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Full Version: why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell
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Has anyone ever cleaned houses as a job? It is better to hope an agency is hiring or work as a free agent? There are a lot of rich people around here and I know a few people who do it, or have in the past. I would like to use environmentally friendly methods too.
KeenKitty, would that be like an Americorps Vista? Just wondering, I just got out of an Americorps stint... it was hell.
free agent.

a group of friends and i started our own extremely casual housecleaning company back in college. we charged $15 an hour, with a four hour minimum if it was a one-time job (meaning that even if we were only there for an hour, they still had to pay us $60). most people tipped us, too. seeing as we had no overhead, each of us just pocketed what we charged, per job. mostly in cash. i frequently made in the neighborhood of $100 a day, for under four hours' work. if you work for a service, the client is most likely also paying somebody else's salary, office overhead, etc. so you end up basically making minimum wage. and you have a regular 8-hour shift, wherein you clean as many houses as possible.

if you live in a big city which is relatively wired, all you have to do is post a daily ad on craigslist. we came up with a cute business name/concept (something about pirate wenches, i forget the details), too, which probably helped. the money wasn't great, but it was enough to get by on as a college kid, and if you're a freelancer it might be a good way to supplement spotty income.
awesome, thank you. Last week i saw an ad for a housecleaning agency that's hriring, and I called and left a messgae and they haven't called back. I kinda wanted to work there to get experience or something, but maybe I'll just start advertising myself now.
I had a really good interview with a temp agency yesterday. They set me up with an interview with their client today. He just called me, and told me that they cancelled. For no reason. FUCK!! It was a crappy csr job, but it was still a job! :-(

for me right now (at the beginning of the unemployment cycle), the hard part is telling myself that it's going to be ok. that between my small savings, the freelance gigs i have lined up over the next month, and the big $$ i'll be eligible for from unemployment if i wait till the end of the quarter to apply, i will survive.

it's really hard to not work or look for work each day and know that it's all right, that i'm going to eat. even though i've done the math, and i know that if i'm careful, everything will work out.
I understand. I'm just in this situation where I want to move to a different city, but I have to stay in this city for a while to save up some money for the move. And, there are better jobs in the city that I am going to move to.

Not to mention that I keep getting mixed signals from my family about it. "Sure! We'll help you move!" to "Fuck that. You need a job in Atlanta." to "You CAN'T move to Portland yet..."

I'm half tempted to just tell everyone to fuck off and hop on a plane. But then reality sets in....

I just got "let go". I feel like the biggest loser in the world. I feel rejected, abandoned and betrayed.

I also was "let go" a week before my biggest convention of the year, which they are not taking meband I don't have the $$$ to make my own LAST MINUTE arrangements, (the cheapest RT flight I found was $800)

I hate everything. My still current boss is trying to get me into another agency downstairs in our building, which he does not have to do. But I still feel like I have lost a huge part of myself.
Its not worth all those feelings girlygirl. For what its worth i think you deserve so much better. I hope this helps:

That sucks beyond words...I'm so sorry. That's really great about your boss, but still...

I'm sorry
I'm so sorry.

i'm sorry GGG. Your comment "i feel like I've lost a huge part of myself" is something I've been thinking a lot about lately. it seems that in the US we (the culture, I mean) tend to define ourselves largely by our job. The first question you always hear is "So, what do you do?" This attitude has bothered me for a long time, but until recently had not realized how much I had internalized it. I've just graduated from a master's program in the humanities but was not very successful in grad school and decided I don't want to try and be a professor. Now I am looking for work, any work which pays decently so I can pay off some debts and decide what I really want to do. It's just hard as I've identified myself as a student and humanities field scholar for so long. Even though I want to get out of academia so much it still feels like I'm a shell without it...
Ugh. I had two interviews this week with the same company. The first was with four different people asking me garden variety questions: Why should be hire you? What's your favorite tv show? Etc.... I then had another interview today with the company's director. I have no idea if I got the job. So, now this weekend I'll be in the did-I-get-the-job-or-not limbo.... Plus, next week I have to send out 5 seperate thank you cards.... geez!

sassy, pardon my presumption, but when i was unemployed in boston, wanting to move to NYC, I looked for six months for a boston job so i could save to move, and my familys advising. finally, i just said "fuck it" and crashed a futon in nyc (i paid a stranger from craigslist to sleep on her futon in her teeny ass studio while she was out of town for a month). it took my lifes savings ($1200) but i found a job in nyc my third week. sometimes i think holding back from what you really want just holds you back spirit/energy wise.

thats my 2 cents

anyhow, i just finished grad school 2 weeks ago and i'm realllllly trying to find a GOOD job (as opposed to the first job in my field i can get), as i put myself into major debt to pursue this career. i have v. little money and not getting a lot of interviews. how long should i hold out before i just take any job?
Thanks for the advice. I'm also applying for jobs in Portland as well as Atlanta. I figure I will be in Oregon in a year or so. I'm trying to get into a company that has a bunch of offices.

My health hasn't been great this past year (seizures suck!), so I had to quit my job due to that. And, now I'm looking again.

GGG, how are you doing?
Who-hoo! I got the job! I got the offer letter in my email, and I start Monday. I'll be doing surveys.

Huge fucking sigh of relief.

It took me three years to find the job that was right for me.

I am okay. still a little shocked and extremely bored. Luckily I still had over $30K in commissions coming to me, so I don't have to worry about $$. This week is the biggest convention in my industry that I did not get to go to, so I have to wait until next week when everyone is back, to start interviewing.

I moved out of my parents' house two months ago, I move into my new apartment (that I am paying for) next week, and I graduate highschool the following weekend. I've never had an actual job (I've done some paid painting commissions), I've saved about 2 grand, and I need to start working soon. How do I write a resume? How do I look for jobs?
kkbmachine, your highschool probably has a pamphlet about resume writing. if not, you can search online, i bet there are tons of resume advice sites! there are a few main resume formats and some are better for people without much work experience. what kind of job do you want to get?

i've had success finding jobs on craigslist, but never had any luck using jobfind websites like i've also found jobs by looking through the paper and looking at postings at colleges and community bulletin boards.
kkbmachine, I've had success checking out a few books from the library on resumes.

Also, I've found jobs on craigslist and through the local paper. I, like laurenann, have never had any success on careerbuilder or

Good luck!

Jobs on craigslist?
This is such a help! Thank you!
You're welcome!
Good luck!
Thanks ladies!
I'm so discouraged.
I graduated from teacher's college last year at this time, and for the past year I've been doing random things, mostly answering phones and accounting stuff. I've also had short jobs teaching art, nothing that I could call a career, or make a living on.
Well, right now, where I live, teachers aren't needed at all. There are too many teachers on the substitute teacher list, there are too many teachers, and not enough jobs. So, it looks like another year of being pretty much unemployed is going to go by. I'm really re-thinking my career choice, seeing as I'm not even close to having a career.
wilhelmina, what about taking a little extra training and teaching differently abled kids in their homes and such? or offering some community classes teaching something you love? my mom teaches private music classes to kids, she does all kinds of weird field trips and stuff like going to the top of the parking garage and listing all the things the kids can hear with their eyes closed and breathing through straws and counting the seconds and stuff. it's like a crazy play date where the kids don't even know they're learning something new and the parents LOVE her for it.
just a thought.
so after sending off tons of cover letters and resumes i FINALLY got an interview. it's at a women's legal group as a legal assistant. i'm very excited/nervous and then yesterday my mother made things terrible by telling me that i need a pants suit. she basically said that if i don't wear a pants suit i won't get this job or any other job. i was planning on wearing some nice black pants and a button down dress shirt. now i'm more nervous than before because i know that in my mom's job she has to wear suits because she's in a pretty high up position but i really don't think that it's necessary for me to worry about that now. either way, i went looking for one today and the only ones i could find were in jc penny and they didn't fit. is there some kind of pants suit conspiracy that i don't know about? it seems to me that it would also be kind of ridiculous to be parading around in a pants suit in the middle of june in virginia. help me! i'm in pants suit hell!
I got a suit for interviews. My mom went with me, and the lady and Nordstroms helped us pick it out. She was young and seemed hip. I tried a suit on, and I felt weird in it, but I thought, "Hey, I've never worn a suit before, maybe this is how it's supposed to be". Well, I brought it home and tried it on for my hubby, and he didn't seem *too* impressed, but didn't say anything negative. Then I wore it to this day at school where all the teacher canidates dressed up to meet with school boards, and I TOTALLY saw what was wrong with it. It looks like it's out of the eighties! The pants are TAPERED! And it looks like it has shoulder pads! GOD, i'm such a fashion train wreck. Why didn't I notice? Why didn't the girl at Nordstroms say anything?!? A good suit should make you feel confident, mine makes me feel like crawling into a hole. Now I have this lame-o expensive suit that I never want to wear. My mom is always like, "That is such a nice suit you have". And I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

aes5j, Congrats on the interview! I don't know if you have Le Chateau where you live, but they often have pretty nice pants suits there, that are not lame-o. Or, maybe since it is summer, you could get a skirt and jacket suit. Those always look nice. Don't take my fashion advice though! haa haa I'm the one with the eighties pants suit
So I had a phone interview this morning and it really sounded like they want to give me the job, but I'm not really sure that I want it. However--I need a job. And I think it would be good from an experience standpoint. I'm going in next week to meet with them and "see what they do"...but I'm kerfluffled.
so i didn't get a pants suit but i did get a blazer which i paired with my nice shirt and pants. i had my interview yesterday and i think it went pretty well. it was at a law firm and i was without a doubt the most dressed up of anyone there but i don't think they seemed to care. basically i guess i felt more comfortable going into it since i was so dressed up just because it was like a layer of armor and because i did actually look really professional. still, the suit was probably not totally necessary. also, now i really hope i get the job since i need to pay off my credit card that i used to buy the damn blazer.
hello all,

i was thinking of starting a new thread called something like "the finding your passion thread". i already have a gig. i make decent money. but, i ain't gettin any younger and i want to leave my job within the next two years. only problem, i don't have a clue as to what my career passion is, so i can't make any definitive moves towards it. i am actively searching, and trying new things to find it. i wanted to hear other stories about his kind of thing, i brought this idea up in the community forum, and i was told that i might want to check out this thread first. although, i don't think this thread is the right place. job hunting hell is job hunting hell, it's not finding your passion. i have the leisure of finding my passion because i have a "good government job." not the same as trying to secure the food on the table. so what do you gals think? should i start this new thread?
I don't think for most jobs it's necessary to wear a suit. Nice pants or a skirt and a dress shirt would be fine. The most important thing is to wear something you are comfortable in because if your clothes aren't comfortable then you won't be comfortable at an interview.

My typical interview outfit is a nice dress, hair pulled back and I wear my glasses. Call me superstitious, but that look usually works for me.

I'm back to applying for positions to relocate states. Hoping I get some good feedback from companies.
I am so sick of being POOR!
I am working as a VISTA and if my hubby ever lost his job I would be SCREWED!

But the Syracuse Job market sucks balls
Hummingbird, I have a similar situation. I think a new thread is definitely in order here. I have what is considered to be a good job, but I feel like I am on the wrong career path and moving fast. If I don't get off this road and do something else soon I fear I may become one of those droids who hates 50+ hours of the week.
I am thinking about going to a life/career coach to see if someone from outside my life can see something I don't. Anybody else tried that route?
Well, I just had an interview for a teaching job today. I always think I do so crappy at interviews. We'll just see what happens...
Oh, I applied for a bunch of jobs in a school board near here, and I got an email saying "We've contacted the canidates for interviews...blah... we recieved 411 applications for this position!!!" 411!?!? How the heck can anyone have any optimism when applying for a job whith those numbers??? They should warn us about this when we are in teacher's college.
Hello :-)

I'm a teacher! What's your subject? You should come to the UK. We need you.

Love Naomi x
I'm a (wannabe) primary/junior teacher. I should hear back from them tomorrow or Friday (or so they said)
I don't really want to leave Canada. I get about 10 emails a day saying, "Job Alert: Teach in the UK". There and also Kuait. I like Canada. I can always go back to school for something else if this doesn't work out. Unfortunately, I believe this job will be the only job that I'll really have a chance at getting. I live on a reserve, and it's the reserve school. Not too many people want to work out here, so at least I stand somewhat of a chance.

What do you teach?
Why is it so hard for me to find a job? My hours are open, I have a ton of experience, I've filled out a ton of applications, and the jobs I'm applying for totally blow. This should be easy!
I teach Art and some textiles and graphics - it's my first year and I'm really enjoying it :-) Just keep applying, you'll get something if you persist, and it'll be worth it, cos teaching is a fabulous job. All my friends laugh, cos it's made me have to be all grown up, but I don't care cos it's ace, and well worth the wait. Good luck xxx
Hey all, I don't have any gripes about job hunting (yet), but I have a question.

What is the correct way to email someone your resume? I know you're supposed to send a cover letter when you send one through snail mail, but I'm not sure what to do for email. Do I have a short note in front of the resume, or do I type up a full blown letter and send that too? I haven't gotten any clear advice on this, so I'm rather confused.
I've applied for a couple of office jobs through email and I always include a cover letter and then attach the cover letter and resume and sent a short email saying something like:

My name is ----- ----- and I am contacting you in regards to your ad (or whatnot) for the position of ---------------. My cover letter and resume are attached. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you,

----- --------"

Short, to the point, let's them know that your cover letter and resume are attached in case they're computer illiterate and miss the attachment, and I've been told adding things like "i look forward to your call' indicting that you expect them to contact you is a good show of confidence.
Okay, that sounds good. Thanks. smile.gif
I'm not unemployed, but I did just apply for a higher position within my company and I'm freaking out about it because I have to prepare a 5-10 minute presentation tomorrow. And they only told me about it yesterday, which means I only had a day and a half to work on it. I need all the good vibes I can get, so PLEASE send them my way!
I was laid off from my brand new well paying job about 2 weeks ago, and even though the owner of the cafe I frequent immediately gave me a job which pays under the table, I'm still looking for something "in my field", which personally-- has been a bit of a drag.
I don't want to manage retail stores anymore. I'm happy doing the cafe work. I find myself looking at craiglist retail management positions and sighing and thinking to mself, "Is this all I'm good for?"
Just once in my life, I'd like to find a job that actually makes me happy and pays well.
I'm totally fed up with my job and I'm filling out applications- my current job is the second position I've held within this company and I just want to get OUT! This place was basically my first job and when I first started at the company I was a temp, then I got hired by them, so I didn't really have to worry about references.

So, what are like the guidelines for references? I don't really want my current supervisor to know I'm looking for a job, and in the previous position, I had 7 supervisors in the three years I was there, and the last one I had was only there for about a month before I left. But I have a couple of former co-workers from that department who are fairly eloquent and had a good sense of my work ethic and performance. Would it be okay to use them for references?
I think those would make good references, polly. I think what the companies are looking for is someone who will say that your a good employee and you would be great for their company.

(BTW, I like your avatar.)
Thanks, lilac- I googled "job references" last night and they said it's okay to use co-workers, supervisors from other departments. I also remembered that I can use the manager of the store I worked at for a few weeks over Christmas as a reference.

(I actually have it as a bumpersticker on my car. I had a guy yelling at me the other day while we were driving "you want Cheney to be president? Are you fucking crazy?" I had to explain to him at a stop light who Voldemort is! Ah, the mixed blessings of living in a blue state!)
This is my first time ever in this thread. I guess I'm in here because I'm frustrated!! I've been looking for just a regular part time job and I can't even find that! I'm a student so obviously i'm not looking for full time work because school will be starting before I know it. Anyway, I had a job interview with Lush cosmetics and they said they really liked me but they hired another girl because she had more availability. I also wanted to apply at an H&M that's opening but they didn't even have part time listed, even though two of my friends saw it listed and both had interviews. So anyway, like I said, I'm just frustrated. I really didn't think it would be so damn hard just to find a mindless part time job.
My work has become really unstable so I have entered job hunting HELL!!! I hate interviews, I am too quite and don't like to over sell myself. I have a really nice resume that usually gets me interviews, but I don't think I make a very good impression in person. sad.gif One jerk actually asked me what my religous beliefs were at the end of one of my interviews. I was in shock but just decided to be polite and honest and admit that I am not religous and don't follow any organized religons. I know it cost me the job, but I had to stand by my convictions. I should have turned the asshole in to some one, for even asking the ques.

*end rant*
ccgirl, have you thought about a job in banking? there are a couple of part-time and casual people that i work with who are in school and have flexible schedules, they also come and go with school. and the pay is great.
Girls, if you are looking for a part time gig you might want to look into product parties. I have a couple friends who are selling products on the side (purses and sex toys) and making a pretty good living at it for the amount of hours they work. It can work well for people who just need a part-time gig and even people who work full-time and need a supplementary income. My fave new mag, just did an article about it to show you all the options available. Personally, I think I might look into selling handbags. Here's the article to use as a reference point, whatever you decide to do, good luck, this job market can be tough!:
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