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All oils should ideally be as fresh as possible, and as little processed as possible, whether or not you're applying them to your skin and hair or eating them.

Generally the designations for processing go like this: an "extra virgin" oil is usually obtained from "pressing". If you're talking about olive oil, the olives are actually put in a stone press, the weight of the stone presses down on the olives, and that's collected, often with the aid of simple cold water (that's the "cold pressed" part). The "first cold pressing" means just that--pressed in a mill using weight, and water. Other pressings may take place with more water--these can't be called first cold pressed oils, but they can be labelled simply as "olive oil".

Subsequent pressings of the olive mass--the "pomace" might not use water--solvents are used in the leftover olive mass to extract what's left--that's what's known as "pomace oil". It's illegal to sell this for human consumption in countries like Italy and Spain (and many other countries where olive oil is a big part of agricultural production) because the solvents are just that, solvents--chemicals, and often not healthy ones or poisonous ones. These grades of oils can be used for things like soap and detergent.

Nuts and seeds are difficult to use in a big press--so their oil is extracted by "expeller". Similar idea as the extra virgin first cold pressing--it's just pressed out using a device that puts pressure on the raw materials to extract the oil and physically forces the raw material up against a screen or straining device to separate the mass from the oil. But this can sometimes heat the oils, so the ones most sensitive to that heat (heat will rancidify fats) are pressed with expellers that maintain a cold temperature. The leftover material "cake" that remains after oil has been pressed out can still contain quite a bit of oil, so it's often used for cooking or for animal feed. However, quite a lot of that is extracted by solvent, too. You can assume that any nut oil added to any product is solvent-extracted unless the labelling specifies "expeller pressed".

Canola oil is often sold in health food stores as an expeller pressed organic oil. The thing is, canola is a made up word--it's short for Canadian Oil, made from genetically modified rapeseed. Rapeseed in its real form contains all the fats that canola contains, however, the plant itself stops absorption of the fats (and many other nutrients as well) in our bodies, causing fatal depletion if it's used over long terms (as in, every day as a food). Rapeseed has never really been safe to eat because of that--but the genetic modification has eliminated that plants property to block nutrient absorption in our bodies (or so they say, no one really knows for sure and if they do know, their work is languishing in the annals of a technical journal deep in the stacks of a library you can't access without money. Canola is a massive cash crop to Canada--you can't get in the way of that).

So, in short: avoid all canola oil as absolutely 100% of it is genetically modified organism, and not meant to be a food source for human beings.

There are way better oils out there. The best test? If they've been consumed by human beings for reasons of maintaining their health for thousands of years, they're what you should be eating.
(keep that in mind when you're deciding between fish oils and flax seed oil, too: flax seed oil has been used for centuries, but Not As A Food--as a matrix for colour pigments for paints. Flax seeds have been the food--but they're eaten intact, as a source of bulk. Fish have been eaten since time immemorial. That should tell you all you need to know).
Ok awesome, thanks for the info on the oil. I tried looking around the Weston website but couldn't find anything and I read my book and nothing. It says not to eat it but then I wondered about the whole processing thing. This helps and I'll be sure to check out the labels since some of the bread is actually made without the oil.

It's kind of interesting because in the Weston recipe book it says to use flax oil very sparingly, I think I've used it for like 2 recipes I've made. One was in this caesar dressing which was totally amazing and ended up being just as good as a store bought brand just minus the crap. Now it makes sense why they don't want you using it too much.
I think using flax seed oil in salad dressings is where it's going to taste the best, and it really isn't a bad oil as a source of omega 3's (just not as good as fish oil, unfortunately. I think this is why fish oil has always won out, historically, and flax food products have been limited to using the intact seeds instead of the oil). For vegetarians, it's a better source than hemp seed and unlike canola, it's safe.

So go on and enjoy it that way.
I think using flax seed oil in salad dressings is where it's going to taste the best, and it really isn't a bad oil as a source of omega 3's (just not as good as fish oil, unfortunately. I think this is why fish oil has always won out, historically, and flax food products have been limited to using the intact seeds instead of the oil, which was used for nonfood purposes). For vegetarians, it's a better source than hemp seed and unlike canola, it's safe.

So go on and enjoy it that way.

none of these corny emoticons can express the joy that i feel in coming to this thread because i have a chronic health disorder and i really really need all of the help i can get!

i have vulvodynia, which is a name given to chronic pain of the vulva. i've had it for about a year now.

it was incited when i got trichomiasis from the first guy i had sex with. protected too. lucky me. the gyn i was seeing prescribed me hydrocortisone suppositories, which left me with vaginal scarring. after that, and the truck-loads of anti-biotics i had been on for the UTIs and stress-eating of sweets i now have systemic yeast.

i had been seeing a naturopath, and he got me to a point where i was 90% better. i still have to deal with the frequent yeast infections. for me, the only thing that is a surefire way to prevent a yeast infection is to eat only meat and vegetables.

chachaheels: is it okay if i eat cheese while doing this?

i have a book about yeast-free eating, which says that cheese is bad. i know that lactose is pure sugar, but the nutritional information label on the side of the cheese i eat says it has zero grams of sugar per serving. is it okay for me to eat this? i have been craving it lately.

it also says that you can't eat nuts. i'm eating them right now, haha. are nuts really that bad? i know yeast grows very easily on peanuts, and that nuts contain natural sugars. and is it true that almond butter is toxic if it is not raw? the raw kind is so expensive.

my dilemna is that i don't have a job right now because i had been in such bad pain that i was not able to work. my pain has gotten to a point where i can get a job, but in the meantime, i can't afford to see my naturopath, nor can i buy any nutritional supplements or the foods that i need.

earlier this year i got a laser surgery on my vulva and i was actually pain-free directly after the surgery in the area that i got it in. the surgery hurts like a BITCH though- like you are getting a tattoo on your vagina. the doctor that did it for me is actually a dermatologist. he had treated many women with vulvodynia using this type of laser, which doesn't cause any scarring or blistering, and he has had an 80% effectiveness rate.

so baisically, i am in a perfect position to get better; i just need advice on getting rid of systemic yeast.

regarding coconut oil: i actually recomend it for both internal and topical use. i have excema and it works pretty well for me. i douse myself in coconut oil every night. i also love coconut soup. coconut oil is pretty much the only thing that is also mild enough for me to use on my vagina, and it really helps there too.

another cream i recommend is this amazing shea butter that i got at whole foods. it is very expensive- $26.00 for a tub of it, but it works amazingly well. shea butter had never really worked very well for me, and when i was in the make-up section of the health foods store, i was very curious as to why a particular brand of shea butter was so much more expensive than the others that were sold there. the sales lady there told me that it is the only kind that is pure shea butter, and she personally recommended it. i was skeptical, but i tried it and it works amazingly well. it has the sealing power of Vaseline, but it is obviously way better for your skin because it is a natural source of nutrients for the skin. it makes my skin soft. i use the coconut oil every night, and on top of it, i put the she butter to seal in the oil. i wake up with my legs feeling soft.

sorry for doing such a long post.... and any lack of proper grammar that may get on yr nerves. i write too many papers to write like that all of the time!
Transientrailway, Hello!

I hate that yeast diet. I've never seen it be effective and frankly, I question that eating the limited amount of foods on the diet, many of which are carbohydrate rich anyway, does anything except make you feel like you can't live in this world on it.

Personally, I see chronic vaginal discharge and chronic vaginal pain very differently and I approach dealing with it in my patients very differently, as I use homeopathy primarily. If your naturopath has been trained and qualified as a classical homeopath, you may want to ask him or her to use classical homeopathy on your problem--what you eat or don't eat really has little effect there, as you can see. Yes, eating better foods will give your body the nutrition it needs to enable it to heal itself--but for most people with chronic disease, that only gets you so far, as you know from your own experience.

Nuts are fine--the fresher, the better; store them in your fridge and eat them quickly after buying them.
Cheeses, particularly ones made from raw milk, are excellent foods. Eat the best you can find, whatever you can afford. There are literally millions of types of cheeses out there--be adventurous. The best raw milk cheeses contain plenty of healthy bacteria and enzymes which are vital to maintaining full health. The plastic cheeses don't--so save your money and avoid those. I'd also encourage you to eat real yogurt, with full fat. Please stay away from the ones that are just trying to "cash in" on the live microflora craze and are loaded with genetically modified "live cultures", such as Activia. Stick to the real stuff, wherever you can find it, and try to eat only the plain yogurt. If you like flavours, you can sweeten and add to the plain yogurt yourself--most of the commercial stuff throws in msg in the form of gelatin, tons of sugar, thickeners like msg-altered agar, and artificial flavourings (more msg!). Plain yogurt tastes good with fresh berries, coconut, maple syrup, real chocolate that's been chopped up, real nuts, even just real vanilla extract and a little bit of honey. Use what you've got fresh and handy, and please yourself.

If you still want to cut out foods that actually hinder your body from fixing up the physical problem of chronic pain and discharge, I'd recommend something like the Eat Fat/Lose Fat diet by Mary Enig and Sally Phallon or even one of the low carb-higher protein-higher fat diets like Dan and Mary Eades' Protein Power diet. You should be able to source these books from the library with little problem and use them free of charge. Of the two, I think Enig's is scientifically far superior and far less dependent on supplements/more dependent on good nutrition.

But if you can get to a qualified Homeopath--all the better.
New question from new user: Who wants to help me shrink a myoma?

I just got diagnosed with a six cm fibroid. I've named her Hazel.

After a cursory web search, I find that the treatment options range from the traditional ("Off with her uterus!") to the suspicious ("This amazing cream is also a floor wax and a dessert topping!").

My doc is fine with not doing anything since Hazel is not creating symptoms and might leave on her own anyway. BUT.

She did grow six cms in one year, didn't she? And I'm not that passive a patient.

Feedback? Options? Success stories? Dire warnings? My goal is to evict Hazel by next year's pelvic exam.

transient, I started looking into that low-yeast diet while trying to self-treat a mysterious set of symptoms "down there." Nothing like yours, though - it turned out that probably 90% of my sysmptoms were caused by stress and the BCP. I managed to stay on a half-assed low sugar, low-yeast diet for about two months with no real effect. The whole time, I kept thinking, how would any yeast I eat (or conversely, the probiotics you're supposed to eat to counteract it) end up getting to my vagina, anyways? I also figured that anyone with an unhealthy diet would end up having the supposed symptoms for "systemic yeast" So in short, I'm glad that Chacha has confirmed my suspicions that it's a bit of a scam.

But just to answer your questions, according to what I had read, cheese and nuts are considered off limits for that diet because they commonly grow mold when left uneaten for too long, which is somehow related to yeast (is it really? I don't know), which can contribute to yeast problems. Sounds sketchy to me. I think the yeast diet might work for some people because it encourages low-carb intake and low amounts of processed sugar, thereby making you generally healthier anyways.
anyone have thyroid problems, like low thyroid? to edit, i'm having symptoms like hives every day, headaches every day, and low temperature in the morning (like 97.3). however, my thyroid tests show 'normal'. what's a girl to do?
no thyroid problems, just vitamin D deficiency.
Hi ladies. I've been having a strange problem lately so I thought I might get some advice or opinions here. For the last month I've been throwing up once a week. Is this some kind of morning sickness or something? I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Perhaps it could all be a series of coincidences but it's just strange because I'm not the kind of person to get sick easily.

In case you wonder what I mean about coincidences it just seems that each time I threw up there could be a different explanation. The first time I had a lot of post nasal drip in my system which has been known to make me throw up if it gets really bad. I can't remember the circumstances of the second occurrence. The third time I figured it was my nerves before my stats exam. And tonight it started off when I coughed while toking up.

Is it just a bunch of coincidences? The whole thing seems really odd to me because it's so out of character for me. But just typing this I feel nauseous.
Are you on any forms or birth control? That can also make you nauseous. Or if you have changed your eating habits?

Any of you ladies suffer from sensitive teeth? I been using Sensodyne Pronamel and it's been improving the feel of my teeth (front ones especially). Veneers are expensive! I wish I didn't eat so much acidy foods (lemons and pickles) when I was younger.
I'm on the pill but I have been for the last 9 years. I haven't really changed my eating habits at all lately. It just seems a bit strange to me to suddenly be throwing up on a semi regular basis.
Pixie, if the Sensodyne isn't cutting it, see if you can get a prescription for a high-fluoride toothpaste. I work in a dental office (front desk, not a clinical position) and we prescribe Fluoridex. Your dentist may also be able to brush on a desensitizer- I had it done when I first started working there a couple of years ago. It tastes like ass, but between that and the Fluoridex I've used since then, my teeth are a lot less sensitive, and I haven't had to do the desensitizer again.
Candy - have you had any nerves about school other than the stats exam? Stress/anxiety are the #1 thing that upset my stomach and generally make it more sensitive to things (although I tend to have the opposite problem.. once near the end of classes I actually went and got tested for beaver fever! but it must have been just the stress, even though I hadn't really concsiously noticed how stressed I was. I lived on pepto for 2 weeks).
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ May 4 2009, 10:02 PM) *
Pixie, if the Sensodyne isn't cutting it, see if you can get a prescription for a high-fluoride toothpaste. I work in a dental office (front desk, not a clinical position) and we prescribe Fluoridex. Your dentist may also be able to brush on a desensitizer- I had it done when I first started working there a couple of years ago. It tastes like ass, but between that and the Fluoridex I've used since then, my teeth are a lot less sensitive, and I haven't had to do the desensitizer again.

Thanks for the tip. smile.gif Sensodyne doesn't taste bad at all. I use the mint flavor. It's been working well. Do they even prescribe Fluoridex to children in your office? Sensodyne also make a fluoride toothpaste for children too. It's called
ProNamel for children. It re-strengthens their enamel so they don't have to deal with sensitivity when they grow up.

I think we have some kid-specific fluoride toothpaste (in that it comes in kid-friendly packaging and flavors), but I know you can give Fluoridex to kids.
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ May 7 2009, 10:10 AM) *
I think we have some kid-specific fluoride toothpaste (in that it comes in kid-friendly packaging and flavors), but I know you can give Fluoridex to kids.

Yea, you have to have kid friendly flavors or kids won't use it, Haha. Pronamel for children comes in a gentle mint flavor and you can buy it over the counters. Is Fluoridex only available thru the dentists office? Do you have kids?
Candy, I'd go to the doctor for a second pregnancy test - home kits are not 100% effective.
Fluoridex is prescription only, and a dentist will either carry it in their office, or give you a prescription for it. I think there's a generic name for it, but I don't remember. There's probably other companies that make high-fluoride toothpaste- Fluoridex is made by Discus Dental. Here's their website- looks like they have other products in the Fluoridex line.

Another option we tell people about, especially people with financial concerns and/or no medical insurance (the Fluoridex is $15-$20 a tube, and it's only about 3/4 as big as a normal size tube, so it's a little pricey) is that dollar stores frequently sell toothpaste that was meant to be sold in places like Canada, Israel, or Europe where they allow higher levels of fluoride. It's the same brands and quality that we have here, just more fluoride, and it's $1.

Nope, no kids. One thing to add to the "you can give Fluoridex to kids" is that you should make sure they don't swallow it- it can cause an upset stomach.
Sorry for bringing this up from a month ago, but I have a question about it:

QUOTE(chachaheels @ Mar 17 2009, 09:11 AM) *
Personally, I see chronic vaginal discharge and chronic vaginal pain very differently and I approach dealing with it in my patients very differently, as I use homeopathy primarily. If your naturopath has been trained and qualified as a classical homeopath, you may want to ask him or her to use classical homeopathy on your problem--what you eat or don't eat really has little effect there, as you can see. Yes, eating better foods will give your body the nutrition it needs to enable it to heal itself--but for most people with chronic disease, that only gets you so far, as you know from your own experience.

Cha cha, I am wanting to seek out some kind of non-traditional medical care for a problem similar to this one because my doctor has been basically useless, as has any medical website I've tried to visit. What exactly would a homeopath do to help chronic (but completely erratic) vaginal pain? (especially if its the kind that shows no physical symptoms?) And how would I find out which ones are real professionals?
So, I'm back again because I'm more confused than ever. The vomiting that I wrote about before has been continuing once a week like always however the last time it happened I ended up vomiting twice in one day!

The other thing that I'm confused about is my period. It seemed to start on Sunday night and then it disappeared. Then it came back and then it disappeared again. It finally seemed to stop for good yesterday afternoon. This is incredibly weird for me since it usually goes for 6-8 days. I know it might sound paranoid but I feel like I need a pregnancy test or something because lately I keep hearing about women who think that they are getting their period but it's just spotting and then later they find out that they are actually pregnant.

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow and I'm not even sure how to word all of this to him. I'd just like to know why I keep throwing up on a regular basis and why my period decided to play hide and seek.
Candycane_girl, I think around 25% of women who get pregnant while on the pill have some form of spotting or light period.

I'd definitely ask for a pregnancy test - the doctor's test is much more accurate than home kits, and it could have been too early to tell before.

Was your last period normal?
I think it was normal. Last month I skipped my period on purpose because I had exams so it's been a while. But this last one didn't even last for 3 full days. I have no idea what's going on.
Candycane - I think persi has the right idea on this. I would say that this looks like one of 2 things, either being pregnant, or an adverse reaction to the hormones in the pill. Since you've been taking the pill for a long time, it probably isn't that, but drugs & alcohol can also mess with the pill, as can stress and taking it at weird times. Have you skipped a period before with no weird effects? b/c skipping peroids seriously f-d up my hormones and wreaked havoc on my body, even though my doc told me it would be OK.

I came here to post something else tho, and didn't know where else to post it. I just found out that the whole yogurt/yeast infection thing is true! I wanted to share just in case anyone else has had something like this, because it saves a lot of money and worry.

Warning, possibly TMI: I had a weird sore spot on my inner labia that hadn't gone away for 2 weeks, and it was starting to freak me out. It didn't itch at all, and didn't have any "discharge" so I thought it was just some kind of bruise, but I eventually looked up external yeast infections and discovered that they do exist, and don't always itch. Huh. I went to the drugstore, and since vagisil is supposed to be so bad for you (and was $11 for a small tube!) I went and bought a carton of organic balkan yogurt for $3.50 instead. Last night I put some of it where I was irritated, and woke up this morning completely fine! I am still in disbelief, and imagining that I will be back here later tonight to say that it actually didn't work and I was under some kind of placebo effect. But still, it was worth a try!
I have skipped my period on purpose numerous times and never had any bad side effects. I went to the doctor today and he asked me a lot of questions to figure out if maybe it was a stomach issue but I answered no to all of them (it was stuff like is there blood in the stool or vomit, etc).

Anyway, I had some blood work done. He's testing for pregnancy and some other things so I'm just waiting for the results.
Hi Girls - and any Guys that hang out here
I have a question and really don't see where it fits (intestinal stuff, but not really) other than here, so here goes. I have been a vegetarian, not vegan as I eat seafood, dairy, and eggs, but a vegetarian for the better part of my life. Going on like 18 years now. And I have had for most of that time, and I think somewhat before, stomach issues. They have increased over the last few years, more diarrhea, stomach cramps, pain, bloating, etc. And I'm unsure if these have anything to do with each other. As in I'm wondering if my body, not getting the enzymes from meat, is unable to digest things properly all the time.
I have anxiety and such, and in junior high/early high school had stomach problems that my doctor at the time chalked up to a lactose intolerance. I switched the milk I drank, I ate special ice cream, etc, but they've never gone away. And while I hardly touch milk or ice cream now, I do eat yogurt without problems (probably because of the enzymes and good bacteria in it) and ditto for cheese. So I don't believe its a lactose issue any longer.
It also doesn't seem to be a celiac thing because I can eat wheat products one day and be fine, and another and the stomach has pain, diarrhea, etc. (I'm sorry if thats just TMI, but thats where I'm at).
I do have health insurance and so I should go to a doctor and see, but I'm wondering, (and unfortunately iin my experience doctors like to give you something and don't know much about vegetarians or special needs diets and so maybe I just need to see a dietician...hmm, hadn't thought of that til now), BUT ANYWAY, my point is that has anyone had experience with being a veg and having had these issues? And I am debating, and have been since these issues have gotten worse, bringing chicken back into my life, and wondering if anyone has done this and HOW you did this?
Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
I'm really not sure that they have anything to do with each other, but I'm at the point where I feel like maybe they do. And eating out (at restaurants) is tough. Because of how often places will utilize that animal fat to coat EVERYTHING and then cook whatever it is I have ordered at such incredibly high heats.
sageykins--it sounds like IBS to me, but I'd say definitely go see a doctor, since it could also be your gallbladder. They can do tests to rule out things like celiac disease.

If you decide to embrace chicken, here's how I did it. After ten years as a vegetarian, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and I have to eat a high-protein diet and limit my soy intake. I started out REALLY slow--I had chicken broth (just Campbell's chicken noodle soup broth) for a couple of days, to reintroduce the idea of chicken to my body. After that, I ate a tiny bit of chicken for a few days, and then went for a chicken sandwich. With every other meat I reintroduced, I started slowly, with just a tiny amount of it, since I wasn't about to drink, say, ham broth.

Hope that helps, and you find out what's going on!
IBS IS a possibility. But you might have a food sensitivity or food allergy? I would recommend keeping away from packaged/processed food and only eating things from made scratch. Both Soy and Corn are common allergens and present in nearly all processed foods. GOOD LUCK!
I was wondering if there is a thread for people with chronic illness?
I have been suffering from insomnia for about a year and chronic vaginal pain for about a year and a half. I've seen doctors, alternative health providers and tried a million different things I have read about on the internet, all with no success. At this point I feel like it's totally hopeless. I am so tired and strung out that I feel like I will never get better so why bother.

I don't expect anyone to have any answers to my health problems cause at this point I've completely given up but is there anyone who has had to learn to live with terrible, debilitating health problems? Right now I am just so unhappy I just can't imagine continuing my life like this.

Xena, I had some weird health problems last year that kind of went away on their own, but in the process I ended up reading quite a bit about chronic vaginal pain and its many forms. Nothing made a lot of sense, but I did read a great book called "when the body says no" that described how emotional stress can cause physical problems, and as cheezy as it sounds, it really worked for me. Just knowing that I wasn't crazy, and that my physical problems were still real, even though they were invisible to doctors and lab tests, helped me feel better over time. I still don't really know what happened, and if it will come back, and I agree it is scary. That fact that you have insomnia as well makes it sound like it could be stress related.

I can only share vicarious experiences about this, but I also have relative with chrons, spondylitis, severe migraines and and degenertaive arthritis who is very active, travels, and lives am amazing life despite her disabilities. She is my hero and a wonderful person. I can try to tell you about how she deals with things, if you have any questions. Do you have family or friends who you can confide in?
Xena, there is a chronic illness thread but it's been out of commission for a year. Post in there and you might get people checking in.
I'm having a skin problem on my arms. I've had it for a really long time but it seems to be getting worse. If I don't lotion my arms they get really bumpy and sometimes bleed and blister in spots. They are also really red. The more time I spend in the sun the redder they get, even if I'm wearing sunscreen. They just don't tan, they get redder. I've been told it's eczema but I'm not sure.
I was going to suggest eczema as well. Have you tried prescription eczema creams?
Yeah, but the redness doesn't go away. I don't know what could be causing that
If it's really bothering you, you should probably see a dermatologist. Eczema can get mad out of control.

ETA, I forgot what I came in here for! So I was sitting on my porch last night taking in some air. I got three mosquito bites. Two of them are normal, the third? Is weird. The point of injection looks normal, but there is a bloom of purple bruise around it about the size of a half dollar. What the hell? I admit to being clumsy enough that I'm covered in weird bruises most of the time, but this one is really strange.
Queen Bull
*tap tap* i may be lost.

i was looking for a discussion or advice about dealing with alcoholism. but im here, so why not? someone just turn me in the right direction if this isnt where i need to be.

I have recently come to terms with the fact that i have a propensity not only for addiction but specifically for alcoholism. Not to say that i have reached a point in my life and in my disease that i have ruined relationships and cant hold a job. just the knowledge that i cannot, physically and mentally have one drink. As soon as i take that first taste of liquor it becomes a compulsion, that in all honesty, scares the ever loving hell out of me. and even still, i have been dry for a couple of months now, but it is a constant battle almost, and the only reason, immature though it may be, that i have not is because if i begin to drink i will cheat on my boyfriend. obviously, that being something i do not want to do. i suppose i was just looking for any advice on if that constant nagging will ever go away, or if i will ever be able to go out and have a martini with the girls. I have read about alcoholism and am familiar with the subject, but i suppose that since it is now applying to me i was hoping that there was someone who went through what i am and had been 'fixed'. because truthfully, i feel broken. I mean, i havent even hit twenty-one yet and i have had to quit drinking because of the problems it was creating in my life. A part of me realizes that it isnt the end of the world not to be able to drink and that i dont need it to be happy, but part of me just wants to be that normal person that can go to a bar and celebrate on her twenty first birthday. i dunno. *sigh*

I bumped the alcohol thread for you as well as the addiction thread, Queen Bull.
Queen Bull
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jun 19 2009, 09:17 PM) *
I bumped the alcohol thread for you as well as the addiction thread, Queen Bull.

thanks ap. you rock. smile.gif
Has anyone had a plantar wart before? What's the best way to get rid of them? I have one and it's very painful and I spend hours running around on my feet while at work. This shit sucks.
Hello Busties out there,

has anyone experienced insulin disorders / resistance type of health issue and hives ?
I'm not diagnosed with diabetes, but I have been trying to lower my blood sugar because of my PCOS for 5 months now, and I've been taking priority glycemic support supplements after breakfast / lunch everyday, and pretty much I stopped eating bread / pasta / rice products since that five months to cut down on my carbohydrate intake. I'm trying natural medicine only, and while all these diet changes and supplements have been helping my PCOS and 'irregular' periods, my blood sugar has been going up instead of down sad.gif
I had blood test done over 3 months ago for fasting glucose and it came as 91(ml?), and I had another test done two weeks ago and it came as 100 sad.gif I was expecting it to go down...
I've read on several sites that for fasting glucose test, 100 is the limit for pre-diabetes / insulin resistance. My naturapath wants to wait for 2 weeks before we decide anything so that meantime I can journal everything I eat, and she can decide what may be raising my blood sugar, and then later we may do another blood test.

My question is this: I also have hives that came out of nowhere, and related to nothing, so with my dermatologist's advice, I've been taking Zyrtec every evening for about 3+ months now. Could Zyrtec raise my blood sugar? Has anyone experienced hives that is related to nothing? and how did you deal with it? Is there any kind of natural ways to get rid of hives? I really don't wan to be taking zyrtec, but if I don't, I would bleed my skin from itching. so that's kind of helpless.

For the blood sugar, has anyone experienced insulin resistance, and how did you deal with that?
Also, anyone taking Metformin, I would be glad to hear your experience with that. My naturapath is against any kind of drug because of the side effects, but I've heard some people taking it for insulin resistance.
So anyway, any suggestion you can give is welcome!
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Jun 19 2009, 11:09 PM) *
Has anyone had a plantar wart before? What's the best way to get rid of them? I have one and it's very painful and I spend hours running around on my feet while at work. This shit sucks.

Yeah, I've had a few. On most of them, I tried the OTC stuff first, and usually it didn't do a whole lot. I've had to go to podiatrists and get the little bastards frozen off. Another thing you can try is something called Mediplast. It's basically the same as those OTC pads that slowly burn it off, but it's stronger. Like that article says, you don't need a prescription, but it's usually kept behind the counter, not on the shelves. The last time I had to go to a podiatrist for one, he had me use Mediplast in between visits to him. I think it took 3-4 visits to get it to go away.

This was all when I was in high school, about 10 years ago (fucking gym class locker rooms!) I think Dr. Scholls has an OTC thing now that will freeze them off. I think it's kind of expensive, but cheaper than going to a doctor for it, so maybe try that first.
HT, I have had plantar warts before but oddly, I got rid of them by running around in bare feet for a summer. I kept putting off getting some OTC stuff and then after a month of wearing bare feet in the summer they had disappeared. I know a lot of those kits give you a pumice stone so I think I just wore them down. Or they went away on their own. I've heard good things about the stuff you get OTC though.

Sib, I have type 1 diabetes so I don't know how much advice I could give. I only use insulin and no medications. If your bloodsugar is continuing to climb it could point to type 2 diabetes or Late Adult Onset Type 1. Metformin is very common for type 2 diabetics to use. You might try looking for diabetes communities on Livejournal or through google. I belong to the ones on Livejournal and I find them very helpful. There may be other folks with similar issues with PCOS as you.

As for hives, last year I had stress related hives everyday for a month. I got them a week before I left for a vacation to England and they followed me for three more weeks. Everyday they appeared around the same time (they even adjusted to the time change) and alcohol made them worse, but was not the cause. I walked in to a pharmacy and asked what was the best medication for hives. They gave me an OTC box of anti-histimanes and I took them everyday for a week. When I stopped the hives had disappeared. Taking the medication once helped but they would aways re-appear the next day so I started taking them everyday at the same time. I tried a number of home remedies, stress relievers, etc, but those were the only thing that worked.
I also had plantar warts, doctor recommended duoplant to get rid of them. I found that it worked well.
I think I have a sinus infection; tell me what you think of my theory:

I can usually tell a day or so before I feel as crappy as I do now that I'm getting a cold- that mucus-y feeling in the back of my throat is a dead giveaway. This time I haven't had any signs of any impending illness.

Last night I was at the animal shelter where I volunteer and I went to pull a cat out of a cage. Monday mornings they do a "deep clean" of the cat room, where they take all the cats out of their cages and completely disinfect it. When I was taking the cat out, I could smell a Pine-Sol-esque chemical smell from his cage, like they hadn't wiped it all out when they cleaned earlier that morning (so good for the cat, too!) and for the rest of the time at the shelter, my nose had that "I have to sneeze!" feeling. When I got home, I used the neti pot to try to get rid of it. It helped a little bit. The neti pot water never goes through my nose smoothly- I can feel the water go up into my sinuses, but it doesn't come out the other side, it just comes back down the same nostril. So, I did that a couple of times on both sides. Not a whole lot came out, but I wasn't stuffed up before all of this, so I wasn't expecting it to. I felt a little better, but still kind of irritated.

Before I went to bed, I did my pre-bed ritual of checking for tonsil stones, so I poked my tonsils a couple of times. Not a whole lot came out.

Went to bed, next thing I know, I was awake at 4:00am, hardly able to sleep because my throat hurt/was swollen so bad and my sinuses felt irritated, the "I have to sneeze!" feeling again. I got up, went to the bathroom, took a couple of Aleve, and a Tums, because I also felt a little acidy and thought that might be contributing to the sore throat. Went back to bed, woke up an hour and a half later, and felt a little better- about 50% less pain. I took a shower, and while in there, tried letting the steam loosen things up. I coughed up some crud- sort of an opaque white-ish color.

As today has gone on, the pain is coming back, in my throat and it's expanding in my face. My teeth hurt (which is something distinctive I remember from the only other time I had a sinus infection), it hurts to talk...I have that sting-y, irritated feeling in my nose, where it hurts to breathe.

Could the neti pot (or the tonsil poking) have disrupted/shifted something that's now causing this problem? I'd assume that if there's bacteria in there, it would have been affecting me sooner than this; it wouldn't just lie dormant in there, right?

It's just weird that I had no symptoms leading up to this, but as soon as I do something that would have moved stuff around in there, I have the problem. And I only really use the neti pot when I have symptoms of something. I know, I should use it every day, but when it doesn't really pass through, it feels sort of pointless.

Ugh, I need a head transplant.

I have some leftover clindamycin at home that my boss/cousin (who's a dentist) said would help.
Yup, you have a sinus infection. Nasal drip=sore throat+acid stomach, what a lovely combo. Humidity coupled with pollen, pollution, etc. does not help sinus polyps. Antibiotics, from what I've read, do not help with sinus infections. Just keep taking advil for pain, drink plenty of fluids, try to cut down on sugar/wheat/dairy for the next day, and use the neti pot 2x a day until the symptoms go away.

Get well soon!
For me, antibiotics are the only thing that work for sinus infections. Pain medication is nice but I always need something much stronger than Aleve. On my last sinus infection, I took so much Aleve, I can't believe I didn't get sick from it but I was still in tons of pain (hence ER visit.) Amoxicillian works for me. Take the full perscription time or it can come back (you probably know that.) Maybe ask your cousin for a Motrin 600/800 script. I swear I am not exagerating. That is what I need everytime.

Neti pots will help but won't solve the infection. Hot compresses can be good temporary pain reducers.
Actually, the warm humidity feels better. We had the A/C on in the bedroom last night and I don't think the cool, dry air was helping. The couple times I've been outside today, it's felt a lot better (to my sinuses, anyway....the rest of me, not so much.)

My ears hurt, too.
Yes, cool and dry air is the worst for it. Since my infections always hit the roof of my mouth, I get some relief just from eating soup and things like that. I'm not sure you want soup today but it is a suggestion.
Yeah, kitten, when I googled sinus infection, it said for acute sinusitis, antibiotics are helpful. If you're getting long-term sinus infections, it's a more complex issue and antibiotics won't help.

Amoxicilin- ha! I had strep throat and tonsilitis so many times over the years that amoxicillin hasn't been effective for me in about a decade. A couple of years ago, I had a cold that turned into something bacterial and made me lose my voice. My doctor put me on Levaquin, which is an antibiotic they use for anthrax! It also destroyed my natural flora, which was just insult to injury. Can't talk, can't get off the toilet. Fabulous! I think clindamycin is pretty middle-of-the-road- I had periocornitis awhile back, and it helped then...that's why I have the leftover.

ETA: Oh yeah, soup and orange juice is pretty much all I want to eat when I'm sick.
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