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Does anyone remember when the YM magazine was popular? They had a column called "say anything" (i think) with most embarrassing thing that happened to you, i think we should start a thread for that in Ab Fad, if there isnt already one...what do you all think?
lightbright - you can also find a thread called "childless not by choice" that is a discussion of those who are trying to conceive over in OBOH, I think.
ritahayworth, there used to be a finance thread over in working grrrls but it seems to have gone with the dingoes. I'd definitely benefit from a thread where saving and debt management advice was given.

tyger, seconded.
hello! i was wondering where i ought to post if i'm looking for something that was printed in a bust issue i no longer have?

i'm specifically looking for the resources cited in a little article about knitting in the april/may 2006 issue. i remember the spin spin zine but i'm trying to remember the resource that talks about vegan fiber spinning and i think i recycled my copy already. thank you!
I would post in The Thread Thread. Someone there probably knows what you are looking for.
Am i mistaken or was there a lj thread around here somewhere? I finally gave in.
miss_jane, there's a blogging/online journal thread in Media Whores. Feel free to add me, I'm under the same name on lj.
I remember...maybe a couple years ago...there was a thread for those wanting to/in the process of quitting smoking. I'm planning to quit soon. Is the thread still around? Anyone interested?
Venus, I would. I've bumped the old thread for you in OBOH. We might be the last 2 smokers in the lounge though...
Did a Big Love thread ever get made, or was it decided against?
i'm still smokin, but i've cut way down. i've never been rabidly anti-smoking - and i have serious issues with all the anti-smoking in public places bullshit - so i'm happy to give lotsa bipartisan cheerleading support.

i don't think a big love thread was ever started, zillah. i got sucked in - blaming it completely on the sopranos - and i've got scads of conflicting emotions about that damn show.
I am so down for a Big Love thread and Mando , I got your message and yes yes yes I am coming to your par-tay...I will email you...xo
I'd be down for a Big Love thread, for sure. I'm absolutely sucked into the show too...I missed it last night, so I can't wait to watch tonight! Damn HBO and their awesome programming!
zillahgirl, what should the Big Love thread be titled?
Does anyone else love Veronica Mars? I would have to think to other Buffy Busties watch this show...would anyone be interested in a VM thread?
I started the Big Love thread, zillah (I couldn't help doing it when I thought of a name). Don't hate me. Go check it out!
Kissmypineapple, I love Veronica Mars and I know of at least two or three other busties who do as well. . .but I can't really comment since I've only the first season as no stations over here have picked up season two yet (and it's not likely they will, since the first time around last spring/summer, the ratings were bad enough that the last few episodes were dumped on Sunday afternoons).
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a thread that would give recommendations of healthcare providers that they have seen and had a positive experience with. For example, I have a gynecological issue that I really need to get checked out, but I am reluctant to do so because I have yet to find a doctor that I like/trust in the Minneapolis area. It might be helpful to have a place that we could post things like that. If we already have one somewhere, where is it???
our bodies our hells would be a good place for that kind of info i think...
It might be easier to just ask in the area-specific thread in Friends and Family. You might get more relevant readers there. That's what I did when I needed a dentist, and I got a reccomendation from chini in the canadian thread.
That reminds me of a thread idea I had but kinda forgot about- more of a political thread, one for people struggling without health insurance. I think it could also give practical advice and information on how to deal with the issue. I am so, so fortunate to have health insurance, but right now, my mom doesn't and hasn't for about 5 years. It's really scary. A mammogram shouldn't be what I'm thinking of giving my mom for her birthday, dammit! But it's becoming more of a reality since her sister had a double mastectomy a few years ago.
i would totally be up for a thread like that. i only have health insurance because my school forces me to. i was uninsured for 2 years before that and the two years before that i only had high deductible catastrophic. my boyfriend was recently turned down for health insurance because he had been treated for depression three years ago. no other health problems. sheesh. you get sick once and you're blacklisted! honestly, if we don't fix our healthcare issues, i think it would eventually lead to the demise of our nation. i don't mean to be overdramatic, but i really think that.

ETA: i also agree that one would get the best response for recommendations about doctors (or hairstylists or jobs or tattoo artists, etc.) in the local threads. i have also gotten such recommendations.
I would be all for the health insurance thread too.... Uninsured here, along with 2 children.... I think the health care / insurance in this country is wretched considering how we always boast to be the best, have the best, blah blah blah.... obviously that DOES NOT include the "best" health care / insurance options!
I think a health insurance thread would be a fabulous one.
Ok, I'll start it- do we want it in ATWT or OBOH?
hmmmm, I think ATWT would be better, this seems to be a little more politically charged in nature, but that's just me.
I agree culturehandy, it should go in ATWT. Does anyone mind me lurking there to learn about the American system? The Dutch system is going through a reform which makes it look a lot like yours. I'm scared...
I'll start it when after work today!
What's it gonna be called?
I like the idea of health care not for all. Or something pointing out the inequalities which exist.
I was thinking "SCREWED: Uninsured in America, Discussion and Practical Advice"

Too long? I just want to make it clear that it's for political discussion and advice on how to deal with being in the situation. I want to start this tonight, so give me some feedback!
Oh Polly I love it! That is a fab title, I say go for it.
One vote's good enough for me! I just want to get this thing launched!
Just a thought, I know that there is already the write a letter, one you'll never send, but I was thinking that there cold maybe be a postsecret- type thread. You know, one where you tell a secret, someting no matter how petty, but is bothering you....

Oh yah, Light_bright, I like the idea of an embarrasing moments thread too.
Ooooh, culturehandy. I like that idea.
is there a thread for people moving to a different state or country? i need tips and advice for preparing a move to another state (midwest to east coast) im relocating a car and children too. so if anyone knows where i can post to ask about uhaul services, or car shipping/ versus driving your vehicle to the new state, etc... what it might take to do a move like just brainstorming and am confident that BUSTIES know just what to do! so any imput is helpful and welcome! thanks! :-)
Ooh squared. Excellent idea culturehandy.
light_bright: there was a relocation thread a while back, I think, but I suspect it has died. I would probably post in such a thread as I am moving from London to LA in three months' time, though for my purposes the expats thread is usually more appropriate.
Maybe just the General Knowledge thread would be able to help with relocation questions?
So i am going to start the thread, I was thinking BustSecret:Confession from Extraordinary Busties. A play on the title of Frank Warren's book. The question now is where to put it. I was thinking ATWT, because it seems to be a little mroe serious in nature.
Oh gosh, I killed the thread!
light bright - where are you moving to?
So you can all groan cause I just got a new book in the mail. An anthology �Animals & Women.� Edited by Carol J Adams and Josephine Donovan.

Just wanted to know if any one has interest in a thread on the politics of Sexism & Seciesism
So, is it a go ahead to start the BustSecret: Ordinary Confessions from Extraordinary Busties thread, the thread based on PostSecret?
do it!
nohope- i might be interested if i knew what seciesism was.
Altar, my guess is Nohope meant Speciesism.
Okay in ATWT or FAF?

Is there a thread somewhere for people who do volunteer work?
culturehandy, I've been waiting these past two days for your thread to pop up! what up? put it in either, lets get get it going! cant wait to lurk!
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