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Full Version: why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell
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How is this for annoying?? blink.gif I applied and interviewed for a job where I would be editing documents that court reporters wrote. I thought it seemed cool...I would be using my editing skills (per my journalism degree) and I thought they would offer it because when I went for the interview the manager told me that the girl interviewing me had "really liked me."

Anyway...they called today but they offered me a different position! A lower position...that involves binding documents. How did I go in for an interview, impress the people and when I FINALLY get offered a's not the job I applied for??!!

I don't know what to do.
anna k
Yeah loridk, that does sound unprofessional and irresponsible.

I enjoyed my first day at the bookstore. At first the process of putting books away by call numbers and letters was confusing, but I got the hang of it quickly. I liked my co-workers, they're mostly funny people in their twenties and thirties, and there are two housecats as well as two disabled old dogs that belong to the owner. I just enjoyed being surrounded by books, getting shipments from the big publishers I want to work for, and socializing and making jokes and feeling busy and productive. I have two more days this week, then full-time next week.
by far my least favorite part of job hunting are the cover letters! nothing will make me drag my feet and procrastinate more than having to write one. it doesn't matter how many online templates i look at... it still feels fake and wrong and daunting. i think i find cover letters even more anxiety provoking than the actual interviews!

i'm starting my second semester of grad school and need to start thinking about assistantship jobs... in the past i've sworn off retail, but if i don't find something soon, i might have to cave. or revert to veg-friendly ramen noodles. unsure.gif
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is it fair to say that oversleeping and unemployment come hand in hand?

i quit my job in november because i hated my boss and reasoned that i'd find something once finals (and the holidays) were over. now i'm on this whacked out schedule where my body wants to sleep most of the day away.

i've gotten myself on a bi-weekly yoga regimen and i just started belly dance classes, which at least gets me some physical activity during the week... but good god - i hate feeling so low-energy, restless, and bored. combing job listing sites online doesn't require that much energy....
I got an email in mid-December about teaching 2 courses at a community college. The person said they'd get back to me after the holidays to schedule an interview. I was all excited and spent forEVER drafting up a sample syllabus to impress her with, and yesterday I emailed to follow up and schedule something. Today I find out she changed her mind and I don't even get an interview.

I can't go on living in this jobless limbo. And while I was home for the holidays I got in a HUGE fight with my dad and I'm not even speaking to him right now, and I felt like shit having to take the money he gave me (before the fight) so that I could afford my train/cab ride home from the airport. After we got into the argument I wanted nothing more than to throw the money back in his face and tell him to go to hell, and I couldn't.

I was hoping that would be the last time I'd have to take money from my parents, and now that hope is gone. I feel like shit right now. I'm just so bitter and depressed.
Jobless limbo... thats a great way to describe it Faerie!! I feel you girl. I'm miserable right now and I try not to show it too much. Don't want to bring everyone around me down in the pit with me. You know?? I just want to sleep. There's nothing to do, nowhere to go around here that interests me. Actually I dont know what interests me anymore. I guess I'm a boring person. I didnt used to be this way. I'm very BLAHHHHHHHH! I'd like to finish my degree. I kinda got a taste of being back in school yesterday with my girl friend. She was registering for classes. And OH how I miss it. But, I dont want to teach - so I'd have to change my major. Gosh man, I hate this feeling.
My unemployment benefits exhaust in 2 weeks even though my benefit year doesnt end until July. I hope Bush announces a benefits extension during his state of the union on the 28th (do not have much faith in that happening from him tho). Am getting scared to death as there are just no jobs. sad.gif
I've been stinky and depressed all week. The only reason I'm gonna try to shove my ass into the shower in a while is because my hair is starting to feel extra grody. But I don't see the point. I just want to stay in bed all day and sulk.

I miss school too. A lot. Much as I complained and procrastinated, I secretly love school. *sigh* I coulda been starting grad school again this semester if my freakin references hadn't been total flakes. Now I have to wait until summer. Which is fine, because that's when my student loans start back up (I had to get a forbearance since I'm penniless right now). If I start school in summer, I can defer my loans even longer since I'll be a full time student.
stellargirl9, tell me about there being no jobs, I've been on partial unemployment since September!

I got a tuition waiver from unemployment to go to school to take a few classes, but I because I'm on unemployment I still have to look for a job! I'm hoping I can get into some work/study program, I am so sick of unemployment. but I'm also sick of going from one dead end job to another with no hope of advancing myself.
Today I took an assessment test for this really great job. I'm amazed. I applied this week and they got back to me the next day. That never happens (at least not with my luck).

Unfortunately, I got tripped up on the Excel portion. I haven't used formulas in Excel since like 7th grade, so let's just say I was rustier than I would've hoped! That part took me forever. The other part was much longer and I finished it that like 20 minutes. But overall, it took over an hour.

*sigh* I hope they don't cancel me out of the running, thinking I'm super slow or something, because I think I'd be great in that job (it'll just take a while to get back into the swing of Excel).

Send me interview vibes!
searching for a second job (so that I can continue my education) sucks... there are not many jobs to chose from and part time ones are seemingly few and far between.

I just modeled for an art class tonight and the heat was either turned waaaay down or off, they let me put my clothes back on for the last hour and it was still cold! I'm currently defrosting!

Hi all, I have a question about egg donation. Has anyone done this or looked into it? I'm soon to be unemployed as my temp job is ending and the prospects aren't lookin' so good...
(I did a forum search and nothing came up, but if there's a more appropriate forum, please redirect, thanks!)
muffy: how much to do you get paid to do that.... the nude modeling?
yeah muffy, i've always wondered about that too!

likeanyother, i have a friend who looked into that and she'll go for it if anyone likes her profile. she went in and they asked her a lot of questions about her medical background, etc., and if she has any matches, i think she said they'd pay her $5000 for the egg harvesting, plus medical expenses. i know in the bigger cities you can get much more than that, closer to $10-12k. but it all depends on if someone accepts you as their donor.

i had a phone interview today and it went really well. i really hope i get this. i'll have to move cross country, but i know my parents would help with the financial situation, especially if it'll get me back into my home state (something i've been rabidly trying to avoid, but i'm desperate). *keeps fingers crossed*

it figures that when i get a bite, i also get an interview offer for a part time job at a local library, too. i hate that! why now, after almost a year of poverty and frustration, does everything finally decide to dangle itself before my eyes?! ugh!
Yall, I just applied for 5 clerical/office jobs; i'm tired already LOL Hopefully someone will call me back for an interview. I'm slowly coming out of my BLAH state... I applied for an administrative assistant job that pays $45K/annually; AM I INSANE?? LOL I'm trying to have faith here that I may just have a shot at it. Who knows? Even if I don't qualify for it, maybe they'll have something that I DO qualify for. I'm keeping hope and I prayed about it. So if it's for me, the opportunity will present itself. If not, what have I lost? NOTHING. Good luck babes!!
anna k
I got told by my boss at Shakespeare & Co. yesterday that they won't be needing me after next week. I thought I was doing well, but they don't need me. I hate that they hired more people than necessary, which makes things crazier when always nearly bumping into people while to get students their books. I get annoyed when I get fired and given some excuse like "We have to let people go." It makes me feel like I'm not mature enough. I want to advance more, but I'm given jobs that a monkey can do, and I can't understand Photoshop or graphic design, I'm better at data entry and writing and typing things and keeping stuff in order.

So now I just applied for a crapload of jobs on Mediabistro, Craigslist, and I'm jealous of my former boss at this women's magazine, who isn't much older than me and was an editorial assistant, then promoted to assistant editor, and is now associate health editor at another women's magazine. I'm jealous because she's only a year or two older than me, and is better at these jobs than I could be, so I'm doing temp jobs and collecting various paychecks while she has a health plan and a bigger paycheck and can put away more money to save for special stuff.
((((anna)))) that really sucks.

i feel that way about successful people my age, too, though. all of my high school friends and the girls who got their MAs with me magically found really great jobs as soon as they graduated, and i'm still here barely scraping by each month and keeping my fingers crossed that i don't get sick and need to go to a doctor. it's the worst feeling.
job. data entry. temp service. for the place that i am in my life right now, this position is perfect. yay.

faerietails2: i'm ignorant when it comes finding employment after receiving higher education. why are you having such trouble finding work in your field, is it because what you went to school for is so specific? i'm curious.
i'm so depressed today. i don't know how much longer i can take living this way. i keep getting teary and i just want to crawl under my covers and cry. i can't afford to do anything, i can't afford to pay bills. i feel so hopeless.

knorl, it's a little of everything, i think. there's the fact that my degree is kind of useless without going for the phd, but it's also that i live near nyc, so pretty much everyone and their dog has a master's degrees and is highly qualified. competition for jobs is stiff. and even if i apply for stuff not related to my degree (like a secretary job), people think i'm too overqualified for that. but at this point, i'd be so happy if they'd let me be a secretary. but no one will give me that chance. *sigh*

I soooooooo can relate to the most recent posts in this thread. I am in the same situation (s):

I have a college degree that isn't worth much without four years experience, which I never got!

I get jealous of people with the fab careers. And then, I start psychologically analyzing why I don't and they do...which gets me know where...I've found that it's best not to compare myself to others.

I have a part-time job as an admin ass. and I like where I work and the people I work with, and I like the work, I am clerically inclined, but sooooommmmetimes, it is soooo boooorrrriinng!

I am trying to work the two part-time jobs thing b/c I do not want to be in the same place five days a week. But, I have been having one hell of a time finding another part-time job and in the meanwhile I am struggling to pay my bills and eat organically (f*ck*ng expensive).

I do not want to work a second admin job. B-O-R-I-N-G! I want something completely different and I think I will be happy for a moment. But, I still have a lot of decisions to make about whether to go back to school or not. Or whether to go on to a trade school and develop a skill that I can market and sell ( I am leaning more towards the latter ). For the most part, I am okay b/c I have my boyfriend and we still hang out and have fun. But, once and awhile I get so bored; bored of that damned admin asst job; bored of not having money to do other shit, bored, bored, bored.

Hang in there faerietails2, your luck is about to change. It can't stay like this forever. Things will change for everyone. wink.gif
First time posting in this thread. I've been busting my ass applying for jobs and finally had three great interviews. The most recent was yesterday and I was excited about the position. Just got a rejection email from them. I'm trying to keep it in perspective, but it's depressing and now I question whether I really did that well at any of my interview. Maybe my best isn't good enough.
faerietails2: that is interesting for sure. i just read some statistics recently. forbes did an article on the smarest cities in america.. worth checking out. " rates the cities with the highest numbers of the best educated people in America." if you'd be willing to work a secretarial position, you should try a temp agency. once you pass their preliminary tests, they find you a job (usually regardless of work experience, education, etc). it'd be worth checking out i think..? times are tough right now that is for sure. the key i've found is to try not allow it to affect our overall well being and attitude toward life. you are bright and well educated, i'm quite sure when you decide what you want to do, you will find the position you are looking for! wink.gif
anna k
I went for a job interview this week, to do PR for a guy trying to get his childrens' book attention. He knew my former PR boss, so hopefully she'll give me a good recomendation. I signed up with another temp agency. I'll also sign up with one more on Friday. I hate job searching.
Okay, so I'm meeting with a temp agency on Tuesday morning, presumably to take that test. How exactly does this work? Should I take resumes? Go dressed as if I'm going for an interview?

I had 2 interviews with Starbucks so maybe they'll call me soon if the agency thing doesn't work out. I totally do not want to work at Starbucks, but I'm desperate.

I'm feeling a little better now. I ended up crying myself to sleep that other day! My mom called me just to attack me over my finances and lack of work, and after that it was all downhill. But I think I should be fine financially this month. Next month is going to be stressful if I don't find work asap, but for now I'm okay.
Today I slept half the day and stayed in my pj's the remainder of it. I did take a shower and brushed my teeth, but my hair is still wrapped up in my scarf. I really look pathetic lol. My husband asked me if I was okay when he got home. That's pretty sad.

I have been out of work since October and haven't gotten one call back. NOT ONE since that last interview I blew. I hope this drought ends soon. I've become a lazy bump on a log and at the point where I could care less if I go out of the house sometimes. So. Not. Cool.
anna k
I went to a secretarial job interview at a plumbing company this morning. It sounded fine, doing data entry and clerical work.
faerietails2: how did it go? havent been in this thread for a minute, didnt even see your post until now. i've been hired in at two different temp agencies at different times. i usually find job offers online that i respond to (send resume, get call back, take test, fill out paperwork, then get job). my friend recently quit her job and i told to contact temp agencies too. she went up to one of the offices but they told her to instead send in her resume and they will contact her. now that it's wednesday, you've already gone in and talked to them... how did it go?

kon: i'm sorry sad.gif where is it you would like to work? that sucks that you had a bad interview, it can for sure be a blow to the self esteem. stating the obvious, but that's in the past now. instead look toward the future and try to muster as much confidence as you can for your next interview. you'll do well i'm sure!

anna k: sometimes the thing i like about data entry/clerical work is that it's good for what it is. you know, it's usually ok pay and the work load isnt too crazy. keep us posted.
Hey Knorl babe! I really dont know where I want to work at this point. I'd like to do some clerical/data entry type stuff like I was doing. I just dont want to deal with the public so much. yeah the interiew I blew was a right hook to my self esteem. What made it worse was that my husband got the exact job I interviewed for. LOL Priceless. I'm truly happy for him though because his old job sucked!!!!

I mean I've been applying to everywhere I know that has clerical type work or small call center type stuff. I just have not been called for an interview by any of them. Im trying not to get discouraged really. I'm okay with the way things are because I'm getting unemployment benefits for now. I hope that by the time it runs out, I'll have transportation and will have found something that pays pretty good and keeps me interested.
faerietails2 and knorl05, sorry it took so long to reply in response to your question about how much artist models get paid, it depends. Most pay about $15 an hour. Though there is this one arts cooperative that pays like $75 for a 3 hour figure drawing session.

To those applying to temp agencies I don't know about the agencies where you live but in RI its hard to even get into them. I've applied to a few and never even received a phone call from them! I hope the rest of you have better luck where you live.

I've even tried applying to work at my school no one called. I hate job hunting. I swear I've applied to at least a hundred jobs since I lost my second part time job or at least it feel like a hundred. despite numerous people telling me what a great cover letter and resume I have apparently its not 'great' enough to land me a damn job!
My husband is doing some modeling for art classes (sculpture and life drawing) and that's what they're paying in this area too.
kon: yeah that's rough. it is good he got the job but it sucks that it was the same one you applied for. doesnt he know not to compete with you?! sheesh. just playing. i understand what you mean about wanting little interaction with the public (socially inept discussion).. just hard to find something that pays well and offers that benefit. the things i've either done or considered doing have been: associate at an art gallery (or small independent shop or bookstore), direct care worker for the developmentally disabled, telemarketing, data entry, general office work, mail courier, mailroom clerk.. or anything else that allows you a specific task to do.... corporate cleaning, line cook, stockperson, etcetcetc. i'm to the point in my life where i feel any job is better than no job. conditions are what they are for me, and sure i'd love to have a way to bring in money doing what i love, but realistically it's not happening for me right now. dream jobs dont happen overnight and i think we really need to know what we want to do before we can go out and do it. anyway. good luck to you with your job hunt. i'm quite sure you'll find a position once you start putting yourself out there. submit resume to around ten places and most definitely you'll get call backs from at least two. wink.gif

muffy: it's cool girlie. i've decided no matter how much i admire nude modeling, i could never do it myself. i've got too many body hangups. ah well. that's just how i am. xx.
anna k
I visited a new counselor at one of the temp agencies I'm signed to, since my former counselor left without me knowing it. She was nice and I gave her an updated version of my resume.

I had a job interview at an online magazine, but I didn't like the content of the magazine. It was New Age mixed with "women's stuff," which was mostly using horoscopes in a feminine, quizzy way, and it felt a little cheap and cheesy. The woman interviewing me was fine, but she had a bit of a bitch vibe. Someone else came to interview me, and before she left, she said she'd talk to the first interviewer. The first one came back and said, "We'll be in touch, we have some more interviews to do." It felt she was saying no to me, and I felt like I had showed what I could do and tried to relate to the content, I get sick of trying to impress people at interviews and feeling like a dunce no matter if I dress nicely, wear makeup, and say all that I learned at previous jobs. I interviewed last week for a job I felt I'd be good at, and when I sent a thank you note I got a response saying they found another applicant. I'll write a thank you note for this too, but I feel like a bored loser without a job and little money.

Next week is a job fair at Random House. A CEO will be giving a speech, and afterwards there will be career opportunities.
anna k, I think one thank you letter is probably sufficient. Good luck with the job faire. I know how you feel though. I look through help wanted ads, online help wanted and when I finally, if I'm lucky get an interview - really, really lucky. Lately I feel like why bother? They're just going to hire someone else. Many times I get the rejection letter before I ever get a chance to go to an interview. One day last week I applied to a job and the next day I got a rejection letter!?! My attitude toward dating also feels the same way, but that's for another forum.

anna k
I'll write a thank you note for this too, but I feel like a bored loser without a job and little money.

I had meant that for the online magazine job interview, not the previous job. My aunt knows some publishing people who can get me an interview at Conde Nast, as well as other interviews. I'd really have to wow them at Conde Nast to get work there.

Everything will be fine. I think that you are doing good because look at it this way:

Most people who are looking for jobs don't seem to get HALF the interviews and call backs that you get. It took me a whole year to find a job. I have no degree beyond a highschool diploma.

Ladies, I think if its in your area you should try to get a job with a Railroad. I went to a career fair and got a job with one. I am 24 years old, I have free health insurance that most all clinics, hospitals take, and same for prescriptions, and a good dental insurance plan. I work 40 hours a week with the possibility for lots of overtime (which I always turn down) I make $24.93 an hour. And its not that I got so many promotions, I started out making $21.56 an hour. You can bid on different positions at anytime which pay more or less.

I have 0 interest in this industry, but it does pay all my bills and I always have money left over to save and to party or by myself something every pay period. At my job the work force is an older crowd late forties to early sixties so its really not fun or interesting, but I can deal with that because of the pay.

For Canadian busities who need a job you should check out CN Railroad.
anna k
Thank you, JoanClayton. I went to an event at Random House today, to listen to the CEO and editors speak. I learned more about the editorial department and what goes into it and the responsibilities. I could only apply for entry-level jobs via their website, but it was good to learn more about the publishing industry.
anna k
double post.
What union are you in, JoanClayton?
I have a follow-up interview for a library job in an hour, and I'm really anxious. If I don't get this job I'll probably have to go home to my parents temporarily. I think what makes job hunting worse is all of the unsolicited advice you get from people who are trying to be helpful. I know they mean well, but . . .
Good luck, (((Gypsy)))
TCU Dusty...I know I pay union dues, etc. but I have never used it for anything, and I don't even know what that stands for.
anna k
I went for a job interview today at a trade magazine about advances in computers and cell phones and PDAs and the like. It's for an editorial assistant job, and the interview was fine. I have to do a writing test this weekend to come up with some pitches and quick product mentions, stuff that is a challenge for me, but what I'm going to study so I can nail this job.
good luck with the interview anna k smile.gif

I was just looking through the help wanted ads on craigslist and came across a job for an art instructor. I had applied to this job a few months back, I even went on an interview. Clearly they had hired someone else and now that person left. It was kind of frustrating to see the job that I think I could've done given to someone else, who probably just used it to get experience and was able to quickly move on, meanwhile I've been down a second job since September and I've gone from one dead end job to another.

I hope everyone is having a good week.
Or maybe it was an awful place to work and they quit...
Or maybe they regretted hiring someone other than you and fired her.
No, I'm not just saying that, I think there is a real possibility that it turned out to be a shitty place to work and they quit.
I got an interview to teach at a college back home, so I reaaaaally hope I get that (even if it means moving back home). I can't take it anymore. I'm so sick of being lonely and poor and depressed all the time.

I started working at starbucks, but I'm not gonna get that many hours. It's better than not working at all, but I'm not gonna be able to make a dent in my bills on that salary or anything. Ugh. I hate that corporate bullshit. Plus they're gonna be pissed when I request a week off work to fly home for the interview next month. I was gonna stick to a 3-4 day trip, but when I'm spending almost $500 that I really don't have, there's no fucking way I'm gonna stay there for just a couple of days. I'm staying for a full week, period.
anna k
I got a job! I'm going to be doing administrative and customer service work at a museum of Biblical art, and I start next Tuesday. I'm part-time, but I work four days a week. This is good for now, to have money and something to do, and gain more administrative skills. Yay!

I may however find some more part-time work, since I'll have three free weekdays.
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