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Hmmm. . . our troll hasn't left me anymore comments. i left him one though. it was fun. he he he. . .


p.s. i know it's best not to engage this sort of person, but i couldn't resist. it was fun.
Hmmm....I had no idea till I read this thread that dipshit was doing that kind of thing! I found a bible quote or some shit posted in my profile, but I deleted it and blocked him. I didn't even think to set comments for approval. Dayum. I wonder how many he's done it to...who the hell checks their profile regularly?

We may need MODS, but the troll needs some MEDS. Seriously.
mornington, i was thinking of a "who are you voting for and why thread." and some sort of current events thread. any other threads politik would be awesome too. what chu got?

he added you as a friend, doodle. he used the name "jesus is lord."
you can also set your profile to email you when people leave comments. that's how ive got it set. ugh. so tiresome. but on the upside:

i'm fed up with steve, and obviously he doesn't mind our donations to planned parenthood, so i've decided i really going to stick it to the fucker. i heard about some state that passed a law that says every woman in their state who gets raped is given the option of state funded "plan b" medication to prevent pregnancy.

steve has pissed me off enough to motivate me. i'm going to see if i can have a citizen initiative that does the same thing in my state. i don't know if anyone on bust knows how do do this, but if you do, please contact me. i think the people at planned parenthood might so i will contact them when i get a chance. but this and next week i am going to talk to my friends and recruit them.

if it goes well i'd love to see other busties do it too.

oh, and SUCK IT STEVE.

this is what happens when you try to cop my name. you piss me off, fuck stain, so when you get those little ideas thinking trolling on bust will be your golden ticket into heaven, think again, asslick.

QUOTE(grrrlyouwant @ Oct 3 2007, 02:13 PM) *
aww, i didn't get any comments. whither the love, trollboy, whither the love?

Aww, don't feel alone grrrly. Good ol' Stevie gots no lovin' for me either. Guess we aren't sitting at the cool BUSTie table laugh.gif

Okay, not that what he's doing is funny at all to those of you who are actually being harassed by this assclown. But I couldn't resist making a joke, because he is oh so laughable. Just seeing the word BUST must give him a serious woodie, because it has become a compulsion for him. Sad, pathetic, lonely, little wanker, busy pulling away at his pud in front of the computer.

gt, I think that's a splendid idea, sweetness.
my goodness, it's been like a troll feeding frenzy in here today. he's lapping up the attention i'm sure.
He's leaving spam comments for folks because he can't post...his accounts haven't been validated. Meaning he hasn't entered/doesn't have a legit email address to validate his profile(s) with. I just experimented signing up as "bullshitjesus" to see what it took to sign up, since it's been a while and I figured the new board would have some new doodads. Unvalidated, you can view profiles, leave comments, add friends, all that extra stuff....just not post/start threads. If you just put your settings to "approve comments", I don't think he can spam you.

yuefie, since we're all sitting at the "not-cool" table, I'll trade you some Peach Cobbler ice cream for that new Foo Fighter's album! biggrin.gif\\

eta: So as to be useful, GT: I just took a gander at all of the ATWT threads, and I'm not finding the political discussions that used to be there. I distinctly remember a voting thread from when candidates started announcing themselves last year, as well as some others that are totally gone. So, you most definitely have my vote to start up some new political threads to fuel some new discussions....are you thinking issue-oriented, or candidate/election-oriented, or what? Go to town!
there's a voting thread. i started it. it's called "sufferin' suffragettes" and i will go bump it for you.

there has been some discussion in the 'general sex' thread about starting a thread that is a 'he / she did WHAT?" (although I'll try to come up with a better title) the thread would be dedicated to funny stories about things people you've slept with have done during sex.

It could also serve as a discussion place for people wanting to ask if anyone else has ever experienced something that someone they've had sex with has done, which say, maybe caught them off guard, since they'd never had anyone do that... etc.

any input?
I agreed to it in the LTAS, so I'll make it official in here, too. I like it.
hey all, my papa is a fantastic glass artist who makes nearly indescribably beautiful hand bevelled glass windows. he just gave one to my sister and another to me and i want to show it off. when i get it hung where should i post the pics? not in say cheese, that's for pics of us i think but where oh where does this fit? got any brilliant ideas? i want maximum exposure 'cause i am just so darn proud of him and so flipping happy to actually have one of his pieces. i squee now! laugh.gif
Put the pix in the home decor thread, pepper....what is it, House of the Gods or something like that. Can't wait to see the pix!
really? it's more like art than decor though, isn't there a thread like that kicking around? like amazing things we've seen etc? if not i'll stick it in the housey threads.
argh I can't think of any names for the he/she did WHAT? thread
maybe I should just call it that...? unless anyone can think of anything clever..
i see you started it but i kinda like "HEY, That doesn't go in There!"


New to the forum, I've been reading from the Media Whores and Absolutely Fadulous like crazy!!

Would it be cool if I started a thread about good wedding music?? My girlfriend and I get married in May and we're having an alternative type wedding and I need ideas for good dance music, and good slow songs that don't mention "you are my man!"

Or would that fit somewhere else? I was thinking new thread in media whores...
thanks for asking alis, you rock!

the audiophiles will be chiming in shortly i'm sure...
pepper, alternatively you could put in in bragging rights.

"HEY, That doesn't go in There!" laugh.gif

alis, you could ask in the wedding thread in ab fad or The Bust General Knowledge Thread in MW or one of the music threads in MW (what are you listening to?) or the mix tape thread in F&F; I asked a music related question in two of those threads this week and received a number of helpful responses.
There's also the wedding thread- it's not too active, but people are pretty good about responding to questions and I'm sure they'll have some good ideas, alis1nner.
aww dammit, that is a great title! I just wanted to get the thread started... but my brain was being very uncreative. too much on it lately.. feh.
Good idears! tongue.gif

So is it cool to ask in each of those threads to maximize the number of responses? I'm sure some people would never check the Weddings thread for example, and I'd love to hear from as many people as possible. I'll wait to post until I hear back. I do have until May, after all!
(But I've become one of those people who thinks about napkin colors...never, ever did I dream this could happen to me!!)

I don't think anyone would have a problem with that, alis1nner.

love the new thread, zoya!
I want to start a new thread in "Friends and Family" about raising your kids without screen time (movies/TV/video games). Or, just reducing it drastically. I have a new baby, and I was first interested in this when I read "The Big Turnoff: Confessions of a TV addict trying to raise a TV-free kid" by Ellen Currey-Wilson. It's a great book! I emailed her, and then my husband and I got to meet her and have lunch with her in Portland where she lives. If we started a thread discussing this, I could get her to come on and post and I think it would be really interesting. She has a Yahoo group but I don't think the format is nearly as good as the Bust thread format.

aqua, terrific topic but i don't know if a whole thread would get enough action to stay on the board. i think best bet would be to discuss it in the two mama threads already happening. sometimes one or the other of those is at risk for falling off the board!
the motheringdotcom forum would be a terrific place for this but it's a messy format that i find hard to read and they have no thread limits like here so every little thing someone has to say is started in a new thread and you can never keep track of Anything. it's a bummer that it sucks so much. same with, terrific natural mama forum but new threads every minute and they all start with half sentences like "today i had a..." so you never know what you're about to read and there are just so many of them to wade through. irritating.
oops *end rant*
I don't even have kids (i do have a 4 year old niece) but I'd be interested in a thread like that. I think it's a really interesting topic.
would anyone be interested in starting a Sci-Fi thread dealing with films, books, tv shows etc? We could boldly go where no woman has gone before. Octavia butler would get major props. It'd be wholesome geeky fun.

I would even be willingly to discuss fantasy, comic books , horror all them shits. I think the media whores thread would be a good home for it.
aqua, check out commercial alert.

I think you'll find it a great resource.
Lady J, I just did a search in Media Whores. Look what I found (no fancy formatting, I hope these links work as I'm short on time) --

Wanna see my D-20 --

Any game girls --

Aliens, spaceships, monsters --
Hmm not sure where to post this - but I haven't received my Oct/Nov issue - have there been any problems with the issue going out late? I know that happened before and lounge lady posted something about that. I know my sub isn't expired yet 'cause I always renew in Dec for the next year.....

Anyone? Bueller?
Pepper, the Hip Mamas thread is great but it covers a ton of issues. I think that my author friend would be more likely to come into the discussion if there was a dedicated thread. I'd like to try it and see how it goes. If it dies, it dies. But, do you guys think that it should be in Media Whores or Friends & Family?
media whores seems to get more action than f&f. that could be good in that more people will see it but could also be bad in that the topics in there move pretty quick and it might drop off the board faster than in f&f. either place is a good fit though so it's up to you where you start it...
What about just a general anti-TV thread? Not something I'd be interested in rolleyes.gif but I know there's a lot of people in the anti-TV movement.

That eye-roll was directed at myself, not the anti-TV people. To each their own, I suppose.
He's at it again, now under the name Jesus Is there a way to turn off the comments function? Why would I want another place for people to leave comments for me- isn't that the point of the board?
I know, shithead just flooded my comments with his crap, too.

Polly, you click on your name up top where it says "logged in as," then hit the "settings" tab in the middle of the screen. It has a "moderation options" section if you scroll down a little, and you could change it to the approve comments option.
Yeah, I've got it set up so that it has to be approved, but I want to completely eliminate the comments section. Or at least block them from contacting me in any way shape or form- if I have someone blocked from sending me PM's and ignoring their posts, why do I have to be bothered with them being able to potentially leave me comments?!?!? Why isn't there one, all-purpose block function? mad.gif
That's the same question I posed in The New Lounge thread, Polly. No answer yet. mad.gif
is there any action on making sure noobs have to post 50 times before they can start a new thread? really, the 10 posts just ain't cuttin' it. i don't bitch at them anymore 'cause what's done is done but man, do they ever get bitched at! we're a sensitive bunch about breaking that rule. and then they usually scram-ola instead of sticking around and figuring stuff out, it's a shame but i don't blame them for scurrying away.
changing that up would be terrific. a little prevention is worth a whole lotta cure!
While we are waiting for the post limit to be reset we, all of us Busties, could stop bitching people out for starting new threads. I mean, we can redirect them and explain the rules, but we don't have to be quite so harsh.
I doubt it will be reset; the last time this was brought up loungelady was dead set against it (as it wasn't inclusive to newbies) and it didn't matter what we (actual posters) thought.
what's less friendly to noobs? having to actually participate in a few discussions and learn the ropes before starting their own threads or having their heads ripped off for making a mistake? sheesh.

what about 20 posts then? 10 has proven just way too easy.
The noobs, like hybrids for example, just post crap to get to the 10. I was here for years before I started a new thread.

Speaking of which, I was thinking of a theme song thread. I'm not too sure, whatcha all think, but I've been tossing the idea around.
omg where's the funnies thread? i just read something that made me nearly pee on my desk chair with hysterical laughter! hoo!
ok, now i want to know if there's a make up or consumer alert thread.
i don't know where to put this article about lead in lipstick, it's in a ton of top name brands too!
shithead is back on his little commenting spree as GOD OUR FATHER.

he's back on his god complex, i see. rolleyes.gif
left a comment for me as THE HOLY SPIRIT. woot, i'm one of the cool kids now!
Me three. Clearly he has nothing better to do then post ad nauseum. Seriously, doesn't he have a job?
heh...I don't know if he's been trying to comment on mine. BUST is tied to my Hotmail account which is buggy and I mostly can't even access it anymore. Heh. I've TRULY ignored him.
Someone made a threat against my school yesterday and today things were crazy and I wanted to post the short article and talk about it cause it was kind of a scary day. Any suggestions on where I could post it?
What about in This Just in, in ATWT? Since there have been a few threats against schools as of late...
i am interested in a christmas/holiday/kwanza/chanukah thread. for everything holiday! i am a nut about this stuff . . . decorating, gift giving, parties, special cooking, what everyones traditions are etc. if there is a thread like along these lines and i just haven't found it, can some one bump? if not, is there enough interest to start one?
there is/was a party thread in abfab... *goes to hunt down*

there's a gift thread in abfab too
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