my aunt (dad's sister) and I feel much, much, much better now. I told her everything and she is worried too but said that I'm doing everything I can and that if I need anything at all just to call her, even if it's just to talk. She said my parents are both stubborn and that they both need help. My dad is doing a little better today according to my mom. I'm going to call my sister who was with him all day to see if she noticed anything. I'll post back later.

Thanks everyone for your support. I really needed and appreciated it.

Pugs, what your dad is going through is fairly common. My mother went through the same thing last year. She was having panic attacks daily- waking up with a racing heartbeat and a doomed feeling that she couldn't shake, leading her to have crying spells similar to your father. I know she has been depressed for years and she finally got overwhelmed. I don't advocate medication but sometimes these things don't go away on its own. My mom benefited greatly from an antidepressant and we made sure she did not abuse anti-anxiety meds that she needed to take once in a while to calm her down. In addition, I made sure I was available to talk to her when she needed someone to listen. Her panic attacks went away and her mood is much better. She is a much more positive person with a carefree attitude.

I hope your dad and your family get through this. He needs at least 4-6 weeks for the antidepressant to reach a steadystate in his system and for it's effects to show. He won't immediately get better so I hope he sticks with it. Plus, the high blood pressure, if high enough, can have effects on mentation and mood itself. This needs to be closely monitored. Is the hypertension persistent or occasional? Specific blood pressure meds are notorious for causing depression or exacerbating it especially if it is in the beta-blocker family.

And by the way, I think your mom and my dad should go bowling. They sound like the same sort of character.

((LMP)) Glad things are looking a little better. I also agree with chacha, that the physical ailments are really concerning, and he should see an MD for that ASAP, and work on the psychological stuff once he's stabilized physically. It's all connected, but preventing a heart attack should be the priority.

My question- yesterday I had a bad reaction to hair dye at a new salon I went to. I could only keep it on for about half the time it was supposed to be on because my scalp was on fire. I've been dying my hair for years and never had a bad reaction, so I'm not sure what caused it.

Anyway, now, my scalp is really broken out and it's weepy and oozy, and the fluid dries and forms a crusty layer (yum! and yes, I did post about this in the gross-out thread!), which is really hard to resist picking at, but I'm getting better. My question is, what should I be doing about this? Just leave it alone for a few days? Should I shower more? Shower less? I showered last night and tonight, and I'm not sure if it's making it worse. It felt better after last night's shower (maybe I washed off the last remaining chemicals), but tonight, it's a little sting-y. I'm also putting an herbal scalp tonic on- it has tea tree oil, mint, lavender, yarrow, etc. that makes it feel nice and cool, but the crustiness will still be there in the morning, I'm sure.
Polly, I'm sure its more than annoying. You probably have a chemical dermatitis/folliculitis from an irritant in the dye. Even if you don't have a reaction the first time you are exposed to it, you could have one on following exposures.

The best thing to do is to keep it clean (which is tough because our scalps tend to collect oil and dirt) and dry. Do not pick at the scabs as i'm sure you know. If the inflammation and oozing doesn't improve or gets even worse then be more concerned about bacterial infection overlying the area. To prevent this, I would recommend maybe at nighttime applying bacitracin ointment to the areas that are weepy and oozing. I'm sure you don't want a goopy mess on your head during the day.

Let us know what happens!
Polly, if you want an alternative to using a bactericide you could make a rinse from Calendula mother tincture (the herb tincture is the same as a mother tincture) and water. Calendula is a powerful bacteriostatic (if there is any chance of infection it does a far better job than anything else out there) but much more importantly it is one of the best things known for helping the skin repair itself from things like cuts and dermatitis. It might be a good way to have the skin heal more quickly (which means the scabs don't stay long if they form). You could make a dilution of about 20 drops of Calendula to a cup of warm water, and just pour it on as a rinse (and leave it on).

Do you always have your hair salon-dyed, or do you use a do-it-yourself preparation most of the time? It may not have been the dye itself which caused this outright, but perhaps some other preparation which altered the skin sensitivity before the dye was used (like the ingredients in a shampoo that are supposed to give "volume", or a hair mousse or gel which contains colorants).
Thanks, ladies- I think it's starting to get better. I didn't wash it last night, but I did put that herbal toner stuff on and it seems a little clearer- it doesn't seem to be weeping- it seems like it's just whatever crustiness is still there.

I did my hair at home for many years, then switched to a salon, but the past couple of times, I did it at home because I couldn't afford the salon. This was a different salon I went to and I think the dye they used was different- it was really opaque and they were going to keep it on me for 40 minutes (after 20 minutes I made them rinse it off.) The at-home stuff and the other salon was only 25 minutes, so right now I'm thinking it was the dye. Also, I didn't change any of my hair products and they didn't put anything on my hair before the dye.

I'm going to wait a few months before doing anything again and then I'll try one of the brands I've used in the past to see what happens. If it starts burning and gets progressively worse (as it did with this time), I'll rinse it off sooner than 20 minutes!! But I am definitely going to wait at least 6 months or so.
polly, the next time you dye it make sure to do a test area first so you don't have to deal with the crazy burning all over your head.
Being cautious the next time you use dye is a really good idea, as is staying away from the dye for a little while. You need to give yourself a chance to recover some strength.

In the meantime, much more importantly than whatever it is you might be reacting to, it's really important to help restore your immune system (allergies of any kind always indicate that your resistance is very low). Make certain you get lots of rest, pay attention to your needs (physical, emotional, and yup, spiritual too) and prioritize them. Try to eat the best diet possible and limit your intake of foods with low nutrient value, such as highly processed stuff and the usual faux food. Think about the aspects (relationships, dynamics between yourself and various others) that could be draining you (because that's what they're doing: draining you). Try to think about making changes there which will alleviate the stress you're living with constantly because it is beginning to undermine your health by creating the conditions for you to become susceptible.

There are some supplements you can take to help restore your resistance. If you like, just pm me and I'll send you a list of ones you can find easily.
Did we used to have a chronic illness thread here? I thought I saw it awhile ago but now I can't find it. Hmmm. . .

I have chronic headaches and fibro and want a place to talk about it, get help and support, hear ideas, etc. Anyone?

There it is, I bumped it up for you.
I thank maude everyday I've got you ladies. I'm a pretty small person as weight goes, so every time I try to talk about something weight related with my friends, they get really angry and scream "You're so skinny, shut the hell up!"

I've got some major (gross) cellulite on my but and waaay upper thigh area and I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to deal with this?
Hey Lustfully Pink,

New here but I do have a suggestion. Vitamin E oil, you can get it in capsules (usually cheaper than a bottle of oil) or cream, much less messy. If you're in Canada, Superstore has a great kind by Jensen I think... US, I'm sure there's some great stuff!

Also, LUSH handmade cosmetics has a good product. And the Body Shop

So much for anti-consumerism... unsure.gif
And it actually works? Thanks!! *hugs* Welcome to BUST.
does anyone know what happened to the weight watchers thread?
P, I bumped it for you- the board default is to archive threads that aren't posted in for 30 days. You just have to go to the bottom of the list of threads, select "show all" from the drop down menu and it will appear again.
Please, please, please help busties. This is going to sound strange but my ears itch. They itch inside. Like in the canal. They itch like crazy. I looked up my symptoms on WebMd and it looks like I might have swimmers ear. It says to apply a heating pad wrapped in a towel and take over the counter anti-inflammatory. As long as I'm taking the anti-inflammatory I'm fine but as soon as it wears off it's like AHHHHHHHH! Makes me want to drive a pencil into my ears. Anyone have any experience with this? Offer any suggestions? Something!!!

*itches AROUND ears in attempt to ease suffering*

I'm going to start rubbing my face and head in the pillow and/or sofa in a minute like the dog does when her ears itch.

Pugs, try putting some room temperature or slightly warm olive oil in your ear. Lay on your side, have someone pour about a 1/2 teaspoon into your ear canal and leave it in for a minute or so. Then put a paper towel or kleenex over the ear and hold it there while you flip over and lay on your other side while it drains. It should be fully drained in a couple of minutes.

This is a good home remedy for a mild earache also, but I find it generally soothing to itchy ears.
i have a few health problems i need to complain/get some advice about.

first, i've had this disgusting cough since i moved. i'm pretty sure it's allergies - dust from moving, bad air quality from the muggy and hot weather - but i'm taking claratin once a day and have this homeopathic throat spray and i am STILL coughing. my throat doesn't hurt or anything, it's just this constant urge to cough.

second, i'm getting a full blown period mid-cycle. i started a new pack of pills last monday. what gives? i've had spotting before, but nothing like this, and it is very alarming and inconvenient. i haven't had sex in months, so it's not anything sexually related. could an infection make you bleed? or if it was something scary would i feel sick? gah.

laurenann - The cough might be a sinus infection. I have learned in the last year how strange sinus infections can be. The classic symptoms of pressure in the forehead and congestion aren't the only way to have a sinus infection. A cough is a very common sign of a sinus drip due to a sinus issue.I had one for months were I felt like I was coming down with a cold, then it would get better and i would think it was gone. The bam, it would be back. It also made me feel very tired and not healthy. My son was diagnosed with one, when I had taken him to the doctor cuz he had been coughing for 3 weeks for no obvious reason. good luck, I hope you feel better soon.
Hi Laurenann, I'm betting that "homeopathic" throat spray is to blame for what's happening with your period.
I have an awful suspicion that it's what we homeopaths call a polypharmacy patent medicine that mixes up a bunch of medicines that often should never be mixed together or used in all at once in any case whatsoever. If you give me an idea of what's actually "in" it (there has to be a list of ingredients, a bunch of arbitrarily selected medicines that often include "throat" remedies like Argentum Nitricum, Pulsatilla, Apis, Belladonna, and the big one, Phytolacca Decandra). Trouble is, lots of these antidote each other and/or are inimical. Also, a great many of them are more often used to treat complaints in the female reproductive system, so it's no surprise you're seeing a change in what happens with your menstrual cycle. Repeated doses of any potentized medicine will produce the symptoms they are used to cure--that's why self-medicating and using these drugs is really not a good idea.

Classical homeopaths have been trying for over a century to make the manufacturers of these products stop calling them "homeopathic", but unfortunately they're legally allowed to trade on the public's lack of access to alternative medical information, and the market's willingness to encourage people to self-medicate (which should never be done in alternative medicine). The end result is people will develop symptoms they never expect (and wouldn't link back to the potentized remedies they've been using inadvertently incorrectly), causing needless alarm and, worse, needless medication (as, invariably, patients run right to their doctors who are often far to ready to prescribe anything they can).

Your body should be able to restore its own rhythm after a cycle or two, since this is just the influence of one of the remedies in that patent medicine. If you like, I might be able to find an antidote if you tell me what's in the stuff you took (but that's hard, as any one of the remedies could be responsible, and it's impossible to antidote them all) or suggest something to help get things back on track.
i'm not even sure if homeopathic is the right word, it's zicam spray. anyway, i stopped using it because my cough is deeper and my throat doesn't hurt, it's more like an itch. my roommate has a cough now too, so who knows what it is. i need to go to the doctor soon for a physical for my new job, so i'll ask about my cough then?

also, i figured out the period mystery. i went to take my pill last night and noticed i was popping out one for wednesday. oops, when did i forget to take one?
The Zicam is a polypharmacy patent medicine, and not homeopathic in any way. I'm sure one of the potentized drugs listed in it is responsible for what's going on with you.

It's rare that forgetting to take a pill brings on the menses...lots of women often forget and miss a day and there is a protocol for that (usually outlined in the pamphlet that comes with your drug).

Menses starting mid-cycle after taking a homeopathic remedy is something I watch for closely in my patients: it means my remedy's had a very deep effect on that patient, and changed something really deep in the body, specifically the hormonal cycle. Whenever my own homeopath gives me a remedy and I take it and my period starts that day or the next morning (when I wasn't expecting it for weeks) I know it's had an effect on me and hope it's a curative one. Thing is, when only one remedy's given, you know exactly what is responsible: it's handy information if you have to antidote that drug and you can tell, in that person's case, whether that change is a sign of returning health or trouble. When more than one remedy is given, it's a big fat guessing game as to what's happening and what's causing it and whether things are getting better or worse. No one tells you this in the store, but you must try to avoid self-medicating with alternative medicines in the future: if you are interested in alternatives, the best way to get healing results is to consult with a qualified practitioner.

Yes, I would definitely ask your doctor about the cough, so that you can rule out infections and allergies as the cause. It's always good to know what's going on, even if it means you take a number of tests to do so. A sore throat is always healthier than a cough, just because the throat is not a deep organ in the body (like the lungs are...illnesses are more serious the more deeply they occur in the body, because they are closer to vital, vulnerable organs). If there is an infection it may have been driven in more deeply, so it does need to be treated so that you can become well again.

Good luck, laurenann.
Pollystyrene - I had swimmer's ear all along like I thought. Went to the doctor yesterday and got some drops. Feeling better already. Thanks for your reply and advice.

Hey all - Looking for suggestions on handling/avoiding migraines. In the last month, I've had 6 full blown migraines and I'm not sure why? I know work's been stressful, but really nothing I've not been able to handle. I've not changed my birth control, and really, life is better than it was before Jul-1 - I don't get it.... Any thoughts on handling the symptoms?

i have tried various drugs and such for migraines and i like imitrex. works like a dream but pricey. also, propranalol (sp?) work ok and way cheaper. i also find that sleep helps, and if memory serves so does good sex help. if you find anything that works great for you, post it here cos i am having increased migraines post baby.

good luck
QUOTE(LustfullyPink @ Jul 25 2007, 12:39 PM) *
I thank maude everyday I've got you ladies. I'm a pretty small person as weight goes, so every time I try to talk about something weight related with my friends, they get really angry and scream "You're so skinny, shut the hell up!"

I've got some major (gross) cellulite on my but and waaay upper thigh area and I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to deal with this?

I know this is really, really super late to reply to this but I JUST now saw it!

I have a book "the strippers guide to looking great naked" (yeah...I know)

But...they have a remedy for cellulite and I tried it and it works! You need warm, wet coffee grounds (rescue em outta the coffee pot in the morning)..and the thing is they must be CAFFEINATED. no decaf.

Oh, by the way, do this in the bathroom and put newspapers down on the floor or just plan to clean the floor when you're done.

Anyway, you take the coffee grounds and use it like a scrub...really scrub it into the problem area. Leave the grounds on...some will fall off, but try to leave them on.

Wrap your legs/butt with plastic over the coffee grounds. Keep working the coffee grounds into the skin. They suggest even using a rolling pin.

Leave on several minutes, rinse off in shower.

Do this twice a week.

Caffeine is a main ingredient in many cellulite soaks into the skin and breaks up fat deposits.
t-3's are the only thing that work for migraines for me (not good for nursing though!). if i end up in hospital they give me maxeran (?) intervenously, that's the non-nauseating one.

i'm trying that coffee thing.
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