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GT, you're not the idiot. It's just that fuck-o has nothing better do to then sit at home, and keep on posting the same pictures and passages from the bible, oh, and let's not forget, play with his little peanut dick.

ETA. We should come up with a new Fyibot, I was thinking of Euphratesisasmalldickedloser, or something to that effect. smile.gif
so thanks to the big brains of sixelcat, the FYIBOT is ours again. i've gone thru all of the posts e made under FYI, and erased them. that dude has way, way, way too much time on his hands, and no life. ugh. he even took the block off of Euphrates on the account so he could look at those pix while he posted. he is one seriously sick fuck. unfortunately, i couldn't get rid of the obnoxious threads he started. but i think it's best to leave her retired till the next tr*ll attack. everyone's got him and fyi blocked so he's pretty much neutralized.
So, I take it fyibot has been hacked into again? If anyone figures out how to hack back again could we delete the profile please? There is an option to do that, isn't there (I don't know, it's not something I've looked for myself but people have deleted their profile before and left the boards, or was that only on the old software)? Fyibot was a nice idea but not a nice reality.

Let's ignore, we can add euphrates, fyibot and abortion4jesus on our ignore lists and live in blissful ignorance to what he is saying. PLEASE stop feeding the troll with troll-like effigies; I know you mean well but it's growing really tiresome. We know how to ignore trolls we just need to raise awareness to those who don't but we can do that using our own profiles without affecting the conversational flow. Besides, I think we should focus on only posting that info in the newbies thread and here where announcements won't affect the conversation much.

To ignore trolls: my assistant-left-hand option manage ignored user-add offender's name.
So LoungeLady is currently on the boards. Hopefully something will finally be done.

ETA: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for LoungeLady, that little twerps posts are going going gone! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Yay LoungeLady!!!

Please get rid of these nasty bots. They are really traumatizing some of us more sheltered posters.
the cleanup is much appreciated ... thank you.
Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of avatar changes happening around here? It's very refreshing. Although now I have to look at names again. LOL Does everyone like my new pic? It's from this painting that I found on that I liked so much.
that's a beautiful painting.
My friend and I have this habit of taking odd bits of conversation out of context and saying how great they would be as a band name (started thinking about this from the "Okay..." thread when I said "Vulva Tiara" would be a good band name). We've come up with all sorts of names for our non-existent band: The Freshly Washed Choads, The Peeping Pubic Mounds, Goat Daddies, Infitesimal Speck, Pop Culture Reference, etc. I thought a "That Would Make a Kick Ass Band Name" thread might be fun. What do you think?
kelkello -

My fiance has a thread on his bowling site called "That would make such a cool bowling team name". I think it's a good idea. Could be very fun.

i love it kelkello, my friends & i do the same thing.

my future all-girl metallica cover band - master of puppies
hey, anybody know how to change my time zone? it's not 7:30am in this part of the world, it's 10:30. thnx!!
pepper, go to your controls and then to board settings. it's the first option there.

QUOTE(nickclick @ Feb 21 2007, 02:03 PM) *

i love it kelkello, my friends & i do the same thing.

my future all-girl metallica cover band - master of puppies

My all girl Van Halen (ONLY ROTH VANHALEN) cover group is Van Herlan.

Also, I always wanted a band named after the tasty snack, FuNacho.
yay! thank you, xo!

hey i thought there was a thread started for band names? yer missin' out in here girlies!
New thread for band names is in Media Whores *much fanfare and trumpeting* smile.gif
wasn't there a guilty pleasures thread around a while back?
I think that there was a guily pleasure thread, but I believe it's gone awol. I think it should be started anew.
The Guilty Pleasures thread is in Media Whores. I think BunnyB bumped it yesterday.

"i really shouldn't...Well, if you insist..." The Guilty Pleasures Thread

is there a "best breakup music" thread? i thought i remembered seeing one under the mating game...
Here ya go, WL: Best Breakup Music
nice break up song here.. click on light blue
how about a thread for funny quotes you and/or your friends have said? these tend to get posted in the "overheard" thread and maybe i'm just being anal but it irks me, because it's a totally different thing if you know the context.

am i being ridiculous?
I am really feeling the need for a thread where we can go to scream and rant, with several punch-bags that we can virtually punch and kick the shit out of to release our anger and frustrations.
bunnyb -

I second the virtual ass kicking thread. I've also been feeling the need to virtually fuck something up. Can you make it right now? We can call it:






or maybe a bunch of us pissed off busties can go virtually kick the shit out of each other.

I third the nomination for the virtual fight club.
one virtual fight club thread coming up...
Is there a thread to talk about your nails? I got this great nail polish today that I want to rave about and yet I have no place to go. It's really building up inside me here and I'm ready to explode.




Isn't that the greatest name for nail polish. It's really pretty too.
LMP, Don't Hate Me... is a great thread for chatting about make-up, nail polish, etc. (and that polish name did crack me up!)
Hi, My name is LoveMyPugs and I'm addicted to the show Lost.

Do we have a thread dedicated to this show? If we don't WHY NOT? Does anyone want to start one? Am I the only crazy chick here that LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEESSSS this show?
lmp, there is one (a lot of people became disillusioned/irritated by last season and it wasn't resurrected but maybe there will be renewed interest - I'll join you!) give me a min and I'll bump it for us.
My password got eaten and since I have no access to the email I registered with (because I think someone hacked that account), I had to re-register. *cries*

It's good to be back, though. I was having serious issues with even opening the lounge, so the fact that I could get in (kind of) today was a pleasant surprise.
The Lounge was acting strangely for me earlier today, too, Faerie. For the first time in ages, one of my posts got eaten. That's nothing compared to password-eating dingos, though. sad.gif
I'm having problems (since yesterday)initially loading the lounge but once I'm in I'm fine.
yesterday I was having problems initially loading lounge and then each time I clicked on a topic and then thread; it was taking AGES. today is better although topic loading is not as quick as usual.
I was having the same problem this morning.
Yeah, same here. Earlier today I couldn't even get the lounge to come up. sad.gif Yesterday it seemed to take forever to browse.
Same here, yesterday morning and this morning. In the afternoon it seemed to work fine.
I have been having problems too, with the time it takes to load a Lounge seems the worst! It'll work fine, and then it will take up to ten minutes to load a page! No other websites are giving me problems, so I know it's not my connection...
Hey guys,
thanks for posting about your problems. We're having issues with our ad server, which I think is at the root of the trouble. I'm going to change the code for the way the ads are displayed in the lounge, so that hopefully a problem with the ad server won't slow up the entire site anymore. Keep posting here about your issues so I can get some feedback about whether that's helping. Sorry for the trouble! Also, heads up: we're going to be upgrading this software soon, so there may be some 'upcoming downtime,' as they say in the inernets biz.
Thanks, lounge lady! I wasn't having any of the delays, but I'm glad my fellow busties can get on now.

Any chance we can get the new daylight savings time dates updated? This hour behind thing is screwing me up!
LL - Thanks for taking care of us! The problem is definitely a little better since last night, but its still taking me 3-4 minutes to get the results when I hit "view new posts" and taking 5-10 minutes for posts to go through....something's still up with the adserver here - the ads are getting hung up when the pages are trying to load, and pages churn at 90% complete, with just the blue box showing where the ads should be. I've re-typed this post twice now, as Firefox shuts down when I try to post. Thanks for checking this out for us! *mwah!*
Tip ladies, change your setting to "work safe" and you won't have to deal with any banner ads- the site takes a lot less time to load even when it's not having problems. I know it's not exactly supporting the merchants, but I go through the ads in my issues and look up the sites of the places I'm interested in, anyway.
I don't know if you fixed it, LL, or if me running the system update on my computer did it, but my time problem's now fixed. smile.gif
Actually, polly, I was just going to tell you there are DST settings in your profile options. Click on your profile, and on the left side there is a link called "board settings". Under the board settings there are DST options (auto correct-to automatically change DST and DST in effect to manually correct if DST is already in effect....that way Arizona and Hawaii BUSTies can customize their own settings).

*goes back to missing her hour of sleep*
stupid pornbot
So, would anybody be interested in a thread for The Riches? I know the pilot just aired last night, so it may be too soon. Still....any interest?
count me in!
it's even more twisted & morally-challenged than the sopranos and nip/tuck! (which makes me question why i liked it so much ... erm.) unsure.gif
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