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i was so weirded out by the blue that i blocked it totally from my mind, thus not noticing when pink martini returned... smile.gif

a question for you people: is there a substance issues/addiction thread? i thought there was, but i can't find it, and i want to ask if anyone knows a less higher-power-oriented aa-type org.
There is a thread for family members of addicts, addiction: someone you love has one.
Hey everyone,

Not sure if anyone here remembers me (from years ago) but I thought I would pop by again. I've moved to a new town and am currently working from home so I thought I would do some bust-ing before I return to office life and a bust-less existence!

Hi everyone,
Is there a thread already in the lounge where I can ask about yeast infections?
hi alex!

thanks for asking! i did a quick search because i really thought there was one, but couldn't find one specifically for yeasties. however, you can check this thread:
General Health Questions and i'm sure you can get some good answers, if not directions to a thread all about yeasties!

good luck!
Grenadine, [email=""]this[/email]link gives a few suggestions for groups if you scroll down a bit.

ETA: Dunno why that didn't work. Try this:
Um, where did the ignore function go? I can't find it for the life of me! Is it the same as PM ban now?
Alex, here's a direct link to the yeast infection thread, lots of good advice in there!

eta: faerietails, go to "My Controls" at the top of any page, then look at the Menu on the left side of the screen. Way down at the bottom under "Options" is Manage Ignored Users. From there you can add/delete/maintain your ignored users.
I think this is where I ask - is there a thread dedicated to crafts? Knitting, x-stitch, scrapbooking, sewing?
I need someone to talk to.... mellow.gif
daisyjane, I just bumped "she's crafty" for you - it's in AbFab. If you go in there, at the bottom of the page are several drop-down menus, there's one saying "last 30 days" and you can change it to all, it then shows all the threads in there - not just the most recently active ones. There's also a "thread thread" that's more specifically devoted to knitting (I think).

And yes, this is the place to ask! biggrin.gif

fj - you look great in your avatar!
QUOTE(mouni4 @ Apr 18 2007, 04:11 PM) *
Though I'm a little late to the party...YAY!! This place again rocks!!!!! Fantastic Lounge Lady!!! rolleyes.gif

I'm kind of new here but I have to say that I agree with you. This place rocks!!! I really like that when you need help someone helps you. wink.gif
One other question. Is there any thread for motorcycles/scooters?
Daisy, the idea was tossed around for a while, but there was never a thread that was started.
oh, that was me, ch. not sure why it fizzled out. i found the article i was looking for, though. it was in the issue with gretchen mol as betty page on the cover, and it was more about how to start your own scooter/bike/motorcycle gang. which is good, fun info to have, but not quite what i was looking for. so yeah, if you can generate more interest this time around daisy, i'm officially seconding.
Hey ladies! So about a month ago, I saw a thread called "My Two Cents...", which was in Working Grrls, I believe. I looked for it today and didn't see it, so I was wondering if it could possibly be bumped, or if it's been deleted, started up again? Please? I need to bitch about money! tongue.gif

Oh, and I'm so happy that the Pink Martini is back! Much more Busty around here... laugh.gif
QUOTE(hazystargazer @ May 1 2007, 12:49 AM) *
Hey ladies! So about a month ago, I saw a thread called "My Two Cents...", which was in Working Grrls, I believe. I looked for it today and didn't see it, so I was wondering if it could possibly be bumped, or if it's been deleted, started up again? Please? I need to bitch about money! tongue.gif

Oh, and I'm so happy that the Pink Martini is back! Much more Busty around here... laugh.gif

I want to ask you if you did started up again the thread called "My Two Cents..." because I can't find it... unsure.gif
great, I bumped the thread for hazy and you'll find it in Working Girls.
what happened to the Hair thread in Ab Fab?

I did a search in there and didn't find it. ?
Is it just me or are a bunch of the Working Grrrls threads missing?
Is it just me, but are there whole swathes of conversations missing? I was looking for something I wrote in LTAS a few months back & now it's gone & so is the whole conversation. I keep looking for old things & they're just... gone. Is somebody going in & sweeping up things?

Oh, & I suddenly have no avatar.
Yeah, it seems really weird, like there is a bunch of stuff missing.
can we reassert the push for a 50 post minimum before a threat can be started by a newbie? goofy euphy is back and he is going by the name "without excuse" now and he is starting is usual annoying threads.

here is his profile if you want to block him.
new troll : without excuse

i know the lounge lady wants to keep the lounge welcoming, but:
  1. anti-abortion threads/posters repel a lot more newbies than a 50 post minimum.
  2. most newbies don't start threads until well beyond 50 posts.
  3. most threads started by newbies are already topics, and are not needed.
  4. at 50 posts a newbie is part of the lounge and "gets the way things work here."
  5. if a newbie finds they CAN'T start a thread, they will ask another bustie, which gives us a nice way of 'splainin the lounge.
  6. the 50 minimum means newbies won't have someone jump down their throat BECAUSE they started a thread the wrong way.
  7. if there is an new thread actually needed, it is already lounge policy to come to the forum; another bustie can start the thread for them.
  8. it would serve as a troll deterant.
  9. even if a troll wants to post 50 times we will have plenty of time to spot him, and contact the lounge lady before he reaches 50.
  10. it often takes the loung lady a few days before she can get to dealing with trolls (we all know how hard she works) and this way we won't have to deal with numerous annoying threads
there really is no good reason not to have the minimum, i think in every way it ends up being a positive thing, and making the lounge better, and makes it more difficult for trolls.

please, lounge lady, raise the thread starting minimum to 50.
gt, how did you manage to link that so that it took me directly to my ignore user section -with his name inserted- on my control panel? hee. Thanks.

Of course I second the 50 posts idea. Loungelady, I know you don't think it's fair to newbies but what's fair to us? I'm glad I checked in here first because if I'd seen those abortion pics one more time I wouldn't have come back.
Actually, if you look really close, he just bumped up an old thread. Unless I'm missing another one.

And it's unfortunate, because it's one of the threads that got cut in the middle during the move to the new lounge, so it actually looks like a legitimate Bustie started it. Sort of like it makes me look like I started the "party like a rock star" thread.

But I do still adamently support the 50 post limit to stop this from happening in the future! And I'd really love it if the stupid old ones were to get permanently deleted.
please don't scroll down,

but go out without excuse to your ignore list.

he's a troll

and posting the usual misleading pictures that shouldn't be seen outside of a medical paper.

thank you GT!

treehugger - i know. it looks like I started kvetch up.... and I know that didn't happen.

and yes, the 50 posts would be lovely. And a thorough deletion of steven the heffalump's old threads.
I've reported the fundie and it's posts.
freakin' 2x post!
it's cos i'm good like that bunny! lol

no, it's super easy, i just went to his profile and hit the block pull down, but before i actually hit the update button i copied the address and turned it into a link. the system applies the info to your acct as if you did the affore mentioned steps. all you have to do is hit the update button. neat eh?

here is the link info, but you'll have to add the brackets. i've set it up so you just have to put left brackets "[" on the first and second lines below:

url=]new troll : withoutexcuse

Well big welcome to me! A bunch of abortion pics is a rough welcome to the Bust Lounge but also good incentive to sign up, report and ignore. I may point out that those photos are entirely misleading and the introductory paragraph an obvious fiction.

How would "excuse" like it if we posted porn on his jesus site? Prolly not very much.

All the same, I'm 100% for free speech and looking forward to chatting with my ladies!
Oh I forgot the reason I came here. I need an index for my Bust library. Is there one?

Like where did I see those embroidery instructions, or the recipe for ceviche, or the finger waves.

I'd be happy to contribute to typing up the index but we need a central location for it.

Sorry if this has come up a million times already.
I just wanted to say publicly that I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the so-called moderating team on this forum. I just checked the Loung Lady's profile and saw that s/he was logged in less than 3 hours ago at 6pm eastern-time today. And yet NOTHING has been done about the troll. Many of us have reported posts and sent e-mails to the moderators over the past several days. But now Monday has come and gone and nothing has been done.

If there is a good excuse for this level of neglect, I'd like to hear it.
Hey uh, I had an idea when I was reading the "MIA" thread. How about a thread where people can post their name changes? It's hard to keep track of everyone.
i could have sworn we had something like that at one point zora, called 'the bustie formerly known as...'. um, if we didn't/don't, i second, and you can steal my title if'n you want. happy.gif
Porn Star
After I've seen the photos that WithoutExcuse posted here I thought I'm sure that abortion can not be forgiven. Those fetus have the right to live.
the words can and worms spring to mind.

Oh, and the plural of foetus is foetuses.

zora, I think grrrlyouwant is correct although I haven't seen it around for a while.

rose, are you really that surprised? It is completely unacceptable though (although we have to accept the neglect being part of the board); he's been around for almost a week and the harassment in the abortion thread is sickening.
I checked around the forums but I couldn't find it. I'm not going to start it because I know it's hiding from me and will turn up eventually. Right?

rose i agree whole heartedly. the thing is, it's just really disapointing to hear that. i think the busties around here do an incredible job self moderating. it's just a shame that apparently it's not very important to the moderator to back us up. which is a shame. after all, we do reflect bust, and it's readers and it kinda says something that they haven't done anything, and what it says, aint none to pretty.

personally, i don't understand why they don't just appoint mods. i think maimy for one would be fantastic. she has a very level head and is very careful not to chose sides or get drawn into the arguements around these parts, and she's been around forever. if they can't do the job, why don't they pick someone who will. hell, they could even let us pick. it would be less hastle for them and more peace for us. s' win-win...

ps: bunny i lurve you.
*bites tongue furiously*

zoya, it might have gotten deleted last year.

on the mods thing, the bit that *really* gets me is that the spam threads can be avoided, and random one-time comments can be ignored pretty quickly. jesusfreak is everywhere, and when he's posted for two pages straight, it starts to get annoying/ridiculous/disgusting, even when he is on ignore.
*runs into thread*

Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that withoutexcuse's posts have ben deleted and the member banned.

Thanks LL!

I think another BUSTie mod would be a good idea, as well.
gt, I lurves you too wub.gif

zoya, what morn said; I haven't seen it for a long time so I think you should go ahead and restart (seconded?)
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 23 2007, 12:54 PM) *
*runs into thread*

Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that withoutexcuse's posts have ben deleted and the member banned.

Thanks LL!

I think another BUSTie mod would be a good idea, as well.

Actually, they're not all gone. I just came back from the abortion thread. I've reported it to LL though. What's worse is that my "ignore" function is no longer working on those posts! Ugh.

I third the idea of a bustie moderator, too. smile.gif
no, it's not just you, tree. i think what happened was they deleted his account but missed some of his posts. and those left over posts are in a kind of limbo. the block feature doesn't work on them, and you can't click on his account to reblock him either. his posts are just....stuck there until LL removes them is my guess, but we need to email her informing her of the situation....
Yeah, GT. I reported it. I figured that's what happened, about his membership being deleted. I couldn't describe it though. You're better with words than I am...hehe
didn't we use to have a sort of count-your-blessings thread? i wanna bliss out on the fact that i just got home from working at a job i really enjoy and still can't believe i have and my netflix came in the mail and i am SO inordinately excited about being able to sit down on my couch in my awesome beautiful cheap serendipitously acquired how-did-i-get-so-fuckin-lucky apartment in a city i am totally IN LOVE WITH right now ALL BY MYSELF and watch twin peaks and smoke a guilty pleasure cigarette
would that be the 'little pieces of happiness' thread in media whores mouse? or were you thinking of a different one? and now that you've planted the suggestion, i'ma have to go have a cigarette.
Partystar, what do you mean by saying that you "miss" the swap thread? I got the impression that you were new to this site.
This is random, but is there a thread here about moving to a new place, apartments, etc. I'm about to make the trek to New Orleans for grad school and I'm wondering if any busties are living there or need a roommate, etc. Can someone direct me to the right thread? Thanks ladies!
djbiz, i'd look in friends and family for a thread for the region you're headed to, and start one if there isn't one already. good luck!
double-post to say
yes! new swap thread! i miss it so. me and a bustie from a year or two ago (fireblossom, i think, or something like that) had an epic relationship of swapping copies of our cds that started in that thread. it always made me so happy to get a package in the mail
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