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I went ahead and started it in this area.
Thanks zora! I am so busy that I was not able to start. I was obsessing over my grades to see if I got my degree (which I did!) Again, thanks!
Is there a thread for women involved with younger men?
hey there mel,

from what i could tell, you could do general dating or crushes if it fits that category or committed if it that's appropriate *or* you could take over the mrs robinson thread and make that the designated younger boy thread? hope that helps.

announcement one:

i've been wanting to change my name for a while but i didn't want to be unknown. gluelita finally came to me as the solution. i'm more into collage than raves these days and i wanted a name that reflected this evolution. anyway, just wanted to let y'all know. :-)

Hey all, just a question, I saw an ad on the banner at the top of the page, and it was a clothing retailer, also featured in the back on bust. I can't remember the name of the retailer. it wa something along the lines of sick skiens, or silk skiens, I think. Anyways, the add is a cartoon kind of drawing of this cutesie little top with a tie around the waist, it reminds me of the sweaters which the crew was wearing in the matrix movies. Anyways, I really need to find the retailer, can anyone help? please please please. (you see I have resorted to beggin!)

ETA: I found it! It is sweet skins! Aha!
Gluey - hee! *Grin*
gluey - I love it!! Thanks for letting us know, so I don't have to behave like an ass and think you're some newb copying your username!
more into collage than rave, hee!

i always thought glow was just reflective of your happy self, but i like the glue just the same!
hehe. pepper, i always thought it was so obviously dated like silver hot pants with a pair of pigtails and some adidas...that it so obviously screamed "nabokov-reading candyraver trapped in 1996"...just goes to show how half the crap we trip on isn't even on the radar :-)

wait. so you are butter-->hotch-->pepp?
will there ever be a time when the lounge gets "swept" of all the dead threads???
urethritis- the old threads get cleared out maybe once every six months or so. it's not done automatically, just whenever the powers that be happen to think about it and get the time to do so. however, when it does happen, the general rule seems to be that any thread that hasn't had action in two weeks or more goes. anything more recently active stays. troll, beloved, useful, fluffy... content is not a concern.

gluelita- i had no idea that that was the intended image behind your name. of course, i think my name's pretty obvious, too, but i'm not sure many people get it. at least not right away. the new name's very cute, though!

bad bf blowout, i'm tryin' ta hide over here ya know!

young men looking for older women
Get to steppin, cheesedick.
'Gets to steppin' hahahahahahhaha!
hmm, here's a description of my problem: i have lots of questions about sexual positions and how to make them work (i had the first penetrative sex recently and we are very keen on trying lots and lots of new things) and i feel a little out of place to just post them in the "general sex thread" in ltas. do you guys think it would make sense to start an individual thread à la "sex: how to"? i got lots of good responses in the general sex thread, but i don't want to hog the thread. plus i realized that there were others with similar problems.
oh wow, I miss so much when I leave the lounge...
What's with those newbies in Media Whores? They're outta control!!
It's not just in Media Whores.

Newbies, read the goddamned first page of the website. It's not difficult!!!


Thank You.
I really appreciate it when one of the seasoned posters gives a random new thread the old "Hey, welcome, but here's how it works" deal. I don't feel like I've been around long enough to do that, but I sure like seeing that someone else has taken care of it.
Indie, don't worry about hogging. You're keeping it alive! Go for it, I'll see you in there (and help if I can - of course, I'm getting a bit rusty ...). :-)
Would any object to me starting a new thread in THE F-WORD for this year's Young Feminist Summit, to be held by NOW in July in Albany?

Is there an existing thread where a convo about attending could take place?
I've had a really shitty few days all due to one person in my life. He's a bully. At 26 I once again have a bully in my life. I thought that getting out of high school would bring about the end of that hell. But nope aparently there are 30 year old bullies out there. And they act the same as the 13 year old ones! His treatment of me (and a few other people where I work) has brought up some really painful memories for me. I'd really love to be able to talk to someone or a bunch of people who were also bullied about their experiences and about the effects of it that they see in their lives now and how they deal with it without reverting to their old defensive behaviour. Anyone want to be my friend on the scary playground of life? I don't know if it deserves it's own thread or what but I would appriciate anyone who wants to talk about it with me either here or somehow else.
Does anyone here have a relative or a close friend that is in jail or prison? My brother is currently in jail and I'd like to have a little support group but I don't know if there is an appropriate thread for that kind of thing, or if there are any people out there going through the same thing. If there are, can you let me know? I'd like to discuss this but I don't know where.
runningwestward - I have bullying horror stories. I don't know if they will help to hear and they might depress me to tell them, but I think a thread about it might fit well into "Freinds and family." And I like the title "The Scary Playground of Life - Bullies."

zora - I wouldn't be able to add to the thread as I don't have a lot of experience with that, but some others might turn out for it. Again, maybe in "F&F."
i third the idea of a bullying thread. it took me years to (mostly) get past the bullying i experienced every day in elementary school and jr. high.
I bet there are a lot of us who could benefit from such a thread.
OK "The Scary Playground of Life - Bullies" thread will be in F&F. I'll go do that now.
mermaidgirl, that sounds like a legit topic for the F-Word. I'm an old feminist on the other coast, but I would lurk.

Could the thread include those of us with friends and family who are 'put away' in other sorts of institutions? I have a friend and a family member who both entered mental institutions in the last couple of months; sorting out my own feelings about them and their situations is hard, not to mention figuring out healthy ways to be supportive to them.

I'd be down with that.
I know a thread like this would either die or be troll infested within a couple of weeks, but I was wondering if there was any interest in a feminist thread about beauty i.e leg shaving, cosmetic surgery, makeup, diets, etc. I've noticed a lot of the other thread to do with beauty have a lot of "this is not the place for politics" vibe and i thought it might be interesting to have one with a "this is not the place for hints and tips" vibe.

Any interest?
Sounds great Miss Jane.
Is there a thread for busties whose parents are divorced/divorcing? I couldn't find one anywhere but think it would be helpful...for me, at least :-)
Thanks for the okay Edna. I think it's a combination of the NOW yearly meeting and the young feminist summit. Definitely all ages are welcome.

I'm not sure whether I should start up a new thread for this one event though. Basically I'm just wondering if anyone else is going, it wouldn't be much of a discussion.

Anyone else want to weigh in? Thread or no?
Miss Jane, go for it! Name-wise, I'm afraid I'm not much help though.

maybe: The other bush - the politics of shaving? That's a bit constraining though
What about 'The Other Bush: The politics of beauty 'maintenance' '?

Love the 'Other Bush'. And great thread idea miss_jane!
gumby - the only thread I can think of that might be right is "are we functional yet" in friends & family. (feel free to correct me anyone).

Otherwise, start one up I say!
Oooh how exciting - my first thread start up. The F-Word?

Heh. The other bush!
I love the title!
In the light of everyone "confessing" secrets and sins in ATWT, is anybody up for me re-starting the "little accomplishments" thread, maybe alongside these threads in ATWT (instead of in AbFad where it used to be)? Seems a good way to remind ourselves to celebrate at the same time we are unloading these heavy emotional burdens!

Yes? No?
yes, please, doodle...I have things to say that certainly don't belong in bragging rights, but would still like to get them out there.

mermaidgirl13 - thanks for posting that. I second starting a thread for this confrence... it's nice that it is in my neck of the woodsish.... I just need to figure out how I could attend.
mermaidgirl, perhaps the thread could be an on-going thing for feminist conferences, marches, etc. and it could start out with info about the Young Feminist Summit? Wish I had a really clever idea for a thread title.

Zora, do you want to do the honors and start the thread for friends and family of the incarcerated or institutionalized?
I will, if others want to participate. I'd like a few more votes though, so it's not just me posting once in a while.
Is there a major difference between "Bragging Rights" and "Little Accomplishments"? What is a little accomlishment to one person may be huge to someone else and some may brag about things no one else would dream about. Although, I suppose a little accomplishment - and posting it - would give a sense of acheivement and boost confidence to complete/undertake something worth bragging about.
The Other Bush - Now residing in the F Word!
Maybe I'll just call it FEMINIST EVENTS

Not funny or snappy, but gets the message across
Ok, I've done it:

"I DID IT!!" Celebrating our Accomplishments
Anyone else notice all the spammers around here? Its a big load of crap. Ugh sorry just wanted to rant. Someone started an amrerican idol thing in mediawhores about their secrets to getting American idol tickets. or something like that. Blechj
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