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LOL. I was just about to post something in the Busting Trolls Thread about how the Mod Squad was faster than a Hoover but, well, I guess I'll just say it here. laugh.gif
see, this is what i'm talking about. just give 'em a second. if it's not there after a second, there's somebody bitching about it.

i know what it's like to be on the other end of things, and it feels like you're doing a tough job and everybody is trying to kick you when you're doing it.

if you can't find something, take a deeeeeeep breath wait 15 minutes THEN post. but i'm watching posts appear, and disappear. they are doing a great job, i'd just hate to have them quit out of frustration.

just hold your tongue for a second. it will all be ok. the world won't end if you don't post your comment right now.
Actually, I wasn't bitching about it. I though it was funny. I thought the use of laugh.gif made that clear.

ETA: and I was saying it with a compliment as well. They really are working fast tonight.
no, i gotchu kitten. i was actually talking about star's post.
Okay, so ... just to clarify ...
Are you saying that sometimes when the ModSquad is working to clean up a thread, the entire thread may disappear? And then that thread will re-appear after the clean-up is done? Is that what you're saying GT?

I've participated on numerous moderated forums before & I've never seen entire threads disappear & then reappear after a mod has cleaned it. A moderator may choose to lock down a thread for a while so that they can clean things up, but that just means that the comment feature for that particular thread is temporarily disabled. It's still possible to see the thread & read its contents during that clean-up period. This does not seem to be the case with the Bust Lounge, though, and that is confusing some people. The apparent deletion of beloved threads is pretty disturbing and I don't blame anyone one bit for feeling confused &/or concerned about that.

However, if someone would just tell us that infected threads may temporarily drop of the forum while being cleaned, then we're bound to feel less anxious. So if that's what's happening, please let us know.
Yes, I've been watching it tonight and that is what seems to be happening.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 29 2008, 10:13 PM) *
see, this is what i'm talking about. just give 'em a second. if it's not there after a second, there's somebody bitching about it.

i know what it's like to be on the other end of things, and it feels like you're doing a tough job and everybody is trying to kick you when you're doing it.

if you can't find something, take a deeeeeeep breath wait 15 minutes THEN post. but i'm watching posts appear, and disappear. they are doing a great job, i'd just hate to have them quit out of frustration.

just hold your tongue for a second. it will all be ok. the world won't end if you don't post your comment right now.

dude, i don't need to be patronized because i asked a question. i did find the trolls thread and tried to kick it up, but i think the mods were working on it.

asking a question is not bitching.
very strange, this disappear/reappear thing.

*sips kitten's margarita (pitcher)*

my laptop died and i've been suffering from severe bustie withdrawal for the past 2 weeks or so. my brother said it could've easily caught fire. that woulda sucked ass.

*waves hi to everyone*
Yeah, I think I'll mix up some margarita's for the Community Forum as well.

Who wants?!
[raises hand]
Be sure to make extra for the Mod Squad. They certainly deserve it!

Stargazer, I totally agree with you. You were not bitching. You were asking a legitimate question. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is the Community Forum after all.

Has Bust *ever* been like any other board most've us have been on?

I pm'd & politely asked wtf. Basically when he's fucking about, it's easier to just catch all the threads rather than cherrypick them. The threads will always come back.
all i was saying is hold your fire for a second. that is all. imagine if you were trying to do a job and as you were doing it, there was someone bitching second guessing everything you did?

that's what it feels like moderating this board.

i thought, you know what, it's me, i'm hair trigger, but when i got pms from ms, i realized is wasn't just me. look: it's a rough job for anyone, just slow your roll to make it easier for the people who have to do it.

is that really so much to ask?

the way i figure it, they are doing us a favor. a HUGE FAVOR.

so would the lounge have been the worse for having waited 10 minutes? honestly, i doubt it, and it would make the mod squad's job easier.
Hats off the th modsquad and Debbie for doing this! I think it's working well. I don't even know when that fucking loser has posted.

And faerietails! I was wondering what happened to you.

*throws back a drink*

Pepper I bumped Inadvertant thread, it's in media whores.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 30 2008, 12:13 AM) *
all i was saying is hold your fire for a second. that is all. imagine if you were trying to do a job and as you were doing it, there was someone bitching second guessing everything you did?

She wasn't bitching. None of us are bitching. Or second guessing. As has been stated over and over again, we appreciate the work of the mods. We were simply confused, anxious & asking for a little clarification. In the few weeks that we've had moderation around here, a number of threads have been permanently deleted, with hundreds of comments disappearing forever. Most of us are willing to sacrifice old threads if need be, but we'd rather not if that's possible. That's all that Stargazer was trying to say. There was no way for her to know that the old thread would reappear momentarily.

It's perfectly alright for mods to ask us to be patient with the new moderating glitches, but that goes both ways. The mods also need to be patient with us as we get used to the changes.
great, so you won't mind waiting a while before you post next time.

that's what i was after. just bite your tongue and let them do their job.

i understand what you're saying rose, but when you're doing that job, you're constantly checking the threads, and reading things, and unlike most trolls, steve attacks repeatedly, so it becomes very stressful trying to delete his posts/threads quickly so he doesn't feel like he's got a foot hold. it's like you're on a timer, so to be in the middle of this 'battle,' for the lack of a better word, to read posts, "questioning" or whatever you want to call it, well it feels like you're being attacked on both sides.

so here comes bustie x and they're slightly inconvenienced. they post about it. it means little to nothing to bustie x, they just noticed something that something was off, and they post it.

in the middle of a 5 page attack, or a 10 page attack-- which bustie x never sees-- those posts, those, confused, anxious or clarification posts? they feel like someone they're trying to help sucker punching them. mod squad is busting their ass to delete post after post, one by one, thread by thread, page after page.

you don't see half the work they do.

i've had to delete 40 pages of steve's threads, 10 pages of single line posts when i was doing it. it's hard painstaking work. so just assume any attack is 10, 20 or 30x worse than you see. if you see one post, assume there are probably 20 that have been deleted-- and cut them a break.

if it is, as stargazer said in another thread, it is just a matter of being irritated by steve's malarkey, then think about how it feels for modsquad. you never bear the brunt of it. modsquad does.

you can say that busties need to get used to mods, and rose, i see your point, but we sit out here-- and the waters are pretty calm--we have the easy side of things. having been on the otherside, i can tell you the waters on the other side get pretty choppy. whoever debbie picked, i am sure that they are busties who love this site, they are helping us, so i think the onus should be on us, since we aren't under any pressure, to hit the pause button instead of posting.

think of it helping instead of hurting.

QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 30 2008, 09:31 AM) *

think of it helping instead of hurting.

We are thinking of helping. Really. Seriously. Truly. From the deepest depths of our hearts.

I understand that we only see the easy side of it. I totally and completely get that and so do others. And as we've said over and over and over and over again, we are EXTREMELY grateful for the work that is being done by the mods. It's fabulous! Love it!!!

When people ask questions, please do not see it as attacking. We are not attacking. We are not second-guessing. We are trying to help. Seriously and sincerely we are. We are trying to understand the way this moderation thing works so that we can use it better and make things easier for all of us. We want to help the mods in any way we can. We are fighting this battle together, each in our own separate ways. We have one common enemy. Stay focused on that.

I adore this site. The Bust Lounge has touched me in the most personal ways imaginable. I've been here for nearly 8 years straight. Never took a hiatus or anything. Never had to change my screen name, thank goodness. Stuck with it all, through thick and thin. Busties helped me overcome my suicidal depression. For chrissake, I met my husband here.

Therefore, I am protective of it. And if it appears that something has gone wrong, I get anxious.

Recently the mods let us know that there would be a delay between posts. That's good. That helps us a lot. If a mod could let us know that threads may temporarily disappear while they're being fixed, that too will alleviate anxiety amongst the good, faithful members of the forum. And if there's anything else we need to know - any way we can help make this run more smoothly for the moderating team - then they should simply tell us. Don't be surprised if people offer up suggestions on other ways to make the Lounge less troll-friendly. These people, too, are trying to help and make the forum a better place. We want to be of assistance. Truly. Right now we have a lot of questions because this is new. Once those questions are answered, we feel better & things improve. If some newbie comes along & asks these old questions, then the regulars can fill the newbies in on the quirks of the Lounge (rather than the mods). In the end, this could actually result is less work for mods. Do you understand?

I know it can be hard to focus on the long-term when there are so many immediate concerns. But this is new for ALL of us. It's perfectly natural for us to experience growing pains. Just give every real Bustie the benefit of the doubt, okay? All of our hearts are in the right place. Truly.
holy fuck, that was fast. I am beyond impressed with the swiftness of the ridding of the fuckwads troll threads.

GT was on it fast, and modsquad is on it fast.


*takes another swig*

Damn, did I miss another margarita-fuled war watching?
i didn't have nothing to do with it. it was all mod squad.

good hustle Mod Squad, y'all are
I didn't write that I meant, when GT was Mod, she was on it fast, too.
Re: the uselessness of IP addresses

Why doesn't BUST just start requiring a verifiable email to register? You know, "check your email and click the link to complete registration"?

I realize it would just be a small deterrent, but honestly? If he's gonna keep coming back, might as well ban his accounts and require him to go through the process of registering a new email address before he can register a new account here, then go back to his email to complete the process of registering an account for the lounge.

It's a pain in the ass to start a new email and put in your password info and shit. And if those email addresses keep getting banned, he'll have to keep going through the hassle of actually registering new accounts before he can start his dumb shit here.

If he's gonna be a pain in our asses, might as well be a pain in his, no?
i can't say for sure, but it might be possible. most forums, like this one, are prefab. they aren't built from the ground up. so it might mean migrating to a whole nother system and start from scratch.
i haven't looked into it personally, but....
Someone is up early this morning...
Wait, the lounge has a Modsquad now?? I'm so out of it I just noticed. This in addition to what GT was able to get started? That's *%@! awesome! The profile is cute too.
i thought it was just me but saw where it is happening to others, Why aren't pics showing up in the thread now? i'm doing what i've always done and they just don't appear.
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(pepper @ Oct 3 2008, 12:35 PM) *
i thought it was just me but saw where it is happening to others, Why aren't pics showing up in the thread now? i'm doing what i've always done and they just don't appear.

yes, why? previously posted pics are still visible, but i just couldn't make it happen today...? rather frustrating.
yeah. i've been having problems with links too.
I don't know what happened with image posting but it may be an unintended result of additional security. Will have ModSquad look into it. Hopefully will be resolved by Monday. Thanks for your patience.
What's with the really annoying ad which now appears on the top right of my screen and has squashed all of the links such as PM messages and the help links to the side? (mac/firefox 3.0/pink leopard)

eta: it is following me to every thread and is seriously fucking irritating. Is anybody else seeing this (it's a blockbuster ad for a dvd called the fabulous stains? It is not a pop-up). If this is going to be a regular addition to the site then I won't be... yes, I'm throwing a strop: I don't even live in the States so it isn't applicable to me and I block spam/ads at every given opportunity. I thought BUST was moving away from this crap the last changeover?
I see the explanation. I, for one, find it disruptive. It's an eyesore.
I understand if you need to pay the bills but is there any option in our controls where we can switch it off?
bunny - please send me a screen shot of how it is squashing your buttons, i definitely don;t want it to mess up your layouts. (p.s. the fabulous stains is a really cool movie from the 80s that is just being re-released).
*scrunches nose*

I have it too, bunny. It's not squishing my buttons, but it's definitely distracting.
Keep the faith, baby.
Psst, switch to the work-safe mode. I still just have the banner ad at the top.
polly, i lurve you. i'll miss the pink martini, but the ad looks fucked up.

ok, i guess i've been "nice*" for a while, time to put on the war paint....

i'm with bunny. we have worked fucking hard to keep this space blissfully free of that type of horseshit. if you'll note we don't have any animated gifs or and jpgs in our sigs, the emphasis is on what we write, and i for one find the ad OFFENSIVE.

honestly debbie, i'd been talking you up the last couple of weeks, but this....

i'm sorry, it seems like just when we feel like we are getting some respect from the magazine, it's right back to the fucking red-headed step child treatment.

if you think that ad is unobtrusive, then you're not paying attention. it is ugly, it is distracting, and it cheapens bust and the lounge.


in one fell swoop, you've managed to burn up every bit of good will you might have gained from the modding situation, and you are probably going to cost us some wonderful busties.

good work.

*when i say "nice" i mean i haven't used my usual number of explitives.
oh, that is so ugly! why not a banner ad across the top? that's the usual format is it not? this block o' sellables is a bit intrusive (probably the point).
i've bought things from the boobtique before but just because i check it regularly, not due to adverts.

gt love your sylvia ji avatar. i just discovered her paintings the other day, she's so good.
There are sites on the internet that I avoid because of the ads, but I don't think that this use of ad space is that terrible.

The lounge is an intimate place for most of us, but it's also, let's get real, a commercial space. I thought we were Bust supporters?

I feel like if selling ad space and self-promoting are what it takes to keep everything afloat and everyone paid fairly, it's a good cause. I've gotten used to the banner ad at the top and will probably get used to the square in the top corner too. Just let's not go the way of blinky flash java freeze-up my screen myspace cause I'd have to stop coming here.
Thanks, polly; zoya had already filled me in on the work-around but I don't think I should have to change; I LOVE the pink leopard print (it's one of the many things that makes the lounge what it is for me) and I don't want it dull and blue. I don't see why the pink lovers should be penalised and why we should be the ones to change/accomodate because we don't like what is going on.

The ads are distracting and intrusive; I find them very off-putting and this is one thing that I will not get used to as I have other changes. When I say that my links are squashed over to the side, I mean that they have been moved to the left to make way for the atrocity.

I can understand the commercial need but each and every page?!

In case I haven't made myself clear: the lounge is now FUGLY sad.gif.
hey, i was thinking about the pictures not showing up and decided that that is probably a most excellent development. it means NO more stumbling across fake-o abortion pics in the threads unexpectedly! how wonderful is that? i don't mind having to click links to all pics if it means i can avoid seeing those monstrosities forever. whew.

why can't the ads just be at the intro to threads but not in the actually threads themselves. we'll see them tons and tons but it won't be as bad as it is now. maybe a banner at the bottom in the actual threads, change it up a little.
and what's with the pink/blue discussion? mine is all still pink, did i miss something?

sorry vixen, I DO NOT SUPPORT BUST. i have refused to buy the magazine for YEARS because of some of debbie's STUPID policies around here. that was about to change because i felt that after years of bitching about steve, debbie finally decided to try a trolligator.

silly me, i thought this meant that we were finally going to be treated as something other than a red headed step-child to bust, that debbie ultimately didn't give two shits about. i thought for a second debbie actually cared about the lounge.

yeah, right.

no, she wanted to get rid of steve-- not out of some sense of sisterhood, or a heart-felt feminist want to protect some of the beautiful, sensitive souls that come in here. nope.
she got rid of steve to make the lounge safe for FUCKING ADVERTISERS.

take a good look in the mirror, debbie. is this the person you thought you'd be when you and your friends were first putting bust together? i honestly used to think the world of you. now you're no better than the fakes at suicide girls. who use feminism as a shield. they put their mouth where there money is, instead of the other way around.

et tu, bust?

it's obvious now, that the reason that we can't post pix is because of that goddamned monstrosity next to the masthead. seems debbie is more than happy to trade busties' creativity for a little cashola. and while it might mean no faux abortion pix, occasionally, no pix effectively means the end of the 'say cheese,' and other threads.

imagine me, defending debbie. i should have fucking known better. don't hand me that HORSE SHIT about how the lounge needs to make money. i've been around here for 10 fucking years, and that doesn't wash. we've had to put up with ads above and below, but never this amount of bullshit.

sorry, deb this one, i absolutely will not abide. keep it there and i will do everything i can to crash that plan. i will write nasty letters to the people who buy those ads, and anything else my creative little mind can come up with. this is a violation of this space every bit as much as steve's shit. just cos it comes from you doesn't make it better, it makes it MUCH FUCKING WORSE.

to think, for a second i had a half an ounce of respect for you. but you have so little respect for us. this, this debbie shows you have nothing but contempt for busties.


i take this as a personal insult debbie, cos you used me to do your fucking dirty work.
once again, debbie, fuck you.
My own personal level of fury at this point cannot be quantified. It's that far off the charts loco. And it isn't just the ad. The ad I could live with, I mean, I'm not even a little gay & would totally have sex with Diane Lane. But. BUT. I WANT TO SCREAM.
I'm sorry to hear that you guys are so disappointed. The issue with the pics has absolutely nothing to do with the ad, and everything to do with the massive posting of abortion pics. I am hoping to bring back the pic posting as soon as the other issue has been completely dealt with. I have not treated the Lounge as the last priority; in fact, in redesigning the website and deciding on a new CMS system to run, I only considered programs what would allow the lounge to remain unchanged. Next, we have included fewer ads here than on any other section on the web site -- for years now. Lastly, I only put up the ad after we had decided on a place where it would be the least intrusive of the lounge - not in the center of your posts, as very many other forums using this system have done, and not on the left and right side of your posts, as very many others have done as well (see as an example). But it is frustrating that no matter what we do, some of you think that it is with bad intentions, that I don't care, and so on. What is it that is so infuriating about an additional ad here? There used to be all kinds of flashing/flickering ads at the top of this page. There have been ads running in the Lounge for the past 8 years, at least.
I'm just curious to know why there is a sudden need for money. Is it for the site specifically or what?

Also, I am actually very glad that the ad is something that we can scroll away from and not one of those sidebar ads that would follow you everywhere. However, if the ads start using flash, then I'm outta here. There is nothing more annoying than a visual attack when trying to access a website.

GT, I really don't think that the ads have anything to do with the inability to post pictures. In case you forgot, there have been banner ads at the top and bottom of the Lounge for quite a while, all while the Steve crap was going on. It can't be that much of a concern because the advertisers are trying to reach us, not some crazy anti abortion troll.
Yes, there were ads here, but they weren't so in your face.

I'm a person who just ignores advertising, it's something that is there which I just don't acknowledge, but I'm going to have to agree, the new ad format is ooooooglaay.
While I think that the ad is in a weird space, it is just an ad ladies. The Lounge has to be a money making endevor for Bust. I don't see what the big deal is. It doens't change who we are and it barely changes the way things look arounf here. I don't consider this a betrayal or anything or even thatv big a deal. If I want to read the magazine, I have to pay for either an issue or a subscription. How can I expect to use this site totally for free. Would people feel better if they could pay a subscription for an ad free Bust site?

I don't mean to sound rude, but I just don't see what the fuss is about. The internet is about making money. How can we expect Bust to work for free?
The ad doesn't piss me off at all. Baby needs new shoes. I can get behind that, no prob.

I'm cranked by shit that I can't detail here. The ad is nothing, but my other beefs? Yeah, BIG. I am not a redheaded stepchild & resent the treatment.

I came high caliber & was dogged. No explanation, no nothing. TPTB apparently know better, even if they don't spend any time here.
i have no issue with the ads at the top and bottom of the page, candy, but this one is entirely too much. if there is an issue with ad revenue, why not raise the cost of the banners above and below. this one IS intrusive, it's like a poke in the eye everytime a page is reloaded.

it's so funny, deb that you seem to think that the lounge should be run/moded collectively, unless it goes against what you want. we had threads that came to the consensus that there should be limited modding-- trolligating for more than a year, but heard bupkus from you. occasionally you would deem that things were so heated down here to post occasionally, only to tell us, it wasn't going to happen. you would pose questions, but wouldn't stick around for the replies. you never thought it was worth your time to even rebut them. oh sure, you would do something that was minor, like which end the last post is on. but little more. now you are trying to tell us that the lounge is something you put a lot of thought into? sorry. i'm not buying it.

if the lounge was so important to you, and not the bastard child that it feels like on this end, why not consult us on the ad placement? or if there should be more ads at all?

it would seem it was so important you didn't think of that.

i think part of the problem here, deb is that you only think of the lounge in the abstract. you think, it's just a forum, like any other forum on any other. i don't think you really understand the spirit of the place in real terms. and i think that is why you see no issue with that damn ad. i think that is why to you it seems reasonable.

it is not.

you need to read some of the threads where people pour their hearts out and find solace from others going thru the same thing. this place, debbie, has a soul, it has a real live heart. it is not some useless appendage. that if you do something like that, it changes the character of this place. how can you be so resistant to having a targeted moderation and take years to bend on that, but do something way more destructive, something entirely more reckless, and do it without talking to us? i mean, honestly, how long did you actually consider this? was this something that the people who vetoed the changing back grounds thought would be a great?

this place has history, debbie. just because some other site looks like it's run by an ad company, doesn't mean that it's ok to fuck up things here.

you've got something really special here, debbie and it just astounds me that in the years the lounge has been here, you've never bothered to figure that out.

ok, confused here. the ad isn't that bad, really. it's annoying and ugly but meh, so what (i actually don't mind the craftster format, it doesn't bother me at all. and i HAVE ordered things i've seen advertised here and on craftster so it's working). this is a free site, if we don't like it we don't have to come. and it doesn't matter how long we've been coming here etc. why should that have anything to do with how the site is run? this site is to advertise bust magazine and whatever else makes the magazine money, we make it what it is and we're all still here. honestly, i think we are just lucky to have this place. so much bitching, i just don't get it. would people be happier if the lounge was closed forever? i gotta say, if i was providing this free service and getting this much flak and nasty demands i'd just throw in the towel and say be done with it.

and i don't think say cheese isn't going anywhere, people can click a link to see pics, it takes about 1 second to do that so no big. it's probably safer from random stalking that way anyhow.
thank you SO MUCH for disabling the pic function in regards to those abortion pics. when they show up in the mama threads especially they are just so horrible.

one thing i do wish was different is the pink font when i'm typing in messages. it's harder to see than black and it bugs me. it seems kind of pointless beyond being a bother.
I didn't even realize the ad was there, because I always have bust in work-safe mode. Not even because I'm using it at work - I work from home - but just because I like as little crap as possible on my desktop. Work safe mode just has the one banner ad at the top, and it's easy to scroll down beyond it.

I've hopped on the pink martini skin, and yes, the ad is pretty damn annoying - for me, the size isn't so bad, it's the flashing on something that size that bugs the crap out of me... but as far as I'm concerned, if it helps the lounge stay alive, then why not? This place has been practically a second home for me for 10 years now (wow... damn!) and I wouldn't want to see it gone.

That said, it would have been nice to know in advance what was going on, that there would be some changes.. and I certainly wouldn't want to see the lounge laden with any more ads.

I know this might sound bitchy, but I sincerely don't mean it that way - I don't see why if it bugs people, they don't just go into work safe mode? that's why I went into work safe mode in the first place, to minimize even the amount of banner ads. I realize people love the pink leopard skin and they feel they shouldn't be 'chased' from it, but if this ad is going to stay around in this format, I kinda feel like its the lesser of two evils. I'd rather be on a more plain layout than to look at a big flashing thing.

zoya, I've already answered that: I don't see why I should HAVE to. Yes, that may be me being stubborn but, hey, what else is new?

Let's agree that it will annoy the fuck out of some of us and the rest won't give a fuck.
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