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Full Version: why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell
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Congrats to AnnaK!!
anna k, congrats! that sounds like an interesting place to work.

faerietails2, if they can't give you that many hours to begin with they may not care. My current job does the same thing - if working two days a week even constitutes as having one, mostly unemployment is helping get through.

I am so sick of job hunting! I've been trying to apply to things I might have some interest in, so far no such luck. The last interview I went on was going to call my previous employers and I'm really concerned about one of them because he was such a bastard! He layed me off after I had surgery for thyroid cancer, then told unemployment that I quit because I was sick. I worked there for two years so its hard to just take it off my resume. How do you tell potential employers not to call a former employer without it seeming negative?

I'm not even really interested in This job, its another retail job, in a tourist area, over the summer, so its really nothing to get excited about, other than having extra money and being off unemployment.
Thanks Pherber!

Muffy, I know you're not supposed to complain about previous jobs during your interview, but I think if you just tell the interviewer what happened it shouldn't be a big deal. Just smooth it over as a "miscommunication" or something.

I'm unemployed right now. I was working as a private caregiver to an elderly woman, and she passed away last Monday. I'm getting my CNA license on Wednesday so ordinarily I could just get a job at a nursing home right away, but in 5 weeks I'm leaving for Europe. I'll be there for 2 weeks and then my boyfriend and I are going to spend the rest of the summer living with his grandfather at Cape Cod and working catering jobs or something where we can make decent money.

I hate not having income for a 2 months, especially because I'm spending a lot of money on traveling (I can't collect unemployment because I was paid in cash for this job). Someone pointed out this is a great time of year to enjoy time off, but I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. My boyfriend is leaving for Europe a month ahead of me and I have a hard time socializing. I guess my apartment will be squeaky clean for a while?
You're welcome, HT.
How badly do you need the money?
Maybe you could try temping, it probably sucks, but they can give you jobs for just a few weeks.

I have to admit, I'm a shameless slacker absolutely refusing to job hunt.
I hope I'm not the only one.
Slackerdom is probably not the point of this thread, though. unsure.gif
I thought about temping but the temp agencies around here are mostly for highly skilled factory jobs. They occasionally have office stuff and I was going to go there tomorrow and apply. Unfortunately I have a flat tire and I drove on it for 40 minutes yesterday before I noticed so now I probably really need the money! I'm hoping the rim isn't fucked.
I finally got a job after 6 months or so our of work. This looks promising.
Congrats to Eileen! Hope it works out well for you dear.

Hellotampon and Pherber: wow, you gals sound like me right now. I'm not above temping, as that is how I got my last permanent job. But, the temp jobs around here suck too and most only want to pay $7-$9/hr. That would be like me going to work just to get pay for transportation. I guess it's better than nothing. Really seems pointless. I don't have much experience in anything else except customer service, and childcare, although I don't have the credentials required for that anymore. Nor the patience to deal with children and their parents. Working with the public gives me hives. LOL I just dont like it. Not a people-person.

Consequently, I really don't have a clue what my options are at this point. It's been 7 months now - I truly have lost alot of motivation, direction, and just that bubbly personality I once had.

Has anyone else felt like they're just not where they imagined they would be in life at their current age?? I don't like to dwell on it.. i feel like i'm spinning in circles here.
I know what it's like to not want to do anything. For the longest time i thought my options around here were limited to cashiering and factory work.

I hated working with the public too... I'm not a people person either. I only liked the elderly customers, and haaaaaaaaaaated everyone else. I quit my cashier job six months ago and I still get angry when I think of the customers.

Then I realized I could work with the elderly. It's never something I thought I would end up doing, but I love it. A lot of people are... not very supportive. I hear a lot of, "but don't you get straight As?" "oh, everyone does that," "you're above that," and "you're giving up."

I wish people would calm down- I still want, (and fully intend to get) a bachelor's degree! In either poli-sci, linguistics, women's studies, or art history. It's just that now, I can get one while making more money doing something that I actually like AND have benefits, instead of spending 50 hours a week struggling to support myself at a useless job that pays diddly squat and pisses me off, while going to community college because I don't want to transfer until I know how I'm going to pay off my loans (and pay for gas to get to all the 4-year schools, which are MUCH farther away). i won't be happy until I finish school but at least now I know that even afterwards, if I'm still a bedpan jockey I'll be happy nonetheless.

For now though i don't give a shit what I do, it's only going to last a month. I just need to be making money. I just don't know what I can do in such a short time when you need to be qualified for all the temp jobs.
Aw, that sucks, HT, sorry to hear about your car! sad.gif

Konphusion, I don't think anyone's ever too old, to make a completely fresh start, with doing something they actually enjoy.

In my case, it's not like I don't want to do anything, I'm always busy with my art and music.
I just can't seem to make any money with it, the whole self-promo thing freaks me out!
I'm not a people person, either. We should form a club!
It's something to do with me having Asperger Synrome, I just can't communicate well, but at least I get my social benefit check. It's not much, but I won't starve.

I'm not jealous of all the untalented people, who manage to make a living out of art, I just always wonder, how they cough up the confidence to sell themselves, like they're the best thing since sliced bread. rolleyes.gif

Eilleen, congrats!
Arrgh, not another double post!!!
konphusion -- I'm in pretty much the same shape. I went to school for anthropology aka unemploymentology, at least that's what it feels like now. I have some skills in print and web design, and I had a good job doing such things for a while, but I got laid off 4 months ago and now I have NOTHING. I've had a few interviews but apparently there's always someone just that much more qualified (or perhaps with an actual degree in the actual field they are applying for...) or just that much more likeable (count me among the socially awkward non-people persons among us).

I'm 28 and I just feel like a total failure, I have a useless degree and tons of student loan debt. And on top of that I come from a very high-achieving family, which includes a rather competitive sister-in-law who seems to get pleasure of out drawing attention to my listless, depressive, jobless state. Total black sheep over here.

I also feel like since the ‘getting an actual decent job’ thing didn’t work out my only options are to go back to school and incur even more debt I don’t need or suck it up and work at a fucking gas station or somewhere else that I worked in fucking high school, which would be so beyond depressing I’m not sure I can even fathom it. Dismal. sad.gif
You could go to community college and train for something, for under $1,000.
I actually did try to do that but they wouldn't give me any financial aid because I already have a bachelor's degree and, sadly, being unemployed for so long I have literally zero dough to spend on tuition. That's why I figure grad school is my only real option for more schoolin'. Thanks for the suggestion though, I guess I have no choice but to keep looking for a bit, take whatever I can get when I become totally destitute and then look into grad school, I suppose if it finally got me a decent job it would be worth it in the long run. C'est la vie.
QUOTE(likeanyother @ May 18 2008, 07:49 PM) *
I actually did try to do that but they wouldn't give me any financial aid because I already have a bachelor's degree and, sadly, being unemployed for so long I have literally zero dough to spend on tuition. That's why I figure grad school is my only real option for more schoolin'. Thanks for the suggestion though, I guess I have no choice but to keep looking for a bit, take whatever I can get when I become totally destitute and then look into grad school, I suppose if it finally got me a decent job it would be worth it in the long run. C'est la vie.

wow, I didn't know you were ineligible for aid if you had a BA! I guess this means I should work as a CNA while getting my BA of choice and THEN let my future job pay for nursing school. I was going to do it backwards, so I could work less and concentrate on school more. Oh well.
Yeah, I wasn’t aware of that either until it was too late. Although it may just be my local community college, I don’t know if they all have such policies.

In slightly hopeful news, I just got a call today from a temp agency who found my resume online and want to interview me for a graphic design job. It’s weird I don’t even get excited about such things anymore, I’m so used to disappointment. Also, I’m a little worried ‘cause don’t temp agencies usually do background checks? My license is currently suspended due to unpaid parking tickets. That would just be too awful if my unpaid tickets cost me a job, talk about a vicious cycle of debt and unemployment…
likeanyother, I don't know about temp agencies doing background checks, I imagine some do. I think the last one I applied to did. They couldn't seem to find me anything, I do hope you have better luck. I know people who have had luck with temp agencies.

I also didn't know you couldn't get financial aid - I found out recently, it sucks. The community college in RI gives free tuition if you've been on unemployment in the past 60 days upon the sign up day. They have a special day for tuition waiver students, you have to wait until the last day to sign up, so getting classes you want is a challenge, and it doesn't cover things like books and lab fees but it did help. I can pay for school with my crappy part time retail job.

Still trying to find a teaching job after being out of school for a year. I cannot seem to catch a break!! I've already gotten three rejection emails and it SUCKS! Gaaahh I'm just so frustrated. *bangs head on desk*

On a happier note a friend of mine invited me to come vist at the end of July (on her dime, it's the only way I can afford it) but now I'm paranoid that a school might call me and want an interview and I won't be available. I've come close to canceling the trip, but the ticket has already been booked. Any thought? Answers? Or am I just being ridiculously paranoid? blink.gif

Re: financial aid, when I wanted to go back to school I had to petition the financial aid office to extend my financial as I had already obtained one bachelors degree they only allow you so many quarters/semesters at undergrad level. However I was able to make a strong case and got my financial aid extended, I had to be rather persistent. It did help to meet with a financial advisor before I wrote my letter. The person in financial aid told me this - that the disbursement of federal FA is generally up to the school. What one school might do another might not, the school I went to allowed me to piggyback one degree on top of the other and it only took me two years to get my second degree. So if you really want to go back be persistent!!!
It truly annoys me when people get so pushy/bossy when trying to give you job hunting advice. I know a JOB IS A JOB when I don''t have one, but if its not something I'm interested in doing or feel comfortable doing - i"m not doing it. SO back the fugg off! I didn't ask for advice nor do I need it. Thank you.

With that being said, my unemployment money has been cut off and now I'm running off of savings and the money I had left from unemployment. Hopefully something good will come my way very soon. The next few months are going to be so hectic. Hopefully, I'll get back in school in August. We'll see. Lord help me.
QUOTE(likeanyother @ May 18 2008, 03:49 PM) *
I actually did try to do that but they wouldn't give me any financial aid because I already have a bachelor's degree and, sadly, being unemployed for so long I have literally zero dough to spend on tuition.

You might want to look into that again. You should at least be able to take out some federal student loans. I got financial aid for my MA, and I'm starting grad school again in August for a second MA and they're giving me federal loans and one ridiculously tiny state grant that just might cover my books (but hey, I'll take what I can get...).

konphusion, I hate advice-givers too! Yeah, it's easy to give advice from your privileged job-holding position. Try being poor for months on end with no prospects in sight, then come to me all cheery and full of advice...*grumbles* stupid know-it-alls.

My job is really obnoxious right now. I like it, I like the people...but 12 hours a week? It's like why bother? That barely covers my gas and food for the week.

I still haven't heard from the "real" job I applied to last month. They said late May/early June was when they were shooting for to make their decision. I just need to know so that I can try to get into an alternative teacher certification program asap so that I can teach in the fall. (which...GAG.)
Thanks for the suggestions, they are much appreciated. I've actually decided on a plan to screw ‘em all and teach english in South Korea for a year (any unemployed and lost busties want to join me?!), which I've been considering for a while, and which will help me pay off some of my old student loans and help satisfy some of my wanderlust (and the only requirement is a bachelor's degree - yay something I'm actually qualified for!). Then I'm going to go to grad school when I get back. The only thing that sucks is the interim as their school year doesn’t start until next March, so I have ten months to fill, I’m not sure with what yet. I’ve already tried the temp thing and they have yet to get back to me. I guess knowing I'm going to be quitting in the semi-near future makes taking a crappy-crap job less depressing, but still, kinda booty dry.gif
Oooooooh!!! And you'll actually be making enough to pay bills and stuff? I've always wanted to do that, but my debt is holding me back. I hate it. And the only reason I have debt is because I can't find a job; otherwise, I'd just be paying down bills incurred in school and paying everything else outright (which is basically what I'm doing now, but it's hard to pay shit down when you're barely making enough to cover rent, ya know?).

Also? I had to spend $900 on my car this week. I got the cv joints or whatever fixed because they'd been needing them desperately since at least December, so I'd been saving up the money for that. Then...the very next car starts dying periodically while I'm driving. I went and got that fixed today and it was $487. I'm soooo pissed. If I'd just waited one more day for the first set of repairs, my car would've died and I would've known to use the money on that first, since it was definitely a priority repair. My dad wired me the money for that, but still. I should be able to afford my own damn car repairs, rent, bills, and whatever other emergencies life sends my way. And have health care and a retirement plan. I just wanted to cry.

This economy blows. I just want a grown up job with a grown up salary and a nice Roth IRA account to contribute to. Is that so much to ask?
Dit-TO on the economy blowing, I live in "highest unemployment/worst economy" michigan and it's so frustrating. I have a college degree, I have skills, I have experience, good references, etc., but still, nothing. I've had a few interviews that I've thought have gone well but STILL, nothing! Sucks.

So yeah, from what I’ve read and heard, you can come home with around $15,000 for a year from teaching in S. Korea, where the teaching english industry is “hot” right now. In general, you make between $2,000-2,500 a month, which may not seem like a ton, but you get your apartment and plane ticket paid for, plus there's cheap good food and subway system in Seoul so your living expenses are quite low. You can also supplement your income with teaching private lessons, if you so desire. Of course if you go shopping and traveling all the time you can come home with nothing, so it’s pretty much up to you. I know three people who are there right now and, of course there are obvious challenges but overall, they love it and have highly recommended it. You should do it!
likeanyother, I have been on and off unemployment for almost a year. I think the economy may just suck everywhere, I live in RI.

I just received my alumni news thing in my mail... its in the form of a magazine and while reading about how New Bedford (MA) is growing and expanding in the arts, I read about people who graduated after me that seem to have it more together than I do! I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, I can't help it, its human nature! I wish I could open my own art studio and do art all day long and everything was fabulous. I feel really disappointed in myself. I work at a retail chain store and am lucky I get 10 hours a week. I just need another job and I send out countless resumes, read all the stupid columns on job hunting and job trends - by the way they are utterly ridiculous, today they talked about how even in this economy you should take a vacation and you can do so by putting away a mere $50 a week. If I had an extra $50 a week. The person who wrote it deserves a bitch slap.
Word. I'm in NY, and the job market's great...if you want a career in flipping burgers n shit.

Muffy, I do the same with my old classmates. Two of them have fabulous jobs (and one is always posting pics on myspace of all these foreign vacations she's taking...must be nice). I haven't even attempted to answer my friend's email on how *I'm* doing. I can't bring myself to say I'm serving coffee to entitled white people (and their rich children). It's just degrading.

AND my boss is being an ass. He called a while ago to say I can't take vacation unless I have vacation hours, and I'm like...uh, no. I just can't get *paid* for vacation if I don't have vacation hours. Then he made up some bullshit about how I can be dropped from the system since I'm not going to be there for so long (a whole 11 days to visit my family and be in my friend's wedding). Ugh, whatever. My presence there is obviously not needed that much if I'm only getting 12 scheduled hours, so he can just go suck it.
faerietails2, ugh that sucks. I wish employers didn't have the power they have. There are so many people looking for jobs that employers can be a total asshat and if you quit, there are several people that can easily take your place.

The last time I had ran into a former classmate I was curating an art exhibit at a non-profit so it at least sounded like I wasn't selling crap to people at the mall for slightly above minimum wage for like 10 hours a week.
Likeanyother------I feel ya. Maybe that the real reason why nothing is popping up where I am, too?
I'm all "What does one do when you're seemingly overqualified or underqualified?" The overqualified excuse truly pisses me off.... I need some sort of income!!! any $ is good $ right now.... maybe they think I'll ditch when I find something better... sigh. The underqualified by just a bit pisses me off too... cause I feel I am intelligent enough to LEARN!!!

Fairietails------I'm about to think that's the other thing available here. burgers n shit. I did the NY thang.... I stayed in a somewhat shatty job for fear of not being able to find anything else... you get locked into the hand to mouth cycle.

I just moved to a small beach town with my fiance who is settled here. And where the staffing agencies are telling me that there's nothing out there (clerical/admin) that pays more than what I could probably make at Home Depot, which I plan on applying to cause I want the discount on gardening schtuff. : ) They are telling me that there is such an influx of qualified candidates that they are competing for jobs that they are over qualified for, just to get IN! AHHHH!!!!

FURTHER, I have completed a restaurant resume and retail resume, but am not feeling confident cause it's been a few since I've done either. They will see that I went the way of the office and wonder why I'm going back to food or retail?

I've moved around a bit the last few years, and am feeling truly at home where I am now... but fear employers may think I'm a dirty gypsy with a indecisive career path. Maybe I am?

I think what I'm getting at in this rambly mess of a Vent is that I f-ing HATE to have to explain myself over and over again... that I have to convince them all, no matter how under or over qualified I am or the conditions of the job, that I just wanna work for them forevvvvveerrrrr, like the kid in Sandlot.
The "Why do you want to be a (enter position)? Why do you want to be in the (enter industry)? Where do you see yourself in five years?" GAHHHHH!!!! I wanna scream...

Luckily I have Mr. Luv to help out, but I just feel so dang frustrated. If I could get something comin in, I'd feel better about putting my energy into other things.

FYI---Im pretty sure I wanna teach grade school... but I got's to shell out $ and time for certification (I have the B.A.'s) before it's truly possible. BUT I need something NOW!

*10 slow deep breaths* vent complete.
Moonpieluv, yeah I am really sick of the crap that potential employers put people through to maybe get a job with them.

I haven't even had so much as in interview in months! My unemployment is going to run out really soon, I couldn't even get a job on campus last semester. I wanted to continue school but honestly I don't know if I'm going to be able to if my unemployment runs out, I still need to pay for books. I'm eligible for a placement teaching in a school or something, it isn't until the fall, but if isn't paid and I don't find another part time job, I don't think I can do it. Its kind of disappointing, because I'm so close to getting at least an associates in teaching so I could maybe better myself. I've been applying to everything, I applied to model for a vintage clothing store, they haven't called, I guess I'm not qualified to stand there and look pretty.
SO today, I'm going to consecutively hit large retailers and fill out applications. I need something. something. Target, Home Depot, Pier 1, Barnes & Noble (aren't actually hiring for a few wks, of course dry.gif ) and what not.
Sigh, no offense to working at any of those stores, it just is so far from my career path that I was trying to build.

Then, it's off to restaurants....

I want to break into education and could possibly do so as a parapro. Ideally, I would like to teach high school, but I digress... this is all future stuff.

I had a few hours of rolling around on my bed in tears of frustration, being a baby about trying to keep a positive attitude.
And that got me nowhere of course... laugh.gif

So, buck up I shall say to myself. BUCK UP! lace your sneakers and hit the pavement.
Moonpieluv, no offense taken. I work in a store, part time because they won't give me more than part time hours. I have a hard time believing anyone would actually want to work in retail as a career.
Hi everyone.

I just found out I'm to be laid off in about two weeks. The being laid off part isn't stressing me out (I understand it's the nature of the line of work I'm in), but it's telling my family about it. My parents are not going to be happy because they can't seem to grasp that some jobs are only temporary and .

In the meantime, I'm sending out resumes and hoping that I can find a job rather quickly in my field, and apply for jobs around where my parents live because I can't afford to live on my own for now. (Sheesh, that's embarrassing to admit.) I don't want to be unemployed for long, and I don't want to move back to Arizona so I can have my old job back.

I feel depressed about it, but I'm not too surprised; we were originally hired for this short of time anyway. I'm just glad to have something to put down on my resume as paid experience.
I am so sorry lilacwine. poop. at least, you seem able to think positively about the experience you gained. But, I am sorry that you have to crash with your parents in the meantime. It' s good that you have that option. I know how it feels when you have to revert back to relying on your parent's help. Mine had to spot me for three months once... it was so humiliating. BUt, You have a two week start on sending resumes, too. I hope something good comes your way as quickly as possible.

I just accepted a job with a store cause they are willing to pay me what seems a not-too-shabby wage for retail. Of course, the drug test results have to come back before it's set in stone, but I shouldn't have any problems. I am about dead ass broke. I need this job in the worst way. Thankfully, I have Mr. Luv to help me in the meantime, but I have personal credit card payments and my phone to pay for... and I feel like a total loser asking him to cover me on such things.. seeing as I haven't always been smart (let's rephrase--haven't been smart) with the credit thing.

The way I'm trying to look at it is that perhaps I am supposed to work retail until I feel more acclimated in my new residence. There's just not that many office jobs to be had round these parts... I am still going to be on the look out for something more substantial, however.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and be a teacher. It would only take some testing and some community college courses to get me up to speed, as I already have the undergrad. sigh...
QUOTE(Moonpieluv @ Jun 27 2008, 10:53 AM) *
I wish I could just snap my fingers and be a teacher. It would only take some testing and some community college courses to get me up to speed, as I already have the undergrad. sigh...

Yeah I went back and got my teaching degree, I'm really second guessing that decision. The market for teachers is SO tight, unless you are special ed/intervention certified. I currently live in central Ohio, didn't get a teaching job last year and couldn't even get on the sub list for half the year because apparently it was full.

This year I have not only applied here in Ohio, but Austin TX, Louisville KY and San Diego CA. I haven't received ONE call for an interview. My resume is flawless, I had two corporate headhunters assist me with it, my GPA was a 3.9, my Praxis score were above average and I have excellent references both from professors and teachers I have worked with. The big thing is I REALLY LOVE TEACHING!! Even the crappiest day teaching is better than a good day in corporate-land. What gives? It's so frustrating, the only job I can seem to get is that of a barista. If I don't get hired this year, it will be my second year unemployed. ARRRGGGGGG..................

And before anyone mentions that the Carolina's need teachers, there is a reason for that. Apparently both states have a law that only allows districts to give teachers a starting pay of 29,500. That's right, a fast food manager with no degree can make more than a teacher with a four year degree! I think some districts can go over that amount, but only by a small percentage. The Raliegh/Durham area pays 32,500 to start, which is abysmal considering housing costs for the area. I'm about ready to give up and go live on a comune somewhere.......
OS--I realize and fear all of that, too. I have noticed a few postings for teaching positions on the high school level around my area in FL. None to speak of in the elementary schools... And I can't decide on primary or secondary education anyway!! I love children, but I love the added depth of secondary edu. as I would be teaching English and/or French. I came across a French teacher opening, but sadly found that they wanted French + Spanish. My frustration is that I'm fully qualified to teach French, but that ain't good enough apparently. sigh....

I used to live in NC and considered teaching there. The pay rate was definitely a deterrent to the profession within that state if I were to go it alone or single. I know that within the elementary schools in which I volunteered, the teachers were having to get parents to purchase classroom supplies.. that teachers were having to use their own $ to provide for the class. Is this a normal phenomenon elsewhere?

Anyways, did you choose teaching as a profession because of the monetary gain? (rhetorical essentially)
I realize that a standard should be met to... sheesh... SURVIVE! and to compensate for the schooling it requires to obtain certification... but... I still want to do it. I still want to try. Crazy bureaucracy or not.

You are certainly qualified. I wonder why the market is tight right now? What are the job stats on suburbs or smaller cities... more rural districts? I noticed you had chosen some biggies. Is it correlated to what you wish to teach, on school ranking, or based on your personal preferences of living in a larger city?

The saying seems to always go "the world always needs more teachers" blarghty blargh...teachers and nurses....

I'm sorry you are so frustrated... I hope something comes your way soon!
I'm certified grades 4-9, based on my subbing experience 1-12 I know I chose the right grade levels for me. I long termed subbed at the 12th grade level, which I thought would be nice to "go more in depth" with the students but they really didn't give a crap. These were the college prep kids to boot.

Anymore schools are doubling up on their teachers - this is why you found a school wanting both French and Spanish. But honestly, I really don't think they are going to find that many good, qualified candidates who are trilingual.

I went to a job fair in April for teachers and there was table after table of NC/SC schools. They were practically grabbing people to their tables, but yeah the pay there is definately a deterrent. I was looking at relocating to Asheville until I researched the pay schedule. Sheesh, even if I had a SO, it would still be really hard to live on the salary. Depending on the district, sometimes parents are asked to purchase supplies for the classroom. I know around here as part of a student's school supply list students are asked to purchase dry erase markers and tissues/paper towels but it usually ends there. When my mom was teaching around here she might incur $150 or so starting up her classroom each year.

Money? In teaching? LOL!!!! Not at all, I really like the interaction with the students and I LOVE that lightbulb moment when kids get it. When I went back to get my teaching degree I knew that within 8 years or so I would be burnt out from classroom teaching so I knew that I would be getting my masters degree in administration and pursue that later in my career. Yeah sadly there is no standard for teacher pay, as far as I know it's one of the few professions that require a four year degree, yet depending on where you live you could be living at (or close to) poverty level.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why the market is so tight, I've heard everything from funding issues (at both the state and federal levels), fewer teachers retiring, a glut of teachers nationwide so I don't really know. Oh and don't even get me started on the TeacherInsight survey!!

I chose those areas 'cause I live in central Ohio and know the area well, Austin 'cause I just really think I could dig living there. Plus in the aforementioned areas I can afford to live decently. Louisville I applied on a whim, as I had talked to friends who spoke highly of the area. I have a friend out there who has given me an in to the Poway Unified SD, so I'm exploring that avenue as well.

I dunno it just seems so hopeless......
(((konphusion))) Hope they let you in...But everything happens for some reason or another so perhaps if you have to wait something else great will come your way in the meantime:)

Firstly, Im having no luck finding a job to earn some cash before uni starts again
Secondly, I have no idea where I'm going careerwise when I graduate. I've made too many bad choices so I really wanna get it right this time. Trouble is there's so much out there and there aren't many paths that I couldn't take right now if I set my sights on it. I don't know where to start:/. I feel like I should have some goals or specific ambitions by now to start working towards but I'm just kind of bumbling along. acht
The lady I was taking care of passed away 6 weeks before I left for Europe. I've been back for a week and still don't have a job because even though I passed all my CNA tests TWO MONTHS AGO, I have yet to receive anything in the mail with my license # on it or appear in the registry online. There's a CNA shortage and if I applied at a facility I would get a job immediately, probably on the spot. But as it is I have no way of proving that I'm certified.

We got a little certificate from the school saying we completed the course, but I have no idea where that is. I didn't think I would need it 2 damn months later. The last time I saw it, it was all wrinkled from the cat laying on it.

I don't know if it's the school not sending in the paperwork or the state not processing it, but I can't believe how slow they are being!
Starship----I seriously feel exactly as you do. I finished school a while back and feel I've been bumbling about since. I wish wish wish I had just gone to graduate school ASAP after my undergrad. I wish I had just done it, cause now... I'm filled with such doubt and debt to boot. Instead I wanted to experience the world... and do school later...well.
I had a stint of professional makeup artistry in nyc for two years, and was seriously thinking of further forging a career from that, as I found much success. I left right when I could have had a job with Temptu doing body painting and airbrush work. Had I just played my cards better, had felt sure of that career.. I could have been training and further runway work. I had a hard time when I moved back down to the city I had left, and found that I had direct competition with a mutual friend. Freelancing was a major part of his income, so I felt bad potentially taking his business. So, I let the makeup thing kinda fizzle out, if you will. There was also a lot of envy/jealousy from fellow artists seeing as I was hailing from the big city...yada yada. anyways...
I've been aimlessly admin-ing for almost two years now. I've been crying wolf about grad. school, cause frankly... I know what I'd like to do, but am scared to do it. That is, I would love a master's/ph.d in english, with a focus on modernist british literature and feminist theory. but... am scared of not finding a job with the market so tight, and thus, not able to pay off loans. So, then I think... primary or secondary education.. and I find the market seems just as tight. and with less pay. no matter my accomplishments. I've thought MBA cause I wouldn't mind opening a boutique of sorts one day...
I'm not in a position to move to where the money is, so to speak. And am even having a hard time finding a entry-level admin job in this city. They pop up few and far between, are bombarded by candidates who are just as qualified, and can get away with not paying very well.
I truly feel like I have a brick wall before me. Just when I think...I'm going to go for the teaching thing despite said wall... I find the brick wall widening and lengthening further.

KON----Good Luck.. I'm rooting fer ya. I would be floored after having compiled all the necessary stuff for submission. Heck, I wish I could even get that far! I wish I just did something no matter the harsh realities thereof.
I've been depressed since last week. It's a long story, but here it goes. I graduated with a B.A. in journalism last August with an intention to go into public relations. I have had three internships and edited my school paper. One of my internships/jobs was working as a PR Assistant for my local humane society. I loved it and it made my resume look great. After almost a year there, I decided to move on so someone else could gain some experience. It just so happened that one of my friends applied for the job, so I put in some good words for her which ultimately got her the position. Flash forward to a year later...I have applied for more than 50 jobs, been on at least 25 interviews, even flew to another state for an interview and I still haven't found a job. I have a strong resume for someone who recently graduated but still...nothing. My friend that took the position after me at the humane society graduated this past May. She applies for some jobs, goes on her very FIRST interview, and gets the job. WHAT THE CRAP? I look for more than a year and can't get any offers and she finds something in a week? She has less experience than I do and wasn't even involved in anything on campus. She also dropped out for a couple of semesters to party. I finish in four years and graduate with high distinction and I can't find anything. I don't understand how someone who has worked hard and done everything right, so to speak, can't find anything. I know you guys all understand where I am coming from with this. I'm trying to be a good friend and be supportive but it's awfully hard to do so.

Now I'm back in school to get an associate's degree so I can become a vet tech, which is supposed to be a growing, in-demand field because I've got to find a job! I'm doubling my debt and I'm just so angry about the whole situation. sad.gif
((((sassy)))) I can completely sympathize. Sounds like we're in the same boat.

I graduated from grad school a year ago, and two of my friends immediately found high-paying, awesome NYC jobs with great vacation and great benefits. One of their boyfriends graduates from DC and immediately lands a Wall Street gig. Another friend got a great job as an editor and turned it down to teach college (and of course, now she found jobs teaching at three colleges. I still can't even get a fucking community college to throw me a bone). Don't even get me started on my friends back home.

Me? I scrub cat shit by day and serve coffee by night. And it's still not enough to pay rent and bills, so at the age of soon-to-be 27, I'm still at the mercy of my parents. It's completely humiliating. With a freaking master's degree, for god's sake.

I've sent out well over a hundred resumes and applications, travelled to 2 different states for interviews, and I've gone on a few promising interviews, but nothing. Not even a freaking secretary job. So now I have to move back home to freaking Texas at the end of the month and try to find a teaching job at some crap school district, because I'm desperate and need a salary. Any salary.

A couple of weeks ago the depression got really bad and I was randomly bursting into tears all the freaking time. That was the final straw, and as soon as I decided to go the teaching route for a while and could start to picture the job security at the end of the tunnel, the depression got much better. So hopefully going back to school will ease your depression? sad.gif (I'm going back to school, too, so hopefully I'll be a librarian in 2 years...which I also had to go back and choose because of the in-demandness).

This economy is completely sucktastic. And I totally know what you mean about being angry and doubling debt. I can't pay back my student loans and I've been living off my credit cards since my jobs don't pay shit (though now I can't live off them since, surprise surprise, they're maxed out). I didn't mind the credit cards at first, since I figured I'd soon have a job and be able to pay them down hardcore, but no. I'm completely fucked.
Hey octobersky, I noticed you mentioned Austin in your job search for teaching. Is that just because you're want to live in Austin, or are you just applying everywhere? (I loooooove Austin. sigh)

South Texas is where the money's at for teaching (well, depending on the school district, of course). But yeah, that's where I'm from, and that's where I'll be applying shortly since I have to move back home. Ugh.

It's hot, it's a border area so you'll get a lot of migrant/Spanish-speaking students from Mexico, and it's 3 hours to the next metropolitan area (San Antonio) but comparitively: the arts are very well funded (music teachers are the highest paid in the state, and it's probably the same for the rest of fine arts [and definitely for sports]), south padre island is right there, mexico is like 30 minutes away (max) and the tourist areas are nice, some parts can be ghetto (do not apply in Donna), but for the most part kids are respectful, and the cost of living is next to nothing. You could easily find a 2 bedroom apt for under $450.

So yeah...any jobless teachers out there...Rio Grande Valley (4 counties).

EDIT: I just went back and read 29k for teaching...holy SHIT. that's robbery. Texas's minimum is lower than that, I think, but no district in their right mind pays that. I just found out one of my friends makes $54k as a 3rd year band director (though she has her Master's and gets extra stipends for extra stuff she does), which just blows my mind. Most of my TX teaching friends make in the 35-40k range, plus most districts tack on an extra 1-2k if you have a master's (actually, there are stipends for all kinds of shit, which is pretty awesome, i will grudgingly admit), and it usually goes up in increments of $500 for each year of experience you have (I think most cap it at 20 years). Crazy.

I really WANT to live in Austin, but it doesn't seem to be happening. I was warned that Texas doesn't like to hire people from out of state, preferring to hire soley from UT. Every district I have called in the Austin area has been incrediably rude and uncoperative - you would think that having 120 teaching jobs posted on one district's site would make them eager to hear from out of state teachers, alas no. Plus the Texas department of education wants $280 just to review my credentials, that's no guarantee that I would actually receive a Texas teacher's license. Essentially after paying that the TDE could tell me no or grant the license (for a year) on certain conditions like more schooling which I have NO money for.

Yeah that pay in the Carolinas is just crazy, I really don't know how they expect people to live on that. I was seriously considering Asheville NC, it's kinda of like the east coast equivalent of Boulder CO. When I saw what the salary schedule was I almost passed out. There is no way I could even begin to afford to live there!

So yeah, it's now the middle of July and I have no teaching job for the next year. This will be second year without a job. My student loans are still deferred but accruing interest, I have no health insurance so I haven't seen a doctor in about three years, no savings and I'm 35 having to ask my mom and stepdad for help, I HATE it!!!!!!!! I have even contacted my uni's career center and they tell me to apply in the Carolina's - arrrrgggg. I guess I just thought it would be way easier to transition from corporate to education, but I was seriously wrong.

I'm now left wondering - what the hell can I do? sad.gif
QUOTE(Moonpieluv @ Jul 14 2008, 04:40 AM) *
I've been crying wolf about grad. school, cause frankly... I know what I'd like to do, but am scared to do it. That is, I would love a master's/ph.d in english, with a focus on modernist british literature and feminist theory. but... am scared of not finding a job with the market so tight, and thus, not able to pay off loans. So, then I think... primary or secondary education.. and I find the market seems just as tight. and with less pay. no matter my accomplishments. I've thought MBA cause I wouldn't mind opening a boutique of sorts one day...

If I were you I'd sod it and do the masters. Sounds like you're regretting it already so imagine how you'll feel in years to come; when it'll probably be an even less viable option. Most markets seem tight so if you're gonna be struggling it may as well be for something you're passionate about

Made a new friend who's starting masters in law this september. I've never really thought about it as an option for myself before but no I've found out more it definately seems worth looking into...Getting kind of agitated at not knowing which direction I'm heading for. I need something to be working towards

I'm starting to wish I'd taken a nursing/midwifery degree. Its free in the UK (the NHS pays). Right now a debt-free degree followed by an in-demand qualification sounds like absolute bliss

Oh, I can relate to crying wolf about grad school...

I'm into archeology and to advance in that field, a master's degree is mandatory. I know I'd like to get it in historical archeology, something related to cultural history, but the thing is, I'm really not sure what to focus on. Everyone I've met is either interested in prehistoric or stuff that isn't in the United States, both of which don't interest me enough to spend three years studying, and almost all the information I've found focuses more on the East Coast, while I think I'd rather focus on the West or Midwest, if that's possible. I'm scared that, even if I do go through it all, I might end up back where I was six months ago--doing something that isn't at all related to what I went to school for and unhappy, only this time I'd have at least twice the debt as I have right now, if not three times more. I've told myself that I will get my ass into grad school within the next five years, but whether or not that will happen is another story. In the meantime, I am doing a little more research in these areas, but I feel kinda stupid looking into this stuff, maybe I should pick some other area to concentrate on.

These are the times when I wish I'd gone to a tech school, learned something like welding, then gone back to get my bachelor's after several years of working (and saving up money).

I was laid off a week ago, and I found out this week I don't qualify for unemployment in this state because I didn't work here for the past three years. Yeah, that makes sense, but when I asked about applying for it from my coworkers, they said there shouldn't be a problem getting it. I'm trying to apply for it in the state I lived in previously, but I doubt I'll qualify there too because I voluntarily quit my last job. In the meantime, I get to fill out applications for crappy housekeeping jobs in my area and send out resumes to archeology firms in the hopes that someone will hire me. I do have some money saved up and a place to live, but I get bored lounging around and need to find some means of paying the bills soon.
I applied to the 5 nursing homes in my area yesterday and today. I'd like full-time, 1st shift. And the shorter my commute is, the better.

There's a crappy facility really close to my house that pays the highest wages in the area. I don't know if they're hiring.

There's a good one mid-distance from me, but they pay the lowest and I don't know if they're hiring either.

The place where I did my clinical is pretty nice. They're only hiring part-time and the HR person is on vacation this week.

The 2 farthest-away ones are next door to each other. One of them is nice, but they're not hiring 1st shift and I'm not sure if I said I was willing to work 2nd on the application. I just found out the other facility even existed yesterday, but I looked up their records online and they seem okay. I have an interview for a part-time 2nd shift position tomorrow morning. If I get this job I'm not sure what to do if another facility calls me. Should I just go on as many interviews as I can and be honest with all of them about how I'm considering multiple positions?
I got hired at the really nice nursing home today!!! Orientation is tomorrow. The pay is the lowest in the area but oh well. I wasn't really that amped about working in one of the sketchy homes.

My friend who used to work there said it's awfully cliquey and bitchy, but again, oh well. At least I know that ahead of time.
anna k
Congratulations, hellotampon!
I have been royally screwed by the last four jobs I've held and I'm fucking sick of it.

After 51 applications I finally landed a job at Zara's in Boston. I loved it and I was really good at it until this one instance (which I still do not fully understand so I'm sorry if it's incomprehensible) where a customer wanted to make an exchange and even though the store ended up with the correct amount of money and he ended up with his shirt I somehow entered it in wrong in the computer and there was a discrepancy. Despite a flawless record, above average performance and the fact that the exchange itself was correctly done, this was means to be fired without a second chance. And even if their excuse was a strict no-mistakes policy it was still an unjust action because a)the store itself had just opened three weeks before and everyone was still learning and cool.gif all of my coworkers had made mistakes that were just as bad, or worse (for example, charging customers twice the amount of money instead of refunding it while doing a one day...)

Then, I thought I had a job lined up for the summer from my old high school job because a) when I gave my two weeks notice at the end of last summer the boss said to call them up when I got home from school and I could have my job back cool.gif I called a month before coming home asking if the offer was still available and he said yes, just to give a reminder a week before I'd be available so I can be automatically put on the schedule. But when it's a week before coming home I call, call again, call many times with no returned phone calls. I finally had to find out through my friend who was made manager that he forgot about me and let my spot go and now there was no more room. Then again, these people have been terrible managers from the start. And even if it was just an extremely douchebaggy move to pretend to like me and want me back but not actually want to rehire me (which would be ridiculous because I was, if I do say so myself, an excellently employee whose only mistakes were due to poor communication because, like I said, they are terrible bosses) the least they could do is to not play along so that I could get a month's start in the job search at home so that I would not end up in the mess I'm in now:

So I get home, immediately start the job search knowing it will be near impossible with my four month limit and the fact that there are barely any opportunities in the first place in my home town. Long story short I get hired at a bed and breakfast to do catering. I know this type of job won't exactly be raking in the cash or have the 40 hour week I was hoping for but I knew it was better than nothing and they said I'd probably be doing an event at least once a week. That was three months far I've worked one weekend total for them. Why did they even hire caterers if they didn't have events planned? When I started realizing it wouldn't be as steady as expected I started the search again, but time had passed and now my time commitment was even more limited, and no one has wanted to hire me.

I ended up having another interview immediately after I was hired for the catering gig which I decided to go to to pick up extra hours during the week and ended up getting hired there as a cashier for a grocery store/deli. I was straight up with her when hired, I told her I had a catering job and would usually only be available during the week. She said great, I could use you during the week and then when you don't have a gig I'll fit you in on the weekends. of course, this ends up only being scheduled during the weekends with NO hours during the week and I had to reschedule two weeks in because of my one catering job. Also, I only stayed my full scheduled shift twice and kept on getting sent home after two hours because it wasn't busy. And, on my last paycheck she shorted me close to $30. We basically got into a fight over the phone over the money and the scheduling and we just kind of parted ways, I was neither fired nor did I quit.

I just feel it's about time that, when I get my next job back at school (which hopefully won't take another 50 applications) that it works out and it's a good job and that I'm treated right. Is that too much to ask for?

(I feel like I"ll be asking that my whole life. GAH!!!)

Nevermind, I kinda b.s'd my way through it LOL It actually sounds pretty good! I made sure I clicked save like 4 times when I was done LOL I don't want to lose that. I will never remember what I said.
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