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make that thread about spider and varicose and i'm all there.
How about: "AHHH! That spider is varicose to my... (The Troublesome Vein thread)."
"You're so VEIN you probably think this thread is about you"...
i'd be up for a vein thread. especially now that it's self-conscious nakey barelegged season, and i'm about to start working on the tan to cover them. i know i know my bad.

(((berenguela))) i so heart you. i feel the same way that you do about bust/LJ. not to open any cans of worms, but this place gets bashed so often these days & so many beloved busties have jumped ship to LJ, it warms my cockles to read something positive for a change.
lmao "you're so vein" hee hee

with you, mando, esp. with so many cute shorts this season!
ok! i am creating a vein thread -- bastardizing both raisin and seraphine's name suggestions.

join the fun, yo. :-O
I'd like to know if anyone would be opposed to me starting a thread in ATWT about race issues.. I'd like to get a discussion going on this topic with other Busties because I'd like some feedback
What kind of discussion, Saktii? There's a white privilege thread set up in the F-Word, but I don't know if that's what you had in mind.
Well, I work in a neighborhood that is primarily African-American and I've discovered that alot of hostility is directed at me simply because I'm white, which is confusing to me because I'm not racist at all! (I grew up in a biracial family and was also an anti-racism activist for most of my teens).
It hurts my feelings alot, and I don't know what to do.
I was hoping maybe we could all discuss this issue and I could get some feedback as to why race is still such a big divider between people in the country. My boyfriend is from England, and he's constantly dismayed over the way race is such an issue here in the US.
hearts right back at ya, mando. I seem to be following you from thread to thread this evening... Maybe it is just that I just feel I'm too old for LJ...I do see the value of it, and I agree with misspissed, but personally the format makes me snakey.
Which means I am certainly old enough to need the vein thread!
is there a thread about stupid shit we've done/blunders/embarassments? or does all that fall under "BustSecret"? i've been cataloguing some in my mind during my month of self-reflection/driving myself crazy
There is a thread in F&F that's something along the lines of "Do you ever feel like a socially inept dork." That may suit your needs COCL.

Saktii, there is a "Yes we do get suntans" thread that you may want to check out. Race is weird. Black people where I live are often suspicious of me because I am light complected & generally speak the King's English.
i'm not sure if the socially inept thread would really fit what catlady is talking about. i'm sure you could put it in bustsecret, but i'm sure we'd all have plenty of fodder for an 'all this dumb shit that i've done' thread
Sounds like a good thread catlady, it might fit in Bustsecret, but I don't think anyone would mind if it was a seperate thread.

Saktii, I work in a predominantly black environment myself, and it took a while to adjust. I couldn't stand that everyone thought b/c I was white I must be a racist. After time, everyone realized that it wasn't true and I formed some really good relationships. But I can't believe how much racial tension is shoved under the rug in the US.
uhm... did the OCD thread go away or did i just misplace it?
BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Hoo, that was funny.

here it is.
hey, I was reading around here lately, and there is a lot of negative commentary on slender women. I'm a little uncomfortable with it, and I wanted to say something about it. Not sure where to bring this up. I know we have the small-chested and the tiny girls threads, but I'm talking more about a general feeling.
what? where exactly?
i'm a natural stick so i usually notice when peeps are bashing the skinnies but i haven't see it lately.
maybe it's 'cause for the first time in my life i can actually put on weight. granted it's only a couple of pounds and i have to PIG out to get it on and keep it on but it's a start.
i WILL be voluptuous, i WILL!!
withOut giving myself a heart-attack i hope, ha ha!
I pmed you.
Hey Ophelia, I think your comments would also go well is the sizism thread, as it is a two way street. I just finished posting in there on the subject myself, and then noticed your post in here.

thanks yuefie =)
I've read some great stories here, most of them sexy, since I'm so hard-up right now, I have to get it where I can. But I was wondering if there is a thread that has stories that are more of the love against-all-odds variety.

I married my first love 19 years ago. We divorced three years later because he cheated on me and I was too young to understand how sometimes shit happens in marriage and you have to work through it.

I never really fell in love again, never had kids, and even my friends and family that told me to DTMFA back then have to admit now that we were good together, better than anyone I've been with since. They said the connection between us was rare, and it was.

He and I talked recently and the conversation was so heavy with emotion it was almost hard to breathe. He is divorcing again (not the person who broke us up). We talked in the intuitive way that we had always had together. There was so much love still there on both sides (though at this point more familial and tender than steamy). As Carrie Bradshaw would say--I couldn't help but wonder--was he "the one" and neither one of us has ever found another to compare?

Are there any lost love/reunion stories out there? I'm not normally into Harlequin style romance, but if there are some interesting tales along these lines somewhere on the board, please direct me there. I'd like to read them.
wow mel, that's heavy. I have no clue, but I'm sure someone else can point you in the right direction. maybe the timing was just wrong for you two...

can someone tell me how to read my private messages? or see if i have any? thanks
Maddy private messages are sent to your email account.

Mel...There is a "Locker room stories too good to keep to yourself" thread in LTAS. I think there is also a thread where people have written erotica. I son't know the name of that thread off teh top of my head and I'm at work so I can't look it up. I would think though that between all the threads in LTAS and the mating game youwould probably find threads like you are looking for. Your situation is very I don't know thatthere would be enough interest for a whole thread....maybe the general relationship advice thread?
Speaking of PMs, I got one during the wee hours. I can only assume there was some sort of joke intended, because the person who sent it tends to think they're making those regularly. Problem is, I don't watch American Idol, so I ... don't get it. As I am clearly not the audience for you: You can stop now.
oh. nice. guess who has been impersonating me. look out for posts by pepper_
how creative.
"You" made an appearance in the tiny girl thread, too. You should totally report that.
if that's not disrupting the basic functionality of the boards, i don't know what is.
meh, i couldn't rilly care less. it's just another attention grabbing tactic that we can all just ignore. i guess the General ignoring must be working so let's keep it up.

i start my new jorb next week (all squicked out!) and i'm feeling wardrobally insufficient. i have ALL this fabric laying about and a new sewing machine to boot but just no time or energy to get on it. ugh, i'm a sloth. an overwerked sloth but still...
To be honest, I didn't expect anybody to buy the gag. All I did was write like a foul-mouthed third-grader, but some people actually bought into it! It must have been a more life-like impersonation than I thought. Don't worry, real Pepper, I didn't post anything really offensive under your name - except the laughable English that you always use anyway.
Pepper - yeah, I haven't been following any of this stuff, but it just didn't seem like you. I'm just really bothered by the whole idea of identity theft (however badly done) and trying to discredit someone who has been on the receiving end of harassment.
I just checked the archive and he only managed three posts before detection, and two of them were talking to himself - I think this is a second attempt at the account because it has re-registered. It's kind of wtf.

Pepper I know what you mean, I too have a new-ish sewing machine and pile of fabric. Trouble is sewing's one of those immersive things, like anything mechanical. Hard to stop and start, so it requires a couple of big chunks of time.
Actually, I didn't try to discredit her; I wrote the kinds of things she'd really say. If I wanted to discredit her, I would have posted flame bait under her name. If you ask me, she discredits herself with pointless profanity, terrible English, and setting herself up for easy gags from someone she thinks is a troll - but that's just my opinion.
If someone says they want pictures of me getting my testicles cut off, even in jest, nothing I say after that is harassment; it's retaliation. The same goes for making up stories about e-mails that I didn't send, and for coming to the thread in which I'm writing (or any thread, for that matter) to complain about it's presence. That last one is not only rude, it's illogical.
ven, i got as far as drafting a pattern from a skirt i have that fits me great and i washed and dried the fabric and pressed it all AND i set up the machine in the area. just. have. to. cut. fabric. ARGH! then i can serge and stitch in batches, an hour here, an hour there.
i'm making a few skirts with the same pattern, just different hemlines so it really shouldn't take up all that much time. still... time is time is time is time is time and i just don't gots any extra. maybe this weekend but only if i can arrange a play date for little, it's not fair to stick him in front of the tv all day and besides, i love spending a lazy weekend with him. he's the best.
Pepper - that's how I make things too, from existing clothes that fit right. I've got way less excuse/reason than you, though, and have a huge pile of mending and stuff that just sits there!! Plus, my bf wants to learn how to sew so he can do his own (I learnt from my ex bf because I felt guilty having him sew me clothes, so I know the feeling) and I keep putting off teaching him.

A lazy weekend with your Little sounds perfect.

Okay, so I'm starting my first job after university in a few weeks, and I'm having a wardrobe crisis. Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread where I might get some advice as to what to wear in my new office?
The following is from

Literature on conflict resolution suggests that labeling participants in Internet discussions as "trolls" can perpetuate the unwanted behaviors. A person rejected by a social group, both online and offline, may assume an antagonistic role toward it, and seek to further annoy or anger members of the group. The "troll" label, often a sign of social rejection, may therefore perpetuate trolling.

I started as a legitimate member, trying to please you to be accepted. Then you bombarded me with unending accusations even as I tried to exit the groin topic, and you all were impossible to please. I figured if I can't join 'em, I'll beat 'em - or at least aggravate the HELL out of 'em. It's just like the excerpt above; it's your own fault. Keep this in mind for future members like me; hostility is seldom - if ever - a productive mentality.
Emtee, I'm not sure - I just had a search through Working Girls and couln't see anything, maybe AF has a topic... maybe we need to make one?

Congratulations on your new job!
know what emtee, i want a point in that direction myself. if i'm going to start sewing stuff for work it might as well be beyond the basics. like a stylish suit or two, something very classy but unusual (just like me, hee!). i might just head down to the fabric store and peruse their pattern books. even if i don't find a pattern that i love i'm sure to at least find some inspiration.

ven, that's so cool that your mister wants to learn to stitch. my little sis wants a few pointers too and she's a smart cookie who's sure to pick it up quickly. maybe i can use showing her how as inspiration to get something actually made? it's worth a try.
friends of mine and i were discussing starting up a free school today. i have a lesson plan for teaching the basics already drafted up, i could easily instruct a few small classes and a free school is right up my alley. is there a place here to talk about the logistics of free schooling? if not does anyone have any links that are worth checking out? it's just such a great idea.
A general officewear thread might be nice. I transitioned a year ago from working in a place where I had pretty much one thing to wear (chef jacket/check pants, so my street clothes were all very, um, not office appropriate) to having to figure out the whole semi-casual dress up office formalwear with a half-twist of wtf. I still don't have an actual office wardrobe that is appropriate and reflects my style. Anyone else interested in a thread like that?
I think I am, though I will probably never work in an office, but in a university, I have various issues about what to wear when etc.

Pepper!!!, that's so exciting - I promise myself that I'll let myself get involved in volunteer teaching (adult literacy, or refugee work and maybe mentoring kids from low SES) when I get this degree out of the way, but a free school is such a fantastic idea! I'd like to know more about them. If you start doing that, I want to know everything!!
okey doke. i live in hippy land so great ideas abound but often with no follow through. i, however, am one of those uber organized capricorns who can plan 11 cents out a dime so... i'll keep on the crew and see what we can come up with. they have a tentative space figured out and there are four volunteer teachers (i might be the only one with an actual lesson plan established though) so we are at least on the road and pointing in the right direction. i'll have to do some research.

so, office apparel thread? i think it might get some hits at first but it's a subject that could quickly be exhausted. you never know though and i'd be happy to read whatever got posted in the meantime. i just need some inspiration, i'm creative, i can think stuff up from there.
what about an in general work clothing thread? any interest?
I would be interested in a thread about wardrobe - office and general. Seems like we always wind up asking personal wardrobe questions in other threads, so why not have a place for them?

A thread on free school sounds fascinating, though I'll admit I'd probably just lurk, for lack of contribution....
ok, well that's four of us who'd like to see an apparel thread. i vote for working girls, anybody got a title?
um, I'm really sorry for posting at 4am and actually believing pepper_. Sorry busties. =(

ophelia, don't be silly. you know i'm a slim woman, why wouldn't i post in the tiny girl thread? in fact, i did post there. right after you. and then i ate some icecream.
xo chica.
Can anybody help me figure out what happened to the archives in the "Survivor's Space" thread? They are just gone!
the amount of newbies starting new threads is truly getting out of control!
what about "Well we can't exactly go to work naked, can we? Appropriate dressing for leaving the house" or something like that?
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