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a return of the mood music thread? yes?
bumped it for ya faerietails
no way...i looked everywhere for it a while back and never saw it. did they start up a new one recently or what? unsure.gif

thanks bunnyb!
Hehe, no! if you look at the bottom of the page where it says search and has 30 days, you can change it to all and it brings up dropped off threads which is a great feature.
Any thoughts on a self-employment thread in working girrls? I searched and didn't see one anywhere, but maybe I'm not searching the right terms.
Is there a vegetarian thread anywhere?
veggie tales in OBOH
do we have a voting thread? i'm totally confused about the upcoming election. i know it's cutting it really close but i was wondering if there'd be interest in that?
good call, mouse. i need to know if i'm being socially irresponsible by intending to vote straight ticket.

on the other hand, i am fucking around with a campaign worker, which makes me feel lika an "informed" citizen wink.gif
can i start one?
mouse, go for it!

mel: there used to be a thread like that, when i was self-employed. it was there for me at a time i really needed it. go for it!
I don't know if any of you have noticed, but an interesting issue was brought up in another thread and it occured to me that it was much more appropriate to discuss it in here.

1: Because of the new software, have all of our old bandwith problems been solved? Have all of the dingos been killed off, etc?
2: And if so, does this mean that we should do away with the old policy of asking the community's opinion before creating new threads?
3: What should we do if someone creates a thread that is identical to an already-existing thread?
i started a voting thread
In response to your post, Rose, I think duplicate threads are annoying. I really like that we try to be as consolidated as possible, but I've never liked this feeling of "I have to check with everyone before I start to talk about something new." I think there needs to be a better way to convey that to new people, and some of the non-Newbies, although they usually have their reasons for starting duplicate threads. The bottom line is that many times a person (usually a newbie) will start a new thread and no one will reply either because we already have a thread, or because it's not something anyone's interested in, so what was the point in starting it?

I think there's too much stuff that we talk about on this board (relationships/health/money/sex/culture, etc....does the order I put those in say anthing about me?) that if we had duplicate threads for those topics, it would be insane around here.
So, I was thinking about a new thread for the Mating Game. I used to post in the crush thread, but my crush has become my new boyfriend. However, we're still in that weird new stage. I was wondering if there could be like a thread based on the newness of a relationship(McGeek and I have only been dating a month or so) or am I missing another existing thread?

Thanks. smile.gif
rose, all good questions! I have no idea on the bandwidth issue. Without mods or explicit instructions to noobs (say, that come along with your registration), it's really hard to "police" (ooh, I hate using that word) the creation of new threads. I don't know the answer to this one. I DO think it's easy to keep doing what most of us do when someone starts a duplicate thread, which is to politely inform the thread-creator that the topic already exists.

On that note, I actually came in here to anyone interested in an Ugly Betty thread? Because I *heart* the bejeesus out of Betty and I find the TWoP forums intimidating...and I also saw awful words like "feminazi" thrown around over there.

sassy, it sounds like a good idea, but I wouldn't be a participant! I don't know what exists in MG...
DOODLE! totally start an ugly betty thread.

wtf is up with all this "service unavailable" crap i keep running into?
mouse, i'm getting a lot of those too. WTF!? i thought it was my IT guys about to snatch BUST from me, since they've taken everything else that's fun!

I'm getting it too!
yup, me too, and roseviolet. It's a pain in the bleep.
thank all the gods that it is not just ME getting these annoying messages!! anyone have any notion of what this might be symptomatic of???
well, last night had the most online users at one time (election excitement) so maybe it is capacity problems? I've been told though that invision is the best forum software though, and it shouldn't crash.
I had it about 5 minutes ago.

I had it happen a couple of weeks ago all weekend, but not again since then.
I've had that happen too...thought it was my ISP.

There were some other problems with getting into the Lounge, though. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that some of the links from into the Lounge weren't working....they were still re-directing to the old Lounge URL (from when we were on the old Discus software). I don't know why it stopped working suddenly, maybe there was a URL re-direction agreement with Discus that finally expired. Anyway, I wrote to LoungeLady to let her know, and it seems to have been fixed.

Well, one vote is enough for me, I'm gonna start an Ugly Betty thread!
I just assume it's a temporary glitch and try again a few seconds later. I mean, obviously, so do YOU guys, but -- I've had it happen on and off for a long time. Just the server timing itself, maybe?
Ok, I've started it! Had no clue what to name it...I'm not great at thread-naming. But here it is!

Let The Bettification Begin! (the Ugly Betty thread)
Would anyone mind if I restarted the Expat thread which I believe was lost in the move to new software? I feel in desperate need of it...
not at all!! i miss it!!!

ETA: eeps. i just posted over my 666!!! bummer!
The Ex-pat thread still exists, but it's buried. Looks like it hasn't been touched since May! You can find it here.

Finding old threads with this new Lounge software is a bit more complicated than with the old stuff, so here's a tutorial on how to find old threads.

1. From the main Lounge menu, go to one of the topic sections (in the case of the Ex-pat thread, Friends & Family).
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of threads & find the drop-down menus on the right side of the page.
3. See the menu that says "From 30 Days"? Click on that and select "Show All". Then click the "GO" button on the right.
4. On this new page, look right above the section title and you will probably see a box that says "2 Pages" (or 3 or whatever). These are the backpages of archives. Ta da!
Thanks RV!

(and thanks for the postcard! I'm not sure on my decision yet though...right now, the nails are tempting...)
Sassy, I like your idea of a thread about new relationships. I feel like a lot of the discussion in the crush thread could fit in better there.
I just have to think of a cool name. Any suggestions would be helpful. smile.gif
And I'm not sure how to start a new thread.... Stargazer suggested "Feels like the first time." I mean it doesn't go into the crushie thread or the Committed part 2, b/c Mcgeek and I are still so new. Anyways, if you any suggestions, feel free to PM me! smile.gif
Troll Alert:
POfeminist has posted a nasty to me in the mama's thread and another to someone else in the committed thread. see for yourself but i'm using the ignore function for this one.
pepper, honestly, must you go around saying stuff like that? I will repeat myself that someone who posts things you do not disagree with is not a troll. For someone such as yourself who cannot take any criticism whatsoever it does not surprise me that you think this.

I love how you play politics on this board in a blatant attempt to be liked. You're childfree by choice debacle was a perfect example. I am sure you are a nice person in real life, but you are extremely manipulative on this board. I am sorry you are so insecure that you feel you must be that way.

I also want to clarify that I would never accuse you of being a bad mother to your current child. I did not say that.
Geez, pepper, I just read what she said to you. Totally innapropriate. I think I'm gonna have to use the ignore function on this one too.
What she just wrote here was inapprpriate, too: "blatant attempt to be liked" dry.gif
How rude can someone be?
Yeah, way to make a first impression- this is worse than treelizard or whatever her name was.

Trust me, I was one of the people who's had issues with Pepper, in the Childfree By Choice thread issue a few weeks ago, but I would never make assumptions/accusations or talk to another Bustie that way you did, PO. We don't always agree on stuff, and some of us are more sensitive about stuff than others (see my posts in Kvetch last night), but this was uncalled for. I don't care how long you say you've lurked around here- you're either completely oblivious to social mores to think it's okay to come in here like that or just plain rude. My guess is a little from column A and a little from column B.

My advice- reel in the judgmental attitude more than a little and try to make amends with those you've pissed off. Or just go away, y'know, whatever.
Criticism is one thing. Flogging is another. I think POFeminist's responses were brutal .... not just because they were filled with false information and assumptions, but because the tone was absolutely uncalled for.

I understand that POFeminist has been playing Peeping Tom on these boards for a while, lurking in our threads and reading our thoughts. That makes her think that she knows us and that she is familiar enough to speak frankly. But she has clearly forgotten that we don't know her, so her opinion carries no weight with us whatsoever. I can understand this. A lot of newbies have made this mistake before. And ordinarily I am inclined to forgive and forget, but the cruelty of her words and tone ... those are things I will not be forgetting any time soon.

Obviously she does not know us as well as she assumes, since she spewed so much false information about Pepper in the Bust Moms thread. Perhaps she will learn from this? One can only hope. But she now has a looooooong long road to walk before she'll be accepted as a member of this community.

Since you're so happy to give out advice, POFeminist, perhaps you'll take some from me. Create a new screen name and start from scratch. Perhaps you can start off on the right foot next time. And perhaps, with any luck at all, you won't end up putting that foot in your mouth.
Wow, I'm just caught up on this, and I have to say, I'm leaning towards the Troll designation.

POfeminist, I am one of the people who had some of the biggest disagreements and harsh words over the childfree discussion, and I have to say, your comments in the moms thread and over here are uncalled for, not to mention having zero place in the context of the conversation(s). I don't believe any bustie deserves to be publicly stoned like that.
Where did she go? I wonder how long she's been around. Her profile says she registered in Oct. That childfree thing was awhile ago now wasnt it?

In any case, personally, I don't think shes a troll, just someone who maybe should have phrased things differently. Or gotten her facts straight at the very least.

There are some very interesting thoughts on this matter in the busting trolls thread. I do agree with the blatant attempt to be nice thing, not directed at pepper necessarily, but i think a whole bunch of people are fake nice in order to not be crucified here.

i wish she hadnt said things like that to you pepper though.
hee hee, publicly stoned! *snort*. sorry, you know i live in hippie land. that just struck me as so funny!
All right you guys, this is reminding me of Life of Brian when the men dressed up as women who were dressing up as men "Get your fake beards here!" in order to attend the public stoning.

LOL on the stonings....

I've just done a search of the site for insomnia...and it seems we don't have a thread about it. It also seems like we've got a few Busties who suffer from it (me included)

So I'm wondering if there's any interest in a thread dealing with insomnia and various ways to overcome it?
treehugger, I think someone (sassygrrl?) suggested an insomnia thread a while back but it doesn't appear to have been started. I may not post much but I'm up for an unsleeping beauties thread.
Maybe we could have a general sleep issues thread? I'm having issues with sleep apnea, and it would be nice to see if anyone else here is dealing with it.
maybe ... if I knew what that was! I'm having nightmares and napping in afternoon because mind is exhausted from being active whilst sleeping at night so general sleep issues would be good.
I like the sleep issues idea. I say start it up.
katie, i wonder if you'd come into the troll thread to talk about the nicey nice to avoid confrontation thing....cause there are a few of us who are confused about that, and are wondering what that really means? thanks.

i'm stoned in public all the time, it's not so bad wink.gif
Are you tired? Cause you've been running through my mind all night!

bm! ch!
unsleeping beauties! i'd post in there for sure. betcha chachaheels would add some of her awesome wisdom as well. i say start 'er up!
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