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I seem to remember there's an enviro-friendly thread somewhere in ATWT... I'm gonna bump it for you, assuming I can find it.
the thread--- is called "it's not easy being green" and i think raisin bumped it...

i know there are a couple nw busties, you, me, pretty in pink, lorewolf, and doodle bug...

and kiss the fiddler, tree, i'd be interested, i've just been distracted, and haven't been here as much as i like sad.gif but i love the idea and was thinking about it all day...
I want to start a game thread. I'll call it "Anywhere But Here." In this thread, we can write exactly where we would rather be, what we would rather be doing, and who we would rather be doing it with rather than where, what and who we are/doing/with right now. The situations can be as simple or as fantastical as you want.
Shall we play? With permission, I'll start it in the Ab/Fab Thread.
Um, because that's not what this thread is for.

Of course, why should I be surprised by someone who thought it was appropriate to post spam in the Survivors Space thread? rolleyes.gif

I like the thread idea, kitten. I say "start it!"
But Kitten, aren't all of the Let's Play A Game threads over in Media Whores?
do we no longer have a ny/nj/ct bustie thread?
or am I just old blind and special needs and can't find it?
Okay, I placed Anywhere But Here in Media Whores. Enjoy!
pugs, I bumped it for you. It's "how do you wear your hair" in AbFab... smile.gif
I wanted to start a thread in Working Grrls about caregiver stuff. Right now I'm taking care of 2 old ladies, and I'm thinking about taking a CNA/Home Health Aid certificate program at school so I can work at a nursing home.

There must be Busties that do that type of work, right?
*slinks back in a loooooong time after she last posted*

I have a question for everyone. Does anyone remember a thread a good few years back about gender? It was really interesting and I'm pretty sure it was mainly one bustie posting (maybe she had/was doing a degree in anthropology? Not sure). I'm pretty sure it was in The F word. Its always stuck in my head and I've been trying to find it recently through google as I'm pretty sure there were lots of book recommendations in there, but I can't and its driving me nuts.

Does anyone remember it? Do you think its gone to the great thread graveyard in the sky?
Not sure where to put suggestions for upcoming magazine issues, but here goes: I learned about a really awesome woman named Bertha von Suttner, who was a leading pioneer in the peace movement back at the turn of the 20th century. She was the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and the lecturer I heard today said that she even suggested the idea for the prize to Alfred Nobel (she was his secretary very briefly, but they corresponded for years). Wouldn't it be cool if more ladies knew about this awesome sister of ours?

Also, it's awesome to have profiles of women in music and fashion (indeed, Bust is one of my music and fashion bibles) but I really loved the piece in the August/September issue about nuns. With that in mind, I'd love to see features about women in more "serious" fields. I'd especially love one on women philosophers. Also, I'm a classical musician, so I'd love one on women conductors (a heavily male-dominated field) and composers like Amy Beach, Hildegard von Bingen, Rebecca Clarke, and Evelyn Glennie. Also, I'd love to see something about the micro-credit industry and the Peace Museum that opened in Tehran in July.

As you can see, I've thought about this awhile. I hope someone knows where it could go!
rositachiquita58 - this thread may work great to get your idea to the right people. However, we also have a Bust: Discuss thread that seems to be read by the Powers That Be. I bumped it for you in the Media Whores thread.
sukouyant, i'm all late regarding the feminist essays thing, but if you do decide to go for it, let me know! i'm game.
hey faerietails(II), grrrrreat! i am travelling right now but i'll look about starting it soon as i come back home. i'll let you and GT know.
Sooooooooo... who wants to talk about the wonderful subject *ahem* of BODY IMAGE? I've been looking through OBOH and couldn't find an appropriate thread. Posting in the ED thread seems like I'd be invading that space. I'm kind of shocked that there isn't already a thread about body image -- either that, or I can't find it. Or no one wants to talk about it because it's such a loaded issue. Or really it could be talked about in relation to almost any thread. But seriously, I'm looking for more of a discussion about how we see ourselves, not necessarily something suited for the F word.

Bueller? Anyone... anyone?

Maybe I just need a blog instead.

*toddles off*
start it, raisin. There's the "pretty girl" thread in the f-word, but if you're not sure...
Raisin, it sounds worthwhile to me. I might even break out f Lurker Mode to post there occasionally. biggrin.gif
is there anyone who would be up for a political thread in as the world turns? maybe it's just me but i miss the old threads around here. we've got a lotta smart busties round these parts, and it would be good to get their political read on say, the war, or presidential candidates...
please don't - put it in "it's not easy being green" in as the world turns - just to be polite, as we're not keen on new threads being started before you get agreement.

GT, i've got a feeling if you go into atwt, and change the show threads to "all" (not "30 days" which it's usually on) there are several political threads lurking about, although they might not be what you're looking for. I'm always up for a political discussion, but I'm never sure how much info you guys get about what goes on over here - and it's always good to hear of more than the bbc!
But morn, surely BBC4 has all we need to know?! biggrin.gif Ah, well, at least there's the Archers.....

Please, GT, by all means bump a few interesting political threads. I haven't had/read a decent political convo in a while. I think I've just been too caught up in personal stuff to discuss anything outside my immediate surroundings....
dun da dun da dun duh duh dun da dada da dun... oooooh noooooo!

sixiela, the archers is all you need to know. bugger all my children, it's where the action is. Although I'm developing a worrying dependance on the today programme...

Don't worry, I've been unable to pry myself away from The Archers Catch Up page, filling in all the gaps from when I'd stop listening for months at a time. If it all becomes too much, we'll start a recovery program for BBC4 addicts.....we'll call it Ambridge House! tongue.gif

(sorry, I created bob to test a PM thingy, and somehow he got logged in! Poor bob....)
the internet is magic, to be honest... i get the synopsis email just in case I miss it (it does happen). I've also become a bit of a podcast-whore for them and the world service...

i like bob's expression though. it's appropriate
is there a thread where people can talk about religion and/or spirituality? i was thinking about this topic the other day. and then in the celebrity whores (of all places) there was this HUGE discussion about scientology...

so what does everyone think??

and if yes, any name suggestions??
sixela, i would love to look for old political threads to bump, but it takes my puter fo' evah to do anything. can i throw myself on the mercy of the lovely busties? otherwise i'll have to wait till next weekend....
hi stargazer - there used to be a religion thread, and I'll be damned if I remember where it was/is, or what it was called. I think it was either in "the F word" or "as the world turns"




can we get rid of this guy PLEASE LL?
Cool, there's interest. I'm too tired tonight to start a body image thread (and I need a good title) but I'm not too tired to click on the button to report the t-r-o-l-l. WTF, yo. Fuckin' lameass fucktard should be run down by an SUV.

Star, I think Doodle had a religion thread going in F&F for a while. If I find it, I will bump it.
Plus, I've just sent Madame LL a PM, so having done my good deeds for the day, I am off to la-la land where I shall dream of unicorns and rainbows.
if the threads that are on the topic that you want to discuss haven't been active lately, that's simply because no one has discussed the topic lately. bump the existing thread, DON'T START A NEW ONE. we are self-moderated and we keep new threads to a minimum because it gets cluttered. think of each thread as an individual category, not a specific subject.
here's the thing hybrid, you were well aware of the policy before you started another useless thread. Like I said, starting new, pointless threads does not make you any friends and automatically makes you a TROLL.

*grumbles to self*

i know it's been a while since we had a tr**l but girls, come on now, did you forget about the ignore fuction already? sheesh mamas, we were so pleased when we got it. use it.

*implementing most amazing bust feature....NoW!*
trolly mctroll troll is gone!

Thanks LoungeLady!
Is there a thread for those who are self-employed? I did a search but didn't come up with anything. I'll dig again just to make sure but I thought I'd ask here. If there isn't, would there be any interest in starting one?

EDIT: found it! Just had to click a couple things I hadn't. Going to read the thread now.
that 10 watt jackass steve is back, but instead of posting, he's been going thru people's profiles, adding bible quotes in the comments section. he's going by either:
Totally Busted
Girl Trouble (note the caps)

so check your profiles, ladies. deleting the comments is very easy, just hit the grey x in the circle at the bottom of the comments.
Steve obviously has a mad crush on you, gt.

Sorry 'bout that babe, nobody likes an impersonating stalker!
Yup, I got a bible quote too. At least he's easy to ignore. Seriously, some people have way too much time on their hands.

oh hey, look at that! i got one too! plus a reprimand that if i don't have anything nice to say, i shouldn't say anything at all, and a cute little rhyme along the lines of "sticks and stones may break my bones but a little mouse can't hurt me". i don't remember exactly, i deleted it way too fast tongue.gif

i have to say i prefer dorothy parker: if you don't have anything nice to say, come and sit by me.
*is now one of the cool girls*

gt, what sort of thing did you want in the political threads?
Hee. I love that Dorothy Parker quote.

So I have 8 comments pending approval. I don't feel like reading them this morning. Or ever.

Yet again: WE NEED MODS.
Posted about this in the troll thread. Clearly this douche bag has nothing better to do butplay with himself and read the bible. I wonder if he's still breast feeding.

I agree, with really really REALLY need mods. It's not like we are going to go nuts, but limited mod functions, and LL could still have exectuive power. Like we could suspend someone's use, but LL would still be responsible for deleting the profile, thread, and repsonses in threads.

Just a suggestion.
Yep, got a bible verse too. The troll really needs to get a hobby (or psychiatric help).

Is there a thread specifically about feminist books? I seem to recall one, but I can't find it.
The only book threads I ever saw were in media whores, the first being about more "seriuos" reads. The second was about trashy, smut filled books.
wow, even i'm worth two comments. just the cut and paste variety but still *feeling important* sleep.gif ha ha.

i want to know, can you see comments made my people on your ignore list?
aww, i didn't get any comments. whither the love, trollboy, whither the love?
thanks for the heads up GT I checked my profile and sure enough there it was.

Mouse, I always say that quote but didnt know it was Dorothy Parker which just makes me love her even more.
The troll, left me a comment too, I deleted it. Bible freaks bore me.
Dude seriously has no fucking life. He's tried to get four comments approved. Hey douchebag, if I didn't approve the first one, I'm not going to approve the next 50. Besides, should he be attending some rediculous anti-gay, republican (even though they anally rape their wives while they sleep) prayer rally? Moron.
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