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what would people think of a geek thread? i'm thinking kinda general, so as to encompass computer geeks/gamers/people who play dorky card games like munchkin and gloom (i only say dorky because i play them all the time, and i like to be self-deprecating)/anything else you could really be geeky about. 'cause i'm geeky, and i'd like to have other people to geek out with. we could even have geek-offs! (oh, that was geeky. i wallow in my geekdom)
I'd be totally up for a geek thread. But then again, you knew that, tyger, right? ;)
tyger, I'd be into it.
really, zora? i never would've pegged you as the geeky type :P

so, now we need a name. and media whores or abfab? i mean, i think it could fit either place
we should have a how'd you come up with your screen name thread.
Ohh I like that idea culturehandy - I'm often wondering why people choose the names that they do.
I think MW would work.

Maybe something referencing RPGs?

Oh, and we used to have a thread like that culturehandy. It was called "What's in a name?"
whatever happened to it? I just think it would be interesting to know. Any thoughts about starting anew?
I'd like to. It was neat.

Also, I thought of a name for the geek thread. Let me know what you think: "Wanna see my D-20? The geek thread."
well, zora, as i'm at a complete loss for a thread name, i say you should go ahead and start it with your name.
Okay, I'm putting in Media Whores. (And I always want to pronounce that as "hooers" after reading Preacher)
what happened to the trading stuff thread? i can't find it
is it ok to post in every thread in a forum to bump them up and make an annoying one go the hell away?
can't say i'm enjoying to pm's soliciting my presence in such thread either WTF.
I have done that in the past. It can feel good, but you can bump twenty posts and all that idiot has to do is bump one to wreck all your work. But if it makes you feel good, go for it.
I wish I could have found out what "rebookie" meant, speaking of the name thread. That word goes into my brain sometimes. "Rebookie"

If s/he DID ever post what it meant, I didn't see it.
Pepper - you too huh?
Bumping - some people like it, others don't. For people who use the "Last Day" or "Last Week" view it doesn't make the troll thread go away, it just makes our page full of Bump. So from that point of view it's better to actually find something to say in each thread.

mmhmm. wonder what exactly he found so incredibly interesting as to neccessitate private messages to keep us from missing it. whatever.
i did try to post something relevant each time. nothing spectacularly interesting, just on topic, ye know, so as to make the bumping less obvious. seemed like a good idea at the time.
Well I didn't even notice you'd bumped, so it did work! You mean to tell me that strangers talking about their own balls isn't the most fascinating thing in the world to you?
hey, do we have a thread about cars? i'm in the market for a new (used) car, and i could use some advice, since it'll be the first time i've bought one on my own.
the jamu dork's thread gave me an idea for a new thread in the OBOH forum that i thought i'd run by you all... how about a thread on alternative medicine (homeopathy, acupunture, etc.) whaddaya think?
I have a question and got no one else to ask and since I din't see any place for just random-general questions, I'll ask here.....
is it possible to receive someone elses emails? I got an email from some guy and in the header it had the TO and FROM and SUBJECT and DATE but the TO address was NOT my email addy????? it was addresses TO a addy..... didn't see my email addy on it anywhere and it didn't have all the stuff that a FORWARDED email has, so I don't think it was forwarded to me.... I'm not sure why it came to me.....
Voodoo - there is a 'Bust General Knowledge Base' thread in MW, you might get more responses there.

As for your question: It sounds dodgy, but I don't know enough about computers to be of much help here.
Voodoo - At one point there was a computer thread up in MW too. But I'll give you my two cents here. I think you were on the BCC (blind carbon copy) list. No one can see who is on that list when the message gets sent. I use it for mass mails because some people don't want some other people to have their emails. Those emails look like they were sent from me to me but everyone still gets them.
Thanks for the info.... :-)
anyone? alternative medicine thread?
midge - i vote yes....
midge....definitely yes....I'm nearly exclusively alt healing, so go on ahead and start it.....witty thread titles are not my forte.
How about a play on "you make me feel like a natural woman"?
great idea polly, thanks for the feedback all!
how do i update my profile?
sassy - click on the "edit profile" link in the leopard spots to the left. Easy Peasy!
This is getting fun..... anyone seeing the pattern..... just pushing garbage down....
pushing. garbage. down...
Eh, I still hate bumping. You think someone has said something new when they haven't and then it's just us against the t**ll in a war to see who can post the most/fastest.

I just really hope the new software has an ignore function. . .although I'll miss the t**ll donation fund.
I don't want to post just to bump, so I'll ask when do y'all think they'll be getting new software?
Where is the Birthday Busties thread? I could have sworn I saw it recently, but could not find it for the life of me.
It's over in F&F, bumped it for you.
damn double posts. i wonder if we're going to be wondering about the alleged new software for years?
i don't mind fun bumps. it's easy to take two seconds to say something witty & make it worth opening. but if it's being done merely to push down t*o*l threads, i think it just feeds the community irritation level. better to ignore. helpful bumps are of course lovely.

is there a coupon or discount thread? i often want to pass along good deals, internet shopping whore that i am. i have one now for $45 tix for spamalot on b'way!
hey, does anyone have objections to a Veronica Mars thread? some folks have been discussing the idea over in the TV thread.
Speaking of unwelcome PMs, they just linked to this article on

Female-Name Chat Users Get 25 Times More Malicious Messages

Mando, I'm all for a coupon/discount thread.
catsoup, how bout i put it in ab fab? but i'm brain dead today, help me come up with something better than "have i got a deal for you!" ... which is tres lame. except i do prefer thread titles that sort of expressly tell what they're about.
Um, fellow Busties? Heh, heh, could we stop feeding the troll?
I'm with Obe. We gotta cut the shit,ladies.
there is, however, something wrong with hasseling people about something they do not share an interest in. if you can not see how much we don't want to hear from you and how much you're turning us off from your cause, you're blinding yourself to the truth on purpose.
you can smiley face me as much as you want you filthy motherfucker. i love you as much as i love a hangnail. fuck off.

and that's the last thing i will ever say to you or your kind. cross my heart and hope to die the dirty sinner that i am. word.
God loves you pepper!!! :-)
God loves you pepper!!! :-)
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