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Full Version: why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell
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Really Ladybug? Thank you for your kind advice - please tell me more! So how many hours exactly do each of your friends work? Full time or part time? Are they good friends of yours? How much money do they each make, do you know? What is their outlay?
anna k
I'm visiting Charleston, SC this weekend, and am looking to have interviews with local newspapers and magazines to see what work would be like down there. I'm not living there right now, but I hope to be there in a year. I had one response, but no others. I'm going to check out the nightlife and downtownlife, but I wanted to have some exploratory interviews to meet people. Plus, I reponded to people's Craigslist postings about shared apartments so I could see what living there would be like. It's both a vacation and very productive. I'm going to be in school for another year, but I'd really like to leave and start my post-college life.

For now I've been doing internship interviews, since having an internship is required for my degree. I feel really desperate, and even though the coordinator told me the school would set me up with one if I didn't get one, I still wanted positive responses from the places I visited. It sucks to have your livelihood depend on someone else's opinion.
i'm going to find a job.
this month.
i've had a hard time with 9-5... was afraid my creativity and my edge would be suffocated by a typical life. never felt i fit in with the normies, felt like an outcast.. bla bla bla. my point, i've always wanted some insight as to how other creatives made a living. i've had just about 20 different positions. they range from... retail, receptionist, waitress, hostess, secretary, bartender.. and now direct care worker for people with mental/physical handicaps. at least working here is more fulfilling and inspiring. this is a position i can work to make some money, and then do all my creative stuff on the side. good luck to all the busties struggling to find a job.. i feel your pain and frustration. but just remember to stay focused!
So, I was let go from my job yesterday. I've already been talking to my contact at the staffing agency who got me the job initially back in August. She advised I file for unemployment payments. I've never been unemployed since I really started working, so I've never had to do this before. I told Le Boy about it and he said I shouldn't do it. I don't know if it's a pride thing for him or what, but can someone fill me in on how this unemployment thing works? Is there a reason I wouldn't want to do it? Does it pay as much as your paychecks, or is it a percentage?
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Nov 8 2006, 03:11 AM) *

So, I was let go from my job yesterday. I've already been talking to my contact at the staffing agency who got me the job initially back in August. She advised I file for unemployment payments. I've never been unemployed since I really started working, so I've never had to do this before. I told Le Boy about it and he said I shouldn't do it. I don't know if it's a pride thing for him or what, but can someone fill me in on how this unemployment thing works? Is there a reason I wouldn't want to do it? Does it pay as much as your paychecks, or is it a percentage?

FINALLY!!! Something asked here that I know first hand about!!! LOL
You should def file for unemployment. For one because you are entitled to it, if for no other reason.
I filed for unemployment (in Illinois) when I got out of the military and received compensation for 6 months...Its was $984 every 2 (TWO) weeks.
The process is fast and easy. All you have to do is remember to call in your benefits on your *exact* call day and your checks will be deposited in your account like clock work, or mailed out to you like clock work...
Even if you plan to go right back into another job why not get this money (that you are entitled to)???
If I were you I would pursue it....You can only gain from it.

I think you get a percentage of your salary, based on a time frame of your pay cycles (they have a table for how they compute your wages and what you will get per week) the checks we be for 2 weeks worth though
I hope this helps.

Ps. I did not feel bad at all, or that it was a pride thing, etc. I was looking forward to those checks, as it gave me time to get situated with the next phase of whatever it was that I was trying to do...Do you feel that its a hand out? Because its not. Your job takes money out of your check anyway to be able to pay you the benefits when you need them or become entitled to them...So please don't feel that way.

ETA: I also see that you said "back in August" (referencing when you started?) Aug-Nov? long were you employed there? I think you have to be employed so many days to qualify though...I think its either 60 or 180 days...
Other than that you should be all good, if so get to the Employment Commission and get ur money girl!!!
Thanks Free Spirit- I cross-posted in Kvetch Up about this and Pixie said in her state you can file online. I did a little investigating and discovered I can do that in IL, too. I have to go over to my parent's house to do it (it requires a PC, and I'm in a Mac-only household smile.gif )

I don't see it as a pride thing, I just didn't really know a whole lot about it. But I'll definitely be filing. Hopefully I won't have to be on it long, but it will help. Yes, I was only employed there from August 21 until Monday (though they're paying me until 11/15- does that count? Probably not.) Anyway, my staffing agency person said you only have to be employed for 30 days to be eligible.
I work as a Talent Coordinator for a placement agency in the fashion industry in SoHo (NY, NY). I see people come and go through here constantly --- dreams made, dreams broken. I deal with every step, every aspect of "The Job Hunt" on a daily basis.

It doesn't matter whether, like some of our candidates, you're looking to be the next Coco or Betsey... or if you're a career admin (secretary, assistant, office gofer) or the next Einstein! Placement agencies can and will help you with your jobhunt!

I cannot stress this enough --- go to a placement agency!

Two months into my desperate job search, I went to my first agency and within twenty minutes, they had me out the door and on my way to a job interview for the position I got three days later. I now wear jeans to the office on a daily basis, come in late, leave early, have full benefits, and spend most of my day playing around on the internet!

The key is figuring out what kind of environment and work load you're going to be comfortable with and finding an agency that matches your needs. I like a very relaxed, wear-purple-eyeliner-if-you-want environment that lets me goof off on the proviso that I finish all of my work. I happen to be very good at what I do and spend a good deal of my evening hours at home on my laptop finishing the stuff I put off during the day, because for me, that's just what works --- I prefer my data entry with a side of Travel Channel and Comedy Central. I'm on call 24/7 for assistant-type work for my boss, but I love the freedom this job gives me.

Plus, placement agencies are motivated to get you the perfect job! They want to find something ideal for both you and the company they're hiring for. That way, you're happy and word hard... and the company is happy with it's new employee... meaning they'll go back and use that placement agency again the next time they need to fill a slot! HR folks are a gabby bunch, and good news about agencies spreads fast. The majority of big name, benefit-toting companies are using agencies to find their staff --- from executives to interns. (Plus, they don't get paid until you have a job!)

You don't pay anything. Staffing agencies charge the client, not the candidate. They fix your resume, prep you for interviews, etc.

Sorry for the ramble!!! *blush* I guess this reply got a little away from me... People either don't know about agencies or they're afraid to use them. Please, take some of the pressure of yourself during an already stressful time and get in touch with an agency.
I second that, crashed- going through the hassle of finding a job by myself would be awful. Of course, I am looking around by myself, but chances are, whatever job I end up with will be one found by my staffing agency.
i've used a staffing agency.. the experience was really good. i did it so that i could be a temp.. and get switched around to different assignments. but the first place talked about hiring me in full time so i had to jet... cos it was a receptionist position that drove me crazy. but there are different agencies for different fields of work.. so it's best to find a place that hires in the area you are looking.
God I hate the unemployment hotline......I've been waiting in queue for a half-hour now.......just because I'm unemployed doesn't mean I don't have anything better to do right now. Fucking aggravating.
Man am I glad to have found this thread. Can I join in the unemployed blues? I was just let go from my temp job this week. I’m not too broken up over the job ‘cuz it sucked a lot sometimes but I am concerned for my financial situation now. It’s two weeks before Christmas and I already got a plane ticket to see my mom and sister (both live in Nevada while I'm in Washington) plus it’s not a time of the year when most companies hire new people that much. And two weeks without employment as sweet as it sounds is a pretty long time to not be getting an income. Does anyone know of any short-term ideas for making some money? Thanks!
Santa elf? Gift wrapper? I don’t know exactly what kind of Xmas-related jobs are in your area but given the season there might be some hiring possibilities there. Also, the food and service industry is notoriously swamped this time of year not to mention (in my experience anyway) understaffed due to employees taking vacations. I’d research and try to find some quick gigs. Some companies on the internet, Agloco comes to mind since I just read about them, say they’ll pay you if you become a member and install their software and give referrals. But there’s probably more to it than that. In the meantime, you can use the time before Xmas to make your resume look better and find people who will give you nice refs.
So I may have found a job. A friend from my job before last works at a company that is hiring a front desk person. I have no idea what the pay is, but the issue right now is the location. It's almost 20 miles from my house and would take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to get there, depending on traffic.

My friend says the HR person has basically said they'd hire me and I told my friend I'd have a better idea by Monday because....I have an interview tomorrow for another job, one I applied for online. It's closer to my house, pays between $3K-$6K more than my previous jobs. It's in customer service, a field I have several years experience in. Becoming a receptionist just seems like a step down the ladder- there's nothing wrong with it, of course, but it would mean climbing back up. Who knows- in six months, they could have a position open there that would be better for me, but to start at the bottom would suck, and I'm pretty sure the pay would too. And they'd have to pay me pretty well to make that drive worth it. And yes, I checked- public transportation is not really an option, unless I want to leave two and a half hours before work, take a train and two busses. No, not so much.

Upside, is that I really like this woman I used to work with and it would be nice to have a familiar face. I'll have to see how the thing tomorrow goes- technically, it's an interview with the staffing agency that's filling the position, I'd still have to interview with the company themselves, I'm sure. But tomorrow, I'll have a better feel for it and will be able to make a somewhat informed decision.

Ugh, trying to find a job this time of year sucks. Somehow I doubt I'm going to get a real interview with this company until after this coming week.
So the interview was okay- not sure if the position I applied for is even open anymore, but they set me up so I'd be working with another staffing agency.

However, the sitch at the friend's insurance company has gotten better- I talked to my friend and she said that she thought I'd be pretty bored as a receptionist, and she found out that I may enjoy this other position there, an account representative. Not sure what it all entails, but she talked to the supervisor in that department and the person they have now is CLUELESS. Before this job, she'd never sent an email before. So, they're thinking of putting her in the receptionist position and hiring me to replace her. Pay could be comparable to the job I applied for online, and would probably be enough to make the drive worth it. So, I emailed my resume to my friend and she's going to tweak it a little (she's had about 10 years more experience in the field, so I trust her) and give it to the supervisor. They're going to start looking at it next week. Yay!! Only catch is that they want me to get a commercial insurance certificate. I tried to do it once before at my old company, and I got an A in the class, but the test is a pain in the ass and I didn't pass. Actually, that was for a basic personal liability license. Well, either way, it's still a pain in the ass, but they'll hire me without it for now and I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
good luck with job searches (((((busties)))))

i had an interview today, but of course, something had to come up. i have slowly been figuring out certain things give me horrible 3 day migranes. i go out to dinner with my friend and by 11pm i realize i ate something wrong, and slowly...i get a migrane... argh.

had to reschedule, but already i am worried about getting this job. less than a year ago a job doing what i do would have gotten 12 responses. the guy i talked to said they got 70....
I just got a job with CN (Canadian National, a railroad company). I'm glad to have found work, but I am not sure what to really expect.

The benefits and compensation are good, but having no seniority I will most likely be working every weekend and holiday for the first year. And no vacation days the first year.
The position I filled is a Transportation Clerk.

In the hiring brief they said the days, shifts, locations, and times where you work are not consistent and are always changing. They also said we will always be on call, as they are operating 24/7 365 days a year.
They also infromed me that I would be trained and cross trained on at least 30 different jobs that fall under the transportation clerk title....

Does anyone have any experience working for a railroad company?
What should I expect?
What does transportation clerk entail? A friend of mine works at VIArail in passenger cars. She really only works from May-October, gets laid off, then re-hired in the spring. She loves the job. She travels mostly to Toronto and Vancouver, but I have a feeling her job is quite different from yours.
congrats freespirit!

i got a job too. all and all it was the best job hunting experience i've ever had. from the first phone call they told me i was the #1 person they wanted to interview, i went in and it was equally as cool, it was very conversational and we talked about art, personal philosophy, politics. and he asked me if i could come back the next day, i said yes, he called me at home later and asked if i could come in earlier, i told him yes, and then i met two more people and negotiated a wage $2 more than anyone doing the job i'm going to do, and a $400 bonus for the first two months! wtf?!? usually i'm treated like i'm "nothing but gum on the sole of my puma." but this company seems to value my being a independant wild child. it's awesome. the downside is i finally got my ass in gear and started to paint in earnest for the first time in 2 years.... sad.gif
Congratulations girltroubl and free_spirit!!
Thanks Wombat and Girltrouble. I start Monday, so hopefully everything turns out ok. This is a great way to start the new year, with a new job.


The job, to my understanding is basically tracking and directing incoming and outgoing trains...keeping up with times and destinations, working a tower to notify the conducters when it is ok for trains to past, when more than one is on the track, etc. I really don't know. I just know that it pays $20 an hour, so for now I will try to learn the jobs and stick with it until a better opportunity comes! wink.gif
good, god, if they need to hire anyone, call me, please. i've been dispatching the last 10+ years off and on. i could use the pay bump...20 ph...that deserves another congrats!
Anyone have any advice when it comes to negotiating terms of employment? The job opportunity I talked about earlier is becoming more realistic (they have my resume, they like me based on that and they'll be calling next week to set up an interview) and my friend who works there said for the first year, they only give one week's vacation and your health insurance doesn't start for 30 days. She said when she got hired, she told them she wanted 2 weeks vacation and her health insurance to start immediately and they had no problem doing it.

I've never had to negotiate anything like that before (more like, "please give me the job!"), so I don't know how to do it- do I make a big production of it and say, "I think I'm worth it, I've always been hired with 2 weeks vacation and I'm not going back, blah, blah, blah" or do I just say, "I want my 2 weeks and health insurance pronto!"?

Health insurance pronto is really important- I'm supposed to have my yearly exam this month and my BC pills run out, so I've got to get in there and I don't want to have to pay for it!!
i can't really say it was kind of a fluke with me. i forgot how much the job was offering, and when they asked i was firm. my mantra was, "i' want the job, but i need to be able to make my bills." and when they offered less (bonuses etc) i would say "i need something more stable because i can't tell that to the electric company or my landlord." they really couldn't argue so they came up a bit, but in the end we compromised. i wish i had thought about vacation time... drat!

but all and all it's just like bartering. just say, well how about x (hours, vacation, whatever)? i was hoping i could get something like (slight over estimate). is that do able? oh, well the reason i ask is because i have this (really practicle reason). can we change that a bit?
My mom was a resume writer and she suggested that if they offer you the job, immediately say you have to think about it and then wait a day. Come back to them with what you want, and thats the way to start negotiations. Cause a lot of times they try to lowball you at first and if you accept the job immediately, then you screw yourself out of things. Hope that helps, polly.

I got a second job that starts next week. They only hired me because they know my boss at my first job. The person I am taking over for is on sabattcle (sp?) and she showed me around the office for like 40 minutes the day before she left A MONTH AGO. I'm totally in way over my head and am so wound up that I almost made myself throw up when I got a (positive) email from the HR department. And I haven't even started yet!!! I know no one wants me to fail but I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing and the job has a ton of responsibility.
I have been out of would since Dec. 22. Can you get unemployment if you "quit" your job? (My boss's reason was "it wasn't a good fit" Bah! I was there 3 and a half years) I was only working 23 hours a week. The January jobhunt sucks because all the retail stores aren't hiring and everywhere else wants a college degree. I had to drop my classes this quarter because I couldn't pay the tution bill. So much for getting that degree. mad.gif

I know I am a little late in the thread, but any words of advice?
In Massachusetts, at least, you can quit and your employers are required to notify you of your unemployment benefits. I've never been on it before, my mom was and she was stressed out by all the hassle. But if you are hard up for moolah, why not? Even though it's less than what you make.
It depends on your career level and what options you have available in your area. I would think that now in January the job market would be expanding a bit, but it really depends on many different factors. For now, I'd find temp. agencies and see what you can get. If all else fails, and you are absolutely desperate perhaps filling a claim for unemployment if you're elligible.
I've been unemployed for a year and a half and I have an interview as a shop helper at a really upscale hair salon tomorrow. So hopefully that goes well!
Hoping all goes well and you get the job. smile.gif
I had a phone interview this morning. I think it went really well. The job's in fort wayne, in. I've never been there before (it's about 2 hours away). I wouldn't start until May. I'm just kind of excited because it was my first interview for a "grown-up" (full time, salary) job.

Unfortunately my bf said under no circumstances is he moving to fort wayne if I get the job... Don't know what we'll do about that. The guy is calling me back in 10 days to let me know smile.gif
Here's a job opening that a friend just forwarded to me and I thought y'all might be interested. It's in NYC.

Please forward WIDELY! This position is available IMMEDIATELY!


Urban Leaders Program Coordinator

The full-time Program Coordinator (PC) will be on-site at MS 61 in Brooklyn to implement Girls for Gender Equity’s Urban Leader after school program that runs from 3pm-6pm, Monday-Friday. The PC’s responsibilities will include but not be limited to: implementation of program; student outreach; registration duties; form processing; mailings;
relationship-building; communication with parents and guardians,
confirming student attendance, distributing snacks; supervising our high school mentors, volunteers and employees of the program; escorting students to and from classrooms and various administrative tasks.

The PC will supervise program staff and participants and act as a liaison for the students, parents and staff. The PC will lead staff meetings, schedule staff development trainings, address crisis issues, authorize community linkages and generate quarterly reports.

Please understand that the PC will be leading the implementation of our first government funded after school program. Although this is a great opportunity to implement new and unique educational, pregnancy prevention, violence prevention, as well as health and fitness programs to youth ages 11-14, the initial start up will be a challenge and require someone that has:
•A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field.
•Employment history in the field of social service, program management, and/or NYC public schools.
•Excellent program planning, organizing, oral communication and writing skills (especially for relating to parents and teachers).
•Ability to collaborate well with other agencies and follow up with calls, computer tracking and reporting.
•Creative approach to implementing and monitoring programming.
•A clear understanding of gender equity work and understanding of feminist theory a plus.
•Strong organizational and delegation skills for assisting staff and interns.

Salary: High 30’s Low 40’s to be determined by experience, full health benefits – If selected for the position GGE will require, in writing, a seven-month commitment to position!

Reports to: Director of Community Organizing
Founder/Executive Director

Position available immediately, email resume and cover letter to: or Fax to 718-857-2239

Serious applicants only! We're looking for over achievers and someone that wants to grow with Girls for Gender Equity! We're not trying to deter you from applying, but if you know you’re not organized or cannot multi-task, please value your and our time.

Women and people of color are encouraged to apply!
Hey, hope you get the job, go_kayte!!

I did two long-termish projects (definite beginning and end) got great salary, benefits, connections, skills, and have spent a month or two learning more stuff and dealing with the holidays -- now there is a lot of stuff going in my field! Moooooooving on.

I want something that's enough of a step up so it's a little * * * scary * * *!!
new rant and advice needed!!

just moved to nyc from new england for an amazing, pretty high-up job at one of the largest fashion brands in the world. i have worked my ass off, putting in ridiculous hours and basically devoting my heart and soul to the job. after 30 days, low and behold, i get a surprise 30 day review. my boss rips me to shreds and basically tells me what a disappointment i have been, and then says that if i don't improve within 30 days, i'm gone. this was last week. i've been debating on what i'm supposed to do, but i realize that i can't possibly work any harder than i have been, and certainly can't risk getting fired after such a short period of time (i would have to tell future employers about it). but if i quit to find something new, i can leave the job out from my resume. the only problem: finding a new job within 3 weeks.

from this experience i learned that maybe i don't want to be in that world; office-bound, surrounded by superficiality. but i have all my knowledge from marketing, and i'm good at it. i don't necessarily want to work for a non-profit, but i want to work in art, fashion, publishing, or something of that nature. (my main goal--to work for Bust!!!) does anyone have any ideas or advice? it is much appreciated. unsure.gif
Epi -- I can only suggest more research.

Ask your boss what exactly was disappointing and exactly what they expect of you.

Also, research your company's history, current intiatives, the state of their exact niche, who their competitors are. Maybe you've already done this?

I imagine they expect you to come up with ideas that will solve their problems. You are probably doing this already, but did you spell it out specifically to them? Because they might not know you have done this unless you hit them over the head with it. Spellll it out. slowwwly.

Often, creative types like you and I, think if you tell them Fact A at one point and Fact B at another time, that they will REALIZE that those facts go together as part of THEORY OVERALL PLAN ONE.

but, non-creative types don't make those connections in their heads, they might just be distracted by other concerns as well, and they're not willing to trust or assume the best of other people.

Just my 0.02.

Try "This is my plan .... and I DO have one... and the hard numbers back me up" Cite The New York Times and Wall Street Journal and The Economist and some high-end fashion/cultural refs from around the world.

If that doesn't work of course, you are working with buttcakes and should move on as soon as possible.

Sometimes they think the only way to get people to work hard and be properly submissive is to have threats/actuality of dismissal at all times.

Sometimes they just hire someone to come up with the concept or direction or establish the method, and then they will pay people right out of school to do the execution of it and they don't need you anymore and don't want to pay you. Next time they have a need they will find some other fool.

Hope this helps. You actually can put it on your resume, it is prestigious to have done any sort of work for a high-profile client. You can just say -- "They weren't going in a direction I want to pursue, usually I would stay for a longer time, but it didn't seem like a good fit" and then ask focused and intelligent questions about your new company.

You might also be entitled to unemployment, so check it out.
wow, thank you so much for your help. since i last posted i've had some leads with other jobs and have been applying my ass off to places! unfortunately, i'm running out of time, so we'll see what happens.

i'm going to take some of your suggestions and put them to action.

thanks girl!

Well, thanks right back! Sometimes I wonder if I'm being a stodge.

Or a stooge.

But really, if you have intelligence you have to *apply* it to their business in the most obvious fashion.

I used to think that once I got hired, they must recognize my ability. No, no, no.

That's okay though, live and learn.
Has anyone here ever moved far away for a job? I know Epifanny was talking about how she moved to nyc from New England. How do you deal with finding a place prior to starting the job? Like, for example, you haven't started working yet but apartments want proof of employment before you can move in. But if you don't have a place to live you can't start working. That kind of thing. Or how do employers react to people coming from far away? Would they perhaps prefer to hire closer to home, someone who knows the city, etc.? Just curious if anyone has faced these kinds of things and has any advice they'd be kind enough to give. I'm thinking of searching for work in NYC and I live in Maryland currently.
UGH...I didn't get the job for the New Orleans teaching fellows thing. I wasn't sure I would've taken it, even though I absolutely love the city; it's not terribly vegetarian-friendly (and I'm a lazy slob who's dependent on take-out). But still. That was my backup. AND I spent about $500 flying down there and renting a car and paying for hotel, etc, for that interview. Bummer.

I have no idea what to do with my life. My current job is fine for a college student, but you know, once I get my Master's degree in a month...I need to start making "grown up" money, not slave wages in retail. I have serious loans to pay off, dammit. mad.gif dry.gif sad.gif
the right job will come right when it is supposed to. you have already spent so much time stressing out over exams and papers, et cetera. Enjoy the fact that you are getting a master's degree. You did it!! You are going to have plenty of time to pay back those loans.
You didn't come all this way just to freak out now!! I have 10 more classes to go to get my Bachelor's Degree and a year or so after that to get a Teaching Credential. I did have a college-student type job, but was let go of that for a while due to cut backs. I worked for a non-profit and sometimes, they don't have enough money to keep everyone on staff there. Anyway, it seems easier to go to school and stress over exams, papers, et cetera than it does to actually go to a job everyday and apply the knowledge that I spent so much time gaining, but I would really rather be in your position. I am sick of school!! I am right where I am supposed to be as are you. Before you know it, you are going to be complaining about the great job that you have!!
My first year of college is almost over and I was offered $14 per/hr at the job I had last summer and winter, but there really isn't much else for me back in my small town. I had planned to stay in Boston and find a full time job in addition to the 10 hours per week at my work-study and I can't imagine anything I find will pay over $9 per/hr. I just found the perfect apartment with the perfect roommate and I'll be paying rent all summer whether I stay or not. Should I compromise my personal growth and working experience in the city for the extra money I'll make back home?
QUOTE(Ethicool @ Apr 15 2007, 02:04 AM) *
My first year of college is almost over and I was offered $14 per/hr at the job I had last summer and winter, but there really isn't much else for me back in my small town. I had planned to stay in Boston and find a full time job in addition to the 10 hours per week at my work-study and I can't imagine anything I find will pay over $9 per/hr. I just found the perfect apartment with the perfect roommate and I'll be paying rent all summer whether I stay or not. Should I compromise my personal growth and working experience in the city for the extra money I'll make back home?

That is *quite* the dilemma, Ethi. And one I found myself in recently.
I just graduated from university and EVERYONE was expecting me to have this awesome high-paying job. And yes, there were many out there that I could have but they were all pretty horrible and I didn't feel willing to compromise my personal happiness to slave away at a job for good money. My whole family was mad at me for that one.

I decided to move to another province because I was offered a position at a FUN job (which I start at tomorrow so I'm quite excited), even though it doesn't make as much money as some other jobs back home did.

It seems like you are justifying staying in the city to yourself ("but there really isn't much else for me back in my small town"). If you are going to have to pay rent *anyway* in your "perfect apartment with the perfect roommate" (kudos on that, btw, both are very hard to find!) I would stay. It might be hard to give up the extra $5 an hour, but I would do it if it's what you really want. Do something you love and have fun with it! Bollocks on the money (unless you're really hurting for it)!

I don't know how much of a help I've been but I hope I was able to give at least *some* clarity.
Good luck!
Ahh, just what I needed to hear. And yes, I have officially decided to stay. I would love to find work in a flower shop:)
QUOTE(Ethicool @ Apr 19 2007, 03:14 AM) *
Ahh, just what I needed to hear. And yes, I have officially decided to stay. I would love to find work in a flower shop:)

That would be so much fun!
I do know a girl who has worked in one for YEARS because she loves it so much. It's been about . . . . I'd say 5 years since I've known her and she's been there ever since!
And my sister works in one here and loves it too. It's so pretty inside.

I hope you have a good summer! I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and every year the city sends a HUGE Christmas tree to Boston to thank the city for their help during the Halifax Explosion in 1917 and I've always wanted to go there! I hear it's a really awesome city! laugh.gif
I'm wondering how to get unemployment benefits... So, the job search begin again. I just hate telling new future employers that I got fired. It makes me feel like utter horse shit. Arcadia, that sounds like such an awesome job!

I may temp for a while until I can find something I really like. I'm still considering grad school out west, and the last thing I want is to end up in another dead end job. Yet, it did put food on the table.

I'm going to try to use this time off to do something constructive. And hey going on a vacation at the end of this month isn't half bad!
anybody have any favoite job-searching techniques? i can't seem to find much out there. when i search big sites like monster i get 8 zillion ads for super corperate jobs in a sector that well, i know i can't be happy in. when i search smaller sites for jobs in areas i'm interested in (musem, library sciences, journalism) they all want 7-15 years experience and or MA/PhD.... sometimes they offer internships - but they specify that they're for students & i've been out of school for over a year now

:feeling intimidated:
I hear you, Mumble...every time I search Careerbuilder or Monster, it's either scads of temp jobs or those "work at home" scams. The actual permanent full-time jobs (at least for admin/secretary jobs, which is what I do) seem few and far between anymore. It's really discouraging and frustrating. I seem to have more luck with local job search sites or going to the website of a particular company, and even the classifed ads seem better than some of the job sites.

Sometimes I do consider looking into temping to break out of the monotony that is my job...
I'm also in the same boat.

Going to file for unemployment benefits on monday, and then try to temp for a while, and see what pops up. I just got out of a super corporate job that sucked the life force out of me, so I know I don't want to go down that route again.

I kept hearing the job market was good! WTF??
I recieved my BFA in Photography from Columbia College in Chicago. My mother passed away last April, so after I graduated I moved back to Michigan to be with my family and I have been looking for a full-time job for a year. I got a part-time job at a stationary/invitations store but they only are able to give me one day a week. I get interviews but no offers. It sucks. Job hunting is one of the hardest things in the world. It's not great for your self-esteem either. I get really encouraging responses from interviews, but then they just don't call. Maybe it all boils down to chemistry. Also Michigan isn't exactly hopping with photography jobs. I hope something pops up soon because I have student loan bills. I am going to a temp agency on Tuesday.
It's horrible for my self esteem as well. Getting fired also didn't help. My parents aren't helping matters much by telling me what a piece a shit I am for not having a job. Hello, I've only not had a job for two weeks!!! I keep getting little nibbles, but it's just work at home scams...

I'm just happy that I can pay this month's rent with my last paycheck. Thank Goodness!

Good luck on Tuesday silverhalide!
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