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thanks erinjane smile.gif
I have a hard time believing that there's no sex toy discussion laying around... is there one?

I was picturing a thread where I could ask a question about my anal beads and talk about my nipple clamps. smile.gif
let your fingers do the walking. even if it's partner oriented it seems like that's the place where those convos take place.
You know you're a BUSTie when ... you dream about meeting them (snafooey, you visited London last night! and maryjo was back). I tried searching for the thread of the same name in MW but no luck. We also lost the Say a nice thing about the BUSTie before you thread.

And, did we ever start the What's in a name thread (for explanations of handles)?

eta: hey! I hit post number 1000! I MUST stop procrastinating- that's 500 posts in the last month or so.
oh, that is so funny. i was just coming in here to say that i had a dream about AP. i can't remember if she was up to no good but i definitely remember seeing her face.
wonder if you actually look like that girl, sometimes i'm a bit psycho.

oops, i mean Psychic, psychic. yah.

eta: i just noticed that our newest member is Busomfeeler. where do these crackjobs come from eh?
someone tell me please what kind of JOB do they have that allows them that much free time?
'cause i wanna know.
i am part of an online business community called "open bc" where you can create a network of contacts in the business / job world. i'd like to find out if there are other busties on the network. where should i post this query? the "shameless self-promotion thread" or somewhere in the "working girls" section (i wouldn't know where, though)?
Is it just me, or did this thread see more traffic when it was ATWT?
I loves the new features of this here board!! Yay!
Ohmaude, I love your avatar! "What's this day of rest shit? What's this bullshit? I don't fuckin' care! It don't matter to the Jesus."

oh, the strangest thing just happened to me. i posted and then i went to make another post, a seperate one, right after. when i hit "add reply" the second post i wrote appeared in the first one instead of a new one! wow. it defaulted to one post. i hadn't left the thread or anything in between, just went to make two posts.
nifty eh?
Pepper! Love your new avatar. And, yeah, the same thing has happened to me -- it adds to the previous post.

Love the ignore function biggrin.gif
hee! i found the official Dr Pepper website yesterday (when i couldn't sleep).
usually i disable avatars and signatures because i find them so distracting but it's ok for a minute i suppose. it makes the board more colourful, that's for sure!
*pops nose in* tongue.gif *runs*
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Sep 8 2006, 08:10 PM) *

I have a hard time believing that there's no sex toy discussion laying around... is there one?

I was picturing a thread where I could ask a question about my anal beads and talk about my nipple clamps. smile.gif

There's a pretty constant toy discussion in LTAS's masturbation thread. Let your fingers do the walking!
QUOTE(yuefie @ Sep 12 2006, 04:39 AM) *

Ohmaude, I love your avatar! "What's this day of rest shit? What's this bullshit? I don't fuckin' care! It don't matter to the Jesus."

Oh hey Yuefie, I just saw this, Thanks!!!

"jesus!" "you said it man, no one fucks with thee Jesus!"
in the old forum there was a thread about Asperger Syndrome. It was in the "Hells.." section, natch!
Anyone know where it went? huh.gif

someone can bump it back onto the board for you, just wait a bit 'till someone with the know-how wanders by... i am a technoidjit or i'd do it for you meself.
I think you do a search for the name -- see "search" up there on the lower right of the top tool bar? and it will go deep into the archives and open it, then you post on it to "bump" it back up into currentness.

could be wrong.

Someone correct me if I am.
I bumped it for you, pherber.

Actually, an even easier way to find old threads than searching: At the bottom of the forum you are in, there is a drop-down box that says "past 30 days" or something. If you choose "show all" instead and click go, you can see ALL of the threads in that forum instead of ones used in the last 30 days. Generally you will get at least 2 pages worth of threads, and the thread you are looking for will be there smile.gif
It was possible to bump a thread from, dunno um... last year??

I was actually wondering, if anyone else is interested in discussing AS at all. unsure.gif
Spares me the embarassment of having to talk to myself! biggrin.gif

Actually, I haven't been able to find any threads from before April 22 of this year. I was poking around for AP's Manifesto of Fuck (I'm a sucker for manifestos of any sort, and I'm really really disappointed I didn't get to read that one!), and it seems that there must have been a "clean-up" in late April that wiped posts before that.

So, post a question in the AS thread and see if anyone responds! Not that talking to yourself is bad, I do quite a lot of that.... biggrin.gif
I'm still a little shy, when it comes to opening new threads.
I'm glad I don't have to do that now. Thanks! biggrin.gif

I so love manifestos!
Shame I missed that one.
Christ, there is a lot of spam threads popping up!
yeah, and there are WAY more with the new software than with the old. why is that? and why do so many of them end up in working grrls? is this software vulnerable to digital trolling in a way that the old one wasn't? maybe our old lounge software was just so archaic that spammers didn't think backwards old ladies like us were worth it. tongue.gif
baghutch posted a new thread yesterday asking about feminist mags for young girls (preBUST age) and i thought i'd answer it here, since her post was out in limbo and is already dying out.

her post got me thinking for my own niecelets and i stumbled on this today (when doing an unrelated search on new moons, actually)

has anyBUSTie ever seen this magazine? New Moon for Girls

i think i'm going to check it out next time i'm at the book store to see if it's the kind of thing i'm looking for, but wanted opinions too.

please tell me it's not religion based. that would suck.

and, is there a better place for this discussion? i know there was a mag thread somewhere...but i sort of directed the original poster here through a PM...
FJ, New Moon is a fantastic magazine for girls. And like all things fantastic, it comes from Minnesota. smile.gif
Oh wow, I loved New Moon when I was a teen! I can't believe it's still around... I wonder what it's like now?
I think the Jewish thread that used to be in Media Whores disappeared? Well, a "Gut Yontif" to all the Busties of the Jewish persuasion today!!

I think the apricot honey cake I made for tonight didn't work out sad.gif
Is there any intrest in starting a thead in OBOH to discuss the emotional stress of being sick? It is something that I would love a chance to talk about.
*bows down at loungelady's feet for the thread clean up* you are wonderful.

kittenb, what do you mean exactly? terminal illness or the depression that come about when you have flu?
FJ, freckle turned me on to new moon, and i bought two copies for my 13-yr old niece. i read them cover-to-cover before sending them off. i wish it was around when i was a kid. so creative & thought-provoking. definately not religious.

i'm sure my tight-ass, lemon-sucking reactionary s-i-l has a contract out on me now. ph34r.gif
The depression that comes about when you have the flu. or other stuff. Or just the mental and financial stress that comes from having to pay $60 within one week to copays, not counting possible perscription co-pays, not counting every copay that has already been paid just to find out exactly what is actually wrong!

That's the kind of thing I am talking about. mad.gif

The angry face is not for you, my darling bunnyb. I am just really cranky right now.
Hello all: we've just reset everyone's permissions, so that anyone who hasn't made at least 10 posts is unable to start a new thread. We'll see if that helps to limit the amount of spam threads. Unfortunately, members permissions will not be updated until you reply to a thread. So, if you are NOT a newbie and having trouble starting a topic, please post a reply to any thread so that it updates your info. thanks.
Woohoo!! Thanks loungelady! I'm going to go start a new thread JUST BECAUSE I CAN!!! Just kidding!

ETA: Not to look a gift lounglady in the mouth, but there's still a couple of spam threads in LTAS- one called "How to Trade Forex" and one called "Talk about 11 September" Thanks!!
LoungeLady - you so completely ROCK!!! Thanks so much for taking care of us!!

we heart lounge lady smile.gif.
there was some mention a while ago about starting a veronica mars thread; any chance that might still happen?

This is only post #2 for me, so I can't do it smile.gif

season 3 starts in 1 week . . .
oh! that's great! thanks lounge lady!!

thanks for all the info on new moon BUSTies. mando, i'm sort of afraid that my sister might have the same reaction, or just sort of roll her eyes at her "bohemian and unconventional" sister when she sees it.

i love that they have a section called, "i heart my vagina" in a recent issue. girls SHOULD be hearting their vaginas. my big sis will scoff at that the most. but i'm going to do it anyway.
That's awesome, FJ- I'd heard of that magazine before (before it came up here) and it looked good, but I don't think I'd have pegged it as being that "out there" from the mainstream. Do they sell it at Borders/B & N, or a place like that? If so, I'll have to peruse it next time I'm there.
we should have a freaky-ass-thing-that-happened-to-me-today thread for those unusual occurrences from knowing what song is going to play next on party shuffle to really scary shit like randomly happening across an old, old, friend.
I was thinking of that last night, but more in general sense of "you'd never believe this one..". I had something kinda odd but funny happen yesterday and couldn't figure out were I should post it.
yeah sometimes there's funny or outrageous things that don't seem to fit into a single thread and I end up posting it in kvetch cos wanna tell people! oh, like friend's dog dragging other friend's thong out of bag and across floor. So a funny haha and a funny ooooh stories thread.

Oh, the ghost story thread and the little pieces of happiness thread got eaten sad.gif
I was just wondering what happened to the Sapphic Sex thread. Am I just not seeing it or is it actually gone. If it's gone, should we start up a new one?
no need to start a new one, there's a way to bump up threads that have fallen off the board. unfortunately i always forget how but there has to be a busty 'round here who has a better memory than me...

oh yes, and the lounge lady roolz!
Quoi? There was a Sapphic Sex thread?! It's def. not there now. I looked (oh, how I looked!) so it will have to be a restart if someone wants to. Or, I can next time I get some, but y'all may have to wait a few weeks tongue.gif
I looked for it too six, so I could bump it up for candycane but it is definetely gone. Must have been eaten up in the last thread clean-up/dingo attack. There is no reason not to start it again since there *is* interest smile.gif
New rule! Yay! Thanks Loungelady!!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
The new rule is not only going to cut down on spam threads, it'll als save the newbies from embarrassment.
It was often the case, that when they started a thread about a rather intimate problem, being told that's not the way things are done round here, scared them off for good, no matter how friendly this was pointed out.

I like the idea of a thread that deals with emotional distress, that comes from being ill, KittenB.
I'm going through that myself, right now.
All right. Thanks pherber, I'll set it right up.
Prophecy, I had suggested in the Gilmore Girls thread that we combine VM into that, since it will be on afterwards from now on, but no one's replied to my suggestion. I guess it could get confusing for people looking for a VM thread..."um, look in the Gilmore Girls thread" but I'd be all for VM having its own thread.
Somebody just start it! I an't wait till it's on. Last night someone thought it was on after the Gilmore Girls premiere, bt it was not.

What should the name of the Veronica Mars thread be?

How bout "Women are from Mars... The Veronica Mars thread.

I'm open to other suggestions as well...

bunny!! Things like that happen to me all the time! I can't will it to happen though, and I sure don't know which lottery numbers are gonna come out...
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