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Full Version: why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell
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I need to vent.

I'm getting frustrated with the job search. I can't even seem to pick up a seasonal temp job at any of the resorts in my area, they seem to look at my more recent work experience, my education and decide that there is no way I am going to stick around for more than three days or I can't handle housekeeping. I did that on and off all during college, I know how to do it and, considering how the search for an archaeology job is going, I'll probably be there until the end of the season.

I feel it's too soon to get this frustrated over finding a job, but I was turned down for unemployment and I'm a little concerned about money. I have some saved up and my bills aren't out of control, but I want something so I can start paying down my credit card debt. I also think I'm getting a little restless hanging around the house all day and I want a reason to get out of the house that doesn't involve wandering aimlessly around my area. I have craft projects to work on and parks to visit, but I think I just want to go on vacation somewhere out of state and I don't have the funds to do so, or at least I don't want to until I know where my next paycheck is coming from.

Oh hell, maybe I should just take off and screw worrying, something is bound to come up.
QUOTE(lilacwine13 @ Jul 31 2008, 08:09 PM) *
I need to vent.

I'm getting frustrated with the job search. I can't even seem to pick up a seasonal temp job at any of the resorts in my area, they seem to look at my more recent work experience, my education and decide that there is no way I am going to stick around for more than three days or I can't handle housekeeping. I did that on and off all during college, I know how to do it and, considering how the search for an archaeology job is going, I'll probably be there until the end of the season.

I feel it's too soon to get this frustrated over finding a job, but I was turned down for unemployment and I'm a little concerned about money. I have some saved up and my bills aren't out of control, but I want something so I can start paying down my credit card debt. I also think I'm getting a little restless hanging around the house all day and I want a reason to get out of the house that doesn't involve wandering aimlessly around my area. I have craft projects to work on and parks to visit, but I think I just want to go on vacation somewhere out of state and I don't have the funds to do so, or at least I don't want to until I know where my next paycheck is coming from.

Oh hell, maybe I should just take off and screw worrying, something is bound to come up.

I'm getting so fed up with the job search (see last post) that I've decided to look for a volunteer opportunity. Hey, it saves me from sitting around the house all day and I'm helping others out of the deal! Not too long as the search to do good is not as hellish as the search to get paid.
Can I just say that it makes me feel a little better to know that other people are in the same boat as me right now? Although it sucks for all of us, it's nice to know we're not alone. I was laid off (OUT OF THE BLUE) on June 26th and haven't found another fulltime position yet. I have a severance package with insurance coverage till September, so I'm doing ok...but I did NOT plan for this. It was my first "real job" out of college and I just spent my money like I'd always have a paycheck. So now, I work part time at a lingerie boutique intown 3 days a week while I go on job interview after interview. I hated my previous job, so it can turn into a blessing in disguise, but I was pretty depressed for awhile and I feel like I have no routine to my life.
ahhhh... I wish I just had a friggin career job already. But... such is time and life. and stupid decisions.
I wanna teach. I'm gonna teach. my ten-year reunion is next week, and I'm working a shit part-time job, in a shitty relationship....sans a master's degree, and have to seriously buck up to get myself out of said shitty relationship and job to even begin to start getting my world together for desired career, however monetarily dismal it is. Slingin hash is the quickest money I could come up with in this beach town.

I'm feeling mighty foul.((( Bustables))).. I'm there with ya. But I'm uh... a bit older. I feel so horribly held back.

(((Lilac))-----I've been crying wolf for like... 6 years. and it sucks. I took a two year "cultural fieldtrip" to brooklyn, ny and became a budding successful makeup artist/body painter. almost got a job with Temptu, etc. did bryant park fashion week blah blah blah. I moved there cause I figured why not experience this while I'm young... Then, left a 7yr relationship and moved back to the smaller city I had left. Finally, got a non-profit job... then hopped over to another city cause I thought I'd be able to get into my father's alma another admin job with hopes to pay debt down and get my M.A. or M.A.T. in secondary English Education...then belly-flopped like a douche into a supposed fairytale relationship filled with promises of marriage and love, babies, and schooling.. financial support..the guy is "heir" to his father's business... blarg blarg...
Now. NOW. NOW. I am having to eat it to save whatever money I can come up with to get out of said retard situation.

I hear ya about wishing we had chosen a tech or a skill related job. I hear ya about doubting your focus. your Fear. I have always had that fear that I wouldn't be able to get employed with my interests. I would love to get my Ph.d in Modernist Lit., but... I just don't think I'm that smart, i guess. the competition is SO fierce for professor positions. I do think teaching secondary edu. is up my alley. I think this is the only thing that I am passionate about... and capable of doing. Literature...and Foreign Language... as I speak French, as well.
I have best friends making means being RN's... I wish I actually wanted to be a RN... cause then maybe I could get a job that pays? sigh.
I am a longtime lurker and I just wanted to come out of the woodwork and say how much this thread has meant to me. I've been on the unemployment rollercoaster for almost three years - occasionally up, but mostly down. It always made me feel better to come to this thread and see people bitch about situations I could relate to. I tell you, I get tired of hearing people IRL say "you'll find something soon!"
Christine Nectarine
Dilemma time!

I’m not unemployed (yet). I graduated from social services last year, and was really lucky to find f/t work in my fields within a couple of months. However, it was a contract covering for a maternity leave. I like the job, and the employer, and the contract was extended an additional 2 months from the original end date! But now, reality hits. The woman who I’m covering for had considered taking an additional 6 months of leave, but for what ever reason, it’s not happening. Hence, as of October 31 (my favourite day of the year!) I will be DONE.

I have a p/t gig as well, about 8-10 hrs/wk which I realize is something, but def will not pay my rent. My boy works on-call for several production companies, so his hours are never guaranteed. He’s making every effort to work as much as he can, but the situation still makes me nervous.

NOW, it has come to my attention that there are several positions available with the local welfare office, to be a case worker. I am completed qualified, and have contacts working there who could recommend me. But I have never wanted to be a welfare worker! I’m really uncomfortable with (what I perceive to be) the oppressive nature of the role, especially the idea of administering gov’t policies that I don’t exactly agree with. It’s still social work, and there are opportunities to help and support people, but I fear I would also be too much a part of the “system” that keeps people down.

WHAT TO DO? Should I apply for it just to see what happens? Do I sell my soul so I can buy groceries? Help please!
Christine, IMO I would at least apply for it. You don't have to accept the position if you don't want to. Get your resume out there, network, etc. If something else doesn't come up between now and when you gonna need groceries, take a possible offered position from the welfare job.
Continue to circulate your resume while you work there... and if something better comes up. Take it! Unless of course, these gov't jobs hold you to some sort of contract? Is that why you mentioned selling your soul?

Ha.. I say all this, meanwhile I work part-time and need to get off my arse to go hunt down something else...
This city has crap for jobs. It's really depressing cause I love to be near the ocean.
Queen Bull
*RUNS INTO THREAD screaming*

ohmigod i have a job interview. THANK YOU GOD--FINALLY!!!!!!!

*RUNS OUT doing a happy dance*
Christine Nectarine
yay! *fingers crossed for queen bull*
Good luck Queen Bull! I have an interview tomorrow as well *fingers crossed*
Well we're getting on into september and I still haven't found anything worth applying for. Who the hell can live off $7.00 an hour in this economy??? It's pretty depressing. Everytime I job hunt, I get depressed. These people are nuts if they think someone can survive off that. Why do the wages have to be so effing low here??? I miss my job that I had. I really do, and it makes me very bitter when I think about it.

Good luck to everyone who's had interviews lately. Hope you gals find something soon.
I received a call from the children's clothing store that I interviewed at today, saying that they've decided to go with other candidates. I don't know what I did wrong in the interview...

And the job I did start today, in a women's clothing store, required me to drop $100 on the mandatory blazer that I have to wear during the September promotion, even though I am only making minimum wage and getting an unspecified number of hours.

The marketing company I interviewed with said they liked me and would call me back, but they didn't. The guy who interviewed me was oily. I don't like him.

It's just so frustrating. I feel like my BAH in history is just worthless.

(((Hugs to all job hunting busties)))
Lananans, in my experience "we decided to go with someone else" often means "we decided to hire the manager's sister / the owner's brother-in-law / the interviewer's best friend, and we only interviewed you for compliance reasons". I feel like every interview I went to, the result was decided before I even walked in the door. A waste of my time and theirs.

That said, don't give up! It's not your BA that's the problem, it's this shitty job market. Are you even being particular or will you take anything? The only luck I have had is with temp agencies, personally.
Thanks ululah -- I'm willing to take anything.. maybe I will look into temp agencies. I'm getting desperate.
((((lananans)))) I understand, sometimes I feel like my degree is worthless too, and like ululah, the only luck I had in Arizona was with temp agencies. A lot of it does have to do with the economy, IMO. Good luck.

((((everyone in this thread))))

I just had a phone interview with a company for an archaeology job, and while it went well, it felt a little off, especially since the person said something along the lines of "Well, we would hire you over the phone, but first, let's check out your references." I'm wondering if this is because they've been burned in the past, or if the company really doesn't know what they're doing, or both. I've seen this company advertising for employees a few times in the past few months, which usually isn't a good sign, so I'm skeptical. I'll take the job if offered (hey, I need the experience and the paycheck), but at the same time, I am concerned about what I'm getting into.
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(lananans @ Sep 15 2008, 08:16 PM) *
And the job I did start today, in a women's clothing store, required me to drop $100 on the mandatory blazer that I have to wear during the September promotion

i hate when they do that! especially when it's for such a short time!
it's disgusting how much power all those minimum-wage paying employers have over us. that they can get away with the "unspecified hours" and total lack of consideration or commitment to US their loyal employees for a pittance.
my first "career" type job is ending in a few weeks (i had a 15 month contract to cover a maternity leave) and i'm really hoping to avoid returning to the retail/general office type of employ w/no benefits etc. having set vacation time has been NICE, but the possibilities are limited.

hugs to you all, and cross your fingers for me!
Well, I didn't get the job with the one I interviewed with, but I did get hired for a project conducted by another company. I have to leave for it this weekend and drive about 12 hours, which will suck, but I'm hoping it will be worth it. I just hope I can have an easier time finding work in the future, I wish I knew what went wrong with the first one.
Don't beat yourself up lilac... I've been interviewing a lot and I find that sometimes they make up their mind without really listening to what you have to say.

I have a potential job, I find out on October 7th, and it's not one that would be soul-crushing like the retail job that I just quit after being belittled about my appearance to the point that I was crying in the bathroom... let's hope it works out!
Thanks, lananans, I've had that happen before and it blows. Hope your job works out.

The job I interviewed for did call me back today; it turns out they couldn't get a hold of one of my references, so that was the problem. That sucks because the one they couldn't reach was my former boss from my last job, but I hope I can get a good reference from the people running this project, and I know the other people I had down for references are willing to say nice things about me. It sounded like I could work for them in the future, so I'm glad it wasn't something I said, and there might be a potential for work.

Good luck to everyone here. (((((job vibes)))))
Idea time!

I've been job hunting pretty much all summer, sending 4-21 resumes out a day. Even with all that work, I only got 2 (2!!!) interviews, and one gig I was so not qualified for that they must have called in ANYONE who applied for the interview.

Anyway, in the interest of helping each other out, why don't we post our tips for job hunting? I'll start:

Everyday I check If I apply for a job through them, I then google the company I applied with and add their "careers" page to a folder on my toolbar so I can check their site directly for gigs.

I've also checked my college's alumni page but there are zero jobs on there. Yay for little schools. Sigh.

So, that's it. But this still doesn't seem like enough. There HAVE to be other sites I'm not thinking of where people post jobs. Thoughts?

I like the idea of sharing job hunting sights. I have the feeling we are all hip to usuals: craig's list, creative hotlist, monster, etc. Obviously, specific industry sights are helpful. I recently looked at the career opportunities page of a museum I like and there was a job posting that I felt qualified for. To apply, I had to send my resume and a cover letter by mail- old school style. I put a cool stamp on my envelope figuring it would give me an edge (it is for a graphics job at an art museum). Details, details. I have an interview this week though I have been told upfront the pay sucks. Usually does in the arts, so that's not surprising. Anyways..

Question: I have the opportunity to begin work full time as an apprentice in a career I've been wanting to get into for ages. BUT, I had apprenticed recently in the same area and was bored (plus over worked and exhausted because I was juggling work and school A LOT these past 2 years). I am tempted to take this new full time apprenticeship because it offers benefits and will be great on my resume, but.. I still feel really really tired and not 100% up for the challenge. It's a great oppotunity for someone with the right energy but I'm not sure that is me.. But I feel I might regret this decision in the future. Thoughts? BTW, I had accepted the job already and am due to start soon. I haven't spoken to anyone about my apprehensions. Eeeeee!

Thanks a lot for anyone's insights. I don't know why, but I'm incapable of making smart career oriented decisions right now. I think I'm just "over it"!

MissE -- I had been job hunting all summer as well, sending out tons of resumes, and also only got a few interviews. Now I have ended up taking two retail jobs to pay the bills, at the mall... they called me eventually because they need people for the holiday season. I actually start in about an hour, I am leaving very soon...

caroline - are you still in school? It sounds like a good opportunity, but not if it's going to be detrimental to your health/well being... my parents would tell me to tough it out, but I understand feeling just not up to something.

On October 7th I interviewed for what I call a grown-up job, but was told that they had just laid people off and couldn't hire anyone, and our meeting was a courtesy. It was awful. Now I'm thinking about going to college (in Canada college = community college and university is just university) in the winter because the programs I want would actually lead to jobs... we'll see.

For now I will work selling books and clothes!

Good luck to everyone else...

Caroline no (love the beach boys ref, btw):

What was your last apprenticeship in?

It sounds like you know that you want to be in the field that this new apprenticeship is in, and that alone could make all the difference from hating it vs loving it. I'd say that as long as your bills are paid and you're happy with the benefits, do it! If nothing else, you'll make the ever so important connections in your field that every girl needs.

hellotampon: what a bummer! That has been happening a lot, I hear. I was meeting with a recruiter and during our meeting she got a call from a publisher who was interviewing one of this recruiter's clients. In the middle of this publishers interview, she received an email saying there was a hiring freeze! Talk about suckness.

And hey, if you do go to college, that book store gig will help tons with discounts. I worked a Barnes & Noble throughout college and couldn't have afforded the books otherwise!

Good tip with the jazzy stamp—I always use comic book stamps on my letters smile.gif
Hey hey hey,

I'm a newbie here and have a burning question. I'm taking a big leap and leaving the only city (NY) I've really known and planning to head to Austin, TX. Does anyone have experience with finding a job independently in a far away city? I don't exactly have the funds to spend a couple of weekends doing interviews so how do I manage the distance without throwing myself too far out into the unknown. I'm sure BUST has had an article on this for sure....
any atl, ga gals know of some work? I'm desperate!!! I've been having the hardest time...sent TONS of resumes out..and only a couple of interviews..
My having moved around too much and all over the place job experience has me in the dark with employers. They are passing on me, and I just don't know what to do.

So I'm off to restaurant and retail, but networking seems to be the only thing that works..

ANy help would be good help! poo.
Moonie, I'm in atlanta/decatur. We're in the same boat. sad.gif Maybe temp agencies??

Fuck. The job that I really wanted already made an offer last week. I'm so discouraged right now. I've had it sending out resumes and cover letters to never hear back from people. I'm half tempted to just head back to retail or temp agencies.

Speaking of temp agencies... Looks like they are the way to go for now. The uncertainty of stable/steady employment just sucks major balls. Hopefully something permanent will arise for all of us unemployed busties!

I just registered with two in my neighborhood. I called in this morning to set up the initial interview and went to get dressed. Guess what... my fat ass can't fit any of my professional type attire anymore. None of it. So NOW I have to go someplace cheap (ie WALMART or Goodwill even) and get a suit of some sort and try to make it to the interview tomorrow. I'm so pissed at myself. How the hell have I been sitting here unprepared all this time?!

Oh well, thank God for cheap clothing when you're running low on funds.

Good luck everyone. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all.

(((jobby job vibes)))

I haven't written much b/c I'm on the job hunt and, as you know, that is time consuming and very draining, ugh.

A lot of you sound pretty young. Maybe internships are the way to go (paid ones, hopefully) until something else comes up? I look on Craigs List and the majority of postings seem to be for interns which depresses me since I'm 36! My main money making job is coming to an end (graphics production manager). Seems creative jobs are drying out unless you have web, interactive, or animation know-how. I don't so maybe I'll become an intern to learn? I just don't want to go back to school!!

Trades are definitely good (someone mentions that below). I finished cosmotology school early this year and there is a lot of opportunity in that. Too bad I discovered that 10 hours a day in a salon is pretty boring and takes a toll on the body (I like doing hair much better on the side nowadays!)

BTW, if you need your hair done for the job search or whatever, a lot of up-scale salons have apprentice programs and offer cuts and color at very reasonable prices. The person doing your hair will likely be a liscensed cosmotolgist in a class to learn the salon's techniques. Just don't blow off the appoinments b/c it sucks for the stylist. Also, if you like their work, TIP because they work really hard for practically nothing!

Getting back to why I'm here right now.. The one thing that is starting to drain me pretty early in my job hunting hell is MOTIVATION. I don't want to be someone's bitch! I feel like employers are going to want to see you step it up since the economy is slagging but the reality is- well, you know- working for someone else sucks. I had been working at a non profit the past 7 years where the pay was low but the benefits made up for it. Now I'm interviewing for jobs that pay less than that one with very few bennies. Also, I have met up with a lot of attitude. I live in NYC so that's not so unusual. Thing is, I used to do a lot of these people's hair, ha ha!

If anyone has tips on job recruiters or anything like that, please let us know. I personally feel like I'm running out of ideas!

P.S. Job hunting seemed A LOT more painful/expensive about 15 years ago when you had to pay to FAX resumes ($3 for the 1st page and $2 for additional pages , eeee!) Bless email!


I have tried the temp agencies...nothing is biting. sad.gif
I'm off to hit makeup counters today. I realize they might not be hiring either, but I have to get myself seen. My resume is pretty tight with that front, so I'm hoping they could at least keep me in mind. I do fear that counter hopping within the same dept. store may not be very tactful, but I NEED A JOB!!! If one isn't hiring, then maybe the next one is.

I also have a friend who may be able to get me into cocktailing downtown. Not the ideal environment, but the ideal kinda $$$. I'm up for anything decent at this point. I'm also to hit some restaurants.

Anything in decatur ITP? I'll keep my ear to the ground for you, too..Sassy.
I just wish I was living ITP. It would focus my job search. I'm applying to any job within the ITP and NorthWest burbs.

aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! somebody throw me a bone!!!! mad.gif mad.gif sad.gif
Thanks for the tip Moonpie. I've been calling temp agencies, and nothing. Strangely enough, one of the jobs I didn't get called, and said they're send on my resume. We'll see. I've heard that before.

I applied in a panic to a bunch of jobs out west in Oregon and Washington thru Americorps. They're now emailing me. I know the pay is total crap(I did it in 2005), but it would give me a job before graduate school. I'd have to leave Mcgeek to sell the house, but I think we could make it.

I haven't seen anything but restaurants. As one of my friends said, "This economy is shit, but people have to eat!"
I've been trying to focus on Decatur or Atlanta.
I will keep my ear to the ground.

I've got to go to Goodwill at the end of the week to buy some interview clothes. My last job all we wore were uniforms, so I don't have any professional clothes that fit me anymore.


How is everyone doing? I found out today that our lovely mayor just laid off more people (222 to be exact), and may cut police and fireman. Gotta love Georgia. Ugh.
Well, I'm back.

I got laid off of the last project about two weeks ago and so far have seen very little in my field that I'm qualified for. The economy in my area is horrendous--no place is hiring unless you're in health care--and I'm thinking about moving back to Arizona for work. I don't mind Phoenix, but I don't know where I'd be living when I get down there, and at this point, financing another major move would be tricky. I managed to save up a lot while on the last job, but I know that won't last forever and I get bored while hanging out at home. I've also been having some problems with anxiety and it would be wise to get that taken care of, employment be damned.

Hope everyone finds something soon, right now seems to be a bad time to be looking.
I just got called for two interviews next week (phone and on-site). It's the same company my husband works for. The same company I interviewed for a year ago, I went to two interviews, took two assessments and didn't get.

I'm hopeful that this time I will get it since I have an inside liaison!! LOL Just kidding. But, the hubby has been working a year for the woman that will be interviewing me. I will be working for her should I get the position. I'm so extremely nervous. Hope I don't screw up!
Hello everyone I'm new here and my story is I quit a good paying Government job with the Department of Veterans Affairs in August 08 to pursue a dream in the fashion industry. I was very unhappy with my office environment. I was stuck in a damn cubicle for 8 hrs a day doing shitty, brainless and tedious work that only required my index finger and click, click, click your done. I was a single 26 years old making a hefty $33,000 + bonuses + benefits salary but I was miserable and depressed because I felt unfulfilled. So one day I came to work and resigned just like that. I felt to good that day but almost 4 months later I am still unemployed and draining my savings account. I don't know how much I have left cause I'm to scared to look at my bank ledger. Well today I got some GOOD NEWS!!!! another government job sent me an email stating that I was qualified for a position I applied for and someone will be calling me soon for an interview. Sadly, its another office job but I need employment and my fashion industry dream has been shot down. Also, I tried to hold out for a Topshop as a stock associate but they want me to go through a workshop in January then they will hire people in February and will open in March. I really want to work there but I cant wait till March to work, shit a sistah got to eat now. Anyway Im sad but happy at the same time cause if I get this job it will be a early Christmas gift and I will be able to go shopping for my family. Recently, I contemplated suicide and stop returning my mothers calls cause I was ashamed of myself. People have been knocking on my door and I just don't answer it anymore. I would love for this job to come through so that things can go back to normal again and Christmas can be merry.
Christine Nectarine
i've got a second round interview today, and in all honestly, i'm just busting to kill time and try to ignore the butterflies in my stomach!
i actually do have a job currently - i got it just barely as my contract at my last one finished, and took it out of desperation. while grateful for the paycheque, it's only four months in and i'm burning out.
so with all that, i was really excited when i got a call for an interview a couple weeks ago. i did the interview last week, and felt it went really well, and the job sounded perfect for me! still, i was trying not to invest too much into it, until i knew i had it for sure, and trying to appreciate the fact that i'm not unemployed. but then they called me and said they wanted to do a second round of interviews! this has totally freaked me out. i've never done a second interview, and while the first one was fairly predictable, i have no idea what to expect this time. plus, the fact that they added a second interview to the process tells me that there were other candidates that looked good, so i have some real competition.

anyway, all my fingers and toes are crossed for now. i just needed to get this out of my system before this afternoon!
after being a stay at home mom for a few years i'm having a hard time finding much of anything. i keep thinking of just falsifying my applications so it looks like i have been employed more recently. why not? so far it looks like the only jobs i can be considered for employment are maid (gag) or babysitter (double gag). it's not that i think i'm above those things i just didn't want to have to do even more of it all the time. those two things are all i do at home, pick up and clean or take care of my kid. i also find it creepy that these people would be willing to pay more for a total stranger who is not contracted in any way to clean their home than just calling a maid service. something about that screams bad situation to me.
I am in the same situation, sitting at home and doing laundry all day, generally being a stay-at-home girlfriend while I wait and wait. I have a degree that is extremely specialized and bascially the only jobs you can get with it are through word-of-mouth. The only problem is that with the economic troubles, everyone in my field is being laid off instead of anyone being hired. I finished a contract last week and will be applying for retail and waitressing for the first time in 10 years *sob* I keep applying for jobs slightly related to my degree, but there's always someone with more relevant experience.

So, on one hand, I am sad and stressed. But on the other, I have to admit I love staying at home! The apartment is always clean and I am always busy with something! I am starting to work on projects I have put off for months or years. I am also wishing I had the initiative to start a home business. Is anyone else thinking of the same thing? Has anyone tried being a freelance writer? Although I am a very experienced writer, my experience is almost 100% academic, not professional, and I have no contacts, so I would have no idea where to start!
Someone was asking about job boards. My favorite resource is government websites. Provincial and municipal governments, even if they've declared a hiring freeze, keep hiring to replace people on mat leave or people who move away, etc. Govt jobs aren't glamorous, but they are stable and tend to have good benefits, and once you get your foot in the door, even with a temporary position, you are first on the list for the next job that opens up.
sassygrrl is a great government site.
I like and as well.

I'm so damn sick of the word "experience."

I third and the government sites.

And yes, the word "experience" is getting me down as well.

I've talked to several people in my field and it sounds like nobody is hiring or has any projects lined up. I did get a call from a former employer for a project, but that got canceled, so I'm stuck here again.

I've even tried applying for resort work, but so far I've only gotten one phone call back and the guy was wondering why I even applied for the position. I might still get it, but it is so depressing when I can't even get a basic housekeeping job, which is something I do have experience in.
Well, I did the unthinkable and applied at a temp agency. It's only part-time work until I find a real job, but hopefully I will get enough hours to keep myself busy and have some money...
looking for a job sucks, looking for a job sucks, looking for a job sucks
i wasn't even looking and i got offered this job nearly a year ago, but it fell through after an interview, because it's a non-profit organization and they couldn't get a gov. grant to take on student workers.
that was last year.
and so this year, for summer, the woman contacted me again and i actually got excited cause i really want/need a job.
we discussed it through a few emails, and left it with her asking me to call to chat about possibilities.
i called three times, and emailed. that was two weeks ago.
she hasn't called back. i need to KNOW if i have to get another job this summer, and now my hopes are up too.

work sucks, why wasn't i born royal
so. three years out of college and i just quit my shitty food service job. not because i've been able to find another job. but because i can't handle the bull shit anymore. i still have another part time job but it's stressful. i think i can pick up more hours there next month but there's no promises. in any case, i still need a new job because that one will never be full time and they will never offer me benefits (yea for investing in the people who make things work!)

I'd be happy to land most any administrative job. I'd really like to try working in a bakery. I have absolutely no interest in pursuing anything related to my undergraduate degree. I think I'd really like try writing/radio journalism/crafty stuff. I know i can use some of the down time i have now to build material and explore. There seem to be alot of interesting opportunities for students/recent grads in these areas but i am neither. I can't quite decide whether to just knock on doors, or wait until i have something to show first.

but in the mean time, i need SOMETHING to help pay these bills!
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iwe discussed it through a few emails, and left it with her asking me to call to chat about possibilities.
i called three times, and emailed. that was two weeks ago.
she hasn't called back. i need to KNOW if i have to get another job this summer, and now my hopes are up too.

work sucks, why wasn't i born royal

Ugh, the same thing happened to me last year, but from one of the managers at the local office of a great company! I had talked with the guy about research a few times, sent him my resume, he invited me for an informal interview and even showed me around the office and introduced me to everyone, and told me to get in touch for a more formal interview the next week. Well, I called, left a message, then another week later left 2 emails, and only got a 2 sentence response about not being sure if management would be able to hire anyone new. I finally learned thru the grapevine that he had been scheduled to head up an office in a different city and the job he interviewed me for didn't exist because the office in my city was shutting down his division here. And he knew it when he invited me for the interview. WTF?
I've been job hunting for 3 months and I have NOTHING.

No interviews, no nothing.

I'm qualified, I'm personable, and I'm going further and further into debt.

Help! I need some bustie vibes!
(((bustie vibes)))

I've been close to 8 months.


No interviews, no phone calls.

I'm half tempted to just head to graduate school. Right now it may have to be temp work, but that's fine with me.


(((bustie vibes)))

Ugh. Me too. Nothing from the temp agency and it has now been 2 weeks. And I don't qualify for EI because I have been working on contract for the last half year, when I was working at all. I hate everything to do with job searching. I hate hate hate when people ask me how my day was, or what's new, or how school is going. Answers: boring, nothing, and finished half a year ago! It just seems that I must be in school because I am still bumming around like a student. Actually, worse, I had a job when I was a student!

I guess that doesn't count as positive vibes at all. But just think, something has to work for at least one of us, sometime! And at least we know we aren't crazy or incompetent. Sometimes it's just hard for smart girls to find a good job.
last week had a talk with a nice lady doing hiring at a bar, said there are just no openings thanks to the "economic downturn" but they will keep my resume on file. Temp agency still hasn't gotten me a job and it has been 3 weeks. Sent out 3 queries this morning and applied for a summer job just now. Queries 1 and 2 came back already, sorry, we don't even have enough projects to keep our current employees busy. Argh!!

Applying for a mortgage sucks. I am wondering how long before I have to check off "homemaker" as a career.
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