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Didn't there used to be a dream thread? I looked in AbFad & OBOH, but didn't see it- my selective vision acting up again?

I'm not interested enough in starting a new one, I've just been having some really bizarre, disturbing dreams lately and wanted to get them off my chest.

Margot, are you looking for how to just post a link? That's really easy- it's just a backslash, the word "link", one of these { curvy brackets, the URL, then a comma, the word you want to use to represent the URL, then another curvy bracket } to close it. No spaces anywhere. It would look like this, without the spaces:

\ link { , BUST }
This would look like this: BUST

The only problem is when the URL has a comma in it already (like in really long URL's for articles or something.) Then it gets all confused and it won't work. There is some program you can download called "TinyURL", but I've never figured out how to do it, but I think it re-assigns a new, short URL.
The dream thread is actually here in Media Whores. I have always wondered how it ended up there. I bumped it for you.
Thanks, kittenb!
Thanks pollystyrene!
I was backslashing the wrong way round.
Following up on polly's don't actually need to download anything for TinyURL....just go to the website, paste your URL into the box, and click the button. The website will automatically create a smaller URL, that you just highlight, copy, and paste wherever you want to put it.

Another site you can use that does the same thing is SnipURL.

The other way to deal with commas in URLs is to "escape" them by putting a backslash in front of each one. It's a lot of work, though, and I usually use SnipURL instead! :-)
Thanks, doodle- I think there's a bunch of different versions of the program and when I looked it up, it seemed like you had to download something.

Interesting about replacing the commas with backslashes, though- it just serves the same function?
You're welcome! I guess the backslashes tell the Lounge server to ignore the commas as a command, so they stay part of the URL when you post it. Otherwise, the server reads the first comma as the break between the URL and the descriptive text.
Is anyone else getting all sorts of code when they try to get into Media Whores? It usually corrects itself the second try, but not always.
Can someone plese tell me how the "hip mama: ga-ga-oh-my-gawd" got into the sex thread, it seems like it is all about motherhood and not about sex, necessarily? I mean, obviously, they became mothers from having it, but I'm just curiuos.
hummingbird - it probably started out as a sex thread, but has changed into a more general discussion on young 'uns. The archives must've gotten lost.

Is there a thread for busties who sell thier wares? I'm thinking of selling the earrings I make, and I have a few questions - was wondering where to ask them. (I may be being dim, and just can't see it).
pixiedust's in Ab FAb...the shameless self promotion thread.
hey mornington -- it's here. The Shamless Self-Promotion thread in AbFab.

hummingbird, some threads just go their own way. If you're interested in talking about sex and motherhood, I'm sure no one there would mind.
whoops. x-post with pixie.
oh hummingbird, you do NOT want to disparage the hipmamas girl. they're a little fierce about their thread. :o)
i know there's another thread about not so wee babies but is there one about the mid-zone between babe and teen? mine is 5 and his adventures don't fit into either of those threads.

mornington, check out lots of the posters there have online stores and there are discussions about them and how they work.

ok, i have totally stopped feeding the tr*lls but other peeps are still doing it. can we totally starve them out, do ya think? only if we present a united front of total silence i think.
pepper, i believe 'Busty Mom's of not so wee ones' initially was meant for mamas of toddlers and up. but we've also discussed babes of all ages in the hip mama thread, too. so take your pick and jump right in. you will find warm welcomes in either place! i'm a little m.i.a. from both threads, but really, from my experience, bustie mamas are a very special, supportive, knowledgeable group. and only fierce when need be.
yeah, pepper, come and hang out with us in Busty Moms (we're in Friends and Family)! There are mums of children of all ages there, and a few non-mums who give wise advice from their informed perspective as children.
So over in Kvetch Up, a few of us are interested in talking about OCD and hoarding...I'm gonna start it, but where do you guys think it belongs? It's a psychological condition, and the depression thread is in Our Bodies, Our Hells...that's how I'm leaning.

I was gonna call it "I Might Need This Someday...Hoarding and Other OCD Manifestations"
Thanks. I thought that's what happened. I asked in the thread, but I didn't get any fierce answers.
I think OBOH would be a good place for it, amilita! Looking forward to the thread!
Question, amilita- is it going to be a hoarding thread and how OCD ties into that, or an OCD and hoarding thread? My bf has OCD and won't treat it (he doesn't like meds and is too lazy for behavioral therapy) so it would be nice to have a place to vent about it, because it gets really irritating sometimes!
why not ocd and all it entails? i think i have some ocd quirks myself, we all do though. nothing major for me but it could easliy head that way if i don't keep myself in check.
hey hummingbird, i saw you ask in another thread about starting one for people just out of college and working, but not doing what they really want. or just about the "quarterlife crisis" in general i think would be an awesome thread! i think there are alot of busties that could relate to that bc as far as i am concerned, graduating college and the past two years afterwards has been far more traumatic than ANYTHING was in my teens and in high school.
polly, I want it to be for all kinds of OCD. Hmm, I don't want the name I had in mind to confuse people; anybody got any clever/fun names? If not, I'll just start one with a ho-hum name tomorrow sometime!
OCD! How about, "I have to do it six times or Gary Coleman will die!"? Just trying to be humourous. I am a hoarder, a counter, an arranger, & an extreme ritualist. I once had a stack of weekly newspapers that was about three inches from the ceiling, I can't eat individual candies without arranging them by colour/number, my cabinets/fridge have to be just so, & I can't do dishes unless they are in a *VERY* specific order. I first remember it manifesting itself when I was in third grade & I had an obsession with time. For years I couldn't *NOT* wear a watch.
Cheers lot & pixie! Pepper, I've been using craftster - it's just it takes so long to work through everything!

hehe, good title AP! (at last, someone else does the arranging-sweets-by-colour thing!)
OK, I started the OCD thread in Our Bodies...

Thanks for the title, AP! I used yours.
oh, THANK YOU Amilita. I am OCD too, and think about how it relates to my behaviours in every day life a lot. It's a relief to hear everyone else talk about it too.
katiebelle, it's been up and running for a few days now. It's in 'working girls'.
I put myself on the list for the tarot reading over in Media Whores, but I was wondering if there is a general discussion anywhere about the relative merits of psychics, astrologers, that sort of thing. I'm stalled out at a crossroads and just wondering if anyone has had a really convincing, helpful experience with psychics or if I should just go shoe shopping instead and call it a day. This is not, by the way, an attempt to get anyone to blaspheme so I can quote passages to them. It's a legit question.
There was a thread somewhere...I think Ab fab called "hey baby, what's your sign" I've never been in it so I don't know exactly what they discuss, but it sound closest to your topic. I bumped it for you.
Hey all, just stopped in to say that livelyupurself is now yuefie again.

When I went to sign in today it said my account was invalid. I am guessing another dingo attack, but nobody else seems to be afflicted so far. Oh well, I am taking it as a *sign* since just this morning I mentioned to a fellow BUSTie that I was thinking of switching back to being yuefie. Guess the dingoes heard me and figured they beat me to the punch, hehe. So anyhoo, lively = yuefie now :-)
Mel - go shoe shopping. I predict you'll get more out of it.
mel, I've found a lot of benefit from doing my own cards, as well as getting readings done by people I trust, and feel good about. Also, I do get my yearly astrology chart done, which is always helpful too...and scarily accurate. But it is all about being willing to work on yourself, and finding someone you have a good vibe with to assist you on your journey. Oh, yeah, and pixie's righ on with the Hey Baby thread....
I'm just trying my new password.
And I am just trying out my new flying carpet.
ooh ggg, i have a magic carpet that i haven't "tried out" in a while. think i'll give it a go later on *wink wink*.
I didn't know where else to ask, so if someone could point me in the right direction...
is their any busties that have been in the navy, or any military branch, and give me a hint of what it's going to be like?
I appriciate it.
This tr*ll shite is getting old. It seems to happen every year around this time when the kiddies are getting out of school. When the hell are we getting the new software with the ignore function, Bust Central?
solitary - there doesn't currently appear to be a military thread at the moment, I know antiotter is in the service, but I can't think of any others off the top of my head at the moment. My husband was in the army...I think his number 1 tip is not to volunteer for *anything* in basic, number 2 being don't let any drill seargeants learn your name. Just blend in. If you have specific questions, you can PM turbomann, I'm sure he'd be happy to answer any questions you have, even though he wasn't Navy.
Is there a thread that discusses relationship quarrals/fights, and also cases where one's significant other is mistreating them, from potential abuse/warning signs to more significant verbal and physical spousal abuse? Just curious.
seraphine...there is a thread over in the F word called survivors space...for people who have been abused/raped...but honestly, there isn't like an on going discussion because if you are in the situation right is not advisable to post it all over the web in case the person finds you online.

if you are just wanting to vent there are several threads in mating game...the relationship advice thread, boys are dumb, teh newlywed thread...all of them tend to deal with disfunctions in a relationship.
I personally, have some knowledge on the subject if you want to pm me.
Sweet FA! New software, please, ASAP. I'm tired of my friends leaving the Lounge because they grew weary of some asshole's bullshit posts. I want Bust to be a safe place again! There are so many people that I absolutely adored & they've gone away...
auralpoison, you know that practically all the cool ex-busties have gone to livejournal, right?
First & foremost, self-important much, fuckchop? I wasn't addressing *you* as a troll. I could give a flying fornication. I find you to be quite easy to ignore, but there are others that irritate me. None of your posts include anything of import, just rambling from an uninteresting, biased, archaic book. *YOU* contribute nothing of your own damned self. You'e purely one dimensional. Get yourself a copy of the Vulgate of St. Jerome or a Jefferson Bible & I *might* pay attention to you.

No, I didn't, Maryjo. I'm practically a fucking Luddite. Bust is my first & only message board experience. I joined Friendster to keep up with Jem, Ris, et al, but am not very active.
I've been a bustie since, hmmm, 2004? Not as long as many of you, I know. But never once in that time, not for one week, not for one day has this been a safe space, if what is meant by a safe space is a space without truIIz. And frankly I find the ones here now much easier to ignore than some of the past ones. Sure, I could go to LJ and have my page friends-only and live in a nice safe bubble and never meet anyone I didn't want to. But I'd rather be out here with the randomness and surprise and odd encounters and different perspectives (and I'm talking about with the busties, not the bridge dwellers).

I'm not dissing LJ --- it serves its purpose. But this place serves a different one.

Besides, the heffelump reminds me to keep donating to NARAL and PP.
el jay and bust definitely DO serve different purposes, berenguela. i like that LJ is a safe forum to write about the random stuff going down in my life, and comment on others', and bust is just a random forum to discuss a plethora of subjects -- serious and frivolous.
gotta love 'em both.

is there a thread in Our Bodies dealing with veins? specifically varicose veins and how to prevent/suppress them?

if not, i want to start one.
Well put, MP.

I don't know about veins. What I do know is that I have had this one annoying varicose vein ever since I was a teenager (Can you believe it?! Robbed of my youth, I tell you.), right on the spot where I would cross my leg over at my knee. I know it was from all of those Sundays spent in church, all because the old ladies would tell me that crossing my legs at my knees was unladylike. Ergo, I blame G0d for my varicose veins.
I'd be all for a thread about veins. I scrolled through and didn't see one in Our Bodies. Please please start one!
me too! i would be interested in a thread about veins. i have a...don't know what to call it, but a little spider-like veiny thing under my right eye (been there since i was a teen), and i think i'm starting to have varicose veins...
do veins generally hurt... because I have this really tiny blue spot on the back of my arm that I've had forever, and it hurt if I touch it and sometimes it just hurts.... we do need a vein thread
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