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body zaps are an extremely common side-effect from SSRI withdrawl. i just read an article about it a couple of months ago (but now i can't remember where). one of my good friends experienced them when she was too busy to refill her perscription for a week. they'll go away eventually.

most people haven't heard about the withdrawl effect of anti-depressants because, for a long time, it was thought that they weren't addictive. technically, they aren't. i read that you aren't addicted to the medication itself, but to the increased seratonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. that's why it takes so long to get over the symptoms. you have to wait for your body to readjust its neurotransmitter levels. if at all possible, you should ease off of the anti-depressants instead of going cold turkey. it helps avoid a lot of the symptoms.

i hope you feel better soon, cloverbee!!!!
yeah, altargrrrl. I agree. I eased off over six weeks time. I slowly poured meds out of each capsule until there was barely anything in there. I'm a rebel, what can I say? ;)
cstars, I decided to get off of it b/c I was on it for three years and my personality totally changed. It did change for the better, as in, I was no longer impulsive and wild. I became very apathetic. No emotions, no sex drive, no personality, no nothing. I think it's a great drug for anxiety, though. I think I can handle my symptoms myself now, though. hopefully. I am seeing a huge change in my personality now that Im not taking it. I'm back to my old self. that's not necessarily good b/c I was out drinking and partying all the time. I can credit Effexor w/ my college diploma, though. I never would have persevered thru college if not on Effexor. It successfully turned me into a drone so I could stay home and study all the time and that was cool for me. who knows, I may get back on the stuff!!
I'm having some scalp issues- I have progressed from having bad dandruff for most of my life to having this freakish peeling-in-patches thing that makes it look like I'm molting- this has been going on for about 6 months or so. I'm not actually losing hair or anything, though.

Over the years, I've used every dandruff shampoo out there- Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue, Denorex, Nizoral, Phytosylic, which txplumwine suggested to me....that's the one I'm currently using and it worked for awhile but not so much anymore.

After I take a shower, you can see big patches of dry skin on my scalp, mostly on the top of my head, all the way up to my forehead. I've tried gently picking it off, combing at it, mostly to get rid of the part that's visible along my hairline. I've tried doing nothing and just leaving it there- it just gets thicker and crustier.

My mom thinks it could be an overabundance of yeast on my scalp- I've tried using tea tree oil products on it before and all it does is make my hair look stringy.

I should go to a dermatologist, but a good one is soooo hard to find and even longer to get an appointment with them.

Any ideas what this could be and how I can treat it?
i'm having scalp peeling issues right now from a bad scalp sunburn, so i can feel your pain at least a little bit. (((pollystyrene)))

it's not as common as the natural-bath-products-crowd makes it out to be, but you could have a sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate sensitivity. you can find non-sls shampoos at health food stores like whole foods or wild oats or trader joe's. they won't lather nearly as much as regular shampoos, but they do still get your hair clean. i've also heard that apple cider vinegar can be a good dandruff treatment, because it restores ph balance and kills bacteria. could be worth a try as it's really cheap.
for occasional flakes i have mixed a few drops of rosemary oil into non-sls shampoo for washing (lightly massage, your scalp might tingle a bit) and conditioned as usual. it works well for mild cases, i imagine tea tree oil might be a good substitute but use it the same way. only a few drops mixed into a handful of shampoo.
not washing every day is a good idea as well. a natural or wooden bristle hairbrush to massage the scalp and spread the oils is good. if you can find a scalp massager, they have blunt ended spikey things on them and a handle to hold it as you rotate the spikey bristley things on the scalp.
deep condition with hot oil on occasion, or go for a conditioning treatment at a salon. they may actually be able to advise you about the flakes entirely. that's worth a try at least.
and certainly rinse after shampooing and conditioning with a dilution of apple cider vinegar. it's great for restoring the ph mantle of the skin as well as the hair.
instead of a dermitologist i recommend a nutritionist or natural doctor to take a look at your diet and lifestyle. something may be irritating you internally and causing your symptoms.
good luck!!
Pollystryene, I used to be the dandruff queen - and got things pretty much under control now. Do not use any oil. Essential oils like Lavender or Tee Trea will provide a shortterm sense of relief but will make things worse in the long run. Your mum is right, dandruff is basically yeast related and any kind of oil helps the bacteria to spread. What worked for me: Stop scratching and peeling. You might not lose hair now, but in the long run you will damage the hair shafts and dandruff related hairloss is quite common. Do not wash your hair daily. Allow the scalp to find back to its natural balance without being scrubbed all the time - best is washing the hair once a week, or every two weeks if you live in a rural area with little pollution. There will be a transition period where the hair might look messy - after a few months it will look better than ever. Rinse with a mix of 10 parts water and one part apple vinegar. You can use this also between washing when your scalp is very itchy. If you can get your hands on Neem tincture, even better. Dissolve it in a bit of water and gently massage the scalp. Take care.
So...I'm about to be offered this job at walmart. yeah, I know. but it's a part time summer thing because I need some cash for school asap. My only other job has been telemarketing and they never test for anything there. My question is:
I'm going in on the 5th at 1pm for a final interview with the store manager, at which point I guess the job offer will be made. Do they do the drug/alcohol screening then? I'm not worried about drugs, there's none of that in my system. What I'm worried about is if I drink when I go out on the 4th, assuming I stop around 1 or 2am, will it show up as "OMG DRUNXORZ"(<- technical term) on my test?
Hi, I've been lurking forever (i used to post under Gothy, if anyone remembers) but that's besides the point.

I have hives.

I've been getting these huge, painful hives on my upper things and butt. At first I thought I was just prone to pimples in that area, but these don't act like pimples, they act like hives (I had a strawberry allergy before, and this is what it looked like.)

I don't think it's an std or any such thing, bucause the part of my butt it's on is nowhere near my naughty bits (think where the outerish thigh becomes the butt. I can't really describe the area better then that.) I had shingles once, but that was more clusters, this is one or two at a time. Then another one or two once the first ones have healed.

Any ideas? I'm really looking forward to having a non-hivey butt.
Maybe it's like a heat rash? Maybe your underwear is irritating your skin, like if they're made out of synthetic fabric?

Have you changed soaps, laundry detergents or fabric softeners? If not, maybe you're just developing a sensitivity to the ones you've been using. I suddenly got what was essentially a diaper rash/allergic reaction to Always pads, even though I'd been using them for years. I had to switch to Lunapads (oh, I should have done that sooner!)

Any chance you've got a flea or lice infestation in your sheets? Maybe they're spider bites?

Sorry, just throwing out ideas. Keep the area dry, well ventilated, loose clothing. Put some calamine or hydrocortisone (or the anti-itch product of your choice). if you think it's heat/moisture related, sprinkle some corn starch-based powder (not talc!!) a couple times a day.

Are they weeping, like a clear fluid?

Same thing happened to me polly, with the always pads a couple years ago. I think they changed the material or something. I have switched too, and kicked myslef for not swithching years ago.
I think they were just too plastic-y and it trapped the moisture, so it was like a diaper rash. Then I switched to Kotex, and I got a bad allergic-y rash. I went to Stayfree and they were better, but I decided that Lunapads were the best. I'll never go back!
Zoo, it sounds like it could be folliculitis, a superficial bacterial infection of the hair follicle. If that's the case, the first thing you'll need to do is get some antibacterial soap to wash with each time you shower, and use a clean towel each time you dry off. Throw out any loofahs or other bath items, because they can colonize bacteria. If it's folliculitis, you'll most likely end up taking an antibiotic for a week to knock out the bacteria causing it.
QUOTE(freckleface2727 @ Jun 28 2006, 02:49 PM) *

pixie & seraphine & sixel & tatina <BR>thankyou all so much. <BR>you've reassured me a lot. we'll just wait til we find out, nothing to do before either way. <BR>I just hated hearing the forced nonchalance in her voice yesterday, bc it was so clear she was worried & that freaked me out, you know? <BR>thanks again~

quick belated update: my mom is fine.

seems her crappy dr's assistant had the test results for a # of days, and as she knew they were ok, didn't sweat calling my mom til my mom finally broke down & called their office.
mom still hasn't actually spoken to the dr herself directly, but was told to just continue to get yearly mam's and everything was ok.


thanks for all your kind words & support everyone.

I woke up this morning and my throat felt a bit funny. I went to have a look and noticed on the very back wall it was all yellow and raised. Being a disgusting curious child I poked it and it moved and it seemed to be really sticky, stretchy, tough phlegm. I finally got some of it out and it was all yellow with a little bit of blood (but I think I scratched my throat trying to get it out). There is still some stuck right behind my dangly bit (uvula?) which i can move but can't budge, and if i pull it too hard it hurts.

Does anyone know what this is, and how I can get the last bit out because it is driving me insane!
where is the bust general knowledge base????
It used to be in Media Whores.
well, I guess we've evolved so fast that now we are too smart to need it?! I do want to know how to change the settings on my computer to where when I type somthing into google, other things don't come up w/ the same letter as I'm typing. I know there's a name for it and it has been discussed here before so could someone clue me in? thanksalot
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Jul 1 2006, 01:38 PM) *

I'm having some scalp issues- I have progressed from having bad dandruff for most of my life to having this freakish peeling-in-patches thing that makes it look like I'm molting- this has been going on for about 6 months or so. I'm not actually losing hair or anything, though.

Pollystyrene: this is obviously late, but I wanted to say, you might want to see your GP if the scales are thickened at all and white or silvery looking. That could well be psoriasis and since it's autoimmune, needs specific kinds of treatments. I have psoriasis on my scalp (and all over my body) and it SUCKS -- itchy and flaky -- so I hope that's not it.
I didn't know where else to put this, but it's pissing me off in the extreme, so I HAD to find a place.
My left eyelid, for the past three nights, has been twitching rapidly, INCESSANTLY! It doesn't happen if my eyes are open, ONLY IF THEY'RE CLOSED, AND I DON'T KNOW OF ANY OTHER DAMNED WAY TO GO TO SLEEP WITHOUT CLOSING MY EYES! I'm about ready to pull my hair out, it's pissing me off so bad, and there's not a damn thing I know of that I can do about it. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening, and is there a way I can get it to STOP?? TIA
jsmith, i know that this is not gonna be of much help but i tend to get twitching eyelids when i am extremely nervous or under pressure. the twitching disappears when the stress is gone. another possibility might be that your eyes are dehydrated which can happen when you spend too much time in front of a computer or tv screen. there are special eyedrops to improve the hydration of your eyes.
it could really be caused by anything, or combination of things. stress, caffeine, diet, etc. is it possible for you to see someone about it? is there an alternative medicine school anywhere nearby? they generally run student clinics (fully supervised of course) where they diagnose and treat conditions at a fraction of the price of a regular practitioner.

it sounds like its interferring with your life. i'd see someone if it were happening to me.
good luck.
Thanks y'all, for your replies. I know my caffeine intake has changed. But it's not more, it's less. I'm getting the same amount of sleep, and my diet hasn't changed. Perhaps my stress levels are up. At the end of this month I start the semester, and I'll be taking *speech*. I am definitely stressed about that, but that's probably another issue. I'll try the eyedrops, and if that doesn't help, I'll try to go see someone about it. It really does interfere with sleep: I have to wait until I'm dead tired before I can go to sleep.
I get that eyelid thing when I'm stressy and/or not getting enough sleep. Sometimes I do notice that my eyes seem more dry along with it, too.
you might also consider an infection/irritant (new eye makeup or remover? new soap? contacts/contact solution?)

having problems seeing? any problems with the eye itself? red? pain? eye discharge?
I doubt there's an infection: I'm not having any redness/discharge/pain. It might be that my eyes can no longer handle having the contacts on for long periods of time. But they're really not dry, they're just as they've always been.
Hm. It looks like the adult acne thread disappeared. I guess I should post my question here, then-?

Basically, I'm sick of having acne despite taking good care of (and spending good money on!) my skin. My sister and a friend of mine both had Accutane in the past and got 100% cleared up. So it's tempting to try that out... but I've also heard some scary stuff about that drug. In general, I'm reluctant to put anything in my body that would seriously harm/disfigure a fetus. Not that I'm expecting to get pregnant... it just seems like something that bad for a growing thing couldn't be that good for me. Right? Or am I overreacting? Anybody have any experience or input?
I just started getting adult acne about two months ago. Never when i was a teenager did I have a problem but all of a sudden my nose and chin are covered and very small zits. It's not super noticable but I hate that i've had clear skin all my life, clean my face twice a day and just can't get rid of it.

I actually did try a drug recently...can't think of the name, but it cleared it up. The only problem was you're not supposed to expose yourself to sunlight, and I'm kind of an outdoor gal. So I got really nauseous and tired every evening and then it gave me a yeast infection and vaginal itching because that is one of the side effects. Last week I said, 'fuck this, it's not worth it to feel sick and itchy all the time.'

I'm going to my doctor tomorrow to see if I can get a topical cream or something. I'm also have problems with a really greasy scalp on the left side of my head and these weird (not acne) bumbs all over my forehead that feel like dry skin, but no matter how much moisturizer I use they won't go away, and if I use no moisturizer they get much worse.

I think it's time to see a dermatologist. I figured once I hit my 20's I could kiss these kind of problems goodbye. *sigh*
About the eyelid twitching thing. I get that, especially when I am tired and/or stressed. I finally saw an explanation that made sense to me, don't know if will help you much:

From: The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook
Sternal branch trigger points can cause dimmed, blurred, or double vision. You may have reddening and excessive tearing of your eyes, along with a runny nose. These trigger points can cause a drooping eyelid from a referred spasm in the orbicularis oculi muscle that surrounds the eye. Referred effects on the obicularis muscle can also cause twitching of the eye or eyelid.

Sternocleimastoids are in the front of your neck. They run from about behind the ear down to your sternum. Grab the muscle (there is one on each side of your neck) between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze all along it. If it is sore, then a trigger point may be part of the problem.
i have worse skin in my thirties (sometimes) than i did as a teen. wrinkles and pimples. nice.
i've been using spectrojel to cleanse and spectro vanishing lotion afterwards with cetaphil as a moisturizer for a while now and it seems to be working great. my pores are a little smaller (they are really big normally) and the breakouts are under control. i can't pick at my face AT ALL or touch it with dirty hands and i still get oily during the day so skin makeup is out. but all in all it's better.
my girlfriend has been having great success washing with honey, and another friend tackled a candida problem that ended up showing on her face too.
i think pimples/acne come from inside, it's what you eat and how it affects your hormones too. addressing that is key IMHO.
Octinoxate, I took Accutane for a nine-month period about eight or nine years ago, and I regret it!

While I was on it, my skin was perfect, and my very oily skin became like it was when I was a little kid: I could actually go for weeks without washing my hair! Whereas before Accutane it barely stayed clean for 24 hours!

But as soon as I stopped taking it, my skin went right back to the way it had been before, and if anything it got worse. I now have at least three problems that are a direct result of having taken the Accutane: 1) reduced night vision, 2) my acne and other skin wounds take much longer to heal than they did before and 3) the insides of my ears (the canal part) are very dry and itchy, a condition that started at the beginning of the Accutane treatment along with the dry lips. The dry lips went away afterward, but the ear problem has remained. And this is like nine years later!

It's true that some people's skin stays good forever, or for a long time after they take Accutane, and the fact that it worked for your sister is a good sign for you. But I think you're right that we shouldn't put something in our bodies that would be so harmful to a fetus!

I also agree with Pepper that the foods we eat, etc. play a big role. But after reading her post, I'm wondering how one can wash their face with honey. Can you tell us more Pepper?
ok, i know this is mean, but part of me is glad that you non-zitty teenagers now have to experience acne. heh heh. not really, but i can't IMAGINE what adolescence would've been like without having a major zit problem.

i used retin-a for a LONG time and I guess it worked. I've done the antibiotics for cysts, and that worked but also gave me horrible yeast infections.

i still get zits, but i'ts much more manageable-i use neutrogena's spot acne treatment for bigones and they dry up usually. but, i'm also kind of used to just having a bad complexion-i have rosacea too, so i'm just a big red faced person:)

erin-definitely try some topical stuff- accutane is like the last thing to try. with retin-a, you just have to be extra careful about sun... and there are tons of other topical prescription meds to try, too. did you start on a new pill? is this since you got the nuvaring? just curious if there's a hormonal reason. although, i guess a lot of people have adult acne, it's pretty normal. right now i have three beauties on the side of my face, arranged in a nice triangle pretty!!!!!!

now i wash with cetaphil, and in the summer when i'm greasier, I use Sal-Ac, which is a salycic (sp?) acid wash. I found that to be very helpful.

i used to get cysts around my mouth from my bong:) hee hee:) so yes, zits can come from the inside and the outside, but i'm pretty sure it's a myth that eating chocolate or whatever can change your complexion. maybe to some degree, or for some people, but overall i think that's just a myth.
QUOTE(maddy29 @ Aug 18 2006, 03:07 PM) *

erin-definitely try some topical stuff- accutane is like the last thing to try. with retin-a, you just have to be extra careful about sun... and there are tons of other topical prescription meds to try, too. did you start on a new pill? is this since you got the nuvaring? just curious if there's a hormonal reason. although, i guess a lot of people have adult acne, it's pretty normal. right now i have three beauties on the side of my face, arranged in a nice triangle pretty!!!!!!

I was taking Apo-Minocycline. I really don't want to try and take anymore pills or accutane or anything like that. Right now I'm on nothing, and due to the see the doctor Tuesday. I've been on the nuvaring for over a year so it's pretty unlikely they're related. My mom said when her and my aunt were 20 they both developed bad acne on their chins, which is where mine is (and all over my nose), and I'm 20. I've thought hard about anything that could be related to cause it but there isn't much. I'm a vegetarian, I eat tons of fruits and veggies, take vitamins, wash my face twice a's just so frusturating when it pops up without any reason. I'm paranoid about trying stuff from the drugstore because I just have no idea what will work.

I've had all these stupid health problems pop up within the last 8 or so months and I'm starting to get annoyed. Greasy scalp, irritated forhead, TMJ, acne. Enough already!
I've been on Retin-A and Differin Gel for a few months now. It helps a little but around my period I break out just the same as if I weren't on it. I scrub my face twice a day and eat right and all and I'm 26. I have worse acne than anyone I know. If I werent' on Retin-A I would be a zit farm. It's rediculous!

Not to change the lovely topic but does anyone else experience heart skips around their period? My heart skips a lot due to hormones and anxiety and it stresses me out. It's worse since I've been off my Effexor and that's the reason I went on it in the first place. Am I the only one who experiences this????
no heart skips for me. I would definitely mention it to your dr. next time you go

I wanted to know since we are on the acne topic, has anyone used that new over the counter adult acne product one is a peel and one is for daily use, I can't remember who makes it but i do remember it costs about $50 for both peel and daily, does anyone know what I'm talking about? has anyone tried it or heard good things about it?

I haven't heard of that, but adding on to asking about products...are there any over the counter drug store products that people have used that actually work?
I remember a product that I used about 8-10 years ago, it worked really well, it was called Exact, and you put it on the pimples over night and literally 1 or 2 days they were all gone, of course new ones would pop up but it would take care of them fast, I haven't seen it for at least 8 years, it probably had something terrible in it, but it did work well
what do you want to know about washing your face with honey? just do it, you'll see exactly how it works. it's great for hair too. just glop it on, rub it around and then rinse it out. her man says she tastes sweet when he kisses her, wonder if the bees like her too?
oh, we can ask.. it's princess la la, where is she?
Honey, applied topically, has anti-bacterial and immune-stimulating properties. It's been used on burns and wounds for thousands of years, so it makes sense that it might help heal or prevent some kinds of acne and skin problems.
This is odd but Evening Primrose Oil cleared up some pimples I used to get.
I guess this has kind of become the acne thread?

The skin on my forehead has become completely bumpy, whereas it used to be completely clear. There are some blackheads and some big red zits, but it's mostly just white/skin-colored bumpiness. I do touch my forehead a lot as I have bangs that sweep to the side. Does anyone else have this kind of acne? I'm concerned about what it means, health-wise.
I wonder if it's not an allergic reaction to either a ahampoo, hair product, or something on your hands? It can take several months for an allergy to show up. I can't tell from your description, but it sounds possible that it is contact dermatitis or eczema.
Edie, I wonder if we might have something similar. My forehead is covered in bumps, that turn red sometimes, especially when my skin is dry. But I dont think it's acne because for me it seems to be related to dry skin, and I don't get blackheads or zits there, just bumps that are sometimes red.
For a while aloe vera helped but it's stopped making a difference. Like i said earlier, I'm seeing a doctor on Tuesday so i'm hoping that i'll get some answers.
Coccinelle, thanks for sharing your experience with accutane. The more I read and hear about it, the more I'm deciding I'd much rather just have some acne! I hope that your residual side effects clear up.

Erinjane, in response to your question about over-the-counter stuff that actually works: I've only ever tried two products that I've liked. The first is proactiv solution, which cleared things up for a long time but has stopped working as well these days. The other is a benzoyl-peroxide soap called Panoxyl, which is probably too harsh for faces but worked great when I had acne on my back and chest.

When i was poking around on the web, I found a product called Acuzine that you take by mouth. I read good reviews of it, and I'm willing to give it a shot, but first I'd want to make sure that everything in it is safe. It mostly looks like vitamins and antioxidants that we need anyway, but a few ingredients were unfamiliar to me. If anyone wants to check it out and knows anything about the stuff in this pill, here's the site:

On honey: New Zealand Manuka honey is supposed to be especially good. They even sometimes use it in hospitals there to keep bedsores from getting infected.

P.S.- Do you think that one of us should go ahead and re-start the acne thread? I wouldn't want to busy up the general health thread if lots of us have stuff to say on this topic...
"""Serious brain problems. Accutane can increase the pressure in your brain. This can lead to permanent loss of sight, or in rare cases, death. Stop taking Accutane and call your prescriber right away if you get any of these signs of increased brain pressure: bad headache, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. Also, some patients taking Accutane have had seizures (convulsions) or stroke.""""

well, now I am officially scared to take Accutane. The potential for suicide was enough but this????? Wow, can't they make this drug safer somehow??
there is some mysterious way of bumping old threads even if they have dropped off the board. ask in the community forum, someone there knows how. they bumped something for me last week.
Got to the doctor today. Woo! He told me that what I thought was dry skin on my forehead is actually a type of acne. Luckily, it doesn't look like that, it just looks like bumby dry, and sometimes red skin.

He gave me clindoxyl gel and said things should clear up within two or three weeks, and if not, to come on back. My case really is pretty mild, but i've never had this problem before so it's really frusturating for me to not be able to control it.

I also found some Clinique pore minimizer that we had from those free gifts you get from them which seems to be helping a little bit too.
clover i have known quite a few people who have taken accutane and it worked wonders and nothing happened. most medications have a warning on it that in some way, it can cause serious injury or death. you pick your battles i suppose. i would venture to say you have a better chance of getting in a car accident then dying from accutane.
if you go on accutane, you get followed by big brother.

in light of its teratogenic effects, you have to have be on birth control, check in with your doc for regularly scheduled pregnancy tests, and your name goes in a national database.

"...women of childbearing age must undergo two tests to ensure they're not pregnant before the initial prescription, and monthly pregnancy testing before each refill. Home pregnancy tests won't do. The doctor must enter the pregnancy test results into the system, and the woman must buy her pills within seven days.

These women also must agree to use two forms of birth control while using the drug, and must self-register on iPledge — in addition to the doctor's initial registration — to report that they're doing so."

:::shudder on so many levels:::
I know nobody asked, but the problem with accutane is that you're basically dosing yourself with what, for most people, equals toxic levels of vitamin A (and not a good source of vitamin A either, but nutrition was not the intention with that drug--just something that got overlooked). That's what makes it teratogenic; it's also very difficult for your liver to contend with, which leads to the intoxication symptoms described.

I know some people "don't die" from using accutane, but the reality is that there is no such thing as side effects--just the effects of the drug, which always include the nasty stuff as well as the desired stuff. This applies to every drug out there, pharmaceutical, natural, or otherwise.

You can achieve pretty good results just by using safer doses of real, high quality vitamin A, without a prescription and without all the government recordkeeping and extreme life changes (like avoiding the sun at every cost). Added benefits include not just improvement in your skin, but also improvements overall.
hey, can anyone help? (I'm going to cross-post in LTAS to double chance of response). I've just noticed that my nipples (erect or not) look bruised, they're purple/pink like a fresh bruise but they're not sore. I've just finished my period and know that it's not happened during sex. I'm rather freaked out - wtf is wrong?
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