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Full Version: Been to a good concert lately? The live music thread
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I'm headed to the Ponderosa Stomp in Memphis a in a coupla weeks... can't wait to get my Goner Records outlaw fix during the day and the real deal rock and stomp R&B and 60s garage at night! Woo-hoo! Three whole nights!

And if Anna K is still peeking in.... I saw Sharon Jones in Atlanta last winter... absolutely blown away! But even more surprising was that afterwards she came around to everyone in the club asking if they had had a good time. Pretty freakin' amazed that a performer with such a huge personality would care so much about her audience. Not only does she kick ass on stage, but off-stage she is one class act!
I used to see the Ponderosa Stomp each year in New Orleans at the Rock n' Bowl as I attended the Jazz Fest annually. But it is washed out. I hope you have a great time Gretsch, I'm sure it will be great but a little depressing that it had to move up River at the same time.
This'll be my third Stomp, my hubbie's fourth. The Goner presence in Memphis is so pro-Stomp that I think it'll be a real cool field trip for the event. It had outgrown the Rock n Bowl anyway...

So, anyone gnashing teeth over missing out on the sooo-prise Oblivians show in Asheville last weekend? (grind grind grind)
I was so psyched, The Independents came to my to my town and played w/a few local bands. It was all horror punk. The show was small but all the bands played their hearts out and it rocked!!!
Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins. are. just. brilliant

Saw them on thursday at Shepherds Bush... they played most of Rabbit Fur Coat and a few new songs. And Jonathan Rice was really good too.
Jon Spencer is the sexiest man maybe ever..... oohhh... I saw Heavy Trash tonight.... he was covered in perfect beads of sweat and their last song was this grinding number and he kept saying "we're gonna have a sex party" and he came into the audience and got a bunch of us to sit/lie on the floor, I smelled his armpit, it was delicious. Some of the Sadies were in his band too, they're also a bunch of very sexy men. Oh, and besides the sexy men, the show itself was excellent. I rushed to the merch table to buy the album as soon as I got up off the floor.
Sounds delicious.
I'm going to Sonic Youth in a few weeks!!! I'm so stoked!
I'm going to see the Black Crowes and Robert Randolph and the Family Band! WOO HOO.
I love Robert Randolph and Family! Anyone ever seen them live?
Sonic Youth? I am jealous!!
No wilhemina, bit I'd like to. I saw the Crowes last year, opening up for Tom Petty. Marc Ford is back, it was pretty good. What kind of venue? Big, medium, small?

I'm with ginger, jealous indeed!
Black Crowes are coming here in July. I've seen them a few times. They're great live. I may go ahead. I'm not sure how much tickets. They're playing an outdoor venue. I actually met Chris years ago at a mall here in Atlanta (Lenox). This was pre Kate Hudson. He was a really sweet guy.
I like Robert Randolph and the Family Band even more than the Crowes but have not seen them live. Am being mushy about buying tickets because I'm moving, buying things for the new place, and going on vacation.
I would kill to see Sonic Youth!
Who-hoo! I just found out that Steely Dan and Chris Issak are coming at the end of August!
It's going to be a good summer of concerts in Georgia... :-)
Glass Candy is coming to my town soon but I don't think I'll be able to go.

I know their shows can be hit or miss but I still want to see them. They've gone all disco dance now which is interesting.
The crowes and Robert Randolph are playing at a big outdoor venue. We got tickets in the 20th row. We saw Sanatana and Los Lonely Boys there last year and we were waaaaay up at the top of the pavilion and it was still really good. I'm so excited.
James Blunt is playing a free concert at the Hatch Shell in Boston tomorrow.

I've got to do work on moving, but it might be fun if it's a bright, sunny day.

Of course, they put a major ad in the free paper so it will be massed with trendoids. Also, his songs start to sound like they're sung by one of those ventriloquist's dummies after a few...
On Friday I saw Betty with Sophie B. Hawkins. Betty is the band that does the L Word theme. They are so crazy on stage, in a good way. Such a high energy, fun band. Sophie B. Hawkins on the other hand was very boring, so much so that we left as she started the fourth song. Actually most of the crowd cleared out after Betty was done, first time I've ever seen a larger crowd for the opener than the main act. Alos opening was Doria Roberts, she only got to sing three songs but she was quite good.
Elizabeth Ziff, of BETTY, used to write for Bust a lot.
anna, I did not know that. But I am a new fan of Betty.
I'm going to Bonaroo this month. The band I'm most excited to see is Sonic Youth.

Another one of my all-time favorite bands is the Violent Femmes, and they're playing at a casino in October, which is kind of disappointing because I always pictured myself finally seeing them outdoors on a beautiful summer day, but oh well. My boyfriend went to a casino concert a few years back and he said you had to sit in your seat the entire time.

I'm also seeing Konono no.1 at the MFA on July 19. I have no idea what a show at an art museum is oging to be like either but Konono no.1 is some crazy Congolese music my boyfriend and I just discovered a couple months ago and we love it. We happened to be at the museum last week and saw a flier for the show there. It was fated...
hellotampon, you lucky!
make sure to see andrew bird too, if you can. he's amaaaaaazing. music at the mfa? is that by any chance the boston mfa? they have a really great summer music program i used to go to when i lived (and worked) there...i saw mum play in their courtyard and it was so beautiful.
ooo andrew bird is fun to see live; they just sent me an email about a contest to win bonnaroo tix... but it's not feasable for me to go :-(
yah same here. i wish i could though, he puts on such a fantastic show.
I get to go see Andre Reiu in concert in October with my dad! (I'm hoping that someone here will be excited for me, not many people know who he is.)

(this site has sound, just to warn you guys)
Yeah, I meant MFA as in Boston MFA. What exactly is it like seeing a band there? Do people sit or stand? I just can't picture it.
its held in the courtyard. you know how there's sort of a sunken area and then a wall/platform around it? people sit on the grass in the main part and the band plays at one end on the wall platform. its not actually in the galleries. it's pretty lovely, too.

man i miss the mfa. i used to work there; i used to be there alllll the time. tell it hi for me ;)
Anybody catch Laurie Anderson in Prospect Park tonight in Brooklyn? I just got back and it was incredible.
oh MAN bklyn i would have LOVED to have seen that.
Jeolous bklynhermit!! That's so fucking incredible...

Going to Sonic Youth on Monday night. Will pay for it on Tuesday morning at work, but don't give a shit. Can not wait! :-) Also, going to BB King on Weds night at this groovy outdoor venue with Dr. John.

Did anyone catch Bonaroo? I've heard it was neat. Maybe next year...
sassygrrrl, are you in the new york area? the concert series in prospect park is really outstanding, you should check it out. best of all, they're not nearly as impossible as the central park summer concerts, and they only cost $3! sometime in july they're going to show the silent version of Dracula, accompanied by Phillip Glass and Kronos Quartet IN PERSON. I think they also have Yo La Tengo at some point. Their usual thing is more on the 'world' spectrum, but if you like that sort of thing there's even more you should check out.
WOW, that Dracula thing sounds amazing!!! I wanna go!

Ummm...why are the central park concerts impossible? Is there something I should know about? I'm seeing Fiona there at the end of July.
oh, i just meant in comparison to other outdoor new york city summer events. If you compare them to any other large-scale concert venue, i guess they're about typical.

but comparing the $50 thru-ticketmaster way in advance setup for SummerStage to the $3 at the gate "hey, wanna go check out Yo La Tengo later?" situation that is Prospect Park's series, it's kind of a no-brainer. Seeing bands in Central Park is like seeing them at Madison Square Garden, except outside. Seeing bands at Prospect Park is like kickin' it in the park and, hey, whaddya know, Laurie Anderson's over there setting up all her cool electronic violins and stuff -- think she'll let us watch her rock out?

maybe i shouldn't be telling people this, or next summer it will be madness... The other interesting outdoor venue I wanna check out this summer is the McCarren Park pool. Last year they did this incredible dance performance there, and it was such a success that this year somebody got a permit to have regular concerts. The only one that's been announced so far is a band I have no interest in, and i'm pretty sure it's not a part of the free or almost free summer entertainment stuff but an actual real life $$ concert venue. either way, watching some band play in an empty olympic sized pool would be totally sweet.
Bkylnhermit, nope. I'm in Georgia. Sounds like there's some cool shit going on in NY.Phillip Glass and Dracula! Kick ass!
We always get the cool shit about 4 years later down here. I am seeing Fiona next month at one of the outdoor venues... and Sonic Youth will be so cool.
I'm going to try to see Of Montreal at McCarren (I think it's free). I wanted to see Sonic Youth and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs there, too, but I don't know if it's sold out already. It probably is. :-(
oh, wait, they announced more? wtf? a week ago it was only Of Montreal... weird.

sassygirl, sorry. there's a BB King venue here which i didn't realize was part of a chain. The Dr. John thing sounds really cool, though.
Just wanted to second the Celebrate Brooklyn concert series in Prospect Park. I saw Kasey Chambers there last year, and it was so chill.
SONIC YOUTH kicked so much ass. I'm so in lust again with Thurston. He doesn't look a day over 25. Yummy.I also introduced my friend to them, who had never seen them live. They played for two and a half hours with two encores. Be Your Own Pet opened up, and they were okay. The lead was trying to be Kim Gordon too much I think.

Dr. John would have been cool to see, but I was so freaking tired from work, that I didn't usher the show. I'm sure BB King will be back next year. Chastain (the outdoor venue I usher at) always brings the same acts each summer....
Awwwwww, MAN! I just checked out the schedule for the Siren Festival and all my bands are all split up between both stages! Grr! I want to see Tapes 'n Tapes, She Wants Revenge, The Cribs, and Art Brut the most, but they're basically back-to-back on different stages. I've already seen The Cribs and they were awesome, so I guess I can suck it up with them, but She Wants Revenge and Art Brut?! WHY must they make me choose (it'll be SWR, btw)?!! I guess I'll just have to listen to Art Brut from a distance. :-(
I saw Sonic Youth at Bonnaroo. I've wanted to see them for years and I finally did and it was amazing. My only complaint is that I wish they played a few more older songs but it was still great.
I saw Beck a the Wiltern in LA last night, the show was amazing. They rocked the house, even the slower tunes. They had puppets of all the band members on a mini stage, acting out the show along with the band and that is what was projected on to the screen behind the band. They also brought out a dinner table, where the band had "dinner" while Beck did a little solo stuff, then they all played along with "Clap Hands" using the dishes as instruments. The energy of the crowd and the exchange between the band and the crowd was electric. You could tell they really kicked it in to high gear for the hometown crowd. LA loves them some Beck.
I went to see Damone here in Rhode Island. The show was awesome! Noelle the front woman for Damone is such a rock star. The Lashes opened for them and they were really chatty and fun, they had a lot of audience interaction and after their set they came and hung out with everyone.
I saw Rancid last night in Boston. It was a great show. I forgot how much I
1. like them
2. like punk music

The opening band H2O was good too.
hmm I tried to find this thread last week and it seemed to have disappeared.

Anyway, I mentioned this in the Midwestern Mamas thread, I thought I'd mention it here too-Massive Attack is playing in Chicago at The Vic on September 13th. I think there are still tickets, although they are a little pricey. But The Vic is pretty small, and they don't tour often so I think it is worth it.
Y'know, I saw Massive Attack on the Mezzanine tour & they were so good I had a bout of Stendahl's. Saw them back in April & nearly fell asleep standing up. Horace Andy was gripping as always, though.
Humanist, the thread wasn't there but I did a keyword search for it and it showed up at the bottom of seemingly-unrelated list of other threads that were the result of the search.
hmm..strange..well thanks for reviving it!

aural, what were they playing that made you fall asleep? 100th Window does have a lot of sleepy songs-did they play more of that album? Ah well, I still want to see them-hoping it will be a good show. BTW, the show is actually at The Riviera, not The Vic. Bigger, but still worth it.
Saw Sonic Youth a couple of months back. Going to see Lyle Lovett tomorrow night, and Chris Issak next week! Yay! smile.gif
Lyle rocked! Three hour show!!! So fucking awesome.....
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