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thanks zora - and congrats on your new house!

when i have more time, i'll post in that thread about our house buying adventures...which have just begun.
hello all! i hope i'm posting this question in the right place...if not, please let me know.

i'm trying to track down a thread about hair. i'm thinking of getting extentions, and could really use some bustie advice.

thanks much!
spaz, this is the perfect place to ask such a question! you done good, girl!

we do have a thread designated to all things hair, and i just bumped it for you. it's in the absolutely fad-ulous forum...

i hope you find everything you need!

thanks so much!
I'd like to resurrect the idea of a gift-giving thread. Even if it just lasts through the holidays, I'm in need of some advice.

Anyone for/against?
In Ab Fad, you think?

What should I call it?
busties, I think we have a problem and it's called spamming.

polly, abfad probably best and all I can think of is something incorporating giving and receiving (gifts and ideas)...
Gift giving thread started in Ab Fad....where's the spam, bunny?
new poster femmespeak has made six posts so far, all more or less about same thing (a 'zine I think) and reads like spam.

/runs off to find gift thread
*perks*Gift Thread? Where?

I know, I should be working on my cross stitch (my own pattern - says Fuckity Fuck Fuck- for my mom) or creating something rather than looking for more *stuff* to buy...
It's in Absolutely Fad-ulous, Athena. Welcome!
is it just me, or has the lounge been totally empty as of late? sad.gif
I've noticed that too. It used to take me a lot longer to read through threads, but it seems like there's been a whole lot less new posts.
I think some people had trouble getting into the Lounge for awhile, and maybe haven't tried back...or else maybe they are using the old Lounge addie, which just stopped working last month?

I have a thread question...does anyone remember the singers' thread that was started (I don't remember by whom), but never really got off the ground? It seems to me most of the posts were from shy singers...peeps with voices and stagefright all at the same time! Maybe it died b/c people were too shy to even post about singing. Anyone interested in going for it again? I'd think anyone who sings would be welcome, of course...
I'd be interested, doodle.
Yeah, doodle, coolness.

I still haven't gotten all "It is I, Cornell-i-o!!" at the hard rock karaoke yet.
are there any busties who thrift for records, or collect vinyl/lps? i'd like to start a thread about old weird records, or sites where you can hear more obscure music....
I agree with the House thread ideas.. I am saving up for a condo right now and with all the crazy ARM's and tax info it might be useful to have some info/discussion on that.
anybody up for a House the programme thread?
yes, bunny! i think we should title it "you're WRONG!"
girltrouble~i would totally support the vinyl/music collecting thread! great idea. it would be great to talk with other busties about my love of vinyl.

oh, and i think with the invention of myspace and livejournal...former busties and some current ones...spend their time there more. i still love the lounge.
yay! i thought i was the only one.

speaking of which, i was going to email you about this... has just opened new free memberships. basically wax dj is a site where you can upload and share music. if you have a turntable + a computer, i can tell you how to record your vinyl to mp3s for about $15 or less. just email me
or you can always download audacity
which is free, and very good (unless you have a mac), and get a cord you can get from radioshack, and you will be good to go.

thrifting for records is a great way to get cheap off the wall music. and wax dj is a good way to share.

here is my waxdj account incase you want to check it out:

and it's free.

thread will be started in a sec, and you will have to excuse me evangelism in this. i love, love, love LPs.
Bunny, Yes! I'd love a House thread! And to add to the title idea, how about, "Cameron, you're WRONG. Everybody LIES"

Or, "What's the differential diagnosis for (insert something common like "wanting coffee in the morning")?
I'd join in the House discussion...if they ever end the stupid Tritter story line! Man it grates on my nerves!
what about "what's the differential diagnosis for House?"

will start soon.

somehting just reminded me of the bustie of the year awards - can we do those again? I can't remember who started us off last year.
Oh, I could never pick a "Bustie Of The Year". Too many choices!
I think it was more of a "best of Bust" type of thing...remember it was really long and we nominated people for things they said or happened. I'm pretty sure Doddlebug started it last year.
That was great! Like some yearbook with bizarre categories!
I was wondering if there was a thread for musician busties...or busties in bands or anything of the sort.
Oh, do you mean: "And the 200X BUSTie Award goes to...."?

Yeah, you can nominate people for anything. Best flounce. Best bustie-on-bustie fight. Best snacks. Best drunken post. Best troll-baiting. WORST troll-baiting.

I started it last year because meer had done it in the previous year (or years?), but didn't last year for some reason (was he gone by then?). I wanted it back - it was fun. But anybody can go for starting it up again! Go for it!
A musician thread would be cool.

What the heck is a flounce? *scratches head*
IPB Image

Dirty tactics!

Kvetchies will provide hot chocolate, marshmallows and a tipple if so desired!
if we had a "house" thread, i'd go and talk about how much i love cynthia nixon.
I remember asking this before, it was a recommendation thread. Along the lines of, "if you liked this, try this!" Some BUSTies were into it, but i never got around to starting it, so, here we are again, what do y'll think of a recommendation type-y thread, where you can go and get input on something new try based on whatcha like.
We used to have a "Consumer Rants and Raves" thread. Maybe we could re-start it?

What's with the threads for individual TV series in MW lately? Threads for Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Lost, etc., I understand, but why can't we talk about these other shows in the existing TV thread? There was one last week that no one replied to, now there's another one. huh.gif
I liked that one. I heard about some good products in that thread.
I was thinking more along the lines of a media type thing. Like, if you liked Harry Potter, try... y'know.
yeah Polly, it's getting a bit much (and what's with just starting a thread without guaging interest?) I can understand the bigger shows because they generate a lot of discussion after each episode.
i don't mind threads devoted to a particular tv show. especially if it's one i watch, but haven't seen yet and don't want anything to be spoiled. if it's being talked about in its own thread, i can easily avoid. but if it's being discussed in the tv thread, it would be easier to stumble upon ruination.

the six feet under & buffy threads were like second homes for me, especially during their final seasons. *weep*

i actually would adore a thread for rescue me and nip/tuck. but i'm in the minority.

tv addict? moi?!? wink.gif
treehugger there anywhere I could go to talk to people, like a thread about caring for an elderly parent? Or something like that? I'm considering offering that Mom move in with me and would like to bounce pros and cons off of people who've done this.....
QUOTE(girlygirlgag @ Dec 30 2006, 02:19 PM) *

Saddam is dead. Not that he is missed.

Maybe we should have a "this just in" thread?

I think a news thread is a great idea; what about "keeping me posted: the news thread" (cos we're posting just in news) in ATWT?

House fans, I'll start the House thread in the New Year, I was trying to catch up with the eps so far in season three. Really tempted to call it "'It's NEVER Lupus': What's your Differential Diagnosis of House?"
I was thinking about a current events thread- I say go for it. I think some topics will have more discussion after they're posted, which is fine, of course, but at some point, people are going to have to take their conversation to one of the applicable threads or to PM.

Treehugger, I think that would be a good thread- maybe more general, about caring for the sick and/or elderly.
are there any journalists here?

if so can i talk to you?

where should i post to ask my question to get a chance at more responses?


Ps. Did anyone watch Dexter? The show that came on showtime?
I love that show...Is there a thread for that?

Pps. Is there a thread along the lines of I gave up my dream and this is what happened, or i pursued my dream and this is what happened?
I think if it were, those stories would be very inspiring...

With the new year fast approaching, i am just gathering my thoughts, trying to reprioritize and get things in perspective. Would anyone be interested in a thread like this?

Ppps. Am I the only one who misses the Mmeoptimystic tarot readings thread?? (that was fun) in hindsight, majority of the things she told me were dead on!
Free Spirit, I bumped the Writer's Block thread for you in Working Girls. I'm not sure there are any journalists here, but if there are, I'm guessing they'd check that thread.
free_spirit! I'm kind of an ex-journalist. It was really fun to be part of a newspaper or magazine and be hip to things and work with other intelligent people and to see my name in print.

But then it kinda stank that it didn't pay much (I did manage to get paid) and that I was spending my waking hours talking about others' creations and accomplishments instead of trying for my own.


I love the writer's block thread but it doesn't get much traffic.
Maybe because writing is such an individual thing.


If you want a cool tarot reading, try The Osho Zen tarot. They've got a free one-card reading on there. It'll give you the perspective and also encouragement.

anybody fly a lot? do flight prices go up or down after the new year? does it cost a couple hundred to sit on the fence until after the first?
princess evangeline

I like the idea of a "breaking news" about "This Just In...." for the title?
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