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argh! do ba da de dah dah, dah dah dah dah dah blue dah bah do dah de.

damn ridiculous song!

i've noticed that if i leave the lounge open, but don't write anything for a while, the lounge signs me out. also if i close the window and come back. It's slightly annoying, but that might be why there are so many guests.

my profile doesn't have anything too personal on it - just my picture. i was just wondering. but phew for not being able to search.
Pink!!!!! I meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece PINK!!!!!!

I actually don't mind that I get signed out.

please.... please i want the pink animal spots....i can't take this any more!!!!
Hey guys -

I just wanted to let you all know that I am as disturbed by the lack of martini-ness around these parts as you all are. I want you to know that I've been working on this all very hard, and it has been very, very, very frustrating so far. I've spent hours upon hours trying to resolve this, but it's been a comedy of errors on the part of the various and sundry parties that i've been dealing with. Lemme break it down for you: First of all, we contacted the company that provides us with the bulletin board software not long after it was installed, to ask them how to make certain features function correctly that were not functioning correctly as a result of our preferring to show the newest post first, oldest post last. (you may have noticed that certain things never worked right, such as clicking on the 'newest post' on the right side of the topic listing, and it always taking you instead to the oldest post). After much much MUCH back and forthing we were finally told that this was a bug in the software that would not be repaired until the next upgrade.

About a month ago, maybe more by now, I was informed that the upgrade was available. However, if we chose to upgrade the software, we would lose all of our skin modifications. Since we had spent WEEKS getting our skins to look just the way we wanted them to, I was not about to go for that, especially since this upgrade was going to finally give us the features that we were told were already part of the original software (the showing posts in opposite order thingy). So, again, after much back and forthing, they agreed upgrade the software for us as well as the skins (for a fee, but something reasonable). That upgrade was supposed to happen this week, but instead, someone over there suddenly went ahead and upgraded the software without fixing the skins. That's how you (we) ended up with the sad blue lounge.

When I spoke to them about this, they admitted their error and also admitted that they had not backed up our database (with the old skins) before upgrading, but if our server company had a backup they could use that and would upgrade our skin right away. That takes us to the beginning of last week. Every day last week I was on the phone with the server company, telling them that we needed the backups they had made to be made available to us. Also, as those backups are only saved for a week, they needed to do it quickly before the version of the data pre-upgrade was overwritten. And every day (after spending no less than an hour on the phone with them, being put on hold, yadda yadda yadda), they would tell me not to worry, the backup would be on our server by the end of the day. And every single day it wouldn't happen. Finally, last Thursday they told me they'd put it up, an old version of the data from before the upgrade. However, they had put it in a location that I have no way of accessing. So again, more phone calls, more being put on hold (i really dealt with this every single freaking day last week), and finally, at around 8pm on Friday, the backup was there, in a way I could access. I notified the software company that they should go ahead and download it and update the board skins. Tuesday morning I got the email to tell me that the backup that was on our server was already the over-written version, without the info they needed (GRRRR! I get mad just thinking about this all again). I spoke to the server company again, and sure enough, they admitted they had already overwritten the old version and this was the only data they still had.

That brings us to now. Tomorrow I have to call the software company again and see what is left to do. I've been dealing with this issue, all while hitting deadline on the new BUST, which is going to print next week, and a photo shoot for the past three days for the latest knitting book I'm working on, and staying up tll 3am every morning making sure everything is ready for that shoot, as well as trying to make myself available during a tragedy in my extended family. To say that things have been a bit overwhelming for me lately would be putting it lightly.

It sounds like a sob story, I know, but I'm just trying to let you know that I feel your pain, am completely swamped with other duties at the moment, but am still trying my best to get this issue resolved. So just hang in there, it may take a week or another month the way things are going, but it will be pink and leopardy around these parts again, I promise.

One more thing: since everyone's been "yessing" me every day, it kept seeming like the skin upgrade was only a day away. Since it may take longer, I will try to find the time to at least reset some of the options around here to work as they were before the fiasco. I'm just not sure when that will happen.

I know we've dealt with a lot around here - dingoes and what not, but I'm glad so many of you stick around, and I thank you for your patience with this latest snafu.
Thanks LL for the detailed update.

Personally the colour of the lounge is not the most important aspect of it for me; its continuing functionality is, so I appreciate your efforts with this.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Apr 5 2007, 08:00 AM) *
Thanks LL for the detailed update.

Personally the colour of the lounge is not the most important aspect of it for me; its continuing functionality is, so I appreciate your efforts with this.


Althought blue is my least favorite color (wore it for eight years in catholic school) and I'm not really a pink person I could really care less what color the lounge is. I've always kept it blue personally. I agree with sybarite that color is not the most important part of the lounge. CultureHandy, GirlTrouble and all my other bustie friends are!

Thanks for the update and all of your hard work.

LL thanks for the update!

While colour is also not the most important thing, I still miss it. No worries. As long as the lounge doesn't go down. All will be well.

Good to see that there are some fine asshats working at softwear companies.

If anyone has a print out or screen grab of pages from the board pre-upgrade (that show the layout), please please PLEASE email them to me. Or PM me and i can give you our fax number to fax the layout to me. We only have a rather old version of the Lounge, and I'm having a hard time remembering what it looked like around here. thanks.
just read your post and wanted to say thanks for dealing with all this malfunction stuff!! U rock!!!!!!!!!!! wink.gif
Thanks for letting us know, LoungeLady...I wish I could help with the screen grab, but I only have the old OLD Lounge - and that's actually a pic of my cat lounging on top of the computer monitor. tongue.gif

*massages LoungeLady's increasingly tense shoulders*
Is it just me or has there been like a huge wave of newbies lately? I'm not complaining. I just hope they don't all start making threads without checking with the community first to see if it's a hot topic. Am I worried for nothing yall?
Ah, it seems to go in cycles LMP, and especially when a new issue of the mag comes out. Not to worry, we'll let them all know how things work 'round here, right? Newbies are certainly always welcome, its just nicest when its folks who really make an effort to introduce themselves, learn about the culture here, and become an honest member of the community.
hi yall -
i used to post very occasionally as gin in the old lounge, but i lurked waaaaayyy more than i posted. then i went abroad for a year, and apparently the software changed and now i'm back and hope to participate mo betta while getting the hang of all the new toys! glad to be back; more than once while traveling i wondered about things around here and wished i could ask for advice. also, i have an LJ flist of totally awesome busties, so i couldn't resist coming back to find more new friends!

just wanted to say hi!
Hi gin (or SWOS)!! Welcome back!! Glad you're here! I know many a good bustie has defected to LJ, and I miss ya'll dearly, but for some reason, I just can't get into it....ah, well. I have enough fun here!
hey all-

it's me freckleface, the Same freckleface as before, least anyone think I am a clone. ( as if anyone would think there was a need for more of me?!)

anyway, and this might already be done... but what about a thread about writing/declaring your own Feminist Manifesto. ?
I love the ' I'm a feminist but..' thread in f-word, and it just seems like it might be a good balance to it.
a place to remember and share where your feminst roots began so to speak bc for some it was a journey of like night into day.

just an idea~


I think LMP is right to be worried; the new threads by new people are only starting.

loungelady, not to be a total pain in the ass BUT ... upgrades to new software are all fine and good but could we please bring in the changes that we have been requesting since the new lounge came into affect almost a year ago please? namely, newbies requiring more than 10 posts before they can start threads and more guidelines for newbies upon registering (they don't know we are self-moderated until WE tell them). it's the same old story all the time and nothing really changes. oh, except for the lack of pink, which I appreciate you are trying to rectify.

freckle - love that idea!
so i made a mistake. i posted a thread.

i realize this is a huge deal and i'm sorry. i did it only to spark conversation. i still think "Creatively Self-Employed" is a good topic to discuss in the working forum--so many crafty girls here. i just wish it weren't the end of the world to have made the post. but it's up.

i hope everyone can move on and converse. not all newbies are here just to come and go--they'll stick around if good, polite interaction
i'll second that freckle! in fact i had a list way back many moons ago when i was just getting into riot grrl and feminism in general called "why riot?" with all my reasons for being a feminist. looking back, some of the items were pretty cringe-worthy, though i did get an email or two from random browsers saying they loved them and were printing them out for their feminist groups. i'll have to see if i've got a copy saved somewhere.
i think i'm the only only one who likes the blue format. the pink martini brings too much attention to my work comp ;-)
the pink martini is ok, it's the gawd-awful animal print that always ruffled my fur as I have droned it into poor frecklette's head til she could recite at a very early age " animal fur looks best on the animals it grows naturally on and even synthetic promotes the ok-ness of it to people who don't Think."

me, a rabblerowser? naaaaa! tongue.gif

thank you for your 2nding grrrrly, I'd be much interested to read your List as well!
and in the tone, my own reasoning behind it.. ugh and UGH as to the logic, but the motivation was sown and here we are today. (and I wanted to tell you your hair ROCKS, but didn't want to seem a copycat w/ all the luv you we're already gettin' on it! )

anyone else want to give me a 3rd and I'll create the thread? I do not recall how many yah's it takes before consensus.
do we have to have a third? i think i'm always ready to do it as soon as i get one agreement. but i'm a gun-jumper like that. i don't think i've ever waited for more than two though. *raises both hands* there see, with kitten, there's your third! laugh.gif but really, i say start it. i found my list and everything. thank maude for the internet wayback machine.

p.s. hair love is always welcome. some random cute woman in target yesterday told me she thought my hair was "darling". i so swooned.
I'll third!

acousticgroupie, try in the "she's crafty" thread in ab-fab, as well as "shameless self-promotion" (also in ab-fab). There have been discussions in both those, if i remember. If you go to the stats at the bottom of the page, and change "last 30 days" to "show all", you'll see there are several threads dedicated to craft.
whoops, wrong thread! Move along, nothing to see here!
Hey! Is there a joke thread? I just looked for one and couldn't seem to find one. Today, someone asked me to tell them a joke, and I couldn't think of anything. LAME. I wanted to find some funnies. It seemed to me there used to be a joke thread, but maybe I am wrong.
puppykitty, I'm sure there used to be a joke thread too but I searched all in media whores and there isn't one now so it hasn't been active in over a year or so.

eta: HAPPY BIRTHDAY puppykitty!
There was a joke thread ages ago. I'd be all for restarting the joke thread. There were some great jokes in there that I still remember!
well, i don't know if it is the thread that you all are thinking of, BUT: "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore": ducks, the taliban, life, the universe and everything" is where i have always read (and posted) my jokes.....
please help me remember:
the links do not work, but here's the latest version of the lounge skin that we recall. I know it ain't right. it's the opening page. shoot me an eamil and tell me what's wrong -- please! thanks.

it's o nly got a couple of topics and the links don't work, you're just looking at the look. spanks.

also, are newbies starting topics before they've made 10 posts all of a sudden? lemme know.
No, they can't do it before 10 posts, but it's really easy for a newbie, whether they mean it maliciously or not, to post 10 posts and start a new thread that no one's interested in or else is spam/troll-ish. We figure if it got bumped up to 50 posts, that wouldn't happen as much or at all.
I really miss the leopard spots as well as the other features. I hope the situation gets resolved soon, LL. What a headache.

Also, has anyone else noticed that the number of guests that appear to be online seems to be A LOT higher than it normally is? I kind of refuse to believe there are really 66 guests right now. Does this have anything to do with the layout mess-up? Because the coincidence is a little odd.
Aww, they took away the best feature of the work-safe skin- I now have banner ads. I appreciate that these are companies/organizations that are supporting the site and the magazine, but doesn't this defeat the purpose of a work-safe skin? Sorta hard to be work-safe when there's sex toy ads running across the top of the screen in full, animated color!
Did I miss the "You Know You Are A Bustie When..." thread or did it die and vanish? I can't seem to find it.
Kitten I bumped the thread for you. it was in media whore, at the bottom of the screen you have the option of displaying all topics.
THANK YOU, oh blessed Lounge Lady!!!

It was such a delight to refresh The Lounge & see that the pink is back! Thank you so so much for making this happen. The place feels like home again. smile.gif
oh, thank maude! the lounge is looking like home again. i missed the pink leopard spots more than i thought i did. thanks lounge lady! happy.gif

eta: i never noticed while our spots were gone that i'd inadvertently dyed my hair to match the lounge colors exactly. as if i didn't think the pink was cute before, now there'll be no living with me. laugh.gif

Thank you for sorting it all out, LoungeLady!

I completely missed the cheery pink leopard spots! I don't feel so BLUE anymore!

*grabs LoungeLady by the hands and spins her in a Virginia Reel 'round the thread*

This feels SOOOOOO much more like HOME!

(And it matches grrrl's hair!! HEE!)
YAY! It's all purdy again. *strokes lounge* wub.gif

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad those wretched red X's are gone and that my reply box isn't 2 computer screens wide anymore! happy.gif
Lounge Lady, thank you so so so so so so much! You are the best!

I feel so much happier with the pink martini back now!

*standing ovation for LL*

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for bringing the leopard and martinis back!!!!

Truly, we're finally home again! Thanks for all your work in getting this put back together for us!
*runs joyfully into the thread*

*gleefully exclaims*

PINK!! we're PINK!!! we have SPOTS!!!woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

*raises pink martini glass*

Yay!!! The pink is back!!

Blue is probably my favorite color, but that format and that shade were just dreadful.
thank you lounge lady!!!! you rock like a hurracane!!!!

thanks for fixing the blog thingy too! you are truly awesome!!!!
boohyah. love it!!
oh, this is a nice surprise! feels like a friendly place again. THNX!

hey, i noticed the WIERDEST thing. have you ever been brushing with an electric toothbrush and looked at a digital clock? holy strange, the numbers literallly dance around like crazy. try it, it's super funny!
the things i have time for eh? hee.
Oh, psych, the leopard spots are back! Thank you, LL.

But... but... the formatting box is still kind of messed up (or, okay, UPDATED) and not back to normal. Like why are there so few color choices for font? This is not my red! But it's kind of the closest one there is.

It's Yuefie's red. laugh.gif

We like our colors here.

Never mind, I fixed it by hand. Still not a real solution, but it'll work for now.

SO ANYWAY... not to be a complainy complaintpants ungrateful wench, but I will -- I have to say something still isn't visually right about the Lounge, it's not 100% back to the way it used to be, but it's close enough. Not that I could tell you what still needs to be fixed, I just know it's not the same as before.
happy to see the pink leopard back. honest. thank you.

but ... i used to be able to format it for a nice calm safe blue mode when i logged in, and now can't find that option. pink leopard is not work-friendly for moi.
mando, happy to see you in these parts again!

scroll allllll the way down to the bottom of the page and on the left-hand side, you'll see a drop down that says "bust lounge - pink martini". pull it down and you'll get the work-safe mode. i always use it, even though i work from home now. i guess old habits are hard to break.
Though I'm a little late to the party...YAY!! This place again rocks!!!!! Fantastic Lounge Lady!!! rolleyes.gif
thank you muchly, fj!
and may i say i'm digging your avatar ... such a beauty you are! how are you feeling?
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