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Full Version: Been to a good concert lately? The live music thread
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Gee, could I be any later! Massive Attack played very little of the latest disc. It was mostly older material. Huge swathes of Mezzanine & they even busted out Karma Coma. I would have preferred more recent material, but they didn't do it. It was well performed, but was blah.
Today I bought Scissor Sisters tickets and Nerina Pallot ones, both for November. November seems to be gig month as seeing Pink too. V excited about seeing the Scissor Sisters.
Cool. I saw Scissor Sisters -- last year? year before? in medium sized club in Boston. Very fun!

Save money for their t-shirts
Going to see Scissor Sisters in Oct in Atlanta! Can not wait!
Oooh, you get to see them before I do! Let me kow how the show is!
Depeche Mode, I forgot how good these guys are. You forget how many great, powerful songs they wrote in the 80s and 90s.
I was fortunately enough to see 4 shows in the past 2 weeks.

Tool--great performance, Maynard and his weird obsession with humanoid figures

Cat Power--Chan's voice is like honey with gravel, lovely

The Raconteurs--a little disappointed that they only played for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The White Stripes >> The Raconteurs

The Gossip--little Beth is so cute. She did an amazing cover of Aaliyah's song "Are You That Somebody" that rocked my world.
any jucifer fans in here? i'm going to see them this friday @ a gallery in bklyn. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the melvins are coming to town next month too! sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lyle Lovett and his Large Band are the absolute BEST! Best live act, for me, hands down, is Bette Midler....
I saw Massive Attack last night, which was awesome. They really balanced electronic and instrumental very well-there were two drummers on stage, and several on guitar. Several vocalists, (including Elizabeth Fraser!), and very neat lighting. The setlist was all mixed, from all the albums, but they actually played Teardrop..I'm thinking " they are NOT." There was actually a resounding "Ughhh" from the audience. Not that it isn't a pretty song, but it just belongs to a certain TV show now..I admit I was a bit drunk through the show, but I swear, it was a good one!
Saw Big City Rock--again--last night in Cincy. Always a good show, even if the first band went long and thus their set got cut short.
I saw Beck yesterday (awesome) and I just got back from seeing Art Brut tonight (also awesome). The Spinto Band opened for them (loved them, too)! cool.gif

I'm seeing The Killers on Tuesday and Mute Math the week after'll be a fantastic 2 weeks for concert-going. I'm totally psyched. I especially can't wait to see Mute Math, because I've seen them before and they are sooooooo good!

There are more shows on the horizon for November, but for now I'll just focus on the immediate future. =) The downside to all of this is that now I'm deaf...I'll be sure to pack my earplugs for Wolfmother, that's for damn sure!
QUOTE(excusemesenor @ Sep 27 2006, 01:25 AM) *

The Raconteurs--a little disappointed that they only played for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The White Stripes >> The Raconteurs

The Gossip--little Beth is so cute. She did an amazing cover of Aaliyah's song "Are You That Somebody" that rocked my world.

Raconteurs were great; saw them too last month at Roseland Ballroom, which is such an awesome venue. Jack White rockin' out with other talented musicians...

And The Gossip is the best band I've ever seen live, best crowds too. Please go if they're ever in your neighborhood. Or travel. For real.
Went to Lily Allen gift last night; was so much fun. She comes across as a bit of an arse in interviews sometimes but her music is fab; she performs very well live and her acoustic version of Smile was great.

eta: Scissor Sisters nov 6th - so excited!
I just saw 3 FAB concerts in 1 month!!

Wolfmother-I can't even describe how amazing they are. One of the best concerts I've EVER seen. Absolutely brilliant. And I want to play in Andrew Stockdale's hair. For days.

The Raconteurs-Jack White is a freakin' genius. Nuff' said. My ears rang for 2 days.

YeahYeahYeahs- Karen O blew my mind. Totally a goddess.

i went to see Lady Sovereign in vancouver on friday and was pretty dissapointed! sad.gif
i LOVE her albums, and i can get past her bratty antics on stage but she was rapping over her own record! not cool! she would forget the lyrics and you could still hear them playing in the background. WTF?

however, she did an awesome cover of the sex pistols' Pretty Vacant! biggrin.gif

I saw the Scissor Sisters last week and they were fan.bloody.tastic.
craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap the gossip at knitting factory in nyc is sold out. i guess i'll be trolling craigslist closer to april 14.
In the last four days I've seen Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds, Mika and Amy Winehouse in concert. Dave and Tim were definitely the best and I thought Amy would be better.
anna k
I saw Alice Smith last week and dug her. She has a great deep voice and good songs.
you saw dave and tim, bunny? i am so jealous. was it a small show? i love dave matthews. sigh.
yup biggrin.gif. As for size of show, I think the venue (seated) holds 3000 people. I had a great view!
The Hold Steady are awesome live. I wasn't madly familiar with their music before seeing them and still really enjoyed it. They rock.
anna k
I went to the Siren Music Festival in Coney Island.I was into seeing M.I.A., and the Noisettes, though they came on before I got there. M.I.A. sounded great, though I was too far away to see her. Her rapping is very infectious and I love the "mad beats" (cue British accent). The New York Dolls came out later, and they were fantastic. I didn't really know any songs by them, and loved their style. David Johanson's voice reminds me of Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop mixed up, and he's so skinny he could wear women's jeans. Silvan Silvan was great with the audience. I liked their cover of "Piece of My Heart," "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" (I knew the Ronnie Spector cover, and could see why she could cover it), and "Mr. Personality," as well as other songs I didn't know the names of.
For those of you who still hold a torch for seeing TORI AMOS live, I present you with the recently announced North American tour dates. Squee!

New Tori Amos North American Fall Tour Announced!

Tori announces her North American Fall Tour today! Kicking off in Albany, NY on October 9th and finishing in Los Angeles, CA on December 17th, Tori and the band will be playing close to 50 dates in the US. Here are initial dates with more to be announced shortly:

10/9 Albany, NY Palace Theatre
10/11 New York, NY Theatre at Madison Square Garden
10/12 New York, NY Theatre at Madison Square Garden
10/13 Syracuse, NY Landmark Theatre
10/15 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre
10/18 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
10/21 Montreal, Canada Place des Arts
10/23 Toronto, Canada Hummingbird Centre
10/24 Buffalo, NY Shea┬╣s Performing Arts Center
10/26 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall
10/27 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre
10/28 Louisville, KY Palace Theatre
10/30 Pittsburgh, PA Benedum Centre
11/1 Cleveland, OH
11/2 Indianapolis, IN
11/3 Milwaukee, WI
11/5 Chicago, IL
11/7 Minneapolis, MN
11/9 Lawrence, KS
11/10 Omaha, NE
11/12 Nashville, TN
11/13 Charlotte, NC
11/14 Atlanta, GA
11/21 West Palm Beach, FL
11/24 Dallas, TX
11/25 Houston, TX
11/26 Austin, TX
11/28 Denver, CO
11/29 Salt Lake City, UT
12/3 Vancouver, CAN
12/4 Portland, OR
12/5 Seattle, WA
12/7 San Francisco, CA
12/17 Los Angeles, CA
WOW! I got to see Jonny Lang live in concert this weekend ( It was for a fundraiser dinner very near to where I live, so the venue was outdoors but the crowd was relatively small - maybe 450-500 people. I was standing less than 8 feet from Jonny the entire night! FAB!!! I even ended up with a "Turn Around World Tour 2007" guitar pik! **SWOON** If you haven't given a listen to his so. My fave song is "Red Light"
anna k
That sounds great. I remember when he came out with his debut ten years ago, but seemed to disappear from the mainstream quickly. I only know his first hit, "Lie to Me," but I will check out his other stuff.
I recently saw Social Distortion and went to the Warped Tour (Bad Religion, Flogging Molly, etc.)
The Arctic Monkeys were amazing.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were wicked...what I saw of them. (stupid now-ex-boyfriend wanted to leave early, cuz he had " a meeting in the morning,"...LOSER!)
I saw Nickel Creek and Fiona Apple tonight in Central Park. It was sooooooooooo good! I was pretty skeptical about Nickel Creek, but when Fiona was on stage with them they completely bluegrassed her music out and it sounded awesome.
snow white
just saw dave mathews band last night at saratoga, dave kicked ass but there were so many frat-boy partiers there, who by the way act like assholes when drunk... i was disappointed by the crowd. but, dave was excellent.
anna k
That Nickel Creek/Fiona concert sounded awesome and so good. I had thought of going, but I don't know Nickel Creek's music. Now they're breaking up.

Next Friday I'm going to see Michael McDonald, then the next night Erykah Badu is headling a show. Both sound like a lot of fun.
snow white
i'd luv to see Erykah Badu
Awwww yeah, Faerie, Fiona kicks ass, doesn't she? I've loved her live shows but didn't see her with NC this time around. I caught some of it on You Tube, not that that AT ALL compares to being there in person...
anna k
I saw War and Michael McDonald tonight in Cary, N.C. It was pretty fun. War was mostly made up of new members and had a good sound, doing a medley of "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Shot Down" while introducing the band members. The lead singer wore a tie-dyed shirt and seemed a little wacky. Good funk sound overall, especially the sax and drums and bass.

Michael McDonald was fun, even though his vocal style could get repetitive after a while. He had a good sax player and a lively backup singer. I liked "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "Tracks of My Tears," "I Keep Forgettin'," "Takin' It to the Streets," "Blink of an Eye," and "What a Fool Believes." He also did a beautiful cover of Ray Charles' "I Don't Know Why." He made a comment about regrettably taking his teenage daughter to see Superbad, and I remembered that the same creators made fun of him in The 40-Year Old Virgin, which led to me and my brother saying "Ya Mo gonna get some beer," or "Ya Mo B right back."
Has anyone ever sold tix through Ticketmaster before?
I bought Kings of Leon tix, then they posted a show closer to home, so I want to sell the other tix, but something about giving them all my info/taking a cut doesn't sit right.
Digital Underground rule

I also saw NIck Cave and Grinderman. It was awesome.
I have seen Eryka Badu live and she is fanatastic.
anna k
I saw Erykah Badu perform at the same festival last Saturday, and she was phenomenal. Just a complete artist and unusual and captivating. She did great versions of Next Lifetime, Bag Lady, Otherside of the Game, Love of My Life, and finished her second set with Tyrone. She peppered her set with clips of songs like All Night Long by the Mary Jane Girls, Mary Jane by Rick James and La Di Da Di.


Viva! Los Straitjackets!
Saw them in Northampton Mass on Thurday night. They kicked atomic ass. SO fun!!!
If you're not familiar with 'em...They play classic surf music (think Miserlou from the opening of Pulp FIction) with a Mexican twist. Matching suits, matching guitars, Mexican wrestling masks. Spent the entire show either dancing my ass off, or staring in awe.
I'm in love with the lizard masked bass player.
I saw George Clinton the other night. It was fun, but they played FOREVER, which would have been cool if I was on drugs, but I wasn't, so I was tired, starving, and my waist hurt from dancing. I still had a really good time though. It was my second time seeing P-Funk in a month.
*delurking* saw Feist the other night, she was awesome and I have a big crush. Taking my dad to see Manu Chao tonight at Brixton Academy which should be fun...
(beck, i love manu chao!)

i just got back from the best *real* concert i have seen in AGES. i go and see local bands play all the time, and i love those small shows, but i'd forgotten what a completely different (and differently awesome) thing it is to go see a really competent band put on a huge fucking concert at a big venue. i saw they might be giants, who i have loved forever and whose new album is FANTASTIC, best thing they've done in years and years and years, and DAMN, it was amazing! they played the longest set ever with pretty much all my favorite songs and they had three encores and a brass section and confetti bombs and lionel barrymore calling from the grave and it was their second guitar player's birthday and they brought out cupcakes with candles for him while he was in the middle of the biggest craziest guitar solo and they had three giant old man heads with glowing eyes hanging in the background and the entire crowd (of nerds!) was so giddy and happy and jumping up and down and raising their paws during "mammal". GOD IT WAS SO AWESOME!
This week I saw Rilo Kiley with Grand Ole Party and Art in Manilla. I really like Grand Ole Party, who I hadn't heard of before the show. Art in Manilla was good. Rilo Kiley was great as usual, but they played a ton of old songs, and I wanted them to play more of their new cd. I've seen them four times, so I've seen them play the older stuff.
I saw Jonathan Richman! It was just him with a classical guitar and a drummer. He was happy, he was funny, he danced, he put his hand on his heart, he did a high kick!
I'm not sure who Jonathan Richman is, but that sounds fun, edie!!

Yes, goodsculpt!! Viva Los Straitjackets!!! They're one of those bands that you have to see live. Their CD's don't do
em justice. The cool thing is that the travel around a lot and they're relatively cheap to see. Gotta love those guys and their Mexican wrestling masks!!

Bwahhah!! Hellotampon, what'd ya expect?!!!
Jonathan Richman started the proto-punk group the Modern Lovers in the early 70s, and has been pretty prolific ever since then.
I just got back from seeing PJ Harvey.

It's like I fell in love with her all over again. It was my first time seeing her, and she is fucking amazing.

I can now die happy.
*so jealous*
whoa i am also way jealous. she is also the only person i really NEED to see before i die.

faerie, tell us more!!!!
Aww yeah, Faerie, doesn't she rawk?! I saw her for the first time on her tour to promote Stories from the City and I was in the 7th row and totally fucking died and went to heaven. I think she played Wang Dang Doodle, too, which was icing on the cake and all. She doesn't disappoint live. GO GO GO if you get the chance.
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