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seraphine, check out "working girls" the "ack what should I do with my life" thread.
Chinichin! How goes the bebe?
chini! boobie squishing hug!
hello everybody. i'll be changing my user name.
i'm LOL at boobie squishing hug. heeee heeee!!! for some reason that is cracking me up! maybe it's the weeeeeeed:-)
hey chinichin. yeah i am sad to see that thread gone too. "colour commentary" is good, but maybe with a subtitle that defines the focus like the old one did? i liked the old title, because it made a joke out of one of those irritating assumptions, but i didn't like the 3rd person reference (yeah i'm nitpicky now).

hummingbird i'd like to see that thread revived in family and friends or the f-word. it will likely have a particular tone in one section or the other.

(sukouyant = captainlola for now or for permanent.)

I'm so happy!

Sorry, that had to be said, and I didn't know in which thread. So, it's gotta go here. Anyways, my big reason for yelling: the Dutch government (crappy christian democrates) has just fallen! YAY!

Now let's hope we can get some left-wing and green people in there...

ETA: is there some kind of 'general politics' thread that I could have posted in? I looked around ATWT but didn't see anything that looked promising.
you should start a thread called "fuck you The Facist Right", or something.
(waves at chini) hiii! How are you??

it'll be weird addressing you differently, captainlola =)
Greetings, Deppity Chin!! Or are you a full-on Sheriff - or perhaps Empress of the Universe - these days? *Huge hugs and grins* I so love when you appear.
welcome back, chin!

thread ideas (unless we have similar ones already in existence, i'm too lazy too look):
- killer setlists (because yes i am making one as we speak that i'm hella proud of brag brag!)
- favorite memories

and because it hasn't been said recently, i miss the crap weasel thread. i can never remember what it was about, i never posted in it, but the title still makes me rofl, and i use the phrase crap weasel whenever possible.
aw ophelia, call me lola :-)

hee hee the crap weasel thread forevah! we were talking about that thread on the way to mandopalooza. it was the best and totally scientific. i like the killer setlists idea.
oh killer set list. i SUCK at arranging my music. i'd happily listen to all 8ooo songs in my computer on random if it didn't make my friends cry. i need help.
crap weasel, funny!
Hi all... I received a PM from someone with the handle "Celestian." Seems she/he hasn't made any posts... does anyone know of her/him?

Thanks much! =)
Girlbomb_redux, the pictures of you that I referenced earlier are these pictures, not the picture on your myspace profile, which is just a picture of your book. Oops.

Anyway, I gave you some style advice here and I responded to your latest blog entry here. Please don’t take the advice on your hairstyle the wrong way; I know I say some things that seem harsh, but I intend ideas to be constructive. My response to your blog entry is too long to post as a comment (your poor readers would go blind trying to read all of that text in the tiny comment font, LOL), but you can feel free to put it in your blog somewhere.

I really was serious when I suggested that we get together sometime, and perhaps exchange ideas and write something. Here’s an idea: You write an article for BUST magazine, and I write one paragraph of it. You give a little back story on me to highlight how *DIFFERENT* we are, and the magazine holds a contest to see who can guess (or figure out) which paragraph was written by me. Some randomly selected entrants who answer correctly win prizes of some kind.

It’s just a thought. We both have a similar kind of creativity with words but very different sets of ideas and interests, so it’d be interesting to see what we could write together. Our styles are also unique; you’re more sarcastic and clever, and my writing is often hyperbolic and over-the-top, charged with powerful emotions and images (I’m describing the poetry and prose that I haven’t shared with you, although my writing about death reveals some of my dramatic flavor, albeit far from my most impressive work). Come to think of it, we wouldn’t even have to meet in person to write together, although it might help. Instant messaging or talking on the phone would probably be the easiest way. Please post here or PM me if you’re interested - or if you’re not interested.
mandolyn, are you planning to start the music thread?
amazing bass, i'm having trouble deciding what tampons i should bring with me on a long plane trip. i usually like the slender fitting brands, but i'm not sure how heavy the flow will be this month, and that might mean bobbing up and down to keep changing it. i've also considered you think with wings are best?
Captainlola, skip the maxi pads that feel like diapers; tampons are the way to go. I hear Playtex Beyond is the best. Hey, if you "bob up and down" with a tampon enough times, that's masturbation, isn't it?

Oh, I just thought of the best practical joke. Go ahead and bleed all over yourself, and when you go back to the airport, act like you nearly died in a plane wreck and demand a refund on your plane ticket. Somehow I doubt that the receptionist would want to argue with you. If you have a camera (or at least a camera phone), take a picture of the receptionist's horrified facial expression and post it on the internet. It would be just too good not to share.
you're the best amazing bass. i so appreciate your input! with tampons there's sometimes difficulty with the applicator, even with the instruction guide they always include. i wish i had a man around to explain them to me sometimes :-) when i end up with my fingertips swimming in a sea of blood i always wonder how i'm going to make it through.
you're a peach. it's actually not the 'diaperyness' of pads that worries me it's their absorbancy. I'm thinking that the ultra long type makes the most sense on a sit-down trip, because bleeding all over the place is a little dumb and kind of embarrasing too, don't you think?

P.S. it never occurred to me that removing my tampon is akin to masturbating...what a clever observation!
You rock lola! Best laugh all day!
Ahahahahahahaha! I laughed so hard I think a little pee might have come out. Perhaps I should look into these "pads"...
i'm yanking his chain. but maybe i yank too hard.
No, I almost did it myself when it was suggested I use my drivers permit as my main form of ID instead of my passport. Duh, why didn't I think of that? Oh yeah, because I don't drive & have no driver's permit.
...but he'd like it that way, I'm sure. Between this and the daffy duck feet that crocs make (props to doodle) I'm giggling away quite merrily (or maybe that's the copious cocktails consumed).
DAISY Duck. DAISY Duck feet. For heaven's sake. Is this a feminist space or not? Women of the world, I ask you!
Cocktails! There's that pesky male encroachment on beverages! Bring on the coochtails! HAH!

I was always strangely fascinated when Mickey Mouse or Goofy took off their shoes/gloves & they had big black people feet/hands. Is that weird?
Oh no! I just looked at my cell phone bill and somehow T-Mobile claims I owe $425. I know I haven't gone over my minutes, so I'm hoping that this is a snafoo. I'm wondering if it could be that my contract expired without me realizing it (or them telling me), so this was all considered outside-the-plan minutes?? Anyway, I definitely do NOT have the money to pay that and need some advice about how to fight it if they try to charge me that much. Where can I ask busties about this? I'd like to know some tips for dealing with companies (I tend to be passive in these situations because I figure they have the upper hand) and if anyone has had any luck in situations like this.
Hmm, did the Bustie Business Bureau thread get deleted in the thread clean-up? That would have been the best place to go...maybe we can re-start it again?

Hope you get that worked out- don't let them get away with it!
Mmmm...I have a Cosmo in hand at this very moment....coochtails indeed! (and the feet/hands thing isn't any weirder than the fact that they had shirts and no pants, or pants and no shirt, never both at once. That used to freak me out)

octi-first look online to see if you can get a detailed copy of the bill. This should list every call, the plan you are on, and very specifically what the charges are. If you can't see this online call your cust care 800 # and ask them to send one to you, as well as asking them exactly what the charges are. If your contract expired most companies put you on a month to month basis with no change in plan, in fact you shouldn't notice any change on your bill when you are out of contract. If it is a billing error the 800 # call center will be able to clear it up. DO NOT WAIT on this, though, because the longer you leave it unchallenged the less likely they will be to work with you to get it cleared up. My friends on T-Mobile say they get very good cust. service from the call center, and fairly poor service in the store, so definitely go the call center route first. Plus if they know you are questioning charges they are less likely to shut off your service for non-pay, if it gets that far. They definitely do not have the upper hand if you jump on this right away! With the detailed bill you can look at each call, and if it does say it is overage charges you can check to see if they are numbers that you know. Sometimes it is possible for others to use your cell number to make calls, and T-Mobile does not have the most secure technology (just ask Paris Hilton-someone hacked into her Sidekick over-the-air). At any rate, you need to find out exactly what the charges are right away. I work cell phone cust. care for a living, so if you have any questions about what they are telling you feel free to ask or PM me. Good luck!

Yeah, I wondered about that, too. Also why did Goofy walk upright/speak/wear that dumb hat, but Pluto was on all fours/barking/naked? I mean, they were both dogs. Wasn't kind of species-ist of Goofy to not offer a hand up to his brethren?
Species-ist! Hee hee! Isn't it rather homosapien-centric to think that upright walking/clothes-wearing is a step up? Maybe Goofy was selling out the tribe....
Yes that used to bug me too.
Of course I think it's a step up! I'll bet Goofy never ate his own poop, but I bet Pluto did it all the time! He wasn't very bright...
I'd love to see a killer set list thread, too. :-)
killer setlist title ideas? because i'm phobic about starting new threads, and i'm a total 'tard with titles.

i guess the favorite memories thing is too julie andrews, huh?
How about "Songs for Your Desert Island"?

Ah, I suck at this.
Seeing as how the F-Word forum has been subverted pretty badly, I was thinking of maybe starting a thread there called something like "I'm a feminist, damn it," or something, to discuss why/how some of us became feminists, why we would call ourselves such a thing, and what it means to us. Maybe it wouldn't be the longest-lived thread, but it would make me so happy to post something powerful and declarative about feminism here, instead of scrolling through troll crap. Anybody in?
Hear, hear, girlbomb, I'm in!
How about, "Um, I made you a mixtape." Just spitballin'.
I'd be into that girlbomb.
Misty Water Coloured Mem'ries of the Way We Were
Good thinking Batgirl. -I mean bombgirl. I mean girlbomb.
Or just Killer Setlists? Attack of the Killer Setlists?....

eta: All for the new F-word thread. Nail that proclamation to the church door! erm...I'm a little baked...that made sense, didn't it?
I third your suggestion girlbomb. Some friends and I held an interesting conversation yesterday about how the word feminism seems to be a dirty word to all but feminists and that academic courses (in the UK) don't seem to mention feminism at all in their couse titles but are something apolitical/non-commital/conciliatory like gender studies.
totally, girlbomb. we had 'yeah, i'm a feminist, what's it to you?' for a while a while ago, and it was a really interesting conversation. of course, i'm partial to that title since i came up with it, but whatever floats everyone's boat
I fifth GB's suggestion.

Also: "It says SOMETHING to me about my life... DON'T hang the blessed DJ"? You know, referencing the Smiths song?
Well, thanks, ladies; I guess I'll give it a start, then.

How about, "I'm still a feminist, what's it to you?"
Sounds good, go for it.
Hello hello! Thanks for all the lurve ... and lola thanks for the big fat belly laugh (glad I popped in to see your change of moniker!) :-)

I started the Suntans II thread in F&F, called it "colour commentary."

Murphy. I think my baby is against me using the internet, she is screaming baby profanities at me! I had better go.
(((girlbomb))) i love that you never give up on this place. you're my hero.

(((sixelacat))) best.thread.title.evah ...enough for me to bypass my thread-starting phobia even!
Chini baby profanities.

*Dying of loveable cuteness right on the spot*
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