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Try these on for size... heh:

1) "The Empress' New Clothes: The Apparel thread"
2) "Battle of the Closet: The 'War'drobe thread"
3) "You Reap what You Sew: The DIY thread"

Yea? Nay?
What if we use it as a thread for all wardrobe questions, as doodle suggested- but then it can't really go in Working Girls, can it?

Just thinking about thread clutter...this way, it serves as a multi-purpose thread.
pixiedust appears thatthe site was "cleaned" everything posted before April 24th appears to be's not just survivors space.
Gah, you're right. I didn't realize it b/c some of the other threads just have so many postings.
Argh, that sucks! If they had to a thread clean up, couldn't they have done it by amount of postings instead of dates? Damn.
Apparently they can't be bothered, kittenb, as they can't be bothered with so many simple things that would improve this space. I'm really sorry about survivor's space because there was so much accumulated wisdom and compassion there, it was a great find, I believe, for someone who was suffering and scared.
kittenb, you can try looking for cached pages on google. just search for survivor's space on here, and look for pages with dates prior to the date they were deleted if they were older than (my, that's horribly put). maybe in threads like that some people might want to put together an archive comittee? like, and decide for, say, this month so and so will save the archives on their computer, next month someone else does, and then they can be emailed to the people interested so it's not just lost?
i like 'the empress's new clothes' and i still vote for starting it in working girls. it would be nice to have a thread just about job wardrobe.
Would the "The Online You..." thread be an appropriate place to ask some My Space questions? I'm new to the whole blog/profile/disclosure of personal information thing.
I'm sure that would be fine polly, there is also a MySpace & Friendster thread here.
grrr, darn double posts! Is anyone else around here having dingoesque issues with the lounge? first I had to reregister because it said livelyupurself was an invalid account, I had problems accessing the lounge this afternoon and now a double post when I only hit the button once.
I second that, pepper.

Anyone else for "The Empress's New Clothes: The Apparel thread" in Working Grrls?
I'm for it.
I like the idea, but I'd prefer that it go in Ab Fad.
Hello all you fabulous busties,

I want to start a thread in the F-word called: this bridge called my back--->the women of color feminist thread...

What cha think? I know about that other thread called yes i suntan or some shit like that, but I am not trying to post in there cause I have never had a sunburn in my life. And for some reason I cannot find that thread right now. But I want to start a new thread.
Is there a thread for women who have had abortions...

Is there a thread for busties that are spiritual...
Hummingbird...both of the threads you mentioned in your last post would bring about the attentions of a certain tr*ll which is why they aren't around. I think we have had some in the past, but people just got too fed up with the BS to keep them going.
ohhhhhh....that sucks....
Well, Hummingbird, if you absolutely must. Have at it. It looks like the "suntans" thread in F&F has been removed because it didn't get much play. I liked that title because it suggested a tone of whimsy instead of burden. Plus, I do tan & have burnt. My face & shoulders tinge pink, but do not peel & my freckles grow exponentially.

Do you think that this thread for women of color would get play...or is it futile...I don't tan...I get fear of the sun...
i'd venture a guess that 'suntans' got eaten 'cause they had the dumbest lounge cleanup ever since the removal of everything from the f-word.

i'm not of colour (i honestly don't have a way to put that that doesn't make me feel slightly squicky), but i really liked that thread. i learned a lot, and the title amused me 'cause most of my caucasian friends actually can't tan (they turn shades of freckle and lobster) and i'm betting a revival of that thread might thrive more than one specifically about feminism, but i don't know what others (who would actually, say, fit into the thread's targe audience) might think about the options
"i'd venture a guess that 'suntans' got eaten 'cause they had the dumbest lounge cleanup ever since the removal of everything from the f-word."


Survivors space ended up with like 5 posts in it...and yet we STILL have all of the Tr*ll threads!
fairly certain the thread cleanups - such as they are - are mindless, software-induced, robo-automaton sweeps. not that that makes it any easier to swallow, especially when damn fine good threads & their archives get eaten.
I dunno, Hummingbird. Saktii started a thread about African American haircare a month ago & nobody has responded. There were a few of us, but Chinchin got busy with life & so did everybody else. It was kind of all encompassing of all ethnic varieties that don't identify as caucasoid.

When I burn, I don't peel & it doesn't hurt, but I look like I've gone overboard on the blush before it evens out to a naturally bronze, sun-kissed look. Yea, me!

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it was totally randomly 'puter done.

Mmmm...maybe not a good thread to start then...
So some want the "The Empress's New Clothes: The Apparel thread" to go in Working Grrls, and some in Absolutly Fad-ulous.

I suppose it depends on how general we want the thread: specifically about work/business clothing (put it in Working Grrls), or encompassing all apparel (put it in Absolutly Fad-ulous)? It may be easier to keep it general.

Hmm...I think I'd prefer a more general thread on wear yes, but where I'm really stupid is when it comes to evening gear! :-) I'd vote for putting it in AbFad. I think people with good style advice would be more likely to stumble across it there....?
I'd be up for a more general apparel thread too. There are great clothes horses in the sartorial splendour thread whose style wisdom I would appreciate. Oh, and we have a shoe and bag thread there so why not clothes?!
I vote for a general thread in abfab.
I will miss the sun tan thread! (I lurked but didn't post, except maybe once or twice.)
Numbnuts: I know what the show is. I do not understand why you would trouble to contact me about it. You proved to me some time ago that there is no reason for communication with you. My only reason now is to say, stop PMing me.

Is that clear enough yet?
girls, where do i post this? too good not to share but, erm, where exactly does it fit?
Those are so cool, pepper! Wasn't there a fiber arts thread around here a while back?
Used to be in AbFad, but what with the clean up...
Found it! I bumped it if you want to put your link there, pepper....
Okay, so I started the apparel thread in AbFab...hope that's okay!

The Empress's New Clothes
thanks sixelacat, i stuck it in there (heh, dirty mind working away.)
emtee, awesome, see ya in there.
I've got two e-mail addresses, and I originally intended to keep one as the Numbnuts account and start a separate account with the other e-mail address that has a cleaner, less offensive user name and profile. However, the system seems to think that my secondary e-mail address matches an account, which it doesn't. (It used to be on an account, but I deleted that user name.)

Now I'm going to delete the Numbnuts profile and try to replace it with something better, that doesn't pigeonhole me as a sexual innuendo. If you don't hear from me again, the system probably screwed up with my original e-mail address, too. Wish me luck.
IT WORKED!!! :-)
Is there a thread devoted to discussing general life goals? =) If not, I think it would be a grand idea to a) have a place to document/share our own goals, and b) see whether any other busties have the same they aspire to achieve.

Oh I am so sad about the Suntan thread. So sad I can't even tell you! That thread saved my sanity on many occasions throughout the years, it wasn't just a discussion thread, it was a place for people to come when there weren't any outlets IRL to just ... be. Be, and have people get you just because.

Now I wonder, where will Bebesho pop in when she's able to come see us Busties? Where else will I see rantrave88 since she is young and cool and I am old and crusty? Will I ever get to know auralpoison better?

Oh I am sad.

I guess I just have to make a point of posting more, and make a point of not taking threads like that (and this board as a whole!) for granted. So ... what should we call the new thread? We have to start a new one. I liked the Suntan title because it was lighthearted ... any other ideas?
Mmme Chin! xxx

How about "attention Bebesho"? j/k...
Heh!! Hi Ven :-)

I was thinking of "colour commentary."
That would be a cool title.
Nice to "see" you. :-)
chin is in cananananada. we like out extra 'u's eh.
So do we, in Aotearoa. They're not extra they're essential!
Is there a thread about singing, drawing, or art in general? If not, would anybody be interested in one?
"You proved to me some time ago that there is no reason for communication with you."

Wow, Maimy, that was harsh. I swear, I talk about ballbusting fears and fetishes for a few weeks, and all of the sudden you act like I'm weird or something. Go figure. *comedic tone intended*

I PMed you twice (under my former Numbnuts name). I sent you a video of Connie Chung's horrible singing (probably intentionally so; I can't imagine singing that badly by accident) with an American Idol reference. Then I PMed you again to explain it because you said you didn't get it. That's it: no big deal. I just figured I'd send you something I found funny to see what kind of reaction I would get, but if it bugs you that much, I won't send you anything anymore.

There's just something funny about people who can't sing; especially in the Connie Chung video here; at least I think there is. I guess we all have different ideas of comedy. Seriously, I've hit better notes than that at the dentist.
Dentist: "Say, Aaaaah."
Me: "Aaaaah."
And there you have it.

Back to my previous post: artistic thread, anyone?
There's a crafting thread and also a fiber arts thread in Ab Fad. Also in Working Grrls, there's a thread called "whatever happened to art busties".

I'm not sure about a singing thread though.


******doing Charlie Brown-esque happy dance******

(can you tell I have missed you)
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