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::graphic description of vaginal discharge to follow::

These past couple of days I've been having really heavy discharge, as in i got out of the shower and could see it hanging down between my legs. Sometimes it is opaque (white) and sort of creamy but then sometimes it is clearer and the best way for me to describe the consistency is, erm, snot-like blink.gif Heavy cold, strings coming out of your nose situation.

It doesn't smell and I've not had any irritation and I was just wondering if any busties knew what could be causing it. I'm on the contraceptive pill and my nipples have been kinda sore as well.
Snotty discharge is normal during ovulation, but the white creamy stuff could indicate a bacterial infection.

When I had BV there was no smell either, but I had more discharge than normal and if I looked up my vagina in the mirror I could see a blob of white discharge just sitting there at the entrance.

I googled pictures of BV after that and found a few that looked exactly like mine so I got a swab test and that's what it was.

Obviously I have no idea if that's what you have but it's a suggestion.
Sounds a lot like what I've got. I guess a trip to the doctors is in order.

ETA: How exactly do you get BV?
I'm wondering if anybody here has ever used/bought an inversion table to treat back pain? I have fairly chronic upper back pain caused by disc degeneration...and pretty tight muscles too. Seriously thinking about one of these.

I had been going to a chiropractor on a weekly basis which helped a LOT but it's getting hard for me to go because I currently have no parking at work (I use mass transportation) and I used to go on my way to/from work.
BV is one of those umbrella terms used to categorized any kind of non-specific "infection" that occurs in the vagina. It can have literally thousands of possible biochemical causes and is usually considered "idiopathic", though it's quite common for women to experience it as a result of using Birth Control pills, and even as a side effect of any kind of hormone therapy (so, for example, if you've ever been given corticosteroids to treat asthma or pain from an injury, or used a steroid cream for a skin condition). Hormone imbalances can take place even without hormone therapies, for example as a result of things like hypoglycemia, thyroid gland over/underactivity, adrenal gland exhaustion; even things like anemia and vitamin deficiencies (which often result as well from hormone treatments or from the chronic ailments above) can bring about the vague general symptoms that end up being known as BV.

Sometimes white discharge doesn't signify an infection of any kind. It used to be called "Leucorrhea" or "fluor albus" and it can sometimes be part of the body's "self-cleaning" process (ridding the vaginal canal of wastes created in eliminating infection). Leucorrhea is a chronic thing--the discharge doesn't just come and go at intervals, it's purulent or constant. It can also indicate a need for specific minerals (potassium chloride comes to mind).

A trip to the doctor is definitely a good start to rule out tissue changes in the reproductive tract and dangerous diseases, sexually transmitted or otherwise. If you suspect a hormonal cause, do try to follow up with a doctor who is knowledgeable in hormonal health and balance--such as an endocrinologist who specializes in the reproductive system.

Treatment for BV is usually a (black boxed warning!) "anti-biotic"; but it doesn't usually lead to your finding out what's bringing about the actual symptoms. Really the trip to the doctor is just the first step to make sure you've really just got BV and nothing more serious--then the real detective work has to start.

Treehugger, have you tried or do you have coverage for massage therapy? Shiatsu or Cranial/Sacral therapy might be extremely helpful because they can be done very gently, and they often bring great results. Wish I could comment on the inversion machine but I don't know of anyone who's used one and I've never used it myself.
Ok... I have no clue where to post this story but I HAVE to share it.

I've been having severe headaches lately and my doctor wanted me to get a ct scan so I went to a clinic for that yesterday. I wasn't allowed to eat all day, and then they drew my blood and I was feeling very weak from that. Then I went into the scan room and the radiologist had to start an iv with contrast--which I think is iodine actually. They use it to make the scan look better.

As the injection started he said "You may feel a warm rush and a metallic taste in your mouth."

I said "I feel kinda nauseous."

He said "That's normal. It should go away in a second."

"No, I feel really nau--BLEAHGHH"

And I puked on him. Since there was no food in my system it was just water, dyed orange from the contrast. I felt really bad & embarrassed. But he was laughing. Oops!
Well, Kayte, you have good aim wink.gif

I hope you can find out what's going on soon.
QUOTE(punkerplus @ Jan 22 2007, 01:17 PM) *

::graphic description of vaginal discharge to follow::

These past couple of days I've been having really heavy discharge, as in i got out of the shower and could see it hanging down between my legs. Sometimes it is opaque (white) and sort of creamy but then sometimes it is clearer and the best way for me to describe the consistency is, erm, snot-like blink.gif Heavy cold, strings coming out of your nose situation.

It doesn't smell and I've not had any irritation and I was just wondering if any busties knew what could be causing it. I'm on the contraceptive pill and my nipples have been kinda sore as well.

Snot-like discharge is an ovulation indicator. As you approach ovulation, you produce thicker and thicker fluid from your cervix. It starts out sticky, sometimes like rubber cement, then becomes creamy like lotion, and finally thick and mucus-like. A day or so after the egg is released, the fluid will go away. (Every woman should read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wechsler to learn how your body works, IMHO.) Bad smells, pain, or discharge that is green or cottage cheese-like are all signs of infection.

The Pill is supposed to suppress ovulation, so you should definitely check with your doctor in case it's not working for you.
hi, sorry to barge in here, but i'm wondering if you guys might have any advice

i started taking a calcium/magnesium suppliment 3 weeks ago for my PMS, mostly for sore breasts. it really helped except, i guess it caused me to become constipated and my last 4 bowel movements have been bloody. eek! sad.gif

this happened once before and i solved it by taking psyllium husk. i've stopped taking the calcium for now, and started taking the husk again, but i'm wondering if there is something i can take for the PMS that won't stop me up?
i have to go to the ER if i want to see a doctor, so i'm really trying to hold off....that's public health care for ya.

Hi Pho,

Calcium and magnesium has to be in a specific balance for us to derive any benefit from the calcium--when it's not, problems like the constipation and other forms of congestion take place. It's a sign that you need more magnesium. If you're like most North Americans, you get way more calcium in your diet than you can use, which causes the problems you're describing (even the sore breasts can be a result of the body's inability to assimilate calcium properly). Another problem with calcium supplements is just their format--calcium carbonate isn't easy for the body to use. Calcium carbonate in an ascorbate is usually easier, but it's still a tough mineral for the body to utilize fully on a deep level (works fine if you're taking it as an antacid; not if you're trying to "build" bone). Not all calcium supplements are the same; the cheap stuff on the shelf should be left there. In any case, it looks like you're getting more than enough and can't use it all. You will do better increasing the amount of magnesium instead.

If you can find a powdered form of magnesium citrate that you can dissolve in water, and take this on a daily basis, I'm sure you will find that the constipation problems as well as much of the PMS will also resolve. I know of a product sold in Canada called "Calm", it's just mag. citrate in a powdered form that you dissolve in about a 1/4 cup of warm water and take once a day (usually at night). But there are other forms of magnesium citrate in a soluble form you can take if this product isn't available to you. You will find that you don't need the psyllium at all once you get adequate amounts of magnesium.

Better still, Magesium Phosphorica biochemical tissue salts (you can find these in a health food store or any pharmacy well stocked in alternative medicines as well as conventional ones) can do wonders to help you out of both painful menses and the symptoms of congestion you're suffering from as well. They usually come in 2 potencies, a 6X or a 12X, either one works fine for your purposes. These are the most highly absorbable nutrient sources available. You can take a 4 pill dose two times a day every day to use it as a supplement, and then take a dose whenever you feel the PMS symptoms increasing. An extra bonus: they stop cramps dead.
that's wonderful! thankyou chachaheels!
You're welcome. I'll be happy if I can get yet another soul off those vile psyllium husks. I think they're yucky, and life is so much nicer without them.
Hi, ladies. (And gents, if there are any)

Got a question...does anyone have experience with hyperthyrodism? I called my dr earlier, I want to be tested for it. I have been having symptoms that could be characteristic of this condition, and wanted to see if anyone had any input.
Well, start here. Scroll down to the title "hyperthyroidism" and notice that the section is extensive. That's because this condition can occur under a variety of circumstances, and it can be tricky to determine what's really going on with thyroid function. You do need to rule out diseases which include the set of symptoms we think of as "hyperthyroid", as some as extremely dangerous to leave untreated (or to treat improperly).

Usually a blood test is used to determine the amount of specific thyroid hormones in the blood. The problem is that there is usually a "scale" (pretty wide) that's supposed to signify the normal range of these hormones--and it's often open to (mis)interpretation. So it really pays to ask your MD to recommend an endocrinologist to you so that the three of you can work together for the best possible results--diagnosis and treatment wise.

You have lots of treatment options, so remember that the conventional ones aren't the only ones that are effective (as they are often scary). I hope everything turns out to be okay.

thanks Chacha. I have an appt with my dr next week, will see what the deal is.
Last summer I was diagnosed with endometriosis via a pelvic laparascopy. I'd had symptoms since I was 13, and it took 5 years of being convinced that it wasn't just inflamed cysts to finally come up with a diagnosis. They put me on BC (now the Nuvaring.. love!) when I was 15. My OBGYN did the surgery when she realized that the BC wasn't going to cut it, removed all of the growths that she could and sent me on my way. I didn't have any pain for a few months after, and it was wonderful.

Now it's back and worse than ever. For the past three months, for one week out of every month (around the middle of my cycle) I get the worst migraines that make me vomit and sharp pain in my pelvic area. The rest of the time I'm frequently fatigued, constantly constipated, and it hurts to pee, PLUS the lower back pain that never ever goes away.

I'm in college out of state, so I have to see a different OBGYN. The one that I saw last week talked about a more agressive treatment.. shots that would put me into early menopause to help stop any new growths. This scared the hell out of me when he said it at first, because I want to have babies someday. According to him, it would only be temporary. Six shots over a six month period.

Does anyone have any experience with this treatment? I don't know what else to do, short of surgery, and I don't want to go that far.

On a lighter note, I really wish there was an endometriosis support group thread on this board. It's so common, and it would be nice to talk to more people that are going through the same thing. I don't mean to be pushy, though. Just a suggestion :-)
No_Plastic, have you tried proposing an endometriosis thread in the community forum? I don't think there'd be any exception whatsoever, as I have a hunch you're right about the fact that so many women would want to know more about it and have a place to talk about it. You'll get a better idea about the interest level there.

It sounds very painful for you, and I think I know what's causing the pain (and I have a pretty good idea of the most likely cause of it as well--your situation is what so many women with endometriosis experience). I do know of a number of women who've been treated for endometriosis using surgery and hormones--those who went on Danazol, and some who were given the gonadotropic releasing hormone instead of just a variation of a birth control pill. Hormone therapies are hormone therapies--they are all extremely risky. If you're looking for treatment options for endometriosis, you've got all kinds and you aren't limited to surgery or hormones alone: I hope you consider some options offered by alternative therapies, such as classical homeopathy or traditional chinese medicine, or even naturopathy as well, as they are extremely effective and often far safer than what's available conventionally.

Anyway, I haven't undergone the hormone therapies, I just know women who have (personally, and as patients who've come for homeopathic treatment)--so I can't contribute much here. Hope someone else will come along and be of help.
Has anyone ever had a D&C and/or does anyone know if it's normal NOT to bleed afterwards?

The procedure was on Wednesday. I was told I'd have the equivalent of a period, but my bleeding (which was very scant) stopped less than a day after I got home from day surgery. And except for my brief time in the recovery room, I also haven't had the promised cramping, either. I can't decide if this is a sign of my good health or a symptom of abnormality!
Were you very early, doodle? If so, your uterus would not have been very enlarged, thus perhaps less cramping (which is uterus getitng back to normal size) and less surface area on the inside that is shedding blood. I think what you're describing sounds within normal.

I'm sure you'll go to your follow up appointment...that is important! Can't do a pregnancy test, obviously...not yet, anyway.

Oh, thanks for responding, amilita! The D&C wasn't due to pregnancy or miscarriage. They are doing some tests to find out why my hemoglobin has been low, and the D&C was necessary for the testing. (I just had a period February 27 - March 5, if that means anything.) But if what you say about the uterus not being enlarged is true, then maybe my not-pregnant state explains the lack of cramping and bleeding...?
oh! i just accidently deleted a longer post!

but to sum it up, i would say: yes, definately!

and i'm glad the d&c isn't giving you much've certianly gone through enough lately! hope you are feeling better and that all the testing goes well! eat your iron and all that! i'm sure you are already...
Thanks so much for your help, amilita!
Where are the PCOS ladies out there?

I've always had lots of body hair (and facial hair), and have been dealing with acne for about 5 years as well. I didn't start menstruating until I was about 17, and then my periods were spaced pretty far apart until I went on the pill a year or two later. Now that I've gone off the pill, it looks like they might be going back to that. (They were regular for about 4 months, but now I'm 2 weeks late so far.) I'm wondering if this could all possibly be connected via PCOS-- or if the hair and acne is just genetic, and the menstruation stuff could be chalked up to adolescence and now to adjusting to life post-pill. ?? Thoughts, anyone? Would I go to the gyno to talk about this, or a regular doc, or-?
Octi, starting your period at 17 years is not unusual, particularly if your body type was not one to put on a lot of body fat (lots of girls who do certain types of sports fall into this category, such as gymnastics or ballet). Periods don't start until a percentage of body fat in particular areas of the body is stored. And even then, it is not uncommon for periods to be far apart or erratic until a rhythm is determined. For some women it's a matter of months, for others it may be closer to a year or so. Post-pill cycles also have to have time to go through a period of adjustment; some doctors say 6 months, but I think most women will say things sort themselves self back into your own rhythm over a much longer course of time.

PCOS is a whole host of symptoms which seem to occur but one of the biggest symptoms is the presence of cysts in or around the ovary (obviously! And the cysts have to preclude or influence the creation or sensitivity to specific hormones). Excess body hair can occur (it's usually in a male hair pattern on the thighs and abdomen; and there is also a specific weight gain or body shape which accompanies the hormonal imbalance caused by the cysts on the ovaries. Acne can occur because of the hormonal state as well, but it isn't always indicative of PCOS--lots of women develop acne along with hormonal fluctuations, all without cysts on the ovaries or any of the other symptoms associated with PCOS.
From my readings on PCOS, many women tend to get their periods earlier (like before 11) because testosterone and body fat (which is a typical sign of PCOS) prompt menstruation. So, unless something was going on to keep you from putting on fat, like you were into sports or had an eating disorder, your period might have started earlier if you have PCOS. Also, it can take a long time for a body to get used to being off the pill and throw all your stuff off. I wrote about this before but inositol from GNC has been really helpful to me in getting my PCOS/hormones in shape. If you go the gyn and say that you have acne and irregular periods and body hair they will likely give you a vaginal ultrasound and diagnose you from there--you can ask for it--and that's the main sign they look for or to see if you have the other things (like other types of cysts or thyroid problems) going on. One piece they want to know if it has changed suddenly or if you were always suffering from this stuff--usually pcos gets progressively worse and does not start suddenly. Also, having gone through this, I don't know what your body type/ethnicity are, but they are pretty resistant to acknowledging thin PCOSers although they are half of the group, especially if you come from a furrier ethnic background--so you have to emphasize that what you are experiencing is getting worse for you based on your knowledge of your body over time. One of the big theories now is about the way PCOS may be a precursor or somehow connected to diabetes and/or insulin resistance. So they are treating people with drugs that deal with that--but inositol helps with blood sugar, too. They will likely want to put you back on the pill, which will mask whatever's going on. Good luck!!

And, as I have just learned for myself, even if your periods are off or it looks like you have PCOS you can still get pregnant--so be super careful!!!
Thanks a lot for the info, chacha and lapis. Hm. Well, I'm going to the gyno for a different procedure next month (colposcopy) so I'll talk to her about it then. Maybe she can do that vaginal ultrasound just so I'll know one way or the other if all this stuff is connected...
Does anyone else deal with poor circulation in their hands and feet? Especially in the winter, but even sometimes in the summer. My hands are almost always cold if it is not REALLY warm, and sometimes my nails turn blue (they are right now). Also, if my fingertips suddenly press against like a sharp edge, they go numb and feel all nervy and prickly-it's almost painful.

I'm so used to this, that I hardly notice when my hands are cold-and I do massage, and so sometimes I put cold hands on people-which is not good. Fortunately, they do warm up fairly quickly after starting a massage-they don't stay cold, but it's such an unfortunate shock to my client. If I do happen to notice beforehand, I can hold them under hot water for a few minutes, and that helps a lot.

I wonder if there are any long term treatments available for this..I don't think I have Raynaud's Disease or anything, but it has been a constant part of my life.
I looked up Raynaud's and it did say that a numb prickly feeling as your hands warm up is a symptom, but also that your hands can appear swollen...I've seen your hands- they don't look swollen. Just throwing out an idea- have you been checked for anemia? Here's a basic list of symptoms off

* Weakness
* Pale skin
* A fast or irregular heartbeat
* Shortness of breath
* Chest pain
* Dizziness
* Cognitive problems
* Numbness or coldness in your extremities
* Headache

Coldness is the only one you've got though, on a regular basis, right?
coldness implies circulatory but I was going to suggest anemia too or vitamin B12 deficiency. I have the latter and was tested for it because I had numbness in hands and feet; I have coldness in feet but I've put that down to the weather!
I just got the greatest suggestion from my massage therapist who noticed that my feet were as cold as ice... she heats up one of those 'magic bags' in the microwave and puts it at her feet when she goes to bed. I started doing it and it's the greatest thing! It's not a cure, but definitely a quick-fix.
QUOTE(juls @ Mar 23 2007, 06:08 PM) *
I just got the greatest suggestion from my massage therapist who noticed that my feet were as cold as ice... she heats up one of those 'magic bags' in the microwave and puts it at her feet when she goes to bed. I started doing it and it's the greatest thing! It's not a cure, but definitely a quick-fix.

Those magic bags are awesome! I used them on my belly and feet when I have cramps. I also invested in a pair of $15 wool socks. They were worth every penny.
Count me in on the cold hands and feet. No anemia here (i've had bloodwork done). I just figure some of us are naturally like this, all yin'd out or something. It's more of a problem for my boyfriend when I stick my cold hands on him than it is for me smile.gif

I actually popped in here to ask: any bustie chicks with braces?
A few weeks ago I went to the doctor, they told me I had either an upper respiratory infection or Bronchitis and gave me a script to some antibiotics. I feel a lot better no congestion, runny nose, or anything, but I have this lingering cough that just won't go away. If I get cold or mostly at night is when I start coughing. Any advice?

If I have to I'll go back to the doctor, but I hate the idea of being on more antibiotics. Maybe it just needs time to run its course? I have never had a long lasting cough like this but I have never had an upper respiratory infection or Bronchitis, either.
ginger -

I know sooooooooo many people who have gone through the same thing this year, myself included. After seeing three different doctors at my doctor's office the third said it was "silent reflux" and gave me a stronger prescription for my acid reflux. It really helped. Now I just use Tums before I go to bed. My dad also went through this and the doctor put him on a very strong decongestant and it finally went away. My friend Laura had the same problem and she must have done three different antibiotics. I don't know what to tell you in all honesty. Where are you located? I know many people in Delaware complain about coughing, stuffy noses and the like. My state is so polluted. It's really terrible. Good luck with it!

ginger, once I had a bad bronchial cough that lingered and was preventing me from sleeping (sometimes I would end up coughing so hard, I could barely catch my breath). My doc prescribed codeine for it, just plain codeine. She gave me a choice of pills or cough syrup (I chose the pills), but I think most docs give the syrup automatically. Codeine is a really good cough suppressant. You only take it before bed - the 'scrip strength knocks you out, but it also holds back the cough so you can sleep. (Your cough won't get better if you are not getting restorative sleep!) You could also do a test before you ask your doc - you could try over-the-counter acetaminophen (Tylenol) with codeine (presuming you can get it where you are - it's non-'scrip where I am, but you have to ask the pharmacist for it). BUT it's only about 8 mg of codeine per pill (max. dose of 2 pills = 16 mg), compared to the 'scrip, which (for me) was 50 mg (per dose, 1 pill). Plus you can't get the codeine over-the-counter without the acetaminophen (it's like T3 Lite)...and I don't know about you, but every time I get sick, I'm highly annoyed by the presence of acetaminophen in every single effing thing, because it's not always necessary, and you can easily overdose if you're not careful!

I suppose you could also try another type of cough suppressant, Robitussan or something - though my experience is the drug store syrups don't last the whole night like codeine does. I'm a fan of the codeine now, and I'm not afraid to admit it! (*ahem* With the warning that codeine is a mild opiate derivative and can be addictive, blah, blah, blah....)

Fisherman's Friends are also great. The strong, horrible-tasting ones in the plain white pack. They do taste overwhelming, but they really do work. During my last cold, I would wake up coughing, pop one in my mouth, and fall asleep with it melting there! (The white pack is sugar free, so my teeth survived.)

I don't think you should need an antibiotic at all, if the cough is the only real problem.

So anyway, that's my advice, and I'm sticking to it!
doodle, if it lingers on much longer I might take up your advice and talk to my doc about codeine. I think here you have to have a script for codeine? I'll check into. I know what you mean about acetaminophen. My doctor reccomended Advil cold and sinus b/c she hates acetaminophen.

pug, I live in Indiana, which isn't heavily polluted, but I am in one of the more industrial cities. Quite a few people around here seem to be having similar health problems though.

Thanks ladies!
Please help me! Is there a PMS thread?

Hey all –

I’m very down today. sad.gif Mr. Pug is irritating me and he’s not even doing anything. dry.gif He wants sex (no more then usual) but I’m just not feeling it and I know it’s bothering him. He’s being really good about it by not hounding me for it. He’s doing minimal around the house dry.gif (like always) and in all honesty I’m not doing much either.

There is

Clean laundry that needs to be folded
Dishes that need to be washed
Dogs that need to be fed and walked
Homework that needs to be done
Dusting and vacuuming

Why can’t I just pay someone to clean, cook, do my homework, have sex with Mr. Pug and I can take the week off from school, friends and family and just stay in bed all day and read, eat, sleep and watch TV? REALLY! Why can’t I? I’ll tell you why. Because even if there was someone to do all that I DON’T HAVE ANY FUCKING MONEY TO PAY THEM WITH!!! I hate school and life and everything. I’m just miserable. I always get like this before my period. WHY GOD WHY? blink.gif Is there any kind of mood lifting vitamin? I mean I can actually feel the rage in my throat and chest like it’s going to burst out of me. I hate feeling this way. I just want to tear someone’s head off with my bare hands. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif I sometimes think about telling Mr. Pug to go stay with friends cause I’m about to explode and I don’t want him around when shit hits the fan.

Maybe I should make a pit stop in the virtual fightclub thread…


I need some chocolate…

Sorry for all the smilies. They cheer me up alittle. Every little bit helps right?

maybe a hug too!
Aw,.... Pugs, I know what you mean, and it doesn't help knowing that it's because of your period, does it? But I know you like sex, (that sounds wierd to say- I mean, I've read your posts in the other threads) and soon it will all be over. In a good way. smile.gif As far as chores go.... well, they don't go away, but you can do them later.

Now I have a question. I have had what I thought was an ingrown hair on my vulva; red, about the size of a zit, and sore. Then this morning I looked at it, and it was really hurting. (I've been sortof teasing at it, trying to figure it out) So I get to the washroom, and notice it now looks like a whitehead; it pops; and it's full of pus and then it starts bleeding a bit. Now it's just smaller and red, and still sortof sore.

I get those all the time glassk- they're just zits, like you get on your non-mucus membrane skin. They just hurt more down there- joy. Keep it cleanish (without irritating it and your surrounding girlbits) and it'll go away.

Well now that I know that, I wish I had enjoyed the popping of it. Holy crap, was that every a geyser.

Thanks so much!!
Oh yeah....I get those occasionally, too. Freaked me out the first time, thinking I'd gotten an STD or something. But now, I actually put a tiny bit of benzoil peroxide cream on them, and it clears them up lickety-split.

I am sure there was a PMS thread...
I've the same thing right now. Of course, I picked at it too much, and now it's all irritated and sore. I just couldn't leave well enough alone. It stings now, because of the picking. It's myown stupid fault.
Ha ha, my mom always scolded me not to pick at my pimples, but I've never told her about THOSE ones!! biggrin.gif
So true. A warm bath soothed it. It's getting better. When it hurts though I'm walking like I have a corn cob stuck up my ass.
I'm wondering if any fellow busties have had problems with vulval/labia dryness. I know they're not going to be wet all the time, but they are sort of getting itchy and irritated lately. It also sort of sucks during sex since I'm plenty wet inside, but outparts that rub (mainly the inside of my inner labia) are lately starting to hurt/itch/generally be uncomfortable afterwards. There is no discharge so I'm sort of ruling out a yeast infection, altough there has been a bit of inner itching. I have a feeling that it is a thrown off pH sort or dermatitis sort of deal. I do masturbate with a showerhead... I'm only 18. I've only ever been with one steady, honest and VERY VERY trustworthy partner. Anyone else have the same problem before?

IT's driving me nuts because it's getting uncomfortable to mastubate as well!!!! mad.gif (I'm a clit girl through and through).

I never have discharge from a yeast infection so I wouldn't rule it out.
Ditto what kitten said. Best thing would be to go to a doc to get it sorted out, but if that's absolutely not possible (insurance, financial stuff, etc.) you could probably just get a 3 day yeast cream and see if that makes it clear up within a week. (from what i understand, you can't do TOO TOO much harm using a yeast cream when that's not the infection you have.)

Can you rule out STDs? (Keep in mind you can indeed catch stuff from things like oral sex.)

Good luck!
I think you can do harm taking a 3 day yeast cream. They're anti-biotics, after all (the over the counter formulations all are) and if you don't have yeast before taking them chances are pretty good you'll have it afterwards. So I'd really encourage you to go and have a test to see if yeast is, in fact, a problem (and that test is usually one of a group of tests, which usually includes a pap smear--you can rule out all kinds of illnesses and check to be sure there's no threat of cancer too). The absence of a discharge simply means your own body hasn't been able to mount much of a defense against yeast overgrowth, so it may still be a possibility. If you're on the Birth control pill, then the likelihood for yeast is that much higher; but it could also be the cause of the dryness you're experiencing as well (without yeast being involved at all).
Not to change the subject but I posted about my PMS days ago and I did a little research on line and found a bunch of vitamins that are supposed to help and so I went to my local General Nutrition Center and they recommended this which has all of the vitamins webmd suggested to help alleviate PMS. I'll keep you posted
I've had discharge from a yeat infection. I don't get bad ones, usually just external itchiness, but I do get a bit of discharge.

I'd haul ass to a doctor just to make sure.

On a different note, have you switched detergent, fabric softener, or soap? This could cause irritation. I know I have to be very careful about what I use, or else it feels like I have saber toothed, crotch crickets. Not fun.
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