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I thought that was a possibilty, but it seemed like the icon was there in threads I've never posted in, like the Test Area thread- maybe I did a long, long time ago but it would have been before the last thread/archive clean-up...maybe it remembers back that far?
Never mind.
Good to be back again. It was quite a job to log in to the new Lounge, but finally ...
So is there anything to eat in reach ( all these funny things that are served here and of which me, a german bustie, have not the slightest idea how this stuff tastes, look like)? rolleyes.gif
The "page" icon denotes thread syou've posted in. I wish they could have come up with something a bit cooler. I post all over the lounge!

Here's a question...Mr. Pixie is in grad school. He has an online literature class and last week he was emailed a lecture about feminism in literature. He e-mailed it to me thinking it might make for some good discussion here, but did not want to start the thread himself. Is there something this might fit in already? Or would anyone even be interested?
I just noticed something! I did a google search..and could NOT bring up anything bust related with my username/profile information! The links to the old lounge don't work!
Maybe a feminism within culture thread pixie? I found an article about feminism and body modification a while back and wanted to share it but wasn't sure where to put it, or if anyone would be interested.

I'm not saying I'd post but I'd definitely be interested in reading it.
pixiedust that an already estabilished thread, or are you suggesting we start one with a broad spectrum of feminism?
I was suggesting we start one. About how feminism affects things we do? Our culture? Probably your broad spectrum is a better description than my mashed up words!
maybe a title like pop culture feminism? Anyone else up for it?
Has anyone else noticed that at the bottom where it lists the members that are viewing that particular area, you can see if someone is posting at that minute? Like just then I saw that pixie was posting so I waited for her reply. I think thats pretty cool.

Anyway, I am rubbish at thinking up witty titles so its no use asking me. But I do think its a good idea.

Also polly, I don't know if you know yet, but if you search for a members profile, you can then click on the "profile options" bit and a drop down box appears which lets you search for their posts.
Yea, I noticed that too..the first time I saw it I was like, why in heck is their name all dashed.
I guess the new thread would go in the f word. I may start it later. I'm not at my desk to copy the lecture into it yet.
Definitely up for a feminism and literature thread - I'm sad that the Waking Sleeping Beauty thread got lost during the renovation.
I forgot about that thread! It's not really a long lecture, and some of it is more of a guide to get the students thinking about how feminists, actually women in general, are portrayed In teh books they are reading. But even those questions are cool because now, I can read a book and notice the things I didn't before. Like that historically women are always portrayed as little, simpering, and beautiful, or stout, determined, and plain.
pixie- yay on the google search! way way back when i had my email addy in my profile for like 2 days i posted some shit that i thought would come back to haunt me...

i just need a place to vent anonymously! smile.gif
I know what you mean....I'm half tempted to re register with a new name and thereby lose my lurkers completely, BUT I really like this name, despite the fact that it was a nickname from an ex. And I am probably going to get around to having a pixie tattooed on my thigh eventually. I just have changed the picture I want about a half dozen times.
Ah, pixie, if it's any consolation...doodlebug was a nickname given to me by a couple of teasing boys in grade nine...and was later discovered, resurrected, and turned into my online identity by a partner who later turned out to be emotionally abusive. But the name is mine now, so fuck her. Or not. In fact, I recommend not. smile.gif

I did think about changing my name to "grannypanties" when the new board came into effect.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Jul 18 2006, 12:38 AM) *

I did think about changing my name to "grannypanties" when the new board came into effect.

Ha! I love it.
pixiedust, i like the picture you currently have! it reminds me of these little elf dolls that i had as a child. i can't remember what they were called, maybe herself the elf? i don't know...but i like your picture. smile.gif
Yes, Amber...this is herself the elf. Though technically I stole it. I grabbed it the first day of the new lounge when it was in the Av file. It must have been in someone's profile in the old lounge because it's not an option now that they fixed that problem. But it fits me right now, so I'm keeping it.

Pixie's or more specifially Tinkerbell has become my little personal pet since I got divorced. She reminds me that men will stay little boys forever if you let them. And I attribute freedom to her ability to fly as far as she can dream. I am even contemplating making her into my tatoo. At first, I didn't want anything "disney" and was looking for a more generic pixie, but I just bought a shirt that has the syle and attitude I had been looking for in my generic pixie's.

I am going to start "Pop Culture Feminism" in the F word.

did anyone re-start the what's in a name thread? interesting to hear/read the nickname stories. Mine too was nickname (or shortened version of nickname - bunnyboyler) coined lovingly by a now ex friend.
Hi, everyone. As a longtime reader/lurker and sometimes poster, I'm just checking in here to announce that I was unable to re-register with my old name, ratgrl (I tried several time, I might add). So, now I'll be known as Kristen06 around these parts. Anyway, welcome back from the board hiatus, everyone! smile.gif

PS: Kristen is *not* my real name--there's a long story on why I chose it as a username. Anyhoo...
Testing my avatar thingie... finally getting aorund to trying out the Lounge insteada just lurking.

ETA -- GAAAH! It keeps messing it up. No time to play w/ it now.... tongue.gif
what is the movie thread is called ? i am the lounge fool that can't seem to find it. is it possible that one does not exist?
mamachi - welcome to BUST! The movie thread is filed under "media whores" and is called: "Reel Life: The Movie Thread." Enjoy!
Reel Life: the Movie thread can be found in Media Whores and is near the top.
There was a discussion a few months ago in one of the threads debating the pros and cons of ear candling. Does anyone remember what thread it was?
polly, was it general health thread? Or You Make Me Feel Like a naturally healthy woman?

Hey, the Order up! thread is gone! Can I start another one? Any food/service industry Busties still interested in having a thread?
Oooh I just noticed the Scottish Busties thread disappeared. Anyone mind if I restarted a uk one, but under a bigger title? I never really went in Scottish Busties, because, well, I'm not scottish!

Any ideas for a title?
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Jul 20 2006, 06:50 PM) *

There was a discussion a few months ago in one of the threads debating the pros and cons of ear candling. Does anyone remember what thread it was?

hey sorry i dont know cus im new but just my 2 cents on ear candling. my little sis had really bad ear problems and my mom used to buy the wax candels from the health food store and it used to pull out a ton of wax from her ears it helped but later found out her real problem was that her inner ears were really infected and the infection ate away the bones (the stirup, anvill...) anyway the earhouse clinic in Los Angeles re built them soo long strory short.... they work but if you need more help then that see a specialest. hope this helps smile.gif
Thanks Tonin- I was just curious because I wasn't really interested in doing it when the conversation was originally going on. I didn't (and still don't) really have any ear problems but some friends recently got into the ear candling thing and were telling me how great it was. I couldn't remember what the for/against arguments were in here....anyway, last night I ended up having my ears candled. Pulled out some gunk (I'll post pictures in the gross-out thread- nothing too horrific, but still gross)...I don't think it's really necessary to do it again, I was just curious to see how it worked on me.
help me! is there still an age thread in the mating game forum? no one in the general dating thread is answering me. Thanks!

*flings arms around ophelia and gives her booby squishing hug!*

querida, i don't think that there is an age-related thread in that forum any more. why don't you go ahead and start one? unless you don't think that there are enough people which case, just talk about your issue(s) in the general dating thread and see what happens. a LOT of threads didn't make the switch to the new space.

and i think that people are still getting used to the new lounge. fortunately for me, this is the same software that another forum i hang out in uses, so i'm down with it.

so glad to see YOU, and everyone else, here! and loooooooooooooooving the IGNORE function! heaven!
Didn't we used to have a dream analysis thread? I can't find it and I am always having wierd dreams.
I think if anything long-standing (the dream thread, uk busties) got eaten over the past few weeks, re-instate it. Especially if you used it a lot. Some of the threads that got eaten had a lot in them, they just weren't active at the time.

punkin, I have no funny ideas. Damn me. except for silly catchphrases. but nothing actually relevant
a while back i was pondering starting a "stupid shit we've done" thread, and i never got around to it...

and now, as i sit in my smoke filled apt--after burning a veggie burger in tupperware in the microwave and praying i don't set off the fire alarms because i wasn't paying attention and surfing the BUST threads instead--i wonder, is anyone interested?
Crazyoldcat, seems like cool thread. God knows I have done all kinds of embarassing, dumb shit.

I never actually used the dream thread, so I don't know how active it was. But if anybody's interested I'll start it up again. What was it called?

I think the dream thread was something like "so, I dreamed of so and so....naked?!" not exactly that, but something like it, I think.
Ok, the new UK busties thread is now in F&F under the name of "Pip Pip old chap!"
I was wondering if there is any sort of thread for military Busties. I don't know how many are on here (besides me!) but it'd be nice to find people to talk with about some of the issues I see that are so prevalent among women in the military- namely dealing with separation from your loved ones, defending your politics (when they go against the grain), having a job that is dependent on your weight, putting up with macho BS, having a career and personal life that are exteremly intertiwned, etc. Don't know if this would be of interest to anyone else though. Might be nice too, to give women outside the military and "insiders look".
Anyone know of any fun (and relatively inexpensive) things to do in Indiana and/or Ohio? We're driving from Minneapolis to West Virginia for a wedding and are looking for things to do on our way home.
I am in Cincinnati, what are you looking for?

Cincinnati has an an amazing Contemporary Arts Center.
That's the problem, I don't really know what we want to do. I'd like to camp at least one night (know any good campgrounds?) and maybe go see the Amish communities, but I have mixed feelings about visiting the Amish. I've never done it before and don't know what I think about it. I don't like the idea of making them almost like a zoo attraction, you know what I mean? My brain's not working too well yet this morning so if this doesn't make any sense, I apologize.

Campsite recommendations would be great. Any other ideas of things to do (whatever they are) would be helpful. We're up for just about anything I think.

Well, I know the Amish are more prevalent in Mid to northern Ohio, to be honest, I don't know of any communities in SouthWestern Ohio, at all. We have a lot of hillbillies, though!
As far as Camping goes, there is Ft. Ancient around here and various others, plus you will probably have to go through Hocking Hills and the start of the Appalachians (same thing really) there is very nice camping around there.
So since the Porn and Boys thread has gone rather haywire, I think those of us who were interested in discussing feminism in sex work would like to continue the discussion somewhere.

Any objection to a new thread in The F Word? And any name ideas? I got nothing. tongue.gif
I think that's a great idea. As for names...hehehe how 'bout "Porn: Is it Cock-Blocking Feminism?" tongue.gif
The death thread went away with the transfer, so I'm going to restart it. That's the "Death of a Loved one" thread, not the other one. (Which I have no objections to, but I don't have much to say on the topic so I'll leave it to someone else to start that thread. I think it was called, "Death, the final stage of life" or something like that.)
I think that's a good idea Zora.
I also think a sex work thread is a good idea. I have a few more things to say so I'll save them for that thread. Can't think of any names though.
I always liked lurking in the 'Order Up!' thread, if you wanted to start another one edna.
i'm up for a sex industry/feminism thread. we obviously have a lot to say about it.

not sure it should focus solely on porn since our tangents in the other thread were pretty broad-based. fresh out of witty names for it.
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