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sad isn't it? you missed all the fun last night, faerie. we were chiding steve about how he couldn't spell or write a coherent sentence, and well, he couldn't hack it, poor dear.

since then our moronic little 10watt steve has retreated back into his cut and paste tirades, since aural and i kept handing him his ass. tsk. he's just given up.

personally i love the bible quotes, since every one he posts is an admission that he's too stupid to handle posting in here.

laugh.gif oh 10 watt, you poor pathetic loser laugh.gif
It is pretty sad that he keeps on coming in here for verbal abuse, time after time after time. A sub for sure!
I'm disappointed as a motherfucker in myself for playing along, but it's just too much fun sometimes. And it's not like it takes much time/energy/thought to do it. The tiny flickering little Xmas bulb of his mind is fairly feeble compared to the klieg lights of ours.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Aug 24 2008, 01:58 PM) *
Everyone should also block girltrouble_cant_ignore_me.

girltrouble_cant_ignore_me tried to friend me.

You are a fucktard for even trying.
meh. i feel no guilt for playing along. if he had any balls he'd post his mind instead of his cut and paste/abortion pic bullshit. i have not shame in taking him out of his game and proving a point: he isn't smart enough to post in here.

if you'll notice, his game is not thinking, just posting cutting and pasting. it's not even engaging us. i don't think he cares about that. he's been around plenty of times when all we did was just tell people to block him and not engage him. i think we make a mistake when we assume he is the same as other trolls.

he's not that smart.

i think when we do that we give him too much credit. i think in many ways he posts out of jealousy. he's swallowed all of the rush limbaugh feminazi bullshit and has conned himself into thinking he's smarter than your average bustie, but he can't hold a candle.

poor little 10watt, doesn't even come close --and he knows it.

he posts here, hiding behind his c&p and pix because if he didn't, his ego couldn't take it.

i'm sorry i don't buy the just ignore the trolls with steve. he's been ignored, he still comes back. i'd rather take him on, tear him up, and shut him down.

the final step in the plan is a trolligator.

i know for a fact debbie had planned to try the idea, so dumbass might have just dug his own grave.
but we still need to push. it's not gonna happen if we don't fight for it. so if you want steve gone, if you're really tired of 10 watt, we need to do something that's not passive. we need to do more than just ignore, or debate ignoring him.

now is the time. this is our shot. we need to press the point.


Hey Guys,

Sorry it took so long, we're in the process of switching over interns here so we've been a bit swamped. Steve the 'femicist' was finally banned and his posts have all been deleted. Let me know if there are any problems with that and again, super sorry I couldn't get to that earlier.

- The Lounge Lady
LL, thank you for coming in here and letting us know. In the past, when he's posted we are used to being ignored.

Hence our frustration at the little puke continuing to post.
Too lazy to check, but have the porn posts been deleted, too?
thanks LL!
Queen Bull
Thanks LL. smile.gif
yeah, they are gone polly
Huh. Somebody just tried to hijack my account. I got an email that somebody had requested a password change.

Um....not. me.
You know Tree, I had that a few months ago.
me too, tree. what a lame boner.
what if we had our own wardrobe remix in abfad?
Queen Bull
hes back... joy.

ETA: THA FUCK? that my pic.... seriously? could you BE any more obnoxious?
You have got to be kidding me! Nice block, people; three days and he's back again and he'll be here all holiday weekend. Well done. I think it's way past time that BUST should start listening to us and that girtrouble is right with everything she says about Debbie.

Get a grip, BUST, seriously. Steve is under the impression that it's actually as a result of him that BUSTies leave but he's just a nuisance, like a fly that won't go away no matter how many times you swat it, but the only thing that angers people around here when it comes to trolls (and this one in particular) is the powers that be's lack of concern and the fact that there seems to be an all-encompassing ignore function which you use for your devoted lounge participants.
All right, what's Debbie's email address again? mad.gif rolleyes.gif

She should best not forget that without us, she woudn't be sitting on her high horse.

as for Steve, my question is why do we keep enabling him? Thirtiesgirl was right, why bother engaging? I for one, at no longer taking the bait.

ETA, did anyone see who the forum moderator is now??? Go to the moderating team option at the bottom of the board.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Aug 30 2008, 09:50 AM) *

ETA, did anyone see who the forum moderator is now??? Go to the moderating team option at the bottom of the board.

Interesting...after I clicked on it and came back to the lounge, all of the forums say "Forum Led by: Girltrouble" on the main page.

I'm in work-safe mode, so I don't know what everyone else sees.
I see it too! On the pink.

what gives, gt? has Debbie succumbed to your powers of persuasion?
sorry ladies-- just arrived to the battle, i need to get my sea legs here, and figure out exactly what i can do...
this is getting creepier by the minute...
Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but that's pretty f-ing stupid- dontcha think the trolls will figure out which threads they can post in and get away with it?

I'm still a little confused at how this went down- I always liked the idea of the Trollinator being anonymous so that there wasn't any pressure being put on a known Bustie to get rid of the posts.

And if you don't have the ability to ban IP addresses, I hope you don't wear yourself out when he goes on binges (as he's clearly doing now- how many posts at 12:32pm?!?!? blink.gif )'s like everyone knowing Clark Kent was Superman.
really, steve? this is what you want to do all day? god, you are more pathetic than i thought.
tell you what. you go ahead and tire yourself out. your shit won't last 5 minutes, for all your hard work.

you're a joke.

me wearing myself out? it ain't gonna happen. kicking steve's ass is my idea of fun.

you know me. piss me off and i work harder, get more pissed, work harder. you should see the cheshire grin on my face...

i'll talk to deb about an annon. acct. but she chose to do it this way.
Polly, I share your concerns but gt will make this work, I have faith. As long as he's contained to various threads we know which ones to avoid (there the ones not used everyday anyway) and once he's put on ignore anyway discussions can continue as normal. The only thing we all need to stay on top of is the newbies thread by posting links to ignore him.
also: i have my acct set to alert me when you guys report posts, it goes directly to my gmail, and hopefully to my cell. there might be a bit of a delay, but i should get notified pretty quickly.

thanks for the faith bunnykins!

the power to delete in most of the forums? please tell me that includes the preggo and mama threads. i can tell you that i so do not get a kick out of those fake ass abortion pics in there. i mean, have a freaking heart you sick sorry bastard, some of those girls have had miscarriages and are terrified of the same. why the HELL would you post those in there? what is Wrong with you?!
[grasps GT by the shoulders & kisses her full on the mouth]
You, my friend, are the living, breathing, personification of fabulousness.
*smooches GT*
GT I am so seriously smitten right now. wink.gif
well i love busties a hell of a lot, you guys really don't know how much of an inspiration you've become to me (i'm getting all weepy), trust me. the feeling is more than mutual.

i've said it before, i love you fiercely.

thank you for making me want to be better (tree, freckle), making me want to love me more and beat up on myself less. thank you all for the pms when things were rough, and the people who call me on my shit when i'm being an ass (starship), challenging me (nelly) and making me laugh (ap), making me feel less alone (CH, tes), new busties that give me hope (QB) and all the kazillon other busties that make me keep coming back.

i love you guys soooooo much.
Hello. I hesitate to rain on the love-fest here but I have a few questions. So we have a moderator now? Just one for the whole board? How will this work? What sort of things are going to get banned or deleted?

I am only asking because I don't want things to get like they are over at the Jezebel boards where banning is getting personal. It isn't because I have distrust for GirlTrouble. I just want some clarification.

Thanks! smile.gif
i'm strictly on troll patrol. i'm not to delete, edit or ammend threads or posts. essenually i'm a watchdog, a trolligator. nothing else. everything else is the same. and i wouldn't have it any other way.
*gives GT big boobah squishee hug*
further kitten,

i don't really think i've got the go ahead do anything about other trolls other than steve. atleast i don't think so. personally, i love that the lounge is self modded, and i love how we deal with other trolls. so i don't really want to pursue them. we know steve's style: cut and paste bible verses, and abortion pix. the others are for y'all to deal with.

far as i'm concerned anything other than steve is for LL.
hey, does anyone know how to find the favourite websites thread that used to be in media whores? i tried that longer date option but it seems to have dropped off the bottom. i'm not so techy but i know some of you are wizards! thanks.
usually one of the thing that always works for me is to go to the lower right corner and do the pulldown to select "all" and usually they come up

ETA:i bumped it for you btw.
go ahead wit yo badself GT!! and thanks.
can someone please delete all the bullshit posts cluttering up the lounge. I really hope someone (**ahem**) is reading and actually does something about it.....

i wonder if there would be a way to basically do away with thread-creating ability (for everybody save our blessed mod). if we could all only post in threads, we'd get rid of a lot of clutter. we don't approve of threads created unless they've been discussed in here maybe that would be a solution?
that's an interesting idea, mouse. Maybe something like a person can only create a thread after a certain number of posts in other threads?
I like that idea, however, Steve's just going to post drivel in the other threads anyways.
...ok, I just want to say that I had no idea that there was anyone actively cleaning this place up when I posted that... now I know there is. sorry, now I know it will get taken care of!!

ETA - as much as I don't like random threads who's topics could go somewhere else, I like the idea of keeping the mod thing as much to just cleaning up and deleting tr**ls as possible. Even though it's a pain in the ass when people just jump in and start threads, I like the overall self-moderating aspect of the lounge, and when members post and set the person straight as to what the protocol is here. I think it keeps it much more of a community, when there isn't really one "leader," but everyone looking out for things in the lounge.

Also, I kinda think that the certain number of posts needing to happen before someone can start a thread actually could be culturehandy said, then it clutters up other established threads with crap so that the person wanting to create a new thread will up their post count. I would think it much easier to just delete the new thread and poster (if need be) off the bat.

heh. easier for you... tongue.gif

no i was telling kitten that my duties here are to take care of steve. nothing else. other trolls are left to y'all's devices. and of course i'll join in on the insulting, but deleting their posts is not in my perview. i like the self modded quality of the lounge and i'd be the first to defend it, so you'll not see me overstepping those bounds.
as frustrating as it is to have new, redundant threads, if someone is determined enough, they will post ad naseum, the testing thread being the prime place. how many troll attacks or useless stuff has started there.

I do like the self modded thing here, with the exception of cockwad, of course.
This so awesome. So, so awesome. *crickets* Cocksnot has been silenced. And that's all I ever really wanted, really. It's the only thing I ever wanted to change; the rest of us are mostly grown up enough to police our own damned selves & have done so successfully for many years.
new posters DO have to post a certain number of times before they can start a new thread. it's only 10 though so it may as well be none.

thanks for the bump, i did the show all thing but it wasn't there. off to look now...
I'm not sure where I should put this - there doesn't seem to be a Southern Busties thread anymore...

(((((good vibes))))) to all my fellow Coastal Southern Busties! How is everyone faring this storm? We have a little flooding so far, but nothing like Katrina. I hope everyone comes out ok!!
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