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Oh, mando, remember when I flounced over the Suicide Girls thread? And cancelled a clothing swap so I wouldn't have to deal with certain people? Good times.

In the meantime, what's the back-up bunker plan for communication during the software switch this weekend?
yeah, shit, we do need a plan for the weekend, maude knows how long we could be down, and I know, it would be damned hard to get through monday in the office without ya'll if the site is still scrapped!
GB_R, you were more right than wrong about SG, if that makes you feel any better.
Where's the announcement? I couldn't find it.
openning page of the lounge. 'upcoming downtime'.
Girlbomb suggested perhaps joining a Yahoo group for the weekend's upcoming downtime. I was thinking maybe this:

I was looking and Google and Yahoo groups, and I think maybe Google could be laid out in a format more like what we already have here, so it would be less confusing to use? I could start a Google group, and take the most used thread titles as topics for the Google group so people could still post in a familiar place. If y'all want to, of course. I am on vacation all this week and have a bit of extra time to set this up if people are interested....
What about the BUST group on MySpace?
Duh. After I went to bed, I thought, "I bet it was at the top of the main lounge page!"

Will all of our threads still exist on the new software or will everything have to be restarted? If so, will we still have access to this so we can restart the new threads and refer back to them to pick up the conversation where it left off?

I'm part of the MySpace group, so that works for me. Remember, you don't have to start a page when you become a registered user (don't know if you have to have one to be part of a group, though.)
Yeah I think we should just retreat to the Bust group on myspace for the weekend too.

Yay! New software!!!
Can someone detail how to use the Bust group on MySpace for all of us who live MySpace-free lives?
the new software will be invision boards, and everything will be ported over from here, including posts old and new, users, passwords, profiles, etc. so hang tight.
Thanks, Celina! We're all so excited about this!
Thanks celina!! Invision is a great board - I can't wait for that blessed "ignore" feature!
where are we going this weekend? someone please guide the technophobes there (like me, ha ha!).
I'm guessing you'll just click on the "lounge" link at the top. I'm going to have to reprogram all my bookmarks!

Can someone show me another message board that uses this software? Just want a preview!
Hello all! Drive-by from the City of Vancouver!

Can you all PLEASE send vibes tomorrow morning between 9 and 10 AM PST (Pacific time)? We are meeting with a cabinet minister to ask her to restore the funding that was cut from women's centres two years ago.

I know bustie vibes are powerful, so thank you in advance!
polly, qspice's most excellent forum runs on invision...and it is very very nice.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning, doodle! You go show them who's boss, and let them know how important your services are for women!
I cannae wait for the new software! I am willing to not Bust for a few days so I can ignore the local fuckchops. Just think... the religious nut will fade into obscurity & have to toddle off to another board to make himself heard.
Doodle, I'll be sleeping at that time, so I'm sending vibes now, and before I fall asleep tonight. Good luck!
start a Myspace profile, then post your link there under Media Whores on the Friendster/Myspace page, then members can add you.
((((doddle)))) sending you vibes early.....
((((doodle)))) sending you vibes early.....
*~*~*~*~*......vibes for doodle......*~*~*~*~*

I was sooooo excited to find this and I wanted to share because it is the best "freebie" giveaway ever! FREE ONLINE BOOKS!!!!!! I am downloading like a maniac right now. All kinds of books, but I am getting some really really old childrens books for my children, ones I had when I was a baby.....
Reading is something I adore and think every person should have unlimited access to books so this book fair just blew me away!
Doing happy dance and downloading.....
24 hr strength ~~~~~~vibes for doodlebug~~~~~~ and women centre funding!

yeah doodle! you tell 'em sister.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~*~*~
shit, i can never use the invision boards. i tried signing up for bpal and a few others and it never, ever works!
We can hang out on the bustalicious forum over the weekend, no? I think you can access it if you're not registered with LJ...
sybarite - I have tried several times to post to that forum at LJ and each time it says "permission" is required to post there and that my "request for permission" has been sent to so and so and I have never heard back from so and so...... it sucks because that's where anyone I want to see is...... I can't figure out what the deal is there??????
I believe you have to wait for Dina's approval since she's the moderator. :-)
Oooooh, new lounge...*tests out the chairs*

ooh newnew

this is weird.

very pretty though. I like the teeny tiny leopard print, one of my worst fears was newer, hipper colors. yay magentas!

oh, my. I can't even imagine what the lifers are thinking. (old busties)
wow! It's all so.. new!!
I know. So new.
Freaky deaky.

Wait, so we can reply to individual people? What if there's more than one person?

Heh - when I read "lifers" I thought of, well, you know. . .

I can't get my avatar to work (even though I think it falls under guidelines), but other than that, I think it'll just take some time adjusting.

Also, what's up with signatures? Are people going to end every post with a quote or something? Ack, the weirdness![font=Arial][font=Arial][size=1]

I just tried to edit my last pos (b/c the font tags didn't work)t, but it wouldn't let me - I'm trying to figure out why. Anyone else had this problem yet?

ETA: And it added my new post onto the last one, which is what I guess it will do with this one too.

(Sorry - just testing. . .probably the wrong thread for it, but it's too late now!)
[quote name='snafooey' date='Jul 11 2006, 06:59 AM' post='2147787648']
Freaky deaky.

Hey Snaf, re the avatars, Zora and I are having trouble too. Pooh!
Weird - I just tried to reply to you directly, but it wouldn't let me.

Also, the tags on your post aren't working for me either - is it just my computer?

I hope the avatar kinks get worked out quickly. . .

Which tags? Am I revealing my complete lack of computer knowledge here?
When you tried to quote me, it all showed up in code on my computer and not as a quotation. I saw all the formatting tags instead of the intended result.
doodlebug! I guess I have to learn a whole new format!

Hi everyone! I was out of town (back tonight), and then I tried to log in from where I was...and the Lounge was GONE! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It was horrible!

But hey, this is cool, now that we're back!

Thanks to the Bust Elves for all their work!
Thanks indeed! biggrin.gif

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm already complaining - it's more like I'm thinking out loud. It's all so new!

Ooh! This is nice! Had a few probs logging in, but I'm here now.
I loooooooove your icon.

Doodlebug, I mean =)

ps, Snaf, oh that was just me being sloppy, really!
LOL, I didn't mean to have an avatar! That was the pic in my profile. But I have to keep it now, since it depicts George sitting on the old Lounge. (I'll prolly turn off avatars, though.)

I wonder why my number of posts is so much higher than everyone else's? I haven't even been around as long as some others! I wonder if it's because I haven't been dingoed in so long....
Why is everything center-justified?
*runs in and starts making out with the sexy new lounge*

Ummm....I totally *heart* all of the web elves that have made this happen for us!!!! Tiny launch quirks aside, this place is fucking gorgeous, and I am loving the decor, and especially the ignore user function!

Oh, and the pink and flaming martini icons - *genius!*

Yep, doodle, I think you are one of the few that escaped the last bout of dingoes, so you have a nice fat post count. Ah well, doesn't matter to me - you saved my name for me, and that is a very good thing!
It's all shiny and new, like the new car smell! Me likey!
Hee....I didn't even have to reregister! I almost flipped out when i tried and it my username was already in use! I did have to change my password, but oh well! I am posting at work with this nice comfy blue skin. I can not wait to use my new ignore list....ahhhhh. I really missed you guys I just had to make myself stay away for a week and a half.
ah, it's going to take a while to get used to this! i couldn't log in as my old username, which was ambercherry. i tried a few times and it wouldn't let me. i even tried to reregister with the same name, and it wouldn't let me do that, either! oh well...anyone else have to change their username?
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