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Okay, check this out: if you do a search of an old thread's title, and click the radio button for "most relevant first", you can actually find the old thread! Even if it's not visible when you look in it's forum. You can also bump it back up into the forum so it can be used again! So, instead of having to restart old threads, we can do a search and revive them.....
WOW! That is so cool! Okay, Lost, Redux; Waking Sleeping Beauty and MIA threads will be resurrected soon.
could someone find the bust general knowledge thread and bump it for me? i can't seem to figure that one out... technophobe. but i have a question to ask about which appliances (fishtank) to unplug during a terrible thunderstorm (right now). definately getting off the computer NOW.
is there an appropriate thread to ask questions about PCOS in? I looked through OBOH becasue I thought I remember there being one but I couldn't find anything.
wasn't there a halloween thread at some point? i know it seems a little early to be in halloween mode, but we were invited to a party of some folks that go a little nutty with it and i need some ideas. i don't want to wait until the last minute like i usually do and wind up hating my costume.

anyone object to starting it up again? or if anyone remembers the title, maybe just resurrect the old one?
There may have been a hallowe'en thread before my time but I think last year I recall costumes being discussed in the party thread? Either way, I'm all for a discussion - it's never to early to start planning a costume and I was thinking about one earlier tonight!
Anyone else interested in a non-monogamy thread? I'm particularly interested in single non-monogamy (okay, I'm a slut) but maybe this could encompass polyamory as well.
[font=Courier New]Hey all. Didn't there used to be a thread that had to do with weddings/getting married...blah blah... all that crap? If so, can someone let me know where to find it. I've been searching and getting increasingly annoyed b/c I'm thinking I don't know what I'm thinking (did I make it up in my brain??!! hehe..uh...)

thanks y'all....

hey seven, it's in absolutely fad-ulous. i'll bump it for you...

i'll start that halloween one in a couple hours. just taking a break from painting a wall.

i would be interested in a thread regarding non-monogamous relationships, onyva.
double post
starpiste, there used to be a general gynecology thread, and it might fit into the existing "disorder sisters" thread. i'd be interested in starting some sort of discussion on the topic too, since i was just diagnosed a few months ago.
Okay, do new people ever read the directions here? I'm sick of seeing all these new threads being created. THERE IS A REASON WHY WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHER MESSAGE BOARDS! Sheesh.

Carry on.

ETA: Yes, not following the flippin' directions instantly drops you down on my scale of respect. And that's the truth, Ruth.
holy crap, i'm ready to throw something at the computer already. it's RIGHT UNDER the flipping newbies thread for maude's sake!!

why are new threads even allowed there anyhow? stupid, stupid new format. argh!
SERIOUSLY! Way to make an impression!
I wish they hadn't taken down that helpful "Welcome" message that used to be at the very top of the main page. It wasn't perfect, but it was something.

Just try to be patient. Remember that on a lot of message boards, what they're doing is normal. Of course, that's also one of the reasons why I'm not a fan of the way things are run on other message boards! wink.gif

I also am wondering how often the Lounge Lady checks in around here. I sent her a PM about the spam threads in Working Grrls on Thursday, but they're still there. I'm not saying that I expect her to come in on the weekends, but is it too much to ask for someone to check in just once every weekday?
OH MY GOD! Working Girls is totally out of control with the spambots.

Yeah, here I am, still volunteering to be a mod, Celina.
Whoah, Loungelady deleted the threads and just after I posted a bitchy post. I've been given a reprieve!Thanks ll!
bunnyb takes up the torch. good on ya girly.
i copied and pasted myself. much easier than typing it all out each time. ha ha, no wonder i'm sick of it!!
i finally started the sex worker's thread in working girls.
Which would be the best thread to discuss partner not wanting children/me probably wanting them? Childfree by choice?

Also, just curious: why are there two OCD threads? auralp's gary coleman thread title rocked! but most things auralp does do tongue.gif.
Spam threads in Working Girls has got to stop.

Wondering where the insomnia thread went in Our Bodies Our Hells? Could I start a new one?

I think the second OCD thread just deals with anxiety.

Yes. AP does rock! smile.gif
sassy, you can do some kind of search and bump old threads even if they're off the board. i think that's why there are two ocd threads now, a new one for this board and an old one bumped after a while.
blanche - the step parenting thread is in Lets Talk about Sex, I believe - so hop on over...I think there was also a thread called "Busty moms of not so wee ones" 'round here somewhere too - I think in friends and family. I hope that helps!!
blanche, you aren't in trouble, are you? Nah.. don't fret chica. there are doubles here and there. maybe the lounge lady has a way to alter thread titles? you could ask her sometime. there's a thread in LTAS called the hip mama but it's more about little babies i've found. busty mom's of not so wee ones might be the one for you and it is in f&f.
Okay, everyone....sorry there was a delay, but, I have gone ahead and re-started the spirituality thread, in F&F.

Are You There God? It's Me, Bustie.
Why thank you, Sassy & BunnyB!

I was wondering... can I restart the CSI thread? The new season starts Sept 21 & the rumours are already swirling. Apparently Greg is gonna get his ass handed to him while out on a case with Sara. I also was sent a quiz, "Which CSI are you?" I'm 80% Greg! SQUEE!! I also took the "Are you CSI material" test & scored 100%. Aw, yeah...

I also miss the "welcome" notice no matter how small it was. I know when I started Busting, I just jumped in with both feet because the lettering was so tiny. Thankfully I was given a kind heads up by some nice Busties.
*ahem* the old CSI thread has been bumped for the rockin' auralp.

blanche, sorry if my post sounded accusatory - I was just curious! smile.gif
Shoot. I added a poll to my thread, and now it's made "poll" the first part of the title. I hope people don't think it's "just" a poll.....grrr...
Ooooops! I thought I'd been thorough in the CSI thang, but I am apparently a total fuckwit. My grave error.

Being that OCD *is* technically an anxiety disorder, they do kind of go hand in hand, Blanche. I just liked my title so much I that refused to let it go. I do think that the anxiety thread is totally necessary, though. I've had exactly one panic attack in my life & it was so awful I didn't know what to do. It was right after I finished my first book. I had the shakes, I was dizzy, confused, nauseated, claustrophobic, hyperventilating, my balance was off, & I goddamned near called an ambulance to take me away. I almost fainted! I sat outside on the steps of my apt for an hour just breathing into a paper bag. FREAKED out my neighbors with my shaking hands.

Are there Busties in every state? Or damn near every state? Does anyone think It would be a good idea to start a thread in working girls where people in HR positions, hiring positions, etc. from each state can tell other busties if a job or jobs are hiring in their area/town where they work? I read how some of the busties jobs suck, and had an idea somewhat like I am trying to explain now. Maybe this thought is half baked, but if anyone can somewhat understand what I am trying to say, maybe they can rephase it and repost to find out if any one is interested. In my mind it sounded like a good idea, but maybe I worded this all wrong...
I'm sleepy, but can't sleep...
Maybe I'll try to fix this post later on today.
Free Spirit, I can't really see that idea of using the Lounge as a job recruitment/networking tool for reasons of anonymity and privacy; many of us have gotten to know each other in real life, but there are many, many more who don't. For example, say I had an opening in my department or company. Posting it here would reveal the name of my company -- or, at the very least, the type of work that I do and exactly where, geographically, I do it. We've had some whack-job stalker-type people come and go, targeting certain Busties; color me cynical, but that sort of thing might just invite even more trouble. I'd be curious to see what others say about this.

I'm developing a mild form of OCD knowing that there are two OCD threads. haha! rolleyes.gif
Raisin, I have to agree with you on that. It would be lovely if we could openly network here, but for safety reasons, I don't think it's a good idea. Too many wacko lurkers in the world.
Pssst! Clean up on aisle WG. Our spamtard is back.
hey chicas, just a note to say that i admire each and every one of you who have refrained from feeding any trolls anything but cake. i like cake. keep it up.
mmmmmmmmmm. cack. i lurv cack. does anyone know why they call boston cream pie PIE??? as far as i am concerned, it is a CAKE. right?

right there with ya, pepper!

and since i'm here and there doesn't really appear to be much conversation i can add to, i have just GOT to profess my undying love for GGG and her OMG PEPPER!! OMG CARROT!!! OMG BANANA!!! icon. it makes me want to get up and dance!!!
Freespirit sounds like a lovely idea, but I have to agree it would inevitably only invite trouble.

i think i should give a little info on how to find threads that some of you think have been erased. actually, they are still there.

once you open a section of the board and see all the threads, move down to the bottom of the screen. right to the "topic legend" section, there is a pull down menue where you can choose from which time span the threads you are interested in should show up. if you choose "all" (or something similar) they will all reappear. it might be, though, that won't show up on page 1 but then they will be moved to page 2 or 3. you can choose the page you are interested in at the top of the page which shows all threads.

i guess that was a little confusing but it might be helpful.
QUOTE(tesao @ Aug 19 2006, 12:30 PM) *

does anyone know why they call boston cream pie PIE??? as far as i am concerned, it is a CAKE. right?

I wouldn't be a true Yankee if I didn't answer your question, Tesao! haha. According to this website, Boston Cream Pie was probably called a pie because in the mid-nineteenth century, pie tins were more common than cake pans. The first versions might have been baked in pie tins.

So now you know! tongue.gif
hey, i've been looking for the link to that whacko marriage contract where the husband specified the wife's shaving habits, what she would wear, how often they would have sex, when, where, etc. and she got 'points' for doing extras like offering anal without being asked and crap like that. he eventually got arrested.
does anyone remember that one? where can i find it, it was scarily hilarious.
Psycho Iowa marriage contract:

It's not hard or confusing to find old threads, I just wasn't thourough enough. *Twice*
Fucking hell. I'd almost erased that from my mind.

Does anyone know whatever happened with that case? Was he convicted?
Hmmm, I have checked through all of the archives and it seems that the "Personals Ad" thread in The Mating Game is gone.
Anyone else interested in reviving it?
i don't know if this is how it works, but i can't find a sex thread for people with sex abuse issues, etc. i know there are many general sex threads and one for survivors under the f-word, but i would like to discuss specifically how to become comfortable with sex after surviving sexual abuse.

any takers?
hi, there she goes! that is, indeed, the way it works!! you're a natural!

i see you've already found the thread that i would direct you to. i could be wrong, but i'm not sure if advice from people who haven't been sexually abused would be of much value to you. i know that topic has been discussed before in the survivor's thread.

why not just pop in there and ask? i bet people will respond.

if anyone else has any other ideas, please let us know!

oh, and welcome to the Lounge!!!! we're glad that you are here!
I think there should be a "Me, me, me" thread.
Do you?
why? are some of us too self-obsessed?
That's what blogs are for.
BWAH Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Oooh, I like the empty martini glass with olive instead of the clipboard (beside thread read) - thanks!
Would any one be interested in starting a thread about the show Carnivale? I know it got cancelled (which blows!), but I really liked the show. Any takers?

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