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It didn't look like simple maintenance to me. It looked like someone forgot to pay the bill for the domain.
And if it were simple maintenance, why no warning?
Having all new equipment and software, and trying to program web things, I will say:

SIMPLE maintenance?! What's simple about it?!

Also, things will just snarl themselves up for the hell of it. The new 'ware is so shiny and powerful it trips over itself. I miss the late 90s. Things had gotten to a really nice solid optimum stability point. Okay, so, some things were less convenient and fun -- photos and music come to mind -- but this stuff is fidgier than ever.

Fidgy. Word I made up that seems to fit.

They let us know they were changing from discus (was that the name of it or just the directory) to Invision, and... it's not always gonna run hitch free.

But, who knows -- maybe we were hacked by a blocked ass hat.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Nov 21 2006, 08:02 AM) *

It didn't look like simple maintenance to me. It looked like someone forgot to pay the bill for the domain.

I when I tried to log-in on sunday it said the domain had expired and was for sale.
I think the Network Solutions notice over the weekend - which said that the domain had expired and was up for grabs if not re-claimed a.s.a.p. by the original owner - was pretty clear evidence it was more than "maintenance." That being said, I can see how such a thing would happen - I bought a domain name once, and I believe I got only one notice in the mail about renewing it. (I let mine expire on purpose.)

(ETA: cross-posted with erinjane.)
That notice really scared me..
It scared me, too. I even worried about what would happen if someone else snagged the domain name! What would we do?!

I'm also surprised that Network Solutions shut the place down so quickly. And on a weekend, too! Felt kinda sneaky to me. But I've never bought a domain, so what do I know!
Yeah...we wondered if one of our favorite numptys would snatch up the domain name!
So, we're ALL right ... cause renewing the domain name is part of maintenance! tongue.gif

But I wonder why the main page still came up -- and I also noticed the "Girl Wide Web" stuff had some goo instead of what it should have.

Loungelady! Inquiring minds want to know!
I went through the motions of trying to register, just to see if I could. There must be a "safe harbor" period after expiration since I was given notification that it wasn't available.
i couldn't get the main page or any other page for that matter. and there was nothing posted on the bustie myspace page about what was going on either. wierd.
didn't there used to be a crash site to check in on just in case something like this happened? i seem to recall...
Meerkat used to have an alternate Lounge for us, but when he disappeared, it was shut down. sad.gif
I was surprised to see so little metioned. It's like "poof!" and we don't exist. I'm not a Myspacer, but I read a couple posts that said something like "hey, guys your domain name expired" but that was it. Isn't there a Live Journal group, too?

Another board I'm on went down for maintenance (we had a few days warning, and it was actual upgrades) and I set up a refugees group over on Yahoo. Shouldn't we have something like that?
I am so glad the lounge is back up!! I was a little freaked out by it just being gone all of sudden.
woot! good to be back!

(rose, speaking of people snagging the domain: read kvetch).

So, we all panicked and fretted and suffered withdrawal syptoms so maybe we should have a contingency plan in case there's a (maude forbid) a next time? so we all know what's going on?

eta: I am STILL receiving error messages when I click on links, the same ones I've been receiving intermittently for weeks, the same one as I was receiving the last couple of days. I doubt they were doing maintenance.
I'm still getting those error messages, too; in fact, I just got one now:

"Service Temporarily Unavailable

"The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."

For those who were getting intermittent pages of over the weekend, I suspect you might have been seeing pages previously cached by your browsers, which is what happened to me, till I cleared my caches.
That's the same message I'm receiving, doodle! sooooooooooooooooooo annoying, it's constant.

I have a Q: if the domain had expired, would the archives not be lost?
we definitely need a bunker to go to when the stie goes kerplunk.

i felt adrift.... wink.gif
Just occured to me - if there were issues with the domain, it doesn't necessarily mean they forgot to pay their bill...Bust could easily have been having a dispute with the domain host. I guess it's all pointless speculation, though it would be nice to know, since the Ms. fiasco has us all a little paranoid about the Lounge disappearing!

We do need a new bunker. I wish I had the skill/resources to make this happen, but I don't.

Shit, where's Meer now that we need him?
Maybe we could invade Quantum's BPAL message board website thingie, which I don't remember the name of right now.

Remember when Girlbomb had something on her website? That was cool.

Oh, and here's the link to Bustalicious, for those of you wondering how to find it.
Nope, doodle, I always clear history, cache, and cookies after every internet session, or in the late afternoon early evening of every day..

Ima stick to my guns about the interwebs being snarly, emotive beasties that are sometimes not in the "Mood!"

I remember Bustalicious!! For when we switched boards. I already spend too much time busting and playing games... I just revved up my little beast so it's not as skittish, and am doing some serious Flash bunkering. Finally.

Thanks for the link, raisingirl! Haha -- I like the cat slamming it's tail!
Hm... wombat, I should probably clear my history/cache/cookies soon, since I've been looking at porn! smile.gif How do you do that?

I came in here to ask if anyone remembers a certain thread that used to be in the F-word called "Growing up GIRL: Things you wish you had known way back then" (or something close to that). It was a great thread of sage bustie wisdom, and I'd love to have it around again. What do you think?
_octinoxate, that thread was probably before my time as I would have remembered it - that sounds fabulous!
It *was* fabulous, bunny. If there are no objections, then, I'd love to go resurrect it...

(ps- bunny, sorry for the terrible typos in my post before I edited it just now. Ick.)
I say resurect it! It sounds good to me
Yes! Bring it back! It was in F-Word before, wasn't it?
That was a great thread! YES to bringing it back!
octinoxate, Sounds like a good thread!!
Great, glad to hear the enthusiasm! The thread has officially been resurrected. Check it out in the F-word!
I was thinking of restarting the "You know your are a bustie when..." thread. Any intersest?
I'm watching the follow-up of the "Pay It Forward" episode of Oprah, where she gave $1000 to all the audience members, on the condition that they give it to a deserving stranger and document the experience on a video camera. In the follow-up today, they're showing the videos of what the participants did (one of the guests on the original show and a participant was the Free Hugs Guy, whose video was posted in the YouTube thread, here on Bust.)

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy from the show, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a "Random Acts of Kindness" thread, where we could talk about random acts of kindness that we've done or been the recipient of. Besides spreading the warm & fuzzy feeling, it could inspire some new random acts among Busties, of which I know there have already been many.

I have some title ideas:
"Random Acts of Kindness: Busties Paying It Forward"
"Chicken Soup for the Bustie's Soul" (totally cheesy, and I don't think it gives the real purpose of the thread)

Anyone interested? No story too big or too small!
polly, I LOVE "Chicken Soup for the BUSTie Soul"! we could have a subtitle to explain purpose or we could use "Random Acts of Kindness: Busties Paying It Forward" (also very good) and use Chicken Soup for something else... (something that doesn't touch on kvetch or okay but where people can vent/wallow (in a good, productive, healing way) and where BUSTies can suggest things that could make them feel better? like chicken soup or ice cream)

kittenb, good idea! I was just thinking about that thread!

would there be enough interest in a Celebs who Should Let Me Party with Them thread?
Both these threads sound fabulous -- and I see "Growing up GIRL" is already out there.

In an odd coincidence, I had a Buddhist moment last night, in which I noticed a big buzzing bumble bee outside my apartment door -- instead of getting freaked and trying to kill him or just sneak past, I realized he was upset at being caught inside. I held open the inner lobby door until he found his way to the outer lobby, then I held open the lobby door and waited patiently for him to find the breeze -- he kept getting stuck on one piece of glass or another. Beezies are nice animals.

_ox! Go to History > Clear History, Go to one of the left hand menus to find the Empty Cache command (in Safari, it's Command Option E) and then go into Security > Advanced > Cookies and clear them. If there's not a clear key, just select all and delete.

Do it at the end of a session -- not just to cover your tracks but because your computer will thank you. It runs better if you don't let the cookies build up.

(We had one guy when I worked in computer repair we called "Porn Guy." He'd come in every few months with his computer absolutely immobile, stuffed with giant porn files) rolleyes.gif
Kitten..I used to LOVE the "you know you're a Bustie when..." thread!
Where should I put the kindness thread? Media Whores is the "when it doesn't go anywhere else" section, but if someone has a better idea, let me know. I think I'll go with the Random Acts of Kindness title.
Has anyone else been getting "error 503 site temporarily unavailable" today?
yes, i got it a few times, erinjane. it makes me nervous every time because it's the same thing that was happening before the *outage*.

*puts hand up*

makes a change from "server busy or ips error". i like it when they vary the messages. gives me something to read while refreshing the page repeatedly.
Hey Morn, earlier today I got a "Forbidden" message when trying to access the Lounge. That was a new one for me.

A couple days ago I posted something about these hiccups over in the "Having Problems With Our Website?" thread. Maybe if enough of us say something ...? One can hope.
I got the forbidden message too, was when I accidentally used the old Lounge addie ( you did that too, rose?
I wish that were so, Doodle, but it happened when I clicked on my new link in my favorites. When I got the "forbidden" message, I refreshed the page & it brought up the Lounge.
Hmmm....that IS weird!

I somehow thought the new Lounge format meant we'd not be left free-floating in ignorance like we were before...silly me.

Ok, these error messages are getting really annoying's like every other time you try to post or open a thread!! GRRRR!
the error messages are extremely annoying.

you know what else is annoying? people who post in a thread without reading and gaining feel for that thread, it's not a crime of newbies either. It's really bloody annoying.

/annoyed mood as having lovely day and should not have allowed BUST to affect it.
I know, bunny....I really think we should re-start Kvetch Up with the subtitle "We're not the complaint department!"

The lounge is being annoying! Besides all the error messages, it won't let me post two separate posts in a row. In the Barefoot thread, I wanted to post a recipe, then post a separate comment in another post, so it didn't get lost in the recipe. It keeps adding it to the first post. WTF??

I started the Kindness thread; the word "random" was capitalized when I put it in. For some reason, it's not now. Maybe because of the "~"? I know, I'm a grammer-snob. If I wasn't afraid of making a duplicate thread and further wreaking havoc, I'd try to correct it. mad.gif Bad lounge, bad!
polly, there's a time limit on that. it defaults to add things to your last post instead of creating a new post within a certain space of time. just wait a while then post your thang. if someone else responds you can make a new post right away.
hello busties,
so, i have looked a little bit, and can't find/not sure if there is, a thread about buying a home, or more specifically, buying your first home. is there a thread for that? is it a big enough topic to start a thread?
Amber, my boy and I just bought our first house and there appeared to be some home-buyers in the house of the gods thread. (In ab-fab) Maybe your discussion could go there?
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