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I love all my Bustie ladies (and occaisonal gents).....xoxoxoxox
Seriously lets just write Steve's checks to Planned Parenthood and ignore his posts....he seems to like the attention a little too much. Let's just skip back a few posts to catsoup and mando's last posts and pretend nothing else has been said, b/c really not much significant has.
If you don't think eternal salvation is significant I would hate to be you come your damnation if you refuse to repent.
"BCC (blind carbon copy) list. No one can see who is on that list when the message gets sent. I use it for mass mails because some people don't want some other people to have their emails. Those emails look like they were sent from me to me but everyone still gets them."
oh, i wish everyone would do this. i've had the same email addy for a while now because i make sure to keep it private but every now and then someone will include me on a list without using bcc and there goes my privacy. it is SUCH a drag. i always send those people a brief note thanking them for the email and asking them to use bcc in future. one girl nearly took my head off though, totally offended that i'd dare critisize her netiquette, i was POLITE too wft. it's like handing out your phone number to strangers, seriously.

did that coupon thread get started anywhere? and what is a spamalot anyhow?
Dear Bad Kitties,
STOP feeding the troll.
(Waggling one shaming finger)
I'm all for the coupon thread...mandi, have you strated it?

Spamalot is a broadway musical based on Monty Python
Can I just clarify - are you saying we're not to feed the troll in the troll thread either?

Some people say that it keeps then out of other threads but even I can see that that isn't working with this one, so I agree...

Sorry I got really irritated this morning at something offensive the testicle trolls had said so I posted a favourite Marge Piercy poem on top of it. I won't do it again.
yes, i think a starvation diet is in order so let's all just stop talking about at all, k? not. one. more. word eh, just totally ignore. we don't have the ignore user function yet but it's just as good if we all ACT like we do. but ya gotta do it all the time though... and yes, in every thread.
Why would I want to ignore you pepper? You are so much fun to talk to. :-)
Hey that reminds me - do we have a website thread at the moment?

My own website needs an upgrade, majorly, and I feel really uninspired and out of touch. I can't seem to find a thread on anything like that at the moment; where is it hiding?

I feel like I need more inspiration than the Slackers Guide to Html.
is there really a slackers guide to html? i'd love to make my own website but i am a techno fool.
pepper: no offence, but the same thing gets said every time we have a new incrop of bridge people. It is just going to have to run it's course. And I'll be the first one to admit I'm a guilty party tonight, but this has been building a while, and I am really sick of not feeling safe in my safe zone and when I am cornerd I come out fighting! It really makes me mad that I don't even feel free to discuss how my feminist and polital views clash with my faith. And it is a HUGE struggle for me...but if someone starts a thread like that is only going to end up like the rest of ATWT. So I apologize. I really mean it, no offence. But when emotions are brought to the boiling point, they have to spill over to cool down. and that is what this lounge is for in my humble opinion.
pix, i hear you girl. but i for one am taking a hugely perverse pride in not directly speaking one. more. word. and that's final. but i have a five year old so maybe my tolerance for bullshit is higher? i dunno, i just love not letting it get the better of me. not that i didn't type the f word and not that i regret it at all but... that was enough for me.

i've been here for quite a while too, btw. i know how it goes, but seems like they just hang out for so much longer if we engage them at all. they're just like five year olds, anything for attention and when they don't get it they double up on the effort until they exhaust themselves (giant colourful typeface, etc).
Tomorrow I will go back to ignoring. Tonight I have said my peace. It just really sucks that in all the time I have been a busty, I have always been quiet about religion because I don't want to be categorized and labeled with THAT! I'm just so sick of it!
Pepper: Slackers Guide - I've even written fan mail to this guy. He taught me everything I "know".
AAAH!!! i don't know where to post this! but BARACK OBAMA IS CONSIDERING RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!

*joins mouse in doing the snoopy dance*
Wow- do you have an official article on that? Not that I don't believe you, of course, I'm just curious.
BARACK OBAMA is not a women. Why should anyone here be happy.
*Ahem*, surely you meant to say Barack Obama is not a woman. From the school of the bleeding fucking obvious, no shit sherlock. What an idiotic thing to say. We are not allowed to be happy because of someones gender now? Give me an effing break.

*continues on with snoopy dance*
yes. why should anyone here be happy? that seems to be your official stance on pretty near everything.

i dance the dance of snoopy, even though i am in canada and have no idea who you are talking about. i dance because i am happy. i just can't help myself, all the donations to planned parenthood and ignoring of the ignorable have resulted in... nothing but us here girls, oh yes, that's right.
i'm still sending my cheques though, just because i care.
((((pepper)))) well said, love.
polly, it was on the news tonight.

pepper, obama is a chicago senator who's kind of the best thing to happen to the democratic party in ages and ages. he's really young, but apparently he's been urged to consider running by various major democratic aides...blah blah political blah i don't know.

i think his best quality is that, in addition to having his brain and heart in the right place, he's very interested in making america WORK as a bipartisan country--that democrats and republicans work together rather than it constantly being the horrible us against them that it's become.

google him--he's just an interesting person regardless.
YAAAYYY!!! Busties (at least some of them) for Barack!!!
*joins snoopy dance*

(I am sorry, I just can't get excited about Hillary. I feel like everything that comes out of her mouth is poll tested to the nth degree to hit all the right focus groups. A right-wing commentator recently accused her of focus-testing her ipod, which was going too far[though who doesn't like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones?] but I can understand why someone would think that way. Besides, she'll lose. Big.)
I had read that about our Barack last night, and it was like the orchestra of hope went off in my head. He IS the best person we've got right now, and captured the imagination of the whole country in his first senate race. However, I do think it is too soon for him...he's a first-termer, and I think there is something to be said for getting at least 2 terms underneath you, just to figure all of the networks out.

And while I'm *meh* on Hilary, as she just does not have the instincts of Bill, or the charm, she's damned smart, and I'd still vote for her in a heartbeat given the opportunity.
Oh, well that's what happens when I don't watch the news. Yay! Now, if Conan O'Brien really would be his running mate!

I agree with you, though, turbojenn- it may be too soon. However, it could be argued that it's that much less time he's had to be tainted by all the political crap out there. And while I'm far more excited about him than Hillary, I'd still vote for her if he wasn't in it.
Well, you know, I guess we would be happier if, say, Ann Coulter was going to run, or maybe plucky Katherine Harris or possibly the braindead upper-addled Laura Bush. Then we'd be thrilled. 'Cause, you know, they have uteruses (presumably) and to feminists, I guess anatomy trumps ideals.

*rolls eyes mightily*

Personally, I want a President Feingold, but that's just me.
heh heh luci!
luci, I agree with you. I like Russ too. Of course I'm a wisconsin gal...

He's got several terms under his belt, can't remember exactly how many. And he is willing to stand for true, progressiveness, when so many democrats are leaning so far middle that I call em "republicrats..."

the coupon/discount thread is up and running in abfab. please share your deals with us!

now. we need a rescue me thread again. if i can't discuss my 2nd-favorite show ever with my beloved busties, i shall shrivel up and die!
I like Russ too. The other person I like is Dick Durbin, who has always been fighting the good fight.

And I'll vote for Hillary too, given the alternative. But I do worry --- if this crowd is meh on her, who's going to support her? And I don't mean just vote --- the reason parties have to get their bases energized is that they're the people who go knock on doors and make phone calls. I can vote for her, but I don't know if I would be capable of convincing anyone else to.

Sorry --- I realize I'm derailing this thread. It is probably too soon for a primary thread though.
To further derail, and then I'll stop, I promise! - I can't imagine that the Democrats would be so utterly stupid as to nominate Sen. Clinton, considering that it is the ultimate wet dream of the neocons and as far as I can tell, it was the right wing that first floated that idea in the first place, to scare up their misogynist base. But, maybe I shouldn't assume that the Democratic Party would act intelligently.
I like Russ and Durbin very much too, but lets face it we need someone with brains and the ability to capture the gnat-like american attention span, and is either of them cut out for that? I'm not sure.

Can you imagine the McCain - Feingold Presidential Death Match...most Americans have only heard Feingold's name next to McCain's....presidential bids rest more on big names than experience these days....
Am I right in thinking that there used to be a "gift" thread? I remember discussing well in advance gradiations gifts and now that time has come around. I have the gift sorted but need creative ideas of how to present it.
Now's my chance to ask what in the world is a "running mate"?
ven, 'running mate' is the person running for vice president, i think. i dunno, all i know of US politics has come from the west wing, i'm just a canadian :P
Yep. Vice-presidential candidate. Not meant to conjure up images of rich old white guys jogging in pairs in short shorts. Although it DOES. At least to me.
I'd be all for a gift thread...mainly for gift suggestions, not necessarily presentation suggestions. What the hell do you get a baby for a Christening gift? (you can answer that in the gift thread if it gets started, no need to de-rail this one any more than it already is :-))
Hey guys... i was wondering if you guys wanted to start a food network thread. I know I love that channel.
polly, if there is more interest I may start one (and put my thinking hat on for good title). As for christening gift, pewter/silver gifts seem to be popular (at least here in the UK), I'm buying a Noah's Ark photgraph frame for my friend's baby.

I'm finding the discussion of future presidential elections interesting - like tyger my knowledge comes from The West Wing (which isn't a bad thing!)
I want to start a new thread in working grrls. I want the thread to be for busties who are already out of college and working "some job", but still aren't sure where their true vocation lies. Is it cool to do this? There doesn't seem to be a thread for this.
koala, only if y'all don't mind my popping in and declaring my undying lust for Alton Brown :-)
Aaaah. Well there goes my theory that the running mate was like a personal trainer only political!
ahhh yes, luci. txplumwine and I will have to join in on that alton lust ;)
I love Alton! I want to go to georgia and stake out that grocery store he always goes to!
Hummingbird, I like that idea.
Koala, thought about stalking Alton too. It's one of the only good reasons of living in GA. More on that in the new Food Network thread... :-)
hummingbird, what about the thread that's already in there, "why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell"? your topic gets discussed in there quite a bit.
pepper: I am not just searching for a job, I am searching for my passion, and I don't know where it lies. I am not sure what my talents are. I want to discuss the frustration around not knowing what your passions are, and that includes career goals but it is not exclusive to career choices. The folks in the "why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell"?, aren't they just looking for a job. I am already employed with a "good goverment job". But I am so out of place here, everyone can see it. So, if these kinds of issues are discussed in that thread, I will gladly bring up the topic.
Is there an automotive thread anywhere?
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