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Mine generally get veeeeery tender before./during/and after my period. And they do get to look bruised if I use a t-shirt without a bra(cause some of the fabrics are harsh to the poor sensitive nipples) or even when using a bra, if the bra's fabric is not soft, it kind of bruises them too.
If it doesn't resolve in a few days, definitely go to the doctor. Always better to be safe than sorry with any kind of change in your breasts that can't be explained and doesn't go away.
a bit more than a week ago, i went on a hike. i wore long pants, but at some point i rolled them up, exposing my socks. i got completely attacked by bugs around my ankles, through the socks. it definitely looked like mosquito bites, but they were itchier and there were a lot more of them than i ever get.

they also stuck around a lot longer -- i usually find that mosquito bites itch for a few hours or a day (sometimes two) and then they scab up and gradually go away. well these bug bites were still itchy up until this weekend (almost a week). they were so itchy i had to use hydracortisone a few nights just to get to sleep.

this morning, just as i thought they were going away, i woke up with a whole bunch of brand new bites! this is now over a week since the hike (which was a very docile hike on a trail through a local nature preserve) these bites were kind of different. more like ant bites than mosquito bites. really pimply looking, and in rashy patches like what happens when you accidentally step in a fire ant pile. also possibly poison ivy. except i haven't been anywhere i could have stepped in ants or brushed poison ivy. i've also noticed a few lone bites on other parts of my body. a couple on my arm, 3 in a symmetrical line on my thigh.

wtf? can anybody help me here? oh, and i'm almost positive it's not bedbugs.
bklynhermit, it could potentially be chiggers. it's in the the right place (they like restrictive clothing like socks), but i've never heard of those coming back again...

as always, wikipedia can tell you far more than i.
Ugh! Chiggers....I always associate those with stupidly wearing shorts through a hay/corn/wheat field, something I'll never ever do again. I don't often think of chiggers living in forested places or hiking trails, though, but they could very well do that.

It could also be a rash arising from a sensitivity to all the bites you've received. If you hiked through wooded areas, please make sure to check for tick bites. You'll need to remove those asap if you find them, but hopefully you won't.

I have a suggestion for a homeopathic remedy you could use that would ease the pain and speed the recovery--it's also great to take as a prophylactic/first aid treatment for Lyme's disease from ticks.
Pick up a vial of Ledum palustre 30c or 200c from your health food store which sells homeopathic single remedies. This is a great first aid remedy to keep on hand for puncture wounds and insect bites of any kind. If you get the higher potency (the 200c) take a dose a day for 3 days--but stop dosing if you see or feel improvement and don't take anymore; you could do the same with the lower potency but dose two times a day with it instead. Good luck!
I'd also suggest washing your sheets, just in case. Sometimes I get random bug bites if I've gone too long without washing them. If you did brush against something like poison ivy too, then they'll need to be washed.
omigod. it's SO chiggers. how could i have been so stupid? i spent my entire childhood being warned about chiggers when tromping around in the woods and fields...

you want to hear something even more stupid? after the hike, i leaned over to tie my shoe and came back with teensy rusty orange bugs on my hand. i said to the friend i was with, "oh crap, these look like chiggers! i better be extra careful when i take my shoes off tonight." then i promptly forgot all about it.

i bet i got bit a second time after i dumped MY DIRTY CHIGGER-INFESTED JEANS onto the foot of my bed...

do you think i have to wash all this stuff myself, or would it be safe to drop off to the wash-and-fold like i usually do? i don't want to spread chiggers throughout the neighborhood or get the nice lady at the laundry place all bitten up...
Bklynhermit, I have the same kind of thing going on! I was at a bonfire on Sat. night and wore shorts, so I got a few mosquito bites, but only a few. Then yesterday I woke up with over 30 bites on EACH leg! The bites are all between my ankles and knees (I was wearing shorts to bed) and they itch WAY more than any mosquito bite I've ever had. I searched for bedbugs, didn't find any--but I found 3 spiders in the house yesterday, which is really uncommon. So I'm guessing mine are spider bites... but isn't it odd that a spider would bite me over and over like that? And also weird that my fiancé didn't get a single bite--although he was wearing long pants to bed. I changed the sheets and we killed all the spiders we found hanging around outside the house, but the itching is almost unbearable. I've been taking Benadryl and using Benadryl cream but it's still really bad, even with that. Argh!!
mrfj (my eagle scout) might be able to offer more advice, but i seem to remember him saying that the best thing to get the chiggers to die and top chewing on you is to cover each little bite with clear fingernail polish. that way, if they're still lurking in there, they'll suffocate.

a good way to prevent chiggers? drink sulphur water before going out in the woods. yeah, usually easier said than done.

i would think washing the clothes in hot water yourself might be the best thing. i don't think they'd survive a trip to the laundromat, but just to be on the safe side...
oh, ugh. good luck whatever you decide to do. an oatmeal bath is great for relieving the itch, you can grind oats into powder in a spice/coffee mill and just dump it into the bath. wrapping some whole oats in a washcloth (secure it with a rubber band, it's super easy) and letting it float in the tub is good too, you can squeeze it out and run it lightly over the really itchy bits.
i just had to give my poor lumpy little an oatmeal bath. he went to a party at the park by the lake with my neighbour and even though i sent him with bug lotion and specific instructions to take Great Care applying it, he came back with bites everywhere they "missed a spot". he used to get bites on his face at the cottage and swell up like crazy so i am really careful about protecting him and he hasn't gotten more than a few bites since he was really wee. well, the next morning he was a mess. totally lumpy, his ankle was about twice the size as usual from just one bite there and the rest of his legs were hot, huge red welts. it was dreadful. he got feverish and had a runny nose and passed out for a couple of hours in the afternoon. poor little thing. how can he have such a strong reaction to just mosquitos bites like that? he got stung by a bee once and was totally fine but the skitters are something else!
FJ's right. We used to get chiggers in our ballsacks when we'd go camping. They love warm, moist, dark places. Worst itch ever. We'd pass around a little vial of clear nail polish and paint up our scrotums but that's probably just closing the barn door after the horse is gone. I understand they die out after a few days anyway so encasing them nail polish is largely ineffectual. You can prevent future chigger bites by either drinking sulfur water, as FJ recommended, or filling a sock with sulfur powder and banging it around your feet and legs.
i just want to clarify that it wasn't ME getting chiggers on my ballsack...
I hope Mr. FJ is actually talking about himself as part of a group and not in the 3rd person "Royal" we when he writes about painting ballsacks with clear nail polish.
It was a requirement for our Sexual Identity Awareness merit badge. Collective ballpainting.
Well, lacquering the scrotum sounds like a sufficient sacrifice to the Sexual Identity Gods (did it, um, flake off or did you have to use acetone...Never mind, I've decided I no longer wish to know).
I think it probably sweated itself into a viscous paste and was absorbed into the fabric of my Underoos where it congealed with the 8 billion prepubescent double-helixes I whacked there on lonely summer camp nights.
QUOTE(pepper @ Aug 29 2006, 10:32 AM) *

how can he have such a strong reaction to just mosquitos bites like that? he got stung by a bee once and was totally fine but the skitters are something else!

don't know why, but I'm the same. I get a mosquito on me that I don't notice and I get a welt the size of a quarter. If I notice them and swat them off then the welt is "only" the size of a dime. Essential oil of lavender seems to tame the itch, though it smells, well, like lavender which may or may not be a trade off you are willing to make.
Well, I guess you told me anyway.

I have a friend whose father makes jewellery as a hobby. He fashioned a gold double helix pendant for her, dotted with tiny semi-precious stones, as a graduation gift when she finished her doctorate (she's a geneticist--clever!).

I used to love that piece of jewellery: now I'm forced to make all manner of new associations with it.

So, uh, thanks, "yer majesty"
So I'm having some stomach issues, and I don't have health insurance until Oct. 1st, so Busties are my first line of experts. Last Thursday, I started having a stomach ache. Not really nauseated, strictly an achiness that was centered in my upper abdomen, like under my diaphragm, coming in waves and combined with generally feeling crappy- I was light-headed, a little achy all over, felt run down and miserable. My temperature was normal. All I ate that day was a meal in the morning before I started feeling bad and some toast before I went to bed. Friday, I didn't have the general ill feeling, but my stomach still hurt. Poop was normal, and temp was normal. I ate simple, but normal foods, in normal amounts. Saturday, I had diarrhea all day. Not uncontrollable, but anytime I went to the bathroom, it was mostly liquid. Still had the stomach ache, but temperature was normal, and my appetite was fine. Sunday, not as frequent diarrhea, but when I did go, it was liquidy. My stomach still hurt. And I noticed some profuse sweating, even though my temperature was still normal and I wasn't in a hot environment, like I was trying to sweat it out without running a fever.

Now it's early Monday morning (haven't gone to bed yet) and I'm not sure what to do. I don't feel dehydrated and I've been drinking plenty of water. I don't want to take Imodium or some kind of anti-diarrheal medicine, because it seems like I'd want whatever is causing this to get out of my system without inhibiting it. But the stomach pain is really making me miserable, and there's been a few times where I've wondered if I was going to throw up, but never quite got to the nausea stage. Because I just started my new job a couple weeks ago, I won't have insurance for a few more weeks, and I'm worried that maybe this is something that I shouldn't wait to see a doctor on, but then I'd have to pay money I really don't have.

Any ideas? sad.gif
I feel like an ass for saying this, but money can't get in the way here. You need to see a doctor and find out what is going on. It may just be diarrhea, but what if it isn't? You want to rule out scary things like infection (appendicitis or peritonitis, or an inflammation in an organ), or things like parasites. It could be nothing, and that would be great--but it would be a mistake not to check things out so that you are safe. In the meantime, please don't take anything like imodium or conversely, any kind of laxative. If it is a case of infection deep in the body taking such a medication could complicate things drastically.

If money's really tight, call friends and family and tell them you're sick and need to borrow money. It's of secondary importance here, you need to take care of yourself and make sure you are not in danger.
How terrible that we have to put money concerns first when our health is in danger. A few months ago a friend of mine in New Zealand had to get spinal surgery and I found myself absolutely unable to imagine what that experience must be like for him, coping with that fear, etc., but not having to worry about finances... because my primary reaction in that situation would be "holy shit, how much is this going to cost me??"

Anyway, though, Polly, you could find out if there are any public health clinics in your area. Google "county health department" along with your city and hopefully something will turn up. Hopefully there are some resources in your area. Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious.
polly - ask to see your workplace if you could see the doc a bit early and then submit the bill to your insurance company later. i know someplaces are flexible with this type of thing though, especially if the insurance date is a set one and not based on some evaluative work performance thing.

i'd get too a doctor/free clinic as soon as possible though as that sounds miserable!

That's true, ferarro- maybe they would. I actually feel a lot better today. Poop's still a little iffy, but no stomach ache. I'm going to give it a couple of days.
After a chasing some unrelated problems around my body, a CT Scan has revealed a 6'' mass in my uterus. My doc thinks that it is most likely a fibroid. She said that if it was anything more serious than that (line cancer), I would be sick by now b/c of the size. I have been doing some research on-line and it seems that I am pretty asymptomatic except for the fact that I think it is causing both frequent urination and the sporatic inablity to urinate.
Has anybody else ever dealt with this? I think I am going to have to have a small surgery to remove it. The other "western medicine" options seem to all leave a risk of infertility. I am interested in using more natural techniques to prevent future occurances (meditation, accupunture, food therapy) but I know myself well enough to know that I need this thing out of my body to feel emotionally better.
I know that fibroids are a very common problem and I am happy that I have not had many of the symptoms that I could be suffering from. However, I have never had any kind of surgery before so that scares me.
Another thing that has me bothered is that there is a strong theory that fibroids can be a symptom of unexpressed anger or stifled creativity. I don't want a physical manfistation of my anger or the anger of all of the women I deal with at work sitting in my womb.
I feel so much more emotional about this than I ever have about any other illness I have dealt with. Any advice or words of encourgement would be appreciated.
louise hay has a whole bunch of books about illness being a manifestation of whatever is actually bothering you emotionally. good affirmations and lovely, positive writing.
byron katie has an absolutely amazing book called loving what is. probably my favourite book ever.
i have a friend with a large mass that was discovered last year. i'll see if she'll come and chat with you about her treatment.
Hi Kittenb,

Sorry to hear your news. I am glad, however, that it's nothing more serious than a fibroid--but I do hope you'll give the decision for surgery a lot of thought. Fibroids can and do shrink or disappear on their own and often it's more dangerous to try and remove them than it is worth--for the vast majority of women, just leaving them is not a threat.

Exploring the emotional context of disease is always a great way to initiate really overcoming the illness; it's not enough to say you don't want some physical manifestation of your anger to present (because it will, we are all of us subject to that if we don't take steps to address the anger) but it is a step in the right direction to figure out why the anger is there, and how to use the anger as a means to becoming well again. Please consider that this occurence is a way of confronting the entire issue of anger--in yourself, in the context of your work and the women you deal with. Perhaps (this is really only a suggestion, as I don't know you well) you might feel that what you do leaves you wishing you could do more than just feel anger, in order to be more helpful to others who are undergoing what you've undergone; or maybe their own pain heightens yours in a way which doesn't seem to help you heal your own pain.

I've found a lot of books written by Carolyn Myss to be really helpful in understanding how emotional issues affect us profoundly, even in physical pathology and symptoms. She's really insightful and she does write in a way that allows people to understand the connection in such a way that they feel they can make changes to bring about restored health. I do hope you'll explore some alternative options, as they can definitely help all around--emotionally as well as physically. I always promote classical homeopathy because that's what I do; and I know that choosing a remedy that pinpoints your exact emotional state as well as the physical symptomatology you mentioned would make a huge difference in restoring you to full health quickly and as painlessly as possible, so do consider it. Whatever you choose to do don't feel like you have no option and that there isn't much hope, because there is. I wish you all the best in getting well again.
Warning: long, slightly self-pitying post ahead!
Thank you both. I will be looking into that author.
I do believe in alternatives health care. I am very happy that my doctor was clear that I don't have a time crunch in dealing with this. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday so my doc can get a clear presentation of what is going on. It is a good thing that I have plenty of time to consider what to do next.
As I mentioned, the only realy symptom I am dealing with I didn't even realize was a symptom; frequent urination. And about four times in the past 12 months I had been unable to pee first thing in the morning. Part of my feeling of "get this fixed NOW" is that I don't want to have any more symptoms. And then there is just the issue that having something in my body that I don't want in there makes me feel...wrong...for lack of a better way to put it.
I know why the anger is there. My own history plus the fact that I am choosing to work as a counselor to other sexual abuse survivors and there is a lot of energy floating around me. Add in a rotten less than fulfilling track record when it comes to my love life. And I cannot forget all the unexpressed frustration concerning my familial relationships. What gets frustrating is that I am tired of dealing with all of it. I have worked hard getting in touch with most of this stuff (I have to be honest with myself and admit that there is a fair amount of stuff regarding my parents marraige that I do put off dealing with.) But I have a life of my own that I would rather focus on instead of dealing with wounds that are 13 years old.
However, I have noticed lately that I need to find an outlet other than just excersize to process this. Maybe this is just the kick in the ass that I need to start learning how to relax. But it just seems that there is so much that needs doing and so many things out there that need fixed. unsure.gif I want to help without hurting myself and that seems to be where I am loosing this fight.
Part of the stress is just the culmination of this whole year. I have never been to the doctors as much as I have this year. My knees finally started getting fixed (I love physical therapy) in March, I developed gastritis (a stress related condition) in July. Treatment for that revealed a concern about my spleen (all of August). While having that investigated (it was nothing, apparently) this thing in my uterus was discovered. And let's not forget the sinus infection two weeks ago that knocked me off my feet for four days. I am tired and whiney and maybe overindulging in self-pity here.
I promise to consider all of my options before making any decision. And I am focusing on the bright sides such as:
-if any of this had happened one year ago I would not have had health insurance! ohmy.gif
-all of my friends have been wonderful and so very supportive through all of my "not feeling good!"
-all of my family has offered to come out here and help (now I know what it takes to get my father to Chicago!) rolleyes.gif
-if it had been a spleen issue, it would have been so much worse
-I have BUST love and support!!! biggrin.gif
sorry to "bust" in here w/ this but I've been having issues w/ my right hip (i'm 26). every time I walk for a distance, run, dance, ride my bike.....etc. my hip aches in the joint for two days. it keeps me up at night aching. what's going on there? do I need a hip replacement already??
I would see a sports therapist. It could be the beginnings of long term problems that are going to be much worse down the line. My dad is 55 and going for a hip replacement in a couple of months and he's in horrible pain all the time. If it is something serious like that, the beginnings of something serious, maybe they can offer early solutions, like certain exercises and things like that.
cloverbee, maybe you just need to take a trip to the chiroprator? Something might need to me adjusted.
Clover, I've never had hip problems but I do have ongoing issues with my knees and based on that experience, the most important thing I can tell you is: PAUSE YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! Completely, until you see the doc. This might be something that can be easily treated at this point in the game but will be a lot more severe and long-lasting if you stay active without giving your joint the help it needs. I second erin's suggestion about the sports medicine doc... but that said, be careful about who you go to. Get a personal recommendation, or do research. And don't let them manipulate your joint in a way that doesn't feel right to you. The first doc I went to about my knee gave me an extremely rough exam that made things worse.
Get a good chiropractor (after you've gone to a doc and made sure there is nothing wrong that needs "medical" treatment--a good chiro will tell you to do that anyway). Make sure your chiropractor takes x-rays before he does much work on you.

My hips only ache when my neck or lower back is out of alignment (all other causes have been ruled out). A trip to the chiropractor does the trick for me. I really recommend you look into it. I had bad knees for years (to the point where one spontaneously dislocated), and medical doctors were always giving me anti-inflammatories or exercises to do which accomplished nothing. Chiropractic and massage have pretty much cleared it up over time.
Hey everyone...

Sorry to come in here and scream "look at me" =P

Was just wondering if anyone else here have ever had mono?

Finally got diagonosed with it today after spending a miserable 2 1/2 weeks feeling like death was waiting for me.

Got prescribed some Predisone(sp) which has done wonders for taking down the swelling in my glands and tonsils.

I get terrified though when I hear horror stories of people who who say it took them 3-4 months or even longer to feel normal again. I hope that isn't the norm! I'm hoping I'll recover faster...I've been able to get back to normal activities here and there (some days are better than others) but get hit with the fatigue so freaking fast. Yesterday vaccuming about wiped me out completely!
humanist had mono a couple years ago. I'll tell her to drop in here!
Oh yes, mono, i knew thee well.

Sorry 'bout the Dx aliboo, but you're in for a long ride. P

Prednisone is not a pretty drug either. Puffiness, among other shitty side-effects. It's not a typical treatment either, I'm not real sure why you're on it for the swelling unless your tonsils are obstructing your oropharynx so much you can't eat/drink...

The best you can do is: eat when you can, drink when you can, make sure your liver and spleen aren't enlarged (get liver enzymes checked, avoid contact sports if they are enlarged), and SLEEP. (duh)

aliboo, I had mono 3 years ago. It sounds like you've gone through the worst of it-that part of it for me also lasted about 2-3 weeks, and then yes, after that it took me several months to regain complete energy. I definitely felt much better after those 3 weeks, but for the months after, I became fatigued and weakened easily. It helps so so much to take care of yourself as best as you can though. The only good thing I can say that came from mono was that I ate a lot differently after, a lot more sensibly, and I drank a lot of water, because I really wanted to feel healthy again, and because for 3 weeks I could barely eat anything at all, which drastically altered my diet afterwards.

I personally hate Gatorade, but it is loaded with electrolytes that will help you not feel so weak and groggy. I also found that yogurt was the best thing to eat, because it's easy to swallow, and it's gentle on the stomach. But I know that even that was about impossible to eat because my throat was so swollen and I had no appetite. I lost over 10 pounds from mono! And I never stank so bad in my life-I couldn't shower for 2 weeks straight. And I was such a baby that I started a whole freakin' thread about it in Bust.

But yeah, I know it sucks so much, but the best thing you can do is to get as much sleep and fluid as you can, and be VERY careful about not spreading germs-mono is very contagious-for at least another month. Wash your hands often, and don't share any drinks! Your doctor will be able to tell you if you aren't contagious anymore.
Take care of yourself~
Ali, I'd be terrified of taking prednisone. Hopefully they don't have you on it long-term. Can I recommend a book? It's called "Spontaneous Healing" by Andrew Weil (MD) and is about discovering how to enhance your body's defenses and repair systems to prevent and manage illness-- without resorting to therapies like steroids. Hope you feel better soon.
ugh, every year in the fall (for the past few years anyhow) i break out in an ithcy patch of eczema on my right hand. always in the same spot, itchy as hell.
this year is no different, it started to cool off and my hand got patchy. now it's showing up on one of my elbows. what the hell is wrong with me? it's SO ITCHY it's enough to drive me mad! grrr. i have a really healthy diet usually so wtf? so. itchy.
They put me on it b/c of the swelling....

Now ya'll have me really worried about it. She started me on 40 mgs a day and I have to be tapered off to 10 mg over the next week or so. But I'm on it now and that's that I suppose. You can't just stop taking it....
But in the future I'll avoid the stuff at all costs.

I've been feeling better except for the tiredness. It sucks. I think laying around is just making me feel worse, but if I do too much then I just get more wiped out. Bleh. I can't wait to feel better and get off this stupid medicine so I don't have to worry about that anymore.
I'm wondering if anyone has any idea's of what might be going on with me. I've always needed a lot of sleep to feel good the next day, usually at least 8 hours, but I just feel so exhuasted all the time lately. At first I thought it was just stress over my grandma being sick, but it's been almost two months since she passed and I'm feeling less stressed now.

So if I get less then 9 hours of sleep a night I just feel horrible the next day. I get headaches and have trouble keeping awake after 7 or so. If I go a few days in a row with less then 8 or 9 I get headaches, heartburn, earaches, greasy hair and skin. I've always gotten sickly like that with little sleep but the amount of sleep I need now has in increased.
Also, recently when I'm tired and go for a bike ride I get these horrible headaches that make me feel really nauseated for the rest of the day.

So I'm at the point, weekday or weekend, where if I don't go to sleep before 10:15 (and wake up around 7 or 8) I just feel horrible. I'm wondering if it could be anemia or something. I don't have any trouble sleeping, or falling asleep, but it's hard to have a social life and see my boy and friends when I want to be home by 8 or 9 so I don't feel like I'm dying the next day.
sounds like it could be a hormone problem or something. I would definitely get some bloodwork done at the doc if I were you. Everyone needs a different amount of sleep in order to function their best but the effects that you get when you do not get enough sleep sound like something else is going on.
it also sounds kind of like a sinus infection to me.
Normally not associated with females, but sleep apnea has sypmtoms like that. U think you are getting a good nights sleep, but you're NOT!

I have OSD, obstructive sleep disorder, I wake up on average 8 times an hour, and don't even know I am doing it.....needless to say, I don't feel refreshed in the a.m. But then again, I don't go to sleep beofre midnight, and normally wake around 07h30...seems like enough.

You should consult a physician at least...
I know it's not a sinus infection. I used to get those about four times a year when I was a teenager, but the crappy feeling only happens when I don't get enough sleep. I mean, it's the weekend right now so I've stayed up later, so I have a bit of a headache, but it hasn't been enough days in a row with lack of sleep for me to get the rest of the symptoms. Probably if I didn't get enough sleep tonight I would wake up feeling sick tomorrow.

Yeah, I don't have a GP right now because there's a shortage here, but my pediatrician actually still lets me see him. I feel bad about going to him but I'm going to make an appointment soon.
good call, kalevra!
I looked at the symptoms but I don't think that would be it either, the OSD because I dream almost every night, and I don't think I would be dreaming if I was waking up.

BUT, looking at the symptoms, I'm almost positive my dad has it. He's snores loudly and when we're on trips i've noticed multiple times during the night that he stops breathing for about 10 seconds then takes a very deep breath and starts again. He suffers from insomnia and chronic fatigue so it seems very likely that's what he has. He's going to mention it to his doctor soon.

Just my $0.02, but I dream too, although not as frequently as I would like to smile.gif R.E.M. sleep can last anywhere between 5 secs to minutes....I am no dream expert, but I was once told by a reliable source, that some dreams, although seem like ages in duration , can be over in a few seconds....weird that huh?
As far as your Dad is concerned, yeah he should check it out with the doc asap. Sleep apnea and OSD are MAJOR causes of heart disease (related to stress and chronic fatigue). The bastard medical aid co's see it as a 'cosmetic' thing to have it treated (i.e irritated sleep partners atc) but they are quite prepared to cover you for triple bypass that is brought on by something that would be treated with a lot less cash outlay...idiots.

In my case I am pretty sure the OSD is as a result of having my nose smashed at least 4 times in my life...well, you gotta consider this the first place to look.... dry.gif

Go see a quack, not getting a good snooze is just plain rotten smile.gif
Hey everyone...

No more Prednisone for me ever. I think I'll have to be on the verge of death and it will be the only thing that could save me...

I made it to having one pill left but called the clinic today and asked them if I could just stop...the past few days I have been having horrible headaches almost like clockwork 3 hours or so after I took the pill in the morning. They lasted the better part of the day...and were quite horrible.

She couldn't be sure it Prednisone related although I feel pretty confident it has been, told me to keep an eye on the headaches and let me know if they don't improve since I do have mono and all. Hopefully it isn't mono related (??) but I'm doubting it b/c overall I feel tons better. Hell if it weren't for the headaches I'd feel almost 100%. That and about 2-3 days into the stuff I no longer felt like myself at all.
MY HAIR IS SHEDDING IN DROVES! It's got me all put out.
So many people say stress makes your hair fall out. Okay, fine. Maybe.
I *have* been under enormous stress as of late.
But it's also wicked hot. And I've switched birth control pills 3 times in the past year and a half. Is it catching up with me?
I've also heard a lot of people talk about 'the big 20 year shed'. I *am* coming up on 20....
But the vast majority of the shed hairs have roots on them, does that mean anything?
I've tried talking to my doc about it, but she acts like I'm just bothering her.
Please, anyone with experienced advice tell me that I won't lose half of the volume of my hair.
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