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Full Version: Been to a good concert lately? The live music thread
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Yeah, she is incredible! I was in the 10th row and I was dying!

She wore the dress from the cover of "White Chalk," and she started with "To Bring You My Love." It just blew my mind because it was just her and her guitar, but it was LOUD and awesome. She didn't have a backup band or anything, it was her the whole time, but the sound that she creates is mindblowing.

And watching her multitask with the instruments was awesome. She sang "My Beautiful Leah," and she was singing and playing that synth thing, and then she starts banging away on the cymbal with one hand while continuing to play and sing those grunty moans at the end. People were going nuts. And she's perfectly in tune the whole time, whether she's screaming or singing high notes or whatever. She fucking rules!
holy crap. she just played in NYC right? i can't believe i missed it. thanks faerie, for letting me live thru you! glad you enjoyed it.
Just got back from seeing She Wants Revenge. When I got there the line was already around the corner and the doors hadn't even opened, but somehow I managed to be right up front and center! Then after the show, before they walked off stage, Justin bent down and got his setlist off the floor, and handed it specifically to me!!! me. I wasn't even trying to grab it until he started to walk toward me, but he shooed the guy next to me away and everything! Holy. Shit! I almost died.

That seriously made my week.

They are soooo good! And their music is sex. Dirty make-up sex in between breakups, but still...
i saw ani difranco last weekend. whoa. i've never gotten into her (mr.nick loves her, goddess bless his soul); i was always too punkrawk for that hippie shit. but i was impressed as hell at her gorgeous voice and, with a small band behind her, rockness. cool crowd too!
I saw Of Montreal last weekend. it was awesome. Kevin Barnes definetly vamps it up a lot, he's very glammy. I danced so much i threw my back out while exiting the venue. Golden Girl moment!
the last show i saw was Vegoose in October it was sooo amaazing. i got there just in time for Daft Punk it was such a MINDBLOWING SHOW.
i'll be spending my valentine's day with rufus wainwright! woo!

i'm mad at myself because the presale started this morning at 10, and i forgot and didn't get on until 10:30. still scored an orchestra seat, though!
went with fiddler and SIL to cherish the ladies concert. had crappy seat but it was still really great! i had a nice time.
had lots of fun at the cherish the ladies concert. it was a christmas concert but they played some non christmas sets as well. i have many of their cd's. they're good inspiration for me. women playing celtic music and making it. they're great.
anna k
I went to see Martha Wainwright do a small show tonight, playing Edith Piaf songs. My brother had found it through Gothamist's blog, and it was good. She sang well and has an unique voice when singing her own songs. She seemed like a sweet and funny person, just performing these songs for fun.
Ani Difranco last night! Anais Mitchell opened up for her. It was amazing. And it was cool that there were almost no men there, so I didn't have to spend the whole time staring at the back of some guy's tee shirt. I went with a girlfriend and ended up running into some of my little sister's friends there, which was kinda cool. I didn't know that she had so many young fans.
Saw the Sadies on Saturday night: they rocked. Sadly, though, I think it was the wrong venue for them. Perhaps the folks in the Netherlands (their next stop) will appreciate them more. I hope so.
i saw slightly stoopid. the expendables opened for them. it was a great show. i saw horrorpops a while back. and tiger army. and also afi while they were on tour a while back.

they were all good
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Jan 23 2008, 11:23 AM) *
Ani Difranco last night! Anais Mitchell opened up for her. It was amazing. And it was cool that there were almost no men there, so I didn't have to spend the whole time staring at the back of some guy's tee shirt. I went with a girlfriend and ended up running into some of my little sister's friends there, which was kinda cool. I didn't know that she had so many young fans.

lucky you! she was sick for her earlier asbury park NJ show sad.gif so it's supposed to be rescheduled.
I went with bunnyb to see Tegan & Sara last night and I must admit I was pleasantly suprised that they weren't folky and whimsical, but in fact, rather poppy rock with good sound.

Northern State, however, sucked ass.
anna k
I saw Alice Smith perform Friday night. She was excellent, and has a ton of fans, the place was packed. The fan favorites were Dream and Woodstock, and she did covers of Billy Idol's Eyes Without a Face and The Pretenders' Don't Get Me Wrong (which really suited her voice, as she has a low voice that matched Chrissie Hynde's). I had fun, and talked with a girl next to me about her copy of Sapphire's Push. She has a gorgeous voice and often hits high notes near the end of her songs, it's like her trademark.
the Mars Volta wednesday. so sexually charged and damn can those boys dance! i got elbowed in the mouth in the pit but it was worth it. laugh.gif
I saw Matt Pond PA last night at a venue that didn't even have an elevated stage. I'm not a huge fan, but they were good.
i saw the magnetic fields, who have been one of my ultimate favorite bands for close to ten years now. stephin merrit clearly hates his audience and hates LA even more, but he is a genius and therefore completely forgiven. claudia tries bravely to be nice and the flaming accordion player who wrote lemony snicket is fantastic and it was wonderful to see shirley simms perform. and the henry fonda theater has the BEST sound i've found in LA.

did you know that stephin only ever wears brown?

I get to see Martha Wainwright not one but 2x in a row at SXSW this week......whoo-hoo! I'm praying that i get to meet her and take a picture, I hear she is very accessible and friendly. She is my faaaavorite.
Leonard Cohen.
Summer tour. His first in how long? (---quick Google search---) 15 years.

I'm practically shaking.
And very worried I won't get a ticket.
If I don't get one for one of the Montreal shows I could always try for Toronto. But that would feel wrong.
Its says US and Canada dates but I didn't see any US dates at all - I'm way far from Montreal (Austin TX) and there's no way i can afford to travel that far for a concert, even if it is Cohen - i wonder if there's a chance he will add spots in the US?

it's about damn time! what took him so long???
it says US dates somewhere??!?

seriously considering making the trip to Toronto.
There are no US dates announced yet... but there's been some speculation on the LC message boards that there will be some next year- because the tour is titled 2008/2009 world tour. No dates have been announced for 2009 yet, really nothing besides that title.

There's also been some speculation that he'll play a few smaller gigs in eastern Canada (Halifax or Moncton) before the big Toronto shows. People on the LC boards have this notion that the tour was supposed to start in May (yet the TO dates are the first announced and they're in early June), and that he'll want to warm up with a smaller crowd. If I don't get one for a MTL show I'm hoping for that- or I'll try for Toronto. But I'll be bitter- I mean, he lives in the same neighborhood as me!

Tix go on sale real soon, and they're going to sell out in a heartbeat.

If anyone's coming to Montreal you can crash on my couch!
*sigh* I really miss Austin. Good times.

I'm seeing The Mountain Goats next week, and Blitzen Trapper at the end of march.

Oooooh, Cohen!
Okay, guess who got to see Martha Wainwright perform 3 shows in two days at SXSW? Yes! I met her twice, and also got her to sign my CD, along with her husband/guitarist/producer Brad Albetta. The first show i was very close but not right at the stage (about 3 rows back), the the 3rd show i was right against the stage - about 2 feet from her (very small venue) with the press from Austin Chronicle! i took about a million pictures. The 2nd show was the convention center and i got there late because of pain-in-the-ass parking, but all 3 shows were great and she performed mostly new songs. I can see what i missed on TV because it's televised on DirectTV. OK - so the 1st show i saw her and i got so nervous, but i got the courage to go up and say hi to her (very difficult for me because I'm super-shy). So i just went up and said "Hi" and she said "Hi!" and shook my hand. and i said i am really looking foward to your set and just wanted to come say hello to you -and i told her how much i loved her new song on her MySpace. And i have a total crush on her husband now who is super-cute - on stage while playing he smiled right at me! Martha is tied with Neil Young and Leonard Cohen as my favorite sing-song-writer in the world. Its was my 1st time at SXSW and i had so much fun. Did anyone else go this year?

I saw Martha when she opened for Neko Case a few years ago, and I thought she had such a cute personality. Did she mention anything about putting a new cd out? I don't have MySpace so I didn't even know she had a new song, I'm going to listen now.
Designer, her new CD should come out in June. it's called - "I Know You're Married, But I've Got Feelingss Too." So far i'm liking her earlier music better, but her new song is growing on me - it's catchy. She is very cute - she asks people to bring her some beer whenever she's on stage, i saw her take a puff of someone's doobie too hehe.
If you are fascinated by noise rock, be sure to check out An Albatross if they're coming to your town.
They are mindblowingly insane, and incredibly talented. Seeing them play makes me feel ALIVE.
I literally stand there and shake my head in disbelief when they are playing.
One of their albums is titled, Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder. 'Nuff said? Checkit.

They're on tour now. Here's the schedule.

March 16th - Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves*
March 17th - Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory**
March 17th - Tulsa, OK @ The Monolith**
March 18th - St. Louis, MO @ 2 Cents Plain*
March 19th - Minneapolis, MN @ Uptown Bar & Cafe*
March 20th - Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen*
March 21st - Detroit, MI @ Scrummage University
March 22nd - Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Cafe Metropolis*
March 23rd - Annandale-On-Hudson, NY @ Bard College*
(* w/APES)
(** w/Genghis Tron & Coliseum)
oh man, I second the recommendation of An Albatross. They're amazing. .... btw, I wish someone would come up with a better name than "noise rock" for this genre of music - it's more like the bastard child of king crimson and black flag - on steroids. I love it.
Saw Limbeck twice at SXSW. They put on a super awesome show on Saturday night! I LOVE this band. Afterwards they invited us to a barbecue the next day (yesterday) and we ate bratwurst. I'm going to run away with them someday. smile.gif
An Albatross opened up for Melt Banana a few years ago. I was impressed.
I saw Kimya Dawson last night, and really enjoyed her performance. She was the opener so she didn't really get to play for long, but it was still good.
I shookeded my booty to the Justice.
my booty was shaking all over the place last week when i saw pistolera. accordions rock!
most recent concert i saw was marilyn manson, a few months ago. next one i'm seeing is megadeth with the Gigantour tour later this month!
and, margaret cho next thursday in DC.
I'm going to see Northern State on April 24th, and Tegan & Sara (and An Horse[loooove]) on May 12th!

I'm beyond excited for both of them.

George Jones. Hee. He was great.
way out here on an isolated rock in the middle of the pacific, we don't have many options in the way of music. if it ain't jawaiian, you're pretty much out of luck -- I'm exaggerating, but only slightly. so how surprised/pleased was I to go see jason mraz at the waikiki shell last friday night. didn't know much about him, but he was a treat. very genuine, sweet, funny, and talented. his voice is lovely, his interaction with the crowd was super personal, plus he dances all funny. felt almost like a great first date.

I wish beck would come out here. just sending that out to the universe. secret!
anna k
I wrote about this before, but I saw a Talib Kweli show last week. He came on last and I had to work tomorrow, so I didn't see much of his set. The previous people were good, like the DJ/beatboxer Taylor McFerrin (who looked like Thicke) and the rapper TK Wonder, who reminded me of Santogold and Peaches. Good DJs and some excellent acrobatic breakdancers. My sister and I were both disgusted by a kid in front of us wearing low-rise jeans with his buttcrack hanging out, and no underwear. I could see his butthair, which made it worse. And he looked like a mushed-face John Mayer.
I saw Uh Huh Her on Friday and Sunday, the opener was Angie Mattson. I preferred the second show because the venue was better. I found Uh Huh Her to be very friendly and appreciative of their fans.
I saw The Detroit Cobras last Saturday who were pretty much one of the best straight-up garage bands I've seen in a long time. They were opening for Brother Ali. This weekend I'm going to go see Rilo Kiley and The Spinto Band who are adorable.
QUOTE(gogosgirl @ May 8 2008, 08:51 PM) *
I wish beck would come out here. just sending that out to the universe. secret!

I love Beck! I saw him in 2006, but it was at Bonaroo... too many people and too much hot sun. Plus, that was when I was all like, "I'm a bad dancer, so I'm going to sit/stand looking bored and wish that I was a good dancer." Now I can usually work up the nerve to dance, even though I do it like an idiot. It's more fun.
i saw beirut live last night. god. that was amazing. amazing.
Okay, this is actually a live STAND-UP COMEDY C.D., rather than music. I checked out Margaret Cho's live C.D. "Assassin" from 2005. Ahem. Out of ALL of the jokes about organized religion, popes, politics, Bush, haters, that I've ever heard...HER'S ARE THE BEST. Laughed out loud through the whoooole, I love this woman. There is NOTHING she won't come out and talk about. She keeps it so real, the C.D. show is very aptly titled. Got it at the library.
Bad News: Wolfmother broke up. Go to their website for deets.
Good News: I'm going to see My Morning Jacket Aug. 30!
FYI, this is a SQUEEEE post.

SQUEEEEE!! I'm going to see Nick Cave at the Warfield in SF in September! With the long-distance guy! We're doing the whole dinner-show thing, he's paying for dinner, I'm going with him, and it's NICK CAVE!!! Squeeee!

*Ahem.* [/squeee]
Yay thirtiesgirl!!! Sounds like a fun evening! Nick Cave = awesome. And hell, even if things don't totally work out (which I hope they do though) you STILL get to see Nick Cave smile.gif

I think I said this in another thread, but I got to see NIN in Seattle on their kick off date for the "Lights in the Sky" tour and it was AMAZING. Seriously one of the top two or three shows I've ever been to and I've been to alot of concerts. The lighting effects were so cool, at first I thought they might interfere with the performance, but they were done so seamlessly and enhanced rather than detracted from the songs. They even did a roughly 30 min encore. I'm really tempted to see them again Cleveland. If you're any kind of NIN fan you should go.

Of course my review might be slightly clouded by my crush on Trent Reznor wink.gif And yes ladies, he looked HAWT!
I saw the Mighty Mighty Bosstones with Dropkick Murphy's recently. I HATED the venue but I must say the Bosstones put on a damn good show. I was happy to see them doing a tour but was quite disappointed to find out they weren't headlining.... kind of a shame.

not one i've seen YET but i just wanted to come in here and yell about how excited i am that i scored tickets to see DAVID EFFING BYRNE in october!!!!!
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