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Full Version: random celebrity encounters/sightings
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bringing this one back because JD SAMSON AT MY LOCAL NEIGHBOURHOOD CAFE. she's one of the only "celebrities" i'd actually be willing to say something like "OMG YOU'RE AWESOME" to, but i was too shy and didn't want to interrupt her sammich-eating.
I met GZA from Wu-Tang once. He was pretty laid-back...Just sat in the corner and talked ....
I once got a pre-recorded message from Bea Aurther on my voice mail encouraging me to vote against doggies at the race tracks when I lived in Boston a few years ago. It ws the best thing that ever happened to me in my life and my friend's band sampled it in one of thier songs.
I work in a big office and who should be sitting in the conference room right next to my cubicle? Janet "Miss Jackson if you're nasty" herself! She is tiny and adorable and has obviously lost the 60 pounds she had put on last year.
I live in the same city as Guy Fieri, so it's not surprising that I saw him.

But here's what I never expected to hear from him: "If my bus driver looked like you, I would have gone to school more often!" I'm a total dork because I'm considering incorporating this into my myspace page somehow. The one and only thing a celebrity has ever said to me. Perhaps I need to crosspost this in the confessions thread tongue.gif
As much as I would be tempted to say, yeah, I'd be cool and relaxed when meeting a celeb... lets be honest. I'd turn into a stunned bumbling mess if i met Matt Damon. blink.gif
I saw Orlando Bloom at the Miami Int Airport last year and all I could think was: who the hell is this pirate looking dude all these little girls are crying and screaming over?!
I guess you can't really call them 'celebrities' but I met a bunch of the players of the Houston Astros last weekend! biggrin.gif Um... I used to think baseball players were pretty hot, but they're really not that cute up close. Just incase you guys are holding out for one or something.
mmm lust, ballplayers are hot. i went to a minor league game a while back and i was close enough to heckle/flirt.

I am such a goober. I was in Nordstrom's in Bellevue today (I'm from Montana and NOT a city girl). Anyway. . . While I was there, people around me swooned for this guy walking past. I asked who he was and they said he was a famous so and so. I am such a hick. I have no idea who that guy was. I wanted to be impressed . . .
K_t_f, I feel your pain...I was at the Birmingham airport baggage claim, and a young teenager was making a bit of a fuss over the girl about my age (mid 20's) standing next to me, saying she liked her show and whatnot. I didn't recognize her at all. Once she got her bag and left, I had to swallow my pride and ask the teenager who she was. (Tiffany Lynn, Ashley Parker-Angel's fiancee? They had a show on MTV?)
Whilst walking around Notting Hill, I almost ran smack into some poor woman. She looked really familiar so I sort of stared at her, and then she stared back, which spooked me and so I quickly walked away. After having a think about it, I realized it was Lucy Liu. Weird!
I saw Jason Mraz at my local mall the other day. He's as beautiful in person as he is on TV...
anna k
I went to a play in NYC tonight, and saw Fred Willard and his wife in the audience.
I have a small sighting, first one since moving to TO!

I was at the doctor's office tonight and I saw Chris Murphy of Sloan. I was looking around for a specific waiting room and walked right past him and he looked up and smiled at me. He was there with either his wife or girlfriend and I guess they have a little baby boy now!
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