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Full Version: Been to a good concert lately? The live music thread
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My recent concerts almost feel more like a confession following the previous several shows. Saw Tori a couple weeks ago. Dar Williams last night. And I get to see Lucinda Williams again next month. Super excited and so very hopeful for some "if wishes were horses, I'd have a ranch" action this time.
anna k
I saw Lucinda Williams a few years ago, she was so fantastic. I hope you have a great time, period monster!

I also remember seeing Dar Williams way back in '98, she was really good.
Ditto on Lucinda Williams! That will be a great show.
This will actually be the second time I'll see Lucinda on this tour. My dad's a beekeeper, so the whole "Little Honey" thing brings me even more joy than usual. Been loving Lucinda a long, long time.
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