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ah ha! okay, i'm liking this new lounge! i'm back to being ambercherry after a little help from the loungelady! thanks! woohoo!
Crazy. I like, but different. Did everyone else have to create a new password when they logged in?
crap. i don't like it. center-justified, double spaced, silly faces, avatars and signatures (that i have to figger out how to ignore) and you can edit your post forever? that sucks. this sucks. sorry *bitching* but it's turned into one of those other websites that i can't post on 'cause it's just too unbearably cutesy and irritating. sigh, i'll miss you guys.
Did the 'taking up the whole damn bed' singles thread get eaten? I really liked that one and seeing 'frusturated singles' always at the top isn't as nice.
I had to get a new password too, but at least I got to keep my username. This whole center justified thing is annoying!

Has anyone figured out how to ignore trolls yet?

Ooooh i just figured it out-go to "more options"


holy cow- i'm an "advanced user." That makes me feel sooo speeeeeeecial smile.gif
ugh. i'm ignoring all the stupid smiley faces but in their place i get their coding. wtf.
pepper, You are seriously not going to leave because the board is like this now, are you? Please don't! Change is good, you will get used to it.

I love my avatar.
hey, i just was able to add efilorp onto my "ignore user" list, as well as amazing bass. i don't kow if it'll work yet, but it was so easy! go to "my controls" and it gives you all sort of options-one is the ignore user.
I couldn't find amazing bass, but found efilorp and numbnuts.

It is pretty easy.
I agree that the lnew ounge is a bit busy , but you can totally customize that. Right now, I'm enjoying checking out the avatars, etc., but eventually I'll probably change my settings so that I'm just reading clean posts.
Oh this is absolutely fantastic! I love it! Still pink too, and new fun stuff, I cannot wait that I can block the tr*lls. biggrin.gif
Is there a thread for those who work with animals? Veterinarians, vet techs, shelter employees and regular volunteers, trainers, dog walkers, etc.
There used to be a thread called "I do house calls" in working girls - the vets and vet students hung out with the medics in there. Otherwise, try "Bustie's best friend" for doggy stuff - it's in Friends and Family along with the other pet threads.

Hmm, can I restart the med/vet thread? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
ok. so. wait. if you put someone on ignore, you can't see their posts?
no wonder you've all been clamouring for an ignore feature!!!
but do they know that you have them on ignore?

god, this is going to be soooo tempting ....
mando - no, they don't. BUT: if someone quotes them, you will be able to see any quoted post, it won't be hidden.
I want to thank everyone for their vibes...the meeting on Friday went well. I think we are on the road to discussing new funding for womens' centres to provide services....not as much as before, and not for everything we used to do, but it will be a start.
yea! new lounge!

i had a little trouble logging in, but once i changed my password everything seemed to work. my profile pic has even automatically shown up as my avatar. that's been my pic for years, but i'm not sure i want an avatar. hmm... i'll have to think on that one for a bit.

looking forward to trying out all the new features. this is the same as the bpal boards, so i'm somewhat familiar with them from there. the pm function is way more advanced. you'll love it. ignoring should be nice, too.

doodle- glad to here things went well! i'm sure you did a great job negotiating.
Oooo! Swanky new boards.

I guess I'd better introduce myself. Formally miss_jane, now punkerplus due to coddamn inability to log in!

Otherwise its all good smile.gif
plain jane
Hey miss jane, same thing happened to me. Just droppin' by to tell everyone, I used to be ginger kitty. Even though I'm snippy about some of the kinks, I'm still excited about the new software. Let's see what happens......
Phew! I thought the same was going to happen to me for a mo there! I got through by just changing my password though.
Good thing, 'cause I get to stay an 'advanced member'. Woohoo!
YAY!!!!!! Finally, I get to be myself. I didn't want to be a newbie!
Whew! I finally made it in w/o having to change my name. I am feeling grumpy about adjusting to the changes, but I'm happy that our landladies are trying to make the lounge work better.
Ok I have been informed by an admin person(?) that my account (miss_jane) does still exist.... but I kinda can't be bothered since I went through the trouble of creating this one.

Just to let you all know it isn't the elves fault. Its my own dopey fault.
Umm, anyone else having problems editing their posts?
No, I am too funnybird. Also when I used their handy "make posts pretty" reply box it didn't work and now I can't edit it.
For some reason, if I need to post twice in a row (thinking, of course, that I can't edit), when I click either "fast reply" or "new reply," it seems to add my post to my previous post!! But I still can't edit that particular post.

I am not sure yet. Don't really like the centered posts, to be honest. And I miss the lounge! But hey, I'll get used to it, I suppose.

I had some trouble with my username & such too, btw.

And Doodle: good news. You go girl!
W00t! We're back! Again!

YAY Bust Elves! Thank you for listening to us! smile.gif
Yay!!!! The lounge is back!!!! Thank you!!
Raise your hands if you have a Lounge dependency issue.

*raises hand sheepishly*
My name is GGG and I am a BUSTaholic.
*the shy girl in the back of room raises her hand*

I have been going through Bust withdraw!
pixiedust name is pixiedust and I'm a Bustaholic.

I couldn't stand it last night and called Roseviolet to tell her alll the things I had been wanting to Bust about!
Yeah, well, I've just wandered in here by accident, I'm not like the rest of you....I don't have a Bust problem. I just like to Bust every now and then.
I could stop tomorrow if I wanted....
Doodle, I PM'ed you...
Thanks, dusty, I got it and replied!

1. We admitted we were powerless over the Lounge--that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Came to believe that a Bustie greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of BUST as we understood Her....
I am bunnyb and I too am a bustaholic.

It has been 0 minutes since my last fix.

It's Ohmaude here, or Maude77 as I was before the prehistoric dingoes. The new lounge has me all excited again. So after months of lurking, I feel like posting!! Hi!
I'm a bustaholic too! I'd suggest starting a bustaholics anonymous thread, but that could defeat the purpose...

Hi Ohmaude!
I think I might be even more of a bustaholic now that I can put certain tr*lls on "ignore." Ahhh.......

*senses the bustie collective simultaneously relaxing into their chairs*
My BUSTaholic tendencies have led to great people in my life. Love me, love my BUSTaddiction.
Due to my BUSTaddiction, I very nearly got BUSTed, while BUSTing at work. Its a slippery slope.

Also I noticed retail hell has been swallowed up, any objections to me starting it again (also any witty add ons to the name?)

DENIAL is NOT a river in Egypt, Margot.

It is okay, we are all here for eachother.
I hope I'm in the right place...I'm going to restart the Fla.Busties,Vintage Busties, & Swap Me Beautiful threads & start a new one about obsessions/compulsions/collections, which totally fabulous Bustie Scarica helped me name "Toys In the Attic." Whadja think?
Some questions about the new board:

- Is there a way to search for posts by a member, like you could on the old board?
- Is there a place that has all the formatting information? Bust was the only board I really posted on, so I'm only used to the old formatting here- I don't know all that HTML stuff.
- What do the icons next to the topics mean, the ones that are a pink box, with a white "piece of paper" in them- there's the martini's, the martini's on fire and these.
bustaholics anonymous. not me, nu-uh. no.
not at all.
it's only the first thing to come into the address box.

polly, if you go to the front page, and go right down to the bottom, I think it tells you what the icons mean. and you don't need html if you use firefox or ie and the "new reply" button. (qspice! where are you!?). I think.
This pink spangly newness is blowing my fucking mind oh my god!!!!
I've looked at the spot where it shows what the icons mean, but there's still one I'm not sure about. I notice in the "pinned" threads, there is an exclamation point beside the martini icon, but in one thread, which is not pinned, there is a question mark beside the martini icon. Anyone know what the question mark is for?

Fuck, I'm in love with the "ignore" function.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, oh Goddesses of BUST!
Yeah, the icon legend has 4 different martini glasses, 2 poll icons, a locked icon and moved topic icon. No explanation for the one with the page.

Doodle, if you click on "More Options" under the reply box, it shows all the smilies- the question mark icon is part of the post icons- I think it's for when people start new thread, they can use one of them to indicate the mood or purpose of the thread (so a question mark would be for someone looking for an answer to a question.) Maybe you can use them on individual posts, too , not just when you start a thread?
The little page is if you've posted in that thread. Light pink and there's been no new replies since you last checked and bright is if there's new posts. It took me some time to sort that out and it's weird that it's not part of the legend.
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