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bumped for you crino
Thanks! I couldn't find it for some reason!
no problem. but even with the flooding, do be careful. we had some flooding up here and a woman that troubleman was aquanted with drowned checking something in her basement.

and keep us updated.

ok, please do not report threads started by 5 watt. i do check the site frequently, and if i don't i'm getting my teeth removed from my head and i'm too freaking stoned out of my head to do anything anyways.

thank you,

~gt's sanity, and her mailbox too
props to gt for the excellent vigilante service this weekend. also, i'm loving seeing all those steve posts with "0 views"--keep ignoring, ladies!
I posted this in another thread, but I feel it is worth repeating here.

I do NOT approve of the superfluous troll-baiting threads that have been created in the Lounge this weekend. The point of having a Trolligaotr is to completely eliminate all evidence of the trolls. I fear that Debbie will see these superfluous threads and determine that the Trolligator option has backfired - that the Busties are too immature to handle it - and will take away all moderating rights. In addition, threads like that violate one of the most basic rules of the Lounge: all new threads need to be approved in the Community Forum.

Personally, I find those threads to be just as offensive as Steve's threads. If you want to talk about a troll, bait him, whatever, we already have a place for that (The Busting Trolls thread in As The World Turns). We don't need numerous other superfluous threads dedicated to that issue.
I'm not really cool with those threads either. They just look like they're cluttering up the board as well. One I could handle but why the need for so many?
Thank you, Rose and Erin, for saying what I was thinking much better! It would be a total shame if our very-much wished for and loved Trollgator caused the arguments we were all hoping wouldn't happen, but I'm kinda hoping this is just new-toy ebullience that'll wear off.
rose, bunny, if you think you can do a better job, you are welcome to it.

i have spent the last three days busting my ass to delete steves threads as soon as they appear, i have a horrible sinus headache i've had for three days, my tooth is infected, i injured my hand and i've been fighting with my girlfriend because i've been spending so much time fighting steve. the puppy monster has been sick this weekend, i've had precious little sleep, and debbie's complaining that ive been altering steve's posts, of all fucking things, my pm box gets flooded every single post or thread that steve posts if it's not deleted within one minute, and now i've got the two of you giving me a nice public reprimand.

i already pm'd bunny, i would have sent you a pm rose, but your box is full.

so here we are 1600+ posts and threads deleted later. i have given everything i could to this site in the last 3 days and it feels like y'all would rather have it the old way.

i bitched and moaned and complained, and emailed and pmed debbie, and worked my ass off trying to get someone to be a trolligator. i pleaded the case for this, because i thought this would be a better site if we got rid of steve once and for all. i told debbie that the person we chose should be chosen by busties, but she chose me. obviously the wrong call.

and for all my complaints where were the two of you? where you emailing debbie? were you talking to LLL? were you doing anything?

but here you are complaining now. after the fact. do you want the job? i'm thinking not. no. much easier to bitch. i know that.

i know i rub some of y'all the wrong way. but i tried. i loved this site, and now... i get grief.
fuck. heh. i'm crying now cos off and on for the last 10 years this has been my favorite site. but it don't feel like home this morning. and y'all are probably thinking good riddance. but i tried. i loved y'all fiercely, but sometimes that just doesn't work out right.

and maybe i'll feel different tomorrow, but today i wish i'd never found this site.

i quit.

ETA:the two threads that are so strenuously objected to are deleted.
GT, we're fully behind you as Trollgator and love everything you've done! I think we all just have a problem with the extra threads that are wholly needless, and are asking that they die a death. It's not a call to go back to the "old way", merely a reminder that we'd like to stick with the rest of our rules for the time being.
it is of my opinion that tackling what GT in the short time is too much for one person to do. he's doing this precisely so the trolligator gets burnt out. There needs to be more than one or two people to do that job.
GT, I am still extremely grateful for all of the hard work you put in this weekend and the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of posts you had to delete. For those who don't know, the troll's post count got way past 1000 this weekend which is positively insane. He also created an untold number of new threads in an attempt to bury legitimate thread titles. This board would be a clogged mess today if it weren't for GirlTrouble. I honestly feel that Debbie should thank GT publicly. Thanks to GT, Debbie's interns have time to do work related to the magazine today rather than cleaning up this forum.

ETA: I just noticed that 2 of the 3 threads have been deleted. Thank you for that. I really appreciate it & imagine others do, too.
GT - I think I can speak for everyone when I say that your hard work of finding the threads / posts and deleting them is much appreciated - I don't read it as anyone trying to tell you you're doing a bad job, or that they could do it better - no way. I think you're doing an amazing job, pretty much all of them (as far as I can see) are gone.

The "superfluous threads" that are being brought up, I believe, are the ones entitled stuff like "Steve is a Jackass" (in the LTAS forum) that kinda look like they are blatant troll baiting by busties. I'm not saying that's anyone's intention at all with starting those threads - but it does kinda look like it's going against what's pretty much been the accepted modus operandi around here as to how to deal with tr**lls : 1) Ignore the motherfuckers, don't give them fodder. 2) hope to fuck Debbie would do something about it. (which would not happen and the threads would just have to work their way down while the tr**l, seeing them, would keep on posting.)

Thank fuck something HAS finally been done about no. 2 and we finally have someone to actively delete all that crap as it comes up. Again, I think you're fucking rocking it, GT, and I don't think anyone else who's posted disagrees with that., this all may be completely moot if the threads that I mentioned (the ones that kinda look like tr**l baiting) are actually not being posted by a bustie, but being posted by the tr**l itself, masquarading as a bustie. I remember when that happened a few years back and threw the whole lounge into chaos. No one could tell who was who, and everyone was suspicious of everyone - to the point that I remember legitimate busties were under scrutiny as being the tr**l who was crashing the lounge. THAT was a mess. Hopefully that's not the case here.

I'm sorry girltrouble, this was never meant to come across as a personal attack. I stand by my objection about the threads as their creation and their content went against what I think the lounge stands for. I am not ungrateful for everything that you have done this weekend but to be honest I think it was a huge miscalculation on Debbie's part to give you the job of trolligator without asking our opinion first of your/the role's function (as polly said a few days ago, maybe the role should have been anonymous). None of us knew what was going on and Steve LOVED the fact that it was you that he was basically having a fight with. My opinion of a trolligator is somebody who cleans up and doesn't engage but I am not trying to criticise the job you did perform as you did your best with this literally thrown at you.

I am also really disconcerted by the posts made by "Steve's Nemecis" and if whoever it is is actually a BUSTie I would plead with you to stop as posting photos and details of Steve's house and life -if that's what they are- is really creepy and makes me feel unsafe here.
GT did do a fantastic job, I can only imagine how exhausting it is.

What Steve has done is what a troll is successful in doing, he's created chaos, he's taking away from the validity of the boards, and I am with you on the fact that he loved the fact it was GT who was deleting threads. The man was pathetic this weekend, the number of posts he had takes people months to do.

the deleting of posts should be anonymous and there should be more than one person doing so. I got a PM from LL saying that they didn't want to delete steve's screen name as he'd just keep on signing up anyways. Which makes sense, but when he was deleted, at least he didn't post for a while. We all know he's still in here, he's just a guest.

After the recent attack, the dynamics of this board has changed. I don't know if anyone else saw that, but there is some bad air in here, and I don't know what it is. I'm not saying anyone in here is creating anything, quite the contrary, but shit in here is different. and I don't like it. I like how we can work our differences out like adults, how after a spat things are good, or whatever. this time around, I just can't put my finger on it.
I can see both sides of the to bait or not to bait issue. They clutter the threads, but I think we're all so f-ing frustrated with the troll situation, and I know GT is up to her ears in getting rid of it, so for her, the frustration hasn't ended. If she has a place to blow off steam for the first few days, I guess it's fine.

This is why I wish the trolligator was kept anonymous, so wouldn't become a personal issue, whether or not that was the intention.

ETA: And yes, there should be more than one....can we all please suck it up and be grateful for the gift of the trolligating ability and maybe TPTB will give the ability to someone else, ANONYMOUSLY this time, please!
polly, you're right: this shouldn't have the potential to become personal and I really didn't want what I said to gt to come across as a personal attack. I get now that it was probably only a temporary measure but maybe there should have been clearer guidelines for what to expect (for gt and for us).

CH, I know exactly what you mean; I think it's to do with a shift in power/dynamic and a big change, which none us have known how to deal with. I think we can all agree, not least gt and the stress this has put her under, that there have been major teething problems with this that we need to work out.
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Sep 2 2008, 02:17 PM) *
This is why I wish the trolligator was kept anonymous, so wouldn't become a personal issue, whether or not that was the intention.

I agree, Polly. The troll likes to get personal with his attacks, so I think it would make everyone feel better if the Trolligator positions could remain anonymous. I thought that had actually been mentioned multiple times before in earlier discussions throughout the past year. That's why I was so surprised to see a Bustie name listed with the other moderators. It felt like Gt had been offered up on a plate & that made me very uncomfortable for her ... and for the rest of us who might take on moderation posts in the future.

Then again, I'm a member of a number of different forums, all of which have mods, and the moderation is not done anonymously at those places. Perhaps Debbie does not wish to travel into those uncharted waters. However, the mods on those other forums have much more control than what we wish to bestow onto a Trolligator, so there's definitely a difference.

I am all for us nominating people anonymously (I have some great people in mind already). I'm just not so sure that the names should be published publicly.
Let's not forget that Steve isn't exactly your typical troll. Like the porn troll, posted a few times then was gone.

Steve has been coming back for years. He knows who has been around for a while, he's like a big baby that if he kicks up enough of a strom for long enough someone will pay attention to him.

I don't think anyone, but the admin andthe mod themselves, should know who the mods are.
Steve's Nemecis
I want to apologize to those Busties I've made feel unsafe. It was NOT my intention. I know many of you do not trust me, but I am being sincere-from the bottom of my heart when I stress,

I will NEVER do that to a legitimate Bustie.

This was reserved for Steve ONLY.

And, if you look back at my posts, I didn't post ANYTHING that would broadcast his address or phone number or email. I could have, but I have my limits.

I was only trying, in my own way, to get him to stop.

I am done here.

I hope Steve is done here. I doubt that he is, though.
Y'know, I always wondered why Debbie was so against the concept of a civvie Trolligator. Now I guess I know: All the bitching & moaning it would cause. All the buts, all the debates, all the paranoia, all the BS.

Not only that, but Steve's getting what he wants: dissention among the ranks. He's laughing his ass off right now that he's not even fucking doing anything & we're having kittens over the details.

I'm not saying the points aren't legit, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the fucking mouth over it.
I agree pretty much with everything that's being said. I certainly didn't mean my post to come off as some sort of personal attack and I didn't want to make GT feel like I was saying "I could do a better job". That's a job I definitely don't want, but I just don't see the point of those threads, especially when one has already been created for the purpose of what I see as blowing off steam towards steve. It's been frustrating so like I said, I can see the purpose of starting one thread.

I don't have a problem GT with you having the power to delete his threads if that's all you're doing but isn't one of the reasons for the community thread to talk about which threads should be created? It just seemed unnecessary and annoying to have those extra threads, which I'm pleased to see you did delete.

I'm with you culture when you said that having one person do that job is a lot. Plus, that's a lot of pressure to have on someone because they need to be online pretty much all the time to stay on top of things. And it does sound like you have a lot on your plate right now GT, which you said at the beginning of your last post.

I know you're stressed and tired of this bullshit, I think you totally misread our posts, or at least mine. All I said is that I didn't like having extra threads attacking Steve being started because they're of no use and clutter up the board.
yes, well, as far as i'm concerned i think debbie was right. we shouldn't have any mods. i think y'all deserve steve. i think y'all would bitch and moan until everything was just so, then bitch some more because it went to fast or slow.

lemmie ask you a question-- think of those abortion pix. now think of one of those threads which drew steve's attention, and kept him engaged instead of posting. which is worse? lets get some perspective here. those pix in sensitive threads THAT is what we were fighting. yet somehow y'all act like those 3 threads were waaaaaay worse. like those 3 threads were what was really offensive. please.

tell me, which is worse those 3 threads or the 40 at a time steve was posting? you mean to tell me you couldn't navagate around three measly threads? those threads meant he wasn't posting his abortion pix in another thread. do you know why he kept starting threads? because it took me longer to delete those than his posts.

so those threads were annoying. so the fuck what. it just baffles me that things could have been worse, but you all still find a way to complain.

and i find it hard not to take your critisism as personally when you seem to go out of your way to tell me how you think it should be done or how you've got some marvelous people in mind to be trolligators, or how you might want to be mods in the future. i find it ironic considering the number of posts i had to write, pms and emails i had to send, shit i had to stir all the while y'all said it wasn't gonna happen, stood by and said or did nothing, yet when it does happen you line up to bitch.

all you had to do was show a little faith, a little patience. but that was too much.
yeah we are ungrateful bitches who are never fucking happy, who can't use their ignore buttons, who can't avoid threads Steve created and who enjoy when their own pick fights with trolls and act like juvenile bullies.

There I said it and now I'm done with the BS, the bitching, the moaning and the paranoia that I started. Excuse me for thinking that women here were strong and mature enough to deal with some criticism when they are being hypocrites.
you know what, you could have just shot me a pm. plenty of people did.

but look, you're not talking about the women here-- you're talking about me. so fine. the issue wasn't that you couldn't avoid steve's threads, it was mine-- and perhaps i should have pointed out they were temporary and i'd delete them after the attack.

and so i did something that i called busty on. you got me dead to rights.

fine. i was trying to do something that i thought would make this place better in the long run. so i didn't think. i signed on here friday while an attack was going on and i just did what i thought would get rid of him. you got me. i fucked up.

you got it in writing.

now what? a public spanking? oh no wait a blow by blow of how is should have done it. that would be terrific.

because i still didn't see you busting your ass for this shit. when i was telling busties to email debbie did you? or did you do nothing because you figured nothing would happen and ignoring him would be better. you do things your way-- i do mine. i'm hot headed. you know it, i know it. and i told debbie to let the lounge choose someone, because i don't just ignore. i scrap. that's just who i am. i speak my mind. so i'm not gonna do it the pretty nice way. i don't know how. so am i gonna take it personal when you pick out my fuck up, yeah. i am. you just waltz in here, having done no work, no fighting for it, and just point out what i'm doing wrong. so yeah. it rubs me the wrong way when you point at some small thing to me and blow it up till it's huge. yeah it feels like you are ungrateful when you did nothing to get rid of steve or even try, but you are more than happy to point out my failings. yeah. it feels personal.

all i was doing was the best i could, and it feels like pile on time.

i've been here years when nobody would bite when steve would post one person might say something then someone would chide them for it, saying it was best if he was ignored. but he kept coming back, and the LL would neglect the lounge till the middle of the week, when the attack was over then clean up. i thought we need something stronger, and i worked hard for it. then it got dropped in my lap and i did what i do. had you just dropped me a note saying hey, next time let's try something different and see if it works, i would have been cool. but instead you pretty much jumped in my shit and called me a hypocrite. how did you think i was gonna take it?
Okay, way to take something hella personal, BB. I wasn't calling you out. I didn't say you started anything by any means. I said the points made were valid, for fuck's sake. And I said nothing about "ungrateful bitches", so don't go putting words in my mouth, TYVM. Feeling self-important today are we?

My point was that after all the bitching we've done about Steve over the years, we've finally received what we wanted: somebody that isn't an unpaid intern with a million chores to do already that CARES about the Lounge & has taken the time to protect our space. 1000+ posts over three days, people. Are there problems with it? Yes. Is she perfect? No. Was starting the superfluous threads neccessary? No. Do I agree to a certain extent that it was juvenile to start more than one Steve bashing thread in the first place when we have the troll thread already? Yes. Do I feel my responding in those threads juvenile? Yes. But it sure felt goooood.

But. BUT. While the rest of us were content with complaining, GT stepped up to the plate & badgered Debbie into making things run a little more smoothly around here. For that she should be commended.

Like I said, he's laughing at us right now. Had this been done in a PM fashion, things would have been handled quietly instead of alerting the PTB that exactly what they thought would happen would. We'd asked for a toy fire engine, but when it turned out to be blue instead of red, we had a fit instead of being happy with what we got.
aural, she was talking to me. when she was saying the stuff about ungrateful bitches.

and she's right. i was a hypocrite. i should have pm'd busty too. i'm a double hypocrite. i let off my steam. i'm done now. sorry bb.

ETA:i'm an asshole/loudmouth but we all knew that...right?
I'm not the one blowing this up until it's huge.

I am so fucking sorry that I didn't take it to PM (and I have addressed that by PM) but I prefer to do things publicly as it was a lounge point - apparently there were other people who agreed with me. As it was, you sent me a very pissed off PM in return so how would it have aided me to have it all private? Also you deleted my post along with your petty little thread so nobody can actually decide for themselves whether I was being critical of your failings, pouncing on your shit or really just saying, "hey, is there any need for the superfluous threads? and hey it would have been nice if you'd run those past the community forum." Excuse me for not realising that you had carte blance and were above the rules.

I never negated the good you did over the weekend but I didn't like what you were doing to the lounge in doing so and I am allowed to say that; really I didn't think it would have been such a big deal but nobody can say anything remotely negative to you.

The reason that I haven't been busting (excuse the pun) myself trying to get a trolligator instated and cleaning up? I wasn't bothered either way about it -yes, it's annoying when debbie et al ignore us but I'm a big girl and I can ignore the same, tired, photo-shopped images and my only annoyance is it not being cleaned up. Fine, you've done that and everybody has patted you on the back but don't be a martyr about it. The trolligator was your mission and harassing Debbie was your choice, not mine. Now you've got what you wanted... oh wait, you actually didn't want the job, did you? you wanted somebody else to do the dirty work.

This is all a lot of shit, really. Grow up and realise that in the big world not everybody agrees with you and you can't create a flamewar out of every time somebody disagrees with something you say or do. I should have known better than to open my mouth where you were concerned and that was my failing.
sigh, you had to apologise as I was writing a big off rant, didn't you?
fuck, can we just move on and forget all this? I have tried to make the peace by saying that you did a fantastic job and were in a shitty position - I DO see that.

If you want a little more of my opinion - and this is really paranoia for you, ap- debbie deliberately made you trolligator gt so that it would backfire. Yes, I had faith that you could handle Steve and I said that far below but I think we all knew it would get heated too.

Anyway, I'm taking a few days off.
nah. keep the rant. lol... i need a good earful. wink.gif

debbie deliberately made you trolligator gt so that it would backfire.

lol... i'm so predictable...

hey-- who wants to sing kumbyah?
A thousand pardons on bended knee, BB. You used the words from *my* post, so I assumed you were talking to me & not GT. I wasn't meaning to cause beef between us. My colossal bad for misinterpretation, fer reals. Ten unenjoyable lashes for me. A hairshirt, too, maybe.

Everybody repeat after me:

Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya

Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya

Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya

Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya

Someone's singing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's singing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's singing, Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya
GT, i just want to say that i am extremely grateful for you being able to keep on top of things and deleting the under-bridge-dwellers' crap as fast as you could. especially with everything else you had going on. i couldn't have done it.

i had no idea that you were a moderator, or hell, that there was even a real chance that we were getting a moderator! i think that most of us had just given up on the possibility of there ever really being a "trolligator", and it caught a lot of people by surprise.

my own way of dealing with the little turd all these years has been to just ignore any new threads, and resist the urge to engage it in any other threads. it seemed that that was the only way to deal with it. it was really nice to have the crap disappear almost as soon as it popped up!

i'm sure no one meant to attack you personally, these attacks always catch everyone on the raw and people get flustered. sometimes it's easy to hit send without stopping to consider how it will sound once it's out there (and i'm as guilty of this as anyone, i'm not trying to be all holier-than-thou, honestly.). i am not personally attacking anyone, you all know me and you know i don't work like that. i love being able to post here and know that there are people who have never met me who care about what i have to say!

i am hoping that we can all settle down and smooth our ruffled feathers and stop pecking at each other. dissention in the ranks is what the little twit is trying to create and it looks like he has managed quite nicely. somebody brought up the time when the twit was posing as legit busties... i remember that, tho i was kind of on the edges of it, but that was a really awful time. nobody trusted anybody else on here, words got twisted, there were some nasty fights... it was generally horrible.

i feel like a naive little girl, crying "can't we all just get along?" but honestly, that's what i'd like! not that we never disagree or even fight, but that it's done with a little respect amongst ourselves.

i know i'm rambling here, (i've got a nasty headache and can't concentrate real well, i'm sorry) but i just thought about my kids... it's funny how they fight constantly, but if an outsider attacks.... woo boy! that's what i'm getting at. we can fight among ourselves, but lets band together in the face of the cold cruel world!

i love the busties, all of em, ones i've met and haven't met, ones i talk to all the time and ones that i just see in passing. i'd hate to have any one of those busties flounce over this.
Do I need to come in here and yell boobies?
LOL, it took me so long to write that whole damn post out... it's staying! even if it's all been resolved!

hey culture... BOOBIES!
shhh! we're about to sing "michelle row the boat ashore."
ETA: Just saw the apology. Thanks for that.

I agree that we should band together. And together we should stick to the original rules that we have held so dearly for so many years.
1. If you want to start a new thread, clear it in the community forum
2. If a thread on that topic already exists, tell people to use that existing thread rather than create a new thread.

This is all that I ask.
dood. i get it. can we stop beating the dead horse, please?

Is yelling "boobies" on a fem site the same as yelling "fire" in a movie theatre?
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 2 2008, 05:41 PM) *
can we stop beating the dead horse, please?

But GT, I thought you liked it rough.
[winks seductively]

I mean, uh, BOOBIES! Joyous, wonderful boobies of all shapes and sizes!!!
Boobies!!!!! tongue.gif
Boobies!!!! Glorious glorious boobies.

You know, that reminds me of the episode of That '70's show when eric was all about Panties, and he pulled a lever or chord or something and he was showered in panties.
okay, so now I have that "row the boat ashore" song coursing through my head with no reprieve in sight.... blink.gif

Oh there's a cure for that tree. But it's a horrible, awful, nasty cure.

It's a small world.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Sep 2 2008, 07:34 PM) *
Oh there's a cure for that tree. But it's a horrible, awful, nasty cure.

It's a small world.

Oh, you SUCK, Ch!!!!!! OMG!!!!

*plugs ears and sings la la la la*

No...not that song!!!

*flashes back to disney-land*


ETA: Okay, I have to do this now:

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street

Come and play
Everything's A-OK
Friendly neighbors there
That's where we meet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street
yes, and I've been told I do it quite well.

There is the episode of the simpsons which pokes fun of it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all. it's a small small world.
evel culture! bad! bad!

*takes culture over the knee and gives her a sound spanking*
ohhh...I've heard that CH likes that....

*smacks CH in the butt*

But I do lurve you anyway, chica!

*hums the sesame street theme song*
oh man, i have 17 seasons of simpsons on this computer and now i have to go search for that epi and watch it. that's the one where lisa drinks the funky water and ends up at home wrapped in a blanket with a handful of pills. "can't talk, coming down." ha ha ha ha ha!

oh yes, and

QUOTE(bunnyb @ Sep 2 2008, 02:46 PM) *
Also you deleted my post

I have been trying to stay out of this, and I don't want to be one jumping on ANY busties, GT, or bunnyb, or anyone. But I need to know if this is true, and if so, if it has been rectified. I only ask because, in the original discussion about having mods or "trolligators," this was one of my biggest concerns. I am not trying to fling shit....maybe I just need to have my fears about the potential of censorship allayed.
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